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* Just a little standard disclaimer: This story describe sexual activity,
so please don't read this if you're underage or very very sensitive. This
is a pure work of fiction, and any resemblance to actual people or events
are purely coincidental. . Please don't repost or archive any of my
stories without specific permission from the author. Feedback is
encouraged, by email to lordshon@aol.

Things We Do for Love, By Shon Richards

When I got to work at the factory Friday night, I was delighted to find
that my machine was going to be down for the night with repair work. I
immediately told my coworkers that I was headed home, which of course
brought the usual jokes about why I was in such a hurry to get home at such
a late hour. This time their ribbing had the addition of including my
sister-in-law--they knew she was spending the summer with us. Their jokes
didn't matter to me because they were right. I was rushing home for sex,
but it was my wife I had in mind.

Since Kimberly moved in with me and Joanne, my sex life had died.
Joanne and I had a hard enough time finding moments where we were both in
the mood, something that's all too common to night shift workers. Throw in
a sister-in-law and those rare moments just disappear all together. It's
small house and Joanne is very close to her sister, so privacy was a
vanishing commodity. I hadn't complained in the two weeks Kimberly had
stayed with us; Joanne had been too happy these past few weeks for me to
spoil her fun. Knowing my wife, though, she would be perfectly willing if
we were sure her sister wasn't there to distract her. That's why I rushed
home at midnight. I thought I would crawl under the covers and seduce my
wife in a secret rendezvous in the middle of the night.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not some sort of saintly husband who hasn't
looked at his sister-in-law with impure thoughts. It's just that Joanne is
my dream girl with her long brown hair, big brown eyes that light up when I
make her smile, those thirty extra pounds she doesn't need but which make
her so curvy and soft, and of course, that special Joanne touch that sends
shivers up my spine even after three years of marriage. That doesn't mean
Kimberly isn't attractive, she just isn't my type. Kim is a little shorter
with a willowy body, the kind that looks great in a jeans commercial.
Except that with her short wedge cut hair and her hyper personality, she
reminds me too much of a guy I don't really see her as a woman. Despite
these turnoffs, I'm afraid I've still thought of her in a sexual way a few
times, but heck, having another woman in the house is bound to cause those
thoughts. I just make sure I never even joke about it with Joanne. Joanne
has always had to compete with her sister for her family's attention; the
least I could do as a husband is make sure Joanne never felt like she had
to compete with Kimberly for me.

I ran two red lights on the way home.

Entering my house as quietly as possible, I was stunned to find the
silence of the house was compromised. One of my stipulations about
Kimberly's staying with us was that she wouldn't bring any men home- a rule
that was obviously broken as I listened to the unmistakable sounds of a bed
creaking and moans coming from the back bedroom! Surprise turned to anger
and then a kind of embarrassment. I really wasn't sure what to do, so I
took off my shoes and walked as quietly as I could to the back of the

My intention was to ignore Kimberly's bedroom and crawl into my wife's
room. My steps faltered, though, as I reached the hall. The sounds of
lovemaking weren't coming from my sister-in-law's bedroom, but my own.
Frozen in the hall, I just looked blankly at the undeniable light coming
from under the door to my bedroom. The noises escalated, and I recognized
the sharpening crescendo of my wife's shrill cries. I don't think I was
feeling a thing as I opened the door.

They stopped as soon they heard the door open. I watched in a haze as
my wife pushed her nude sister away from her, and I guess I just stared at
the glare of moisture on Kimberly's face. Joanne was turning several
shades of red, a deep crimson blush that went from her wide eyed face down
to her erect aroused nipples. The absurdity of the moment was just too
much. I had never thought my wife would cheat on me, and it turned out she
did with the last person I could possibly imagine. At a loss, I simply
closed the door and walked back to the front of the house.

As I searched the fridge for something to drink, I heard the back door
open and close. A moment later Joanne walked in wearing her house robe.
She spoke first, answering the easy questions first.

"Kim went out the back and she's going to take a drive," my wife said.

"That's good," I said. I tried asking her questions, but after starting
three times, I just stood there bewildered. I drank a glass of orange
juice just to do something. Joanne stood on the other side of the kitchen,
distressed but obviously too ashamed to approach me. Her head hung down,
cloaking her face with her brown locks. It was a stance of embarrassment.
My heart went out to her but I squelched it. This was something that
needed a firm approach, no matter how sorry I felt for my wife's

"Joanne," I said as I poured another glass of juice. "What the fuck
were YOU DOING?" I yelled. I didn't mean to yell, but my emotions were
running a bit high.

She winced at my voice, and I instantly regretted it. Her own father yelled at her constantly, and I broke one of those cardinal
'I'm-not-like-your-family' rules.

"It's nothing about how I feel for you," Joanne said, clutching her arms
to her defensively. "I love you to death and I want you to know that. I
want to be married to you forever, so please don't think this is because of

I shook my head aggressively.

"Joanne," I said as I gathered my thoughts and watched my voice. "I got
off work early, came home and found my wife in bed with her sister.
There's a lot more going on here than plain adultery."

"I know," Joanne said softly, and again my resolve nearly melted. I
drank my orange juice and tried to think as reasonably as possible. My
anger would come and go in waves, and I decided that I would be better off
if I didn't do any talking.

"Here," I said gently as I pulled out a chair from the kitchen table.
"Let's sit down and you just tell me the whole story. Right now I don't
know what to think, and I deserve to know what's going on before I just get
upset. Besides, you deserve to tell me your story before I yell at you
anymore and do my impersonation of the 'scorned husband'."

Her laugh was a little forced but she sat down. I don't know what it
says for our relationship that I still crack jokes to make her relaxed when
she's in the wrong, but I didn't care. I love Joanne too much to worry if
I'm in denial or being too soft. Being angry at Joanne for a serious
reason was a feeling I didn't like one bit.

"The first time it happened," Joanne started, "was when I was fourteen."

My stomach turned as she said this, but I said nothing. My face must
have said something because she immediately tried to assure my fears.

"It wasn't like that," Joanne said. "At the time, I had just started
high school and my parents had me scared to death about all the different
ways I could screw up. If I wasn't stressing out about grades, I was
worried about being fat or making any friends."

Joanne didn't have to elaborate; I was deeply familiar with the abuse
her family had given her. While my parents were merely negligent and cold,
Joanne's family was involved with every aspect of her life. Unfortunately,
their involvement only extended towards demanding that Joanne be more like
her sister. With their constant belittling of Joanne to cover their own
frustrations, her parents did a pretty good job of making Joanne a fruit
basket of neuroses. The little snips and pieces I've heard over the years
had given me full appreciation of how much I would love to take a swing at
both her parents.

"Because I was such a nervous mess," Joanne continued, "I had the worst
times getting to sleep at nights. Usually Kim was great about comforting
me when I had my insomnia. Because we shared the same bedroom, she would
often get into bed with me and that would help me fall asleep. She was my
security blanket I guess."

"One night, I asked her to come into bed with me, and she turned me
down. That was the first time Kim had ever refused to sleep with me and I
was devastated. This went on for a week, and I bet you can imagine how an
insecure girl who already was feeling low felt about being rejected by her
own sister as well. My sleeping became even more irregular until finally
Kim took pity on me and reluctantly got into bed with me."

"When my sister got into bed, I was so happy. I was so excited and
relieved that Kim was with me, that I didn't sleep as soundly as I normally
did with her. Because of this, I awoke easily when Kim started

"What?" I interjected. "She was masturbating with you in bed?" Another
glass of orange juice was poured.

