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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"The Silence of the Lips"
By Shon Richards

Bethany Taylor gave her security clearance to the guard. It was
the fourth time she had to give her clearance to somebody since
stepping off the elevator. This didn't bother Bethany even though she
was on a first name basis with Carlos. It didn't bother her even
though they were ten floors under Diligent Enterprises Corporate
Headquarters and someone would have to be invisible or a ghost to make
it this far. No, Bethany didn't mind because she knew it meant the
prisoner had zero chance of escaping.

"How is she today, Carlos?" Bethany asked?

"Not good," Carlos said with a grimace.

"Damn," Bethany said. Oh well; this is why Bethany received
hazard pay for every time she had to talk to her. The prisoner was
dangerous and everyone remembered the Christmas incident when the
prisoner received the wrong color massage chair. Bethany tried not to
think about poor Henry's face and instead focused on the Alejandra Fall
Collection she planned to buy with her paycheck.

Bethany wished she could see the prisoner through security
cameras just to gauge the prisoner's mood but it was impossible. No
one knew how but every time cameras were installed, they were disabled
within hours. It was to be expected. The prisoner was just that damn

As the triple steel doors opened, Bethany checked her clothes in
the mirror metal. She was wearing a tan jacket and skirt combination
and as the prisoner often demanded, Bethany had foregone wearing a
shirt or bra under the jacket so that her large breasts presented a
naughty cleavage. Black stockings covered her legs and three-inch
heels adorned her feet. Bethany had her long blonde hair twisted into
a ponytail; another preference of the prisoner.

"Good afternoon, Bethany," a seductive female voice said behind a
glass wall.

"Good afternoon, Corrine," Bethany said neutrally. She set down
her purse and took another good luck at Diligent Enterprises' most
dangerous prisoner: Corrine Mathews.

Behind the bulletproof glass that encased her luxurious cell,
Corrine was still a stunning woman in her mid-forties. Long red hair
was twisted into a French braid today. Her lean athletic body was
glistening with sweat as she stepped off her exercise bike and made
herself a cappuccino. She was wearing red spandex pants and a matching
red sports bra over her modest breasts. Corrine turned down the sound
on her entertainment system as she downed her cappuccino.

Bethany forgot to avert her eyes when Corrine finished her drink
and fell victim to watching Corrine lick her full luscious lips. The
blonde agent cursed herself. Those lips had literally sunk better
agents than Bethany in the past. Rumors abounded of how many corporate
sponsored bands Corrine had broken up with just five minutes of those
soft talented lips.

"Come by to taunt a poor ex-agent of Paragon Industries?" Corrine
asked as she sat down on a custom-made sofa.

"Poor?" Bethany snorted. Corrine's cell was better furnished
than Bethany's apartment. Five years ago, Bethany had captured the
espionage agent in such a way that it appeared that Corrine was killed.
Melted trains were good for that sort of deception. The plan was to
pump Paragon Industries' senior agent for information but sadly,
Corrine lived up to her reputation. Interrogations were useless. Mild
torture resulted in daring escapes and horrible revenge. After a year
of losing a cadre of guards to her beguiling lips, Bethany came up with
a better way. They started bribing Corrine for her information.

"Amy Valentine has stolen the latest blueprint for the perfect
gasless car," Bethany said as she launched right into the questioning.
"We need those plans to stay competitive in unreleased secrets but we
don't know where Paragon Industries' gasless research division is
located. Tell us the location and we'll provide you with another item
on your wish list."

"Now, now, Bethany," Corrine said slowly as she played with her
braid. "I do know where Division 76 is located, but it won't be that
easy. In addition to the restocking of my chocolate case, I also
demand you do the usual."

Bethany sighed and unbuttoned her jacket. Just like that: one
simple command was all it took. She did it slowly; just the way
Corrine liked it. Starting at the top Bethany unbuttoned her jacket.
Inch by inch her bountiful cleavage was revealed. As Bethany moved
under her cleavage, Corrine told her to stop.

"Excellent Bethany, I'm glad you remembered not to wear a bra
this time," Corrine said. "But then, I guess you wanted to avoid the
punishment again."

The busty blonde sighed. "Now what? Jumping jacks or do you
want me to do push-ups?"

Corrine bit her bottom lip and Bethany suppressed a flutter.
"Such a bad attitude!" Corrine snapped. "You would deny me my little

Before Bethany could answer Corrine held up her hand. "Drop your
skirt. I want to see that flat ass again."

Bethany complied. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the
ground. The agent knew better than to step out of it. Corrine liked
to see Bethany's skirt around her feet. She once said it made her look
more like a slut.

"No panties? I am impressed," Corrine said. The older woman
shifted on the sofa. "The stockings are nice but you're no Amy
Valentine. Now that woman has legs."

Bethany said nothing despite the growing anger within her.
Corrine delighted in comparing her that bitch, Amy Valentine. The
blonde just hoped that Corrine wouldn't make her call out Amy's name
this time.

"Turn around and let me see that flat ass," Corrine commanded.
Bethany turned around; painfully aware of how flat her ass was. Her
tits were her pride and joy but Corrine always got a delight in seeing
the plainest part of Bethany's body.

