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This is a sexual story written and copyrighted by me, Shon
Richards. Please don't post, repost or place on your website without
asking me first. Send comments to

This story has some bondage and women-in-peril themes. I was
experimenting with these elements and I didn't know if my regular Thigh
readers would object because my fanmail can be so sketchy at times. If
you prefer Thigh stories without these elements or with, then you need
to write me and let me know.

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Humping Dragon, Bound Tiger
Amy Valentine double-checked their progress so far. The stripper
had been bribed and was long gone. The three chefs were tied up and
dumped into a laundry van that wouldn't stop till it hit Seattle. Now
all she had to do was get inside the cake and then surprise the
venerable Mr. Duchandu with a double Uzi salute. That was the part she
wasn't sure on.

"Why do I have to get in the cake?" she asked her very temporary
partner, Bethany Taylor.

Bethany smiled, and that bothered Amy all the more. This mission
had sucked from the beginning. Amy's employers, Paragon Industries,
were terrified of Mr. Dudanchu, a wealthy entrepreneur who was famous
for his ruthless marketing tactics. Recently, Mr. Duchandu had decided
to move into the American wireless market. Rather than compete with
the sinister and mysterious Japanese man, Amy's bosses decided just to
kill him.

That was when it got complicated, because apparently Bethany's
employers, Diligent Enterprises, wanted to kill him too. They
contacted Amy's bosses, and the next thing Amy knew, she was ordered to
cooperate with the busty blonde to ensure Mr. Duchandu's death. One
week later, Amy found herself getting ready to hide inside a stripper's

"You have to get in the cake because you're better at hitting
multiple targets," Bethany explained. "You'll wipe out most of his
guards when you jump out, and I'll hit him with the sniper rifle while
they are distracted. Besides, the outfit is in your size."

Amy had to agree with her there. The stripper they bribed was as
flat chested as Amy, and the red Lycra bra was extremely tight. The
red Lycra hot pants were a good fit although she had a short argument
with Bethany over Amy's diamond studded garters.

"The garter really don't match," Bethany criticized. "They're
black, and the diamond studs are much too classy for that look."

"They stay," Amy said curtly as she climbed into the cake. "Why
don't we just put a bomb in the cake?"

Bethany shook her head. "Mr. Duchandu has survived seven bombing
attempts despite being present at every explosion. No one knows how he
does it, which is why we're going to put a bullet in his head. Let's
see if he walks away from that."

Bethany handed her the Uzis and then closed the lid on the cake.
The brunette agent was cramped inside the cake, but she knew that soon
she would get all the stretching she could ask for as she dodged
bullets and delivered death to an unsuspecting party. It wasn't easy
assassinating a major billionaire while wearing tacky Lycra, but then,
that was why they paid agents like Amy the major paychecks. She
fantasized about the set of Stradivarius guitars she was going to buy
this week.

One thought troubled her. "What does it matter who wears the
costume? As soon as they see me, I'm going to be shooting at them."


Bethany left Amy a little surprise and then continued onto her
real mission. The blonde left the kitchen and side stepped into an
elevator. As she ascended to the twentieth floor, Bethany thought
about her real reason for being here.

Her employers, Diligent Enterprises, desired to own an ancient
sword owned by Mr. Duchandu. The Pink Sword of Endurance was
legendary, having been owned by a long line of warlords. It was said
that whoever wielded the sword would know everlasting success, and in
Bethany's line of work, such unusual claims were not to be lightly
dismissed. Bethany didn't know if the sword was magical, all she knew
was that her bosses wanted it. That was enough for Bethany.

It was sheer genius to approach Paragon Industries and suggest
cooperation. While Amy got herself killed in a distraction, Bethany
could steal the sword from its pedestal. For fifty years the Pink
Sword had rested on the twentieth floor. It might make for a cool
story, but it also made it terribly easy for a thief to find.

Some days it was easy to steal an ancient sword from a
millionaire but they still paid industrial agents like Bethany
ridiculous amounts of money for her talents. Bethany checked her gun
while daydreaming about the antique biplane she was planning to buy.
The money was as good as her's.