"She thought I was asleep," Joanne said. "It turns out, Kim had learned
to masturbate the week before, and for lack of a better word, she was
hooked on it. It explained why she was going to bed earlier and earlier,
and it explained why she didn't want to share my bed. She was one horny
teenager, and she certainly didn't need me to cramp her self exploration.
She consented to sleep with me because she felt bad, but just like a
typical teenager, she thought she could get away with doing it while I
slept. Imagine how shocked she was when I asked her what she was doing."

Joanne giggled at that point at her memories, but I didn't join her
laughter. I was too stunned.

"Well, Kim then did the oddest thing. She told me the truth. Looking
back, I think she was dying to tell somebody and it made her appear
knowledgeable about something she was just discovering for herself."

"Good God," I whispered. "How in the world do you explain masturbating
to a fourteen year old?"

"Don't forget," Joanne said. "Kimberly was only sixteen. She also was
having her own rebellion against mom and Dad, although I can't figure out
how you rebel against parents that make you the favorite. Kim thought I
had a right to know, figured it would do me some good. She said it helped
her get to sleep all the time."

I almost laughed. I know I've used the 'helps me sleep' argument with
my wife before, so I related to that. But my God, I couldn't imagine
teaching my younger brother to masturbate. It was horrifying in its
sexuality to even think of. Worse, it was horrible in the way that I could
believe it happening. I turned to another glass of orange juice, ignoring
the turmoil of revulsion in my stomach.

"Wait a minute," I said when I finished another glass. "I can see
Kimberly telling you about masturbation, and although it freaks me out a
bit, I can see how a young teen could see nothing wrong with it. What I
don't understand is how you went from learning about manual pleasures to
oral sex in our bedroom?"

Her face blushed again and God help me, I developed an erection as I
watched her blush reach her chest. I had my own bout of shame- I was
ashamed to be turned on while my wife was revealing her incest. It didn't
matter that I've always been turned on by the way her body could do a full
blush, I was ashamed of having any sort of feelings during this taboo discussion.

"After Kimberly explained about what masturbation was, I begged her to
show me how to do it. It didn't matter that I had had sex education two
years before, I was totally ignorant about what to do with my own body.
Reluctantly, Kim stepped me through my first orgasm. I slept like a log
after that."

"What do you mean?" I asked. "Did she touch you?" My throat was too
tight, no matter how many glasses of juice I slammed down. No matter how
casual Joanne was about it, I still saw it as a form of molestation.

"Sometimes," Joanne said. "Look at it from my point of view, I thought
my big sister was avoiding me, and now I was relieved to find out she
wasn't. I was also curious about my own sexuality and Kimberly was right
there for me. She showed me how to find my clit. She told me about
lubrication and warned me about chafing. When I fumbled around, she would
take my hand, form my fingers and then guide my pace. With my sister lying
beside me, watching me in the moonlight, I had my first climax."

"Wow," I said. I wanted to yell that this wasn't right, but I couldn't.
The look on my wife's face when she told me her account was a mix of
embarrassment and adoration. I was afraid of distancing her, which was
something I was avoiding at all cost. I had to find out the depth of her
relationship with Kim, so I let her continue.

"After that first night," Joanne said with some hesitation, "it became a
new hobby for me. Remember how it was when we first made love?"

I nodded. Joanne was the first girl I had ever been with and to my
delight she liked sex about as much as I did. We were making love three or
four times a day until I literally strained my knee. I smiled as I thought
about that fun bit of nymphomania but then I applied that experience to her
story. It was time for another glass of orange juice.

"I was just as insatiable," Joanne continued. "Every night Kimberly
would crawl into bed with me and we would masturbate. We would tell each
other who we were fantasizing about, and compare notes about what we wanted
to do. Sometimes we would try to wait till we climaxed together, and other
times one of us would lay there masturbating while the other told a
fantasy. I know this has to sound crazy, but I was in heaven. My sister and I had something in common that no one else knew about. It was a secret
just between us, and you have no idea how much I held on to that when my
parents would rag on me."

"Eventually, we began to escalate," Joanne said, and I sat there quietly
while she explained. "Kimberly was having trouble one night, I don't
remember why, but she just couldn't climax. She had both hands between her
legs and I was telling her about how her math teacher was sucking away at
her nipples while her crush was fucking her from behind. Kim was almost
crying about how close she was, but she just couldn't hit orgasm. Feeling
bad for her, I sucked on one of her nipples."

Joanne paused, and damn if I was going to say anything.

"She came almost instantly, and it was pretty spectacular. Thrashing
around, she would have woken up mom and Dad if I hadn't had clamped her
mouth with my hand. When her orgasm subsided, she couldn't stop talking
about how powerful and fulfilling it was. I think we were both a bit
uncomfortable with what I did, but at the same time we were both curious
about the power she felt when she had her climax. Our climaxes were
usually quiet and just plain pleasant-what Kim experienced looked like an
exorcism. Of course, I immediately asked her to return the favor."

"That started the whole physical side of our relationship. At first it
was simple stuff; a little breast play, some thigh gripping and my favorite
as you can guess- ear nibbling. We had these extensive foreplay sessions
in my bed while the rest of the house was asleep. Oddly, we never kissed
mouth to mouth, but we kissed just about every where else. I used to kiss
down Kim's back in a certain way that was guaranteed to get her off every
time. I'm just glad you're as good a lover as you are, because Kimberly
certainly spoiled me for foreplay."

"Your compliment is appreciated," I said, reaching out to hold her
hands. "I just don't understand though. Don't you see anything wrong with
what Kimberly and you did together?"

She shook her head, and immediately defended herself when I sighed.

"Back then, all we were doing was really elaborate foreplay. The
closest we ever got to each other's sex was when we would hold the arm of
the other person's masturbating hand. No, I don't see anything wrong with
that because we were just helping each other get off. It really gave me a
lot of confidence to be doing something I enjoyed that no one else knew
about. We stopped when she went to college the next year but I have to say
those nights with Kimberly were the best times of my life until I met you."

"But Joanne," I said as calmly as possible. "You two were doing a lot
more than masturbating when I saw you. Kim was between your legs when I
walked in."

"That happened last night," she admitted. When I didn't say anything,
she eventually continued.

"Yesterday, Kim helped me fold up clothes and put them away. She found
our two vibrators in the top drawer and I was kind of embarrassed. She
laughed it off and we got to talking about our midnight sex sessions. One
thing led to another, and we got to thinking about how much fun they were."

"Wait a minute," I interrupted. "One thing led to another? That's
pretty vague to explain why you two got into bed."

Joanne nodded, and she tired to pull her hands away. I held on to them;
I wasn't letting my wife go for anything. Especially as hard as it was for
her to be telling me all this.

"After talking about our first sex life, Kimberly and I talked about the
rest of her experiences. She told me about Greg, Rob, and flirting with
her female roommate Jeanie. The only story I could offer was you, but it
was enough. She was very jealous of our marriage and I accidentally
depressed her as I talked about the fun we had last February. Before I
knew it, I had her sitting dejected on my bed."

"Seeing how down she was, I told her about how much I treasured what she
did for me back then. I told her the same things I told you, about how I
wouldn't trade those moments for anything. When I described how she turned
me from a complete wreck into an almost happy person, she made an unusual

"Joanne," she asked so softly that I had to sit down to hear her. "Can
you make me feel as good as I made you feel?"

"Oh my God," I said.

Joanne nodded; it was a relief to see she was still shocked by it.

"What could I do, Eric?" Joanne asked. "There my sister was, depressed
and vulnerable on my bed. I felt so bad for her, and at the same time I
was intrigued. It was a chance to do something good for Kimberly for a
change, and it was a chance for me to be the older sister. When you left
for work that night, I invited Kim into my bedroom."

