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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
e-mail at

This is the first part of the FINAL story involving the rivalry of
Amy and Bethany. There will never be another Thigh Vs. Thigh and after
this story is over, you will understand why there can't be any sequels.
No prequels either, so please don't ask for Thigh Vs. Thigh, Episode

I've enjoyed writing this series and want to thank the fans that
wrote me while working on this weekly series. I'm proud to have
provided an alternate to the normal kind of sex story every week. There
just isn't enough action/adventure/sci-fi entertainment in sex these

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"The Good, the Ass and the Busty"
Part 2- "Dirty Amy"
By Shon Richards

Amy Valentine soaked in the mud. Jimmy, the attendant, thought
sulking would be a better description but he kept quiet. The last
attendant was nursing a sprained wrist for 'accidentally' touching the
brunette's ass. He didn't know what Amy did for a living but she
certainly knew how to hurt people. Considering that most people who
came to the Lunar Magic Spa were wealthy women who never held a job or
painted their own fingernails, Amy was a breath of lethal fresh air.

Jimmy sighed as he remembered the brief glimpse he had of that
ass before it submerged into the mud. It was round, firm and
completely unattainable. Women like Amy never slept with poor people
like Jimmy. They also fucked cool guys like executives or
stockbrokers. In fact, since she had soaked into the mud, Amy hadn't
said a single word to him.

"Ma'am, if you don't need anything, I've got some stuff I need to
do," Jimmy said to the icy brunette.

"Fine," Amy said, he first word to him. She waved him off.

Jimmy left in a hurry and headed for the security room. The
patrons would be horrified to discover it, but the Lunar Magic Spa had
hidden video cameras in all of the rooms. They installed them right
after Mrs. Frusin had a heart attack while her attendant was on a
bathroom break. The poor guy had to take a leak and this old lady
decided to die. The courts called it negligence and the spa paid a
shit load of money to settle it. Now the cameras ensured no one fell
to the ground twitching without someone noticing.

"Greg, I've got twenty bucks," he told the guard.

"Thirty minutes," Greg sighed. The guard left and Jimmy locked
the door behind him.

Jimmy smiled as he flipped the camera views. He might not ever
get to screw a rich lady like Amy but at least he could still get off
on her. The camera switched to an overhead view of the sexy brunette.
Only her bare shoulders and face were visible above the mud but that
was enough for Jimmy. He unzipped his pants.

He was looking for something to jerk off into when he noticed Amy
sitting up. The mud slid from her chest and a thrill ran through
Jimmy. Granted, it was a tiny chest with no boobs to speak of, but
hey; it was rich woman boobs.

That's when he noticed that there was someone else in the mudroom
with Amy. It was some blonde who was dressed as nicely as Amy. Great,
another customer had disturbed Amy and now Jimmy was going to be blame.
Jimmy was about to get up and run for it when he noticed the blonde
taking off her shirt.

He sat back down.


The attendant left and Amy felt a momentary glimmer of guilt.
She was being rude and she could have used the distraction of a young
man. Instead of having kinky mud sex, she was just sitting there
thinking about being unemployed.

Amy winced as she reminded herself of her current status. It was
still too fresh to absorb completely. Less than an hour after
discovering that her arch-rival Bethany Taylor had become one of the
unemployed, Amy had returned triumphantly to her own company, Paragon
Industries. There she expected to be cheered and congratulated for the
downfall of their greatest enemy. Instead, she was told to go directly
to her supervisor's office, Kenneth Flay.

Mr. Flay wasn't in his office, but half a dozen people from
accounting were and they were shredding papers in a frenzy.

"Where's Mr. Flay?" Amy demanded.

"Hiding in Switzerland if he was smart," the lead accountant
snickered. "His last orders were to shred these documents before the
federal auditors get here."

He stuffed a stack of papers into Amy's hands. She looked
through them quickly and saw that they were financial reports. There
was a lot of red ink.

"What federal auditors?" Amy asked.

"Jesus Christ on a stick, lady!" the accountant swore. "Where
have you been? Someone revealed to the press today that we haven't
made a profit since the Cola Wars of the 80's. Paragon Industries has
been bankrupt for ten years and no one noticed through our aggressive
accounting practices. Do you know expensive it was to make every
single bottle of Crystal Pep taste like shit? We expected to be able
to turn a profit next year but the damn media found out about it.