Bethany's face flushed with embarrassment as Corrine simply
laughed at her ass.

"Okay that's enough," Bethany snapped as she turned around.
"Tell me where is Division 76 or I'll-"

"Or you'll what?" Corrine hissed. She leaned forward and sneered
at Bethany through the glass. "Tell your bosses that you couldn't get
the information out of me? You're the one who captured me. Isn't this
imprisonment your idea? Do you want to tell your bosses that the
information dried up?"

"If you don't cooperate, we could just kill you," Bethany

"Oh please," Corrine said. "I escaped from the best prison
McDisney could buy. I could have left this place years ago."

"But you," Corrine said as she licked her lips, "you give me a
reason for staying."

Bethany said nothing. She couldn't believe how bright Corrine's
lips would glisten. The redhead didn't even use lip balm.

"I think you should be punished for giving me . . .lip." Corrine
said slyly as if she was reading Bethany's mind. Bethany's blush
spread from her face and down her chest.

"Pull your tits out of your jacket," Corrine commanded. The
prisoner lifted her legs and pulled her spandex down to her knees. As
Bethany pulled her massive breasts out, Corrine casually toyed with the
shaved sex.

"Now slap your right breast," Corrine commanded.

"What?" Bethany asked shocked.

"Slap your right tit my blonde slut," Corrine snapped.

Bethany knew better than to argue. Taking a deep breath, she
slapped her right breast from underneath. The blow stung her tit but
the humiliation was worse.

"Harder," Corrine commanded. "Much, much harder."

Bethany complied. She nailed her breast with a stinging slap.
Corrine approved.

"Now your left breast," Corrine said as she licked two of her

Bethany stared at Corrine's lips wrapping around the woman's
fingers as she slapped her other breast.

"Now the right one, lightly," Corrine said. Bethany slapped her
tit as commanded and she could already feel the heat rising on her
breast. It was awkward to hit herself but not nearly as awkward as
having Corrine's eyes on her.

"The left one, lightly," Corrine commanded as she slipped her wet
fingers into her own sex.

"The left one again, harder."

"The left one again, much, much harder."

"Now the right, hard!"

"Right again, hard!"

"Left, hard!"

"Right hard!"




"Now grab your nipples and pinch!" Corrine gasped. Bethany
complied and cried out. Her breasts were sore from the slaps and
enflamed with her handprints. The blonde pinched her nipples tightly;
knowing Corrine wouldn't be satisfied until she twisted her nipples a
full three hundred and sixty degrees. Bethany groaned from the pain
but she also blushed from the embarrassment of feeling how hard her
nipples were.

"Oh yes," Corrine hissed as her fingers stroked her sex. She
reached up and pulled her braid into her lips. Her braid was clenched
between her teeth and she sucked on her braid as her fingers moved
faster inside her. Corrine watched the busty blonde twist her nipples
as Corrine twisted her own fingers inside her.

Corrine spat out her braid. "Release your tits," she told
Bethany. Bethany gasped as the circulation returned to her nipples.

"Now slap the right tit, hard!" Corrine commanded. Bethany
hesitated and Corrine snapped, "Now!"

Bethany slapped her right breast and cried out.

"Now the left, lightly!"

"The left, lightly again!"

"The left again lightly!"

"And now the right, hard!"

"Right again, hard!"


"Both breasts, hard!"



Corrine's next command sputtered between her lips as she finally
climaxed. Her fingers were sunk deep between her shaved lips while her
eyes never left Bethany's abused breasts. The older woman shuddered as
her orgasm shook her from her firm thighs to her chewed braid.

"Stick your fingers in your pussy," Corrine commanded.

Bethany reluctantly did. Her tits were burning and her face was
permanently flushed. As she slid her fingers into her sex, Bethany
moaned from the molten heat she felt.

"Now show me your fingers," Corrine demanded with a smug smile.
She laughed at the moisture she saw there.

"You are a horny slut, aren't you Bethany?" Corrine asked.

Bethany couldn't speak. She only nodded. It galled her to admit
to Corrine how much the other woman turned her on.

"I know you are," Corrine laughed. "The Division 76 lab is in
Zurich. It's on Gnome Street and its building number 2300. It was
blue when I was still out."

"Thank you," Bethany said curtly as she zipped her jacket over
her stinging breasts.

"No need to be sullen," Corrine laughed.

"Actually I'm not," Bethany said as she picked up her purse. She
took out a small tape-recorder and played back the part where Corrine
told her the vital information.

"Need audio notes?" Corrine asked.

"No," Bethany said. "The next time I ask for information, you
will give it to me or else I will mail this to Paragon Industries. I'm
sure they will be upset about their informant. Who knows? They might
even send Amy to come kill you."

Corrine pursed her lips. "Diligent Enterprises wouldn't dare.
I'm too valuable to them."

Bethany smiled as she pulled her skirt back up. "They wouldn't
dare, but I would."

"Next time, you'll be the one performing for me," Bethany said as
she left.


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