"I didn't plan to do cross our old boundaries," Joanne confessed. "But
when Kim was in bed with me, I found it impossible to do the old routines,
it just felt silly. I realize now that I had just outgrown those old games, but last night I was at a loss on how to proceed. Of course, it was
Kimberly who solved our problems."

"I bet Eric has taught you a lot since the last time we did this," Kim

"She was right," Joanne continued, and I found that the orange juice jug
was empty. "Once I thought about being all grown up, and I thought about
how much you've taught me about myself, I approached Kimberly differently.
I used my mouth a lot more for one thing. I also was a lot more dominating
as I dictated the pace. Before long, I was completely comfortable and
Kimberly was moaning and thrashing much more intensely than anytime we ever
played as kids."

"I was ready to bring her to climax, and I was using our pink vibrator
to do it. Kim was helpless in front of me, and Eric, that was an
incredible turn-on. I watched as the pink shape entered my sister and she
was shouting encouragement the entire time. I don't really have a reason
for what I did next. For some reason, I decided to go down on her."

"She went right to sleep afterwards, and I thought it was over. The
next day, she asked if she could return the favor, and to be honest, I was
curious. This time, she went down on me, and it was incredible. I can't
tell you why I'm sneaking around with my sister again, or really why I was
willing to have oral sex now. Maybe there's something wrong with me."

Joanne stopped, and I admit I had to stop too. My wife was truly
baffled as to her actions, and I could read it in her eyes. Unable to
watch her sit there confused, I offered my own opinion.

"It would seem to me, Joanne..." I began. "Well, it would seem that
although you already had accepted your sister as a lover from when you were
younger, that you had never thought of her as an adult lover. As a couple,
we bend over backwards for each other in bed all the time. I know we both
usually try our best to do what we think is sexiest for each other every
time we make love. Your sister and you used to have boundaries as kids,
but now that you're playing with sex as adults, you don't really think in
boundaries anymore. I would also guess that the reason you snuck around
with it now is that you're used to sneaking around with it in the past."

My wife beamed at me with her brown eyes and I loved her all over again.
Damn, I'm too easy with her.

"But Joanne," I said with what I hope was a harder edge. "This is just
wrong. You two shouldn't have done what you did as kids, much less do it
now. Let's forget for a moment that you're married and shouldn't be
sleeping with anyone else. Don't you think it's odd to be having sex with
your sister?"

"You tell me, what's wrong with it?" she asked.

"It's your sister!" I snapped. "This is incest we ware talking about.
It's just not healthy."

"Why?" Joanne asked simply. "We can't make babies from this. You don't
believe sex between people who love each other is bad-- why is it bad for
us then?"

I almost said something, but I couldn't think of anything.

"I'll admit that it could have been harmful when we were kids," Joanne
argued. "But I'm an adult now, and I don't have any mental scars or damage
from this, do I? I admit that it's unusual, but if both of us are
consenting, and there's no chance of reproductive or physical damage, then
what's wrong with it?"

Fuck, she had me there. There was no physical reason it was wrong, and
there was no denying that Joanne felt it was a positive part of her life. I
resorted to a better argument.

"Then let's talk about the fact that we are married," I accused. "Why
haven't you mentioned this before?"

"Just because I don't see anything wrong with it," she began, "it
doesn't mean I wasn't aware of how odd it was. I didn't know how you would
react, and I thought it was something that would never happen again."

"I can understand that," I said, and I did. It still hurt but I could
understand it. "It doesn't explain why you did it now, now that you're a
married woman."

Joanne bowed her head and said, "You're right, I shouldn't have, and I
knew better. I am really, really sorry. I never thought of it as cheating on you, but I shouldn't have kept it a secret. I guess it's just habit
when it comes to my sister."

I sighed. "Joanne, I love you," I said. "I know that you were just
trying to be nice to Kim, and I know that after all these years you don't
see anything wrong with it. It's just going to take me a little while to
get used to all this. I also want you to stop your relationship with
Kimberly. I don't care if it's unhealthy or not, you're my wife and I
would like to be the only one spending time in your bed."

She smiled at that. "Do you want Kimberly to leave for the summer?" she

"No," I said as I stood up and walked over to my wife. "Her sister and
you are close, and I want you two to have the summer together before she
graduates from college. Just no sex, OK? I think I understand all this,
but it's going to take a while before I stop getting grossed out by it."

She stood up and said, "There's nothing gross about it."

I sighed. "How about we agree that it's a shock?" I said. "I'll be
nice to her, but I'm going to need some time to think it all out. I blame
her for what she did when you were a child, and I'm jealous of her for
sleeping with my wife. Most of all, I'm mad at her for causing us to have
such a serious fight."

"This doesn't change anything between us," Joanne said as she stood up
in her bathrobe. She opened her robe and showed me the gorgeous body that
I loved so much.

"We can have sex right now if it'll help you feel like Kimberly didn't
take me away from you," Joanne said.

"No," I said as I reached out and hugged her.

"I'm still hurt, Joanne," I whispered. "It's not the kind of hurt you
can make go away with sex. I'm going to need some time to deal with how I
feel about us as well."

She stood there and hugged me. Though we kissed each other goodnight
after she paged Kimberly to return home, I didn't feel comfortable enough
to get in bed. I tucked my wife in and left her so she could get some
sleep. That just left me to spend the next six hours to think in a quiet

Kimberly was on her way back and I knew I wasn't in a frame of mind to
face her, either. Considering she was staying in the spare bedroom that we
keep our books in, I decided to avoid her return by taking a shower. I
hoped by the time I was finished Kim would have gotten home and be asleep.
The thought occurred to me that she might need to use the bathroom but I
considered that to be her tough luck. Passive aggression wasn't my usual
way of handling problems, but I figured that I had a good excuse. It
wasn't often that a man lets the person who is sleeping with his wife stay
in the same house.

Stripping down, I realized that my anger with Kimberly was impossible to
define. If she had been a guy, my response would have been simple. A fist
fight or some other form of violence would have made me feel a whole lot
better. For that matter, if Kim were a male, I could understand her
motives more easily. Somehow, I find it easier to blame male hormones for
a incestuous relationship than I could blame a fucked up family situation.
Every time I tried to get angry about Kim using Joanne in her sex
experiments, the image of Joanne desperately wanting some sort of closeness
to her family keeps coming to mind.

These thoughts didn't help me feel better so I climbed into the shower,
hoping to lose my tensions in a storm of hot water. Long ago, Joanne and I
spent far too much money on a bathtub that has totally spoiled us. The
shower head delivered a stronger pressure than usual, so we can get the
'rain' sensation we both adore so much. The tub had been lengthened and
expanded so that we could sit side by side if we wanted to, although,
guiltily, we both preferred to be alone sometimes in the luxurious space
that was available. Sitting down in our special tub, I did my best to
escape this confusing night.

Of course, that didn't happen. It's not every night that I come home to
hear the sounds of my wife making love. As the hot water poured down on
me, I felt a knot on my shoulder begin to loosen up, a knot that had
probably been there since I came in. I massaged the knot on my shoulder
and remembered how terrified, and at the same time, how sad I was when I
first heard the moans coming from my bedroom. I honestly don't think I had
been so scared in my life- the thought of my perfect wife somehow finding
love in somebody else's arms.

It was there, underneath the unrelenting spray, that I recognized an
undeniable truth about my feelings. When I saw that it was Kim between
Joanne's thighs, and not some guy, I was instantly relieved.

