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This Little Piggy


This Little Piggy
by Couture


Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2002 Couture


I used to think that things just happened. Not for a
particular purpose, except maybe that if something
could go wrong, it usually would. Then, something
happened to change my mind. Ever since, I believed
things happen for a reason. I believed in fate.

It all started when I was in high school and I tried
out for the cheerleading squad at Fike high. Needless
to say, I didn't make it even though I did way better
in the tryouts than most of the other girls. Later, I
found out one of the girls, who was already on the
squad, said I was too fat to be a cheerleader. The
girl's name was Amanda. Well, I've got news for
skinny bitch, a size twelve is not fat.

Anyway, it was embarrassing, and it didn't do wonders
for my self image when word got around, but I chalked
it up things that could go wrong and did. It wasn't
the first time that something like that happened to

It wasn't until my second year of college that I
realized there was some sort of divine plan. You see,
I was a member of the Sigma Pi sorority and who
happens to want to join, after attending community
college for two years? None other than Amanda Moore.

I made friends with her the first party and convinced
her to rush our sorority. Yes, we Fike girls have to
stick together, I told her. At first, my plan was to
have her rush and do all the work that rushing entails
and then at the last moment, make sure the little
bitch wasn't accepted. Give her a taste of her own

I know you probably think that Sorority stuff is all a
bunch of parties, but it is hard work at first. When
you add college coursework on top of the socials, fund
raisers, and miscellaneous events, it is very hard
work. And doing all that work for nothing would feel
bad of course; almost as bad as I felt after not
making the cheerleading squad.

That was my plan. Until fate intervened . . .

"Jill, we are having a social tonight at 8:00, can you
tell Amanda?" Tammy asked.

"Sure," I said. "How long does it last?"

"Until 10:30."

"Ah, Amanda said she had a special lab that she had to
go to tonight and I told her I would help her with it"
I said. "If we have time when we finish, I'll take
her to the social afterwards." I was lying of course,
but I could feel fate smiling on me, and I was
determined to take advantage of it, even if I didn't
know what I was going to do.

"You're the best Jill," Tammy said. "Thanks for
helping new pledges like you do."

A plan began to form just as my sisters were leaving.
I called Amanda up to set it in motion.

"Hi Amanda, this is Jill. I need you to come over
tonight for some mandatory pledge stuff."

"Okay," she said. "What's going on?"

"It's part of your initiation, so I can't tell you," I
said. "And you can't tell anyone else either."

"I'll be there in ten minutes. See you soon"

"Oh, and Amanda," I said. "Wear your cheerleading

She said, "My what?"

"Your cheerleading outfit. From high school," I said.
"You brought it with you. Didn't you?"

There was a long pause. "Yes," she answered meekly.

"Good, make sure to wear it," I said. "And hurry."

After I hung up the phone, I set everything up. I
didn't need much; just a few old scarves and a chair
from the dining room. I took them all into the
kitchen and waited for Amanda.


I didn't have long to wait. When I answered the door,
Amanda was standing on the step wearing a very long
coat. It was fall and the temperature was eighty-five
degrees. Something was afoot.

"Here," I said. "Let me take your coat."

She was very reluctant to take it off. When she did,
I knew why. Amanda had gained weight since she
graduated high school.

I wish I could say she was fat, but she wasn't. The
bitch. But, the former size four was now between a
size eight and a size ten. She gained the most up
top, then on her thighs and bottom. Shapely, but much
too much of everything for the small outfit whose
seams threatened to give at any moment. I couldn't
help but giggle, causing her face to blanch in

"Oh, don't worry, you still have a nice figure," I

"Thanks," she murmured, reaching back to pull the
bottoms out of her ass. It was priceless. "Where is

"I thought that maybe you wouldn't want everyone here
for this, so I thought we would do it privately," I
said. "But I can see about getting the rest of the
girls here if you want?"

"No-no, this is fine," she said. "And Jill . . .
thanks for everything you've done for me."

"No thanks are necessary," I said, putting my arm
around her shoulders. "We Fike girls have to stick
together, right?"

I know, you may think I should have felt too guilty to
go any further. Ha, her gullibility was music to my
ears. Besides, who can stop fate?