"What does this mean?" Amy said numbly. She knew exactly what it
meant. It meant falling stock prices, scandals at the executive level
and a rapid need to stop paying espionage agents the large paychecks.

"It means we're fucking out of a job but I'll give you two
hundred bucks if you'll help me shred the accounting books for 1987,"
the accountant said desperately.

Amy turned around and walked out. Let Paragon fuck itself, she
needed a day at the spa. She didn't even go home; the former agent
headed straight to the Lunar Magic Spa and threw enough money around to
bump someone off the list of appointments.

As the brunette soaked in the warm mud, she felt a disturbance in
the air. Opening her eyes, she saw the last thing she ever wanted to
see: Bethany Taylor. The blonde was still dressed in her security
guard disguise from their last mission.

"Go the fuck away," Amy snarled.

Bethany tossed something onto the tray beside Amy. It was a pair
of sunglasses. Amy looked up at Bethany and raised an eyebrow.

"Put them on first, and then I'll leave," Bethany said.

"I don't get paid to put up with your shit anymore."
Amy snapped.

"Just put on the damn glasses," Bethany sighed.

"What is this? Some sort of last ditch power trip?" Amy demanded.
"You want me to put on these glasses to prove something?"

"Maybe," Bethany said. "Maybe I just want to see if I can make
you put them on."

Amy laughed. "Try it bimbo. I think you're here just for one
last fight. You have to be wondering if maybe the reason you never
killed me was because I was better than you. I think you're here to
settle some doubt and have a final duel. Even unemployed, you just got
to know who was better."

"Just put on the stupid glasses, psycho," Bethany said.

"I'm not putting these on without a fight," Amy said. "And I'm
sure as Hell not fighting you now. I'm butt-naked and there's no
telling what weapons you got hidden there."

Bethany sighed and started to unbutton her shirt. "You're right
Amy. Sometimes, a woman just has to know."

After taking off her shirt Bethany unzipped her pants. Amy
watched as those enormous breasts jiggled as Bethany wriggled. The
brunette began to have some doubt and wondered if the blonde's breasts
had a weight advantage over Amy alone.

When Bethany had removed even her underwear, Amy stood up. The
mud slipped from her body with a wet suction noise. She wasn't sure if
Bethany was going to let her step out of the mud pit first but she soon
had her answer. Bethany stepped down into the pit to join her.

"No lethal blows," Amy said. "I'm not getting myself killed for

"Agreed," Bethany said. "We fight till you wimp out."


Jimmy had no idea what the two women were saying but he was
pumping his cock anyway. The blonde was stacked! The brunette's ass
was right there in front of his camera! He hit the record button on
the view screen. He was going to make his twenty bucks back from Greg
and then some!


Bethany lunged across the mud. Well, lunged as well as you can
in thigh deep mud. Her breasts swung from side to side as she stomped
across the pit. Amy spun on one leg and lashed out with her other leg.
Bethany stopped just short of being kicked but was splattered by the
wave of mud Amy had kicked. The blonde sputtered as her front was
covered in a mud film.

Amy laughed but she was cut short as Bethany charged ahead. The
brunette gasped as Bethany's shoulders rammed Amy's midsection and then
she squealed as Bethany's arms circled her waist. With a mighty heave,
Bethany lifted Amy out of the mud and over her shoulders. Amy crashed
into the mud with a huge splash.

"Bitch!" Amy snarled as she sat up. Her hair was plastered to
her face with dark mud. The mud pulled at her slim body as she reached
for Bethany but her anger was stronger than any clinging mud. Amy
tackled Bethany at the knees and was rewarded by the sight of Bethany
crashing to the mud.

Bethany pulled herself to a kneeling position and faced Amy with
her fists clenched. She could feel the mud drip from her chin and
nipples and she knew her lovely blonde hair was the same dirty brown as
Amy's was. The former blonde swung with all her might at Amy's face
and remembered at the last minute to unclench her fist and only slap
the smug agent.


"You slapped me!" Amy said stunned. A giant handprint was on her
muddy cheek.