It's incredibly chauvinistic of me, but I was happy that it was Kim and
not anyone else. Granted, I was confused and a bit disgusted, but the fact
that my wife hadn't left me for another guy and she wasn't having an affair
was an immense relief to me. It's funny, but I didn't consider Kim a
threat to our marriage.

No, that's not true. I didn't consider her a threat when I saw her
there, but when Joanne told me about her childhood, that changed.
Something about her story really got to me, and brought back all the hurt that I had when I first walked in. In fact, I could feel the knot return
to my shoulder as I thought about it.

Deciding that I wasn't doing much relaxing, I tried not to think about
it and concentrated on washing up. Leaning out of the stream of water, I
lathered up my hands with soap. I think I actually managed to not think
about Joanne and Kimberly for about five minutes. My arms and chest got a
thorough scrubbing as I thought about how lucky I was to get out of work
that night. My toes and feet became a soapy mess of bubbles and lather.
My undoing came when I got to my legs.

Joanne and I used to play a game back before we got married. I would
lie down and she would try to get me to say or moan something while she
touched me. It was a silly but sexy game and one that we played all the
time when we were first seeing each other. She could always make me moan
when she dragged her fingernails alongside my legs, and in a special way,
and I loved her for it. As I washed my legs in the shower, it reminded me
of those long bouts of touching as always, but now, a new thought occurred
to spoil those lovely memories. Although I had had sex with two other
women before meeting Joanne, I was impressed by the way she made sex seem
playful and new. I had attributed her games to the fact that Joanne was a
virgin. Now I realized that it came from her games with Kimberly.

Washing my legs wasn't a good idea for other, more biological reasons.
Simply put, I was getting aroused. My erection was there despite, or maybe
because of, the stress of the night. Wrestling with my own emotions, I
didn't have the time to deal with my own desires. More importantly, I felt
wrong for even having any arousal at all.

It was kind of odd, after talking about sex all night, but I was upset
at myself for getting turned on. Deep down, I was hoping that I would be
above getting turned on, but as I purposely avoided my cock as I washed, I
realized how fruitless that would be. The facts were clear; no matter how
much I hated it, I was aroused by the thought of Joanne and Kimberly. In a
lot of ways, that made me feel like as guilty as I thought they should be.

With more hesitation than I had ever had as a teenager, I touched
myself. I throbbed in my grip as I gave in to my base impulse. In my mind
I was rationalizing that I was jerking off so I could have a clear head to
think with tonight. I'm sure I also thought that masturbating was a
healthy way to reduce stress. Whatever my logical excuses were, my body
had a plain desire and I was no longer denying it.

My hands still soapy, I pumped my cock as best I could in the steaming
shower. I tried to think about anything but Joanne and Kimberly. My mind
conjured movie stars, beautiful women I had seen in passing cars, and even
starlets from music videos as I pushed Joanne and her sister from my
fantasies. It was impossible to keep from thinking about them with my eyes
closed; images of Joanne arching her back as Kim kissed deeper surfaced to
my thoughts with ridiculous ease. I wasn't even sure if I had seen that or
if my aroused mind was creating it from scratch. Either way, I was as
repulsed by my own arousal as I was by the innate wrongness of the whole
scene. As my hand stroked my cock into a soapy white foam, I resented the
the way thise whole mess had intruded into the sexual privacy my wife and I

At that point, I knew I simply hated my sister-in-law. I pumped myself
faster as my anger finally came to the surface. I hated how she made me
feel about my wife now. I hated how she made me placed me in an
adversarial position to my wife convictions. I hated how she made me
question my favorite sexual memories. As my fingers stroked and encircled
the ring of my tip, I knew that what I hated most was that she had sex with
my wife first. She has a special place in my wife's heart that I thought
belonged to me. It was a selfish confession, but it was the deep down
truth and it felt good to get it out.

My anger finally at the surface, I imagined Kimberly bent down before
me. I took a base revenge on her. There was no affection as I imagined her
taking my thrusts; there was no warmth as I hoped she would groan from
every slamming of our hips. On a primal, angry, almost childish level, I
performed the only payback I could do at the moment. Certainly, it wasn't
the proudest moment of my life, but damn if it didn't make me feel better
at the time.

When my cock erupted in my hand, and the heat of my cum mixed with the
heat of the shower, the release of my tension flowed as well. I shuddered
in the bottom of the bathtub, shaking my head at the purity of my emotions.
Fucking Kimberly in my mind didn't make me feel any better, but it did make
me realize how jealous I was of her.

I stood up on shaky knees and proceeded to clean myself off. Jealousy
was not an emotion that I normally associated with Joanne, but it was
something that I was learning to deal with. It was really quite silly.
Joanne had dealt with the fact that I had previous relations with ease, or
at least, it appeared to be with ease. Standing under the soothing warmth
of the shower, it was obvious that the only thing that had changed about my
wife was my perception of her. She was the same wonderful woman who
encouraged me to get my promotion, the same smart lady who worked out our
mortgage, and the same sexy girl who makes every birthday an erotic
adventure. Jealousy seemed to be petty in light of that.

Of course, it's one thing to figure out these sweet and loving
explanations, it's another thing to actually believe in them. That was
something I wasn't sure if I was ready to deal with.

The next morning was a surprise for everyone involved. Having been up
all night, I had had plenty of time to practice my culinary skills and I
had made breakfast for everyone. When Joanne woke up, I asked her to make
sure her sister joined us. They both came into the dining room but looking
wary, especially since I had taken the time to make such a generous
breakfast. They reminded me of guilty children.

Joanne looked particularly guilty, but maybe that was because I knew her
better. She had her gray housecoat on, and her brown hair was loose so
that she could hide her face in her dark locks. She made pleasant small
talk, complimenting me on the plates of eggs, bacon and toast I had
provided, but her tone was very light. I worried briefly if this was how
she acted growing up with her oppressive parents. I hated being placed in
that kind of position for her.

Kimberly however, was a different story. Usually she had been over
friendly towards me, full of energy and trying so hard to be accepted by
me. Now she was quiet, her typically immaculate short hair was a frazzled
mess and she took the chair farthest away from me when she came to the
table. It was odd to know that she was avoiding me as best she could, but
I didn't take any pleasure in it. I will admit that I was glad to see that
she thought she was in the wrong.

"Last night gave me plenty to time to think," I said after I had served
everyone. "Despite everything I had thought I knew, I have to admit that I
can't see anything wrong with what the two of you did when you were kids."

Their relief was instant, and something deeper became apparent.
Although both of them may have felt that they weren't doing anything wrong,
they were terribly insecure about that decision. I realized that I had
given them a small once of approval for what was a murky subject. That
kind of power is intoxicating, and as tired as I was, it would have gone
straight to my head if Kimberly hadn't had reached out for Joanne's hand.

"On the other hand," I said, trying to interrupt their moment. "I
really don't like you two continuing this while we're married. To be
blunt, I want Joanne to myself, and I'll sleep a whole lot easier when I
know our bed is meant for two."

"Eric," my wife said as she now took my hand. "You know that you're my
husband and there is no one else in the world I want to spend my life with.
I love my sister too, but you're the one who stood up to my parents at
Thanksgiving, and you're the one who always takes my side when they nag me.
Don't ever think you are not important to me Eric, because I would be a
mess if it wasn't for you."

"I know that Joanne," I said as warmly as I could. "You know I feel the
same way about you. You would do the same for me, and you do, in your own
ways. I'm not worried about you leaving me for Kim."

I let them laugh for a moment, partially to lighten the mood and mostly
because I was uncomfortable under that much honest love from my wife. It
made me feel guilty for being upset when Joanne tries so hard to make me

"It's just that having you is the most important thing I have in my
life, and I think I deserve to be able to be possessive," I said.