The elevator opened into a freakishly long corridor. Solid steel
lined the walls of the corridor yet the floor was paneled in oak. A
hundred feet away, a lone man stood in front of a marble pedestal. The
man was blocking Bethany's view of the pedestal, but she knew that is
must hold the Pink Sword of Endurance. The man was dressed in black
and had his head bowed. Two swords hung from his belt.

Bethany raised her gun and walked slowly. She was not expecting
this. There were no security doors, no apparent traps and nothing with
a lock on it. Bethany couldn't believe that Mr. Dudanchu would leave
his prize possession literally a hundred feet away from the elevator.

"Oh well," Bethany thought. "I'm not complaining." She fired at
the man with her trusty Giffonwing.

The man pulled a sword from its sheath and quickly raised it to
his chest. Bethany heard the bullet ricochet from the sword and sink
into the wood floor. The man didn't even look up from the ground.

Bethany was not deterred. She kept firing as she continued
walking. Bullet after bullet she sent towards the man and he deflected
every one of them. Only when Bethany was out of bullets did he look up
at her and when he did, his mouth opened in shocked pleasure.

As worried as Bethany was, she couldn't help smile at his
surprise. She wasn't dressed like your normal thief. Bethany was
wearing tight black leather pants that clung to her hips and legs but
it wasn't her legs he was looking at. His eyes were riveted on her
massive cleavage, rising up from the confines of her black tube top.
Black mirror shades adorned her face while her long blonde hair hung
freely around her face. She looked good, and Bethany knew how to use

"That's a long sword you have there," she said with a smile.

The man shifted uncomfortably. Bethany examined him, and was
surprised to see he was barely over twenty. His black hair was shiny
and long, pulled back into a severe ponytail. Muscles rippled under
his white ki, and she noted with a smile that a bulge was already
apparent under his pants. He was cute too.

"Prepare to die, thief," the man said. He walked forward holding
his sword before him. Light glinted from the sharp edge.

"But I don't have a sword," Bethany pouted.

"I didn't have a gun," the man countered.

Bethany shrugged. "Fine, kill me while I am unarmed or fight me
like a man by giving me a weapon."

The man paused. He threw his sword towards her, and drew his
second blade. Bethany grabbed the sword in the air and executed a
perfect Swan-in-Repose.

"It's been awhile since I've used a blade," she said. "I'll try
to make your death painless but I am out of practice."

This time, the man smiled.


Her watch went off, letting Amy know it was time to spring from
the cake. She slammed the lid up and stood up, Uzis ready to kill.
She nearly shrieked when she saw almost a hundred guns drawn and
waiting for her. They did not look surprised. They also looked

"Wait, young lady," an old man said from his throne. Amy
recognized Mr. Duchandu, a frail wisp of a man who looked like his pink
robe was smothering him. He bore a striking resemblance to all of the
men in the room, and Amy realized the man's sons surrounded her. His
throne was decorated with gems and a few human skulls. Amy had a
feeling that the skulls were real.

"Look at the icing on the cake," Mr. Duchandu advised.

Amy looked. There was white icing on the pink cardboard cake,
and the icing said "Warning, Assassin inside."

"That bitch!" Amy cursed.

Mr. Duchandu nodded. "It appears you have been betrayed. Now, I
realize that assassins are just doing their jobs, so I bear you no ill
will. However, this is my birthday, and I have turned a hundred and
twenty. I feel I am owed something for my troubles."

Amy lowered her guns, and Mr. Duchandu's sons lowered theirs.

"What do you mean?" Amy asked. She reached up and freed her long
brown hair from its bun. A good agent always knows when to let her
hair down and try to seduce the ancient geezer.

"It is only fair that you perform the job of the young lady you
replaced," Mr. Duchandu said. "Do this, and I will spare your life.
Refuse and you will endure the challenge of the Dragon's Clit. It's my
favorite party game."

Amy laughed. "You want me to strip and you'll spare my life?"

