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"Entered by the Dragon"
By Shon Richards

Amy Valentine dropped behind the guard silently. The asian man
was armed to the teeth with nasty weapons but Amy was undaunted. She
had spent three hours on this train hiding in a luggage compartment.
After three hours of smelling dirty leather, guns, knives and martial
arts training didn't frighten her like it used to.

A nasty kick to the back of the man's head took him out. He fell
silently, never having seen his attacker. This saddened Amy. She was
looking hot today, and so far no one had appreciated her clothes. She
almost wore black leather again, but she saw a great blood red pair of
vinyl pants that she had to have instead. The pants clung to her ass
and legs, displaying every curve and bulge of her muscular buttocks.

A dark red sportsbra went perfect with the pants. Though her
bare arms and midriff weren't helpful for concealment, Amy thought she
looked great and wasn't that what was really important? Besides, Amy
was the best operative Paragon Industries had; she could do this whole
mission without having to hide.

Amy walked down the length of the train car, thinking about what
a walk in the park this mission was. Another agent of Paragon
Industries had discovered that the Duchandu Corporation was
transporting something terribly vital tonight. What it was, no one was
sure. It could be a person, a relic or some crazy new invention. It
didn't matter to Amy, she got paid the same regardless.

Stealing something she didn't even know was not easy, but that
was why they paid industrial spies like Amy the big money. She thought
about gold Buddha statue she was going to buy with this paycheck and
went into the next car.

As soon as she touched the doorknob, metal coils sprang from the
sides of the door. In less than a second, hard steel had surrounded
and crushed the leggy brunette to the door. Her body was pressed flat
against the door as the door spun on it's axis. Now she was inside the
car she was trying to enter and she wasn't pleased by the delighted
laugh she heard.

"Excellent, Ms. Valentine is right on time!" said the ancient but
confident voice.


Bethany Taylor rolled onto the speeding train. Dropping from a
bridge onto a train had a sort of retro appeal to the busty blonde. It
was such a cliché, Bethany knew she had to try it as soon as she
thought of it. It was a small distraction, but Bethany felt she needed
all the distractions she could get. This mission might get personal.

"Personal is an understatement," Bethany whispered out loud as
she clung to the rooftop. This train was owned by the Duchandu
Corporation and the last time Bethany had tangled with these people,
she had fallen hard for a man with steel eyes. He was the reason she
failed the mission and Bethany swore that she would not let his cool
demeanor and broad shoulders distract her again.

Mr. Duchandu, the eccentric head of the vast corporation, had
hired the train to carry something important. Granted, Bethany's
employers, Diligent Enterprises, only knew of this because their
rivals, Paragon Industries, had sent someone to get it but in the world
of corporate espionage, it was always useful to keep your rivals away
from what they want. Bethany had no idea what the item or person in
question was, but then that's why they paid her the big checks.
Bethany thought of the antique cavalry saber she wanted to purchase
with her paycheck. Perhaps if she kept thinking of the saber, she
won't loose focus like she did last time.

Bethany stood up on the speeding train and checked her gear. She
was wearing black jeans and a black sweater that couldn't hide her
magnificent breasts. The blonde got tired of wearing black all the
time, but what was the alternative? She couldn't exactly hide and kill
in the darkness of night while wearing something colorful.

She ran down the length of one train car and leapt to another. A
reasonable guess told her that the best place to protect something on a
train was in the dead center. That is why she wasn't surprised to see
a man, also standing on the roof of the train, holding vigil on the
center car.

Bethany pulled out her Griffonwing and began firing. The man was
wearing a dark ki, which made him an hard target to hit in the night,
but Bethany was an expert shot. She fired bullet after bullet that
should have hit their mark but the man would twist subtly at the hip
and dodge every one. Bethany even aimed one shot at his leg, but he
swung a short sword that deflected the bullet. That was when she knew.

"Rikimaru, it is you!" Bethany yelled. Damn, she hoped she
didn't sound desperate. The only man to deny her a mission was
standing before her, and Bethany couldn't figure out if she was upset
or not.


"Ms. Valentine, it is you," Amy heard as she woke up. Her hands
were suspended above her head and she was standing up. As she regained
her senses, she felt a draft. Her pants were missing!

"Asshole!" Amy snapped as she looked around the room. Her pants
were lying in shreds on the floor, along with her panties. Damn it!
Those were great pants!

