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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
e-mail at

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"Curse of the Mummies' Cocks"
By Shon Richards

Flora Kraft hid behind the dune and growled. The world famous
archeologist was incensed by the destruction she spied upon. Teams of
diggers were ripping open an undiscovered tomb entrance, the corporate
logo proudly declaring that this was the work of Diligent Enterprises.
The diggers had a flagrant disregard for preserving anything of
historical value, seeking only treasure of a more material matter.
Flora was insanely jealous. She had to make another mortgage payment
to make on her mansion and she needed any of the gold, jewels or fine
art that could be resting there. Every time she saw another explosion,
Flora knew they were one step closer to stealing the treasure she
desperately wanted to fence.

Flora's own research knew that this was the long sought after
resting place of the Triple Pharaohs, a set of triplets who reigned
over Egypt in such a decadent manner, all records except for a few
broken shards of pottery, had been crushed, burned and then buried.
Most people thought the Triple Pharaohs were a myth, but in a secret
temple in Africa, Flora had come across a map of the ancient world that
listed among other things, the location for the Triple Pharaohs secret
tomb. Ancient temples were good for that kind of shit.

Another explosion opened the stone doors that persevered the
past. The diggers cheered, and Flora knew they had finally opened the
crypt. She stood up and the wind blew through her long brown braid.
The sun reflected from her dark sunglasses, and the sand fell from her
dark green t-shirt and khaki shorts. Her impressive bust was only
matched by the impressive Uzi's strapped to her thighs.

"Time to do some archeology," Flora grunted. She pulled her guns
out and stood on the high dune. From her vantage spot, she rained
deadly bullets down on the Diligent Enterprises employees. Flora was
more concerned with making them run than actually killing them all, but
she didn't hold her fire when an idiot would try to shoot back at her.
Her accuracy was uncanny and within two minutes, the camp was cleared
of targets and populated only with corpses.

Flora ran down to the camp, her boots striking the sand as her
chest jiggled fiercely. One man started to rise and she gave him a
pacifying kick. She pulled a flashlight from her backpack and moved to
the tomb entrance. Various hieroglyphics adorned the walls of the
tunnel, and Flora's quick mind rapidly translated.

"Abandon all inhibitions," the entrance warned.

"Sounds like the Triplet Pharaohs," Flora smiled. She went in.


Bethany Taylor pulled herself from the ground after she saw Flora
go in. The busty blonde spat out sand and smoothed down her white
shirt and khaki pants. She kicked the Diligent Enterprises employees
to her left and right, but they refused to move. It was up to the
industrial agent to stop this unlawful intrusion by herself.

Diligent Enterprises had secured the rights from the Egyptian
government to exploit this tomb, and Bethany was going to make damn
sure they got their money's worth. The Triple Pharaohs were rumored to
have the greatest assortment of treasures of the ancient world. If
they didn't fuck something, they usually encased it in gold or studded
it with gems. That much raw wealth was exactly what Bethany's company
needed to raise their stock holdings a few points for the next quarter.

The blonde quickly wrapped her long blonde hair into a ponytail
and drew her faithful Griffonwing handgun. She had recognized the top-
heavy assassin, and knew that Flora Kraft would put up a terrible
fight. As Bethany cocked her gun, she wondered if Flora still had that
bounty for international theft and vandalism. Maybe Bethany could
afford that vacation in Indigo City she had been looking forward to.

Bethany entered the darkness of the tomb, looking for treasure
and treasure raiders.


Amy Valentine swore as she stood up. She shed the Diligent
Enterprises uniform she had stolen and wished she hadn't worn jeans and
a black t-shirt in the freaking desert. Amy had an aversion to desert
clothing and was now sweating a storm. Paragon Industries wanted her
to steal any treasures Diligent Enterprises found, and she had hoped to
do that AFTER the tomb had been excavated. Only amateur thieves stole
from another company while the treasure is still in the ground!

Her long brown hair whipped around her face while she stole a
rifle from a deceased guard. She cursed her luck. Dealing with
Bethany was always a bitch, but why did that hardcore bitch Flora Kraft
have to show up to? Amy Valentine had her heart set on buying a first
edition of "La Toile dans le Chataeu des Larmes", and she wasn't going
to let two over-endowed bimbos keep her from her paycheck bonus.

