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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"Wily Women and the Chocolate Factory"
By Shon Richards

Bethany Taylor ducked behind the giant candy mushroom and shot
back some return fire at her nemesis, Amy Valentine. She missed the
brunette, but destroyed a candy orange hanging from a tree. The orange
exploded, showering Amy with tiny chocolates.

Bethany shook her head. This was one bizarre mission. Phillip
Phonka, the eccentric candy maker, was working on new candies for
adults. Phillip was a genius, and if he said he was working on
something new, then everyone knew it was going to be a market success.
Bethany's employers, Diligent Enterprises, sent the agent in to get a
sample of this new candy and bring it back. Unfortunately, no one
quite knew just how insane Phillip was, or how weird his chocolate
factory would be.

Phillip had closed his doors to the public decades ago, citing
corporate espionage. Once, he allowed six children into his factory as
part of a prize, but only five of them came out, and they all refused
to talk about what they had seen. In fact, three of them died of
starvation, refusing to eat anything. THAT should have been a hint
about fucking with Phillip, but that didn't stop Diligent from sending
in their best agent anyway.

Bethany ran from her cover, the candy mushroom was rapidly
disintegrating from Amy's bullets. The blonde ran for behind a sturdy
looking carriage and dived for cover. Her leg bumped against the wheel
and the wheel broke off. Curious, Bethany took a bite. It was white
chocolate, and very good.

"What kind of factory is this?" Bethany asked, not for the first
time that night. The place was insane and childish. Hallways that led
to nowhere, strange pygmy workers everywhere and now this place, a
strange indoor garden filled with edibles. Everything here was candy,
from the trees, to the grass to the chocolate river that was gushing
out of a waterfall. Bethany plucked a piece of grass from the ground
and chewed. It was a delicious lime licorice.

The agent patted her pocket to confirm the sample she stole was
still there. The erotic chocolate had been easy to find, the place was
surprisingly lax on security. Amy Valentine was already there,
pocketing her own sample from the small tray labeled "test batch". The
two had been engaged in a firefight ever since and had carried there
battle to this strange garden.

"Stop!" a voice cried out. "You two are insane!"

"That's strange coming from him," Bethany muttered. It was
Phillip Phonka, wearing a purple tuxedo and flanked by pink pygmies.
The pygmies were wielding strange rifles and looked ready to fire.

"Damn," Bethany swore. It looked hopeless and the agent had her
heart set on buying a new hang glider with the paycheck from this
mission. Now it looked like she would have to give the damn sample
back just to escape those nasty looking guns.

"Fuck you Phonka!" Amy screamed.

That was when things got really interesting.


Amy Valentine didn't like chocolate. Despite her fondness for
bondage, spankings, voyeurism and wearing leather, Amy preferred the
flavor of vanilla. When Paragon Industries, Amy's employers, sent her
to this place, Amy was less than thrilled. She felt like a porn star
in a Christian bookstore.

That didn't stop the capable woman from doing her job. Phillip
Phonka was planning on releasing a candy designed to be the first real
chocolate aphrodisiac and Paragon Industries demanded a sample to
duplicate before Phonka's February release date. She had penetrated the
security easily enough and even had her hands on one of the candies
when that bitch, Bethany Taylor popped up.

"I bet that fat bitch just loves chocolate," Amy muttered to
herself as an orange exploded above her.

Fighting in this bizarre edible playground was the worse part of
the job. The smell of the chocolate river was overwhelming. Amy was
out of bullets and about out of patience. Any minute now, she was just
going to snap.

Infiltrating a factory that makes the kind of candy you hate
wasn't easy, but that's why they paid industrial agents like Amy the
large bonuses. Amy had made a promise to her self to buy a couch made
of vanilla ice cream after this mission. It would be a huge waste of
money, but it would be worth it.

Just as Amy was debating on the combat uses of a candy cane,
Phillip Phonka ran into the garden.

""Stop!" Phillip cried out. "You two are insane!"

It was Phillip Phonka, the madman himself. He was wearing his
trademark purple tuxedo, even at three in the morning. His red hair
projected out from under his purple top hat, and he was waving a cane
in anger. Even weirder, those strange pygmies that he had running his
factory were flanking him. They were armed with large rifles that had
hoses leading into backpacks. Were they lasers, flame-throwers or
something more sinister?

The sight of the man behind the madness was too much for Amy.
She didn't spend the last three hours trying to understand the strange
geometry of this place just to get caught now. Why, the weird room
filled with floating bubbles took half an hour alone to escape!

"Fuck you Phonka!" Amy screamed. She jumped out of cover and
intended to charge the skinny guy. Instead, the pygmies fired.