Mr. Duchandu laughed, a sound like two bones knocking together.
"Strip? Goodness, no. We hired a whore. If you suck every one of my
sons, and then me, then you will have fulfilled your duty."

Amy stopped laughing. She looked and did a quick head count.
There were eighty men there.

"I'm an assassin, not a whore," Amy said proudly. "What is this
Dragon's Clit Challenge you mentioned?"

Mr. Duchandu smiled and clapped his hands. "Excellent, it's been
too long since we've played that game. In short, you must escape a
perilous situation or die. If you escape, you get to live."

"That's all?" Amy asked. "That doesn't sound fair. I'm in a
perilous situation now. I should just shoot you and take my chances
with escaping. At least I will get my mission done that way."

Mr. Duchandu looked concerned. "You would die."

Amy looked unconcerned. "The mission would be completed."

"Humor an old man, why do you want me killed?" Mr. Duchandu

"To keep you out of the wireless market in America," Amy

"Then I will make you a deal," Mr. Duchandu offered. "Survive
the challenge of the Dragon's Clit, and I will withdraw from that
market forever. Fair enough?"

"And my life?" Amy asked.

"Curses! Yes, your life as well," Mr. Duchandu said.

"Bring it on," Amy told him. She wished she were as confident as
she sounded.


Bethany was sweating. The man was good, almost supernatural with
his sword. It took everything the blonde had to keep up with him. The
sounds of parries, thrusts and swings echoed off of the steel walls as
they fought. It wasn't helping Bethany that the man was so damn cute.
Dimples appeared on the man's face every time he smiled and as they
fought, he smiled more and more.

It came as a huge surprise to the man when Bethany won.

She disarmed the man and his sword flipped end over end until it
stabbed the floor. The man looked at Bethany in shock, and Bethany
looked at him in equal shock. Her sword came up to his throat and she
pointed to the ground. He obediently lay down.

Bethany straddled him, her sword still at his throat. "What's
your name?" she asked.

"Rikimaru," he answered. His eyes were as blue as steel.

"Rikimaru, do you know why you lost?" Bethany asked him as she
ground her crotch into his. He moaned.

"Exactly," Bethany said. "I've won right?"

He nodded.

"Then if I spare your life, do you promise not to fight me?"
Bethany asked. Her sword parted his robe to reveal his chiseled chest.

"Yes," Rikimaru answered.

"Good," Bethany said. "Put your hands behind your head."

He did as she commanded. "Do you know why you lost?" Bethany
asked. Before he could answer, Bethany pointed to her right breast.
There was a slash where his blade had cut through her tube top yet
didn't touch her tanned breast at all.

"Right here," Bethany pointed. "You cut my top, but missed my
breast. I don't think it was a coincidence. I think you pulled your

"I have dishonored you with my lust," Rikimaru said. "I should
have wounded you like a warrior, instead of holding my strike because
you are beautiful."

Bethany pulled her tube top over her head and her breasts heaved
as she took a big breath. Rikimaru was speechless as he looked at her
twin moons. Bethany removed her glasses and looked at him with her
deep blue eyes.

"If you think you dishonored me, then I know of one way to make
it up to me." Bethany reached for her zipper, and she smiled as she
felt his groin throb with desire.


"Excellent!" Mr. Duchandu cried as he clapped. "It has been too
long since we have played Challenge of the Dragon's Clit!"

Amy didn't return the enthusiasm. They had stripped her bra and
hot pants yet left her her diamond studded stockings per her request.
The sons of Mr. Duchandu were happy to have her bare ass and sex to
look at.

Her arms were wrapped behind her back in heavy nylon rope and
that was just the beginning of her bondage. The knotted ropes laced
all over her body, pulling her legs far apart and forcing her to bend
over. The knotted cords bit into her flesh and were placed in the most
intimate of locations. Her nipples were trapped between two ropes,
pinching them every time she struggled while one rope was placed
between her buttocks, coming up between her sex lips. One knot was
placed especially over her clitoris. The network of ropes was so well
connected that the slightest movement caused all of the nylon ropes to
constrict. The constriction massaged her sex lips and stroked her
clitoris. It would have been quite erotic if she weren't suspended
twenty feet in the air over a huge vat of boiling oil.