Cautiously, she entered the tomb. Amy flicked on a stolen
flashlight and scanned the area for traps or busty enemies. Instead,
her breath was taken away by the splendor of the walls. Murals of
orgies and fantastic wealth decorated the walls. It was like some sort
of Egyptian Playboy Mansion. There were life size murals of beautiful
Egyptian women, vivid paintings of people fucking on stacks of gold and
even the floor was decorated with x-rated tiles. The colors were
bright and vibrant and lacked the fading that usually accompanied the
passing of ages.

In a daze Amy stepped through the sloping hallway. Down into the
earth the hall led, a gradual decline as the walls illustrated an
increasingly marked decline in morality. At the entrance of the tomb
were mere orgies, but now the images degraded into public stripping of
armies, of elaborate bondage scenes depicting captured Caucasians and
Africans and of immoral uses of camels. The only sex perversion that
wasn't depicted was celibacy.

After a mile of these pornographic depictions, the tunnel ended
at three doors. Amy flicked her flashlight over each door, and onto
the floor as well. Footsteps in the thin layer of dust revealed that
someone had taken the center door that was marked with fantastic crowns
and piles of gems. Footsteps also led to the door to the right, which
depicted the Three Pharaohs receiving blowjobs from collared slaves.
The third door depicted women lounging around in spoiled comfort.

Now Amy wasn't an expert in tomb cracking like Flora was. She
preferred to break into more modern places that had elevators. She
knew that the other two women were perhaps better informed and that Amy
should follow them, but a thought nagged at her. Weren't tombs
supposed to hide their treasure? It seemed odd that the doors would
label where the good stuff was. Also, when you consider what perverts
the Three Pharaohs were, it seemed more likely that they would favor
chicks rather than treasure. To Amy, it was clear that the booty was
most likely disguised as booty.

The door didn't have a handle, or a knob, so Amy tried pushing on
the thick stone slab. It moved easily, perhaps too easily. The door
slid open without even a creak.

"Those ancient Egyptians built things to last," Amy commented.
The tunnel was twenty feet wide, and tilted downward at a more severe
angle than the previous tunnel. Amy entered it, and moved carefully
down the slope.

Halfway down, her foot hit a tile that sank with a click.

"Oh fuck," Amy whispered.

Behind her, she heard stone grating on stone. A section opened
above the door she had entered, and a ten-foot high breast, carved of
stone was revealed. The nipple was adorned with gold, and Amy quickly
calculated how much the gold could be worth. Unfortunately for Amy,
the breast tipped forward, and rolled down the tunnel.

Amy, a perpetual A-cup, recognized the irony of being crushed by
a giant breast. It didn't mean she accepted it. The tall brunette
broke into a sprint down the sloping tunnel, hauling her tight ass and
pumping her powerful thighs. As the breast down towards her in its
oblong rotation, Amy raced for her life.

The rumbling of the breast grew louder as it drew closer to Amy.
She could see the door at the end of the tunnel, but it was another
stone door. Amy looked over her shoulder and saw that the breast
filled the entire tunnel, flopping over itself as it came closer to
destroying the agent. If the stone door was difficult to open, Amy was
going to be destroyed by the worse boob job in the world.

Amy reached the door and threw her shoulder into it. The young
woman bounced off the solid door. The giant breast was a mere thirty
feet behind her.

"I don't have time for this shit," Amy screamed as she leaped to
her feet. The door was decorated with paintings of breasts, lots and
lots of dusky breasts. Her flashlight danced over the door, seeking
some sort of secret.

On one of the smaller breasts, a something reflected the light of
her flashlight. One of the nipples wasn't painted; it was a diamond!
Amy didn't have much else to do, so she touched the diamond nipple with
her fingers. The diamond sank into the stone like a button, and Amy
heard the sounds of stone grinding on tone.

"Hurry up!" she yelled. Almost in response, the floor opened
beneath her. As she fell through the narrow chute, the giant breast
crashed into the door above her.

Down, down, down a winding slide Amy fell. The stone was too
slick to stop her fall and Amy was too exhausted to even try. Down
into the depths of Egypt she fell until finally, light appeared at the
bottom. Amy fell out of the tunnel and landed on dozens of soft

Laughing, and amazed to be alive, Amy stood up. She was in a
huge room, filled with pillows littering the floors and strange
lanterns providing light from the ceiling. She was surrounded by
dozens of small cots. On each cot rested a skeleton, wearing thin
veils and adorned with plenty of jewelry. Other skeletons lined the
walls and these were armed with giant scimitars.