Thirty streams of hot chocolate nailed Amy with pinpoint
accuracy. The brunette screamed briefly before she was soaked in a
chocolate facial. The rest of her body was pummeled and coated with
the sticky, hot chocolate and Amy stumbled backwards under the assault.
She stumbled so far back, she lost her footing and fell right into the
chocolate river!

"No!" Phonka screamed and that was all Amy heard. The chocolate
river had a terrible rip current that dragged her under. The brunette
struggled, but her clothes were soaked with chocolate and the extra
weight dragged her down. It was a credit to her training that she kept
her cool and secured the aphrodisiac sample before stripping off her
clothes. Within seconds, the agent had removed her clothes as she
continued to spin and twist in the chocolate river's treacherous

She fought and struggled but the thickness of the river exhausted
her. Amy was pulled along the current and she could barely struggle.
Occasionally, she would fight to the surface for a gasp of air but
soon, even that was too much for her.


"No!" Phonka screamed. "They always fall into the chocolate
river! Don't they realize how hard it is to purify? I use that

"Maybe you shouldn't have a big fucking chocolate river then,"
Bethany said. She had stepped out from behind her cover and was
holding the experimental sample in her hand.

"My ChocoLust!" Phillip Phonka yelled. "That's mine! Give it
back right now young lady! The expenses to make that one sample were

"I think not," Bethany snapped. She had a cunning plan. "In
fact, I saw how many samples you had. There were only two that I saw,
and my fallen colleague had the other one. If you want this sample
back, you'll have to play by my rules."

Phillip sighed. His pygmy employees never lowered their rifles.
"How about a lifetime supply of Phonka bars? Will that buy my sample

Bethany's breath caught in her throat. A lifetime supply of her
favorite candy bar actually made her weak in the knees. The blonde
clutched the candy tighter and noticed that the chocolate didn't melt
at all.

"There can be no other offer," Phillip Phonka said calmly. "If
you won't accept that offer, then I can only assume that you plan to
betray me and run off with the ChocoLust. In that case, my Umpa-
Phumpas might as well shoot you now."

Bethany thought fast. "Put those guns down now, or I'll eat the
ChocoLust right now!"

Phillip sneered. "You wouldn't dare. The ChocoLust is made from
the finest chocolate powders. It's purified with the sweetest milk,
dusted with sugar picked by Hawaiian virgins and baked in an
atmosphere-controlled oven. It is the sweetest, purest, perfect piece
of chocolate ever. You couldn't even dare to think about eating. What
the Hell are you doing!"

It was too much for Bethany. The description of the chocolate
weakened her resolve. Since the pygmies were going to shoot anyway,
and it looked hopeless as it was, she might as well eat the thing that
was going to cause her death.

She popped the ChocoLust into her mouth.


Amy felt herself being dragged from the river. It made her
giggle despite her exhaustion. Her father had always said that if she
kept hanging out with the bad boys, she would end up dragged from a
river. The old man would have been smug to see he was finally right.

"Here's the intruder, but why is she naked?" Amy heard. She rose
her head and saw that the strange pygmies that Phonka hired for his
factory surrounded her.

"Maybe the boss is getting kinky again. Remember when he
invented the Everlasting Gob-Fucker?"

"I told you to never mention that candy again. My jaw is still
sore from that damn thing. Besides, the boss would never allow a naked
woman in his chocolate. You know how he is about contaminating the
chocolate river. Remember when that fat boy fell in? The boss about
damn near cried."

"Excuse me," Amy said, rising to her hands and knees. Her long
brown hair was dripping chocolate. "I really don't feel like being
captured today. Can we cut a deal?"

The pygmies looked at each other. "We don't cut deals," one of
them said. "Mr. Phonka would be pissed."

Amy sighed. Amateurs. "Look, the kind of deal I'm talking about
means you don't tell Mr. Phonka. You just let me go, and I'll give you
something in return."

"What could you give us?" one of the pygmies challenged. "You're
naked! You don't have anything!"

"Exactly!" Amy snapped back. "I'm offering my body you dwarf

"Oh!" another one of them said. "She's saying we can eat the
chocolate off her body! It's brilliant! Look at all the chocolate on
her! Mr. Phonka would never know because we would have to clean it

"No you chocolate freaks!" Amy yelled. "I'm saying you guys can
fuck me!" Amy mentally kicked herself. She forgot the first rule of
bribing, never give more than you have to.

"Ohhhhhh," they said in unison. "Yeah, we can do that too!"


"Damn it!" Mr. Phonka yelled. "They ALWAYS do that! They
always fall in the chocolate river, or get zapped by the television
lasers or worse, they always eat the experimental candy! This is why I
don't have visitors!"

