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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"Gone in Sixty Strokes"
By Shon Richards

Amy Valentine could hear the couple next door having sex again.
The woman was crying out with each thrust and her voice rose and fell
in time with the creaking of the bedsprings. Occasionally, Amy could
also hear the slapping of the unknown woman's ass and when that
happened, Amy's lips would give a sympathetic moan.

It was a Hell of a way to have a stakeout. Across from Amy, she
could see Vince Nelson's motel room window. The light was on and Amy
could tell he was alone by the single silhouette. She didn't know when
his meeting with his buyer was, but considering that Mr. Nelson was a
lab tech for Amy's employers, Paragon Industries, any secret meeting he
had outside of company hours was reason for suspicion. Amy's mission
was clear: find out who Mr. Nelson is meeting every Thursday night and
discover if he is selling company secrets.

Amy sat in darkness by her window. She had planted a listening
device in his motel room earlier and the tape recorder beside her was
recording every sound that was happening over there. A camera sat in
Amy's lap while the brunette propped her feet on the wobbly table
before her. She looked great in her tight black jeans and black
turtleneck sweater, but sitting in the darkness, no one was there to
appreciate it.

Amy sighed as the couple next door cried out in unison. There
was a pause of silence, and Amy could imagine the afterglow the two
must be enjoying. It reminded her of her date she had to cancel
tonight. Being a high paid industrial espionage agent was great for
filling a house with treasures but it was sabotage on her personal
life. After three weeks without a date, a stranger at the bookstore
had asked her out on a date. After running his name through her
resources at work and making sure he wasn't an agent for another
company, she had called him back and accepted. An hour later, she had
to call him again to cancel and stake out some loser lab tech for the
entire night.

The couple began fucking again. Amy rolled her eyes. She
couldn't believe the bedsprings were creaking that loudly so soon after
their break. They must have stopped only long enough to swap condoms.

"Oh Jeff!" Amy heard the woman say, as plain as day through the
thin walls.

The name sent a shiver through Amy's long legs. Discovering the
name of one of the participants' added closer intimacy to the
involuntary voyeurism. Amy could now picture Jeff clearly. He most
likely had sandy blonde hair and never went anywhere without his
leather jacket. As the bedsprings kept creaking, Amy could almost
imagine Jeff's buttocks clenching as he continuously plowed between his
lover's legs.

Amy's sex clenched in unison with Jeff's imaginary buttocks.
When was the last time Amy had been fucked like that? It was last
week, on a mission of course. Last week it hadn't just been sex
involved though. There was a mission at stake, with sex opening doors
and creating alliances that would insure the mission's success. As
exciting as mission sex was, Amy found herself longing for the sex next
door. That was simple straightforward sex going on in that creaking
bed. Next door, two people were fucking. Maybe they were married to
other people and the sex was illicit, or maybe they had roommates and
having sex in a motel was the only way to have privacy. For whatever
the reason, their motives were more honest than anything Amy had fucked
for lately. The people next door never had millions of dollars at
stake on whether the woman would swallow or not.

Amy ran her fingers through her long brown hair and groaned. She
was getting maudlin and Mr. Nelson's fucking visitor still hadn't shown
up. The agent couldn't turn on the television for fear of getting
distracted, as if the couple next door wasn't distracting enough. Amy
was getting depressed and horny, and she couldn't even go to a bar to
have meaningless sex to make her feel better.

The agent blamed summer camp. As a teen, Amy had first seen sex
from the window of her summer camp cabin. The camp counselors had
fucked every night in line of sight of her window, and the young woman
had first learned the joys of spying and sex from watching those two
horny college kids. Just the sound or sight of other people having sex
without knowing Amy was there was enough to make the agent's sex tingle

"Fuck it," Amy growled as she unzipped her pants. Mr. Nelson
wasn't going anywhere that she wouldn't see from her window. She
pulled her jeans down to her knees, but she left her red thong alone.
Somehow, leaving her panties on made Amy feel like she wasn't
completely undressed and unprofessional.