There didn't seem to be an exit from this room, but on the
positive side, there were plenty of shiny things to loot. Amy
approached one of the skeletons that was lying on a cot, and reached
for a gold necklace. As her fingers touched, the intricate links, the
skeleton stirred!

Amy leaped back and watched in amazement as flesh magically
appeared on the skeleton she had touched. The sounds of bones moving
caused Amy to notice that the other skeletons were growing flesh as
well! Within seconds, she was surrounded by dozens of lovely Nubian
women. Each of them was beautiful, sensual and smiling with a naked

Before Amy could react, a ghostly image appeared in the center of
the room. It appeared to be three identical men, dressed as Egyptian
royalty. They laughed evilly, and then gave their curse.

"You dare to violate our tombs?" the Three Pharaohs taunted. Amy
heard their voices in her head, spoken in perfect English.

"If you wish to plunder our harem, you must first do what only we
could do: you must satisfy all one hundred wives in a single night! If
your cock ever stops pleasing them, then the remains of our eunuchs
will cleave you and your bones will be used for dildo!"

Amy smirked as the image of the Three Pharaohs faded. A man
would never survive this test, but Amy didn't have a penis to slow her
down. A hundred women might take a while, but Amy only had to look at
the ruby rings, gold collars and diamond belly rings to know she was
going to give it her best shot.

She shipped off her t-shirt to reveal her humble breasts. "I
hope my lack of a cock can be overlooked?"

The wives giggled and moved in. Gently they stripped Amy of her
jeans and white cotton panties. Amy was amazed at the gentle touch of
their dusky hands, and of the warmth in the sultry kohl-painted eyes.
She didn't know if they were real or just some sort of phantasm, but
she knew they smelled like jasmine and their lips tasted like the
sweetest fruits.

She pulled down to the pillows and curious hands spread her
thighs. The wives giggled at how white her thighs were, and quite a
few fingers toyed with her bare sex lips. Amy relaxed into the seeking
fingers, feeling them cover and stroke her pale skin. A few hands
tugged on her silky long brown hair, amazed at how different it was
from their own pitch-black hair.

Hands were replaced by lips as the wives sought to discover how
this stranger tasted. Teeth bit Amy's small nipples while questing
lips sucked on her toes. Mouths kissed and sucked all over her body,
from her sandy fingers to the curves of her powerful thighs. Amy
moaned as tongues lapped her belly button and teeth tugged on the soft
places on her neck.

"Wait!" Amy moaned. "You're going to wear me out if you keep
this up." She turned her head and reached for a beautiful wife with an
emerald stud on her lip. Amy kissed the woman deeply while her hand
sought between the woman's thighs. Into her secret Nile, Amy's fingers
dived. As Amy's fingers coaxed moans from the dark beauty, Amy's lips
drowned the woman's sighs. The wife groaned and ground her thighs
against Amy's hand until she cried out. Amy bit the woman's lip as the
wife shuddered, and was amazed when the woman turned to dust after her
orgasm. Her jewelry dropped to the ground, free for Amy to take now.

Amy jumped in shock, a little disturbed to reduce a woman to dust
with a single orgasm. The other women didn't seem bothered in the
least. In fact, they redoubled their efforts. Their mouths and hands
pulled and pinched Amy's body and their whimpers betrayed how badly
they desired release from Amy.

Dusky thighs enveloped Amy as one wife sat directly on Amy's
face. Amy could hear the jingle of the woman's jewelry as Amy's tongue
delved into the salty sex. The wife performed a sensuous belly dance
on Amy's face, pressing, rubbing and fucking Amy's mouth.

Meanwhile, the aroused wives of the Pharaohs explored Amy's own
intimate regions. Tongues that had lain dormant for centuries tasted
Amy's wet sex with the thirst of the desert. Amy couldn't tell how
many mouths were between her thighs because the kisses and bites were
constantly changing. Her clitoris would be bitten softly for only a
second before another mouth would give the lips of her sex a teasing
long lick. A hundred mouths seduced Amy's pussy, and it wasn't long
before her own body responded in kind with an orgasm of her own.

