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This is a sexual story written and copyrighted by me, Shon
Richards. Please don't post, repost or place on your website without
asking me first. Please send comments to

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For Your Thighs Only
By Shon Richards

Bethany Taylor scanned the home again with her binoculars. She
had this place under surveillance for the past week, but she was still
nervous. The blonde agent wasn't the only one nervous. The agents
under her command were twitching with dread and fear.

"Are you sure this mission will be safe?" one young agent asked.

"Of course it will," Bethany lied. "The target is in the
possession of a sixty year old man. Just because he used to be an
agent for M.I.6 is no reason to think he will be difficult. It's been
a long time since the Cold War, and he'll most likely shit his pants
when he sees us coming."

The agent smiled at her joke. Unfortunately, Bethany didn't
believe her own humor. James McGoohan was one of the most fearsome,
inventive and capable secret agents the world had ever seen. The
rumors surrounding his missions read like movie plots, and those were
just the rumors.

Bethany cursed the day they ever found the remains of Dr. Turpin.
The mad scientist terrorized the world in the sixties, but disappeared
around 1969. Bethany's employers, Diligent Enterprises, found the
doctor's secret lair under a lake they had drained. Apparently, the
doctor believed he had perfected cryogenics. He had not. They found
his desiccated remains perfectly sealed in an ice cube. They also
found his diary.

The diary was too informative for Bethany's tastes. The diary
described how angry Dr. Turpin was over the loss of his most powerful
computer intelligence. Diligent Enterprises wanted to examine the
artificial intelligence to see if it lived up to its myth.
Unfortunately, James McGoohan had decapitated Dr. Turpin's supreme
robot and took the head back to his agency.

Bethany growled as she recollected the dangerous mission into
M.I.6's headquarters. All that work she accomplished, and for what?
To discover that McGoohan had taken the inactive head home as a
souvenir! What kind of agency let it's retired agents take home
valuable equipment?

It wasn't going to be easy to sneak into a retired agent's home
and steal a head no one has ever really seen, but then that's why they
paid industrial agents like Bethany the large bonuses. The busty
blonde had her eye on a new swimming pool and no retired has-been was
going to keep her from it.

A car pulled up to the gates Bethany was about to storm. Bethany
smiled; Mr. McGoohan hadn't allowed visitors of any kind during the
week she had been spying on him. To her annoyance, the gates opened
and the car drove through.

"Who the fuck did he just invite in?" Bethany wondered.


Amy Valentine smiled as the gates opened. After two weeks of
doing covert research on James McGoohan, she knew that a direct assault
was out of the question. Amy congratulated herself on her novel method
of breaking his security: she made an appointment.

When Diligent Enterprises discovered the last lair of Dr. Turpin,
Amy was doing routine spying on the company's projects for her
employers, Paragon Industries. It was a dull assignment until the
whole business of the robot's head came up and the subsequent need to
seek out a retired British agent. The young woman had been thrilled to
discover that she had a reason to meet her hero, James McGoohan. She
pitched the mission to her bosses, and they agreed that Dr. Turpin's
work in artificial intelligence was worth examining. With haste, she
was dispatched to Scotland to fulfill a life long dream as well as make
a little money.

As Amy drove her car to the large manor, she thought about her
mission. She knew it wasn't going to be easy to convince a worldly man
like James McGoohan to part with a treasured artifact, but hey, that
was why they paid industrial spies like Amy the generous paychecks.
She was planning to buy an Austin Martin with her paycheck, just like
the one James was supposed to drive.

James came out of the manor and Amy couldn't believe how fast her
heart was racing. He was stunningly handsome. His hair had turned
grey but he now wore a beard that made him look regal. Despite his
age, he still moved with a grace and confidence that came from years of
saving the world. He was also incredibly fit, without an ounce of
sagging or fat on his tall body. She watched his blue eyes sparkled as
she stepped out of her car and it made her heart skip a few beats.

"I had no idea you were so beautiful," McGoohan said with his
charming accent. "I would have made our appointment for the weekend
when I could have had time to cater a huge elegant meal and lied to you
about how I slaved away in the kitchen."

Amy blushed. The normally cool agent was extremely flattered
that she had made such an impression on him. Of course, her outfit
helped. She was wearing a red cocktail dress that barely came down to
her lovely thighs. She didn't wear any hose, preferring to let her
tanned legs make their own impression. red heels finished complemented
her feet while a healthy amount of mousse sculpted her long brown hair
into an elegant tangle of seduction.

"Mr. McGoohan, you're as charming as your reputation," Amy said
as he kissed her hand.

"Please, call me James," he said.

