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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to all
e-mail at

This is the first part of the FINAL story involving the rivalry of
Amy and Bethany. There will never be another Thigh Vs. Thigh and after
this story is over, you will understand why there can't be any sequels.
No prequels either, so please don't ask for Thigh Vs. Thigh, Episode

I've enjoyed writing this series and want to thank the fans that
wrote me while working on this weekly series. I'm proud to have
provided an alternate to the normal kind of sex story every week. There
just isn't enough action/adventure/sci-fi entertainment in sex these

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"The Good, the Ass and the Busty"
Part 1- "For a Few Prototypes More"
By Shon Richards

Bethany Taylor was impressed. As she walked through the
laboratories of the computer giant, MacroHard, Bethany noted all of the
security upgrades they had installed since the last time she had broken
in. Retinal scanners, hidden lasers and roving two-man patrols were
just some of the long overdue improvements. Bethany thought this place
might actually be a challenge.

MacroHard was a computer company that viciously destroyed smaller
computer companies and absorbed their technology. Unfortunately for
them, Diligent Enterprises, Bethany's employers, would then steal from
MacroHard whatever they developed. It was cheaper for Diligent
Enterprises and it kept MacroHard the center of any anti-trust

Bethany stopped by one of the many security posters and chuckled.
It had an illustration of a blonde kneeling in front of a security
guard with a naughty look on her face. The caption read "Remember! A
moment in the mouth is a lifetime in the unemployment line!"

The poster was typical of what the espionage agent had seen so
far. Bethany and her rival at Paragon Industries, Amy Valentine, had
raided this company so many times, their methods of seduction and
violence had become old hat. She had even heard a rumor that the head
scientists were given sex-drive suppressant drugs to help them resist

Bethany smiled. She didn't think any sex drive suppressant was
going to slow her down. The agent was a beautiful blonde after all.
Her massive breasts heaved against the buttons of her white shirt and
it wasn't a mistake that she wore a vibrant pink bra underneath her
shirt. The pink of the bra was clearly visible and let everyone know
that a moment on the lips would certainly be worth it.

"Hello Bethany, ready to start your shift?" Harry, the guard
asked her.

"Yep," Bethany answered, running her security badge through the

The espionage agent had a simple philosophy. Always attack a
company through where they cut corners. After spending thousands on
the new security devices MacroHard out to outsource their security
guards. It was much easier to infiltrate a second rate security
company than it was to infiltrate a big time computer giant.

Now all she had to do was use her clearance to find the FistBuddy
Mark 3. After Paragon Industries stole the prototype for the first
FistBuddy, MacroHard had been working overtime to create a better
version. Bethany had heard that this version could program your VCR,
check the air for Anthrax and had a few vibration settings that were
quite popular.

It wouldn't be easy to steal the latest prototype with the
heightened security but that was why they paid industrial espionage
agents like Bethany the big paychecks. She wanted to buy another yacht
to use on the weekends.


Amy Valentine could tell that MacroHard founder and chief
scientist, William Doors was checking out her ass again. Why wouldn't
he? She had ditched her lab pants in favor of tiny shorts on the
premise that the lab was cold. Now it looked like her lab coat was the
only thing covering her tight ass while her long lovely legs were shown
in all their glory. She had even let down her long brown hair so that
its length would draw more attention to her backside.

She heard him drop another screwdriver and Amy laughed. This was
an easy job. MacroHard had upgraded their security since the last time
she had been here, but it was amazing what a flu outbreak among the lab
scientists could do for promoting a newly hired assistant to the top
lab. Amy Valentine was working in the same lab as the FistBuddy Mark 3
prototype on the eve of its unveiling. She was one fuck away from
cashing in and getting that greenhouse she's wanted to build.

"Amy," William Doors said from behind her. She looked over her
shoulder to see him standing behind her and staring right at her ass.

"Yes, Mr. Doors?" Amy asked sweetly.

"I don't understand it but I can't help looking at your ass," the
brilliant inventor said.

"Is it because of the sex drive suppressants that you are
confused?" Amy asked. She hadn't turned around.

"Yes," Mr. Doors groaned. "I had improper relations with my last
assistant, a gorgeous blonde with a huge rack, but she was really a
spy. I ordered the suppressants so it would never happen again when I
was working on a big project. Yet for some reason, it doesn't seem to
be working."

Amy shrugged and her coat rode up her shorts with the shoulder
motion. "It might have something to do with the fact that Paragon
Industries makes the suppressant," Amy offered. "They also make the
antidote in an easy to spray perfume."