"Ah!" Amy cried out as soon as her fingers slipped under the
fabric of her thong. Amy's sex was so sensitive after listening to the
hour-long sex next door. Her spirit may have been depressed, but her
libido had only been enflamed. The trimmed hairs of her bush were
slick from her desire and her fingers slid effortlessly over her small
triangle and slipped easily into the thick lips of her pussy.

"Wow!" Amy whispered. She had forgotten how hot being a voyeur
made her. The walls of her sex clenched her questing fingers, sucking
herself in. Amy's toes clenched and her buttocks tightened around the
thin cord of her thong. Amy used her other hand to pull on her thong
and she moaned as her thong rubbed against her tight ass.

"Suck me, Sharon!" the man next door demanded.

Amy shuddered. She had another piece of the puzzle and her name
was Sharon. Amy could see Sharon in her mind. She had short blonde
hair so that she could suck Jeff without it getting in the way. Sharon
had dimples and Amy could picture those dimples as Sharon's lips
wrapped around Jeff's cock.

As the bed springs creaked, Amy's sex squelched with a
complimentary rhythm. Her fingers plunged deep and pulled out fast.
Amy's fist clenched around her thong and pulled the thing material
tightly against her ass. Underneath her sweater, Amy could feel her
nipples ache against her bra. Her small breasts yearning to be groped,
fondled and sucked.

Across the street, a suspicious man in a trenchcoat knocked on
Mr. Nelson's door. Amy cursed, but she didn't stop stroking. The tape
recorder was still on, and Amy could always tail the new man after she
was done. More importantly, she was close to cumming.

The bedsprings were creaking with a different rhythm now and Amy
knew it was from Sharon's head dipping up and down over Jeff's cock.
She released her thong with her free hand and stuck two fingers into
her mouth. Amy sucked hard on her fingers as her hands fucked her
mouth and sex.

She was so close now.

Suddenly, Amy saw a blonde woman run up to Mr. Nelson's door.
Without bothering to knock, the busty blonde kicked down the door and
started yelling demands at the stunned men inside. Amy could see the
large handgun in the woman's hands and knew exactly who the blonde was.
It was her archrival Bethany Taylor, from Diligent Enterprises!

Amy paused in her masturbating. She really should get up and
intercept the agent. There was no telling why Bethany was there, but
if Diligent Enterprises were conducting a raid, it would be in Paragon
Industries' best interest if Amy would put a stop to it.

"I'm close, turn around!" Jeff yelled from next door. The creak
of the bedsprings suggested a hasty change of positions and the
knocking against the wall told Amy that vigorous fucking was now in

Amy kept stroking. She was close; so very, very, close. Her
fingers picked up the pace; fucking her sex so hard now that Amy's ass
lifted from the chair to let her fingers dive straight in. The agent
debated how long it would take Bethany to do her business, and how
quickly Amy could give chase. Twenty strokes? Sixty?

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Sharon cried from next door.

"Fuck her, fuck her," Amy moaned as she pulled her fingers from
her lips. She moved her spit-covered fingers to her clit; rolling her
slick fingertips over her swollen clitoris.

Across the street, Bethany dived through the motel window. A
second later, an explosion blossomed out of the motel room. There
couldn't possibly be any survivors.

Amy just continued to stroke as Bethany ran down the street.

"I'm cumming!" Jeff growled.

"So am I!" Amy yelled back and she did. It was a full body
orgasm, spreading from her sex and over her body like the way the
debris from the destroyed motel room was raining down on the street.
As the flames from the burning motel room flickered, Amy's body
shuddered and shook.

Amy sat in her dark motel room with her fingers frozen in bliss
in and around her sex. Bethany was nowhere in sight and odds were, Amy
never would know what this was all about. The room smelled of mold and
musky sex.

She didn't care. The agent just waited to see if the couple next
door was going to fuck anymore. Her orgasm had wiped away her
depression and she was in the mood for more.

Amy smiled when she heard the bedsprings creak again.


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