"You slapped me!" Bethany howled. Her cheek burned from where
Amy had been quick to retaliate. Bethany wasn't taking this lying
down. She slapped Amy again.

Amy slapped Bethany.

Bethany slapped Amy.

Amy slapped Bethany.

Bethany slapped Amy.

Amy was feeling a little light-headed from the rapid slaps and
her aim was a little low. With all of her might, Amy accidentally
slapped Bethany's left breast. The sound of flesh meeting wet flesh
echoed through out the room and Amy's hand stung from the force of the

"Ouch!" Amy cried, wringing her hand.

Bethany hissed and her eyes glazed over as the pain of the blow
stole her breath. She wasn't stunned for long. With both hands
Bethany grabbed Amy's hair and swung the brunette's face into the mud.

"That hurt!" Bethany snarled. The busty blonde lifted Amy's head
out of the mud and slammed her face back down into it. The mud
provided little surface so it didn't harm the agent but Bethany was
more than happy with the humiliating splashes that erupted from the

Still holding onto Amy's hair, Bethany slipped her arm around the
stunned woman's neck. She dragged Amy by headlock to the side of the
mudpit. Bethany tightened her grip while Amy spat out mud. Once over
by the sunglasses, Bethany twisted the handful of hair she had.

"Put on the sunglasses and I'll let you go!" Bethany hissed.

Amy screamed with anger. Her scream was cut off as she turned
her head as much as she could and sank her teeth into the first thing
she could find. Lucky for her, it was Bethany's massive breast. Amy
kept biting despite the angry howl Bethany screamed and despite the
frantic twisting of her hair. Only when Bethany's arm released her
head did Amy let go.

"What the Hell is wrong with you?" Bethany demanded as she
clutched her bitten breast.

"What's the matter Bethany?" Amy taunted. "You can't tell me no
one has ever given you a titty hickey before?"

Bethany snarled and lunged for Amy once more. The leggy brunette
was ready for her this time. Instead of trying to rise or wrestle the
top-heavy agent, Amy fell back and caught the charging blonde between
her thighs. Bethany gasped as Amy's powerful thighs locked around
Bethany's waist and cut off her air. With a simple twist, Amy brought
Bethany splashing into the mud once again.

Amy kept her thighs locked around Bethany's waist and squeezed.
The blonde reached out from under the mud and grabbed the edge of the
pit. She hoisted herself up to a sitting position but she had to hold
on to the edge of the pit to keep her above the dark mud. Amy watched
as Bethany's arms trembled to keep her up.

"Gee Bethany, I thought your bosom would help you float," Amy

"And I thought your lack of tits would have drowned you by now,"
Bethany said between gasping breaths.

Amy snarled and squeezed her thighs.


Jimmy pumped his cock harder. He couldn't believe he was
watching a real live mud fight! He thought these things only happened
in soap operas and music videos.

The camera couldn't show him what was happening beneath the mud
but the top view was more than enough. Both girls were a dark brown
from the mud; making them look like clones or sisters. Their skin
glistened like fresh-waxed ebony. The blonde's large breasts heaved
from exertion and the desire to breath while the brunette's small
breasts dripped mud slowly as she sat her ground.

It was days like these that made being a spa attendant the
greatest job in the world.


Bethany was fading and she knew it would be over soon. The shock
of the last twenty-four hours had given her a surge of adrenaline but
Amy's clenching thighs were draining her dry. She wasn't afraid of
dying; it took a lot to choke a person to death, but she was afraid of
something worse than death: losing.

Prying Amy's thighs apart with her hands was useless. Bethany
could feel the steel in Amy's thighs as the bitch squeezed. The mud
was too thick to allow Bethany to punch or slap with any kind of force.
The blonde felt her head growing fuzzy and she knew she had to use the
only option left to her, no matter how dirty she would feel in the

Bethany released one of her hands on the pit edge and slipped it
into the mud. Her other arm screamed with tension as it was forced to
hold her weight but Bethany ignored it. What her other hand was going
to do was much worse.

