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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome and read all e-mail. At

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"Nurse Amy"
By Shon Richards

"Amy Valentine?" the head nurse, Jennings, asked.

"That's what it says on the name badge," Amy responded. The head
nurse frowned at her and Amy mentally kicked herself. She had to
remember that she was undercover as a rookie nurse on the night shift
and therefore, meek and happy to have a job.

"Watch the attitude," Nurse Jennings snapped. She looked Amy
over from head to toe and frowned with disapproval. The beautiful
brunette was wearing the regulation uniform yet somehow she made it
look indecent. Amy's skirt came down to below her knees but the skirt
clung to Amy's fabulous legs and her buttocks were clearly defined by
the white material. The white stockings Amy were wearing were so light
and shimmering, it looked like Amy's legs had been frosted. Amy's long
brown hair was pinned up in a bun but a single strand had come loose
over one eye, giving her a rakish appearance. Nurse Jennings knew this
gal was going to be trouble.

An elevator opened and out stepped a blonde nurse. Both Amy and
Jennings turned to greet the arrival and Jennings nearly dropped her
clipboard. The new blonde was nearly falling out of her uniform top as
her breasts were two sizes too big for her clothes. Her blonde hair
was in a no-nonsense braid that Jennings approved of though the head
nurse knew that no one would be looking at the blonde in the face.

"Valentine, this is our other new nurse, Bethany Taylor."

Bethany Taylor smirked at her rival. Five minutes on the job
undercover and Bethany already had scored the easy duty of delivering
medicine while Amy had been stuck with the job of cleaning bedpans.
They were both given pagers so that they could be summoned without
using the intercom system, which made Bethany feel like she was on an
invisible leash. After Nurse Jennings left, Bethany hissed at her
hated enemy in a voice too low for eavesdropping.

"So why did Paragon Industries send their worst agent here for?"
Bethany asked.

"The same reason Diligent Enterprises sends their fattest cow,"
Amy hissed back. "What are you doing undercover as a nurse? Do you
know how suspicious it is that two nurses suddenly left and found out-
of-state jobs the same day?"

"Oh sorry," Bethany snapped. "I didn't know you had some sort of
undercover right-of-way. Perhaps we can work out a compromise after
you clear a dozen dirty bedpans. As for me, I've got to go give
Professor Vin his medicine."

"Use your time wisely," Amy said menacingly. "Because when I get
to him, he's going to tell me everything my company needs to know."

"Like the color of his shit?" Bethany said before she headed for
her rounds. Amy snapped something back but the blonde didn't hear her.
Bethany had a vacation in Rome planned, and she needed the paycheck for
this mission to pay for time off. There will be time enough for Amy's
insults when Bethany had won.

She stepped into Professor Vin's room quietly. He was listed as
a John Doe but Bethany knew who he really was. The elderly Vietnamese
was the worlds' expert on exploratory radiation, a fact the residents
of this hospital were unaware of. Both of his arms were broken and set
in casts. One of his legs was also broken and carefully suspended.
The man was helpless and asleep in his bed, which is just as Bethany
likes her targets.

Bethany leaned down next to his ear and whispered his name. His
eyes popped open and Bethany stopped his questions with a kiss. Most
men are content to sit still after being kissed by a busty blonde.

"Professor Vin, I represent a company that is interested in your
work," Bethany explained to him. He said nothing.

"We know that your research boat was working on a new type of
radioactive isotope," Bethany continued. "We don't know what you were
working on, but the whole world saw your big ass explosion and we know
that you are the only survivor. The government was going to get
involved, but a few bribes convinced them to let you stay at a local
hospital in order to see who claims you."

Professor Vin smiled.

"Don't smile just yet," Bethany said. "New Horizons isn't
claiming you and will most likely kill you if you claim them. You see,
your explosion killed fish in a two-mile radius by turning their blood
to jelly. That's how the other people on your ship died too. As you
can see, my employers would be happy to take over your research."

