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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"The Ninja with One Special Sock"
By Shon Richards

Bethany Taylor relaxed into the comfortable chair. Across from
her, her part time boyfriend, Rikimaru, was reading the menu. His
intense gray eyes were scanning the items with his usual fervor.
Rikimaru never did anything casually and Bethany was hoping that would
again be the case tonight when they retired to their hotel room. Why
else would she spend her last paycheck on this black sparkling dress
that revealed her generous cleavage as well as ride up so high on her
thighs that she wouldn't have to take her dress off when they fucked

The blonde giggled at her impure thoughts. As a top espionage
agent for Diligent Enterprises, Bethany often traveled to exotic
locations and dealt with even more exotic sexual situations. From
executives to security guards she had fucked them all in order to
accomplish her missions but there was something special about Rikimaru.
He was strictly for recreation and that always sent shivers from her
perky breasts to her blue painted toes.

"I'm really sorry for missing Valentine's Day," her asian
boyfriend asked.

Bethany waved it off. "I was busy too. I had to break into
Forever Online and crash their servers."

"The computer game company?" Rikimaru laughed. "They have those
cybernetic guards that they culled from their best players, right?"

Bethany smiled. This is why she loved Rikimaru: he was one of
the few people on the face of the Earth who knew and understood her
job. Most people get upset if you tell them you wrecked a company and
sent their employees into unemployment but Rikimaru always wanted to
compare notes.

"What were you doing on Valentine's Day?" Bethany asked.

Rikimaru's smile faded. "Sorry, Duchandu business," he said,
invoking the name of his father's corporation.

"Oh you can tell me," Bethany said. "I'm off duty tonight."

Rikimaru was stern. "My father would flay me, castrate me and
drop me in boiling oil if I told you. And that's only because he would
be going easy on me for being his son."

Bethany frowned. The competition between their companies was
always a sore point. Their jobs were identical but their goals were
often against one another. They had an identical loyalty to their jobs
that may hurt their relationship in the future.

She looked down at the restaurant to get her mind off the
inevitable clash that they will have one day. Rikimaru had reserved a
terrace table that allowed them easy access to view the rest of the
gorgeous place. That was when she spotted a brunette in a slinky red
dress with no tits to speak off.

"Oh shit," Bethany said. "It's Amy Valentine! What the fuck is
she doing here?"

"Amy?" Rikimaru asked. "The Paragon Industries agent with the
big ass and small chest? She has long brown hair and a nasty habit of
being on the same mission as you? Never heard of her."

Bethany gave her boyfriend a quick glare before she broke out
laughing at his smile.

"Sorry, you only mention her every time we meet," Rikimaru
teased. "I wonder what she's doing here. Is she with someone?"

"No," Bethany responded. "She's sitting alone but I recognize
her purse. It's really a camera, and she's spying on the elderly
couple two tables in front of her."

Rikimaru turned and looked. "She looks lonely," he said. "I bet
she's wishing she was at such a romantic restaurant with someone rather
than working."

"Screw her love life," Bethany hissed. "I need to figure out
what she's doing here and try to stop her. Anything Paragon Industries
wants her to do can't be good for my company."

"No," Rikimaru said simply. "Like you said, you're off-duty.
You have no obligation to do anything but have a good time. Here comes
our waiter."

Bethany continued to watch Amy while Rikimaru ordered for both of
them. She knew he was right, but Bethany didn't fight Amy on a weekly
basis just to sit by and watch Amy do a mission unopposed. The blonde
stared hard at the couple Amy was spying on and tried to figure out who
they were.

The agent was shaken out of her concentration by a strange warm
touch on her knee. Bethany jumped as Rikimaru smiled. Her skin was
tingling where the cloth glided over knee.

"It's a new type of material," Rikimaru said to her unasked
question. "The original intention was to create a glove that could
cling to walls without causing damage but the researchers found that
the textures had more of a tactile attraction towards skin."

"You mean that's your sock?" Bethany gasped. His foot was
sending shivers down her legs and up her thighs. It was like being
rubbed by a hundred tiny fingers.

