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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
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"The Magnificent Seven Blowjobs"
By Shon Richards

Amy Valentine sat in the tent, smug in the knowledge that her
competitors were not going to make it this morning. Five companies had
sent their best representatives to the Pacento Reservation, each of
them hoping to land the profit of financing the Pacento Casino into
existence. Indian Casinos were huge moneymakers, and Amy's employers,
Paragon Industries, had sent Amy to employ some rather unethical
methods for eliminating the competition.

"They had sent the right girl," Amy said to herself. She shifted
her knees. She hated sitting Indian style; legs as long and muscular
as hers shouldn't be crammed into a tight bundle. Amy was wearing a
pretty yellow sundress today and she regretted that she couldn't sit in
a chair where she could cross and uncross her legs in an indecent
manner. Oh well, at least she could 'accidentally' lift her dress from
time to time to flash the right people.

Across from her, sat the seven village elders. These mature
Native Americans sat in stony silence, barely even looking her way.
Occasionally, a man would come by and announce that another
representative was calling in sick but the elders never seemed to care.
They just stared ahead, lost in their own meditations.

It took all of Amy's self control not to openly gloat. Her mind
was already on the diamond-studded corset she planned to buy after this
mission. With the bonus she'll get for closing this deal so quickly,
she might even be able to purchase the matching diamond-studded garter

For fun, she also thought about the missing competition. Alex
Keen from Robinson Materials was trying to get rid of a 48-hour
hangover, courtesy of a powerful chemically altered whiskey that he
drank from Amy's belly button last night. He would be lucky to be able
to remember his name today.

Clive Davison from British Empirical was reported missing. Right
now he was tied and gagged in the back of a pick-up truck headed fro
Mexico. It wasn't easy to kidnap an executive out of an Indian
reservation but then, that's why they paid industrial agents like Amy
the big paychecks.

Peter Edge, a rather handsome fellow and employee of Universal
Technologies, was suffering from sprained back. Amy smiled as she
remembered the esoteric sexual position that had nearly cracked his
spine. She had warned him that it might ruin him for future sex . . .

Lastly, that chubby legged, stubborn, top heavy, air headed
blonde bimbo; Bethany Taylor wouldn't be making it this morning either.
Amy had poisoned her food, released two poisonous snakes into her tent
and arranged for a semi truck to run over her guest tent around five
this morning. There was no way Bethany could have survived last night!

"Good morning everyone!" Amy heard behind her. She recognized
that perky smug voice anywhere; it was Bethany!


"Hello Amy," Bethany said as she sat down beside her arch-
nemesis. "I was elsewhere last night, so I didn't receive any of your
gifts you left at my tent."

"Really?" Amy asked with feigned innocence. "Where were you?
Fucking some of the horses out here?"

Bethany smiled. "No, they told me you had worn them out."

Amy scowled but Bethany ignored her. The blonde agent from
Diligent Enterprises had a more important concern; like adjusting her
cleavage. She had decided to dress Western today. Bethany had a
gingham shirt on with the buttons undone safely to halfway down her
massive cleavage. Classic blue jeans strained against her legs and
were unbearably hot but it they did look good on her. Her long blonde
hair was tucked under a stylish white hat, completing her cowgirl

"Why the fuck would you dress as a cowboy on an Indian
reservation?" Amy whispered. "That's like dressing as a Nazi at a
British Royalty party."

"Because when this is all over, I'm going to ride this casino all
the way to the bank," Bethany replied. In fact, she could already name
the three stallions she planned to buy with this bonus. They were
Easy, Simple, and No Problem.

The village elders, who had decided to finally speak, interrupted
Bethany's musings.

"It is apparent to us that the Great Spirits are interested in
our new casino," the Chief said. He sat in the middle of the seven.
"Why else would they cripple or destroy some of the representatives who
would come to build it for us?"

"I agree," Bethany interrupted. "Which is why you're lucky that
Diligent Enterprises is willing to give you-"

"Silence, Stacked-Like-Cow!" the Chief snapped.

Amy decided to make her move. "Good call! Diligent Enterprises
couldn't begin to give you the same support Paragon Industries could."

"Silence, Raises-Skirt!" the Chief snapped again. "Your offers
mean nothing to us. It is clear to me that the Great Spirits have
chosen to spare the women for a reason. For years, the White man has
confined us to this desert and for years the white men have fucked us
over with taking our land and taking our young people."

"This does not bode well," Bethany whispered to herself.

"But today, when the White man needs our help once more, the
Great spirits have seen fit to grant us a reward for our years of
suffering. It is clear why the women have been spared. It is because
for once, WE will fuck the White Man."