Professor Vin looked away. Bethany sighed. Why did they always

Bethany slowly unbuttoned the top of her uniform. Professor Vin
looked with curiosity as Bethany pulled her shirt open. She was
wearing a white lace bra that held her immense breasts. Almost absent
mindedly, Bethany rubbed one of her nipples. Vin watched with pleasure
as her pink tit grew and pressed against the sheer material.

"Come on, wouldn't you like a lick?" Bethany asked. "Your
company has screwed you over. I can offer you a new job as well as a
nipple lick. Doesn't that beat being stuck here being asked
embarrassing questions from the police?"

Professor Vin watched the nipple grow and he swallowed hard.
"No," he answered.

"No?" Bethany teased. She pulled down the cups of her bra until
both of her nipples were exposed. "What about two nipples? I could
smother your face in them if you wish."

"I . . ." His answer never came because at that point, Nurse
Jennings walked in.

"Taylor, valentine told me you had some questions about the
medicine?" Jennings asked.

Bethany snapped her uniform back up faster than Vin's eye could
follow. Nurse Jennings didn't see a single moment of Bethany's
seduction. Professor Vin wished his erection that was showing through
his hospital gown could vanish just as quickly.

"I had some questions, but I figured it out," Bethany replied.
She made a mental note to kill Amy painfully.

"Good," Nurse Jennings responded. "To make sure, I'll give this
patient his medicine and you can watch. Then you can go complete your

"Yes ma'am," Bethany said with forced gratitude. "That would be

Professor Vin couldn't go back to sleep after Bethany left.
Visions of hard nipples danced through his head. He chastised himself
for almost giving in. The proud company man was sure his company
hadn't abandoned him. Not yet at least.

"Hello!" a cheery brunette nurse said as she walked in.
Considering she was pushing a cart of bedpans, Professor Vin found her
beside manner admirable.

"Did that big tit blonde harass you?" Amy asked in a soothing

Professor Vin nodded his head.

Amy stepped up to the prone professor and shook her head
disapprovingly. His erection was rising against his hospital gown.
Professor Vin felt himself blush and wished he could move his arms to
cover himself.

"It's all right now, I'll protect you," Amy side in a nurturing
voice. Her hand moved to his cock and she reached under his gown.
Professor Vin shuddered as Amy's expert fingers manipulated his balls.

"You're not a nurse!" Professor Vin hissed. Her fingernails were
massaging both of his balls in small circles.

"Nope, aren't you glad that I'm not?" Amy replied. "Besides,
wouldn't you rather divulge your secrets to me? Did the cow already
tell you that your company has abandoned you?"

Professor Vin didn't answer. His cock was now painfully hard as
Amy continued to tease his scrotum. The nurse was now licking her lips
and her sultry brown eyes were promising him things he couldn't refuse.

"Damn it!" Amy hissed. Her pager was vibrating on her hip. "The
battle ax wants me. I have to keep my cover, but I'll be back soon.
Wait for me?"

The trembling scientist could only moan in response.


Professor Vin was awoken from a wonderful sexual dream because of
a wonderful sexual experience. The blonde busty nurse was bathing his
cock with a warm sponge. He tried to fake being asleep as the nurse
gently scrubbed the length of his growing cock but his moans betrayed

"It's a little late for a sponge bath," he tried to say calmly.

"True," Bethany answered. "But when I go down you and suck your
magnificent cock into my lips and let you cum down my throat, I want
you to be clean."

"Oh my God," Professor Vin moaned. His manhood was fully alive
as the warm sponge swept back and forth against him. The water
trickling down his shaft reminded him of the tongue Bethany had
promised him.

"Now, just tell me a little about your research," Bethany
whispered. Her top was unbuttoned again and Professor Vin could see
the moonlight reflecting from her smooth globes. "Just a small hint,
and I'll let you hit the back of my throat."

Professor Vin could take no more. "We were doing research on
jetta waves."

"Yes?" Bethany urged. She dipped her head down flicked her
tongue over the tip of his cock. Rapid little flicks over his tip that
sent him shivering.

