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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"Orgy on 34th Street"
By Shon Richards

Amy Valentine shivered as the cold December wind played through
her long brown hair. The ends of her trenchcoat lifted with the wind,
giving the bystanders a temporary glimpse of her long fit legs. She
adjusted her sunglasses, activating the internal targeting holograms.
Amy looked and felt lethal and she only had a smirk for the crowd of
women and men who surrounded her. They were outclassed and didn't even
know it.

"Amy, what in the world does Paragon Industries want with Stacy's
department store?" a condescending voice said behind her.

Amy turned and gave Bethany Taylor only the most cursory of
glances. The busty blonde was wearing a Christmas theme sweater,
though Bethany's sweater had the Buddha sitting under a decorated tree
and there was no angels or holy men in sight. Amy chuckled. Even when
Bethany was trying to blend into a crowd, her religious non-conformity
stood out as proud and as defiant as her bustline.

"I could ask why Diligent Enterprises sent their best agent to
New York's largest department store on the first day of Christmas
shopping," Amy responded, "but I won't."

Bethany didn't take the bait and Amy sighed. The truth was, Amy
wasn't here on a mission herself. She had used one of her rare
vacation days to do some shopping. Her niece, Kathy, wanted nothing
more in the world than a Fight-With-Me Piko, the hottest, latest, most
hard to find toy in the world. Kathy's mother and incidentally Amy's
sister, had suggested that normal parents who had to raise a child on
two incomes couldn't afford such a hot item, but maybe single Amy who
didn't have to spend money on kids of her own could afford it.

"Bitch," Amy grunted. She vowed to get that toy. Maybe Kathy
would throw up on it and never play with it again, but Amy just wanted
to see her sister's face when Kathy opened a gift from Aunt Amy and saw
her heart's desire. Amy's sister had hated Amy ever since she realized
that Amy had inherited the great ass in the family while Alice had
inherited the stringy hair and hooknose.

There was movement at the front of the crowd. It looked how the
doors were finally going to be opened. Amy cleared her mind of family
feuds, Alice's bad nose and the time Alice had told every girl in
school that Amy padded her jeans. The mission was about to begin.


Bethany Taylor kept silent as she stood behind Amy. It was a
strange feeling. The crowd pressed around them and Bethany wanted to
scream at the claustrophobia. It wasn't right. She was a trained
industrial agent, the best Diligent enterprises had to offer, and the
horde of willing consumers was giving her the creeps and she was forced
to wait in line behind her worse enemy.

"I hate Christmas," Bethany growled. If she were on a mission,
it would have been easier. She knew how to act on a mission. Instead,
she was here to buy a weird, green thing called a "Fight-With-Me Piko".
Her mother, the manipulative Felicia Taylor, had assigned Bethany the
task of buying this toy for Bethany's nephew. Bethany had never seen
the tyke, having avoided contact with her brother since the little
bastard convinced her mother that Bethany be excluded from her mother's
will because "Bethany isn't even married, and she gets to travel."

Bethany sighed. As much as she despised her brother, and as much
as she hated her mother for favoring her brother Adam, she still felt
shreds of guilt for not visiting her mother on the holidays. Felicia
Taylor had given her a way out as long as she bought this "Piko" crap.
Felicia Taylor derived a sick joy from assigning Bethany such a mundane
task, and that would be enough of a daughterly gift for the holidays.

"The doors are opening!" a voice cried out from the front.
Before Bethany could react, a tide of hungry shoppers pushed past her
aside and rushed into the store. The blonde was jostled, shoved and
poked harder than she was at the Spanish orgy last week. It was
everything she could do to stay on her feet.

"I'm glad I took a few office supplies," Bethany muttered. From
under her sweater, she pulled out a small grenade. Some people snitch
pencils from their workplace, Bethany snitched small explosives. The
busty blonde tossed the grenade to the ground where it exploded in a
toxic non-lethal gas cloud. The cloud cleared a path through the crowd
as the noxious fumes drove them back.

Bethany held her breath as she ran into the department store.
Outside, the crowd was already reforming, as eager shoppers weren't
about to let a little tear gas keep them from buying Little Johnny a
pair of pants he didn't want. The crowd was right behind Bethany and
the busty blonde had to fight to surf the edge of the crowd towards
what looked like a toy department.


