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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
e-mail at

This is the last part of the FINAL story involving the rivalry of
Amy and Bethany. There will never be another Thigh Vs. Thigh and after
this story is over, you will understand why there can't be any sequels.
No prequels either, so please don't ask for Thigh Vs. Thigh, Episode

I've enjoyed writing this series and want to thank the fans that
wrote me while working on this weekly series. I'm proud to have
provided an alternate to the normal kind of sex story every week. There
just isn't enough action/adventure/sci-fi entertainment in sex these
days. Feel free to write me your final thoughts on this strange ride.

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"The Good, the Ass and the Busty"
Part 3- "The Three Climaxes"
By Shon Richards
Amy Valentine glided towards the Duchandu Corporation
Headquarters on her stolen personal glider. Bethany Taylor was keeping
pace with the experimental Diligent Enterprises jetpack. The Duchandu
radar system never saw them coming because of the stealth jammers both
of them had strapped to their waists. Some people stole paper clips
and pencils when they got fired, Amy and Bethany stole small

There were guards on the rooftop but that was to be expected.
The guards didn't open fire at first because they were a bit hesitant
to fire on the beautiful women flying towards them. Amy was wearing a
black leather outfit that was just a complex system of straps covering
her intimate areas. Each strap was a holster for a gun or a sheath for
a knife but the overall effect was quite sexy. Her long brown hair
trailed behind her and her long muscular legs were shown to their best

Bethany was dressed just as impressively though she preferred
dark blue spandex over Amy's black leather. The spandex bodysuit clung
to her busty body like paint, complimenting her long blonde hair
perfectly. Ammo clips for her trusty Griffonwing hung from an ammo
belt that not-coincidently crossed over her generous bosom.

The guards were still leering when the female ex-agents cut them
down in a burst of gunfire. Bethany touched down on the roof first and
had to restrain her normal impulses to shoot Amy while she was still in
the air. The blonde kept busy searching the guards for their keys and
security passcards. Working with her former archrival was harder than
she thought.

It took all of Amy's willpower to not fire on the crouching
Bethany. Amy brought the glider down to the roof and took a deep
breath. As nice as it would have been to blow Bethany away once and
for all, she knew that she needed the arrogant blonde. What lied
beneath this roof was far more dangerous.

"Ready bimbo?" Amy asked.

"Sure, slut," Bethany responded. They were allies but they
didn't have to be friends.

The staircase was trapped of course. Millions of blades flew at
them from the walls as they descended but the agile girls dodged every
one of them. Bethany pointed out the motion sensor set in the wall and
Amy destroyed it with a grenade.

The next floor was loaded with deadly assassins, imported from
the Duchandu Japanese division. Because of the assassin's high level
of skill and high quality weapons, it took Amy and Bethany ten extra
minutes to defeat them all.

Past the swinging pendulums, through the hordes of assassins and
past the Laser guarded vault doors, the two women boldly plunged in.
Together they used their wits and their highly trained athletic bodies
to defeat everything the Duchandu Corporation could throw at them. A
craving for revenge united them and payback was the one thing both
women knew and practiced every single day. Yesterday they were enemies
but for today, they would be as close as sisters. They were petty that

Finally they reached the inner chambers. As the doors swung open
they saw the evil and ancient Mr. Duchandu, patriarch and owner of the
Duchandu Corporation. The wizened old man sat calmly on a huge throne
that appeared to be made of human skulls. He was wearing a simple
green kimono. He cackled with glee when he saw the two women enter the

"You're early!" he yelled, obviously delighted. "Noon isn't for
another thirty minutes!"

A man stepped out from behind his throne. He was tall, handsome
and muscular but there was no mistaking the family resemblance. The
eyes held the same intensity though his smile was far warmer.

"Rikimaru!" Bethany whispered. It was her part-time boyfriend
and lover! She knew that killing his father would put a strain on
their relationship but she was hoping to blow up that bridge when she
got there.

"This changes nothing!" Amy yelled. She rose her Uzi and sighted
on the old man. "Just because Bethany is fucking your son doesn't mean
I won't shoot!"