"Language," Mr. Duchandu admonished. The venerable Japanese man
said before her. He was a bare wisp of a figure even though he was
seated on a wicker throne. Beside him were the usual powerful silent
men who were a few of his many sons. Amy noticed one guy who looked
out of place, a white man who was familiar.

"Hudson, you back-stabbing son of a bitch!" Amy snarled. Hudson
was the informant who told Paragon Industries of this train ride. He
was the one who assured them that the most valuable of possessions was
on board. He was the one who was going to die painfully if Amy

"Yes, Mr. Hudson is a back-stabber, but he knows how to deliver,"
Mr. Duchandu laughed. "I paid him a lot of money so that I could have
you in clutches again. You don't think I forgot you and my memorable
birthday party?"

Amy grimaced. She had been sent to kill him in order to stop his
invasion of the American wireless market. Instead of killing him, she
had survived a deathtrap and forced him to honor his bet. She went
free and he lost a profitable market.

Japanese egomaniacal old men had a tendency to keep grudges.

"But first, Mr. Hudson must be paid," Mr. Duchandu said.

One of the Duchandu sons opened a briefcase filled with cash.
Mr. Hudson sighed with relief. He laughed nervously.

"Thank God! I was worried you guys were going to kill me first!"
he laughed.

Mr. Duchandu frowned. "I always honor my agreements," he said.
One of his sons handed Mr. Hudson the money. "Now you shall die."

Another son silently ran Mr. Hudson through with a knife. The
other son picked the briefcase back up and made sure no blood was on
it. Mr. Hudson's body was quickly pushed into a body bag and zipped

"now, make sure his widow receives that money," Mr. Duchandu
said. "He did earn it fair and square."

"What are you going to do with me?" Amy interrupted. She was the
one hanging by her arms butt-naked after all. The agent felt she had a
right to ask.

"You?" Mr. Duchandu asked. "You are going to die for my
entertainment. Notice the three boxes beside your feet."

Mr. Duchandu pressed a button and the boxes opened to reveal
three rising steel cobras. Each of the cobras had glowing red eyes and
very sharp looking fangs. Mr. Duchandu pressed another button each of
the robotic cobras hissed.

"I am an old fashioned man," Mr. Duchandu said. "I remember my
father playing a game with his victims where he would have them dance
between three live snakes. The victim would dodge the snakes until the
snakes bit the victim. The victim would scream, stumble and get bit
again. Everyone had a fun time."

"But these days, snakes are so unreliable. They slither away or
they get scared. Bah! I am too old to depend on live snakes. That is
why I had these three made. They will lunge for your pretty legs, but
they will do it in a random sequence. Only one will bit at a time,
which should ensure a nice, steady dance of garaunteed destruction.
Shall we begin?"

"That's it?" Amy demanded, thinking fast. "Tie me up and let
your fake snakes bite me? I might as well just give up and let them
bite me right now."

"No!" Mr. Duchandu nearly screamed. "That would ruin

Amy shrugged. That wasn't easy with your hands tied over your
head but she did it. "Then give me a reason to avoid death. How about
a time limit?"

Mr. Duchandu growled. "Fine, if you last . . . an hour, you may

Amy bit her lip. She didn't think she could last that long, but
it was better than nothing. "It's a deal!"

"But first, we must insert the vibrator!" Mr. Duchandu cackled.
"My father would be proud."


"I thought you might be here, Bethany," Rikimaru shouted. Even
above the roar of the train, she could hear him. "Leave now so we
won't have to fight."

Bethany slipped her gun into her thigh holster. It was useless
against him anyway. "I won't let you distract me this time!" she
yelled defiantly.

He tossed a sword towards her. She caught the katana easily and
tested it's grip. Bethany noticed the handle had her initials on it.

"I made it for you," Rikimaru said. "I swore that this time, I
wouldn't go easy on you.

"Good!" Bethany snapped. "Let's fight like professionals this

Rikimaru said nothing as he jumped onto her train car. Bethany
swept in low, meaning to cut off a leg but he was already gone. His
sword flashed out and caught the moonlight before it barely caught one
of her blonde locks. The blonde pulled back just in time, her own
sword flashing out and slicing the sleeve of his ki.

"Nice," Rikimaru said as the wind rippled through the cut. "You
almost touched skin with that one."

Bethany smiled. "Next time, I'll go deeper," she yelled.

"That's my line," Rikimaru yelled back.

When Bethany blushed, Rikimaru attacked.