"The oil is the fun part," Mr. Duchandu announced. "The rope
will slowly descend over the course of ten minutes. If you can free
yourself, then you will have survived the challenge. Your time begins

Amy began to struggle immediately and was paralyzed by the rough
stroking of her sex by the knotted rope. Her nipples were on fire from
the harsh pinching that only increased as she tried to wriggle. Amy
tried to ignore the ropes and fight but the rope cruelly held onto her.
At one point she almost got her wrists free but the complex system of
ropes pulled her head painfully until she had to quit.

The rope dropped two feet without warning. The freefall had a
devastating effect on Amy as the ropes constricted over her body. Her
small breasts were pinched, her arms were pulled tighter together and
her legs were pulled farther apart. Worse, the rope between her nether
lips rubbed tighter against her and Amy had a powerful climax that took
her breath away.

Mr. Duchandu watched it all. "This may be the best birthday


Bethany had removed Rikimaru's pants as well as her own. Bound
only by his honor, the asian warrior kept his hands behind his head as
he watched the blonde agent stroke his growing cock. His desire for
her was undeniable and when she lowered her sex onto him, he found that
her desire was just as strong.

"Madam, please," he tried to protest. Her pussy clenched him in
response and he shuddered.

"I'll stop at any time," Bethany told him. "I just thought that
since our attraction was mutual, we might as well take advantage of our
privacy." The blonde ran her fingers over his chest hair.

"If you want me to stop, just say so," Bethany whispered. Then
she swiveled her hips, rotating his sword in her sheath.

Rikimaru said nothing.

"I thought you might agree," Bethany breathed. Her chest was
rising and falling faster and Rikimaru's piercing eyes followed her
magnificent breasts.

"You would like to touch them, wouldn't you?" she asked. Before
he could answer, she cut him off. "Well you can't. Keep your hands
behind your head."

She brought her hands up and held her tits. Bethany kneaded her
breasts, sinking her fingers into the soft flesh as she continued to
hump him. Up and down her hips moved while her fingers sank in and
out. Her rhythm was as perfect as her sword fighting, precise yet

"Do you want to lick them?" Bethany asked. She raised one breast
to her mouth and loudly sucked on an erect nipple. Rikimaru moaned and
his hips lifted. She let the nipple pop from her mouth and the red tit
was red and shiny from her spit. The blonde then sucked on the other
nipple as Rikimaru breathed harder.

"I'm close," Bethany moaned.

Rikimaru shuddered again.

"I'm very close," Bethany moaned louder. The steel walls
reflected her blonde hair as she tossed her head back.

Rikimaru moaned with her.

"Here," Bethany growled as she fell forward. Holding one breast
in her hands, she offered a hard, wet nipple for his mouth. Rikimaru
took her nipple without a word, sucking on it as hard as he could. It
was salty from her sweat and sweet from whatever lotion she used this
morning. He sucked as much of her breast into his mouth as possible,
enjoying the abundance of her softness.

She climaxed first, gasping and shaking as his tongue flickered
over her swollen nipple. When her sex clenched down and her thighs
shivered around his waist, Rikimaru joined her with a climax as his
own. He felt himself splash inside her as her nipple bounced on his


Amy was a mere four feet away from a boiling death. Her body was
sweating from the heat of the oil and the terrible arousal the ropes
had inflicted on her. She had one chance and it wasn't going to be

The shaking agent began to bend backwards, arching her back
against the tension of the ropes. The knots crushed her small breasts
and the ropes in her mouth pulled painfully against her jaw. Her body
was being pulled and pinched but the athletic woman used every once of
power in her legs to curl backwards.

The worse part was the knot on her clitoris and the rope between
her sexual lips. Bending backwards on tightened the rope and she could
barely concentrate when the knot rubbed against her clit and entered
her lips. Amy moaned as the pulling rope traveled over her sex. She
was a step away from orgasm and a drop away from death.