Amy didn't hesitate. "That's fine with me. Paragon Industries
would be happy to fuck you for this contract."

"You slut!" Bethany snapped. She was angry that Amy said it
first and decided to take the moral high ground.

"Silence!" The Chief yelled. "Since there is two of you, we must
conduct this by a trial of skill. You, with the hat, go to the elder
to the far right of me. You, with the skirt, go to the elder to my far
left. You must give the elder in front of you a blowjob."

Bethany looked at the Native American in front of her. He was
ancient and wrinkled but he was also smiling like a kid in a porno
store. The blonde estimated the man to be over eighty years old. She
wasn't sure if he was even capable of an orgasm, but the man didn't
look like he would mind trying.

"Once the man in front of you climaxes, then you must give a
blowjob to the elder sitting next to him," the Chief continued.
"Continue giving these blowjobs until you reach me. The first woman to
suck my cock and make me cum will win the contract for your company."

Bethany did a quick count. "There are seven of you guys! Do you
honestly expect us to blow you all?"

The Chief pointed to his left, where Amy was already sucking an
elder's cock.

"Slut," Bethany repeated and then she too began looking for a
cock to suck.

Amy was not one to waste time. Once she heard the Chief's
demands, she got to work. The brunette kneeled in front of the sitting
elder in front of her, and opened his robe. Lying there, looking dead,
was a flaccid cock. The elder leaned back, waiting for the poor white
girl to do all the work.

"Great, just let me do everything," Amy muttered. "Reminds me of
high school."

The brunette reached for his cock and held the limp flesh in her
hand. She passed her thumb over his tip, rubbing it back and forth
against his opening. A single pulse vibrated in his cock and Amy
leaned forward to take him into her mouth. The elder sighed as her hot
mouth engulfed his penis and within seconds, his cock grew to its full

Amy heard Bethany say something and she heard the Chief respond,
but she ignored them. She felt the key to a good blowjob was total
attention to the job at hand. That and a lot of wet loud sucking.
Amy's mouth rose and fell along his growing shaft; her lips creating
slurping sounds as she sucked. Her brown hair fell around Amy's face
and completely covered his lap with her silky tresses.

The wet sounds worked wonders. What was once a limp cock was now
a hard pillar of flesh in her lips. Amy heard the elder's groans over
her own sucking noises and before she knew it, he was flooding her
mouth with his salty semen.

As soon as the first load touched her tongue, Amy withdrew. The
elder's cock continued to spurt and one long stream landed on her face.
Amy didn't even hesitate. She moved to the next elder, crawling
quickly to his lap and reaching for his cock.

She spared a glance at Bethany and she couldn't believe her eyes.
Bethany was already on her second guy!


Once Bethany saw Amy sucking her first cock, the blonde sprang
into action. She crawled over to one elder and opened his robe.
Inside, his cock was hard and waiting. It didn't surprise her, this
elder had been staring at her cleavage since she walked into the tent.

His eyes had never left the button that contained her breasts, so
Bethany decided to do him a favor. As she gripped his cock and went
down on him, she also reached for his hand and brought it to her shirt.
He needed no more urging. His fingers unclasped her button and then
reached in deeply to fondle her heavy breasts.

Bethany's hand stroked his cock while her lips enclosed around
his tip. She was only sucking on the end of his cock so that the elder
would have complete freedom to fondle her breasts. The busty blonde
wondered when was the last time he had cupped a breast this large, and
then she wondered when was the last time he had cupped a breast period.
The way he was squeezing with all his might on her soft flesh hinted at
the answer.

He erupted within Bethany's lips but he blonde felt her breasts
did most of the work this time. She lapped up the first couple of
shots of semen just to make sure he did have an orgasm and this wasn't
some sort of precum. Once she was satisfied, Bethany popped his cock
out of her mouth. He continued to ejaculate and a few streams landed
on her shirt but Bethany didn't care. She was already making eye
contact with the next elder.

Bethany crawled towards the sitting elder with a predatory grin.
Her breasts swung heavily as she crawled, swinging back and forth under
her unbuttoned shirt. Her breast was sore but it was a good kind of
sore. It felt like victory.

She pulled his cock out and was surprised to find it barely hard.
Bethany pumped his cock in her hand. The old man watched her with a
smug grin, perhaps not believing she could do it. She was going to
prove him wrong.

The blonde knelt in front of him; bring her mouth down to him.
She kept stroking his cock, and she licked her hands in turn. Soon,
her palms were sliding frictionless over his cock while her mouth
sucked his tip. Her tongue flickered over his cock with rapid lashes
as her mouth begged him to cum.