"Wow!" Amy moaned between dusky thighs. The wife riding her face
moaned with Amy, and turned to fine dust in an instant. As her jewelry
fell onto Amy's face, Amy sat up and tried to push the women away from
her sex.

"Careful ladies! You might wear me out before I can please you!"
Amy warned.

The harem of the Three Pharaohs ignored her. One wife, whose
skin was as black as night grabbed Amy roughly by the hair. She
dragged Amy on her belly, pulling her to her opened thighs where Amy
obediently licked. The other wives slapped Amy on her tight ass until
she rose to her knees, and then the wives took turns plunging their
talented fingers into Amy's sex. Amy could feel all of their fine
jewelry and rings as their fingers plunged. Each gem on their rings
only added to the texture of their fingering, and before Amy could stop
herself, she was climaxing again.

"Oh Gods!" Amy moaned into the Nubian pussy she was eating. That
was her second orgasm and she had just barely begun to please the
harem. The talented agent had to do something to multiply her

Amy sucked hard on the wife's clitoris, vibrating her lips with a
quick humming. As the wife buckled with orgasm, Amy was already
thinking ahead to the rest of the harem. When the pussy on her lips
turned to dust, Amy turned over onto her back and spread her thighs for
the harem. Before they could descend on her again, she shouted her

"Wait!" she ordered. "You! Bring me that candlestick over
there! You, bring me that scepter!"

"As for you two ladies," Amy said as she wriggled her toes at
their veil covered crotches, "My big toes may not be much, but don't
knock it till you try it."

The women mounted Amy's toes, each of them straddling her feet
sideways and soon they were moaning as Amy wiggled inside them. It was
weird and a bit odd, but the harem of the Three Pharaohs was quick to
adjust. Four more ladies mounted Amy's legs, two on each leg, one
above and below her knee. The four ladies humped Amy's legs with the
desperation that Amy had come to recognize. Her hard, fit legs were
more than adequate for the slick fucking they needed.

Amy took the candlestick and scepter that they gave her and aimed
them for the sexes of the nearest wives. Into their dark deltas the
gold rods slipped, and as long as Amy held on tight, the wives did all
the work with their sensual dancing. Amy could feel the sweat drip
from their thighs as wife after wife mounted her makeshift dildos.

The harem was quick to use Amy's mouth again and the agent was
never long without a pussy on her lips. She never knew so many pussies
could taste so differently from one another. From the salty taste of
the sweaty wives to the sweet taste of the younger women, Amy drank
them all. From sexes covered in thick bushy pubic hair, to those as
smooth as silk, Amy's tongue and lips meet them all. With each
shuddering moan that Amy coaxed, another set of dark thighs and royal
sex would mount her face again.

Just because she was going through them faster didn't mean that
some of the harem wasn't still able to seduce Amy. There was always a
firm hand, or a warm mouth or even another candlestick buried in her
sex. Her orgasms stole her strength and exhausted the poor agent, but
Amy kept licking, wriggling and pushing.

After an eternity of warm bodies, the harem slowly thinned. When
Amy's face was shimmering from the pleasure of a hundred pussies, there
was finally only one wife left. She was an older woman, her breasts
not as firm or her ass as tight as the others, but to Amy she was the
most beautiful woman of the bunch for she was the last.

Amy crawled over the wife's body, her hands massaging the woman's
breasts and her mouth sucking on the women's hard nipples. Completely
exhausted and weary, Amy found the strength for just one more pussy
nibbling. With the finish line in sight, Amy mounted the woman's face
with her own slick thighs and in a 69, they brought each other to the
orgy's finale.

When the woman turned to dust, and her jewelry joined the pile
around Amy's spent body, Amy lacked the strength to even laugh. She
had defeated the endless harem but Amy couldn't summon the will to get
off these comfy pillows. More treasure than she had seen in a lifetime
surrounded her, but she couldn't feel her thighs from all of the

"Damn, I wonder if the other two bitches had half as good as a
time as I did?" Amy asked.

Then she wondered how the fuck she was going to leave a room with
the only exit twenty feet above her.


Flora Kraft stepped carefully into the dark room. She felt a
slight change in air pressure, and her experience in the ruins of
Atlantis told her that powerful magic was at work. To answer her
suspicions, the wall on the far right disintegrated. Eight jackals
were revealed, but these were no ordinary jackals. These were six-foot
tall beasts from Egypt's dark past. They shook the cobwebs from their
sleek coats and snarled at the tasty looking woman before them. Magic
had preserved these beasts from the past for one purpose, to eat any
foolish enough to disturb this tomb!