"I had an idea that--where are you going?" Professor Vin
demanded. Bethany was standing back up and buttoning her uniform.

"The damn bitch is paging me again!" Bethany snapped. "I updated
the logs just like she asked; can't she give me five minutes?"

"I'm really ready to betray my company now," professor Vin

"That's sweet, but I can't risk having the nurse discover me just
yet," Bethany said. "I'll be back as soon as I can."

Professor Vin squeezed the one finger that wasn't broken into an
angry clench.


In the middle of the night, Professor Vin was awoken once more.
This time it was from a mouth sucking on his nipples. He opened his
weary eyes and saw the brunette nurse bent over his chest. Since she
was bending over, he was treated to a wonderful side view of her legs
and ass. He couldn't stand it any more.

"If I tell you everything, will your company give me a job?" he

Amy moaned, "yes," with his nipple still in her mouth. It made
his whole chest vibrate and it caused his heart to race. He wasn't
even sure if this one was offering sex but he surrendering anyway.

"All right," he said. "I was working on something we called
jetta waves."

"Hold that thought," Amy said as she stood up. Professor Vin
moaned in frustration as she checked the pager on her hip. Don't these
nurses get a lunch break?

"I'll be back in ten minutes," Amy said. "Can you stay hard for

Professor Vin growled in assent.


Bethany was walking towards the nurse's station with a cunning
plan. It occurred to her that if she disabled the paging system at the
source, she might actually get enough time to make Professor Vin spill
his secrets as well as his cum. When she arrived at Jennings's desk,
she saw the head nurse unconscious on the ground. The fact that Amy
was standing over the woman with a satisfied grin told her everything.

"Now it's just you and me," Bethany said as she assumed a martial
arts stance.

"I don't think so boobs-for-brains," Amy replied. "We have
bigger trouble. My lookout in the lobby just told me that eight men
are headed up here. They're wearing suits and looked armed.

Bethany frowned. "They're not mine, who do you think they are

Amy shrugged. "All I know is both groups are coming each stairs.
I was going to stop the group on the left and you can take out the
group on the right. We can settle Professor Vin afterwards."

"No," Bethany disagreed. "I'll take the left staircase. I don't
trust you. That might be the smaller group."

Amy rolled her eyes. "Fine, whatever. Let's just take care of

Bethany reluctantly agreed and kicked off her heels. She ran
down the corridor headed for the stairs. After a night of interrupted
sexual seductions, it felt good to finally do something.

Amy watched her leave and then gave Nurse Jennings another kick.

"That's for the bedpans," the agent said.

After her minor revenge was accomplished, Amy went to Professor's
Vin room. The professor was still awake and he sighed when Amy came
in. He had just regained his composure and his company loyalty. As
her heels clicked on the floor as she approached him, he tried one last
time to defend himself.

"I will tell you nothing," he said defiantly.

"Fine," Amy said. She pulled her skirt up and cinched it under
her belt. Professor Vin was entranced by her white stockings and her
garter belt. Her naked sex was free of any panties and he watched
fascinated as she kicked off her shoes.

"See, I'm a little horny from trying to seduce you all night,"
Amy explained. "Right now, I am so turned on, I don't give a fuck.
You can keep your secrets, this is all about me."

Professor Vin didn't know what to say as Amy climbed onto his
bed. He was further silenced when she turned around and presented her
lovely ass for his view. As she lowered herself onto his waiting cock,
he finally allowed himself a grateful, relived moan of bliss.


Bethany had second thoughts as she bounded down the stairs. The
cunning blonde worried that maybe Amy lied to her and just wanted her
out of the way. She was just about to turn back around when she saw
the group of men one flight below. They were in suits and looked
professional but it turns out Amy had lied after all. There were eight
of them.

"You assholes are lucky I didn't bring my gun," Bethany snarled.

"Neither did we," the lead man said. As a group, all eight of
them pulled out short swords concealed in their jacket.

