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Title: Those Lips Started It All
Keywords: mF, inc, teen, mom, son, daughter, brother, sister, fF, nc, mdom
Author: Caesar

Those Lips Started It All

by Caesar, copyright 2001-2002

$Revision: 1.2 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:29 $

You have to understand that it was how I grew up that tempered what I
now am.

I mean, I don't remember when or how it started, only that when I
desired it, all I had to do was ask.

What was it that started all this, what was it that brought me to this
life I now live? Life in jail is no picnic, loss of liberty can be a
terrible thing. And the loss of what I had taken for granted since my
earliest memory was harsher.

I'm writing this long handed - and storing it in a safe place. If
your reading this, I'm long dead and this can be assumed to be my
legacy. As sordid as it is. You can judge me all you wish - it
obviously bothers me not!

In truth, I don't see how I grew up and what I became as so terrible.
In fact, I rather enjoyed it.

You see, from my earliest teenage recollections, my mother would tend
to my normal urges. What I mean is that she would suck me to orgasm.

Shocking to you is it? I can fucking care.

I'd like to admit my mother was a hot thin woman that looked half her
age - she wasn't. She was attractive enough, in her voluptuous sort
of way. But she certainly did not draw any avid interest when walking
into a room full of men. mother had long brown hair, with streaks of
gray at the temples, that was always in a pony-tail. And I mean
always. She had a round common face, with big brown eyes, full lips
and petite nose. Her chest was huge, especially to a early teenager.
She had a slight bulge to her stomach, but I never considered her fat
in any way. Her hips wide, flaring out from her waist - coupled with
her generous boobs, looked like an hourglass when looked at coming or
going. Her ass was one of my favourite features, large and round but
not overtly so - sexy is what I would say.

Mother would wear only skirts or dresses, as was the fashion for a
woman of her age back then - thick wool skirts in the winter and thin
cotton fabric in the warmer climates. This did much to highlight her
other great feature, her strong shapely legs.

Though if you saw a picture of her back then you may be surprised that
this five foot four tall woman, plain and polite looking, was
servicing her son at least once per day in my teen years.

And always with her mouth.

I mean always. Once, when the boundaries were not yet understood by
me, as they were never vocalized, I climbed into bed behind her as she
still slept. I lifted her nightgown and slipped the head of my cock
about, looking for that entrance to nirvana that I've only read about.
Unfortunately, mother awoke and quickly took the situation into hand
and berated me loudly and sternly - sending me to my room promptly.
Just so you understand, she came in minutes later and knelt between my
thighs and sucked me till I came into her mouth - then gently telling
me that mothers and sons having intercourse was 'wrong'.


I believed her, I was a naive teenager. Fucking your mother was wrong
- it had to be, my mom told me so.


She had to suck me off three times later the next day - just to still
the desires that had built up at the thought of poking her.

I would wake up in the morning and eat breakfast with mom and dad, my
two sisters, and then after dad left, I would go take a shower. mom would often come to the bathroom each morning and ask simply by
looking at me - it was nearly always a quick smile or nod as an
answer. She would simply kneel there before me, as I stood in the tub
on the cold tiles or sat on the toilet, wearing her big ugly slippers
and bright pink housecoat. Leaving only after swallowing every drop.

Mother always swallowed - I never asked her why. Its not proper for a
son to ask his mother such things - didn't you know? If she should
miss or spill a drop, she would use her finger or tongue to clean it
up - always swallowing. Perhaps she did it to hide the evidence?

I haven't even a clue if she enjoyed it - the taste of come or even
sucking my cock. I couldn't ask - not proper as I've said! After a
while, it did not matter to me if she enjoyed it or not. Its what
mothers did for their son's wasn't it? At least in my home it was.

I've never even seen mother fully naked - though I've ejaculated in
her mouth more times than was possible to count. In my later teen
years she would allow my hands to wander as she sucked me, especially
if she knelt beside me on the couch or my bed. It was the closest I
came to anything besides oral with her - squeezing those big beautiful
sexy boobs, her round strong ass or even that mysterious mound between
her legs. I think she liked when I fondled her, but I was never sure
- though I experimented and tried to get a response from her. It was
always above her clothing and other than a tiny sigh or gasp from her,
I was never sure if she enjoyed it. The closest I came to guessing
her pleasure at my touches was that she often sucked me most often in
a position that placed me in range of her body.

Only later after I left home did I wonder why she did what she did. I
could call her, living in a college dorm, a few minutes drive from
home and she would immediately come over and suck me off. When she
did this, she often would come with some of her baking or would stay
and help me with cleaning my room up.

You see, she was still my mother - only that my sexual tensions were
vented with her very experienced lips.

In this way, I became what I am now - what the doctors call a
'sociopath' - my the path of my mothers sucking mouth.

I found out in my mid teens that I was not the only one in the
household that had this relationship with mother - my two sisters.
Anna was younger by two years and Rachel three years older, both
received oral attentions from mother.

Strange right?