"Ah, Amy," Mr. Duchandu said kindly. "I must admit, in the past
I have dreamed of hundreds of ways of watching you die. It's the long
legs you know, they just do something to me. As a sign of my good
intentions today I want to show you this."

He pressed a button and a wall on the far side of the room slid
into the ceiling. Behind a glass wall was revealed a complicated
device that looked like a cross between a mechanical bull and a
buzzsaw. There were several chains and dildos attached to the strange

"This device would have resulted in the sexiest death a woman
could imagine!" Mr. Duchandu said. "Sadly, present circumstances
require that I not try to kill you any more."

He pressed another button on his throne and the sadistic device
exploded. Amy and Bethany flinched as the debris from the deathtrap
bounced off the invulnerable glass wall. When the smoke cleared, all
that was left was a dildo spinning on the floor.

"What do you mean you can't kill me?" Amy asked. She still had
her Uzi aimed at him.

"I destroyed Diligent Enterprises and Paragon Industries for one
reason; they possessed the two best agents in the world," Mr. Duchandu
explained. "Your companies wasted your skills on simply attacking each
other while my company must destroy governments, put down ancient rival
evils and slowly take over the world. I knew I could use your skills
but I also knew that you were bound by loyalty to your companies. I
also knew that you two would never work together unless you literally
had no one else to work for."

Bethany laughed. "I still wouldn't work with her! Besides, you
don't need her. You can hire me and you'll get the best."

"You wish," Amy sneered. "How can you possibly call yourself the
best after that fiasco in Paris?"

"Paris? What about your failure in Tokyo?" Bethany countered.

"Ladies!" Mr. Duchandu interrupted. "The truth of the matter is
that your success rates are only about fifty percent. Working against
each other has crippled both of your careers. By working for me, you
can count on success almost every time. You shall work back to back,
shoulder to shoulder and thigh to thigh!"

"You should just tell them that they will be making three times
their normal salary," Rikimaru said.

Bethany and Amy paused. Three times their normal salaries could
buy a lot of yachts. It could buy entire months at luxury spas. The
two women looked at each other and smiled. Industrial espionage was
dangerous work; who's to say when a stray bullet or an unfortunate
sharp blow to the back of the neck might end an agent's career along
with her life?

"I can tell by your smiles that you are thinking devious
thoughts," Mr. Duchandu said. "I should also tell you that if at any
time, one of you were to die or in any way be unable to work for me,
the other agent would be fired. And when I say fired, I really mean
prevented from working for any of my enemies."

"What?" Amy snapped. "You mean like kill us?

Mr. Duchandu sighed. "Yes, if you want to get undramatic about

Amy laughed. "You are making us dependant on each other? It
would never work!"

"I would rather just shoot her now," Bethany added.

"Oh really?" Mr. Duchandu chuckled. "You would rather work for
some chicken shit company like Macrohard? Or maybe work for a little
league company like Life-Barner? Perhaps you like the idea of
retirement. You could sit back and paint your toenails. It would mean
no more sex on the side of a mountain or defying danger at the depths
of a secret laboratory, but maybe you girls are tired of doing
something interesting for a living."

Amy said nothing and neither did Bethany. It was the lack of
danger that scared them more than any salary decrease. They lived
their life on the edge to the point that they shopped for new weapons
as often as they shopped for new clothes. Neither of them could
imagine sitting at home. Neither could imagine traveling to a foreign
country without an alias. Worse, neither could imagine limiting their
sex partners to people they had to see again in the morning. It was
too domestic and dull for their tastes.

"Shit!" Amy yelled as she clicked the safety on her Uzi. "Fine,
fine, fine!"

Bethany took a deep breath. "I'll do it too, but I don't have to
like it."

Mr. Duchandu cackled. "Actually, you do have to like it. I'm
not going to accept you into my plans until I know you two can work
together. You must have a test first."

He pressed a button and something above the girls began to lower.
The scrambled out of the way as a big heart-shaped waterbed was dropped
to the ground on suspended chains. Amy and Bethany looked at each
other with horror.