I took her in the kitchen and had her sit in the
chair. "Put your hands behind your back," I said.

"Are you sure this is necessary?" she asked, as she

I quickly secured her wrists together and tied them to
the back rung of the chair. "Absolutely," I said.
Even if it wasn't, it was too late now.

"Just relax," I said, blindfolding her with another
scarf. "We all had to do this." You can't imagine
how hard it was to say this and not laugh.

I opened the refrigerator and got out what I was
looking for. "Open your mouth," I said.

She turned her head to the side. "Please Jill," she
begged, her voice trembling. "Don't gag me."

The skinny bitch thought I was going to gag her.
Nothing could be further from the truth. I wanted her
mouth open. As a matter of fact, I *needed* her mouth
open. "I'm wouldn't do that Amanda," I soothed her.
"All I'm going to do is feed you some different
things. Come on. Open your mouth for me."

"What is it?" she asked.

"That part is a secret. Come on, open wide."

She turned her head around to face me and opened her
mouth. I put the pizza between her lips. She took a
bite, chewed and swallowed. I fed her until she
finished it off.

Next, I took a bottle of peppers from the fridge.
"Open up," I said.
She opened her mouth and I put the pepper inside. She
took a bite, her expression changed to shock. She
spit it out, pursed her lips, as she tried to cool her

"Water," she cried. "I need water fast."

"You have to finish it first," I said. "Do you want a
new one or what's left of that one?"

"Is it on the floor?" she asked, not able to see for
the blindfold.

"No, it's on the chair," I lied.

"I'll take that one, but please hurry," she said,
breathing hard through her mouth.

I didn't expect it to happen. I honestly only wanted
revenge at first, but having her helpless and under my
control woke certain feelings inside of me. Feelings
I never knew existed. She was exciting me.

"That's a girl," I said, picking the pepper off the
floor and placing it between her legs.

"Oops," I said. "It fell between your legs. Spread
them just a bit for me."

While she spread them, I pushed the pepper along with
her legs so she would have to open them wider and
wider, until I saw what it was I wanted to see: Her
skin tight bottoms cutting into her fleshy thighs and
the outline of her sex, bulging out from the tight

I retrieved the slightly chewed green pepper and fed
it to her. She hurriedly chewed and swallowed,
sucking air in and out her lungs to cool her mouth.
"Water," she begged.

I retrieved the gallon of milk and placed it between
her lips. She tried to say something. Probably
something like, no please, put it in a cup, but I was
already tilting it up. Pretty Amanda looked much like
a guppy as she tried to not spill the milk, choking,
swallowing and drinking it down. Me thinking, this is
how pretty little Amanda would look if she were giving
a blowjob.

"Don't drink too much," I said, "You still have a lot
more to eat."

I pulled the milk away, spilling some down her chest
and between her legs. I took a paper towel and dried
her face and chest. She closed her legs tightly when
I moved to her crotch.

"It will sour if I leave it."

She reluctantly opened her legs and allowed me wipe
her crotch clean, but she tried to close them as soon
as I pulled away.

"You should leave them open so things don't fall on
the floor," I warned.

I wished I knew what was going through her mind as she
parted her legs again.

Next, I put some peanut butter on my fingers and put
them to her mouth. She opened her mouth and I stuck
in my fingers.

"Mmmmm," she said, trying to speak, but unable to.
She worked her lips as she tried to get the peanut
butter off the roof of her mouth. Finally, when she
was able to speak, she said, "Jesus, Jill, can't you
use a spoon or something?"

"You're not allowed to use any utensils," I lied.
"It's either this or you can lap it out of something
like a dog."

"I guess I'll eat it like this then. Ah-Jill, I'm
thirsty again," she said. "Do you have something
besides milk?"

"Sure," I said, as I opened a beer and held it to her
lips while she drank. I snuck a hand underneath my
skirt and felt my panties. They were soaked.

Then, using the same fingers I touched myself with, I
fed her another dollop of peanut butter. Watching her
suck my fingers clean of the traces of my juices sent
pangs of pleasure shooting to my clitty. I knew I
should stop before things got out of control, but I
couldn't. It was too late for that.

I stripped my clothes off in front of her.
Ordinarily, I would have felt ashamed or embarrassed
to be naked. But with her blindfolded and oblivious
in front of me, I soared with power.

