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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"Antique Showdown"
By Shon Richards

Amy Valentine rode the top of the truck like a professional.
It's a lot harder to stay on top of a moving truck than the movies let
you believe; especially when you are wearing a black leather miniskirt.
Every time the truck stop, Amy felt a blast of night air go right up
between her thighs. The cold air made her shiver from the tip of her
tight ponytail to her leather jacket to the bottom of her thigh high

The truck neared its final destination, the Stallings Auction
House. Amy reviewed the object of this mission in her mind as the
truck slowly backed into the unloading bay. Her employers, Paragon
Industries, were disturbed to discover that the Stallings Auction House
was offering the Jeweled Cane of King Maori the Ninth. He had passed
away and willed his collection the to auction to pay off his country's
debt. The inside of the cane was hollow, and rumor had it that the
inside contained a map to the Hollow Earth. Part of the auction was
the right to open the cane and see what if anything was concealed.
Paragon Industries didn't believe in the Hollow Earth, but they also
didn't believe in being the second to know. The African King had many
bizarre creatures in his private zoo as well as a strange albino
concubine that he never did explain where she came from. It was a long
shot, but that's why they employed the services of spies like Amy.

Amy shook her head as the truck workers opened the cargo door of
the warehouse. She had been trained for breaking into corporations,
laboratories and mansions. Breaking into a warehouse seemed so
mundane. All she had to do was grab a jeweled cane made of ebony and
head out. This mission was going to be so easy; Amy could already
imagine driving the Jaguar she planned to buy with this mission's

As the workers unloaded the truck, Amy dropped down to the ground
as silent as a whisper. Sticking to shadows, Amy entered the warehouse
almost casually behind the backs of the busy truckers. She even kicked
aside a piece of paper from underneath the foot of an employee, saving
him from dropping a heavy but fragile pine chair.

The warehouse was dark, but Amy's sunglasses were made for
wearing at night. Amy's view of the inside lit up as the special
lenses bombarded the room with sonar. It was a good thing too, because
the warehouse was a complete mess of strange objects. The place was
packed from floor to ceiling with so many rare artifacts; Amy knew one
misplaced step could cause millions in damage.

"It's a good thing I don't have fat legs like that cow, Bethany,"
Amy smirked. She stepped behind a full length and waited. Once the
workers closed up for the night, she would be free to plunder what she
needed. Heck, and maybe some things she didn't need.


Bethany Taylor ran her hands back over her legs as she waited.
Was that cellulite she felt? It couldn't be! The beautiful blonde
wished there was some light in here so she could examine herself, but
alas, wardrobes from Queen Victoria didn't come with indoor lights.
That was a shame, because Bethany knew she looked great. She knew it
would get hot in the wardrobe so she was only wearing a dark blue
sports bra and blue jean cut-offs. She looked like Daisy Duke's slutty
blonde sister, but at least she was comfortable.

Bethany pushed out with her arms and legs as she felt the
wardrobe being lifted. She didn't want the workers unloading the
wardrobe to feel a weight shifting inside. It was a brilliant plan and
Bethany was quite proud of herself. The best way to break into an
auction house was to be carried in.

The wardrobe was set down and Bethany smiled. Now all she had to
do was wait. It gave her time to reflect on the idiocy of this
mission. She was looking for a jeweled cane with a possible but not
likely map to the Hollow Earth? Who the Hell did Diligent Enterprises
think she was, Flora Kraft? It was ridiculous to believe that a major
company would spend the big money to send such a capable woman like
Bethany on a fool's errand. Oh well, at least this paycheck will pay
for the new exercise bike she wanted.

The sounds in the warehouse finally faded away. Bethany smiled.
Earlier surveillance had shown that a small army of guards protected
the outside of Stallings Auction Warehouse, but no one was allowed
inside without provocation. The items inside were much too valuable to
allow people walking among them and possibly touching or Buddha forbid,
sit down on one of the ancient chairs.

Bethany climbed out of the wardrobe and turned on her flashlight.
She gasped at the sight of all the treasure. There were chairs,
mirrors, chests, paintings and more lamps than you can shake a tit at.
The blonde felt a strange embarrassment at the trashy quality of her
clothes. A woman shouldn't wear cut-off jeans while she stands in
front of a Spanish armoire.


"A flashlight?" Amy swore silently to herself. She stepped out
to yell at Bethany. Amy had the foresight to bring special glasses and
this stupid wench brought a flashlight that any guard looking in could
see. Amy's cover could get blown without her even moving.

