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Thornn's Rape


Normal schpeal goes here about how marvel owns the characters I have chosen
to use in this story. Now then, This story will feature forced bondage,
lesbian, and straight rape as well a a form of drug use. So now that I've
driven you all off let's get to the story.

Thornn sat quietly in the tunnels under New York. She had been here for
a long time, how long she couldn't really say since she only came out at
night and never bothered to check what day it was. Soon time just seemed
to flow from one dark night to the next. She started to forget about the
world, her family whom she had run away from when her mutation kicked in,
her friends, her boyfriend....

Thorn shook her head. that was the past, before her "gift" showed up
and ruined the party. Now she lived off what she found in the garbage
behind restraunts, which wasn't as bad a people think considering a couple
places had guessed that a animal was going through things and had started
leaving out plates of food.

Tonight she had just gotten back from "breakfast" at a nice little mom and pop place that usually left out some old ham and bacon. She was
sitting somewhat less than comfortably under one of the main drags lost in
listening to the world above when her nose picked up another scent. She
had been alone under here for so long she almost didn't notice it, but the
familiarity of this one...she knew who this was.

Thornn looked around the darkness of the tunnel wondering where her
sibling was. She knew it was her, but felt a little shame as she couldn't
remember her name. At last she spotted movement down the tunnel and
growled deep letting her sister know she was caught.

Thornn heard a chuckle from the darkness. "Now now sweet sister, you're
supposed to be the friendly one remember?"

Thornn cursed. She hadn't talked in a long time. she tried to but her
voice cracked and hurt. Eventually she managed to hiss "what are you doing

Thornn heard what she assumed to be mock applause. "My my so you CAN
still talk. I'm sure you get lots of practice though. So dear sister how
is life in the underground?"

Thornn couldn't believe what she was hearing. How could this bitch be
so calm?? she even had a code name mocking her temper...what was it again?
Again she croaked "State your business and leave!"

"Aw aren't you glad to see your sister Feral? Eh, probably not. Still
that doesn't matter much. I am here wish a sort of truce. I have found
something that may make life down here a bit more...bearable? But I'm sure
you aren't interested. Nice talking to you again."

Feral. Thats right. Seemed to fit her personality. Though Thornn was
to curious now as to not only how her sister had found her but why she
would bother to look for her at all. "W-Wait! How did you find me?"

Feral turned back and smiled. "Oh I had some help from a couple
friends. they are good at being sneaky. I take it you are also curious
about what I could have that you might want?"

Thornn simply nodded. she knew Feral could see her now and could save
her voice a bit. As Thornn saw her sister approach she saw she was dressed
in her "costume" of a one piece and knee high boots. This was under an
unbuttoned trench coat that Feral wore to hide herself in crowds. As she
approached she reached in her coat pocket and pulled out what looked to be
a skin cream container. "I found this in a small shop that sells natural
products, try some. there is a rag inside that will help."

Thornn took the container rather curiously. Had Feral lost what sanity
she had left? She had just handed skin cream to someone who was covered
head to toe in fur. Still she decided to play along as it was a break in
her long night. Opening the lid she saw that some of it had been used,
probably by Feral herself. "What does it do?"

Feral laughed and smiled. "Not much actually. It has some ingredients
that make your body feel better, I use it when i am recovering from a

Thornn nodded and shrugged taking the rag and sliding it gently over the
cream getting just enough to rub down her arm. She couldn't help but smile
as she saw a slight shimmer from a light coming through a manhole she was
sitting under making her fur shine. After a minute she felt a cooling
sensation on her arm that felt like a cool breeze had blown across it. Now
Thornn had to admit that felt good. Covered in fur as she was it was rare
that wind made much difference to her when it came to temperature. She
decided to rub the cream along her other arm and chest as Feral smiled in

Thornn sat down and rubbed the cooling cream along her legs and realized
she had a problem. Looking up at Feral she quietly asked "Could you do my
back please?"