Around Amy's powerful thighs, Bethany's seeking hand cupped Amy's
ass. Amy squeezed tighter in response, trying to warn Bethany away.
Bethany was undaunted. Through the slick mud her fingers found Amy's
anus and slowly pushed into the tight hole.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Amy gasped as she felt her anus

"I think you know," Bethany whispered between clenched teeth.
The mud was surprisingly cooperative. It lubricated even Amy's tight
ass and Bethany's finger easily slipped deeper in.

"Quit it!" Amy said as her sex burned in response. The fighting,
the mud and the shock of losing her job had made her surprisingly horny
but she never wanted to climax with her legs around her rival.

"Just let me go and put on those glasses!" Bethany demanded.

"Never!" Amy moaned back. Her ass was impaled on Bethany's
finger and her sex was pulsing with desire.

That is when Bethany moved her finger. It was only a simple in
and out motion but it was enough. Amy's ass was already clenched to
keep her thighs locked around Bethany but it also served to increase
the tightness of her anal penetration. The moaning brunette was
helpless and loving every second of it.

Bethany's other arm shook as it struggled to hold Bethany. The
blonde could feel herself sinking into the mud and she felt its
quicksand grip slide further up her floating breasts. She pumped Amy's
ass faster in desperation. The mud greased the way; allowing Bethany
to finger Amy's anus with amazing speed.

"Oh!" Amy moaned as her thighs quivered around Bethany's waist.
She couldn't help herself. Against the demands of her dignity, Amy
began to push back against the probing finger.


"Oh!" Jimmy cried out as he watched Amy's body hump in the mud.
Damn, he wished he could see what was going on under that mud! Amy was
humping something and Jimmy could only hope it had something to do with
the blonde. When he saw Amy's mouth open in an unmistakable moan, his
own moan soon followed.


"Bethany!" Amy warned as her climax came closer. She was openly
humping Bethany's finger now, not caring where the pleasure came from.

Bethany was just as disturbed but also as stubborn. "Let me go,"
she demanded.

Amy ignored her and continued to ride Bethany's finger. The
solid digit opened her tight ass, sending jolts of bliss through her
tense body with each thrust. She could feel the mud embracing her body
as she was finger fucked. It was warm, gentle and seductive. It was
no wonder that Amy climaxed with the force that she did.

"Shit!" Amy said as her body shuddered with her climax.

Bethany gasped as Amy's thighs squeezed impossibly tight for a
split second before releasing. As soon as the thighs relaxed, Bethany
pulled her finger free and scrambled out of the mud pit. She expected
an attack from Amy but the mud-covered brunette had her eyes closed and
wide smile spreading on her face.

Amy relaxed in the mud as her orgasm settled on her body. She
didn't even notice Bethany slipping the sunglasses onto her face. The
well-fucked ex-agent didn't care at that point.

The inside of the glasses came to life and projected an image
into Amy's eyes. Her orgasm faded as she recognized the ancient thin
Asian man appearing before her. It was the wicked Mr. Duchandu, head
of the Duchandu Corporation.

"Greetings," Mr. Duchandu told her through the earpieces. "Your
company was destroyed before the package arrived at your door. How do
I know this? Because I destroyed your pitiful place of employment! So
fall all my enemies!"

"Your other enemy, and I think you know who I am talking about,
has also lost her business as well. You two are unemployed and
worthless but I, the wonderful Mr. Duchandu, has decided to grant you
two a wonderful opportunity. Come to my Corporate Headquarters
tomorrow at noon. Bring your enemy with you or the opportunity will be
taken away."

"I have spoken!"

Amy took the glasses off. "I never went home today. I bet I
have a package there too."

"So what do you want to do?" Bethany asked as she vigorously
cleaned her finger. She wondered if she would ever eat with that hand

"He destroyed the places worked at and now offers us a job," Amy
said. "I say we fuck him up."

"Fair enough," Bethany said. "After kicking your ass, I might as
well continue my streak."

"Kicked my ass?" Amy laughed. "I don't know what to call what
you did to my ass, but it sure as Hell wasn't kicking. I'm the one who
got off in that fight, I think I won it."

"Did not!" Bethany said. "I got you to put on the glasses."

"I know how we'll settle this," Amy offered. "How about we ask
Mr. Duchandu to give us a ruling."

"Preferably while he's screaming," Bethany smiled.

To be continued


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