There was a lot of meaningful looking into of eyes and general warm
mushy feelings at that point. Kim didn't say much, except to try to take
some of the blame for the affair, but I didn't let her say much. I just
assured her that I was over it, and that I didn't think there was anything
to lay blame for. I can't really explain why I was so nice to Kimberly,
except that a part of me refused to let her know how jealous I was. I
still resented her, but I preferred to bask in the glory of being the
understanding husband rather than let them know the truth.

The next week was filled with unexpected pitfalls. The three of us were
talking and friendly towards each other, but there was always a strange
silence that would descend whenever I would walk into the room and they
were talking. That certainly didn't help me in becoming comfortable around
my wife and sister-in-law. I also had trouble going to work without
sometimes suspecting them. There were too many nights that I would be at
work wondering if they were sneaking back into each other's beds. The
trust my wife and I had was gone, and we were both at a loss on as to how
to get it back.

Emotionally, Joanne and I got along fine, but it felt like if I made
love to my wife, I would be giving her my acceptance of everything that had
happened. That was something I wasn't ready to give. For that matter, I
didn't know if or when I would be able to give it. Luckily, my wife was
already working on it.

Exactly seven days since after that disturbing night, Joanne straddled
my lap as I was reading in my chair. Faced with a gorgeous woman with a
delightfully squishy ass on my lap, I embraced her with my arms and a

"Well," I said as I threw my book on the table. "I get this feeling you
might have something to talk about."

"You bet your ass I do," she said with a laugh. "Kim and I have been
talking, and we've come to a decision."

"Oh, oh," I said. "What's the matter, are we going to nail the toilet seat in the down position?"

Her laughter was quick, but it died even faster. "No, this is something
more serious," she said.

"I know you're getting used to seeing me differently," she started.
When I tried to interrupt, she placed her hand on my mouth, a pretty
universal to signal to shut up. So I did.

"I also know that right now you have too many fears and worries in your
head. I bet you're probably wondering if I'm going to cheat on you again.
I also bet you're wondering if I've held any other big secrets back from
you. Am I wrong?"

With her hand still over my mouth, I could only nod. What can I say?
My wife knows me well, and it's a great feeling to know someone knows you
that well. Even if it's my deeper secrets, it's still flattering.

"I thought so," Joanne answered, taking a moment to brush her hair out
of her eyes. "What Kimberly and I did, was something we did because we
love each other very much. We grew up together, we found ourselves
sexually together and we're adults now who are comfortable with having sex
with each other."

This surprised the shit out of me. Instead of an apologetic tone, my
wife was defiantly declaring her acceptance of her situation. The only
thing that prevented me from getting angry was her eyes. Those brown pools
were hard and focused, with a conviction I rarely saw outside of the
bedroom. I listened to her, I mean, I really listened to her. There was
no room for dispute in her eyes.

"What you don't seem to understand, Eric, is that what I described is
also how our relationship is. You and I have grown up together, bought a
house together, discovered the happiness of married life and are two
sexually capable adults. I love you and my sister in different ways, but
the reason I have sex with you two is that I love you both. Quit worrying
about me, and just accept that I love two people."

I tried to talk, but her hand was still firm on my lips. She wasn't
done yet.

"After talking to Kim, we've decided that you feel left out because not
only did we have sex, but we grew up together many years before I ever meet

I shrugged to let her know that I agreed. Even while being lectured and
gagged, I wanted to throw in my thoughts.

"I'm glad you agreed," Joanne said. "Because you, me and my sister are
going to have sex together. We're going to include you in our game, and
maybe you'll feel less threatened if you are a part of it."

I bit her hand, lightly, but firmly.

"Are you out of your mind?" I demanded. That's hard to do when your
wife is sitting on your lap.

"Do you love Kimberly?" Joanne asked with that tone that told me she was
planning on winning this argument.

"Of course not," I retorted. "She's your sister and I would help her if
she needed it, but I don't have any feelings for her."

"What, you don't like my sister?" Joanne asked.

"No, I mean yes. I don't know. I used to like her just fine until I
found her in my bed. I really haven't been able to form a fair judgment of
her lately," I said sarcastically.

"All the better reason to come to bed with us," Joanne said. "The only
thing you have against her is that you're jealous of her. Once you've had
a chance to see there's nothing to be jealous about, we can go back to
being a happy family again."

"This is crazy," I growled. "I am not going to fuck my sister-in-law."

"Why not?" Joanne asked simply. "You don't love her, so I know you're
not going to run off with her. I'll be there, so it won't be like you're
sneaking around on me. For that matter, with you there, I won't be
sneaking around on you. Since I'm okay with you screwing my sister, why
should it bother you?"

"Because I don't want to," I snapped. What she was offering was too
tempting. Somehow, I felt this enormous responsibility to be the sane one,
the guy who puts his foot down before it gets out of hand.

"Ohh," Joanne said. "I see. You don't find my sister attractive."

Torn between lying and admitting the truth, I stalled. Unfortunately,
my trapped cock under Joanne's bottom answered before I could.

"Ha!" Joanne said. "I felt that stirring! Go ahead, admit it.
Kimberly's skinny. She's got that short hair that's perfect for oral sex.
I know you must have seen those thighs of hers; imagine how strong her
jogger's legs would be around you."

I gripped my wife around the waist and rose easily despite her weight.
She would have been upset, but I reached down and picked her up into my
arms. When she was done squealing, I answered her temptations.

"Maybe, just maybe," I said as my wife settled into my arms. "Maybe
what I'm horny for is you."

"About damn time," Joanne said as I took her into the bedroom. "But
what about Kim, she's still in the house."

"That's why I'm locking the door," I said as I dropped her to the bed.

Simply put, we made love. It was feverish, it was needy and it
exhausted both of us. There was no foreplay, unless you count rapidly
shedding clothes at the side of the bed. Although it was one of our least
creative lovemaking sessions, it was one of our most intense. I, of
course, attributed it to the fact that we hadn't made love in close to a
month. Joanne had other ideas.

"Eric, at least promise me you'll think about it," Joanne asked. "It's
obvious that you're not adverse to the idea."

I grunted. "I really don't see it happening Joanne. I don't see myself
having sex with Kimberly, and that's the truth."

She lay down on my chest, and that was the end of it. That day at

The next time I saw Kimberly was when I returned from work the next
morning. I immediately blushed; something I didn't know I was still able
to do. The reality hit me like slap, there I was in a room with an
attractive woman that has told my wife that she was willing to fuck me. If
I thought being mad at her was awkward, I would soon learn that being
aroused was even worse.

"Hello Eric," Kimberly said in her houserobe. "Want some pancakes
before you go to bed?"

"Sure," I responded. I felt my pulse quicken, so I tried to say as
little as possible. Was I such a slave to my hormones that I was getting
aroused simply by knowing the offer was there? The answer growing in my
pants was apparently, yes.

As she served breakfast and we engaged in meaningless small talk, I
tried to be as calm and reserved as possible. That's really not easy when
her white housecoat was opened enough to give me a guilty view of her small
breasts. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I really suspect Joanne of telling her
sister about my weakness for discreet flashes.

Normally, I would be annoyedby Kimberly's obvious attempts to get on my
good side. She was lucky this time, I was still in a great mood from my
love making with Joanne. I decided to give Kimberly a chance, and try to
get to kow her as a person and not as my wife's sex tutor. Also, I noticed
that Kimberly's chest had tan lines.