"Damn," Bethany said. The group of men smiled smugly as the
blonde took a step back up the stairs. They were surprised when
Bethany vaulted over the rail and jumped ten feet down to kick their
leader square in the chest. She disarmed the closest man and ran him
through with his own sword before slitting the throat of the leader she
had knocked down. As the leader gurgled in pain, Bethany grabbed
stepped on the man's throat and ground her heel. It was excessive, but
it frightened one of the attackers so badly that he dropped his sword.

"This is going to take longer than five minutes," Bethany
finished. They were no longer smiling.


Amy's legs spread in a perfect split as she straddled Professor
Vin. She held his cock and guided it upwards into her sex. Vin
shuddered as a warm waiting pussy finally embraced his teased cock.
Amy continued to slide down his shaft until her tight buttocks were
touching his lap.

"Don't mind me," Amy said as she leaned forward and placed her
hands on the bed. Up and down she rode his cock as the moaning
professor watched her ass. Her cheeks would clench with every thrust;
compacting her fit ass even tighter. Amy released her hair from it's
bun and the long brown tresses fell forward over her shoulders. The
professor could feel her long hair tickling his thighs as his cock was
clenched tighter by her eager sex.

The moonlight bathed her ass in a soft glow and Professor Vin was
watching every clench and squeeze. He wanted desperately to touch her
but his arms were powerless in his casts. As if she read his mind, Amy
reached behind herself and slapped her own ass. His cock felt the
tremors inside her pussy when she spanked herself. His moans increased
in tempo as she continued to spank herself harder and harder until he
could see the prints of her hand on her ass in the moonlight.

"Oh, I'm close!" Amy moaned. She stopped slapping her ass so
that she could use both hands to ride him. Her legs were still split
to either side of him and he loved to watch the muscles clench under
her stockings. Amy increased her speed and began ramming his cock
inside her.

"I'm close too!" Professor Vin moaned. Amy's ass was lifting
higher as her riding became more intense. He could now see his cock
when her lovely buttocks rose high enough. It was intensely erotic,
her ass was like a curtain that would lift to show his hard cock and
when the curtain fell, his manhood was being gripped in liquid heat.

"Close?" Amy gasped.

"Yes!" Professor Vin confirmed.

Amy lifted her ass high until only the tip of his cock was
between her wet nether lips. He moaned in mad desire as she froze, her
beautiful ass tempting him as his cock was held by the smallest of
grips. Professor Vin couldn't even thrust upwards and he was so close
to climax. She teased him, rubbing her clit with her hand while he
craved her body.

"Then tell me everything about your project," Amy demanded. Her
ass quivered as her muscles fought to keep her suspended.

He told her everything. He told her about the jetta waves, he
told her about the accident and he even told her about any other
project he could think of. Amy listened and memorized everything

"Good boy," Amy said as she dropped back down on his cock. As
his shaft was enveloped once more, her hand dropped down and squeezed
his balls. His climax was imminent and violent. His body shook as his
cum was finally allowed to shoot into this lovely woman. Professor Vin
continued his climax as Amy rode his cock towards her own orgasm. The
poor scientist was so aroused; he climaxed again before Amy was


Bethany removed her stolen sword from one of her assailant's
body. He groaned as his body slipped down the stairs. All around her
were the corpses of the fallen and Bethany berated herself for not
keeping one alive for questioning.

"I must be more uptight than I thought," Bethany conceded. She
looted a wallet looking for ID. She found a company badge and read it.

"Son of a bitch!" Bethany cursed. The badge identified the man
as an agent of Paragon Industries.

Bethany bounded back up the stairs, taking the steps at three at
a time. Outside she could hear police sirens and she had that familiar
sinking feeling in her stomach. Her cover was blown and she had only a
few minutes to complete her mission.

She passed by Nurse Jennings who was standing back up. Bethany
took a second to knock the head nurse out again. Jennings collapsed
again behind the desk but Bethany was already headed for Professor
Vin's room.

The satisfied smile on the sleeping man's face told her
everything. She was too late. Bethany tried to wake the professor up
for a last minute interrogation but it was hopeless. Professor Vin was
sleeping the deep sleep of a well fucked man.

The end.


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