"What are you doing?" she asked. She must have heard
the rustle of my clothing.

"Just cleaning the floor," I said.

I slid my fingers into my wet sex, and then forced
myself to remove them. It was harder than you could
imagine. If anyone came in and saw us like this, I
would be kicked out of the sorority for sure. Maybe
even worse. I knew I needed to hurry.

I dipped my wet shiny fingers into the peanut butter,
took a large dollop, and pushed it in her mouth. All
the while thinking, she's licking me by proxy. The
peanut butter was too much for her to handle and some
spilled down the front of her outfit. I slid my
finger across her breasts, feeling her tiny nubs
through the thick fabric of her outfit, as I wiped up
the spilled peanut butter and pushed it back in her
mouth, until she cleaned it off.

Afterwards, I sucked her saliva from my fingers. It
was like kissing her, only she didn't know it.

I took a dollop of marshmallow cream, and spread the
stick white substance over my pussy. Next, I inserted
a squeeze bottle of chocolate syrup into my sex. I
held a slice of bread underneath me as I squeezed the

Oh God, I could feel the cold liquid shooting up
inside of my hot pussy. It gave me even more pleasure
knowing she was going to be eating it.

I fed her the slice of bread and wiped my sex clean
with another. I looked at it and could make out the
outline of my sex in the combination of white cream
and dark chocolate. There were even a few of my pubic
hairs on the bread. She didn't know it, but when she
ate it, she was eating me.

"Thirsty?" I asked.

She nodded her head, still chewing.

"Tilt your head back and open your mouth."

She swallowed and tilted her head back. I squirted a
little syrup in her mouth and she went to close it.

"Keep it open," I said.

I straddled her chair, without touching her. I looked
down at her mouth between my pale breasts and I pushed
my saliva out from between my pursed lips. It trailed
down in a long strand to her mouth. We were connected
by it. I wanted to kiss her, but knew I couldn't.
The strand stretched and broke, along with the spell.

"You can close it now," I said, wiping my lips.

I fed her some more stuff: mustard, mayonnaise, potted
meat. She was chewing slower and slower, doing her
best to put it away. Her cheerleading outfit was
stained with bits of food and drink. I was in a
sexual haze; my juices were streaming down my thighs.
I wondered why she didn't say anything, because she
could surely smell my scent.

"Please Jill," she said. "I'm full. God, I feel like
I'm going to bust."

"Come on Mandy, you can't stop now. Just a little bit

"I'm serious," she said, belching loudly. God, it
made me want her even more. "If I eat any more, I'm
going to spew."

I rubbed her belly. It was tight as a drum beneath
her too small outfit. "No wonder," I said. "You're
wearing all these tight clothes. Here, let me help."
Things were going to another level and I was helpless
to stop.

I reached down and grabbed the hem of her top and
pulled up.

"No, please," she begged.

I didn't listen. I raised it over top of her breasts
and released it so that her large orbs were pressed
down and out the bottom of it. Her fat half-dollar-
sized nipples were full and erect.

Her stomach was bloated and pushed out on top of her
small skirt and bottoms.

"Did the poor little piggy eat too much?" I asked,
gently rubbing her belly. She answered me with
silence, refusing to acknowledge I called her piggy.

"Awww, the little piggy is so full she can't even
talk," I said, moving my hands down to her waistband.
"Maybe piggy needs her tight skirt taken off so she
can breathe."

"No, please," Jill said, closing her legs tightly and
struggling against her bonds.

It was too late. I had already started; her struggles
only serving my efforts to remove her skirt and
bottoms. It was then I discovered why she didn't say
anything about the odor of my arousal. Her blonde
little slit was opened and dripping wet. I smelled
the scent of her arousal and fear, and it spurred on
my own lust.

"I believe the little piggy has a secret." I grabbed
her knees, spreading her legs.

"No," she whined, helpless to resist me. The pink
lips of her sex opened and a drop of her clear nectar
leaked from her narrow slit.

"This little piggy is all wet," I said mocking her.

"Please," she begged. "Please don't tell anyone."

"Tell anyone what?"

"Y-you know," she said, closing her legs.

