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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"My Favorite Ninja"
By Shon Richards

Her name was Kiko and Bethany Taylor decided that she didn't like
the asian girl one bit. For one thing, the girl's breasts were
ridiculous! They were obviously the result of plastic surgery, which
was an insult to those who were born with natural endowments like
Bethany. Another thing that bothered Bethany was Kiko's long black
hair that was so straight and silky, it was almost blue. Lastly,
Bethany hated how Kiko had her feet up on the table which she was sure
Kiko had done to show off her long muscular legs. Bethany hated women
with great legs because of the small fortune she had spent to improve
her own rather plain looking legs.

"So, you're the chick who's going to evaluate me?" Kiko asked.

Bethany allowed herself a smile. She had forgotten that she
held the upper hand here. Her employers, Diligent Enterprises, had
freed Kiko from a federal prison because of her alleged skills in
espionage, thievery and combat. In other words, they wanted another
agent as good as Bethany which meant they needed Bethany to give an
assessment of their new recruit. Looking at this reject from an anime
movie, Bethany was looking forward to watching this girl fail. The
best part was that her bonus for doing this evaluation would allow her
to purchase that sapphire brassiere from Victoria's Scandals.

"Yes, I'm the 'chick'," Bethany said as she sat down. "I have a
few questions first. Your file seemed to be flawed. It says here you
were trained to be a Ninja by the Yugukumach family. I thought they
owned golf clubs?"

"They do," Kiko answered. "My father wanted to have a son so he
could send him out to kill his enemies. When I was born, he decided to
train me instead."

Bethany looked deliberately at the top-heavy girl. "Did he get
the boob job for you?"

Kiko smiled. "You see my father is an idiot. He thought a
female Ninja should have big breasts, long hair and wear purple
spandex. He got all of his Ninja information from comic books. I
hated the whole idea, but he promised me that as long as I kept doing
missions for him, he would give me a huge trust fund when I turned 30.
But since your company got me out of prison and is willing to pay me
almost as much money I say screw the old fart and to Hell with his
rules on celibate Ninjas."

Bethany frowned. "You know, if you're not going to be honest
with me, you don't have to make up silly lies. A lot of women are
afraid to work for such a major company, but there's no reason to
inflate your resume with such an outlandish story.""

Kiko shrugged. "I'll tell you what; just give me the mission and
let me do what I do best."

"And what is that?" Bethany asked with skepticism.

"Watch and see," Kiko answered.


Bethany shook her head over Kiko's choice of clothing. The asian
beauty had selected a one-piece black swimsuit with not so matching
leather boots. Instead of something sensible like oh, pants, Kiko had
opted for black scarves around her thighs and arms to hold her lock
picks and knives.

Kiko looked a little embarrassed as they hid behind the bushes.
"What can I say? I go with what I know."

Bethany on the other hand had worn something appropriate. It was
a night mission, which meant black pants and a black pull-over sweater
that just happened to display her own impressive assets. Her long
blonde hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail and she carried her
trusted Griffonwing in her holster, not a freaking scarf.

"Repeat the mission to me," Bethany demanded.

Kiko sighed. "A weirdo biologist has created cheap roses that
can be mass-produced in petri-dishes. He can make blue roses, classic
red roses and even ones with mistletoe, all for a third of the price a
normal rose costs, and literally over night. These PseudoRoses will
ruin all the flower delivery companies Diligent Enterprises owns."

"Right now we are located outside the research facility. The
grand showcase of their flowers will be tomorrow with the press of the
world gathered to see it. We're to go in, destroy his lab, and maybe
destroy the weirdo in the process."

"Close," Bethany sighed. "You forget his name, Dr. Snatchiz."

Kiko giggled.

"Be serious," Bethany warned. "Get your mind out of the gutter
and try to remember his name."

Kiko continued to giggle. The blonde checked her watch. It was
2am, which was when the most of the staff should have left by now.

"How do you plan to get inside?" Bethany asked. "Kiko? Kiko?"

Bethany looked around but she didn't see the girl anywhere.
Still trying to stay under cover, Bethany peeked through the bushes
towards the research building. Under the bright glare of the lights,
she saw Kiko standing over the bodies of the four guards who were in
charge of the front door.