"You don't expect us to fuck, do you?" Bethany asked.

"No, Ms. Valentine, I expect you two to fuck my son, Rikimaru,"
Mr. Duchandu proclaimed. Rikimaru began to undress, stepping out of
his gray robes.

"At the same time?" Amy said.

"Why yes," Mr. Duchandu confirmed. "Since you two got here early
we can use noon as your deadline. I expect three orgasms from my son.
One in each of you, and the third must be shared. I'll leave it to you
two to decide how. I realize that three orgasms from a man will be
difficult but if you two can't do it, then you are not the agents I
thought you were."

Rikimaru was completely nude now, and Bethany tingled as he
walked towards her. His powerful muscles bulged and shivered beneath
his smooth skin. He had a boyish embarrassed smile on his face that
gave him an air of innocence despite the absurdity of the situation.
Between perfect thighs his cock was beginning to grow.

"Father forgot to mention the best part of the deal," Rikimaru
said as he approached Bethany. "If you agree to join, it won't be a
duo that works together. It will be a trio. I'll be joining you on
every mission."

"I have to say, having a nice hunk of male flesh around would be
a step up from my old job," Amy purred. She stepped up to Rikimaru and
placed her fingertips on his arm. Despite her professional manner, Amy
giggled as she pinched the hard muscle underneath.

Bethany growled at Amy until Rikimaru placed his hand on the
blonde's cheek.

"We have two choices," Rikimaru told her. "You can kick Amy's
ass, and we can still date on my days off, or you can swallow your
anger for twenty minutes and we can spend every day of the year

Bethany thought about it. "Amy, get into the bed."

"You're not the boss of me," Amy said. She slid her hand up
Rikimaru's back. Goosebumps rose on his skin as her fingernails
lightly scratched him. When her hand reached the back of his head, she
grabbed a handful of hair and brought his face down for a kiss.
Rikimaru gasped as Amy's mouth devoured his.

Bethany was not about to be upstaged. The blonde pressed against
Rikimaru's side and cupped his ass with her hand. The tall Ninja
shuddered as her breasts settled against his arm and he moaned in Amy's
mouth as Bethany's hand squeezed his buttocks tightly. Bethany rubbed
her cheek against his broad chest, absorbing the crisp clean masculine
smell. Back and forth she rubbed her face until she stopped to take a
bite of his nipple.

"We must hurry," Rikimaru said when he broke his kiss with Amy.

Amy looked down at his erect manhood and smiled. "At least we
don't have to wait on him," she laughed.

"We'll have to wait longer to get you out of that," Bethany said,
pointing to Amy's complex leather outfit.

"I think not," Amy replied. She released a single buckle and the
leather unwound from her crotch and thighs. In less than a second
Amy's pelvis was open for business.

"Come here Ninja-boy," Amy said pulling Rikimaru down onto her.
She fell back into the bed, spreading her thighs as she fell. Rikimaru
fell down on top of her and her legs encircled him like a steel trap.
The waterbed joggled as their bodies sunk into the red blankets.

"Are you joining us?" Rikimaru asked, giving Bethany a sweet
smile. Bethany wanted to be pissed but the smile melted her anger.
Even between Amy's thighs, Rikimaru was looking to her.

To answer him, she crawled onto the waterbed. Amy squealed as
the bed shifted and tossed Amy closer to Rikimaru's fit body. The
pinned brunette squealed louder when Bethany took hold of Rikimaru's
cock and guided it into Amy's sex.

"Whoa!" Amy cried out as his manhood was pushed into her. Her
thighs clenched tighter around his waist and her hands held onto the
mane of his black hair. The waterbed pushed her up into Rikimaru and
melded their contours together.

"Time's a wasting," Bethany said and she slapped Rikimaru's ass.
His hips pushed forward in shock and impaled Amy deeply. The Ninja and
the ex-agent moaned together at the force of the joining.