The jackals would have been invaluable additions to any zoo, but
Flora Kraft didn't deal in animals. She didn't even own a cat. Zoos
also had a bad habit of not having ridiculous amounts of cash on hand
for these so called invaluable animals.

Flora pulled her Uzi's and shot the jackals down where they

With that out of the way, Flora checked out the rest of the room.
It was a standard Egyptian design; seemingly bare walls that really
concealed all sorts of triggers decorated with occasional vases that
held nasty surprises. The British explorer shattered the vases with
kicks and then shot the scorpions and snakes that came pouring out.
She examined the strange walls and quickly deduced where the secret
door was located.

She pressed the hieroglyph of the blue snake and it opened the
secret door. Despite the darkness of the new tunnel, she left her
sunglasses on. The dark lenses tended to intimidate the fuck out of
any ancient monsters she ran into as well intimidate more modern
monsters like corporate agents or silent Ninjas.

The tunnel led to a huge room that was well lit by glowing
lanterns hanging in mid-air. The floor was littered with the remains
of tomb-robbers from ages past; and Flora had a nasty suspicion that
the ten foot high statue of the Jackal-headed God, Anubis, might have
something to do with the corpses. Not many statues have a giant four-
foot long erect cock between their legs, or had dried blood on their
hands. Flora was also amused by the heap of gems piled between the
legs of the statue. It was obviously bait, and Flora had an
appreciation for the classics of trap design.

"All right, let's get this over with," she said in her clipped
British accent. She pulled her guns from their holsters and opened
fire on the statue.

The eyes of the statue lit with a supernatural fire as the first
bullets bounced from its stone skin. With a roar the statue took a
step forward and Flora cursed herself for not spotting the second set
of arms carefully concealed behind its back. It was a four-armed
monstrosity, something Egyptians didn't normally design, which meant
the exotic Three Pharaohs must have imported this one.

Flora ducked under the statue's first attempt to grab her and
jumped over its sweeping kick. The statue was slow and Flora pumped
round after round of bullets into its stone skin. The door she had
entered through had disappeared and Flora was well aware that this room
may have not have meant to have an exit. She just couldn't understand
why the damn thing was wielding a four-foot long dildo.

As she dodged four arms trying to smash into her skull, Flora
rolled into a pile of the skeletons. With dazzling speed, she noticed
that all the corpses had one thing in common: their rib cages had burst
from the inside. Flora had a graphic image of how these poor male
robbers had meet their fate. The Three Pharaohs were sick fucks of a
royal degree.

Even the greatest of tomb raider make a mistake and Flora's was a
simple slip on a skeleton's skull. Before she hit the ground, the
giant statue had grabbed a hold of her braid. Flora screamed as the
statue lifted her up by her hair, and she screamed louder when two of
the arms grabbed her wrists in iron grips.

She swore that the statue leered as it's fourth arm grabbed one
of her legs.

"I am not going to be fucked to death today!" Flora snapped.
With her free foot, she kicked hard at the base of the statue's cock.
Powerful magics had kept the statue functioning after all these years
but the magic couldn't save the stone from a kick from one of the
world's greatest fighters. Her powerful legs that had outraced raptors
and dodged swarms of spears snapped the statue's cock with a single

"You might as well let me go now," Flora sneered.

The statue ignored her. One of the arms released an arm and
grabbed her remaining leg. With a powerful slam, the statue brought
Flora's ass crashing down on where it's cock used to be. Flora cried
out as her round buttocks were spanked by the statue's smooth crotch.

"Oh shit!" Flora yelled as the statue lifted her back up, and
dropped her back down on the bare spot between its legs. There was no
cock to impale her but the smooth stone of its pelvis was like a paddle
against Flora's bubble ass. As one stone hand continued to clutch her
braid, the other hands slammed her backside against the punishing
stone. The blows were never harmful or dangerous but the stone
slapping her ass stung worse than any paddling she had ever received.

"Must try to escape!" Flora growled between blows to her poor
ass. The arms kept repeating the half-circle of motion, spanking her
ass endlessly and without tiring. Flora's enormous breasts were
bouncing so hard; they were coming loose from under her sports bra.
The British adventurer couldn't even concentrate with how tightly the
statue was clutching her braid. It was like the statue was spanking
her in payment for all the tombs she had ever raided and all the
treasures she had ever stolen.