Feral smiled and motioned for Thornn to stand up. as she did Feral took
the cream and rubbed it gently over Thornn's body. she worked it into her
neck, shoulders and back. As the cooling sensation kicked in on her neck
Thornn was distracted enough she didn't seem to care that Feral was
finishing her back by her rump and behind her legs finishing off by sliding
her hand down her sisters long tail making it glisten in the light.

Feral sat down and smiled at her sister. "How do you feel?"

Thornn grinned looking over her body and feeling cool for the first time
in ages. "Wonderful. Where did you get it?"

Feral shrugged. "Over in the red light district. And before you get
worried i got it at a shop that sells massaging oils. They man there knows
me and my tastes, so he made me that cream."

Thornn nodded and wondered if she had misjudged her sister. then she
felt something strange. the arm she had put the initial coat of cream on
was starting to feel warm. She looked down at her sister fairly puzzled.

"Warming up is it?" She asked. Thornn nodded. Feral smiled. "Its
relaxing your muscles, In a couple minutes you will be blissfully warm, and
quite unable to move." Thornn looked panicked. She should've known Feral
would do something like this. She tried to will her arm to move but no
luck and in fact her other arm was now equally useless She started to panic
and in as much of a shout as she could asked "What are you doing to me?"

Feral laughed. "Me? I didn't rub this all over you. I helped with
your back, but you took what was offered. Besides now I can pay the people
who helped me find you. Oh before you start getting scared we aren't going
to take you out of your little hideaway here. quite the contrary, this
place will do quite nicely."

Thornn felt her stomach start to get butterflies. What was he insane
sister thinking?? Thornn thought to make a break for it, only to fall flat
on her face as her legs had gone useless on her. She started to whimper as
she felt more of her body go numb, much to the delight of her sibling.Feral
moved over and whispered, "you know of course what payment is...getting to
have you...any way they wish."

Feral licked her lips in Thornn's ear letting her know while she would
probably never touch Thornn herself, she would be watching, and most likely
getting off on the whole sick affair. Thornn heard her sister stand and
walk a little ways down the tunnel where she let out a loud whistle.she
started to hear voices after that. As they got closer she heard Feral say
"She is already for you. you might want to let Toad go first to get her

Thornn froze. Did her sister say Toad? Wasn't he one of the bad guys??
What had her sister done? as she turned her head to try looking down the
tunnel she could vaugly see 4 figures. 2 she now knew to be her sister Feral and Toad. One looked like a woman as the figure was to shapely to be
a man. the fourth...she couldn't really tell as behind the 3 was a massive

She saw Feral approach and kneel down behind her undoing what was left
of Thornn's own one piece that as time went on got torn and tattered now
only "one" as the back connected what little covered her. As she felt her
sister undo her back she begged, "Please Feral, for whatever of my sister is left PLEASE let me go."

Feral for the first time growled and slapped her across the face. "Oh
get some backbone. Its not like they are going to kill you. They just
came to me looking for someone new to have fun with and after hearing of
the stir in central park i decided to get reacquainted with my dear sister"
As Feral talked she rolled Thornn on her back and slid off her costume.
"And just to prove you wont feel a thing..." Feral took the rag and rubbed
the cream over Thornn's breasts, nipples and finally cunt and ass. she
stood up as Thornn gasped as the cooling sensation hit all of her eroginous
zones at once making her teeth chatter. "G-G-God Dammmm You F-Fe- Feral!"

Feral walked slowly back to the shadows and as she heard a hiss which
she guessed signalled the warming of her body walked over to Toad and
smiled. "Have fun"

As Feral watched Toad lick his lips in anticipation she sat down and
grinned knowing this was a show she would have to capture for future use.
to that end she fished out a small pouch from an inside pocket of her coat
and tapped Toad on the shoulder. "Before you go take this. It will help
capture the moment." toad looked puzzled but opened up the pouch to reveal
a palm sized cam-corder with a light on it. Toad grinned as Feral showed
him a strap made to be used to hold the camera steady on the shoulder of
anyone who wished to use it hands free. "There is 6-hours worth so don't
feel in a rush." said Feral as she winked at Toad who now armed with the
cam-corder approached the helpless Thornn.