"Again!" Amy called out and Bethany obliged. The blonde slapped
Rikimaru's firm ass with pleasure. His firm ass barely jiggled under
her slaps but the skin turned a brilliant red. She also loved the
sight of his muscles moving sleekly under his rapidly tanning flesh.
Every slap made him clench and every moan from Amy told Bethany how
deeply the slaps traveled.

"Now roll over," Amy growled and before Rikimaru could protest,
Amy turned their bodies with a powerful hip spin. The Ninja cried out
as his burning ass came in contact with the sheets. His grimace of
discomfort was replaced with a sigh as Amy leaned back on his cock.
Her lovely body settled back as she sat on top of him and her clenching
thighs hugged his waist.

Amy placed her hands on his chest as she began to move and even
Bethany was impressed by the speed Amy was able to obtain. The leather
clad brunette's hips were a blur as she rolled her sex back and forth
on top of Rikimaru. Her ass clenched and unclenched as her hair began
to fly around her face. Rikimaru clutched the sheets with his hands as
Amy's talented body rode him.

"I can go faster," Amy growled. Before Bethany could ask how,
Amy's hand grabbed a handful of blonde hair. Amy pulled Bethany to one
of her leather-covered breasts and released another buckle. A single
leather strap came free to reveal one of Amy's nipples. The nipple was
sweaty and a little raw from rubbing the leather but Bethany had a
feeling that Amy liked the tenderness. Bethany opened her lips and bit
down hard on the sore nipple. Amy cried out as Bethany sucked the
sweat from the sore flesh.

Rikimaru cried out. Amy really could go faster. Once the
brunette had climaxed, her hips went even faster. Despite his iron
control, the Ninja howled as his cock released itself. Amy's hips
savagely pumped him until Rikimaru sat up in an orgasmic contortion.
Amy grabbed his head as he came up and kissed his moaning lips.

"That's one!" Mr. Duchandu called out.

Bethany didn't ask how the father knew his son had climaxed. She
was already pushing Amy off her boyfriend. Rikimaru smiled as Bethany
hooked her fingers into the neck of her spandex outfit. With a loud
rip, Bethany tore the skintight material away from her busty body.

Rikimaru tried to rise but Bethany pushed him back down. She
crawled over his body, her long blonde hair trailing over his skin at
the same time as her heavy breasts. The blonde took her time, knowing
that her lover enjoyed the teasing touches of hair and tits. She
lowered her chest onto his cock and felt the heat rising. His cock was
exhausted but still throbbing against her soft flesh. Bethany looked
him in the eye as she slowly dropped her mouth closer and closer to his

"Nope, not yet," Bethany teased. She rose up suddenly and fell
down beside him. Bethany rolled over onto her back and pushed her tits

"If you want them, you have to fuck them yourself," she teased

Rikimaru growled and quickly climbed on top of her lover.
Bethany laughed as he regained his strength. He straddled her chest
and slipped his wet cock between her enormous mounds. The waterbed
molded to their bodies, allowing Rikimaru to sink himself easily into
her cleavage. His own hands took the place of hers, his palms sinking
into her hard nipples.

Amy crawled back to the lovers. "I never got to see Bethany do
this up close," she said. The brunette was on all fours, her long
brown hair dropping over Bethany's chest. Her hair obscured the view
from Rikimaru but the added sensation of silkly hair made him care

"Go ahead, fuck her tits," Amy demanded.

Rikimaru pumped Bethany's chest. His cock was still wet from Amy
and Bethany's own sweat eased the rest of the way. Amy's hair touched
and teased him as his manhood slid back and forth between Bethany's
breasts. For several minutes Rikimaru moaned happily as his cock was
engulfed in sensation.

"You need more incentive," Amy said wisely. Rikimaru saw her
move her hand behind him but he wasn't sure what the brunette was
doing. When Bethany's eyes widened in shock, he had a pretty good
guess. The wet sounds coming behind him only made him smile more.

"Which of you can get off first?" Amy asked. Her fingers were
not surprised to find Bethany's sex was already wet. The blonde's lips
clenched at Amy's fingers; drawing them in every time Rikimaru pushed
his cock forward. Amy's thumb rolled lazily over Bethany's swollen
clitoris and even Amy was amused at how loud Bethany moaned.