Amy dodged through shoppers and restrained her violent instincts.
Her long legs let her move faster than most women and her willingness
to jump over a counter gave her an advantage in mobility. Although
Paragon Industries was always willing to cover legal expenses during a
mission, she had a feeling they wouldn't be so generous if she took
down a housewife. Amy was forced to merely use her skills to evade and
out-maneuver as opposed to eliminating her competition out right.

The problem was, Amy didn't have any experience with the toy
department at Stacy's. She didn't even know where it was. A long time
aversion to children meant Amy avoided the places where the little
monsters were known to gather. She was clueless, and she only knew one
way of fixing the problem; the agent had to ask a salesperson.

Three older women surrounded a frazzled employee. They were
harassing him about something and his face was flushing as they taxed
his minimum wage capabilities. Amy wasn't about to wait until the man
answered their demands. Dodging between two of the slimmed women, she
grabbed the collar of the employee and brought his face to within
inches of her own.

"Where's the toy department?" Amy growled.

"Up stairs, third floor!" the man cried out.

Amy released the employee and noticed with satisfaction that one
of the old women who were questioning him earlier had now grabbed his
collar and interrogated him in the same manner. It was nice to see
that senior citizens could still be quick learners.

Her smile faded. Riding the escalator upwards was Bethany
Taylor! Amy realized that Bethany might be shopping for something
else, but she considered it unlikely. Something deep in Amy's gut knew
that destiny just loved irony around Christmas time.


Bethany rode the escalator in a seething fit. Stairs would have
been quicker. An elevator would have been nice. An escalator wouldn't
have been so bad if it wasn't for the mother-fucking Buddha-cursed
mindless shopping drones clogging every route in the store! Instead of
leaping up the steps, Bethany was forced to stand patiently while the
escalator crawled.

Something sharp and small bit into her shoulder. Bethany spun
around, expecting perhaps to find a shopper who had gone insane. She
didn't see anybody but a dragging on her sweater became worse and she
saw the fishing hook that was impaled in her sweater. Following the
fishing line with her eyes, she found the fishing pole, held by none
other than Amy Valentine!

Amy was reeling her in, and Bethany was already walking backwards
to keep up with the hook. Amy jammed the fishing pole in the cracks of
a display counter and waved wickedly at Bethany before ascending the
escalator. Bethany was stuck, and she didn't have the foresight to
bring a hunting knife to a shopping trip!

Bethany growled as Amy rose closer and closer to her present
location. She regretted not packing a gun either. As Bethany dreamed
wicked thoughts, she realized the solution was simple: she took her
sweater off.

Clad only in a red bra, Bethany looked mighty conspicuous. Her
large breasts were heaving against the sheer material and she had a
belt of grenades around her waist. Not a single shopper spared her a
second glance.

As soon as she reached the top of the escalator, Bethany lashed
out with a kick brought down a Christmas tree on display. The crash of
ornaments and lights brought store employees running to investigate.
It also tripped the people coming off the escalator; sending them
toppling over the tree. All in all, Bethany figured it would buy her a
thirty second lead over the trailing Amy.

Bethany rushed to the toy section and she saw the first sign of
success. A giant Fight-with-Me Piko was hanging over a display and
Bethany pushed through the crowd to the unseen display. At one point
the crowd wasn't moving at all so she had to drop another gas grenade.
When the crowd stumbled away choking, Bethany finally made it to the
Fight-with-Me Piko shelf.

They were sold out.

"Buddha on a stick!" Bethany yelled. "It only took me two
minutes and they're already sold out!"

Behind her, an experienced shopper snickered. This lady knew
that SERIOUS shoppers had broken in last night and hid under the
tables. She scoffed at the naivete of the toyless blonde.

A young store employee approached Bethany. Freckles covered his
face and arms, threatening to change his racial status from Irish to
Native American. His youthful face could barely hide a leer.

"Ma'am, how badly do you want Piko?" the kid asked. When Bethany
only glared at him, he added, "Hey, I didn't work two years to be a
stock boy for nothing."


