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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"Women In Black"
By Shon Richards

Not many people know this but crop circles are caused by
intelligent wheat. I've tried to explain this to the other farmers at
Joe's store but they always laugh me off. Just because I live alone,
read books, and farm at night, people think I'm crazy. That's why when
I saw the strange lights in the sky last week, I went ahead and posted
it to my website instead of telling my neighbors.

What? A farmer can't have a website? How else am I going to
keep up on government conspiracies?

The first man in Black showed up the day after I posted my
pictures about the weird lights. Considering all I saw was four blue
lights hover and dart around like a chicken being chased by a fox; I
was surprised by how quickly the men in Black moved in. I was even
more surprised when instead of a man I got a woman.

"Jeremy Whatley?" the stunning blonde android/alien asked me when
I opened the door. She was a classic MIB. She had the black
sunglasses, the black suit (though this suit had a skirt) and even a
black Cadillac parked behind her. I didn't think the long blonde hair
was usual for a MIB, but I wasn't complaining if you know what I mean.
She was also stacked like my cow Wilma. Her cleavage was about ready
to pop from her jacket and I knew those gorgeous mounds must have
concealed some sort of truth detector.

"What do you want?" I asked quickly. It was noon and I had been
asleep. Night farming requires some odd hours.

"You posted some photos on the Internet about a UFO," the blonde
explained. "Your government would be appreciative to the tune of a
hundred dollars if you let me have them."

"Nope," I said. "It's a free country and you spooks can't have
them. The truth is out there and right now it's in my hard drive!"

I slammed the door and went back to sleep. It felt good to stand
up to the government. Pays them back for putting fluoride in the

About an hour later, I got another knock on the door. Grumbling,
I woke up, grabbed my shotgun and opened the door. It wasn't the
blonde this time but it was another Woman In Black!

This woman was very different though. She wore the same black
suit and skirt, the dark sunglasses and she had a black motorcycle
parked behind her but she was lacking the big tits. This lady had long
legs instead, like the kind you see in underwear catalogs. She also
had long brown hair that shimmered like silk when the wind blew through

"Jeremy Whatley?" the brunette said. "I represent a company that
is very interested in your UFO photos. We believe you captured
pictures of an experimental aircraft made by our competitors. We would
be willing to pay you a generous sum for all the photos you may have."

"I thought men in Black worked in pairs," I told her as I pointed
the shotgun at her. "Your blonde partner already came by with her
truth-detecting breasts. Your story may have changed but my answer
hasn't! Now get off my property!"

"Bethany," the brunette hissed. It must have been some sort of
alien curse word because of the way she said it. She still left
though. As she walked away, her ass swayed like a snake beneath her
skirt. I think it was trying to hypnotize me.

I went back to sleep until five in the afternoon. I ate
breakfast and updated my webpage. I kicked myself when I realized I
didn't take any photographs of the WIB's so I carried my digital camera
with me when I started farming at midnight.

The tractor wouldn't start up at first. I popped open the hood
and found most of the wires had been disconnected. That's when I
noticed the blonde WIB walking into the barn.

"You know, I'm authorized to give you up to a thousand dollars,"
she said. "That could repair your equipment and maybe even get a new

"I'm not giving in to government sabotage!" I yelled at her. Her
breasts glowed in the moonlight with an alien splendor. I swear she
must have opened up a few more buttons on her jacket because they
seemed bigger. I quickly picked up my camera from my belt and snapped
a few pictures.

"Hey!" the blonde screamed; holding up her arms. "Asshole!" she
yelled before running away.

I got the tractor going and went on my rounds. The wheat was
healthy tonight but I dropped some more fertilizer just in case. As I
passed by the scarecrow, the brunette WIB popped out of the wheat.

"Jesus Christ and his black brother, Harry!" I yelled. She had
terrified me.

"I'm sorry to startle you, but I didn't want the other agent to
see me," the brunette said as she approached my tractor. "I wanted to
talk to you in private. Would you mind not taking pictures of me?"

