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This is a sexual story written and copyrighted by me, Shon Richards.
Please don't post, repost or place on your website without asking me first.
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Driving Miss Bethany,
By Shon Richards

I drove my cab to the street that was called in to the dispatcher,
struggling to stay awake. Driving a cab was tiring to begin with, but once
you've worked a twelve hour shift and it was four in the morning, it was a
miracle to remember what city you are in, much less remember the street you have
to go to. My coffee was cold and I was out of candy bars and for once, I was
hoping the fare would be talkative, just to help me stay awake.

It turns out she didn't need to talk. She woke me up as soon as I turned
the corner. She was standing beside a burning car, glaring at it while her long
blonde hair blew in the wind behind her. She had a long duster on, concealing
most of her body except for the curves of her breasts, which wouldn't be
concealed by something as mundane as a coat. The burning car should have held
all of my attention, but I could give a fuck. The blonde was special.

"Hello," I said as she climbed into my cab. She had a smell like
gunpowder and roses. My rearview mirror gave me a sight of her blue eyes and my
heart did those things that hearts do in love songs. They weren't just blue
they were true blue.

"That was fast," she said and I shrugged. Truth was, it took twenty
minutes to get here. I wasn't sure if she was being honest or sarcastic, but I
didn't care. Her voice was deep without the hardness of a smoker. I think I
loved her.

"My name's Patrick," I offered. "Where are we headed?"

"To the Cure-Tex building," she responded. "My name is Bethany," she said
almost as an afterthought.

"Cure-Tex?" I repeated. "Aren't they closed?" The pretty blonde didn't
look like a maid, and she was too classy to be a hooker.

"I hope so," she responded.

I drove in silence. She didn't seem talkative and she kept looking back
behind us. I wondered if she thought we were being followed. The idea amused
me. Bethany was beautiful and wearing a concealing jacket, it was easy to think
of her as some sort of secret spy on her way to a rendevous.

We reached Cure-Tex and the place looked dead quiet. Bethany took a deep
breath and stepped out of the cab. She leaned down to my window and I was
treated to a glance down her jacket. She had a tight white shirt underneath her
coat, and her breasts were literally bulging against the sheer material. Damn,
I love breasts.

"Wait for me?" Bethany asked.

"Gladly," I answered in my half-asleep state. I almost kicked myself,
that sounded so damn cheesy. It must not have sounded that bad because Bethany
smiled instead of getting mad.

"Shouldn't take too long," she replied. She turned and went towards the
building. I admit, I checked out her ass, but only briefly. The women had much
better assets in front if you got my meaning.

I turned on the radio and waited. Her perfume was still in the cab and I
took deep breaths. I've always had a weakness for blondes, but something told
me this woman would have entranced me even if she were bald.

"Hey there," I heard beside me and I jumped in my seat. Standing next to
my cab was another woman, just as beautiful as Bethany was. This gal was a
brunette, her hair hanging down over half her face like Veronica Lake. She was
dressed in leather and her lips were painted dark green. She had a cocky smile
and deep brown eyes that were laughing.

"Need a cab?" I offered. Wow, two great beauties on one night. What were
the fucking odds?

"Nope, I saw that Bethany already has this one," the woman said. "but I
do need your help."

She stood up and slipped her fingers into her tight leather pants. The
pants were so tight, she had to squeeze her fingers against her lovely looking
thighs to reach inside her pockets. I leaned out my window to get a better look
of her impossibly fit legs and stopped from whistling just in time.

After a wonderful moment of pant squeezing, she pulled a stack of bills
out of her pocket. It was a roll of hundred dollar bills and I couldn't help
but choke at the size of the roll. The brunnette counted out ten bills and
stuffed the rest back into her pocket. She handed one of the hundreds to me. I
noticed it had a phone number on it.

"Just take Bethany where she wants, and then call me after you drop her
off," the brunette said. "After you call, I'll give you the other nine. Is it
a deal?"