The elder groaned, as his cock struggled to remember old
reflexes. His balls ached. His cock was enflamed with lust. His
whole body was sweating as this beautiful blonde knelt before him. He
wanted nothing more than to release himself into her.

Out of the corner of her eye, Bethany saw Amy already moving to
her third!

Amy was desperate. Bethany was sucking her second guy, and Amy
wasn't sure how long she had been there. The crafty brunette decided
to play dirty.

She reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties to her
knees. Amy then moved to the side of the elder and flipped her skirt
over her waist. Her naked ass was all the invitation the Native
American needed. His wrinkled fingers slipped between her thighs and
roughly entered her sex. Amy shuddered at the invasion but ignored her
own sensations as she brought her mouth down on his erect cock.

This elder tasted of the desert and spice. Amy plunged her mouth
down over his cock and sucked as hard as she could. She could taste
the years of living in the sand as well as feel the frustration of such
a hard life in the relentless way he fingered her pussy. There was
sweat on his cock, and longing in his fingers.

As the elder fucked in, Amy would suck down. When he pulled his
fingers out, Amy would suck up. On and on she would go until she felt
the release of his seed on her tongue erupting with a force that coated
her throat. She pushed back one more time to feel the depths the elder
was reaching with his fingers. Amy just couldn't leave a finger
fucking like that easily.

She crawled to the next man, pleased to see Bethany still working
on her second elder. Amy swallowed the last of what was in her mouth
and licked her lips clean. The next elder was already smiling and his
robe was already open. Between his bony legs was a short, but fully
hard cock. Amy gladly took the same position she just left and knelt
with her ass beside his hand. She brought her head down over his lap
and was able to take all of the small cock between her lips. Her nose
was buried in his gray pubic hair and her tongue playfully toyed with
his small member.

SMACK! Amy started as she felt the elder's hand come down on her
bare ass. Before she could react, his hand came down again. Her
buttocks were burning from these two unexpected blows but her mouth
felt his cock twitch with every spank. The savvy brunette quickly
understood the sacrifice she had to make.

The elder continued to spank her tight ass, and Amy had to clench
and bear it. Furiously, she licked the cock in her mouth as she tried
to bring him faster to orgasm. It didn't seem to help. The cock
stubbornly refused to ejaculate as her buttocks burned with the

The worse part was, it was all voluntary. Usually Amy didn't
mind a good spanking but when she was in that kind of a mood, she liked
to have some sort of restraint in place. She'd rather writhe against
the spanks then just kneel here meekly while a senior citizen punished
her ass.

She sucked harder and cupped his balls in her hands. Her nimble
fingers juggled his sack, stroking and calling for his seed. When her
ass could take no more and was as red as the Native American's skin
that was when he finally climaxed.

Amy had never been so happy to feel the hot semen splash on her
tongue. She rose immediately, not caring that his ejaculating cock
sent streams of cum flying into her hair. The sore brunette just
wanted to get away from this kinky elder and suck the cock of the Chief
to win.

For some reason, she wasn't surprised to see Bethany, on her
knees in front of the Chief.

It was a long three minutes waiting for her second elder to
finally climax, but when he did, Bethany nearly cheered the old man.
The blonde had been watching Amy the entire time, wincing as the other
agent was spanked before her eyes. She was so intent on Amy, she
didn't even notice when her elder climaxed at first. Only when her
mouth was filled with his sticky seed did she realize that it was time
for her to move on.

Quickly she crawled to the next elder. His hands were already
reaching out for her as she removed his cock from his robes. Before
her lips even touched his cock, the elder's hands were enmeshed in her
long blonde hair. Bethany's mouth barely had time to open before he
forced her down onto his cock.

Bethany was merely there to provide suction as the elder lifted
and dropped her head on his cock. Her scalp was screaming but Bethany
was grateful for the break. She didn't have to move her neck at all.
All she had to do was just suck as the elder masturbated with her head.

Her breasts bounced against his knees and her throat had to
struggle with the relentless fucking, but Bethany held on. In fact,
she even began to hum. The elder moaned and his grip tightened on her
hair as he fucked her face. Faster and faster he slammed her mouth
down until he ejaculated violently within her lips. Then, he lifted
her head up and kept her above his cock as he released himself into the
air and onto her breasts.

Bethany was too stunned to complain, and too happy to mind. As
the hot cum landed on her chest, she realized she only had the Chief to
suck now!

Sticky and smug, the busty blonde crawled to the Chief. His robe
was open and he merely stared ahead as Bethany settled down in front of
him. She tried to get his attention, but the stoic Chief preferred for
her to work for this one.