"I think I have enough," I said after a few more shots. They
were mostly extra leg pictures. "Aren't you working with the other
agent? Or is this some sort of mind game?"

She sighed. "Yeah, we're aliens from the government and we'll
get a bonus for whichever brings in your photos. I can give you three
thousand dollars if you'll just hand them over."

I laughed. "I knew it! The blonde's probably CIA and you're
from the U.N.! Well you can both fuck off. I'm lived here for fifty
years and I ain't giving in nobody just yet! Now get! I've got work
to do."

She stomped off and her ass tried to hypnotize me again. I took
some more pictures for the public's sake. The world needs to be warned
about that ass.

I continued farming until I noticed some strange lights coming
from my house. By strange I mean lights being turned off and the
occasional flashes of gunfire. I must be getting old if I hadn't
considered that the two WIB's wouldn't try just robbing me.

The door to the house was kicked open and the living room was a
wreck. The ladies must have realized I keep my computer upstairs in my
bedroom. Hey, a man keeps odd habits living alone. I heard noises
coming upstairs so I picked up my shotgun and went to go clear them

To my surprise, the ladies were fighting. Maybe they really did
work for opponent government agencies. The blonde had her jacket off
and was standing over the brunette on the ground. She was choking the
brunette with her jacket while her enormous tits were bouncing
together. The brunette wasn't done yet. She kicked her legs out and
scissored the blonde between her thighs. It was only a brief flash,
but I don't think the brunette was wearing any panties. The brunette
brought the blonde to the ground and was now crashing between her
smooth powerful thighs. For some reason, they still had their
sunglasses on and that made it very sexy.

"That's enough!" I yelled. They froze as I pointed the shotgun
at them. "Harassing me is bad enough but damn, you're fucking with my
farming now. Pony up ten thousand dollars and I'll sell you the

The brunette released the blonde and stood up. "I'm glad we came
to an understanding. I'll cut you a check now."

"Wait a minute, Amy, he didn't say which of us he was selling
to," the blonde said.

"Well, he meant me of course," the brunette said as she
straightened her skirt over her lovely legs. "Right Mr. Whatley?"

"I think he would rather sell to me," the blonde said as she
slipped her jacket back on but didn't bother to button it.

"You two are trying to sex me up," I accused.

"Maybe," the brunette said and licked her lips.

"Definitely," the blonde said unzipping her skirt. Even her
panties were black.

"I always did prefer harlots," I said with a laugh. I got my
handcuffs out of the dresser and tossed them to the blonde. I always
keep a spare set of cuffs after that time with the drunken college co-
eds. The blonde quickly snapped them on the brunette and hooked her to
my bed.

"Let's go downstairs," I told her. "The couch is better than the
bed anyway."

The blonde WIB agreed and I followed her downstairs. Her ass was
almost invisible despite walking around in her black panties. I
briefly regretted not picking the brunette until we got downstairs and
she turned around.

"Gracious!" I said as I looked at her melon patch. Wow.
Granted, I download a lot of porn living in the country, but seeing
breasts that were round, soft, natural and best of all, in my living
room made me light headed. I didn't care if they could read my mind; I
just wanted a taste.

"Want to taste them?" she said. Damn, they could read my mind.
I bent down and lifted her breasts in my hands. I tasted them and for
some reason, I could taste apples. Maybe it some sort of body wash but
I like to think all WIB's tasted like summer apples. Her nipples were
hard and just as tasty.

"I do love an appreciative man," the blonde moaned. She unzipped
my pants and pulled down my underwear while I continued to suckle on
her tits. She was quite agile that way.

"Buddha!" she said when her hand found my cock.

"I may be old, but I eat healthy," I said as she gripped my

"So do I," she said as she knelt in front of me. She held my
cock in front of her lips and gobbled me down in one stroke.