Eating with Kimberly as she occasionly flashed me, I couldn't help but
notice how much fun this was. Her flirting was so care free, and the way
she kept the conversation flowing, even when a drop of syrup landed
perfectly on her breast, was quite an amazing show. I didn't have time to
reflect on what I hated about Kimberly, I was too impressed by her flagrant
teasing. I was also laughing too much, as Kimberly really is a funny
person when you give her a chance to be herself.

Eventually, the breakfast came to an end. Kimberly cleared the table,
and I unconciously let out a sigh when she bent over to pick up a fallen
knife. She turned her head and caught me looking at her. She smiled as I
looked away and I felt a shiver go through me. I excused myself as fast as
possible. If I kept ignoring her charms like this, we would end up doing
it on the table.

Safety was found in an early morning shower where I resorted to
masturbating my tension away. My fantasies this time were of a more
'friendly' nature than the last time I conjured Kim in my daydreams. As my
sperm hit the tub floor, I resolved that it was okay to like Kimberly as a
person, but I should draw the line at actual sex. My plan was to just
masturbate whenever my willpower weakened.

That worked for only four days.

It was on a Wednesday, and Joanne and her sister were cutting up in the
kitchen. Apparently, they had this huge fight when they were kids over
cookie dough. Joanne decided to get revenge for loosing that long ago
fight, and proceeded to spray Kimberly with the sink sprayer. Kimberly
retaliated putting Joanne in a headlock. Watching this, I couldn't help
but join in.

"Damn, Kimberly," I said as I tried to break up the two. "The only way
you could do a better headlock would be if you were Joanne's brother."

The two girls became indignant by my sexiest remark, and resolved their
differences almost immediately. Before I could react, Joanne was free and
spraying me with water. As I tried to dodge, Kimberly leaped on me and
tried holding me still with some sort of hold around my waist. Freezing
from the water, I tried desperately to push Kim off of me. The fact that
she was just as soaked as I was only seemed to add to the fun. Before it
was all over, Kimberly and I were on the floor, pushing, pulling and
grinding at each other as we tried to get the upper hand.

Only when Joanne stopped spraying us did I realize I was sporting an
enormous erection. Kim scrambled off of me, and the smile she gave me told
me that she was aware of my discomfort. It didn't help when Joanne patted
me on my pants bulge when I got up. Not only was I embarrassed, but I felt
like I had been caught red-handed with my desire.

"Joanne, come over here," I said as Kimberly went to her room to change.

"Having second thoughts?" my mind-reading wife asked.

"More like just one big thought," I said. "If you're still okay with
it, I think I'm ready to do what you asked. This past week, I think I've
come to like your sister as a person, and not just as the woman who did my
wife first."

My wife's eyes light up like I had just told her it was Christmas. I
felt that weird feeling again, like I was the guardian of my wife's virtue
and I was fucking it up.

"Really Eric?" Joanne asked as she clenched me in a wonderful hug.
"That's great. I'll tell Kimberly tonight and then we'll plan for some
night this weekend when you're off."

"Actually," I said as I picked up the phone. "I'm calling work now to
report my flu."

Joanne swallowed hard, her eyes still afire with joy. I never call in
sick, even when I'm sick. Joanne has always hated that, wishing I would
fake an illness every now and then. As I called work, she ran to tell

I don't know if it was cold feet, but as I told my boss about my
fictional flu, I had the feeling I was making a big mistake. I had gone
from being repulsed by Joanne's incest to joining in on a threesome. I
wondered if my morals were easy to compromise because I had the hots for
the both of them. On the other hand there was a tremendous release of
tension; by accepting their offer, I no longer felt like I was their enemy
or judge.

No matter how I felt, I was committed as soon as Joanne told her sister.
I stood in the hallway, putting down the phone. Kimberly's bedroom door
was a forbidding portal that I had a hard time approaching. Because it had
been almost four years since I last went on a date, I had none of my usual
confidence. The best part about being married was that you no longer
confronted rejection; that was what I was doing right now.

Kimberly came through her door and I nearly jumped. I had expected
Joanne to lead me through, so I wasn't prepared when Kimberly slid her hand
into mine.

"I am so glad you're willing to give Joanne and me a chance include
you," Kimberly said. "there really is nothing to be afraid of."

"I know that, and maybe before this night is over, I'll believe it," I

She smiled a warm understanding smile that was almost sad in the way she
seemed to understand how I meant. How many times had she have guilt about
Joanne? I wondered, when they were children and Joanne was kissing Kim's
back, how many times did Kimberly realize this was wrong, but be unable to
stop. I imagine that feeling was identical to the way I felt when I walked
into that bedroom. No matter how guilty, confused or doubtful I felt, I
knew I was still going through with it. It was just too damn exciting to
pass up.

Joanne was sitting in there, in her sweatpants and T-shirt. I smiled
weakly at her and became conscious of Kimberly's hand in mine. It was a
struggle to keep from releasing my hand; those guilt feelings were
hard-wired deeply into me. My tension was leaking into the room; we all
just looked at each other, not sure where to go from here.

"How about," Kimberly began, looking around the room for ideas. "how
about we turn out all the lights and open the curtains? There's a bright
moon out tonight. Once the lights are off, we'll take off our clothes.
That should take care of any shyness."

She was right, with the lights off, the pressure eased slightly. The
moon provided just the barest of light, but it was enough. I could see my
lovely wife whipping off her shirt and the fullness of her breasts from
across the room. I couldn't tell if Kimberly was looking at me as I
stripped off my pants, but I know I was looking at her as she stepped out
of her tight blue jeans. The moonlight was perfect.

These two beautiful women gave me a wonderful show. Joanne lifted her
lovely legs as she sat on the bed and took off her sweatpants. Kimberly
removed her shirt and, with the moonlight illuminating her profile, I
watched as she reached behind her to remove her bra. Her small breasts were two dark points on the angular lines of her hard body. Joanne,
however, was the picture of perfect softness as she got off of the bed and
bent over. If I hadn't been removing my own underwear, I would have run
over to Joanne and helped her with hers. By the time we were all fully
nude, my erection was desperate for contact, and all of my hesitation was
discarded on the floor with my clothes.

The three of us crawled into bed, and once again, Kimberly took charge.

"Joanne, you'll be first," Kimberly said firmly. "Lie between us on
your side and part your leg slightly. Eric, you get behind her, and I'll
face her. Which ever of us can make her moan first will get to choose who
is next. Joanne will then pick the game. Of course, we'll have to rely on
Joanne's honesty to find out who wins."

"Oh God, I'll be honest, I swear," Joanne said with a desperately deep

That agreed, Kimberly and I began touching my wife, who, curiously, also
served as our barrier. I started with Joanne's neck. She was supporting
her head with her hand, and I carefully brushed her hair back to reveal the
smoothness of her neck. I nibbled lightly on her neck, my breath coming
hard as I kissed and bit her skin. Out of the corner of my eye, I could
see Kimberly starting with Joanne's breasts. Kim was doing something with
Joanne's nipples that I couldn't see, but I could feel Joanne squirming
happily. I placed my hand on Joanne's hips so I could feel as she
uncontrollably ground her pelvis to the empty air.

With my hand still on her hip, and her neck warm from my hungry mouth, I
descended down her back. My teeth nipped carefully as I traveled. I would
pull little bits of Joanne's skin into my mouth and let them graze my teeth
as I let them escape. Her hips would spasm with each sharp bite, but still
she wouldn't cry out.