Amy shuddered as the vibrator came to life inside her. It was
attached to a belt that Mr. Duchandu delighted in strapping on her
personally. She was a bit suspicious that the vibrator fitted her
perfectly, curving slightly inside her. Mr. Duchandu had been planning
this for a long time.

"Is it in too deep?" Mr. Duchandu asks.

"Yes!" Amy responded. She could feel her entire sex vibrating
with the intrusion. The belt straps were very tight around her bare
hips. The strap that went between her buttocks and wrapped around to
her sex was especially tight. It felt like she was having a constant

"Your swordsmanship is strong," Rikimaru yelled as he fought off
a flurry of swings and slashes.

"I've been practicing," Bethany yelled as her foot slipped. She
regained her footing just in time to stop from sliding down the train.

Rikimaru paused to allow her to stand again before disarming her.
Her sword went flying, flipping end over end as it disappeared into the
night. The swift man then kicked Bethany's legs out with a footsweep.
The blonde hit the train car roof hard and before she could sit up,
Rikimaru had his sword at her chest.

"I've been practicing more," he yelled. "Now, our positions are
changed. This time I have won, and it is you who are helpless."

A scowl broke on Bethany's face. "I bet your father would be
proud of you!" she yelled back.

Rikimaru smiled. He knelt down between her legs. His voice was
soft, but she had no trouble reading his lips.

"Fuck my father," he said.

He swung the sword in a tight arc down between Bethany's legs and
the frightened blonde clenched reflexively. She felt a sudden draft
and realized the sword had slit her pants and underwear yet missed her
sex perfectly.

"Since I defeated you," Rikimaru yelled, "I get to be on top this


"Dance my pretty one, dance!" Mr. Duchandu cheered as he clapped.

Amy was dancing. A steel cobra lashed out and Amy had to swing
her right foot out of the way. As soon as her foot had moved, a steel
cobra to the left lashed out and Amy had to swing both legs away from
the cobra. Of course, this left her vulnerable for either of the other
two cobras to strike that they did almost immediately.

All through this bizarre torture, the vibrator inside her kept
buzzing. Her constant movement caused her leather strap on her
clitoris to shift and rub. She was embarrassed by how soaked she was
becoming as her clitoris hardened against the leather. The vibrations
were just so strong and powerful; a constant distraction when she
needed to watch the striking cobras.

"Ah, look at those legs!" Mr. Duchandu sighed. "There are
prettier than even my sixth's wife's legs." It was true, Amy's legs
were dripping sweat and her thighs were shimmering in the light. The
muscles of her calves were in constant motion, flexing for the ancient
man's enjoyment. A carefully placed wall mirror behind Amy provided
Mr. Duchandu with a wonderful view of her tight ass. He couldn't take
his eyes off the sight of her tanned buttocks. The sweat that clung to
her curves was intoxicating to watch.

It was a shame she couldn't possible live much longer.


"Bastard!" Bethany groaned as Rikimaru drove his cock inside her.
She lifted her hips to greet him, welcoming his girth inside her. She
was already wet and waiting for him and she hated how easy her body
responded to him. Well, she would have hated it if he didn't make her
feel so damn good.

"Since I did win, I deserve some spoils of war," Rikimaru said as
he pushed deeper inside her.

"Yes!" Bethany agreed before she could control herself.

Rikimaru smiled and swung his sword twice more while his other
weapon continued to throb inside her. He then sheathed his sword so
his hands would be free to slip into the two slits he had cut into her
sweater. Bethany's back arched against the train roof as his fingers
cupped and squeezed her tits.

Bethany's thighs gripped around Rikimaru's waist and her ankles
locked behind his back. He didn't complain. He continued to thrust
inside Bethany's slick sheath while his hands kneaded her massive
breasts. She was looking at him now with a smile and his heart skipped
beats whenever her blue eyes would reflect the moonlight.

The blonde couldn't help but moan now as he increased his
thrusting. The train vibrated under her, causing her whole body to
tingle. His cock was deep inside her and his hands were doing
marvelous things to her breasts. Everything was perfect according to
her body and when his steel eyes would catch the moonlight, everything
was perfect with her heart as well.

"This why I practiced so hard after our last meeting," Rikimaru
yelled as he pumped deep inside her.

Bethany moaned.

"This is why I requested this duty when I thought you might show
up," he yelled as his fingers pinched her nipples.

Bethany shuddered.