Well back then it was only natural and very pleasurable - at least to

I was interested, though, to learn that mother licked her two
daughters as well as sucked me. Certainly not as often, I discovered,
normally a handful of times per week.

They too thought it was natural that our mother should do this for us
- she loved us didn't she? Of course, I never doubted that!

It wasn't long when I found out that none of my buddies had the same
relationship with their parents as I had with mom. I asked her one
night, after she finished swallowing another load, and it was the
closest we came to discussing it - she only told me that her mother did the same for her and that it was a mothers duty... but followed up
that most people would not understand if they knew about it. I had to
agree, my best friend knew and was disgusted with the knowledge -
though, thankfully, he never told anyone.

What did dad think about all this - I have no idea. In fact, I don't
think he even knew.

Once at the end of supper, I gave mom that silent look and nodded
toward the hallway to my room and she gave a stern look and nodded at
her husband, my father. I took that to mean that it wasn't right to
be forward with my requests when my father was about - I learnt well
and never tried it again.

Think of it - your a teenage boy, with a cock that constantly got hard
at any sexual thought. Well now consider that you had a woman willing
anytime to suck it for your relief - would you not think of that
positively? Of course you would. I did. In fact, you may come to
take that pleasure for granted and even start to expect it in all

That's not to say I didn't date girls my age, or that I found time to
fantasies about girls - in fact, I think I had an active imagination.
Only, instead of jerking off after a date or after watching that cute
girl bounce and twirl at cheerleader practise, mother would come in
and suck me as I imagined some wild sexual encounter. You see,
mothers lips took the place of my hand.


Well the trouble started when I caught Rachel spying upon us - and
frequently after that first time. She knew I knew, and I never said a
word to her. In fact I knew mother would have to lick and suck
between Rachel's trim thighs to relieve her tensions. Rachel actually
let me watch her, some sort of quid pro quo, and I watched amazed at
the first naked quim of my life. I also watched excitement building
as my matronly mother lapped expertly at the teenage girls sex - her
eldest daughter.

It started all my troubles because I had intimate knowledge that two
sisters were getting the same from mother as I was. Hell, I watched
Rachel get her licks at least once a week till I left for college.
And I loved the look of her pink slit and the sparse kinky brown hair
about it - so much so that when mother sucked me, my fantasized often
involved one of my sisters rather than some girl at school.

Well I approached Rachel, embarrassed, and asked her if she wanted
to... well suck me like mom did. I still didn't understand the
mechanics of fucking and though I've thought of licking her, I didn't
understand how I would get pleasure out of this - how did mom?

She shamed me by laughing - but then lifted her skirt and I leaned in
and began to taste the first cunt of my life. Rachel taught me how to
lick at her clitoris, how to slide my tongue into that delightful hot
wet hole lower down and to suck upon those dark pink sensual lips.
She came flooding my face minutes later - rolling over and returning
to her home work without another glance. It was what I had feared,
that I should get to be intimate with that delightful grotto between
her legs but I should be left with a hard dick for my troubles.
Within ten minutes mother relieved me of that problem.

So what do you do - you very much enjoy the intimacy of orally
exploring your first pussy but hate how horny it left you? Rachel
certainly made no motions to help me. I asked her again and again to
suck it and she finally blew up at me - screaming at me about my
'disgusting dick' and how she would never suck it like our mother did.
I was left with mothers mouth - while I continued to suck Rachel until
she married a couple of years later, and then I never saw tasted or
felt that sexy cunt ever again.

Mother did - she lived with Rachel, her husband and four children,
after dad died. Knowing Rachel, when her husband wasn't giving it to
her, our dear old mother was licking her cares away.

Then there was Anna - less sexy of body than Rachel or mom, more like
a boy in frame than a girl. Yet, she was still young and the first
signs of puberty just showing in the buds of her chest.

Rachel may be the smart confident child of our family, but Anna was
the polite and considerate one. She was also the horny one of the
girls - I was surprised that she asked her mother to lick her nearly
twice as often as her older sister. Though I never spied upon them,
as I did with Rachel, I often saw mom go into my younger sisters room,
close the door and return several minutes later licking her lips.

What I was to learn was that Anna was also submissive in all sexual

I'm not kidding. I simply entered her room one day and told her to
lay on her bed and spread her legs - she did, though I saw fear there,
and I licked her to a nice screaming orgasm. After that she always
did anything I asked. Soon she was sucking me, though it would take
years before she was as good as mom. Then, at my suggestion, we tried
sucking on each other at the same time - sixty nine I would learn to
call it. It became our favourite way to pleasure the other and

It reinforced my believe that women were put on this earth to pleasure
men - that the women in my life only existed to make me happy. Both
female mouths, my mothers and younger sisters, proved this to my
teenage mind again and again.

Anna confidently told me that our older sister often ordered her to
'suck her off', as she called it. And she seemed embarrassed when she
revealed that our mom would suck either girl at simply a nod. I
pretended to be shocked and never let on that mother was also my oral
repository as well.