"Sure, lady," I said. Damn, four hundred dollars would get me that new
television I've needed since Daria left with my old one. "Why do you need to
know where she's going? This isn't anything illegal is it?"

The brunette smiled. "No more illegal than what Bethany is doing in a
closed office building," she laughed. "Besides, if you pull through, there
might be a tip in it for you."

"A thousand is enough," I said, meaning it.

"I wasn't talking money, handsome," she said. She gave me that smile
again and walked away.

Now that was an ass worth watching.

Twenty minutes later, I heard an explosion come from the Cure-Tex
building. I had turned the motor off to conserve gas but I snapped it back on
immediately. Gunfire erupted right after the explosion followed by what sounded
like a rocket. A street light was shot and that was when I saw Bethany running
out. Her coat was gone and her shirt was ripped open to reveal a white bra but
she didn't seem to care. She was carrying a huge gun that she used to pick off
three guards as they came running out after her.

"Move!" Bethany screamed as she jumped in the passenger seat beside me.
She rolled down the window and nailed another guy with a quick shot. I floored
the pedal.

"Where to?" I asked as we tore down the street.

"The docks, pier twenty-three," Bethany said between gasping breaths.
"Damn, those bastards play for keeps." She slapped a disk onto the dashboard.
I wisely didn't ask about it.

"This shirt is useless," Bethany said and she ripped the rest of it off.
I tried in vain to keep my eyes on the road but it was useless. The white bra
was soaked with sweat and her round nipples were completely visible. Her
breasts were rapidly rising and falling as she caught her breath. I don't think
I ever caught mine.

"Trouble," Bethany snapped. She reloaded her gun as I scanned my mirrors.

"I don't see anything," I said.

"They're not the road," she said as she leaned out through the window.
She began firing and I still didn't see anything. After two shots, I saw an
explosion bloom on the road behind us and that was when I saw them. There were
tiny boxes following us, painted black and speeding behind us like remote
control cars. As Bethany shot them they exploded harmlessly behind us. I could
only imagine what kind of explosions there would be if they actually reached us.

"Jesus!" I yelled as the last one exploded. "What the fuck is going on?"

"Stay cool, Patrick," Bethany said as she reloaded. "All you need to do
is drive, and you're doing fine. Have you ever considered driving
professionally for a corporation?"

"Errr, no," I said. "What's that noise?"

Bethany looked up and said, "helicopter."

She was right, it was a nasty looking black helicopter. I couldn't
believe it was flying so low in the city. Weren't there laws against that sort
of thing? There were probably laws that said you couldn't shoot at a cab
either, but they were ignoring those too. I watched in horror as bullet holes
appeared on the hood of my cab.

"Hey!" I yelled. I swerved hard to the right and went down a deserted one
way road. The helicopter swerved to keep up with me but I was accelerating too
fast and the copter had to avoid the light posts. By the time the helicopter
was able to follow us safely, I was already turning into a dark alley. I cut
the car off as Bethany looked at me. I placed my fingers on my lips.

The helicopter flew overhead. It passed over us several times and me and
Bethany just sat in silence. Finally, we heard gunshots in the distance and we
didn't hear the helicopter any more.

"I knew it wouldn't be long before it found another cab to mistake for
us," I said as I started the car again.

Bethany laughed.

We managed to reach the docks without being shot at again. A few cop cars
speed past us, but they took no notice of another cab in the middle of the
night. Bethany sat quietly as I drove, slowly regaining her composure. Within
minutes, she was as calm as her eyes were blue. Me, I was still shaking.

"My boat should be here in twenty minutes," Bethany said. "what do I owe
you, besides my life?"

That made me laugh. Something told me that she would have taken care of
the helicopter if I hadn't. The blonde didn't seem like to the type to need

I read her the fare on the meter and she reached into her pants. She
began the ritual that all cab drivers know by sight. Bethany couldn't find her

"Fuck! I left my cash in my jacket," the blonde swore. "I had to wrap my
jacket around a sentry gun."