"No, tell me," I said. "Open you legs piggy and tell
me that piggy is wet."

"Oh God," she begged, spreading her legs. Her hips
flexed from her arousal. "P-piggy is . . .wet," she
gasped. She was getting off on it. I didn't care; I
was getting off from her getting off.

"Don't worry," I said. "We Fike girls got to stick
together don't we piggy?" She nodded her head

I got out two more scarves and tied her knees to the
chair legs. Then, I turned her chair around so that
she was facing the table and I got out a pack of
hotdogs from the refrigerator. I took a weenie out
and teased her sex with it, going so far as to slap it
wetly against her clit. She gave a little grunt with
each wet smack.

"Squeal for me piggy," I said. "Squeal you porky
little pig."

She didn't squeal so much as give a high pitched
whining grunt. It was clear she was near orgasm. I
stopped, smelled her aroma on the hotdog, and gave it
an experimental lick. It was pleasant. I licked it
clean, sat down on the table and fucked myself with

"Open your mouth piggy," I commanded. I traced her
lips with the hotdog, but she refused to open them.
So, I started to slap her face with the weenie, taking
particular care that most of the blows landed on her
full lips. "You must like this piggy, otherwise you
would open your mouth."

"Please don't make me do this," she begged. "It's
been in my privates."

"Maybe it hasn't," I said, whispering in her ear.
"Maybe I fucked myself with it. You'd like that
wouldn't you piggy?"

"You're lying," she said, but she stopped moving her
mouth away from the hotdog. I teased her lips with it
and drew it below her nose so she could smell me.

"Listen," I said. "I'm taking another weenie out
right now. I'm sitting on the table with my legs
spread wide. I'm placing the weenie at my opening -
the opening to my pussy. I would like to push it in,
but you have to open your mouth first."

"Y-you're not naked," she said. I gently slapping her
cheeks with the weenie. Her lips were parted.

"I'm naked and wet, my little piggy-wiggy," I said
huskily. "Open your mouth. Taste my juices."

She opened her mouth and I pushed the weenie in. She
sucked it clean.

"That's it, taste my pussy." I pushed it in and out,
fucking her mouth with it, at the same time I fucked
my cunt with the other hotdog. The one in her mouth
finally broke, so I pushed it all in. "Eat it," I
ordered her.

I took out the one I was fucking myself with and fed
it to her.

"See how wet it is piggy. See how wet you've made

She was moaning as I fucked her mouth with the new
hotdog. Her hips bucked as she tried to get off on
the chair.

I don't know what possessed me, but I took out a
carrot and pushed it in my ass.

"I just stuck a carrot in my ass piggy," I said. "Do
you know what I'm going to do with it?"

She shook her head.

"I'm going to make you eat it."

"No, please," she begged.

"Yes," I said. "And you'll beg me for it my porky
little pig."

The hotdog in my cunt grew flimsy. I took out
another, fucked myself with it. Fucking her mouth
with the two used ones.

"I'm going to cum soon piggy. I'll make you cum too,
but first you know what you have to do."

She moaned around the two hotdogs. I could feel my
sex spasm in pleasure. "You better tell me soon
little pig, you better tell me before I cum."

"Please," she begged.

"Please what, piggy?"

"F-feed me," she begged. "The carrot."

"Tell me what piggy wants." I felt my orgasm welling.
"Tell me now goddamnit."

"P-piggy wants - pi-piggy wants the carrot."

Her chair squeaked as she pumped her hips and my own
orgasm fell upon me like a tidal wave. I snatched the
carrot from my spasming ass and pushed it into her
mouth. My hand was a blur over my clit.

"Oh fuck piggy, I'm cumming. I'm cumming watching you
suck it," I cried. "Suck it piggy, suck that fucking

My orgasm was so overwhelming, I fell to the floor,
kissing the inside of her calve as I came down from my
orgasm. Afterwards, I untied the scarves holding her
in the chair, not bothering to get up off my hands and
knees. I pulled her down with me, took the carrot out
of her mouth and kissed her passionately.

Her lips parted and she moaned around my probing
tongue. I wanted to make her cum for me.