Amy nearly fainted.


"I can't believe it!" Bethany cursed as she threw down her
binoculars. "That whore, Amy, just waltzed right in there!"

"Ma'am?" one of her agents prompted. They were all a little
afraid of Bethany. She was rumored to be ruthless, efficient and not
very forgiving of people not up to her standards. The blonde was also
incredibly sexy. Her camouflage consisted of black boots; black pants
and a black ski mask but the black sweater that covered her chest
couldn't hide the wonderful measurements there. Several of the other
agents had speculated on whether it would be worth the certain death to
cop a feel on the deadly Bethany.

"We're going in now," Bethany said. "We can't wait any longer.
That bitch will be long gone with the head if we don't get there

"But Ma'am, it's only eight o'clock!" one of the agents
protested. The other agents stepped away from him.

"Then I expect to be done by nine," was Bethany's only answer.

James pressed a button once they were inside the manor and a bell
rang through out the house.

"I just rang my housemate," James said. "He would never forgive
me if such a lovely lady came into the house and I didn't tell him."

Amy fought to hide her disappointment. "You live with someone?"

James laughed. "Oh no, nothing like that. I just find it gets
lonely here without some company. We have breakfast together, bitch
about world politics and occasionally spare in the gym. It's just nice
to have someone around to distract an old man from getting maudlin."

Amy smiled. "I don't think of you as old."

James's smile brightened. "Good, it'll take less work to seduce
you. Ah, here he comes."

Down the stairs walked a man who was almost as handsome as James.
He was certainly as fit and he moved down the stair with a cold menace
to his step. He was bald, but his shoulders were broad and his eyes
were a piercing grey. He wore a simple black shirt and pants and it
was the black clothes that triggered Amy's memory.

"Holy shit!" Amy said. "That's Vladimir Flemishki! He's KGB!"

"Was, young lady," Vladimir said. "Please, call me Vlad, like my
friend James does."

He took Amy's hand and kissed it, and Amy felt a shiver that went
down to her thighs. This was the man who nearly destroyed the free
world several times over, and yet he was turning that cold perfection
towards holding her hand like a gentleman. Amy didn't know whether to
jump him or shoot him.

"I don't understand," Amy babbled. "I've read both of your
files. You two are mortal enemies!"

"Well, I still haven't forgiven him for destroying the British
Moon base, but he's an all right chap," James said.

"Please," Vlad said after kissing Amy's other hand. "If I can
forgive you for stopping the Soviet Hollow Earth project, you can
forgive me for one silly Moon outpost."

"Wow," Amy said. She was standing with two of the world's
greatest secret agents, and she didn't know who she wanted to fuck
first. All missions should be this easy.


"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Bethany cursed as they pried the dead agent
off the electric gate. The gate didn't electrify until after the fifth
person had climbed over it and Bethany still wasn't sure what triggered
it. They had only cleared one obstacle, and they already had a

This mission is going to suck," Bethany muttered under her

"What?" one of her lackeys asked.

"I said this mission is going to be a breeze," Bethany lied.
"Johnson, do a scan on the gazebo. It looks like a good place to hide
a security system."

"Yes ma'am!" Johnson snapped. He tore off his backpack and
pulled out a sophisticated piece of hardware. Two antennas came out
and proceeded to analyze the gazebo for any wiring, pressure sensors or
other telltale signs that it was dangerous.

Within ten seconds, they had their answer. A turret pooped out
of the top of the gazebo and a green laser blasted Johnson. The poor
man only had time to glow briefly before he was reduced to ashes. The
agents behind him coughed as the wind scattered his remains.
After disintegrating the agent, the turret returned to it's concealed

"Oh, this is getting personal," Bethany snarled.

It's just hard for me to believe that you two live together now,"
Amy said as she drank her martini. James could have had a career as a
bartender. They were in the game room. James was behind the bar while
Vlad was setting up the pool table.

"It's not so unusual," Vlad said, but it was with a smile. It
was weird to see the KGB agent smile and know that no one was about to
die. "It was never anything personal between us. We just worked for
separate countries, doing what we had to do. It was a living."

"But you two were mortal enemies!" Amy said. "You two fought
each other almost every week."

"Yes," James admitted, "we did fight a lot. But when we retired,
we realized that the rest of the world was a bunch of pansies. Once
you've dangled over a live volcano and tried to defuse a nuclear bomb,
you find conversations about backed up toilets to be dull. Vlad here
was the only person I could respect in my senior years."

