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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"The Invisible Breasts"
By Shon Richards

Amy Valentine was pissed. She had been on guard duty for less
than ten hours and the object of her protection had already been
stolen. The tall brunette glared at the two guards who were supposed
to provide a deterrent to any thieves but apparently they served only
as speed bumps.

"Paragon Industries pays us a lot of money to do a simple job,"
Amy began. "Tell me again why you couldn't keep the Invisi-Belt safe?"

"A blonde woman came in and kicked our ass?" one of the guards
repeated. His nose was broken so he was a little hard to understand,
but considering that his partner was still unconscious, Amy had to keep
asking him questions.

"This blonde woman, did she have big tits?" Amy asked.

The guard nodded.

"And did she have a flat ass?" Amy asked again.

The guard nodded.

"Bethany Taylor," Amy hissed. She turned to Dr. Chyler, the head
of Paragon's Acquisition Research department. "We need you to lock the
lab down."

Dr. Chyler laughed. "Miss Valentine, it already is. I told my
bosses that an industrial espionage agent was completely unnecessary.
Every exit requires a retina scan to open the doors. Only the eyes of
the armed guards are capable of passing the retina scan. Living eyes I
might add."

"She won't use the doors!" Amy growled. She pointed to the pile
of clothes on the ground. "Obviously she has turned invisible by using
the belt!"

Dr. Chlyer gave Amy his best condescending smile. "Oh, let's not
jump to conclusions. We just acquired the belt from Major Electric's
research department and as I understand it, they haven't worked the
bugs out yet. If she is allegedly invisible, I'm sure she would go
insane or explode or something. Science is tricky."

Amy appraised the man. "Your department hasn't even tried it
yet, have they?"

"We're a little behind since the holidays," Dr. Chyler said
weakly. "We were lucky to decipher the Whedon Prophecy in time for

Amy raised a hand to silence the man. "Would the infra-red
scanners pick her up?"

Dr. Chyler shrugged.

"Like I said, we didn't build the damn thing," the scientist
offered. "All we know is what was written on the belt buckle; which
was the name of the Invisi-Belt."

It was times like these that Amy almost regretted stealing
prototypes for her company.


Bethany Taylor was invisible. She had listened to Dr. Chyler
mention something about her exploding, but she decided to worry about
that when it happened. For the moment she was more worried about
trying to figure out how to escape this lab and make it back to her
company, Diligent Enterprises. After she had knocked out the guards an
alarm sounded as soon as she had picked up the Invisi-Belt. Realizing
she couldn't fight an entire complex she hit upon the brilliant idea of
stripping and seeing if the belt worked.

"What I don't get, is why did she strip?" Amy Valentine said.
The leggy agent poked through the discarded clothes and picked up
Bethany's titanic bra. "Shouldn't the belt make her clothes invisible

"Why of course," Dr. Chyler answered. "Why make a belt of
invisibility if you have to strip your agents to use it?"

Bethany resisted the urge to slap one of them. She wisely walked
out careful to not make any noise. Walking under a vent caused her to
shiver as the cold air passed over her naked body. She could feel
goosebumps rise over her skin but she couldn't see them. That was when
it hit her; she was fucking invisible!

The industrial agent paused in the hallway to marvel at her
situation. Aside from everything looking a little dim, she had no
trouble seeing anything. Bethany had expected everything to be vague
shapes, or maybe glowing with psychedelic lights. Real invisibility
was lacking in cool special effects.

As a secret agent and thief, Bethany was starting to realize some
of the possibilities of the belt. There was no need to avoid cameras.
There was no need to duck when a guard walked by. Better yet, there
was no need to wear cool looking clothes to impress foolish men! She
was going to save a fortune on black leather alone.

Bethany checked out the men's bathroom just because she could.
She watched quietly as a well-hung scientist relieved himself at the
urinal. He scratched himself and Bethany had to suppress an urge to
scratch his thick member for him.

The naked blonde then went to the cafeteria. Oblivious to trying
to find out an escape route, she watched as people ate. It was hard to
describe even to herself. Bethany was relishing the power of observing
without being seen. Even something as simple as watching a man eating
turned her on. Bethany loved how unaware the man was that a nude woman
was watching him. At one point she lowered her massive breasts to his
check, brushing him briefly with her hard nipple just to see how he
reacted. When he jumped, Bethany had to bite her lip to keep from

This was something Bethany was going to have hard time giving up.


Amy slammed her hand down on the controls for the security
system. Infra-red scans had revealed nothing vaguely female. Motion
sensors detected nothing out of the ordinary. The thought occurred to
her to just gas the whole complex and do a sweep later for invisible
bodies, but Paragon Industries had revoked her right to use toxic
weapons since that accident in Greece.

"Miss Valentine, perhaps you have been working on the problem too
long," Dr. Chyler offered. He was checking out her ass and doing a bad
job of hiding it.

"Forget it asswipe," Amy snapped. "Even if I found your big nose
attractive, I still wouldn't fuck you. This mission is all business."


"This mission was a joyride," Bethany thought.

Running around naked was a turn-on in itself but the freedom of
invisibility had corrupted her completely. At one point she waved her
hand in front of Amy's face and flicked her the finger. It wasn't as
much fun as doing it in person, but stealing gum from Amy's purse was.
Just for spite she also hid Amy's keys.