Amy wasn't about to let a group of collapsed shoppers around a
fallen tree stop her. She leaped to the handrail of the escalator and
using her amazing sense of balance, she quickly ran up the narrow,
moving rail. A simple jump carried her over the stumbling mess of
shoppers and when she landed on a stunned employee, she quickly rolled
off of him and stood up.

A wall of shoppers pushed against her as they tried to flee one
of Bethany's gas grenades. Amy jumped on top of a counter and from
there she leaped onto a hanging light to get a better view. From here
she could see the Fight-with-Me Piko display as well as the empty
shelves under it.

"Shit!" she cursed as she jumped back down to the ground. "Now
where am I going to get a Piko?"

A smiling security guard cleared his throat behind her. Amy
looked at him and noted that he was taller and slimmer than most
security guards she meets. In fact, with his short cut blonde hair and
sparkling blue eyes, he might even be considered attractive.

"Actually lady," the security guard said in a lazy relaxed
manner, "I know of where they store some extra toys in the back.
They're reserved for Santa, but maybe we can work something out if
you're a good girl."

Amy saw his eyes were looking at where her legs were peaking out
from her trench coat. "I don't know," Amy teased. "I'm not exactly
what you call a good girl."

Bethany followed the kid through a backdoor. The storage areas
looked like any other storage place all over the world. It was dark,
it had a wood smell from the shipping pallets and it was dark. Once
they went into a more secluded section guarded by two alert employees,
she entered the unique part of the place. What most storage areas
didn't have was an air mattress, a stack of towels and three other
employees sitting around with their pants off.

"You guys do this often?" Bethany asked as she unzipped her

"Call me Ken, and yeah, Christmas is a great time to get laid,"
he said. "We only put half the merchandise on the shelves and keep the
rest to trade out to customers. Why do you think big huge department
stores are always running out of hot items?"

Bethany shrugged. It wasn't much different from corporate
policy. She kneeled on the air mattress and all four of the employees
stepped up to her, their cocks already hard.

"Doesn't management have a problem?" Bethany asked as she
selected the hardest cock and began sucking on it. The teen she was
sucking groaned and began to shiver. Bethany had that effect on

"Since when does management know what the fuck is going?" Ken
sneered. Bethany had to agree with him there. She felt someone
fumbling with her bra and soon her breasts popped free. There was a
collective gasp soon followed by four pairs of hands groping her

Bethany continued to suck, occasionally making eye contact with
the owner of the cock. She gulped him down till he hit the back of her
throat. Bethany couldn't suck him properly; the squeezing hands were
fondling her breasts too much to allow her to move. She mere sucked
till her cheeks collapsed on his cock and her tongue coaxed the base of
his shaft.

Quickly and loudly, he erupted in her mouth. The other employees
giggled as the guy doubled over. Bethany just kept sucking, draining
his cock of every once of cum. Only when his cock had shriveled in her
lips and her mouth was filled with his salty cum did she let me go.
Bethany didn't want any repeat performances.

"One down," Bethany purred as she leaned forward to all fours.
"Shall we see how many we can stuff this Christmas?"

"Shouldn't you be watching for shoplifters or something?" Amy

The security guard, who's nametag proclaimed him to be David and
very happy to help you, just chuckled. "It's my shift to get laid. In
another hour, it's be Frank's turn, and he already has his eye on a
lady in hardware who's upset that a toolbox is sold out."

Amy leaned back against the table and looked around the small
office. Various security cameras were watching the store, and she
noticed one had a view of the ladies' changing room. There was a small
fridge, a television set and an arcade machine crammed in the small
space. Somehow, it fulfilled all her suspicions about security guards.

"As long as I don't hold you from your job" she said as she sat
on the table. Amy parted her legs. Despite the December winter, Amy
was only wearing a black miniskirt under her trench coat. Long ago,
Amy had realized that it was best to keep her legs armed and ready. An
easy lifting of her skirt revealed that she had the same feelings about
her shaved sex.

"Lady, this is why I became a security guard in the first place,"
David laughed as he quickly unzipped. His cock flopped out, hardening
with each twitch.

"Oh, and here I thought it was for the shiny badges," Amy
grinned. She stretched her legs and gathered his waist between her
knees. Amy's legs pulled him in, folding around him in an embrace of
firm thighs and locking ankles. Her hands found his cock and guided
him into her warm manger. He sunk into her with a sigh and when he
finally hit bottom, his groans mixed with hers.