"Hallelujah!" I cried. Her breasts bounced against my knees as
she sucked me down. I looked down into the soulless dark of her
sunglasses and I didn't care. A blowjob does that to a man.

After a few minutes, she removed her mouth and slid my wet
manhood against one cheek. She watched me tremble and she smiled.

"Sit down," she said and I did. She pulled down her black
panties slowly, wiggling a little to shake her breasts from side to
side. I realized they had hypnotic powers too.

After her panties were off, she climbed onto the couch and
mounted my stiff cock. Her blonde bush engulfed mine, and to my
relief, her insides didn't bite me or anything. It was just good old-
fashioned wet, warm, soft pussy. She lowered herself and leaned
forward till her breasts were in my face. I resumed my nibbling.

"This is one prize-winning cucumber," the blonde groaned.

"That's enough farming jokes," I mumbled from her pumpkin patch.

That's when she began to move. Her hips rocked back and forth
against my manhood; pushing and pulling her breasts from my lips. She
grabbed the back of the couch and her arms straddled my head. I was
surrounded by her apple scented flesh and bountiful breasts.

The WIB was very gentle. She moved slowly and carefully. The
couch didn't even creak as she rotated her pelvis on my manhood. She
twisted occasionally, offering me a different nipple for my mouth. I
sucked each in turn, amazed at the way my face could just sink into
that apple skin.

"Jeremy," she whispered in groans. "Probe me!"

I shuddered and my member twitched inside her as I climaxed. She
buried my head in her bosom as I groaned, drowning my cries with tits
while I drowned her sex with my ejaculations. At that moment, I would
have given her the whole damn computer along with the photographs.

We heard a crash of glass and then something dropped to the
ground outside.

"Fuck!" the blonde snapped as she climbed off of me. "I think
Amy's loose, and she wouldn't have left unless she found the photos!"

We ran outside; me in my shirt and cock bobbing between my legs,
and her stark naked except for her sunglasses. The blonde pressed
something on her glasses and they flashed red. She slowly scanned from
left to right as the night wind blew her long blonde hair.

"There!" the blonde pointed. "She's running through the wheat!"

"Good," I said. I called out to the wheat, using the language of
my Pa, and his Pa before him all the way to our ancestors who came from
strange Indian Hollow.

We heard a scream, followed by furious swearing.

"Come on," I told the blonde and the wheat parted before us as we
walked to the brunette. The one the blonde called 'Amy' was struggling
but the wheat held her tight. Her clothes were everywhere from where
the wheat had stripped her first. Lying on the ground was a disk and
by the way 'Amy' kept reaching for it, I was sure that it held the
photos. She probably wiped the hard drive too.

"Buddha!" the blonde said in a whisper. "The wheat, it's

"Yeah, we're lucky," I said as I handed her the disk. "Most
times it just makes these stupid circles. Pa used to say that when it
made circles it was just trying to get attention cause its lonely."

"Lonely?" the blonde said, still disbelieving.

"I think it just does it for fun," I said. "Kind of like some
weird kind of dancing."

"Just because wheat's intelligent, doesn't mean its smart," I
told her.

She picked up the disk and smiled at the struggling bound woman.
The brunette WIB tried to say something but she had a stalk of wheat in
her mouth. I was never sure why the wheat did that when it grabbed
women. It was kind of disturbing.

"Will it hold her long?" the blonde asked me.

"Nope," I said. "You've got maybe two minutes."

She nodded and started sprinting through the field. I watched
her running body for a few seconds in the moonlight. Her long blonde
hair was sexy but her ass was still flat.

I started to walk off and I heard the bound WIB trying to say
something through her wheat gag.

"I'll be right back," I told her. I wanted to get my camera.
There was no need to rush so I took my time. The wheat could hold her
till sunrise when it got sleepy. In the meantime, I wanted to take a
few pictures of that wonderful ass she had.

Since they took away my pictures of the UFO, they can at least
give me some naked WIB shots instead.


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