"Exactly," Vlad agreed. "When I retired, I didn't have any one I
could talk to. James had killed all of the good agents I worked with,
and those he didn't kill were terribly dull. I needed to talk to
someone who knew what it was like to sleep with a Countess one night
and have to fight her army of Amazons the next. People were beginning
to think I was crazy when I told those stories."

James offered Amy a pool cue. "Retirement is a bitch, Ms.
Valentine. Avoid it for as long as you can."

She took the pool cue and wondered if she should make a phallic
joke. She was distracted by her musings by a question from Vlad.

"That reminds me. What is a representative from a major
corporation want with an old agent like James anyway?" he asked. Vlad
started the game while Amy thought of where to begin.

"Well, do you remember a madman called Dr. Turpin?"


"Ma'am, my infrared goggles are picking up trigger beams on the
gravel path," one of her agents reported.

Bethany smiled. "Then we better walk on the grass. Head for
that west wall. There's a balcony door open on the second floor so
we'll enter there. Now move!"

Her men followed behind her as she ran through the grass. The
blonde watched her feet, careful to avoid any suspicious bare spots in
the grass. Bethany was one of the best, but her men weren't. One of
them hit a bare spot and instantly, a network of sprinklers sprang up
around them.

Bethany paused as the sprinklers ejected a thick white cloud
around them. She didn't want to go running in a smokescreen, in case
there were nastier traps waiting for them. As she waited, she noticed
her goggle lenses were beginning to melt. It wasn't a smokescreen, it
was acid!

"Run fools!" Bethany screamed before covering her mouth with her
gloved hand. It didn't matter where she was going as long as she got
away from the white cloud of death! It only took her a few seconds to
leave the cloud but in that time she could feel the tingling on her
skin as the acid ate through her clothes. When she escaped the cloud,
Bethany began to strip in a hurry, discarding her shirt, pants and mask
before the acid touched her.

She was reduced to her black bra and panties when the rest of her
men left the cloud. Her men took a second to ogle her near nudity
before they realized the danger they were in. Soon, they too were in
their underwear, frantically using the remains of their shirts to wipe
down their guns before the acid permanently damaged their weapons.

"Hendricks is still in there!" one of the men said.

Bethany looked at the cloud and shook her head. "He won't be by
morning," she said coldly. At that point, she didn't care how many
times McGoohan saved the world, she swore to give his ass a modern day
ass-kicking when she found him.


"Remarkable," James McGoohan said. "It's nice to know something
Dr. Turpin did would help the world now."

"I think it's more remarkable that the young lady is beating us
at pool," Vlad laughed.

Amy glowed under the compliment. "Well, it's just hand-eye
coordination. I get a lot of practice with that in my line of work."

"You must be very good at your job," James said with that sexy
accent. "But then, that's why they would send you to recover the
robot's head."

"Actually, I requested this assignment," Amy said as she bent
over to take another shot. It wasn't an accident that her dress was
riding up to her buttocks. "I've always wanted to meet the famous
James McGoohan. Meeting Vladimir Flemishki was an unexpected bonus."

Vlad laughed. "See? I always told you that the ladies preferred
me, James. Ten minutes ago, she was terrified of me. Now she
considers it a bonus to meet me."

"Ignore Vlad," James laughed as Amy blushed. "We have a long
standing argument over ladies. He somehow thinks his cold Russian
love-making technique is superior to British ingenuity."

Vlad waved off James' sarcasm. "As a man, James is unqualified
to make a judgment." Vlad turned his intense gaze to Amy's eyes and
Amy felt her knees buckle. "It takes a woman to appreciate what a
Russian lover can do."

"God, I love this assignment," Amy said to herself.


"Walker, climb the wall," Bethany ordered.

Walker hesitated.

"Walker?" Bethany hissed.

Walker looked to his fellow agents for support. There was none.
Reluctantly, he threw a grappling hook up to the balcony. Walker
scrambled up the rope, moving faster than Bethany thought was possible.
To everyone's surprise, he made it to the balcony.

Bethany smiled as Walker waved down to them. The other agents
almost cheered. Walker was still waving to them as a giant scythe came
out of the wall behind him and decapitated his head and his waving arm.

As Bethany dodged his falling head, she turned to one of her
other agents. "Becker, you're next. Watch out for that scythe."


"And what does Paragon Industries want to give me for my head?"
James McGoohan asked as he aimed for a difficult corner shot.

Amy sipped from her martini as she sat on a stool. Her gorgeous
legs were crossed but her shoe was dangling from her toes. Amy licked
her lips after putting the glass down. She gave James a numerical
dollar amount and Vlad whistled.

"That is a lot of money, but I have sentimental value towards
that robot," James said. "The damn thing nearly chopped my balls off.
More importantly, I don't need money. The government has been very
generous with my pension."