"I hope the other bitches are suffering half as badly as I am!"
Flora snarled as her ass continued to be flattened against the
unforgiving stone.


Bethany Taylor didn't understand hieroglyphics, but she knew what
she liked. The walls told the story of a set of royal triplets who had
the sexual appetites of three hundred. Granted, Bethany thought their
bestiality phase was a bit gross, but she appreciated the other murals.
At one point she seriously considered going back to get a camera and
photographing a few select wall paintings for 'private' viewing later.

The traps kept the busty blonde on her toes. A swinging scythe
nearly reduced her to a C-cup. A crashing piece of the ceiling scuffed
her shoes. Six spears ripped holes in her pants, but narrowly miss her
legs. Yes, there was danger at every corner and it seemed like
everything was trying to maul her, but it wasn't any worse than the
Diligent Enterprises New Year's Eve's party.

After a mile of steadily traveling underground, Bethany reached a
door made of gold. The agent realized that the door alone could
justify a heft bonus from her employers. She searched for a way to
open the door, curious to see what treasures such a decadent door could
be holding.

After realizing that the painted cock of a hung donkey was
secretly a lever, Bethany opened the door. Inside was more than she
could have hoped for. Light that came from those strange lanterns
revealed the greatest treasure the tomb had to offer. Three sarcophagi
sat in the center of the enormous room. Small jars surrounded the
coffins and behind the remains were shelves crammed with precious gems
and elaborate artifacts. Bethany had discovered the resting place of
the Three Pharaohs.

As she stepped into the room, Bethany noted that each sarcophagus
had a small chest sitting in front of it. Thinking they possessed a
crown or some other valuable, Bethany opened the first one. She found
a perfect, eight-inch cock, carefully preserved inside.

"Yeah, I should have guessed," Bethany chuckled. The Three
Pharaohs wanted to make double sure that their manhoods made it into
the afterlife.

Bethany considered looting the sarcophagi themselves, but decided
to err on the side of caution. The company could loot this place at
its leisure; Bethany just needed to bring back enough to justify
sending more teams here. She walked over to the shelves and selected a
few small items: a sapphire necklace, ebony wand studded with diamonds
and a small gold statue of Isis.

Moving together in unison, the Three Pharaohs rose from their
crypts. Bethany turned as soon as she heard the lids creaking, and she
couldn't say she was too terribly surprised. She was a big fan of
Brendon Fraiser movies and had expected this.

Each Pharaoh was wrapped in ceremonial bandages, and each loomed
over Bethany as they climbed from their tombs. One wisely moved to
block the exit, while the others lumbered towards the busty blonde.
The mummies were silent except for the shuffling sounds of their feet,
dragging across the tomb floor.

"Sorry boys," Bethany said as she drew her Griffonwing. "Your
orgy days are over."

Bethany fired a round right into the closest mummy's head. The
mummy recoiled for a second, and continued to advance towards her. She
pumped six more rounds into it, seeking a vital spot on the dead
Pharaoh. Unsurprisingly, she didn't find one.

One of the mummies took a swing at her and in the confined area
of the tomb, it took all of Bethany's skill to avoid being splattered
by the powerful blow. She rolled under the punch and ran for the exit,
stopping barely in time to avoid being caught by the Pharaoh at the
door. There would be no escaping through there.

She dodged back to the center of the room as the mummies circled
closer to her. Bethany looked around for something to use as a weapon,
as must of the mummy movies she watched had told her that big nasty
anti-mummy weapons were usually stored with the mummy that needed to be
killed. There were no such items here.

The mummies lumbered closer, and Bethany was out of bullets. In
anger, she snatched up one of their preserved cocks, and noted that the
mummy to her left paused. It resumed its lumbering, but there was
something distinctive about the way it froze. It reminded her of
lovers past, who would freeze in that magic moment when their cocks are
touched and there was no telling how raunchy sex might get that night.

Bethany spun around and snatched the closest other phallus and
then rolled backwards with a cock in each hand. The mummies paused,
but then continued. Bethany yelled a few threats about destroying
their manhoods, but perhaps the Pharaohs had lost their ears over the
centuries for they didn't slow down.