Thornn, who couldn't tell what the light was from, tried desperately to
move finding herself quite helpless. As she saw Toad approach she growled
at him knowing it was more bravado that threat. "Come near me and i swear
I'll hang you by your tongue." Toad blinked. He wasn't a brave man by any
means, this being said it didn't take much to shake his resolve. toad
looked back at Feral with a confused look on his face. Feral laughed.
"Good grief Toad. are you that dumb that you believe the threats of a
helpless victim?"

Toad glared at Feral. He didn't like threats but he liked insults less.
Returning his attention to Thornn her moved up and parted her legs. Thornn
cursed as she felt Toad's actions and was powerless yet to move. As she
felt her legs move she heard a *flip* and something sting her thigh. She
blinked as it felt like a mosquito bite. At least she had SOME feeling.
what scared her is if her body was truly numb, how hard had that hit been
to make her feel it?

Thornn didn't have to guess to hard on what Toad would do. He didn't
seem to like sex much apart from oral. Probably she thought because of his
looks, which she could certainly sympathize. Thornn did discover one thing
that was happening she didn't expect, boredom. She could hear the sounds
from between her thighs as Toad enjoyed himself but apart from the initial
sting had felt nothing else. She stifled a giggle as she remembered on of
the things not to say during sex "Oh don't mind me, I always file my nails
in bed."

As time started to draw on with Toad, Thornn felt her arm twitch.
Blinking and looking over to Feral and company signalled that they hadn't
noticed a thing. Thornn closed her eyes and concentrated on moving her
arm. To her relief it started to move. As she smiled at that she found her
other arm now mobile. In a minute or two her legs would be as well.

Unfortunately for Thornn Toad was getting pissed. since her body was
numb it wasn't respond to ANYTHING he tried. Then he remembered how she
twitched when he flicked his tongue at her thigh and decided to try the
same on her cunt. As Thornn smiles from her legs finally recovering
feeling something stung. she winced as it was a little stronger this time
and rightfully so as the next sting told her where it was. She knew if the
numbness wore off before Toad was done she would feel just how strong his
tongue was. As Thornn felt the stinging rythem she counted to three and
turned over hoping to kick toad as she did only to realize he was a few
feet back.

Feral looked up in surprise. "So the first batch wore off? Not
completely though as your midsection is still numb and yes sister dear i
reinforced your upper thigh so standing isn't possible." Thornn propped
herself up on her arms ready to stand, but quickly found out her sister was
right as her legs could bend but as soon as she stood up she was stuck, as
she couldn't walk.

Feral took the container and walked behind Thorn. Thornn tried to lash
at her but the movement caused her to fall on her back hitting the back of
her head hard. Thornn winced and help her head as Feral re-applied the
cream around her knees and upper thigh.She also rubbed some along her
shoulder and elbow.

"Now then sister, that should keep you from moving for a while again.
You will notice I didn't redo your groin as you didn't seem to enjoy it
like that. I don't think it will take long now for Toad to have his fun
since you are already quite swollen." As if to drive her point home Feral
slapped Thornn square on her lips. Thornn yelped as she felt a throbbing
and tried to block out the pain.

Feral moved aside allowing Thornn to see Toad again. this time she
would be able to see what he did. toad moved a little closer and looked to
be picking his spot. "Eh, lets get this over with I'm bored with it."

Thornn would've sighed in relief had Toads next action been anything
else. Toad's tongue was hard muscle and could be flicked out as high
speed. Unfortunately for Thornn the target Toad had picked was her nub.
The first flick snapped her to full awareness as it stung worse than
Feral's slap. She howled in pain as she felt the muscle slap against her
again. Toad, now with a grin on his face moved a little close but
continued to extend his tongue as far as he could making Thornn wonder if
her was trying to embed her nub in her pelvic bone. A couple more and
Thornn was seeing stars. Toad then picked up his pace causing Thornn to
wince and cry as she felt the muscles in her hips start to twitch and

Toad smiled and stood up as Thornn withered under her climax apparently
satisfied. As Thornn's vision started to clear she saw Toad walk over to
who she guessed was a lady. "Your turn boss."