I wasn't going to argue. "That's okay. You've given me one Hell of a
night." I also still had the brunette's hundred-dollar bill in my pocket. It
would cover the fare and leave some left over for breakfast. The phone number
on the bill wouldn't be bad either.

"Not yet, I haven't," Bethany said. "I said I had twenty minutes,

I almost laughed again but the intensity of those blue eyes stopped me.
Cab drivers only get laid in bad porn movies and when they do, it wasn't after
being shot at. To my continued disbelief, Bethany unzipped my pants. She
leaned over my lap, brushing me with her hanging breasts as she reached for my
seat lever. My seat fell back as far as it would go, leaving my unzipped pants
safely away from the steering wheel.

Bethany pulled my hard erection out of my pants, tugging it's girth in her
hands. Those deadly hands of hers were soft around my cock and the way she
licked her lips made me pulse. She looked at me, and fingered her nipple
through her sheer bra.

"Patrick, you're hard already," she said teasingly. "Have you been
staring at my breasts?"

"Yes," I answered. That was when she took me into her mouth. She sucked
every inch of me into her lips until her nose touched my pubic hair. I groaned
at the sudden shock of her wet mouth around me. Her blonde hair fell down,
obscuring my view but also grazing my skin with her silky tresses.

She rose up and her mouth sucked at the skin of my cock. Her tongue coaxed
me as she rose, tracing the veins of my manhood. The blonde hair was a yellow
curtain that hid the wonders I was relishing. When she reached the tip of my
cock she gave me a fierce tongue flicking before sinking back down to my hilt.

Bethany grabbed my hand and placed it right on her breast, encouraging me
to grope those wonderful fruit. My hand clenched and I moaned as my fingers
sank into sweaty cotton and soft skin. Her nipple was swollen against her bra
and my fingers delighted in feeling the contours of its hard flesh. As my
fingers played with her nipple, Bethany moaned and her lips would vibrate around

I had to see this beauty as she did the impossible. My other hand swept
her blonde hair up and held it like a ponytail above her head. Her eyes met
mine as I did this, glowing with lust and amusement. I shuddered as our eyes
meet and her teeth grazed me as her lips smiled.

Bethany closed her eyes and released me from their spell. Her hand went
to cup my balls and began a delicate juggle on her fingertips. My hand on her
hair clenched and my hand on her nipple pinched her as my cock surged with life.
Faster and faster she rose and fell as she bathed and stroked my cock with her
tongue and lips.

I had never felt so hard as I did right then in Bethany's lips.

I had never felt so lucky as I did when I squeezed Bethany's breasts.

I had never felt so turned on as I did when she opened her blue eyes and
looked at me.

I had never cum so hard as I did when it was on Bethany's tongue.

As I had my climax, her fingers stroked my balls and her tongue lapped the
tip of my cock. I curled as the pleasure racked my body, almost sitting up as
the intensity washed over me. Bethany kept sucking and sucking and sucking
until I was drained completely.

"Sorry about the shooting and everything," Bethany said when she finally
rose from my lap.

I waved it away, I was shuddering too much to talk. She laughed.

"I think I hear my boat," she said. "The next time I'm in town, I'll be
sure to request you."

"Please do," I managed to say. As she left my cab, I wished I had
something smarter. The cab already felt lonely with her gone, and I wish I
could have said something to make her my fare forever.

As I watched her walk away, I was reminded of the great ass I had seen
earlier on the brunette. Despite the fondness I felt for Bethany, I had to
admit the brunette's ass was far more impressive. I pulled out the hundred-
dollar bill she gave me after I zipped my pants back up. The phone number
stared at me, reminding me of its nine brothers.

Using a little bit of spit, I rubbed the phone number off. I really
didn't need a television, there was never anything good on anyway. Besides, I
always had this thing for blondes.

The end.


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