We had some great years together back then.

I was so naive.


I was the first to leave home - going to college, dad was so proud
while mother ensured the college was close to home. A year later
Rachel married her boyfriend of two years and moved out. Anna and mom would both come to my apartment, when I requested and neither knew of
the other, thankfully. I dated, though most ended disastrously while
mom or Anna would come over and help me with my sexual stress.

School was great - fucking mothers and Anna's faces was great. Dating
was crap.

You see, I had learnt some interesting things in the years leading to
my living alone - for one, woman were for pleasure. They were to be
at my call, to suck me at a smile to spread their legs to fuck when
winked at.

Oh yea, I lost my virginity with the school slut in my first year at
college - some loose drunk co-ed. Two nights later I took Anna's
cherry and I then added that to my requests when she attended me. Of
course, my sister never denied me.

It wasn't until I got out of college, graduating with excellent marks
and on the Deans List. Dad and mom were so proud. Anna was too but
she was more excited that I could get a new place and a job of my own
- she begged to live with me, that she loved me.

I probably would have enjoyed that, getting a two bedroom place -
mostly for appearances sake, and fucking her brains out daily.

Yet it was the same time I met this pretty older woman who I worked
with. Ms. Jones as she was called by all of us at work, one of the
officers on our company. A quiet but stern woman that was a couple of
years younger than mom and whom I knew was divorced with a single
teenage daughter.

It would be the beginning to my end... at least to my freedom.

It happened by accident one night soon after joining the firm; Ms
Jones car was smoking from beneath the hood on the freeway one night
on the way back from my parents home, supper and a blow job per the
normal. I remember that Anna was excited that I agreed to consider
letting her live with me - she was going to come over this weekend and
prove to me how pleasurable it would be if she lived with me. I had
little doubt it would be a weekend full of my hard cock and her sexy
hard young body. Of course I pulled my junker over to the side of the
road and Ms. Jones seemed surprised but pleased at the familiar face
stopping to help her.

No remote phones back then, so seeing that her radiator was empty and
her engine was overheating I suggest I drive her either home or to a
garage. "Home please, I'll call the garage to pick up my car later."

On the way to her home, which I was surprised was so far out from the
city, she told me her name was 'Carol' and that she had been one of
the founding members of our company. Somehow on this trip I had
noticed how Carol's skirt had ridden up just above her knees and how
attractive she was. Carol noticed my looks too and didn't say
anything - she was the quiet one at work, even in her dominate role.

Me, in the life-skills that I had learnt since puberty, to survive
even with my warped outlook on sexuality I spoke up, "Your an
attractive woman Carol." When she looked at me surprised at my
forwardness, I made sure that she caught me looking at the bulge of
her chest beneath her sweater.

"Uh...perhaps I could get a cab at the next phone booth?"

"I don't think so Carol." I wasn't so good with women and I didn't
mean it how she may have thought. But when I saw the scared shock
look on her face I understood and began to get mad. I pulled the car
over to the curb and yelled at her, "Fine, go if you want!"

She didn't move and I looked out my dirty windows to realize that we
were a mile from anywhere and it was pitch black. I then reached
across from her, causing her to gasp and freeze with fear, only to
jerk the handle and throw the door open. "Out!"

Carol still didn't move.

I sighed with resignation and grunted as if in apology, "If I wanted
to fuck you Carol I would have said so not just to compliment you on
your great legs and tits."

She hissed in surprise at my blunt comments, men just didn't talk that
way to women, especially powerful mature ladies like herself. Even
though I sensed that she felt reassured by comments and even a little
pleased with the rough compliments.

My social skills never did get much better than that - but now it
really doesn't matter does it? Jail can be so limiting to ones social

Carol leaned over and pulled the door closed then whispered, "I live
over in those group of lights." Miles away.

I just sat and looked at her, she ignoring my gaze. "When was the
last time you got fucked Carol?" I meant to be gentle with my words,
but this was as good as it ever got.

She covered her mouth with her hand in mock surprise and looked
directly at me.

Then I understood, "Your an uptight old bitch that hasn't had a dick
in years isn't that right Carol?" I then reached down and did what I
could do with Anna or mom at any time, I unbuttoned my trousers and
pulled my semi-hard dick out and waved it comically toward her. "Get
down her and suck me bitch!"

I reached over and guided her head with a firm hand down to my lap -
and wasn't surprise when I felt my dick enter between her lips.
Though, in retrospect, I should have.

Carol began to suck me with surprising passion but with little skill.
"First dick-suck Carol?" She didn't stop her bobbing motions but I
could tell that the comment humiliated her more than a little. I
reached over her hip and grasped her round ass and played with it
generously - she moaned in a positive response and arched her back to
give me easier access. "Hot are you? I'll never come at this
rate...", I roughly yanked her head off my dick by her curly hair -
her hungry passionate submissive eyes looking at me with a silent
plead. "... I came in another mouth an hour ago bitch and your going
to need a lot more experience than you have to get me off so quickly."
I saw the humiliation in my words. I then reassured her, "Why don't
you climb up here and sit on my dick?" Pleasure came to her gaze and
she hurried to comply.