What the Hell was she wearing? Why on earth would Bethany where
a bra and shorts here? This isn't the Hazzard County Flea Market!

As Amy stepped behind the mirror, her boot stepped on a creaking
floorboard. Bethany spun around, the fear on her blonde face reminding
Amy of their unique situation. Outside, the guards were bored and
dying for a good reason to step inside. In here, silence wasn't just
preferred, it was essential.

Bethany raised her arms in a Karate stance and Amy countered with
her favorite Judo. The two women walked around one another, weighing
their options. Guns were useless. A thrown body might break
something, loudly. Even a killing unarmed blow might be too loud,
broken bones were notoriously loud as well as death screams.

The two deadly agents stared at each other.

Bethany smiled, stepped back, and turned her back. Amy silently
snarled. The blonde bitch was right. Finding the stupid cane would be
challenge enough.

Amy slipped her boots off. As quiet as a teenager masturbating
in the bathroom, Amy ran through the warehouse. The sophisticated
brunette cursed her luck. Here she was in the middle of an antique
paradise, and she could only spare a glance at the rare treasures
around her. She wanted to stop and enjoy a little dream shopping, but
there was no time. Bethany could not win this time. The mission was
too easy to fail!


Bethany was in a hurry too. The blonde found it hard to focus in
the warehouse. Was that a Monet she passed by? There wasn't even time
to double check! She raced through aisles of rare furniture and
dazzling Tiffany lamps. It was so damn unfair!

In a circular, quiet path, Bethany meet back with Amy at a
strange collection. On a table in front of both of them, were about
two dozen canes. All of them were special, all of them were
exceedingly beautiful and for the life of Bethany, she couldn't
remember what the cane she was looking for looked like.

Apparently, neither could Amy. The two agents began picking up
canes and examining them, all the while, keeping an eye on the other.
It was a mad and silent scramble.

"Yes!" Bethany hissed as she picked up a cane with a strange
carving weaving around it. The carving looked like people descending a
tunnel. She recognized it as soon as she picked it up by its emerald
encrusted handle.

She stuck her tongue out at Amy. That was when Amy kicked her in
the chest. That was the last thing Bethany remembered as she slipped
into unconsciousness.


When Amy saw that Bethany had the cane, she knew it was time to
take a chance. She lashed out at Bethany with a snap kick to Bethany's
chest hoping that maybe the bimbo would have the grace to fall quietly.
Unfortunately, Bethany flew back five feet into an assortment of vases
and glass bowls. The crashing sound was deafening in the formerly
silent room.

The bitch.

"Freeze, Mother-fucker!" a guard screamed out.

"Mother-fucker?" Amy said to herself. Was she the only person
here who respected the culture this warehouse stored?

Lights came on all across the warehouse and Amy was grateful for
her sunglasses preventing any night blindness. The leggy brunette was
surprised to see how many freaking guards there were! At least three
scores of men were pouring through the doors, each of them armed with a
nightstick and a cheesy uniform. These weren't even security guards;
these were rental cops!

"The only thing upscale here is me and the antiques," Amy sighed.
The first guard reached her quickly and had his feet kicked out from
under him for his ambition. Amy took his nightstick as he fell down
and used it to stun another guard was coming behind her. A third guard
went down after a punch to his stomach and his buddy following behind
him was taken out with a good old-fashioned blow to the jaw.

Amy spared a moment to look at where Bethany fell. There were
glass shards everywhere, but no blonde. In the short time that Amy had
been fighting, the bitch must have recovered and ran.

"I knew I should have kicked her in the stomach," Amy growled.
"I bet those damn tits absorbed the kick."

Another guard with dreams of a fat reward interrupted her


"Damn my tits hurt," Bethany moaned as she crawled away from the
wreckage she had landed in. The jeweled cane was clutched in her hand
as she carefully avoided any broken glass. The sounds of Amy
destroying a small horde of rent-a-cops echoed behind her.

Bethany rose to her feet and came face to face with a lone guard.
He stared at her in shock, perhaps expecting Mafia types and not a
busty blonde wearing a bra. His nightstick hung loosely in his hand
while in contrast; the bulge in his pants was ready and standing at
attention. His mouth was beginning to open, no doubt to warn the rest
of the guards about the hot blonde he had discovered.