"This is why I haven't stopped dreaming of you," Rikimaru yelled
as his cock released itself inside her.

When the first gush of seed filled her, Bethany threw her head
back and climaxed with him.


"Just a little longer," Amy groaned as she barely dodged a
lunging cobra. They were moving faster now while Amy's legs were
moving slower. She was becoming exhausted as the random strikes
prevented her from finding a rhythm. It was sheer reaction while the
cursed vibrator brought her closer and closer to climax.

If she climaxed, Amy knew she would be finished. She could
barely keep her sweat-covered legs moving as it was; how could she move
after a sweet orgasm had racked her body? Amy tried to ignore the
growing tension that was building within her. She tried to ignore the
leather that rubbed against her sex and delicious way the vibrator kept
bouncing around inside her. It was going to be hopeless soon.

Amy's long brown hair was flying around her face as she kept
moving and she was too tired and breathless to even blow it out of her
face. If only she could tilt her head back, she wouldn't have to worry
about it but to stop looking at the cobras would be death. That was
when Amy had her idea.

The leggy brunette pulled both legs up and curled backwards. Mr.
Duchandu yelled in protest as Amy brought her legs tight around the
steel chains holding each of her hands. She was upside down and her
powerful legs were wrapped tightly around the chains. Even as
exhausted as she was, Amy could hold this position for as long as it

"Cheater!" Mr. Duchandu accused and Amy didn't care. Curled up
as she was, the vibrator was now sinking even deeper inside her. Amy
let herself go to the orgasm she had been denying. The climax made her
entire body shake in its precarious position but she still held on.

Mr. Duchandu enjoyed the sight of Amy's face upside-down in
orgasm, but it didn't improve his mood.

It took a long time for them to finish, but when they did,
Rikimaru helped her to her feet like a gentleman. When she nearly fell
back down, he caught her in his powerful arms. Bethany was tempted to
fall again.

"Now, let's get what you came for," Rikimaru yelled.

"I thought I already did," Bethany yelled.

Rikimaru smiled. "Last time, you failed in your mission because
you spared my life," he yelled as he guided her to a train car's
ceiling window. He opened it for her. "It is time I repaid you for my

She jumped through and Rikimaru followed. In the room was a
single crate and Bethany watched in silence as Rikimaru dismantled it.
She spotted various security measures on the doors and she was glad
that she didn't have to get through them. It still didn't feel right.

"You don't owe me anything," Bethany said. "Failing my mission
was my choice, not something I did as a favor."
Rikimaru looked up at her. "Well said," he responded. "Consider
this then to be a gift of my choice."

He stood up and presented her with a huge egg. It was as big as
an ostrich egg, though it had strange red veins that pulsed. Bethany
took it from him and was surprised to feel how warm it was.

"It's a dragon's egg," Rikimaru said. "Your employers may not
deserve it, but neither does a man like my father."

Bethany almost laughed but Rikimaru's solemn tone stopped her.
"A real dragon's egg?" she asked.

Rikimaru simply nodded. Bethany decided to believe him.


"You can't stay up there!" Mr. Duchandu complained.

"You never said I couldn't" Amy gasped. Her arms were on fire
and her legs were cramping but she held on. Below her, three cobras
took turns lunging at her suspended body.

"You will fall eventually!" Mr. Duchandu insisted.

"You may be right," Amy moaned as another orgasm swept her body.
Compacted as she was, it caused her body to be tight around the evil

"Father, the hour is up," one of Mr. Duchandu's sons told him.

Amy waited as her arms shook with exhaustion.

"Damn you, Valentine!" Mr. Duchandu cursed. He pressed a button
and the steel cobras retracted back into their boxes.

"You may have won your life today, but tomorrow shall be
different," Mr. Duchandu threatened as his sons unchained her from the

"Now, get this wench off my train."

Amy screamed as she was thrown, pantless and the vibrator still
inside her, from the train. She cursed as she slid down a hill and
landed in a dirty ditch. The angry brunette unleashed a long stream of
obscenities as she stood back up. That was when she saw the bright
side of things.

She still had the vibrator.


"Will I see you again?" Bethany asked Rikimaru as they stood on
top of the train.

"Of course," Rikimaru yelled. "Though next time, I might not be
bearing gifts."

"Good," Bethany replied. "Next time I'll practice more."

The blonde jumped and landed softly in a nice roll on the ground
before he could answer. Bethany would get his answer next time.

The end.


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