I've never fucked a woman of Carol's age and was expecting a loose
sloppy cunt - but was pleased when I felt this tight hot envelope
clasp me as she slowly lowered herself down upon me. She began to
pant and gasp with pleasure as I sat and watched her, pushing her
shoulders back so she sat against the wheel of my car. This gave me
the access I wanted and I tore at her clothing to get at her big round

I came into mothers mouth probably fifty minutes before, as I had
partially related to this woman, and it would take a while to finish.
I roughly smacked at her breasts, enjoying how they shook and
quivered, grunting, "Get fucking, bitch!"

Similar words that I used with my mother or sister - they never seemed
to mind... neither did Carol.

Holding on my shoulders, she began to lift and drop herself rapidly.
I could see in her face that this was indeed the first dick she has
had in years - no wonder she was as passionate as she was so quickly.
Twisting and yanking on her tits, I watched and listened as this
mature woman began to squeal out her orgasm - flooding my lap with her
thick hot juices.

Carol collapsed against my chest and I became a little angry, and
shoved her back against the steering wheel. "Get fucking bitch, I"m
not done yet." I was amused at the surprised look in her eyes and
then pleased when she again lifted herself nearly off me to quickly
submerge my hard dick into herself.

I fucked her for what seemed like forever - and what I remember most
about that time, was that I began to get worried that the running car
would suck all the gas and leave the both of us stranded.

But of course, I came, eventually. My sperm sending Carol into orbit
yet again.

I drove her home silently and dumped her off like some piece of
fuck-meat. She watched me drive away, holding her torn sweater closed
with both hands. It gave me time to remember, fondly, our short time

The next day I was conscious that she watched me at work, but never
said a word to me during that whole time. When the office nearly
emptied at lunch time, I entered her windowless office without a word
and closed the door. She looked scared but not surprised at the

"Time for more practise!" I yanked out my dick and sat on the edge of
her desk - she simply stood, walked slowly over to me and knelt down
and took me into her mouth. I took considerably less time than our
fuck last night and when I caught her lifting her face from my cock,
just as it began to swell the seconds before my orgasm, I had to grasp
her head in both hands and force it to stay its place as I finished.
She swallowed only half of my sperm and I grunted at her to lick the
missed drops. Carol, on hands and knees, began to lick at her carpet
and my shinned black shoes getting the drops of my sperm.

I left feeling her eyes following me and knowing that Carol was a good
find, something to compliment my erotic tastes. She was much better
than tentative stupid teenagers, like the girls from college, and
seemed to take abuse better than even my sister, whom needed to be
treated more like a girlfriend than what she was, a fuck slut.

I continued to do the same thing, fucking her mouth during lunch,
every day for that week.

Then it was the weekend.

Anna did indeed come over, and Friday was incredible. She and I
experimented with something new, and I deposited one load of my sperm
in her rectum. I fucked her and she sucked me - then we both slept
exhausted. She wanted this weekend to be the promise of what was to
come if she moved in with me - her wanton sexiness so delightful. She
promised to be the fuck toy that I wanted, promising me satisfaction
so that my eyes will never look at another woman.

Of course, Anna was wrong. She never considered the lessons learnt by
me even before she had started to suck me - that a woman was a piece
of meat.

It was Saturday morning when my phone rang, just as Anna was showing
me a little thing called a 'dildo', which was not a common sight back
then, that she had bought. I picked up the phone even as I watched my
sister move the thick rubbery phallus in and out of her cunt. It was
Carol, "What do you want?"

"I... I wondered if you wanted me to come over?" The call and her
question surprised me - as I understood where it came from - she
wanted more.

"I'm busy!" A little gruffly. The thick dildo seemed to be too large
for my sisters little cunt, her lips spread roughly and clung to the
wet rubber surface as it moved in and out.

"Oh." I could almost hear her disappointment in the silence. Then I
remembered how I felt as I ordered her to submit, the look in her eyes
as she simply waited for me to tell her to do something else - wishing
and hoping I would tell her to do something else. "Perhaps later?"

"I have a guest."

"Oh. I'm... sorry...?"

"Shut up." I looked at my panting sister as she masturbated with that
big dick and then imagined the middle-aged woman as she bounced up and
down upon my cock in that dark damp car. "I'll come to your place."

"Pardon? No... my daughter is home and ...!"

"Do you want me to come over?"

That stilled her objections. Finally, "Yes."

"Then get rid of the little bitch."

A longer pause, "Yes, I can do that." I knew she was wondering how to
get her daughter out of her house - send her to a friends maybe or her

The silence was long when I thought to maliciously ask, "Know what I'm
looking at right now bitch?" I liked being nasty to Carol for some
strange reason.