"Come here!" Bethany growled. She grabbed the guard by his
collar and opened a large oak chest that was sitting beside them. She
pushed him towards the chest and he fell back first. Bethany kicked
his legs inside and followed him into the chest. Straddling him, she
pulled the chest lid shut down.

The guard tried to yell but his mouth was silenced with a large
cotton covered breast pressed against his lips.

"Now listen," Bethany hissed in the darkness. "You saw how I'm
dressed. If you yell for help, they're going to open this chest and
see you with me on top of you. Do you really think that they will
believe you were coerced?"

The guard said nothing. He did nibble a little on the massive
mammary pressing against his mouth. Bethany sighed, despite the
tenderness of her breasts; his mouth was gentle and persuasive.

"I see that you do," Bethany whispered. There was barely enough
room in the chest for the two of them to lie against one another but
Bethany was willing to take the risk of discovery. Besides, Amy was
always a slow poke when it came to disposing of guards in unarmed
combat. Bethany knew she had at least half an hour to kill.

Lifting up slightly, Bethany unzipped her shorts. Realizing that
she didn't have enough room to pull her shorts off, she went for a more
direct solution. With a quick pull at the sides of the zipper, Bethany
ripped the crotch of her shorts wide open. The sound of tearing denim
echoed in the small chest.

The guard shivered beneath Bethany and he fumbled with his own
pants. A quick zip and a pull resulted in a generously endowed cock
that pressed against Bethany's pussy. Bethany shifted and swayed her
hips as the unnamed guard tried to insert himself inside. After a few
tense seconds, he was finally in.

"Oh!" Bethany whispered as his manhood penetrated up into her.
She understood why he had such an unglamorous job; he had nothing to
compensate for.

"I can remove this," Bethany whispered, lifting her sports bra
over her large breasts. Once her nipple was available, his mouth
eagerly began sucking on naked flesh. Bethany leaned forward to drown
her appreciative captive with her fleshy mounds.

Together, they explored the limits of their confines. He pushed
up until Bethany felt her head touch the chest's lid. She would then
push back down until his ass was flattened against the floor. Back and
forth, up and down, the two discovered they had barely six inches of
movement. Any more and they risked hitting the sides of the chest and
possibly alerting the guards outside their chest. Six inches was not a
lot of room to fuck but it would be enough.

Bethany discovered that six inches was plenty of room in which to
grind. Friction burned between them as Bethany crushed her sex to his.
Her flat belly undulated as sought to drive his cock against every nook
and cranny of her sex. Bethany's back arched as she tried to drive
both her sex and chest against him.

The air in the chest grew hotter as their bodies sweated
together. The guard was silent, as any sounds he could make was being
muffled by the boundless expanse of Bethany's chest. That didn't mean
his tongue wasn't inactive for Bethany was experiencing the sweetest
bliss from his constant flicking of her nipples.

Someone landed on top of the chest they were hiding in. The
sudden jolt of movement gave them a temporary violence to their sex
that both of them craved. Being restricted in their movements as they
were, Bethany and the guard prayed together that another body would hit
the chest.

The chest shook again. Bethany moaned.

The chest shook again as yet another impact hit the lid.
Outside, Amy was slamming a guard's head into the chest in order to
knock him out. Inside the chest, Bethany and the guard moaned as the
impacts ricocheted though the chest. With every collision of the head
against the lid, Bethany felt the hard cock within her vibrate.

"Again!" Bethany whispered.

The head smashed down against the lid again.

"Again!" Bethany groaned.

The head smashed down again.

"Oh, again!" Bethany moaned.

The head slammed down three quick times against the chest lid.

Bethany shook from the orgasm.


"Did you hear something?" Amy asked the guard. He was out cold
so she dropped his head. When his head hit the lid, Amy could of sworn
she heard a moan.

Amy looked around at the carnage. The guards were taken care of,
but so was most of the warehouse. Broken splinters of furniture were
everywhere, well, everywhere that there wasn't a fallen security guard.

"Now, where did that bitch go?" Amy asked. That was when she
heard the police sirens outside.

"Damn it, I can't believe I lost this one!" Amy snarled. She
kicked the side of the chest before running from the warehouse.


"Oh shit!" the guard cried out after they felt a kick to the side
of the chest.

Bethany smiled. "About time you came."

"Is that sirens outside?" the man asked.

"Yep," Bethany answered. "You know what that means."


"We can't leave until long after their investigation," Bethany

The end.


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