I shifted tactics, putting my hands to the side of her chest. No longer
kissing her back, I sat up beside her back. With the strength that comes
from handling heavy metal parts all night long, I massaged the rolls of her
side with forceful confidence. Only recently would she let me touch her
the roll of fat under her ribs, so it was still something of a sensitive
and often neglected part of her body. I was sure she would moan under my
hands, but Joanne's willpower was up to the task. She merely turned her
head to look at me, and her teeth flashed white in the scarce light as she
smiled. Obviously, she was enjoying herself too much to let it end now.

Sitting up also gave me a chance to watch Kimberly play her part.
Joanne's sister had moved down and was happily sucking away at Joanne's
generous breasts. The jealousy was there as I watched Kim take her time
and cover Joanne's soft mounds with tender kisses. This time however, the
jealousy came more from wishing I could taste Joanne's breasts rather than
any insecurity. Kim lifted Joanne's top breast and licked softly between
her cleavage as she pinched Joanne's nipple with her thumb and forefinger.
My massaging became harsher as my desire ached to join in on Joanne's
heavenly bosom.

My wife's breathing was becoming frantic, and her legs were constantly
shifting. Realizing that Joanne was close to surrendering, I lifted her
leg and lay my mouth down on the leg resting on the bed. Kissing her thigh
was definitely an escalation, and I could smell Joanne's desire from where
I was. Joanne moved her hand to my hair, but still didn't say a word as I
kissed the soft heat of her inner thigh. My tongue danced patterns on her
leg and when I spelled her name with my tongue I was sure she would cry

Kimberly however, played for keeps as well. She moved to above me, her
legs distractingly close to my face. She took hold of the leg I was
holding above me, letting my move my arms to a much more comfortable level.
Meanwhile, she used Joanne's lifted leg to give her a chance to kiss her
thigh as well. As Kimberly stood on her knees to kiss Joanne's thigh, I
was given a close few of the fur between her legs, something that inspired
my nibbling of Joanne to further heights.

For a long, delightful time, Kim and I kissed Joanne's thighs. Joanne
was openly thrusting her hips, but still she wouldn't let a sound escape
her lips except for heavy breathing. Knowing my wife, I slipped my hand to
cup her buttocks. As she thrust her hip, I would squeeze her as quickly
and harshly. With both of her legs being eaten teasingly, and now this new
pressure on her ass, Joanne's resolve was finished.

"Eric wins, Eric wins!" Joanne breathed as she tossed onto her back.
"Now, someone, please, take me!"

"Congratulations Eric," Kimberly said as she came oh, so close to my
face. "What do you say that we give Joanne what she needs?"

"After you," I said, moving back so that Kimberly could have full
access. Heated foreplay always seems to bring out the gentleman in me.

Kim rested her shoulder on Joanne's belly, and moved her hand lazily
over Joanne's wet nether hair. Joanne immediately grabbed her sister by
her short hair, and forced her down to her sex. I was amazed at what I
saw. Joanne exhibited a force with her sister I had certainly never
witnessed. Joanne drove her sister's face deep into her delta and moaned
happily as Kimberly ate noisily. The wet sounds were an extreme turn-on,
and I knew I must join in.

I rested myself between Joanne's legs and carefully moved my head closer
to Kimberly. She moved higher up on Joanne's sex, allowing me to pull at
Joanne's nether lips with my mouth. It was crowded work, two mouths
licking at such a tight spot, but we managed. Without speaking, we took
turns, allowing one to have the pleasure of burying their face fully into
Joanne, then moving away to allow the other.

"Here's a move she likes," Kimberly whispered. "Starting at the bottom,
rapidly flick your tongue at her. Then move slowly up to her clit,
flicking her with your tongue as fast as you can."

I was almost annoyed at getting sex advice about my wife from someone
else, but I squashed that leftover from my old jealousy. Following her
instructions, I did what she said. Joanne nearly screamed as I did, and
her thighs would have closed and crushed me if Kimberly hadn't have had the
foresight to get a grip on her legs. Joanne writhed under my attack and
blissfully orgasmed as I flicked at her clit.

As Joanne cried out her pleasure, I moved my head up and tugged gently
at Kimberly's shoulder. I was almost lost in the sensuous feel of her
muscles on her shoulder, but I was still able to give Kim my advice.

"Quick, since you're above her hips anyway, reach up and grab a nipple,"
I said. "Circle it with your finger as you eat her pussy. That'll drive
her crazy."

Kimberly obeyed instantly, reaching back to cup one of Joanne's stiff
nipples. When Kim then plunged into the moist heaven of Joanne's sex,
Joanne climaxed again instantly. I gripped Joanne's thighs and massaged
them as I watched Kimberly bring her to a third, and fourth orgasm. Joanne
kept raising herself with her elbows, and I loved watching her in the soft
moonlight as her face contorted with pleasure.

"No more, no more," Joanne said finally. Kimberly rose from her
sister's sex and immediately massaged her jaw. It was a funny conclusion
to an intense bit of lovemaking. I rose from the bed and got us some
towels form the dresser. When I returned, Joanne grabbed my cock and
without any warning, took me into her mouth.

"Oh God," I whispered, reluctantly pushing her head away. "Not yet,
love. Since I made you moan, I won the game and I pick Kimberly to go

"Are you sure?" Joanne asked casually as she stroked my stiff cock

"Very sure," I said laughingly as I pushed her hand away. "This is my
first night with you two, and I want to pace myself."

They laughed and Kimberly pulled me back into the bed. We took a moment
to clean faces, fingers and Joanne's soaked pelvic region. We also laid a
towel over the wet swamp in the middle of the bed. That gave Joanne plenty
of time to pick the next game with her sister as the victim.

"Ok, Kimberly," Joanne said with a commanding tone. "Back when we were
living with our parents, we never got to play outside our bed. I want you
to stand in the middle of the room. Let's see how long you can keep from
moaning. For every five minutes you can keep from moaning, I'll make you
breakfast in bed. Of course, after you give in, Eric is automatically
next, so that means it doesn't matter who makes you moan first."

"Wow," Kimberly said softly, her desire plain to see even in the
moonlight. She rose and stood right in the middle of the room. The
moonlight revealed her body, casting her hard lines in white.

Because I still thought of her as my sister-in-law and off-limits, I was
hesitant at first. I simply watched as Joanne walked around her sister.
Joanne started off by touching her sister on the sides, and letting her
fingers run where they might. When I finally was near to Kimberly, I
started with simple, almost innocent touches on her shoulders and arms.
Luckily, Joanne was able to get me relaxed.

"Eric, come here," my wife commanded as she stepped behind her sister.
When I did, she cupped her sister's small breasts and gave my instructions.

"Show Kimberly what I'm talking about when I tell her you lick tits like
no one else could imagine," she said.

That flattery was nice, but it was her insistence that was the most
inspiring. While Joanne ran her hands over the slight mounds of her
sister's breasts, I leaned down and licked cautiously at Kimberly's already
erect nipple. The delicate smallness of her breast was a turn-on by it's
novelty alone. Before long, I was sucking her nipple, alternating between
harsh and delicately soft. Joanne moved her hands away as Kimberly sucked in her breath harshly. I moved my hands over Kim's breasts, licking at the
nipples I would trap between my fingers. Somehow, being able to cover her
entire breast with my hand was amazingly erotic; it was a strong feeling of
being in control.

Joanne was not idle; she was kissing Kimberly's back loudly and with a
passion that was just as erotic to me as I'm sure it was to Kimberly. I
could feel Kimberly constantly shifting and sucking her breath as we worked
on her body. How she lasted without moaning is beyond me.

A little bit more relaxed, I shifted my mouth away from her chest. I
kissed my way to her shoulders, and I felt her hand rest on my ass. I
almost froze, the contact causing me to panic a bit. Confused, I continued
to kiss Kimberly's shoulder, my cock demanding me to forget my inhibitions
and just fuck this woman. It looked as if I would crack long before
Kimberly would.