"I know what you need," Amy said suggestively.

Vlad laughed. "Be careful James. This one is dangerous."

"I certainly hope so," James responded.

"Exactly," Amy replied. "You need excitement. I know you have
to miss it."

"And you think you can provide it?" James asked. His eyes were
traveling her body and Amy shivered.

"Not by myself," Amy admitted. "You are the great James McGoohan
after all. Only Vlad can give you the challenge you need. That is why
I'm offering myself as a judge. You two said you are each better
lovers, well, I can help you settle that argument."

Vlad set down his pool stick. "Bah! James could never accept
such a challenge to his masculinity."

James smiled. "I was more afraid of pissing you off when I won,
Vlad. You always were a sore loser. Remember Silk Saffron?"

Vlad grimaced. "She was a man, you know."

"Communist Liar," James said without malice.

"Capitalist egomaniac," Vlad snapped back.

Amy shivered as she watched the two agents banter. It was like
the years were falling from their shoulders as they resumed their
ancient dance of competition. The edge had returned to their stances
and their eyes were afire with determination.

"Actions do speak louder than words," Amy said. She walked over
to them and placed their arms around each of them. She kissed Vlad
first, tasting his cologne on her lips moments before tasting him.
After he left her breathless, she broke her kiss with him and kissed
James. On his lips she tasted sweat, exotic lands and danger. His
mouth devoured hers and Amy could hear her blood pounding in her ears.


Bethany stepped away from the blood smear and looked up at the
elusive balcony. They had to make for the smoke to clear before
sending someone else up there. The blonde looked at the terrified
agents and knew none of them would succeed. She grabbed the rope and
tried to remember everything to avoid.

"Ok, dodge the scythe, avoid the poison darts, don't step on the
electric plate and avoid the grenade launcher," Bethany recited to

"I bet this old fart is in a wheelchair to have this kind of
security," Bethany snickered.


Amy moaned as James lifted her from her feet. He sat on the pool
table while Vlad deftly unzipped the back of her dress. Her front
slipped down over her small breasts and James carefully cupped them.
His thumbs danced on her nipples, kneading and pinching slightly until
her nipples were tingling with desire.

Behind her, Vlad was kissing her back. He had climbed onto the
pool table and his hands were on her hips. Amy gasped as his powerful
hands clenched her hips, foretelling the power he would show her later.
His mouth kissed along her neck and nibbled a line that traveled down
her spine. At the base of her buttocks, she felt his mouth kissing a
spot she didn't know could feel that good.

Amy's legs parted naturally, and naturally, James took the
invitation. His hands left her nipples and moved to between her
thighs. He kept her pinned with his charming eyes, making her smile
with his attention. Amy's thighs were slowly massaged in an
increasingly inward path that led to her waiting sex. His fingers
paused when they didn't meet the resistance of underwear, but they
didn't pause for long.

Amy sighed as his fingers found her secret spot. Had the world
famous James McGoohan really expected her to wear underwear when
meeting him? Her speculation made her smile but his fingers made her
moan. The nimble agent's fingers were penetrating her lair, plundering
her folds and discovering her most intimate secrets. Amy clenched as
her climax was nearly induced and then she moaned as James expertly
stalled her impending bliss.

"Oh James," Amy moaned.

The aroused woman couldn't remain passive. She half turned and
her hands sought out Vlad's crotch. Vlad stood on the pool table and
allowed the young woman to unzip his pants. Happily, Amy pulled down
Vlad's pants to unleash his impressive erection. She took his cock
immediately into her lips in her fervent desire to do something,
anything to get closer to these men. His cock filled her mouth and Amy
moaned as the tip rubbed the inside of her cheek.

As Amy sucked on the Russian's cock, James performed oral
operations of his own. He held Amy's powerful thighs in his hands as
his mouth dipped into her sex. James attacked Amy's waiting lips with
the fierceness for which he was known. Amy's thighs quaked as his
tongue assaulted her nether lips; her belly shook as his tongue tapped
a secret code on her clitoris and Amy's toes curled as his breath
exhaled on her sensitive skin.

Meanwhile, Vlad was not content just to be sucked. His fingers
sought a sensitive spot behind her ears. As Amy filled her mouth with
his cock, Vlad massaged a special place that made Amy's eyes clench in
bliss. With his fingers locked on her pressure point, he slowly pumped
his cock in and out of her mouth. Amy was paralyzed with pleasure, her
eyes shut as his cock fucked her mouth.