The agent thought fast. They obviously were aware of their
cocks, but they seemed to lack any concern for it. As Bethany sweated,
she gave each of the cocks a nervous squeeze. That was when she
noticed the mummies paused again.

"This is insane," Bethany muttered as realization hit her. Even
in death, the Three Pharaohs were ruled by their Little Pharaohs. On
the other hand, dealing with men's cocks was more in Bethany's
expertise than fighting mummies.

Without thinking too much about it, Bethany popped one of the
eight-inch cocks into her mouth. The magically preserved cock was warm
in her lips, and salty to her tongue. Bethany could even feel it
throb. As soon as the cock entered her mouth, the mummy to her right
shuddered and dropped to its knees.

The other mummy was still coming and Bethany had to act fast.
She ripped open her blouse and stuffed the second cock down her bra.
The mummy froze as its penis was suddenly surrounded in warm soft
breasts. It wavered on its feet, obviously in bliss, but nowhere as
incapacitated as the Pharaoh who was enjoying Bethany's mouth. The
blonde knew she had to do better, so while the cock swayed in her bra,
she unzipped and removed her pants. With one cock throbbing in her
mouth, Bethany plunged the other phallus between her thighs and into
her blonde bush.

The second mummy dropped to its knees, and its cock throbbed
happily between her thighs.

Bethany stared down the last mummy. It guarded the exit, and
Bethany was out of places to satisfy cocks. The cocks within her were
growing warmer and Bethany was worried about what would happen if the
Pharaohs regained their will to move. She had to do something

Grabbing the third cock, Bethany pulled the one in her mouth out.
She sucked down the third cock and watched the mummy guarding the door
drop to his knees. As the first mummy returned to his feet, Bethany
slipped the first cock between her breasts. Slick from her mouth and
wrapped in warm tits, the first mummy dropped back to its knees,
obviously sated.

Bethany made a run for it. The cock in her sex bounced and
throbbed as she ran. The one in her mouth pulsed as she bit lightly
down to keep it in her lips. As for the cock between her breasts,
cradled in her bra, it burned from the sweaty friction and throbbed
faster than the other two combined.

Past the ceiling trap, Bethany ran while the cocks in her sex
exploded with magical passion. She could feel its hot cum spilling
from her legs.

Past the six spears, Bethany ran while the cock in her mouth
erupted. She swallowed as much as she could as some flowed from her

Past the swinging scythe, Bethany ran while the cock in her bra
climaxed over her breasts. An explosion of cum soaked her bra while
she ran for the sanity of the surface.

As Bethany ran, the tomb began to shake. She didn't know that
the Three Pharaohs built the elaborate complex for one reason: to get
laid one last time. With the final wish completed, the magic that held
the place together crumbled.

Fortunately for Flora Kraft, this meant the statue that was
spanking her ass turned to dust. Flora dropped to the ground and
gasped. Her shorts had been worn bare from the blows and her buttocks
were just one giant welt. Cracks formed in the walls and an old
workman's tunnel was revealed. When ancient Egyptians built this tomb,
the workers needed side tunnels to get past the nasty traps. Flora
stumbled towards the old tunnel, and began the long climb up.

Elsewhere, Amy Valentine was kicking the jewelry she had fought
so hard to obtain. The Three Pharaohs had spent their vast fortune on
whores, wives and new pleasures as well as their final resting place.
To pay for this, they saved money by buying only the cheapest
reproductions when it came to jewelry for their wives. Amy had fucked
an entire harem for the equivalent of twenty bucks in costume jewelry.

When the nearby workman's tunnel opened up, Amy debated whether
she should take it. Visions of running through the collapsing tunnel
and finding those cheap Pharaoh bastards were awfully tempting. In the
end, she decided to live and take revenge on Diligent Enterprises for
bringing these assholes to her attention.

When Bethany finally made it out of the tomb, the surviving
diggers silently groaned. They knew as long as the dominant blonde was
still alive, they would be opening this cursed place back up. She
didn't look like the type to let a couple thousand tons of rubble stop
her from plundering a place.

The blonde spat out a mouthful of dust, which is all that
remained of the Pharaoh's cock. The other cocks had turned to dust as
well but strangely, their cum had remained. Bethany was butt-naked in
the desert and feeling sticky but she didn't care. Clutched in her
hand was the statue of Isis. It would make a nice advancement on this
week's bonus check.


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