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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"Sleeper Agents in Seattle"
By Shon Richards

Amy Valentine was running late, a common occurrence for her this
past week. A mission in Moscow followed a mission in Paris and now she
was here in Seattle, one day late into a three-day seminar. Two
minutes after checking in; the tall brunette saw an announcement on her
bed for a swimsuit pool party in the basement. Amy couldn't believe
that they would hold a swimsuit party in Seattle but considering that
this was a seminar for high-level executives, Amy could believe any
kind of nonsense.

She quickly changed into a red bikini and thong while she read
the mission again. Ted Sprouse had recently inherited his biometrics
company from his father. Amy's employers, Paragon Industries, wanted
to buy the company but Ted was holding out. Her mission was blunt; she
was to convince him to sell and fast before Diligent Enterprises
persuaded him first.

Amy cursed the fact that a thong and bikini meant she couldn't
carry any weapons but that's how the business sucks sometimes. She
took the elevator to the basement and Amy made a vow to get this
mission over with so she could take tomorrow off. She didn't even know
what she wanted to spend this paycheck on. It wasn't healthy to be too
busy to browse catalogs.

The elevator doors opened and the noise of the party hit her.
Sadly, everyone was dressed in formal attire. Amy felt like she was in
a bad chick movie.

Amy ignored the curious stares of the men and women who gawked at
her and went searching for her target. Unlike most women, Amy knew she
looked good in a thong and therefore, she had nothing to be embarrassed
about. Her buttocks and thighs were on naked display and not a single
man complained. Some of the women made rude comments as she passed by
but Amy accepted that. She wished she could have been more incognito
but on the other hand being the center of attention meant every man was
looking at her and that allowed her to scan everyone's faces. It
wasn't long before Amy spotted Ted Sprouse. He was standing next to
the buffet table with a smug blonde who was hanging on his arm.

"Bethany," Amy hissed. A lot of things made much more sense.


Bethany Taylor listened to Ted Sprouse as he talked about
himself. He was a handsome man, mid-thirties, athletic in the way that
men who want to stay fit for no particular reason are. The blonde
agent wondered why people built such large biceps when they never had
to hit someone.

She shook her head to clear her thoughts. Bethany's mind was
running on tangents because of the crazy schedule she had this week.
Why, she just barely got to this seminar an hour before Amy Valentine
did! That was just enough time to check in, find out about this party
and leave a note on Amy's bed. Now she had to feign interest in what
Ted was saying while trying to decide on a course of action. Will she
fuck him and see if he is as fit as he looks or will she try the
reliable gun-to-the-head method of persuasion?

"Why is that woman wearing a bikini?" Ted asked.

Bethany looked at what he was pointing at and saw Amy headed
right for her. Amy pushed a waiter out of her way and stomped over to
Bethany and Ted. Bethany realized that her little prank actually had a
practical effect; Amy wasn't sneaking up on her this time.

"Why in the world would you go to the trouble of breaking into my
room just to make me look like an idiot?" Amy demanded.

Bethany shrugged. "I had a spare minute or two," she answered.

"I mean, you could have put a trap in my room or drugged the
note," Amy continued. "This was just petty. I know you're after Ted
too, so why not something a bit more nasty?"

Bethany laughed. "Because I don't need traps to beat you to
persuading some executive."

Ted looked at both of them as realization hit. "I'm some sort of

"Shut up," Amy and Bethany told him. He could wait.

"Attention everyone!" a voice called out over a microphone.
Everyone turned to look at a short balding man who had climbed onto a
table. He was dressed in a very orange jacket and pants and looked
like a used car salesman. Bethany recognized him as Alan Gibbons, the
featured speaker of this seminar. She couldn't remember what the
seminar was about but she was sure it wasn't fashion tips.

"I just wanted to ask, how much wood can a woodchuck chuck, if a
woodchuck could chuck wood?" the man asked.

"What the Hell?" Bethany asked. That was when she noticed
something- the room had become totally quiet. Not a single person was
talking or moving.

"Now," the man continued, "about right."

Everyone in the room, except for Amy and Bethany, turned to the
right like perfect soldiers with a single mind.

"Well, it looks like the brainwashing worked yesterday," the man
proudly proclaimed. "We can begin interrogations to discover your
company secrets before we send you back to work as our sleeper agents.
Wait a minute! You two, the chick in the thong and the blonde, why
aren't you following orders? Everyone, seize them!"