Bethany made a copy of her bust on the copy machine. The machine
couldn't see her ass and the pictures were blank but it was the
mischief that counted. She tacked the copy onto the bulletin board.

This kind of nonsense continued until Bethany spied a
particularly attractive guard. He had a handsome, bold face with just
a dash of blond stubble. Wide at the shoulders and narrow at the hip,
he was strong enough not to need the rifle he was carrying. The guard
was standing right in front of an exit and looked dashing in his black

Bethany walked up to the guard checked him out up close. She
leaned in close and smelled his cologne. The blonde ran her hand up
his bulging arms, careful not to actually his muscles. She squatted in
front of his crotch and tried to identify how endowed he was from the
bulge in his pants. Bethany decided that she wanted him.

She stood back up and leaned against him. The sudden pressure of
a woman's body against him startled the guard but Bethany was pleased
to see that his hand immediately groped the heavy breast that was
pressed against his arm. He might have been alarmed but he was more
worried about confirming that yes that was a tit.

"Listen very carefully," Bethany whispered in his ear. "I can
either take you out, and escape this lab, or I can have a little fun

"You're the invisible woman we're supposed to be looking out
for!" the guard hissed. "We've been instructed to shoot you on sight!"

"On sight?" Bethany asked. "Well you're safe then. You can't
see me." Her hand went to his zipper and she massaged the bulge in his
pants. Bethany was tickled to discover that her estimate of his
endowment had been correct.

"Fuck lady, I could get fired," he whines.

Bethany chuckled. "You're going to get fired as soon as I escape
anyway. The question is, will you get laid first or not?"

The guard smiled. Bethany kissed his ear as her fingers unzipped
his pants. He rose his hand to cup her invisible breast, and Bethany
sighed in his ear as his fingers found her nipple.

"Have a name?" she asked.

"Darien," the guard groaned as her fingers wrapped around his
thick cock.

"Darien, pleased to meet you," Bethany said before sliding down
his body to kneel before him. She had a moment of regret as she
realized that he couldn't see any of her assets. What was the point of
being naturally stacked if men couldn't see them?

Bethany forgot her invisible woes as soon as she got a good look
at Darien's cock. She couldn't understand why, but Bethany was
terribly horny. The sneaking around, the power of being invisible and
of course, being nude all day in a lab filled with men had awakened
Bethany's libido. The thick cock in front of her was exactly what her
lips were craving.

Darien shuddered as his cock was engulfed in a warm, wet mouth.
He looked down and saw nothing but his cock but he could feel every
stroke of Bethany's tongue. The skin of his cock tugged up and down
and occasionally he would see his tip flush red as Bethany bit down
gently on his cock.

When he closed his eyes, he could almost see her. He could feel
her lips at the base of his cock and he could just imagined lipstick
covered lips touching his pubic hair. When she rubbed his cock against
the insides of her cheeks he could imagine the bulging of her cheeks.
He reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair and he could tell
just by how soft and thick it was that it had to be blonde.

Bethany moaned as he grabbed her hair. She wondered if he could
see his cock vibrate between her humming lips. The invisible agent
continued to suck as her fingers moved down to between her legs. Her
fingers slipped easily into her moist sex. She loved the audacity of
the act of fingering herself at leisure while she sucked Darien's cock.

Darien leaned back against the door he was supposed to be
guarding. He watched as his cock bobbed in mid air as Bethany sucked
him. Her breasts would sometimes press against his legs when she
sucked all of him inside her. He saw something wet dripping on the
floor and he realized it must be her sex.

Bethany sucked and rubbed faster. Her fingers were as audible as
her sucking, both wet and completely naughty. The daylong arousal had
built inside her to a climax that threatened to suck the color off of
Darien's cock. Her moans of pleasure had a similar effect on Darien
who ready to pop as well.

She slipped his cock from her mouth and wrapped his slick manhood
with her breasts. Darien doubled over as he realized what had
happened. His cock was engulfed in Bethany's expansive chest, slipping
and sliding along her warm curves. The stunned man bucked his hips as
he began to fuck the invisible heaven he could only feel.

The sight of Darien loosing his control pushed Bethany over. Her
sex clenched around her fingers and the young woman purred her
pleasure. Darien joined her moans with explosive grunts as his cock
exploded between her breasts. Large splashes of cum blossomed on her
invisible breasts, spreading and flowing like some sort of erotic
Rorschach test.

That was when the belt shorted out. Bethany didn't know that
Major Electric had yet to waterproof the prototype and Bethany had been
sweating with excitement all day long. Bethany appeared in all her
blonde busty cum-covered glory.

"Hey, you are a blonde!" Darien said with an afterglow smile.

"And you just became a ticket!" Bethany snapped. With the
disappearance of her invisibility came the return of Bethany's
practicality. She stood up and twisted Darien's arm behind his back.
Before he could complain, Bethany spun him around and shoved his face
against the retina scanner on the door. As Darien whined about his
arm, the computer happily accepted his eyes and opened the door.

"Wait!" Darien called out, as Bethany was about to leave. "Will
I ever see you again?"

Bethany jiggled the controls on her belt. She had to move one of
her breasts out of the way to get a look at the belt. The wind outside
was cold and Bethany cursed her hasty assumption to shed her clothes.

"Not if I get this damn thing working again."


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