"Oh my God, this is good chocolate!" Bethany moaned. She had
fallen to her knees. She forgot all about the rifles aimed at her as
her body succumbed to the purity of the wonderful candy.

"No, it's not chocolate," Phonka corrected. "It's ChocoLust.
It's pure distilled chocolate and since chocolate is an aphrodisiac,
this piece of chocolate is the purest aphrodisiac ever made. I should
warn you, chocolate was invented by Mayan priests who wanted to seduce
virgins and this candy is the closest we have to the original
invention. Since you just ate the sample, you might as well tell me if
it had any effect on you."

Bethany shivered as tingles spread throughout her body. "Yes,"
she gasped. "I feel . . .I feel . . .like I need more to eat. I have
this terrible . . .craving."

"Really?" Phillip Phonka asked.

"Yes, for something, salty, with skin with . . ." Bethany's voice
trailed off as she looked at Mr. Phonka. Her eyes focused on his pants
and something like realization dawned on her face. She ran towards
Phillip like a woman possessed.

"Hold your fire!" Phillip Phonka cried as Bethany tackled him to
the ground. The busty blonde ripped his pants open and pulled his
purple underwear down to his knees. Only when she had his cock in her
mouth did Bethany calm down, though, she never stopped sucking his
tasty cock.

"Well," Phillip moaned. "It looks like the ChocoLust can be
called a success." His words were cut off by the vigourous sucking
Bethany performed on him. Her head was bobbing up and down so fast,
Bethany's blonde ponytail was snapping against her back like a spur.

"We may have to weaken the potency," Phonka said as his cock
bounced off the back of Bethany's throat. "On the other hand, we may
have a hit for the homosexual market."


Amy was buried under a mound of horny Umpa-Phumpas. The strange
pygmies had shed their white jumpsuits and climbed over her chocolate
covered body. She lost count of how many of them there were, and she
didn't care. After her exhausting swim through the thick river, Amy
would rather be the center of an orgy than the center of a melee.

She was kneeling and had one lucky pygmy between her knees, his
face buried in her sex. He was consuming the chocolate that had
collected there, licking and drinking the sweet syrup along with the
offerings of her body. Amy had to concede that the little guy knew
what he liked and Amy liked what he liked.

Two Umpa-Phumpas were standing in front of her, each of them
suckling on her small breasts. Their tiny mouths lovingly cleaned the
chocolate from her nipples, sometimes biting down on her soft flesh
when the chocolate overwhelmed them. Amy shivered as their breaths
exhaled on her breasts.

One Umpa-Phumpa had climbed on top of his two friends and was
presenting her cock at eye level with Amy. The brunette leaned forward
and took his cock in her lips, and found out that pygmies made up for
their short stature in other ways. His cock filled her mouth and after
swallowing so much of the chocolate river, Amy was grateful for the
hard sweaty taste of cock. The pygmy clutched her sticky brown hair
with his hands as Amy sucked his manhood. Within seconds, he exploded
between her lips. As soon as his salty cream was swallowed completely,
he stepped down and another Umpa-Phumpa took his place.

Amy moaned as she began sucking on another cock, for she could
feel one of the pygmies feeling her ass. Her cheeks were spread apart
and a cock was pressed against her asshole. Amy tensed as the
insistent cock penetrated her ass slowly. She felt her ass expand
around the welcome intruder, opening wider and wider until she felt the
touch of his balls against her buttocks. That was when he began to
fuck her.

She cried out as her ass was fucked. Fast, eager thrusts pushed
deep inside her, while the mouth at her pussy continued to consume her
from within. Her hands were grabbed by insistent grips, guiding her
fingers to grasp other stiff cocks. In a daze, Amy masturbated the
unseen cocks with her hands still slippery from being coated in

The cock in her ass released its load, filling her anus with hot
cream. Amy shuddered as she felt the cock remove itself from her tight
ass, only to be replaced with a fresh one. Her ass was penetrated
again without a pause, stretching her tight anus to its limits. Her
moaning caused her lips to vibrate around the cock in her mouth,
causing another climax there as well. Like the dedicated agent that
she was, Amy sucked every drop from the ejaculating cock until it grew
limp in her mouth.

As soon as that cock was removed from her mouth, another Umpa-
Phumpa was quick to climb up. Amy barely had time to breathe before
another pair of hands pulled her head back down suck more cock. This
one was in a hurry; his balls slapped her chin as he furiously pumped
against her mouth. Amy almost laughed as the pygmy ejaculated within
seconds, splashing down her throat.