"Turn around and get down on the floor, bitch," I
said, as I pushed her down on her hands and knees in
front of me. I reached my hand around and found her
sex. "Pig," I said, grabbing her roughly, owning her
body. "This is how you like to be fucked, isn't it?"

"Yes," she moaned. My fingers sped up their pace.
She pushed her ass back against me.

"That's right," I said. "Pigs like to get their ass
fucked when they cum, don't they?" I pushed the
carrot against her tight crater. She moaned, but I
didn't penetrate her.

"Fuck it if you want it," I said. "Fuck it pig."

She grunted and pushed herself back against my hands.
She gasped at the penetration. "It hurts," she

I spat on her tight rosebud. "Fuck it," I said.
"Fuck it piggy."

She hunched back again and gave a long groan as the
carrot slipped home.

"I'm going to make you cum now piggy," I said.

I stopped pleasuring her clit, moved next to her, but
still held the carrot. We were side by side now.

"Look at me piggy," I said. "Look at my eyes."

She did. Her ruddy cheeks were streaked with tears
and her eyes were glazed over.

"Tell me where you want the carrot when you cum."

Her face winced, but she still held my eyes. "Please-
please-please," she begged. Her body began to jerk.
She was cumming. "Stick it in my mouth- my piggy

I jerked the carrot out of her ass with a pop and
pushed it into her mouth. I spooned behind her on the
dirty kitchen floor and pleasured her sex with my hand
which she kept trapped between her thighs. She hummed
around the carrot and her hips pumped against me - she
was cumming. She trembled, she shook, and she moaned
so loudly I feared the neighbors would hear.

Finally, her body slowed. "Oh God - oh God, I can't
believe that just happened," she said, wiping tiny
trails of tears from her eyes.

I pulled her sweaty mop of blonde hair out of her
face, and kissed her plump lips. "You better go to my
bedroom and put something on," I said. "I'll clean up

I discarded the old food containers and wrappers, took
the trash bag outside and threw the evidence away. I
was in the kitchen mopping up the mess on the floor
and counter when I heard her in the bathroom. She was

I hurriedly finished up the kitchen and when I opened
the bathroom door, she was lying there on the floor,
wearing one of my shirts and nothing else. I gave her
a glass of water and held her head above the toilet.
I was filled with shame about my actions that night.

I hugged her tightly. "Amanda, do you remember when I
tried out for the cheerleading squad?"

"Yes," she said.

I didn't know if I could tell her the truth, but
somehow I managed. "Someone told me what you said
about me."

"Jill, I'm really sorry about that," she said. "Just-
please-please don't tell anyone what I did tonight."

"Let me finish Mandy," I said. I lifted the shirt she
was wearing and ran my hands along her naked back and
the curve of her ass. She didn't pull away. "When
you came to the sorority I wanted to get you thrown
out. Tonight wasn't part of the initiation; it was

"Let me go," she said struggling against me. I held
her tightly by the hips, pressed my face tightly to
the inside of her stomach and kissed her. She spun
around and I moved lower, her blonde curly hairs
tickling my nose, as I pressed my lips to her vulva.
She was still wet.

"Stop it," she breathed. "Please stop-I-I hate you.
I hate. . . "

But, her legs opened for me. The taste was sweet.
She was mine.

"Do you forgive me?" I said, pulling my mouth away
briefly in between kissing the delicate pink folds of
her labia.


It was a weak no.

"Do you forgive me, my little piggy?"

"No - please stop," she gasped, her hips bucking

"You do forgive me, don't you?"

"yes," she gasped, trying unsuccessfully to press my
face into her sex, but I resisted her. If I was going
to do it, it would not be on her terms, but mine.

"Kiss the toilet little piggy," I said. "Turn your
head and kiss the dirty bowl."

She turned her head to the side. Her face was drawn
up in a grimace of disgust. She kissed it. She
gasped. Her face relaxed and her tongue stabbed out
and licked the side of the porcelain bowl like a long
lost lover. It was the most decadent and erotic thing
I had ever seen.

"God," she gasped. "Don't tell. Please don't tell."

"You forgive me, don't you little piggy. My little
piggy girl." I attacked her clit with my tongue. She
spread her legs wide, grabbed me roughly by the hair
and pulled my tightly into her sex.

"Yes-yes-yes," she screamed. "God help me, yes."

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