"Crazy bitch!" Bethany cursed as she ran from the bushes. She
caught up to Kiko just in time to see her stripping the pants off the
guards. The blonde nervously looked to see if anyone was watching and
was dismayed to see a security camera pointed right at them.

"There's a camera you stupid twit!" Bethany hissed.

Kiko smiled. "Yeah, but look ten feet to the right," she said as
she stripped the pants off the last guard.

Bethany looked and saw one of Kiko's shurikens sticking from the
wall. Looking closer, she saw a concealed power cord that feed the
camera. For the life of her, Bethany couldn't figure out how Kiko had
seen the cord.

"Okay, you got the camera covered, and you took out the guards
before I could see it, but why the Hell are you taking their pants?"
Bethany asked.

Kiko smiled. "What kind of guy is going to go chasing after
someone with his dick flopping around?"

"Okay, but why are you stroking that guy's cock?"

Kiko didn't have an answer for that.


They unlocked the doors with the keys and badges they stole from
the guards. Bethany watched in silent admiration as Kiko sneaked into
the building. Although she was wearing boots, Kiko was soundless. She
also had to admit that Kiko cut a sexy figure. Her fine ass jiggled
underneath the sheer swimsuit and her long black hair whipped the air
when she spun around to check corners.

Bethany shook her head. She wanted to watch this bitch fail, not
shag her in sort of adrenaline sex scene. There was a raw sexuality to
Kiko that was distracting Bethany far worse than she was used to.

"How do you plan to find where the flowers are kept?" Bethany
asked, trying to distract herself.

"Easy, I find someone alone and use the privacy to make him or
her tell me," Kiko said as she ducked down a hall.

Bethany followed behind her, running down the hall with her. The
blonde was nervous about this out right running without checking for
traps but it wasn't her problem. If Kiko set off an alarm and they had
to leave, it just made it easier to fail the cocky wench.

"How do you plan to convince him to tell you?" Bethany hissed as
they stopped at a door.

Kiko ignored her question. She pulled a lockpick that was hidden
in her long black hair and went to work on the door. In less than
three seconds, she had the door open.

"Damn she's good," Bethany sighed. That was a VirginTight brand
lock. Ever since their 2001 model came out, Bethany had to resort to
shooting opening those locks instead of picking them.

Kiko gave her a smug smile. "I have a long history with opening
locks," she said to Bethany's unasked question.

A hiss of gas interrupted Kiko's bragging. Two steel walls fell
to on either end of the hallway, cutting off any route of escape.
Bethany glared at Kiko as Kiko's eyes widened in shock.

"Does being taken out with gas fall under your history too?"
Bethany asked with venom.

"Actually . . ." Kiko said as they fell unconscious.


Bethany awoke from a sensuous dream. In her dream, a room full
of gardeners was seducing her. For some reason, one of them was
smashing a pillow onto her breasts while another was roughly fingering
her. Just as she was about to climax, she awoken by a bite on her lip.

"Ouch!" Bethany said. She was surprised to see Kiko's face a
mere six inches away from her own. Bethany tried to pull away, but
that was when she noticed her hands and legs were tightly bound and
they were bound to Kiko's body. More disturbing, was the realization
that they were both completely naked!

"Good, you're awake," a nasal voice said from below her. "I'd
hate to have to explain this twice."

Bethany looked down and noticed she was being suspended ten feet
high in the air. An old man was standing on the ground and Bethany
recognized him as Dr. Snatchiz. He was looking straight up at them and
that's when Bethany realized her and Kiko's legs were being spread at
an indecent angle. She tried to close her legs but it was impossible.

"Struggle all you like," Dr. Snatchiz laughed, "but the Venus
LoveTrap will hold you tight. It was designed to hold one woman, but I
see it works just as well with two."

Looking up, Bethany saw a giant flowerpot hanging from the
ceiling. Dozens of vines dangled from the pot, and each vine was being
used to bind Kiko to Bethany. Chest to chest, thigh to thigh and with
their hands bound behind their backs, the two were immobilized.

A vine was also between Bethany's buttocks, wrapping under to
separate the lips of her sex before continuing on to Kiko's sex and
buttocks. It was rubbing their sexes together and Bethany could feel
their moist desires wetting the vine. Despite the absurdity of the
situation, Bethany was incredibly aroused for some reason. Her clit
was as hard and swollen as her nipples rubbing against Kiko's inflated
breasts. Bethany found herself fighting to keep from grinding against
the vine to give her delta the sweet release it craved.