Rikimaru's eyes were locked with Bethany's as they both moaned.
He found new strength as he fucked her tits. Bethany discovered new
sensations as Amy manipulated her sex while her lover towered above
her. They looked at each other in lust and love as their bodies came
closer to climax. Despite the fact that they weren't joined sexually,
they felt like their bodies were blending and melting into each other.

For the record, Bethany came first. As her mouth hung open in
bliss, Rikimaru followed with his own explosion. His cum erupted forth
with a vigor that shouldn't be possible from a man who had just
climaxed in Amy's thighs. Bethany purred as Rikimaru covered her chest
with his seed. Her purrs caused her chest to vibrate slightly and
Rikimaru nearly fainted from the pleasure.

"I am spent," Rikimaru groaned. He fell carefully off of Bethany
to prevent hurting her, but he fell nonetheless.

"And you only have ten minutes left!" Mr. Duchandu giggled
happily. His finger was already hovering near the button that would
unleash the twenty hidden lasers.

Amy looked at the mess on Bethany's chest and frowned. "How do
you ever clean that crap off?"

Bethany shrugged. "I just rub it in," she said. "We have bigger
problems. We need to get Rikimaru back up again so we can get this
job. I'll be damned if I'm letting you fuck my boyfriend for nothing."

Amy looked at Rikimaru's rapidly shrinking member and his closed
eyes. "I don't know, he looks like he is out of it."

"Well yeah, he fucked the two best women in the planet," Bethany

Amy smiled. "Did you just call me one of the best?"

Bethany frowned. "It was easier when I just shot at you."

"It was," Amy agreed. "But what are we going to do about him?"

Bethany studied his limp cock. "I think we might need to work
together. I'll get his cock, you get his balls."

"Fuck no," Amy said. "The last thing I need is your knockers
hanging over me. I'll take his cock."

Bethany growled but she didn't argue. She crawled between
Rikimaru's legs and cupped his scrotum while Amy climbed across his
waist. Bethany took one of his balls into her mouth while Amy wrapped
her lips around his cum soaked cock. The blonde gripped his thighs and
massaged them, trying to restore life in her lover. Amy did the same;
her hands sometimes crossing paths with each other. Their faces were
so close that if they didn't have Rikimaru in their mouths, they could
have kissed.

"Is it working?" Bethany asked as her mouth switched to his other

Amy tried to answer but her mouth was full.

"Excellent," Bethany purred. She heard Rikimaru moan so she
continued to hum. Her tongue gently played with his scrotum as her
lips vibrated around him. She knew it had to be working because Amy
was beginning to slide her lips up his hard cock.

"Five minutes!" Mr. Duchandu cackled.

"Fuck!" Amy said, spitting out Rikimaru's hard and swollen cock.

"I've got a plan," Bethany said. She gripped Rikimaru with one
hand. "Grab his cock too."

When both of them had a hold of Rikimaru's manhood, Bethany
explained. "Follow my pace and go slow. He's slick, he's hard but
he's also worn out. Slow and gentle."

"How about we talk dirty too?" Amy asked.

Rikimaru answered that question with a moan.

"Talking dirty is good," Bethany agreed. Their hands slowly
pumped his cock together. "We could talk about how hard he is."

"Or about how I'm going to lick every drop of his cum," Amy

"Ha! I'm licking off all his cum," Bethany countered.

"Fine, but if you get any on your cheek, I'm licking it right off
your face," Amy threatened.

"Slut," Bethany purred.

"Dirty slut," Amy corrected.

"Shit!" Rikimaru groaned and before the girls could react, he
splattered both of them, which ended that argument.

"Fuck," Mr. Duchandu said, disappointed. His hand moved away
from the laser button. "It look like you are hired. Take the rest of
the day off and be ready to leave for Texas tomorrow. There's an oil
field I want to buy."

Bethany looked at Amy's messy face. She didn't like how Amy was
smiling as she wiped the cum from her lips. The brunette was
practically glowing.

"We are so getting you a boyfriend," Bethany promised.

The end.


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