Amy and Bethany jumped as Ted grabbed their wrists. His eyes
were staring straight ahead but his grip was like iron. Amy punched
him in the face while Bethany knee-lifted him in the crotch. He let go
as he fell backwards into the buffet table.

"Fuck!" Amy yelled. Around them, all of the executives were
turning towards them. They were walking slowly, bumping into one
another as they ignored everything but the women they were commanded to

Bethany looked quickly around her and spotted the always-present
ice sculpture on the buffet table. It was a huge carving of a ladder
and Bethany was sure it had some sort of symbolic reference but she
didn't bother to figure it out. She grabbed the ice ladder and heaved
it at the crowd.

"Catch!" she said glibly. To her surprise, all of the mind-
controlled executives tried to grab the ice sculpture. The chaos was
loud, and impressive.

"I've got Ted," Amy yelled. Bethany turned to see her rival
carrying Ted in a fireman's carry. "Let's get the fuck out of here!"

Bethany nodded and ran for the nearest exit. She would work with
Amy for now until she got a better handle on what was happening. She
never expected to run into a sleeper-agent-conversion program but hey,
these things happened.

Amy was following behind her and the executives were right behind
her. Bethany ran through one set of doors and waited for Amy to follow
through. The blonde then held the door as the zombies tried to push

"Amy, look for a way out and tell me so we can make a plan!"
Bethany yelled.

She waited for Amy to answer her but it never came. Bethany
looked over her shoulder. Amy, and Ted, was nowhere to be found.

"Bitch," Bethany muttered as the horde of mind controlled
executives burst through the locked door.


Amy Valentine put her ear to the broom closet door and waited.
The executives shuffled outside in the hall but they were too focused
on Bethany to think to try any of the doors. The hiding agent smiled.
Bethany was better as a distraction than as an untrustworthy partner.

Ted Sprouse groaned from the corner of the broom closet. Amy
wished she could turn on a light but she didn't want to risk drawing
attention. She put out her hand and touched Ted's shoulder. The agent
was pleasantly turned on by how thick and solid his arm was.

"Where am I?" Ted groaned.

"The mind control must have been broken by getting knocked out,"
Amy whispered to herself. "Be quiet, we're hiding from a bunch of
sleeper agents. Can you tell me what happened yesterday? Did you guys
look at a big spinning wheel or watch subliminal movies?"

"Are you talking about the Relaxation Wheel?" Ted whispered.
"Sure, it was supposed to help us relax and be better managers."

"Great, now you guys will be better espionage agents," Amy
groaned. "Don't you guys watch movies from the 70's? Now all someone
has to say is the code phrase and you're someone's bitch. You'll be
plugging away at your job and wondering who planted that bomb in your

"What?" Ted asked.

"Never mind," Amy whispered. "I was getting my movies mixed up.
I've got to get you out of here."

"This is ridiculous, I'm leaving," Ted said with defiance.

"Ted, I don't have time for this shit. How much wood can a
woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck can chuck wood?"

Ted didn't answer.

"Are you going to behave now?" Amy asked.

"Yes ma'am," Ted answered with a monotone.

"That's a good boy," Amy whispered. "While I've got you like
this, let me remind you that after you wake up, you're going to call
Paragon Industries and tell them you're selling. Will you do that for

"Yes, ma'am," Ted responded.

Amy listened to the door and she could hear people running by.
It looked like she was going to be here for awhile trapped inside a
dark closet with a well built handsome man who she just noticed has one
of the best smelling colognes. It didn't take Amy long to figure out a
way to pass the time.

"Hey Ted, if you were in control of your senses, would you fuck
me?" Amy asked.

"Yes ma'am," Ted answered.

"Cool. Take off your pants but be quiet," Amy said. "We've got
dangerous types in the hallway; so no screaming."


Bethany Taylor was surrounded. She had managed to make her way
to the lobby but a group of sleeper agents were waiting for her. Alan
Gibbons had followed his minions, correcting and changing their
commands as Bethany tried to shake them. The blonde considered pulling
her gun and taking a shot at the speaker-turned-mind controller but
there was the chance she could hit an "innocent" executive. Diligent
Enterprises didn't mind if she pummeled security guards and police but
when someone in middle management gets hurt, the company gets squeamish
with covering her lawyer expenses.

"Advertisement managers, flank her to the right!" Alan commanded.

The blonde agent growled. There were at least a hundred of them.
She hadn't seen this many brain dead executives since that time she
broke into NBC headquarters. Her trigger finger was itching but Alan
was safely delegating from the back of the horde.