Boss? She tried to think of someone that Toad might call that, and got
her answer as the lady donned the camera. Mystique. Thornn had heard
about her. A shape shifter. She would be interesting. Thornn watched as
the ink blue lady walked over to her and knelt down brushing Thornn's hair
from her face. "My, what a pretty little lady we have here. So soft." She
felt Mystique's hand brush along her cheek and turned her head snapping at

This got an immediate reaction from Mystique, though not the one Thornn
would've suspected. Mystique leaned over Thornn's face and rubbed her lips
over Thornn's. Thornn looked up not believing this and growled thinking
maybe Mystique didn't get the hint the first time. Apparently she had as
Mystique growled right back and moved her arm to cradle Thornn's head.

Thornn blinked. "You can either work with me or against me Thornn. But
I promise either way I at least will enjoy it. Understand?" Thornn nodded.
She sighed and decided to go with the flow as she guessed there wasn't much
Mystique could surprise her with. boy was she wrong.

The first thing Mystique did was coerce Thornn's mouth open and planted
her lips to Thornn's. Thornn blinked surprised at how soft and careful
Mystique seemed to be with her. She was having trouble believing this is
the same woman who was wanted in every country in the world.As Thornn felt
Mystique's tongue slide in her mouth she let hers slide up and bat at hers.
Mystique groaned in delight feeling Thornn's rough tongue against her own.
Thornn closed her eyes and to her surprise started to purr.

Mystique smiled and closed her eyes. Almost immediately Thornn's purr
stopped as she felt something strange. Somehow Mystique's tongue was
getting thicker. This was new. Thornn started to panic, but some gentle
strokes along her cheek from Mystique soothed her a bit. Mystique for her
part and concentrated on forming a penis and since she could literally mold
her body in anyway decided to go for a warm up by having Thornn tease her
cock. Thornn licked nervously around the thickening appendage and was
starting to show signs of worry. She realized what Mystique was doing and
had never been with anyone in that capacity. She tried to pull back to
tell Mystique, but Mystique replied by pushing their lips harder together.
Noticing that Thornn could benefit from a distraction Mystique moved her
free hand slowly down Thornn's chest.

Thornn closed her eyes. this felt wonderful. Mystique was much more
romantic than Toad. Thornn just wished she could hug Mystique, but guessed
they knew better than to allow Thornn to move since she didn't know who or
what #3 was. Mystique's hand brushed lightly against Thornn's nipples
baking Thornn gasp a breath.

As Thornn heard Mystique moan she wondered if that meant she was close
to orgasm. she flickered her tongue along the head of Mystique's tongue
cock Sure enough she heard a moan from the shape shifter as she got an
idea. Thornn continued to lap at the cock, and started to suck

Mystique's eyes went wide as she felt this new feeling and this time it
was Mystique trying to pull out. Thornn however wouldn't hear of it and
bit down gently trapping Mystique in her mouth. Thornn now having somewhat
of control batted her tongue against the tip of Mystique's and in a moment
heard Mystique's muffled cry of orgasm causing her to cum in Thornn's

Thornn gagged as she wasn't prepared for that and released Mystique
coughing for breath. Mystique bolted up as she herself was feeling the
effects of Thornn's tongue. "You learn quick. I wasn't expecting that.
Now it's time I got you off." Mystique leaned her head down and took
Thornn's nipple between her teeth. Thornn's eyes widened as she felt
Mystique bit gently trapping her and then batting the sensitive nipple with
her tongue. Mystique also took one of her gloves off and moved the hand to
cup between Thornn's legs.