Mr. Doors wasn't listening. He knelt down and stared at Amy's oh
so tight shorts.

"In fact, the antidote has the side effect of increasing the sex
drive," Amy continued. She unzipped her shorts and began to wiggle.
Before Mr. Door's astonished eyes, Amy's shorts fell to reveal the
tightest, most perfect ass.

"Want a bite?" Amy asked.

He did. Amy squealed as his hungry mouth bit her buttocks
tenderly. She grabbed the table edge as his teeth left marks on her
tight ass. His mouth roamed as he tried to taste every inch of her fit
backside. Amy squirmed in place as the deprived scientist tried to
sate his unleashed libido.

She decided to take advantage of his raging hormones. The
brunette turned around. Mr. Doors didn't stop in his nibbling; he just
kept biting her ass, her hips and then inside her thighs. As Amy sat
on the table behind her William plunged into the delta before him. His
sex-obsessed mind pushed him deep into Amy's sex, trying to taste,
nibble and bite away his incessant hunger.

"Oh shit!" Amy groaned as Mr. Doors' crazed mouth explored her.
Her thighs tightened around his head and she heard his glasses crack.
They didn't care. William quickly whipped the remains of his glasses
off as he continued to lick.

Amy pushed her sex tighter against William as the inventor's
tongue searched deeper and deeper. With his sex drive revived, he just
had to immerse himself in the taste and smell of a woman. His tongue
tapped her clitoris as he desperately sought more of the sweet juice of
her desire.

"I love my job!" Amy screamed as she climaxed.


Bethany waited patiently as the hand scanner confirmed her
identity. She spent her time watching the television screen on the
guard's desk. MacroHard had hundreds of televisions around the lab.
The company had every set locked on the news channels so that the
employees could keep up with all the anti-trust lawsuits. MacroHard
felt that nothing motivated employees to work faster than impending

The door opened and Bethany walked in. The central lab was just
how she remembered it. Here were the mirror cabinets. Here was the
calendar with puppies. Lying on the floor was William Doors. His eyes
were glazed with lust and his face was shiny from something other than

Just like she remembered it.

Bethany stepped over the moaning inventor and headed for where
the prototype would be stored. Where the prototype was supposed to be
was an empty spot. The blonde had a pretty good idea of what had

"Amy," she hissed.

"Yes!" Mr. Doors snapped. "It was Amy! My lab assistant seduced
me and stole the FistBuddy!"

Bethany looked at the bulge in the inventor's pants and the lack
of glasses on his face. He didn't even recognize her. Against her
will, she was impressed with Amy. The girl had seduced the guy without
even taking his pants off.

"I'll report the theft," Bethany said; picking up the phone. If
she couldn't have it, then she wasn't going to let Amy get away without
a fight.

"No worries," Mr. Doors said. "That was just the decoy
prototype. It is set to self-destruct every thirty minutes unless I
press a button on my watch. We do all of our work on it during the day
and at night, the night shift copies our improvements onto the real
prototype in the vault."

Bethany put down the phone and smiled. She walked closer to Mr.
Doors and slowly began to undo the buttons on her shirt. Despite his
poor vision, the inventor could see the approaching moons of her chest.

"What are you doing?" he asked as Bethany stripped off her shirt.
Her pink bra jiggled as she walked. His unrestrained libido was
straining against his pants.

"I'm going to get the combination from the vault," Bethany told
him. "Don't you remember me?"

In an instant, Mr. Doors did. This was the top-heavy beauty that
stole his last prototype! The one with the big hooters! The one with
the soft, warm, luscious, abundant breasts that he drowned in last

He needed no invitation. William plunged his wet face into her
breasts and his mouth bit through the flimsy pink bra. In seconds he
ripped the material with his teeth as he sought her even pinker
nipples. Once his lips found one of the sacred nipples, he groaned

Bethany reached into his pants and unzipped him. She didn't
remember him being quite this easy, but she wasn't complaining. It
looked like the rumors of a sex drive suppressant was just a rumor
after all. The thick hard rod she felt in her hand sure as Hell didn't
fell suppressed!

"The combination?" Bethany asked as she stroked him. His cock
was pulsing under her fingers.

She could barely hear his answer, buried as he was in her chest.
Fortunately for Bethany, she was used to understanding people muffled
by her tits. He rattled off a twenty-digit combination that she
memorized instantly.