Anna froze, surprised at my comments. I didn't wait for a response,
"A girl younger than I fucking herself with a dildo." A loud swallow on the other end of the phone. "Do you know what a dildo is?"

Barely a whisper, "Yes."

"I fucked this same girl last night in the ass... do you still want me
to come over bitch?" I haven't even showered yet - perhaps I should
let Carol taste my sister upon me?

I waved Anna to silence she was starting to get angry at the
interruption and at my words betraying our private relationship.


"Do you think you can make me as happy as this girl half your age?"

A long long silence, I now knew her weak spot, her age. "Will you
deny me anything?"

Again a whisper, "No." Anna had jumped off the couch and was getting
dressed, looking angrier than I've ever seen her. She was my sister,
I'll make it up to her later. Hell, I've used and abused her for
years - called her all the names in the book - and she had no defence
to any request I made.

"You have this afternoon to prove it slut - put something sexy on,
I'll be over in an hour." I hung up. "Anna!" The door
slammed... and I was surprised at myself for not rushing out to follow
her. Well, something else I've learnt, she will come back when I tell
her too - she and mother always did.

I drove over to Carol's and just walked in without knocking. She met
me in her living room wearing a translucent nightie and stockings -
pink. I fucked her that afternoon in all three holes, and deposited
my sperm into each, in three different rooms of her house. And yes,
she tasted another woman, my younger sister, upon my dick.

I spent most weekends at Carols fucking the months away, her daughter sleeping over at a friends. The week nights that we met, she would
come to my place. The lunches in her office.

Every wild kinky thing I could think of I did with Carol, treating her
like garbage the whole time. She loved it, wanted nothing more than
for more of my attentions, to pleasure me. Carol became quite the
good cocksucker, got used to the taste of her own pussy from my dick,
had a hair-trigger clitoris and seemed to greatly enjoy getting fucked
in the ass.

I did not need Anna, and ignored her calls and letters, as I found
Carol's submission addicting. Even mother, in a moment of rare
admission, told me that she wanted to come over more often - worried
that her 'boys soldier' was getting the proper attention. I kid you
not, that is how she put it.

Carol made plenty of money at our company and purchased tons of
lingerie and sex toys - and we experimented together very often. I
enjoyed tying her up or blindfolding her and teasing her for hours.
She did it all and seemed to enjoy it all, orgasms were aplenty. Not
once did I find her cunt dry, it was perpetually wet at all times.

Then I told her my past, how mother sucked me at any time, how I
licked Rachel until a couple of years before, and how Anna and I had a
very special relationship till she came along. To say the least the
executive of a company and the mother of one was shocked.

I never said a word again until I bound and gagged her in my apartment
one evening - slipping her into my closet and with a firm command
closed it only so that she could not be seen but could see out. I
then called mom and she, as always, came over. I lay naked upon the
bed and mother simply folded her coat over a chair, climbed up to
kneel next to my hip and simply took my cock into her mouth. I had
fucked Carol at lunch earlier that day and knew it would last
moderately a long time - even with mothers expert tongue and lips.
While she bobbed her head and sucked me, I reached around and pressed
my fingers into the crack of her ass, above her skirt of course, and
felt the tiny round muscle of her anus clench at being roughly
fondled. Then I slipped my hand lower down and slipped it up and down
the slit of her sex, above her clothing as well as always and was
surprised when mother moaned against my cock. Just once mind you -
but it was a surprise enough to send me over the edge. mother swallowed every drop - licked my cock clean of spittle and sperm and
climbed off my bed. "I brought you some banana bread honey."

I hugged her and saw her out the door. Even as my mother left my
apartment I knew she was just another cunt to be used, like Carol,
like Anna and like the half a dozen at college that had crossed paths
with me. Remembering that single moan of pleasure from my mom, I
wondered if she would be as good a ride my Carol?

As for Carol, she was as I had left her and slipping my hand between
her thighs I found her so wet and hot that her juices had coated the
inside of her legs to her ankles. And if I looked, I doubted not that
a pool of her juices would be puddled on my carpeted floor. We fucked
wildly that night.

It was her introduction to a different world.


Carol's daughters name is Jenny. She was bright eyed and a cute girl - fourteen years old at that time. And as the months turned to years
I found my eye wandering to this young girl as she starting on the
road of puberty and sexuality. So absorbed in her own pleasure Carol
never noticed my hungry graze toward her daughter.

I'm not proud of it but it was easy, I seduced the girl. She only knew
me as her mom's boyfriend and that I made her mother very happy.

At first it was the smiles... then the hugs... little kisses... and
then my hands, above her clothing, touching her where no one else had
touched. She was scared that first time I entered her room as her
mother took a shower - how could she not. I was naked. I ordered her
to disrobe and then forced her mouth upon my cock and she gave me a
pitiful blow job. She sobbed silently as I shoved her face up and
down my dick - knowing she was tasting her mom's cunt upon me. Did
she even realize it?