"I can see why you bound us, but why do we have to be naked?"
Bethany asked between clenched teeth.

"Because the Venus LoveTrap secretes a powerful aphrodisiac," Dr.
Snatchiz said proudly. "It works best with direct skin contact.
Within the hour, you two will be humping yourselves till you die of
exhaustion! That's what happens to all enemies of Dr. Snatchiz!"

Kiko giggled.

"Quit laughing!" the doctor screamed! "You're laughing at my
name, aren't you?"

Kiko shook her head in the negative, but she kept giggling. The
head shaking caused her body to squirm against Bethany's and the blonde
gasped as her self-control was further eroded.

"Fuck you!" Dr. Snatchiz screamed and he stomped off out of the

"Now that he's gone, we can try to escape," Kiko whispered.

"Sure," Bethany moaned. She knew Kiko said something, but
Bethany's skin was on fire and even the vines wrapping around her
wrists were turning her on. It reminded her of when her lover,
Rikimaru would hold her wrists when he mounted her.

"Focus!" Kiko snapped. "Sheesh, you act like you've never had
your body endlessly aroused before."

Bethany's eyes wouldn't stop dilating. "I haven't," she hissed.

Kiko chuckled. It made her chest rise and fall, which meant her
breasts jiggled against Bethany's massive breasts and the blonde could
only moan.

"I told you my father didn't believe in me having sex," Kiko
said. "Under constant surveillance and sometimes chastity belts, I've
learned to deal with arousal. Just stay calm and I'll get us out of

Kiko began to twist her arms and Bethany cried out again. The
twisting forced the vines to constrict and rub against their sexes. To
Kiko, it was a distraction, to Bethany, it was like a wide tongue
pressed against a molten pool waiting to be kissed, licked, and sucked.
Bethany's hips pressed against the vine, rubbing her blonde bush of
hair against Kiko's shaven smooth sex.

"Oh fuck!" Kiko moaned as the tiny hairs grazed her enflamed
pussy lips. "Hold still! I can't concentrate this way!"

"I'm trying!" Bethany snapped back. "Why do you have to sweat so
much?" she asked to Kiko's confusion. The sweat from their bodies was
causing their massive breasts to stick to one another. Every squirm
was causing their nipples to rub and pull against their salty skin. To
Bethany and Kiko, it was turning their large breasts into one giant
sensual organ.

Kiko tried to tune out Bethany's body and focus only on the
vines. Trained in various esoteric escape techniques, Kiko knew she
could slip free of these vines in seconds if she was allowed to move,
twist and bend, as she needed. The problem was this bitchy blonde's
body. After putting up with her snobbish attitude all night, it was
arousing Kiko's most petty desires to now have the blonde writhing
against her body. It wasn't Bethany's amazing, natural breasts or her
beautiful face moaning in orgasm that was turning Kiko on, it was the
fact that Bethany needed Kiko to survive. Being a victim of an control
freak father had given Kiko the ability to sexually appreciate a
helpless blonde.

As for Bethany, she wanted to climax. She was an action agent
and she was used to taking whatever she wanted or needed. To be denied
an orgasm was infuriating her. Logically, she knew she needed to stay
still so Kiko could save them, but deep down all she really wanted was
to push Kiko between her thighs and make the asian beauty earn her job
the old-fashioned way.

Hanging in the air, each of them struggled and countered the
other. Kiko tightened her legs to pull the vines tight, and that made
Bethany groan as their squirming was immobilized. Bethany rubbed her
tits against Kiko; trying to excite their nipples towards orgasm that
made Kiko loose her concentration as her breasts ached for a sucking

"You're not doing a good job of staying calm!" Kiko moaned.

"Fuck you!" Bethany countered. Frustrated, helpless and horny
beyond belief, Bethany did the unthinkable. She kissed Kiko.

Unable to move her head, Kiko's mouth was assaulted by Bethany's
tongue. It was the teenage dating scene Kiko had always wished she
had. Forgetting herself, Kiko returned the kiss. Panting and
completely shameless, the two women devoured each other's mouths.

Now that they were no longer trying to escape, the two writhed in
unison. Bethany crushed her natural breasts against Kiko's unnatural
breasts, impaling their nipples on one another. Kiko used her Ninja
flexibility to gyrate her hips, pulling the vine that connected their
sexes into sinful directions. The vine sawed between their lips,
giving them the friction their bodies craved.