Meanwhile, William's libido went into overdrive. His hips began
to buckle as he tried to fulfill the primal urge. Bethany lost her
grip on his cock due to his frantic thrusting but the scientist wasn't
accepting excuses. Driven by his need to climax, he grabbed Bethany's
shoulders and pushed her straight down. Bethany laughed as she knelt
before his cock but quit laughing as his cock spontaneously erupted
without touching her! She narrowly missed catching a stream of cum to
the face but her breasts and shredded bra weren't so lucky. After a
dozen spurts her tits were soaked in his sticky seed.

That was when William fainted.

"Well damn, that's going to be a bitch to clean," Bethany said.
This was worse than that gangbang in Chile.

Amy stood quietly as the security guard patted her down. The
guard was deliberately not making eye contact, obviously terrified of
being seduced by a possible spy. The brunette was toying with the idea
of fucking the guard just to see if she still had it when something
annoying happened. Her shorts were smoking.

"Ma'am?" the guard asked as he looked down at her shorts.

Amy broke her personal record for speed stripping when she
removed her shorts. Tucked between her thighs was the FistBuddy 3
prototype and it was rapidly self-destructing. Amy tossed the melting
computer into the wastebasket just before it exploded. It would have
given a new meaning to the term "hot pants."

"What was that?" the guard stupidly asked.

"It wasn't my vibrator dumb ass!" Amy snapped before felling the
guard with a sharp blow to the neck.

Amy ran back to the main lab, not bothering to put on her shorts.
She burst through the door to find William collapsed on the ground. As
she approached him she noticed that there was shreds of pink material
everywhere. Her analytical mind assessed that whatever was shredded,
it had to be huge; like a flag, or a tablecloth or a bra for a really
busty woman.

"Bethany," Amy hissed. She stomped over to the collapsed
inventor and started slapping him lightly on the face.

"Wake up, William!" Amy said as she slapped him. "They've
stolen the FistBuddy again!"

In a dazed stupor, William mumbled, "Its okay, I added a tracking
device in case it got stolen."

Amy slapped him again. "Where's the tracker?"

"Its in my watch," William said. As blood slowly returned to his
head, he realized who he was talking to. "Hey, you stole the decoy!"

Amy's next slap changed into a fist as she punched him out.
William collapsed back to the ground and Amy stripped off his watch.
The tracking feature was easy to understand and she got a homing signal

"Wow, a decoy and a tracking function," Amy said. "Too bad you
can't put this many backup features into your operating systems."


Bethany Taylor stood in front of the television monitor in shock.
The prototype was humming in her bra but she didn't care. She knew she
was drawing attention from the other guards because she was just
standing there watching the screen but it didn't matter. Nothing
mattered any more.

When a charging Amy tackled her to the ground, Bethany didn't
even resist. The pantless brunette straddled Bethany's waist and
shouted insults at her. Bethany didn't fight her off when Amy reached
inside her bra and pulled out the prototype.

"What the Hell is wrong with you?" Amy asked.

Bethany pointed to the television.

"Once again for those just joining us, the mega corporation of
Diligent Enterprises, which is an owner of this network, was revealed
today in an anonymous package that was mailed to every news
organization and federal agency to have had illegal dealings with every
president, congressman and governor dating back to Lincoln! The
package contained evidence, footnotes, tapes and documented proof
pertaining to bribery and favorable legislation for the company.
Politicians are demanding immediate investigations and promise a full
inquiry. Diligent enterprises spokesmen had no comment at this time
and Wall Street has been working over time to sell as much Diligent
stock as possible. In unrelated news, the current president just
declared war on another unpopular country."

"Fucking A," Amy said. "Your company is grass."

"Tell me about it," Bethany said. She still couldn't believe it.
One minute she was stealing high tech secrets, the next she is out of a

"Well, you won't be needing this," Amy said as she tucked the
real prototype into her pocket. "I guess I should say something witty
and cutting to celebrate my company's final victory over yours, but you
know what? I'm too busy. Having a job is like that. Look on the
bright side, maybe MacroHard is hiring."


Later Bethany returned to her apartment. She had tried to go to
the corporate office but it was a crime scene from the half dozen
executives who had jumped from their windows. All she wanted to do now
was kick off her clothes and take a long hot bath.

Inside her door was a package. Bethany paused as she wondered
how it got inside her door. She wondered if it was a trap, sent by
some surviving Diligent executive who wanted to cut down on the list of
potential witnesses. Bethany decided that one last death threat might
be fun to deal with.

Bethany carefully opened the package and discovered it only had a
pair of sunglasses. It didn't appear to have a bomb or contain a
deadly poison, so the blonde tried them on.

She stood still in her hallway for about five minutes.

"Well fuck," Bethany swore as she whipped off the glasses. "That
changes everything."

She stormed back out her door.

To be continued


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