Since she only dropped to the floor sobbing, while trying to spit out
the sperm that had filled her mouth seconds before - I was worried her
mother may discover my assault. The little slut, though, did not say
a word. And Carol, so enamoured with our relationship did not notice
how her daughter shied away from me whenever we were in the room

For weeks I did this to her once or twice a week - she never told
anyone but her lips became slowly more experienced. Jenny learnt that
if she pleasured me I would not be so rough with her - and if she did
a good job, her humiliation would not last as long.

The thing was, this teenager seemed to accept this new life -
servicing her mothers boyfriend. Perhaps she did not want to make her
mother sad by telling her how I used her young mouth. Perhaps she
simply found that being used by me was natural and the path to being a
woman. Isn't that what a women is good for?

Hell, her mother was a living example - and the daughter must have
heard her mom and I more times since we met - to know that her mother was simply the slave to my every desire.

Perhaps to her teenage mind, it was natural that she lived the same
life as her mom.

Jenny, after that first time, seemed to find pleasure in pain. I kid
you not! Fucking wild - but after I first spanked her for some
trumped up reason, she went crazy with lust and I laughed even as I
took her a second time, knowing that I had discovered the floodgates
to her sexuality.


Again Carol stood bound and gagged in my closet as I returned from the
front door. When I helped Jenny off with her jacket, I smiled into
the darkness of my closet and toward her mother. I imagined I saw the
horror of what I was doing in the darkness, that the mother watched
helpless as her daughter was dragged into a lifestyle that she never
considered for her.

I took it very slowly, romancing the teenager with kisses and touches.
Slowly removing both of our clothing, and then began to lick her from
head to toe, my hands pinching her nipples and twisting her outer
labia - when I got to her hairless sex, she was going nuts. The young girl orgasmed with a loud screech.

Then I told her I was going to fuck her - she looked at me nervously
and nodded her acceptance. Yet, "I'm not going to take your virginity
darling." She looked at me puzzled and more so when I retrieved a
tube of lubricant. "Lay back and pull your knees to your chest."

Like her mother, she did as ordered. Unlike her mother, she may have
done it out of fear or perhaps training by her mother to respect
adults. First with my tongue then with lubricated fingers I readied
her ass hole for the inevitable - though she was a tiny girl and it
would never be prepared fully for my large hard cock. She was very
scared but determined as I knelt below her aiming myself toward that

"I do this so you will stay a virgin - do you understand darling?" I
could care less, I just wanted to fuck this teenagers ass while her
mom watched helpless.

A whisper, "Yes."

"Do you want this, do you want me to fuck your tiny little ass?"

A long pause than a resolved, "Yes."

I pressed forwards.

Now its not an easy thing to fuck a tiny virgin ass hole - and it took
a long while, with pain and patience, till I was three quarters seated
within her bowels.

Though I assure you it was a very fine fuck - if not for Jenny, for
me. And I left a big load of come in her violated rear hole. Since
it must have hurt terribly, I could see the teenager below me struggle
between that realm of pain and pleasure. Jenny never orgasmed but
panted deeply, and looked upon me in surprise at the new feeling of a
cock within her bowels.

I spent an hour afterwards tending to her, cleaning her body with a
cloth and bringing her to another orgasm with my tongue. As she
dressed she asked embarrassed, "Can I come back next week?"

I laughed and asked playfully, "Do I get to fuck that pretty little
bum of yours again?"

She nodded affirmatively and I gave her money for a cab rather than
her taking a bus. I resolved, next week, to bring her to orgasm as I
fucked her pretty ass hole.

Carol was wide eyed and I could tell that she had shed a river of
tears. But again she had left a puddle of her juices in my carpet.

Nothing was forbidden I had told you.

I dragged her out, still bound, threw her upon the bed and began to
rub my soiled cock over her cheeks and forehead. I would have shoved
it into her mouth but didn't want to ungag her just yet. Instead I
rolled her upon her stomach and after a minutes preparation was
pounding my cock in and out of her ass hole, grunting obscenities into
her ear.

She orgasmed again and again.

Carol, I may not have consciously realized back then, enjoyed being
dominated, and yes, even humiliated. She hated what she witnessed me
do to her daughter Jenny, but she orgasmed wildly when my attentions
returned to her.

That was the beginning of the exhibitionist phase, as I laughingly
called it back then, of my relationship with Carol and her daughter Jenny. Each week, Jenny would come over and we would suck and I'd
fuck her ass - her mom watching from the closet each time. At Carol's
house, I'd order her to pretend she was asleep and then tell Jenny to
join me in her moms room. Silently and very nervous the girl would
tip toe into her mom's room naked and then either suck me off or lay
upon me in a classical sixty nine while her mother 'slept' next to us.

I became bolder and had Carol clean my dick off, with her tongue only,
if it had been inside her daughters mouth or ass. When I would play
with that girls sweet pussy, my fingers coated with juices, her mother would lap at it hungrily minutes later.