"I have a joke about badges, but I forgot it," David moaned.

"Really?" Amy asked. Her hips shifted and David cried.

"Because I don't think we need no stinking jokes," she said.


Bethany moaned as the kids finally found a rhythm that worked.
She was straddling one young man, his cock buried as deep in her sex as
his face was buried in her hanging breasts. A second employee was
using her mouth, slowly fucking her lips and tongue with his dick. The
third eager employee had spread the cheeks of her ass and was
penetrating her in her tightest of places. Her ass wasn't exactly her
best feature, but the stock boy couldn't wait any longer. Meanwhile,
the first employee she had sucked was trying to masturbate his cock
back to life.

The three young guys lacked experience, but Bethany had to admit
they were fast learners. The one in her ass dictated the pace, pushing
and fucking her with a slow steady cycle of thrusts. The one who was
sucking her breasts just lay there, letting his cock move with
Bethany's pussy as her body moved with the thrusts. The kid in her
mouth shifted his pelvis slightly, allowing Bethany to ride up and down
his cock without having to move her head much. They even used their
hands just right, gliding over her smooth skin and pinching and pulling
with erotic tension.

"All in all, its a damn good way to go Christmas shopping,"
Bethany thought.

Bethany moaned as Ken bit one of her nipples. Her breasts were
slick from his mouth and her nipples ached with her own desire. As she
moaned, her lips vibrated around the cock that was lodged in her mouth.
From the way his hands clenched her blonde hair, Bethany could tell he
liked the extra vibrations. Just for balance, she clenched hard on the
cock in her ass, and the resulting moans completed her erotic group

It might have been too much for the guy in her ass, was his name
Mark? Bethany wasn't sure. She just knew that Mark lost his control
and began to fuck her harder. His hips collided with her ass, turning
her buttocks pink from the impacts. The blonde groaned as she felt her
tiny ass opened further, harder and quicker than she was used to. The
speed was amazing and Bethany realized there was something to be said
for young men after all. She spat out the cock in her mouth as she
struggled to hold her balance and ride out the pounding.

"Oh fuck," Ken moaned from between her breasts. Bethany
collapsed on top of him, smothering him completely in mammary heaven.
Together, they felt their sexes merging as Mark moved them both with
his anal assault. Harder than either of them could control, Bethany
and Ken cried out as their sexes melted in friction. Bethany climaxed
first and her resulting contractions milked Ken's cock into orgasm as

"Here I cum!" cried Mark and he were true to his word. Bethany
felt the sudden flood of his cum fill her ass. The blast of warm
liquid was a bit disconcerting, but Bethany didn't mind. It must have
been the Christmas spirit filling her as well as his cum.

"I haven't cum yet!" the guy standing in front of her whined.
His cock was red from her sucking as well as slick and swollen.

"That's easily fixed," Bethany said. She lifted herself from the
cocks she was impaled on, not minding at all as their cum trailed down
her legs. She crawled over to the standing employee and drew herself
up on her knees. Cupping her tits together, she slid her cleavage down
over his cock.

"Wow!" the kid moaned. Bethany had a feeling his girlfriend is
going to have to perform new tricks. His slick cock slipped easily
between her breasts and his eyes devoured the jiggling that resulted
from her motions. Up and down Bethany moved, but it wasn't the
movement that excited the kid as much as where his cock was.

Bethany could swear she heard his cock pop as his cum came flying
out. She narrowly prevented the flying stream from hitting her face
but her breasts were quickly covered in sticky semen. She was
impressed by the sheer quantity of his offering, but she was annoyed by
how much area was now covered in clinging white.

"That explains the towels," Bethany said as she reached for one.
"I just wished they didn't still have their sales tags on them."


The table creaked as David fucked Amy. Her legs were tight
around his waist as his magnificent cock drove deep inside her. His
hands reached past her and gripped the edges of the table for leverage.
This brought his face down to hers where his lips showered her neck and
mouth with biting kisses. She in return had his shirt in her teeth;
using the cloth to gag her fervent moans.