His cock amazed Bethany. It was an easy eleven inches and
despite the age if the Chief, the cock was full of girth and life.
Bethany took the cock in both hands and wrapped her lips around his
cockhead. The Chief gave her no acknowledgement but his cock pulsed
once on her tongue, and that was all the encouragement Bethany needed.

She stroked his large cock while she licked and sucked his tip.
Her heavy breasts brushed against his shaft and not by accident.
Bethany swayed and flowed as she sucked, bringing her breasts in
constant contact with his thighs and balls. She let her long blonde
hair fall around his lap and she knew the soft locks were caressing his

Bethany tried every trick she knew, because her lips were sore
from the face fucking she had just left. In time, she knew she would
recover enough to suck the Chief to orgasm, but for now she was
stalling. Bethany wasn't worried. She was already here at the finish
line while Amy was still sucking some other man's cock. Bethany had
all the time in the world.

The Chief stared ahead, lost in his own thoughts as Bethany
lazily sucked his cock. Her tongue traced slow swirls on his cock as
she allowed herself time to recover. She tightened her grip and was
amazed by how solid his cock was. The agent daydreamed about what it
would feel like if she didn't have to limit herself to a blowjob.

"Enough," the Chief declared. Bethany looked at him in

"The other one is ready now. It is her turn," the Chief

"That's not fair!" Bethany snapped. "I got here first!"

"True," the Chief admitted. "So you had first chance to win.
But I have been counting the seconds since you began, and I now plan to
give the other one the same amount of time. She will have ninety
seconds to win, and then you will have ninety seconds more. You two
will trade back and forth until there is a winner."

"Move over bacon," Amy quipped. "Now there's something leaner."


Amy was thrilled with her turn of luck but her thrill turned to
amazement as she saw the enormous cock before her. The Chief was
giving her ninety seconds to suck that? Ninety seconds wasn't long
enough to look at it all, much less give a good blowjob!

The sore agent was undeterred. She pulled her sundress off over
her head and tossed it aside. Nude and her ass still burning, she
knelt before the Chief. She placed both hands on his crossed thighs
and aimed her head above his stout spear. Amy looked up at the Chief
and waited for his signal.

"Your time begins now," the Chief said, and Amy responded. With
a single motion, she deep-throated all eleven inches of him.

The Chief forgot to count as he felt what had transpired. His
entire cock was down Amy's throat and the crazy white woman wasn't even

"It's just a trick with the gag reflex," Bethany said with a
sneer, but Amy and the Chief ignored her. Amy's face was buried in the
elderly man's lap and her tongue was lapping at the base of his cock.
The Chief was desperately trying to count to himself as well as retain
his sanity.

Incredibly, Amy began to move. Ever so slowly, she pulled her
head up. Her lips sucked against his skin while her tongue tasted and
recognized the hand lotion Bethany had used this morning. The Chief's
cock tasted like Bethany and Amy wasn't sure if that was information
she wanted.

Her head rose at an incredibly slow pace and the Chief realized
she was timing it with her ninety seconds. Panic gripped his heart, as
he understood that as time went by, her mouth would also slowly leave
his cock. He moaned, shuddered and prayed that he would cum before
this amazing woman was done.

Halfway up his cock, Amy pulled her last trick and hummed. Her
lips vibrated and the Chief could feel her throat vibrating as well.
Amy's fingers stroked the base of his cock with gentle urging motions.
She was trying to pull his seed up; calling for him to spill himself
with her lips and fingers.

The pressure was too much. He couldn't answer the call of Amy's
vibrating lips in time. Amy's lips were sealed around the tip of his
cock when he reluctantly had to call her time up.

"Damn it!" Amy snapped.

"Tough shit," Bethany said as she pushed the brunette out of the
way. The busty blonde unsnapped her shirt and tossed it aside. She
cupped her heavy breasts and let them bounce against her chest before
kneeling in front of his wet, slick cock.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Yes, go!" the Chief cried out.

Bethany held his cock at the base while she lowered her chest
down to him. The tips of her tits enfolded his cock first and then the
entire mass of her breasts settled into his lap. The blonde's mouth
opened and gave his cock a single lick.

"Great Spirit!" the Chief cried out as he climaxed.

Bethany stayed where she was as hot splash after hot splash of
cum landed on her tongue and onto her breasts. Her face flushed with
victory, Bethany then deep-throated the Chief's cock. He shook as he
released the last of his orgasm in her mouth. Bethany wanted every
drop he had to offer. She wanted to taste it all.

It tasted like victory.

The end


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