I became kinkier with the teenager, blindfolding her and experimenting
with food and toys. She was tentative and not always receptive, as
her mom was, but she never said 'no'. Unlike her mother, she did not
enjoy the humiliation or being dominated. Rather she seemed to endure
these things without complaint.

Once I blindfolded Jenny and bound her to my bed, this was after I had
fucked her ass, and then dragged her mom from the closet. Not
realizing the tongue that was licking her to orgasm was her moms, she
screamed out with pleasure even as I finger banged Carol's rectum.

Then I thought it was time and one Saturday brought the two naked
ladies into the same room. They simply stared surprised at each

"Jenny, let me introduce you to my slut Carol. Carol, this is my
young anal girlfriend Jenny." I mocked them but they still didn't
move. I had to forcibly bring Carol before her daughter and pressed
both heads together so they could kiss.

The months following were erotic heaven - as I had two slaves care for
my every kinky thought. I took Jenny's cherry, loosing the pretence
that I gave a shit. mother and daughter would spend hours performing
for me - toys, food, lingerie and even pain. They did it all.

Carol enjoyed every second, relishing each demented command. Jenny,
on the other hand, became quieter and though she did all that was
ordered, she did not enjoy it as her mom did - only when it became
overly rough did her pleasure truly appear.

Of all times, it was while Carol sat upon my lap, bouncing up and down
rapidly as she fucked me. Her daughter, Jenny, sat over my face and I
licked and nibbled that tasty teen cunt. My mind began to wander and
I remembered mothers single moan of pleasure some time before. Could
Anna and my own mother become like Carol and Jenny, I wondered?


It had been months since my sister had stormed out of my apartment in
anger - but as I had thought, a single call had her running back. We
fucked for hours, and at the end my sister cried happily even as the
sperm clung to her hair and forehead. This time I made it clear that
I would use Carol and Jenny as I wanted, that Anna would be available
whenever I wanted and she had no say in it.

This time my sister nodded her acceptance - knowing that regardless of
who I banged, she would her her due measure of my cock and the
pleasures that we enjoyed together.

Within days I called mother and asked her to come over - my intent

I have four ladies in my life, three that I understood to some degree:
Anna whom enjoyed the pleasure of submitting to my needs, Jenny whom
enjoyed the pain and approached all our encounters like an innocent
approaching the mysteries of adulthood, Carol her mother whom enjoyed
being dominated used and even humiliated. Then there was my mother -
she had sucked me since my earliest years and I knew not why. I had
hoped she may be like Carol, in that she could be dominated. And that
is why I called her over that fateful Friday afternoon.

Mother had actually brought a casserole with her. She shed her
jacket, placed the glass dish in the fridge and followed me into my
bedroom with a smile. It had been weeks since I had called her, for
what she assumed to be her experienced and loving mouth.

Mom knelt down between my knees as she wrapped a cool hand around my
half-hard shaft. Her face descended.

"Mom, could you come up here instead?" She followed my nodding eyes.
I wanted her on the bed, her body within reach of my hands. It seemed
a small request, at that time of my life, but it was the first time I
had ever asked such a thing - mother had always just done 'it'.

She seemed be ignore my request when she stopped, looked at me again,
and then calmly crawled up to kneel perpendicular to me on my bed.

With a smile I lay back and just ran my hand from her back down her
hip to her ass. As always she wore a skirt, and my hand slipped
beneath it even as her mouth took the head of my cock. She never even
acknowledged my fingers when I pressed her cotton panty into the
crevice of her sex. It was damp and very warm, I was pleased to

Mother gave the best blow job of any mouth that I've yet experienced -
she seemed to know how to pleasure my cock more than any other woman.

She started to lift her head from my organ when she felt my fingers
expertly slip beneath her panty and into her bubbling groove. A quick
snatch of her pony tail, I held her head in place. I did not doubt
that mother would voice her displeasure at what I was about to do - I
guessed her need for pleasure would override that. She was only a
slut like all the others, after all.

I fingered banged her roughly, in time to her sucking mouth, and was
rewarded when she began to pant and gulp for air around my hard cock.

The slut was enjoying it!

With my two middle fingers fucking her cunt, my index finger pressed
against her anus till it invaded and allowed me to bang both holes at
my leisure. She was wet, my hand soaked, her panties and thighs
drenched - there was no mistaking her pleasure now.

Her mouth came off my cock, and my hand upon her pony tail allowed her
too, and pressed its hard surface along her cheek and ear as she lay
panting next to my balls.

When my pinkie found her clitoris mothers pants immediately turned to
squeals of pleasure and with a minute more of getting finger banged
was crying out between clenched teeth as her orgasm hit her.

After so many of my own orgasms with my mother, this was the first
that she has ever had between us. I felt like a champion and knew my
path was righteous.

She rolled over onto her hip and lay gasping for breath. Her eyes,
though, watched me carefully as I flipped up her skirt and looked down
at my hand still beneath her white cotton panty.

She watched me as I pulled my dripping hand from between her legs and
licked it, sampling mothers pleasure.