Finally, her hands behind her back met with her thighs. The rope
vibrated with the sheer defiance of the young woman. Her seeking
fingers found the edge of her stockings and she tried with difficulty
to count them by touch. The rope on her sex was soaked with her desire
and constricting harder against her secret delta. She wanted to climax
so badly but the poor agent had to count diamond studs.

The act of finding the right stud was almost orgasmic in itself.
She pressed the concealed button and was rewarded with the sounds of
tiny motors activating. Each of the studs on her stockings extended
tiny blades on spinning wheels. The wheels chopped with a terrible
efficiency anything that was in their reach and once Amy relaxed her
back and assumed the natural position of her bondage, the wheels
quickly diced the ropes on her legs.

Unfortunately for Amy, the ropes' sudden cutting caused all of
the carefully constructed tension to snap. The ropes that were wrapped
around her body snapped like rubber bands and with twice as much
friction. As the knots on her clit sped through her sex and up between
her buttocks, Amy experienced a powerful orgasm and that caused her
body to quake. The exhausted agent was forced to try to grab the
remains of the rope to keep from falling while at the same time just
trying to stay conscious through the rope induced orgasm.

One hand held onto the remains of the hanging rope as she dangled
above the boiling oil. Amy shivered with delight as the orgasm racked
her body. Her entire body curled and flexed as she fought to keep her

"Cheater," Mr. Duchandu said with disappointment.

Bethany pulled her pants back on, smiling as she felt the pants
press against her swollen lips. Rikimaru was still on his back and his
cock was still standing proud. The blonde regretted that she didn't
have enough time to see the lengths of his endurance.

She walked towards the sword, knowing Rikimaru's honor would keep
him prone. The Pink Sword was resting on a pillow and after a quick
search; Bethany discovered that there was no alarm system protecting it
at all. That worried her.

"Why isn't there any security other than you?" Bethany asked.
Her fingers traced the edge of the blade.

"It is a test for our father's sons," Rikimaru answered. "Every
year, a son guards the blade. He must protect his father's blade to
prove his loyalty and worth as a child of the Duchandu clan."

Bethany felt a twinge of sympathy but she crushed it. "I'm
sorry. How angry will he be that I took it?"

"Extremely," Rikimaru said without a trace of emotion. "He will
have me killed, and he will track the thief. father considers the
sword to be an extension of his manhood, and any one who has touched it
without his consent will be treated as a rapist. He will find your
employers and he will exhaust his resources to punish them."

"Your death, huh?" Bethany asked again. The Pink Sword reflected
the concern on her face. The concern she thought she had crushed.

"My death will be as imaginative as one fitting a man who has
assisted a rape," Rikimaru said.

"Fuck it!" Bethany snapped. She stomped over to Rikimaru and
grabbed his hair. She lifted him to his feet and then kissed him hard.

"Keep your damn sword," Bethany said after she had bruised their
lips. "My company doesn't need the hassle."

Rikimaru smiled. "Your company, or you?"

Bethany kissed him again. Then she left.


"You cheated," Mr. Duchandu said again as Amy was lowered to the
floor. She stepped quickly away from the oil, her legs slick with

"I lived," she countered. "That means I won."

"That is true," Mr. Duchandu answered.

"We can still kill her," one of his sons offered. There were
grumbles of agreement from the other sons.

Mr. Duchandu laughed. "No, she may live. I will withdraw from
the wireless American market. I will also remember this birthday."

Amy relaxed, but only slightly.

"But mark my words, Amy Valentine," Mr. Duchandu commanded. "A
woman like you will not be forgotten easily. You may receive an
invitation to another party."

"Bring better party games," she said as she walked away. Heads
swiveled as one as they watched her tight rope-burned body walk past
them. As she stepped in the elevator and looked at the assembled men,
she felt a surge of pride on completing her mission.

"Wait!" she thought. The doors closed before she could stop

"How did he know my name?"

The end.

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