Amy noticed her hands were becoming stickier and she realized
that the two cocks she was stroking must have climaxed. This was
confirmed when two fresh cocks were slipped into her hands. She was
beginning to wonder how many of them there were. Amy didn't recall
there being that many when she began but there didn't seem to be an end
to the cocks.

Her sex finally clean of all the chocolate, she felt the mouth
leave her. Amy was almost disappointed until she felt another pygmy
crawl between her thighs. A cock finally entered her pussy, and Amy
shuddered as inch after inch rose within her. She shifted her hips,
trying to fuck the cock in her sex while keeping the one cock in her
ass. The talented agent was able to easily keep both cocks inside her.

The smell of sex was overpowering even the chocolate river and
Amy could feel her orgasm coming closer with each thrust. Her thighs
clenched against the pygmy she was straddling while her ass contracted
on the cock that held her open. Amy's body was burning with desire
when she heard the oddest thing: the pygmies were singing.

"Umpa-Phumpa, fuckity-do, I've got a cunning puzzle for you.

Umpa-Phumpa, suckity-me, if you are hard then you'll listen to

What do you do with a syrup-covered slut?

Crawling around like a cat in rut?

Chocolate dripping from her pussy and tits,

Sticking her ass out cause she's out of wits?

She's not looking for a foot rub!

Umpa-Phumpa, pumpity-dar,

If you like orgies, you will go far,

You will enjoy orgasms too,

Like the Umpa-Phumpa wackity-do!"

At the end of their song, Amy had her climax. Her body shook as
the multiple cocks continued to ravish Amy. As she shuddered, the
cocks climaxed again, shooting down her throat, filling her ass,
flooding her sex and coating her hands.

Amy collapsed in total exhaustion, but with a smile on her face.


Phillip Phonka was enjoying the desperate blowjob Bethany was
giving him. The agent just kept sucking like a woman dying of thirst.
She was so oblivious to the outside world, she didn't notice when he
slipped his hand down and her shirt and fondled her breasts.

"The ChocoLust does a great job of stimulating oral desire, but
is she aroused herself?" he asked his minions.

"I'll check!" one of the Umpa-Phumpas volunteered. He reached
between her legs and was the victim of a savage back kick. The pygmy
went flying into a lollipop bush.

"Hmm," Phonka said as Bethany resumed her sucking. "It appears
that it doesn't arouse the eater. We may have to add more Moon Cocoa
and cut back on the Fairy Cream."

The Umpa-Phumpas nodded wisely in agreement.

Bethany just kept sucking. Her lips were becoming numb but she
kept sucking. Her ponytail was snapping loudly against her back, but
she kept sucking. She had forgotten why she was even in the factory,
but she kept sucking. To the blonde, there was nothing that could
satisfy her insistent craving more than a nice hot stream of cum.

Phillip kept fondling Bethany's breasts, visions of dipping them
in chocolate molds dancing through his head. Or maybe, making them
marshmallow desserts would be more appropriate. As he thought of the
idea of marshmallow treats the size and shape of Bethany's tits, his
cock responded in kind.

"Yes!" Phillip Phonka cried. "Si! Bien! Da!" He added as he had
his climax.

Bethany trembled as the cum hit her mouth. With each swallow,
she felt the maddening desire within her lessen in slow degrees. When
his cock was shrinking, and her tongue couldn't coax any more from him,
she felt her sanity return but the powerful afterglow of the
aphrodisiac still had her feeling giddy.

"Wow, Mr. Phonka," Bethany said as her knees trembled. "Where do
I sign up to buy this when it goes public?"

Mr. Phonka stood up and regained his dignity, even though his
pants were around his ankles.

"For you young lady, never," he said. "Unless . . ."

"Unless what?" Bethany asked.

"Give me your bra," Phonka asked. "And I'll make sure you get a
shipment promptly." Visions of marshmallow breasts just in time for
Christmas danced through Phonka's head.

Bethany smiled and removed her bra happily. Sure, the mission
was a bust, but some things are more important. Chocolate beats money
any day.


Amy Valentine stumbled out of the chocolate factory on shaky
legs. The van was waiting for her, though the driver was a little
shocked to see her nude. He was new to the job.

"Did you get the ChocoLust?" he asked as Amy fell into the back
of the van.

"Here," Amy groaned. She held out the chocolate candy, which he
quickly snatched.

"What the Hell is all this white stuff?" he asked as he stuffed
it into a special storage bag. "And how did you smuggle it out butt-

Amy ignored the question. "You have to hand it to Mr. Phonka.
The ChocoLust might melt in your mouth, but it doesn't melt in your
hand or your thighs."

The end.


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