"We're going to do it!" Bethany cried and then her orgasm struck.
The sweet oblivion rushed through her body permeating every inch of her

Kiko couldn't answer as her breath was taken away in a numbing
orgasm. Weeks of training at Diligent Enterprises had allowed her to
masturbate as much as she wanted, but there was no denying the power of
an orgasm while bound by a dangerous plant and being kissed by a bitchy
blonde. As her lips sucked on Bethany's tongue, Kiko began to
understand how fucked up her sex life really was.

Without warning, the two fell to the ground. They landed on some
bushes while pieces of the Venus LoveTrap fell around them. Kiko and
Bethany were still trying to catch their breath but it was Kiko who
realized what had happened first.

"All of our squirming must have ripped the vines," Kiko sighed.

"Dr. Snatchiz did say that it was only made for one person,"
Bethany agreed. "I bet our, err, top heavy bodies, were something else
it wasn't designed for."

"what the Hell are you two doing?" a third female voice asked.

Bethany sat up and her jaw dropped. Standing among the
PseudoRoses was a tall brunette dressed like one of the security
guards. The woman had her gun drawn and was wearing a smug smile.
Bethany knew this cocky girl; it was that bitch that worked for
Diligent's chief rivals, Paragon Industries!"

"Who's the pretty girl with the cute legs?" Kiko asked as she
stood up.

"It's Amy Valentine!" Bethany said as she tried to get up. Her
knees were too weak and she fell back into the bushes. "She's here to
destroy the roses too!"

Amy laughed. "Wrong, I'm here to steal some samples for my
company to reproduce. Considering I have a gun, and clothes, I suggest
you two just stay still."

Kiko didn't take suggestions. Leaping into the air, the asian
unleashed a kick that disarmed the leggy brunette. As soon as Kiko
touched the ground, she spun around and kicked Amy square in her flat
chest. Amy went flying and landed in the middle of a giant flower with
petals six feet wide. The flower immediately closed around Amy and
began to gurgle.

"Buddha's ass! You took out Amy!" Bethany screamed as she jumped
to her feet. Shock had taken away her exhaustion.

"It didn't seem too hard," Kiko said with a shrug.

"Not too hard?" Bethany screamed. "She's my arch-rival! She's
Rochert to my D'artagnian! "

"Rochert?" Kiko asked.

"Three Musketeers you stupid Ninja!" Bethany snapped. "Read a
damn book instead of porno sometime!"

"If she's your biggest challenge, then I think this job is going
to be boring," Kiko said. "Oh well, let's torch this place and get out
of here."

As Kiko tried to start a fire with two of her hidden lockpicks,
Bethany did some quick thinking. Kiko was impressive. She was fast,
nimble and incredibly lethal. There was just one skill Kiko didn't
have that she needed to survive in a corporate world: the ability to
know when she had out-performed a superior and pissed her off.

Bethany snapped a branch from a strange tree that grew grapes.
As Kiko started a fire and was spreading it around, Bethany walked up
behind the asian girl. Bethany waited till Kiko stood up and admired
the roaring blaze she had started. With the flames of victory leaping
before Kiko, Bethany swung her branch and knocked the Ninja out.

Behind Bethany, she heard the sound of a chainsaw. Emerging from
the torn petals of the lethal flower, Amy shook off the sap she was
covered in. She clicked off her chainsaw and it retracted back into
its secret sheath in her sleeve.

"Who was that crazy girl?" Amy asked. The flames were rapidly
destroying the greenhouse and there was no chance of getting a sample

"Just a trainee," Bethany said. "She didn't have what it took to
be a Diligent Enterprises employee."

Amy smirked. "I don't know, her breasts look big enough to me."

Bethany refused to dignify that with a response and the two
agents quickly fled the burning building.


Kiko rubbed her head. Luckily, a fireproof giant banana had
fallen on her, and shielded her from the flames. The greenhouse was in
ashes, and Bethany was nowhere to be found.

The naughty asian considered going to the pick-up point to return
to Diligent Enterprises and get some revenge. Then she thought about
the backstabbing corporation, the endless paperwork that she had seen
and the fact that there just wasn't even sex in these missions.

"Fuck it," Kiko said as she pulled her nude body out of the

"I'm going solo."


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