Her paralyzation was broken as James sucked her clit to climax.
Amy's body awoke with fire. The orgasm rocketed through her skin,
penetrating down to her soul. Her thighs clenched around James' head
and Amy swooned at the knowledge that she had her idol between her
legs. Her mouth vibrated around Vlad's cock as her moans overwhelmed

"Top that, old man," James said as he rose from between Amy's

"I prefer a more direct approach," Vlad countered. He pulled his
cock from Amy's lips. "Turn around my lovely," he asked.

Amy did as he commanded. She pulled her legs onto the table and
spun around on her bare ass. Vlad took his place between her legs,
guiding his cock towards her waiting sex. Amy leaned back, her head
falling over the edge of the table as the Russian entered her. She
cried out as his weight fell on her and his cock reached inside her.

James removed his pants to reveal his own desire for Amy. She
smiled as she watched his full cock throb in front of her. Although
her head was upside down, the sight was still incredibly arousing. The
brunette opened her mouth and accepted his cock between her lips. Her
neck pulsed as she swallowed his cock as far as she could take him.

Vlad made love to her sex while James made love to her mouth.
Amy's thighs clenched around Vlad's buttocks to drive him deeper while
her hands grabbed James' ass to pull him closer. The two cocks
throbbed inside of Amy and her own body was throbbing with them. As
Vlad rode her with vigor, James pumped gently. The contrasts and
similarities played through Amy's mind and body as they reached climax.

Amy had her climax first, her back arching under Vlad. James had
his climax next, filling her mouth with his semen. Amy moaned, her
throat bobbing as she struggled to swallow all that the famous agent
had to give her. Vlad came next, his own cock erupting inside the
squirming woman's lithe body. That was when Amy climaxed again, her
sex responding to Vlad's own explosion.


Bethany deactivated the traps on the balcony after a heroic
struggle. She removed the remains of her bra, cursing about how the
second scythe nearly made her a B-cup. The busty blonde hated running
around topless but at least she was alive.

She leaned over the balcony edge to signal her troops. Bethany
began cursing again. They were all gone. All of her agents had routed
as soon as her beautiful back was turned. Bethany heard the sounds of
screaming and shrugged. At least the cowards wouldn't survive.

The blonde agent cocked her gun and prepared to enter the house.
She was angry. She was pissed. She was also exhausted. Bethany
walked through the open balcony door without even noticing the

"Oh fuck me with a sticky bun," Bethany cursed as her foot caught
the wire. Glass slid down all around her, trapping her in a cylinder.
The hissing of gas soon followed. Bethany lost conscious almost
immediately. It was an appropriate ending to one fucked up night.


"Here is your head," James said. Amy took the clunky white
square. Two red eyes had been painted on it. She looked down its
neck, and was surprised to see rather sophisticated circuits inside.
Those mad scientists of the Cold War were quite talented.

"A rather ugly gift for a beautiful lady if you ask me," Vlad
said. He was lounging in the nude, like all of them were.

"Quit kissing ass," James joked. "Amy, you better tell us who is
the better lover before he drowns us in compliments. That is, if you
have reached a decision."

Amy stretched, mostly to stall, but partially just to have two
handsome men watch her. "Yes, I have made a decision. I'm sorry,
Vlad, but James is just great."

"In fact, no one does it better," Amy added.


Bethany awoke with a tremendous headache. She was a little
bothered to find herself bound to a steel table, but these things
happen. The blonde was more concerned about the two men watching her.
She couldn't understand why James McGoohan was standing there with his
arch rival, Vladimir Flemishki.

"Good, you're awake," James said. "You were quite good," he
added in his heavy accent. "You are the first to make it to the

"I told you those surplus KGB traps would come in handy,"
Vladimir added.

Bethany tested her bonds. James chuckled.

"You won't be going anywhere, lass," he said. "You are being
restrained by the best British technology had to offer in 1964. You
will sedated, and shipped to headquarters where they will interrogate
you in order to determine why you wanted to break into the home of an
ex-agent. I suspect you will not have a pleasant time."

James pressed a button and a gasmask descended from the ceiling.
It was headed straight for Bethany's face. She could see green vapors
already drifting out.

Bethany struggled and was dismayed to see them walking away. She
was especially disappointed since James was much more attractive than
she expected. The Russian was cute too.

"Do you expect me to talk?" Bethany asked.

Vlad laughed. "Please, James, restrain yourself from any
comments. I've heard them all."

James shrugged. "True, it is an old bit."

Bethany tried her last option. "What about sex? I don't have
time for subtle innuendo here!"

James and Vlad paused.

"Best two out of three?" Vlad offered. "You could never defeat
me a second time."

James smiled. "Never say never."


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