Kimberly reached up and grabbed the back of my neck, and guided me
towards her neck. My heart pounding, I kissed her bare neck, free of any
hair in the way. She shivered under my kisses, and I think I shivered a
bit too. Joanne had moved to beside me, and I was a little afraid she
would stop me. My fears were unnecessary, as Joanne merely wanted to able
to reach between us and rub Kimberly's belly. It must be a family secret,
because Kimberly immediately began squirming, and if I hadn't had her
firmly by the shoulders, she would have wiggled out of our grasp. As it
turns out, it was time to quit anyway.

"No more," Kimberly yelled. "God, I am so ready!"

"That wasn't even five minutes," Joanne said smugly.

"I don't give a damn, I want to cum now!" Kimberly said.

"Fine," Joanne said as she stroked my cock again with her hand. I
nearly doubled over with desire.

"Eric, go lay down on the bed," Joanne said, and I instantly obeyed.

"Why is he getting on the bed?" Kimberly asked. "It's my turn to

"That's why you're getting on top of him," Joanne said.

Before I could even protest, Kimberly's body was on top of me. She was
so damn light compared to Joanne, I felt that sense of control again. My
arousal was only tempered by disbelief, I couldn't believe my wife was
actually going to let me fuck her sister.

"Now here's the rules," Joanne said. "Kimberly, Eric, you can fuck as
you like, but when I say stop, you have to stop moving completely. Then,
when I'm done doing whatever I please, I'll let you get back to your fun.
Is it a game?"

"Yes," Kimberly and I agreed together. Kim's legs were spread over my
cock and I wanted so badly to just push up right into her. I knew she
wanted to, too, but it seemed like she had the same problem as I did. We
both couldn't take that final step.

Joanne came to our rescue, showing how well she knew us both. Taking my
cock firmly in her hand, she also lifted Kimberly's sex and pushed me into
Kimberly. The power and finality of that move was deeply satisfying. I
thrusted joyfully into Kimberly as she settled onto my crotch. Her arms
went to either side of my shoulders, and I got to watch her small breasts bounce almost impercievably from our joining.

"Freeze," my wife commanded, and somehow, we did. My cock throbbed,
though, and Kimberly's sex gripped me in spasms. We were still, but our
bodies were demanding much more.

Joanne moved up to our heads, and offered me one of her succulent
hanging breasts to suck on. While I did that, with the wonderful weight of
her breast full on my face, she kissed her sister full on the mouth.

I could feel Kimberly tense as her sister crossed that last taboo.
Maybe I would have said something, too, if my mouth wasn't busy itself.
I'm glad I didn't though. After a moment of confusion, Kimberly melted
into her sister's kiss. It was touching to see them both ravish each
other's mouths. There was so much tension between them, and no matter how
jealous I might get, I couldn't ask them to hold it in any longer.

When Joanne began moaning, she broke the kiss and got off the bed.

"I'll be right back, don't move," she commanded.

Kimberly and I laughed, but there was little humor there. I was so
hard, and Kim was so wet, and when Joanne moved from the bed, the bed
resettling was causing us to move against each other.

Joanne returned in a flash, and she sat down beside us. She had brought
her vibrators and we all laughed at her need.

"Ready again?" Kimberly asked.

"How could I not be?" Joanne asked as she happily slid a vibrator
between her legs. "You two can go back to what you were doing."

We started again quickly. I slammed my pelvis up into Kimberly and she
rode me with her sexy strong grip. Her powerful legs straddled me while
her fingers dug into my shoulders. The rest break had helped us prolong
our pleasure and we were making up for lost time. Joanne sat quietly
beside us, stroking herself as she watched us. Kimberly was a mess,
happily tossing her head and arching her back as she drove me deeper into
her tight, gripping nether mouth.

"Freeze again," Joanne commanded and we both groaned as we complied.

"Lift yourself higher Kimberly, almost off his cock but not quite,"
Joanne asked, and then crawled between my legs.

Kimberly began moaning and I wasn't certain as to what was going on.
Then I felt Joanne's long soft hair on my scrotum and I knew. Joanne then
licked my cock, still partially embedded in Kimberly. I cried out as I
strained not to thrust. Then Kimberly cried out as Joanne licked the
outside of Kim's lips that were wrapped around me.

A magic thing then happened. As Joanne tortured us with her mouth,
Kimberly looked down at me and our eyes meet. We were both victims of
lovely Joanne, and we both loved her for it. I stopped seeing her as
competition, as a stranger, and realized her for who Kimberly was. She was
my wife's sister, and she loved her as much as I did. That made her worthy
of love herself in my eyes.

Reaching up, I gently brought Kimberly's head down to me. She came
slowly, the hesitation plain in her eyes. I noticed she had the same
beautiful brown eyes as Joanne, how could I have never noticed that before?
I kissed Kimberly on the nose, and then on both eyes. As Joanne subjected
my balls to an oral assault, I kissed her sister with all the passion and
love she deserves.

Her lips parted slowly, but once my tongue touched hers, she paid my
passion back in full. It was a heated kiss, our tongues dueling and
exploring. Our lips crushed together as Joanne gave us both long licks at
our melded sexes. My hands entwined in the shortness of her hair and I
kept her to me, hoping she would never break that kiss. With my lips, I
gave her all of my acceptance, all of love and all of my understanding.

I noticed that Joanne had stopped her assault on our willpower, and was
coming to us. I didn't fear her reaction; all of my fear, taboos and guilt
had long melted away from Kimberly's lips.

"I've teased you two long enough," Joanne breathed. "You two fuck
yourselves happy while I give this vibrator a workout."

I think we thanked her, I'm not sure. As soon as permission was
granted, I started thrusting again. Kimberly squealed and rode me, her
lips drawing back as she grunted with each frantic thrust.

"Want me to be on top?" I asked, wanting to make this as perfect as

"No," she gasped. "This is perfect," she cried, her voice rising as she
achieved her desire's end.

Joanne was fucking herself with both hands beside me, and I leaned over
and gave her a kiss as I continued to fuck her sister. Our lips struggled
to kiss properly as Kimberly orgasmed again and again on my cock. The
wetness between our legs were squeaking from our thrusts, and I broke my
kiss with my wife as I felt the familiar rise of my cum travel my cock.
Kimberly rose and positioned herself straight up as her hips reached a
maddening speed on my pelvis. I rested and lay still as Kimberly's
muscular fantastic hips bounced my cock into a powerful climax.

"Damn! That feels good!" I cried out as I sat up. I had just orgasmed
blissfully as Kimberly rode my cock into submission. I never thought the
cum would ever finish; Kim's tightness squeezed every last drop out of me.
Of course, it did finish, and when it did I collapsed back into the bed.

"Don't fall asleep just yet," Joanne admonished. Me and Kimberly just
laughed; the happy deep laugh of a couple that's been well fucked.

"I don't know about Eric," Kimberly said, "but give me a few minutes and
I'll move that vibrator in ways an older sister could only know how to do."

"Good God," I chuckled. "I can see why you gals did this every night."

"Tell me Eric," Joanne asked as she crawled into my arms. "Do you feel
any better?"

"Yes," I said as I slipped an arm around Kimberly as well. "I feel
loved, and I feel like a part of something special. Thank you both for
bringing me into your love affair."

Kimberly gripped my fading cock and licked her lips.

"I think Joanne and I need a lot of thanking, right, Joanne?"

Joanne agreed, and so did I. It was a great summer.

The end.


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