"I hope you don't mind being touched by a sock," Rikimaru said.
"Some women find it crude, but I thought the invention was too
interesting to keep within the company. I knew I could trust you to
keep it a secret."

"Of course," Bethany said and then gasped. His sock had moved.
The pleasant tingling was now sandwhiched between her thighs. She
wondered if anyone could see them but she realized the tablecloth
covered everything. Bethany knew she should push his foot away but the
sensations froze her to her seat.

"I also thought it might help you get your mind off work,"
Rikimaru said. "But I have to admit, I didn't expect Amy to show up.
Looks like I get to field test the sensual properties more than I

"What do you mean?" Bethany gasped. The sock clad foot was
moving further up her dress.

"I mean that I have counted the days and slain enemies until we
could meet again and I'll be damned if I'm going to let Amy distract
you from our first date in weeks," Rikimaru said with ice cold

His foot stroked her thighs and Bethany groaned. The cloth
clutched and massaged her skin. It might have been a failure at wall
climbing but it was a success as making Bethany dampen her seat.
Bethany's chest heaved within her dress as his sock moved closer and
closer to her pelvis. If only it would move faster!

Below her, Amy fidgeted with her purse. Despite the pleasant
distraction of the sock, Bethany wondered if the purse was also an
audio recorder. She wondered if she should have packed a spy-jamming
device in her own purse instead of the lube and silk scarves.

"Bethany," Rikimaru said softly. "Know what I missed most about
you? Not your lovely blue eyes, or your luscious breasts or even your
hard nipples I can see poking against your beautiful black dress. No,
what I missed was your ass."

Bethany tore her eyes away from Amy and looked at her lover.
"You're lying," she moaned. "I've always had a flat ass."

His foot finally settled against her sex. She could feel his big
toe flicking her swollen clitoris. Her hands clutched the tablecloth
to prevent them from grabbing his foot and sinking it into her.

"Never," Rikimaru said. "Some men prefer a big ass, but I love
yours. You have an ass I sink my fingers into. Or my teeth. In fact,
if we weren't here in a public place, I would lift your dress and take
your ass right now."

"Shit!" Bethany groaned. His toes left her clitoris and were now
parting her nether lips. The strange cloth of his sock was massaging
her lips as he slowly penetrated her. She was lewdly spreading her
legs under the table and fighting to not hump his foot.

"Oh wait, maybe I should stop," Rikimaru said despite his foot
never ceasing in its penetrating. "Maybe watching Amy is more

"Fuck Amy and fuck me," Bethany hissed. Rikimaru laughed and
Bethany added, "You know what I mean!"

He did. His foot began to slowly pivot on its ankle. Bethany's
fingernails dug into the tablecloth as her sex quivered. The strange
textures of the sock tugged on the inside of her sex. The blonde could
feel her breasts straining against her dress with her rapid breaths.

"Ready?" Rikimaru asked. When Bethany nodded, he began to
vibrate his toes within Bethany's, employing an ancient Ninja technique
that was never intended for this purpose.

"Fuck!" Bethany called out as she climaxed. The rest of the
restaurant paused at her outburst but Bethany could care less. She
didn't even look down to see if Amy had noticed. Her body was shaking
and the date had just started.

"Wow," Bethany said as he pulled his foot away. "I think I'm
going to have to go to the bathroom and clean up now. I promise, when
I get back, I'll be a better date."

"Go and hurry back," her lover said kindly.

When Bethany returned, dinner had arrived. She kissed Rikimaru
on the head before sitting down but that was mostly to press her
breasts against his shoulder. By the flush of his face she could tell
he was appreciative.

"Got you something," he said as he placed a purse on the table.
It was Amy's.

"Just because it's a date is no reason to let Amy win," he said
as Bethany sat there speechless. "I just didn't want you to be the one
who has to work on your night off."

"That's settled," Bethany said. "You are getting one hell of a
fuck when we get back to our room. Dinner and Amy's failed mission,
what more can a girl want?"


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