David might lack skill or creativity, but he made up for it in
sheer desire. It was like being fucked by a piston; a very hard, very
fast piston. Well, a piston with blonde hair, cute eyes and a great
smile, but certainly a piston.

Amy developed an appreciation for holiday sex. After five
minutes of shopping, she didn't feel up to creative sex. Amy just
wanted the simple pleasure of having her sex entered and fucked by a
long cock. She wanted to sit there and feel her pussy expand around
his shaft and not have to worry about moving herself. Shopping wore a
girl out.

On the other hand, Amy was in a hurry.

Subtly but firmly, Amy began flexing her thighs around David.
Her ankles pushed against his buttocks in a slow drumbeat that happened
to coincide with the clenching of her sex. She released his shirt from
her teeth and bit his shoulder. As her teeth sank into his flesh, she
exhaled her hot breath through her nose, sending goose bumps down his
chest and arms.

The piston was racing now. The table was crumbling under Amy's
ass. With a sharp 'CRACK', the table shattered. David's hands raced
to cup Amy's ass just in time to prevent her falling but at the sudden
dropping, the two found themselves at climax's ascension.

"Fuck!" David cried out as his cock released inside Amy.

"Whoa!" Amy added as her own pussy radiated the waves of her

They stood there for a few seconds, locked together as her
clenching sex drained his discharging cock.

"You know, any time you want to let me down is fine with me," Amy
said after a minute had passed.


Bethany was still sticky but at least she didn't have any white
clumps on her. Well, none that she could find. Ken was stumbling
through the tight corridors; his ability to walk had been diminished
from the orgasm Bethany gave him. The blonde only smirked. It was
nice to know she could still cripple young men.

"Fight-with-Me Piko has been our best selling item," Ken offered
as conversation. "In fact, I'm pretty sure we only have one left."

"Look, I'll gladly fuck you to buy a Christmas toy, but don't
expect me to talk with you," Bethany snapped. Being sticky made her

"Fine with me," Ken said. As a stock boy, he was hard to offend.
It came with the job.

As they walked around the corner, the sight of Amy and a security
guard surprised them. Amy was holding a Piko, and the guard was
frowning at the sight of Ken and Bethany. Ken immediately started
making excuses for why he had a chick in the storage area, but Bethany
shut him up.

"Unhand that toy!" Bethany yelled.

"Fuck you," Amy snapped. "I had to fuck this guy to get this

"Just one guy?" Bethany asked. It never failed. Someone was
always buying what you bought for cheaper prices.

Amy was through negotiating. She had the ugly pink toy and she
was going to show her sister up once and for all. She grabbed the
guard's arm and spun him into Bethany while making a dash down the

Bethany was having none of this. She had to have that ugly toy
so she could shut up her mother! She threw the stock boy into the
guard and after they collided, Bethany leaped over their bodies. She
was not letting Amy get away!

The busty blonde tackled Amy head on. Unfortunately, they
weren't fighting in a factory in some concrete corridor. The two of
them crashed right through the flimsy wall separating storage from the
rest of the store.

The two girls fell to the floor in a tangled heap. The Fight-
with-Me Piko slid across the floor, bouncing against a girl's foot. As
Amy and Bethany kicked and punched each other, a little voice stole
their attention.

"Look Mom! It's a Fight-with-Me Piko!" the little girl said.
"It's just like Jason wanted! We can get him one for Christmas after

The little girl's mother looked at Amy and Bethany and frowned.
"I'm not sure, Jessica. I think he belongs to, one of those ladies."

Amy and Bethany were in a crisis. On the one hand, they had a
chance at family revenge. On the other hand, there was a little girl
who LIKED her sibling and wanted to make him happy.

"Its not mine," Amy said, untangling herself from Bethany.

Bethany thought of how much she hated to spend Christmas with her
family. Then she thought of how she would feel if she disarmed a
little girl not more than seven.

"I've never seen that toy before in my life," Bethany said.

The mother smiled while the girl cheered. As they walked away,
Amy and Bethany had a rather uncomfortable moment of silence. Bethany
began to walk away and Amy called out to her.

"Merry Christmas, Bethany."

Bethany paused, and thought about it.

"Merry Christmas, Amy."

They still tried to kill each other next week, but for the
moment, it was kind of nice.


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