One of the executives got close enough to grab her. It was a
clumsy grab, devoid of style or martial training. Bethany cold cocked
him and watched him crumble. That was when she realized something.
They may be mental slaves, but they were still pussy weak managers at

Bethany unleashed a kick at one guy who just looked like an
accountant. She followed it up with a punch at a guy who reminded her
of the Human Resources manager at Diligent Enterprises. The busty
agent took her time and paced herself as she knocked out one executive
after another.

"If I knew it would be this much fun I would have made a stand
much sooner," Bethany laughed.


Amy moved her thong out of the way as Ted entered her from
behind. She was pressed against the broom closet door so she could
keep an ear out. Sure, she was having inappropriate sex at an
inappropriate time, but there was no since in taking chances.

Ted wanted to groan as his cock slid between Amy's thighs but Amy
had forbid him to make noise. One hand was around her hips while his
other hand pulled on her long brown hair like she had commanded. His
thrusts were quick, much quicker than he was really capable of
sustaining but mind control was a better than Viagra that way.

Amy reached behind her and grabbed Ted by his shirttail as he
continued to pump. Her small breasts were crushed against the door and
the tugging on her hair was delicious. She couldn't believe how even
and steady his hip movements were. Amy had spent two or three minutes
giving him orders till her got it just right. He was almost as good at
following commands as that sexdroid she fucked a few weeks ago.

"Don't cum till I say so," Amy groaned as her own climax
approached. She pressed back against him; rubbing her tight ass over
his cock as it slid in and out between her thighs. The hectic schedule
of the past week was forgotten through the curing massage of a steady
fucking. Amy stopped worrying about her next mission. She stopped
worrying about the outcome of her last mission. The well-fucked agent
even stopped wondering about Bethany for a good five minutes.

"Yes!" Amy hissed. Her sex went into spasms around Ted's cock.
Ted wanted to climax right then but she had yet to give the command.
Amy wanted more.

"Keep going!" Amy whispered. She needed to be pounded. His
thrusts increased in power as Ted's desperate need to cum intensified.
The door began to rattle, as Amy's body was slammed harder and harder
against the solid wood. The agent didn't care. The beat of the door
shaking was an audio compliment to the sounds of her ass being slapped
by Ted's groin.

"Don't cum," Amy groaned as she climaxed again. Ted hissed but
his body obeyed. His cock was a swollen angry piece of him that he
could only use to penetrate the tight sex before him.

"Don't cum yet," Amy moaned as her fingers dug grooves into the
skin of his waist.

"Not yet!" Amy gasped between shudders as Ted's hips slapped
louder and louder against her ass.

"Now!" Amy screamed and Ted's cock immediately obeyed. His hips
froze as his manhood erupted. Ted groaned as his cock pumped his long
denied load into Amy's slick sex. His world shrank down to seven very
sore and needy inches.

"Ahh!" Amy groaned before she felt Ted collapse behind her. He
made a terrible amount of noise as he knocked over a bucket and several
cans. Amy froze, her legs sticky and her small breasts still crushed
against the door, but no one came to investigate.

"Cool," Amy said. "Great sex AND the enemy is gone."

She turned on a light and looked at Ted, passed out from the
overwhelming orgasm.

"Men," Amy muttered. "Even under mind control they still roll
over and go to sleep."


Bethany was hip deep in mindless executive slaves and loving it.
Her massive breasts were heaving from exertion but it was a healthy
exhaustion. After this hectic week of plane hopping and one mission
after another, it was good to kick some corporate level ass.

"Stop her damn it!" Ala Gibbons yelled as Bethany made her way
to him. Bethany chuckled. It was a good plan. Creating sleeper
agents under the guise of a seminar was so creative; Bethany planned to
suggest it to her bosses. The only problem Alan was running into was a
stubborn refusal to believe that the plan had failed.

The blonde grabbed one executive and used him as a weapon;
swinging him into the last three of the sleepers. Alan had refused to
run. He was still yelling orders as Bethany grabbed him by the collar
and brought him nose-to-nose.

"You cost me a mission but you gave me a great workout," Bethany
growled. "What should I do with you?"

"Let me go?" Alan offered.

"Wrong answer," Bethany laughed. "I'm going to do something
worse. I'm going to offer you a job with my company."

"Why is that worse?" Alan asked.

"We work a lot of weekends," Bethany told him.


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