Then I reached back to her, and hooked both my hands into her panty and tugged them down her legs, throwing them behind me already
forgotten. She watched me as I rolled her onto her back and spread
her thick soft thighs and moved my face toward her pleasure zone.

Mother finally spoke up as I reached her spread exposed cunt, my
tongue slipping into the hot wet groove, "Stop...", her voice was raw
and sounded tired, "you must stop, this is... wrong!" My tongue
reached her clitoris, and regardless of how tired she had been, her
back arched off my bed and she groaned out in pleasure.

I pressed her legs back and spent time licking her hairless wrinkled
pink anus, she actually giggled when I forced my tongue past the donut
of her sphincter and it stalled me as I had never heard that sound
from her before. I fucked her vagina with my tongue, the tip wiggling
around inside her at each thrust. I sucked and nibbled on her
clitoris with aggressive experience, I had learnt these techniques on
her two daughters after all!

Some time later, after much panting, squeals and even a few giggles
she orgasmed yet again.

This time her eyes was closed.

I removed her clothing without her even appearing to be aware of my
movements. I was in nirvana, the promised land - I had proven my
domination over another cunt, my mother. It all came down to the
willingness to take control and to bring pleasure to a cunt. And I
had proven that time and again.

When mother finally opened her eyes she found me straddling her waist
upon my knees and my hard cock pressed between her generous bosom. My
hard cock moved in and out from between those soft fleshy globes and
the head of my dick touched her chin at each thrust. She looked upon
me and her obvious nudity with surprise and perhaps a little horror.
Her reaction took me a little unaware.

I roughly smacked back and forth between her flesh as I pressed it
into a valley.

As enjoyable as it was for me, she seemed to take little pleasure from
my actions. I could use her in this was after my control was assured,
but for know I had to bring pleasure to her with every action so her
willingness to relent her control was mandatory.

Rolling off her body I knelt between her knees, with cock in hand, and
followed the vee of her legs to that spot that I sought.

Mother saw my look and had to know what was next. "No!"

I looked up at her in surprise, and gave her my smug leer before
leaning in to enter her. Just as the head of my dick was inside the
forbidden place, mother yelled out, "No", yet again and with her heels
on the bed shoved her hips off to throw me from her body.

Quickly she sat up and tried to climb off my bed.

I was quicker.

I grasped her about the waist and yanked her back. She screamed out
till I shoved her face into a pillow and hissed at her, "Shut up
mother!" She stopped screaming and I could feel her body convulsing
as she tried to withhold the weeping that started to well from her.

I moved her body so that she was on her knees, her face still in the
pillow. Did she not understand this was how it was from now on? That
I could bring her such pleasure that she could not imagine?

My dick entered her fully and without fanfare. Her cunt was wet and
very hot and seemed to grip me in a flesh vise as I sat within her.

Finally I let go of her waist and grasped each of her soft hips. This
position was how I had always fantasized about taking mother for our
first time - her large round ass raised for my pleasure.

I fucked her hard those first few minutes, enjoying it myself but
wanting to show her how happy she could be with me inside her. There
was no response from her except that she continued to weep silently.

My tactic changed to long smooth strokes and felt my own pleasure
mounting - but absolutely no response from my parent.


I smacked her big ass out of frustration, spanking her roughly and
violently for several minutes before her flesh was red with shame.
Her only response was to cry out into the pillow from pain and
humiliation at each hit of my palm on her soft tender flesh.

I felt my ship sinking, that all my plans falter simply becomes mom became frigid, as I thought of it, at the moment of truth. We had
been so close, her life would have been so much better - I could have
made her so happy.

Because of my anger an frustration, I lasted longer than should have
been possible. I knew this may only be a one time thing, or that I
could only have this when I took her forcibly - so I wanted to make it

There was one more fantasy unfulfilled - and I might as well enjoy it
before our time here was complete.

I yanked my soiled dick from her hot wet cavern and pressed it back
in, a little higher this time. I cared not that she cried out for
mercy or that it must have hurt her terribly as we used no lubricant
other than her abundant juices and my earlier saliva. My cock pressed
without a care deep into mothers rectum.

Though she had held herself in position, on her knees, up to now, the
pain caused her loose control of her muscles and she fell down upon
her stomach. Lucky for me, I fell with her and did not get dislodged
from her very tight butt hole.

I fucked her for no other reason than my pleasure now - probably
tearing her as I moved mercilessly in and out of her body.

Gone was the tears and sobs, she clawed at my bed covers now, bit into
my pillows. If she enjoyed it or felt extreme pain, I could care

My balls eventually emptied inside her rectum.

I lay full weight upon her voluptuous soft body my cock softening
naturally in her violated back passage. The cunt just lay there
beneath me.

Sleep overcame me.

When I awoke, I looked up as my clothed, but looking very out of
sorts, mother came back into my bedroom leading the police.


My failure, I now knew, was that I never understood her as I did the
other three ladies in my life.

I still don't.

Though, now, in jail, I have plenty of time to think about it.



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