Thornn hissed and grinned certain this time of what Mystique was going
to do and got her answer in spades. Mystique slid two fingers slowly
inside her and bent them tickling the inside of Thornn. Thornn blinked and
started to giggle which made Mystique grin. Making the tickles almost
feather light it didn't take long for Thornn to respond. Mystique, who had
changed nipples closed her eyes and started fucking Thornn with her
fingers. Thornn, who had never felt something inside her before was moaning
audibly now and was unprepared for what happened next.

Apparently Mystique had re-located the cock and had formed it where her
two fingers had been. Thornn was unaware until Mystique moaned loudly and
bit down on her nipple as her "cock" exploded inside Thornn. Thornn arched
her hips and screamed. The orgasm of Mystique had caught her off guard and
set of her own. Mystique fucked Thornn until she was certain both of their
orgasms were done. Reshaping her fingers she slid them out of the
quivering mutants body and passed them over her lips. "You are a keeper."
Mystique said and winked as Feral came over to re-apply the cream and go
get the last person.

As Mystique and Toad helped the shadow with the camera Feral walked over
and turned Thornn onto her stomach. She also slid her hand under Thornn
lifting her belly and sliding a wadded up cloth under her. "Trust me
sister, this last one won't take long." Thornn thought she heard relief in
Feral's voice and was glad to hear it, that is until she saw #3.

There is no way, shape or form that could call this man small. Thornn
didn't know much about him other than his disgustingly appropriate code
name The Blob.As she saw him approach she got her first real look at a male
penis. she honestly hoped that Blob was big and not normal as erect as it
was it was the thickness of a summer sausage. Blob had the camera on him
and also carried another thing Thornn couldn't quite make out. It didn;t
take long and she learned what it was, Blob lifted her head by the hair
causing Thornn to scream, which is what he wanted. Thornn felt a small
ball slide in her mouth and a velcro cord fasten behind her head. It was a
gag and a very uncomfortable one.

Thornn couldn't help but wonder why Blob had gagged her. She guessed he
didn't like screaming, which she could understand as she didn't care for it
either. She felt his large hands slide her legs apart and readied herself
for the final time. Thornn blinked as he lifted her tail and she felt the
tip of him rub against her ass. He couldn't possibly think he could fit
did he? Grabbing her legs tight Thornn found out fast thats exactly what
blob thought. Biting down on the gag and screaming louder than she ever
had she felt the huge bulb of Blob's cock push against her ass. to her
horror she felt the head slowly start to push in. Screaming loudly Thornn
tried to move desperately. Unfortunately the cream wouldn't wear off for a
while yet. Blob grunted as his bulb pushed further in now halfway inside

"Come on you little bitch, take your medicine." Thornn slapped her hand
against the ground whining as she felt his tip FINALLY pop in, but he
didn't stop. Pushing another agonizing inch in, Blob grunted and slid just
a bit out. Using the inch to his advantage he made short quick thrusts
which made Thornn hoarse with screaming. She was starting to black out
when she felt something spray inside her. the next thing she felt was blob
pull full out with a painful pop. Thornn quivered and whimped when he then
shoved himself in her cunt. Unable to do anything she felt him push in and
in little time he came as Mystique did deep inside her.

Moaning Blob yanked himself out leaving Thornn blacked out from the

When Thornn woke up she saw Mystique. She was still in the tunnel but
her sister and the others had gone. "What happened?"

Mystique petted Thornn's face with the back of her hand. "You got taken
rougher than anyone ever has, and survived. Now you must heal for now that
Blob has found someone who can take him he will be back."

Thornn started to cry and Mystique leaned over hugging her close.
"Shhhh...Don't let him hear you. Trust me, when the time comes for him you
will have some tricks for him." Thornn looked up at Mystique blinking.

Mystique smiled. "I told you you were a keeper? I always protect my
assets. And you my dear Thornn are going to be quite a diamond. Trust
me...and I will help you get revenge. Would you like that?"

Thornn grinned and for the first time she understood how being evil
could be so delightful.


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