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Story - Three Months of Foreplay

Written by Blab (,

-- Part One

I asked her, "Haven't you teased me enough in the past 3 months?" She
just smiled and lead me towards the hotel exit.

Three months on the phone. Three whole months of listening to her
voice, aching to touch her while I listened to her touching herself.
Tonight, after three months of foreplay, we finally had each other in the
flesh... And she wanted dinner first.

The moment I saw her I desired her, from her high heels, up the long
lengths of her stockinged legs to the short wool skirt in schoolgirl plaid,
past the smooth skin of her bare midrift, over the swelling mounds of her
breasts covered only slightly by the second-skin tightness of her top, to
the delicate line of her cheek, her eyes, her lips. The taste of our first
kiss still lingered on my mouth, and I could still feel the burning trace
of her skin under my hands. I wanted her, needed her, but... I could
wait. I knew she wanted to tease me a little before I could have her, and I
didn't mind. Perhaps I could even turn the tables on her.

She led me to a limousine waiting in front of the hotel, where I held
the door as she bent over to climb inside. Her skirt rode up the backs of
her legs as she crawled into the car, and I could see the tops of her white
stockings and bare thighs above them before she rolled onto the limo's
plush leather seats and looked at me with a lustful proposition in her
eyes. I was liking this idea more by the minute.

As I settled down next to her she said, "I think I picked a good
restaurant. Too bad it's ten long minutes drive from here." She put her
hand on my leg, sliding her fingers around to my inner thigh as she
continued in a softer voice, "We'll just have to find something to occupy
us while we ride."

I leaned in to kiss her again, softly pressing my lips against hers.
Her mouth melted under mine, softening and opening to my lips and tongue.
My hand cupped her cheek, holding her face as I kissed her, then lifting
her chin as I brushed my lips down to her neck. She sighed softly, her
hand on my thigh clutching the fabric of my pants as I continued to kiss
the soft and sensitive skin of her neck.

She was sitting back in the seat, her breath beginning to get heavy as
she submitted to my touch. "You know, I've been waiting a very long time
to see your body," I said, sitting back to look at her. I placed a hand on
her stomach, my fingers sliding over her bare skin, probing the dimple of
her belly-button before hooking under the hem of her tight shirt. "I've
decided that I won't wait any longer."

With that I began to slowly pull her shirt up, exposing more of her
stomach. She squirmed a little at first, glancing up at the driver's
mirror, and then she seemed to relax. She accepted my hands pushing her
shirt up, and didn't protest when it rose above her breasts, the hem
clinging for a moment to her erect nipples and then clearing them, exposing
her braless chest to my gaze. For a moment I drank in the sight of her,
sitting back against the limo seat, her arms draped over the back, her
naked chest so deliciousy contrasting with the dark leather behind her. I
ran my hands over her skin, my fingers tracing her curves, memorizing the
topography of her torso. And then I grabbed a handful of her skirt and
ordered, "List up your ass for me."

She hesitated. "Don't make me ask you again, gorgeous," I said firmly.
She groaned a little and lifted her butt off the seat, letting me pull her
schoolgirl's skirt down over her legs. She wore white cotton panties, and
my hand was drawn to them. The soft thin fabric felt like delicate gauze,
and I could feel the cleft of her sex through it. Lightly I ran my
fingertips up and down the crotch of her panties, following the line of her
slit. She spread her legs wider, her eyes locked on mine as her expression
begged me for more.

Smiling, I withdrew my hands and sat back. "Shouldn't you cover
yourself up now? We'll be at the restaurant soon." She pouted, and I
grinned at her as I sat back against the seat.

She said, "I think you're trying to get me back for three months of
teasing you." Her hand went to the bulge in my pants, her fingers squeezing
firmly. "And now I'm so wet from you touching me that I don't want to wait
for dinner anymore."

"Ah but you have to wait," I said. "Because here's our restaurant now."

--------------------------------------------- Part Two

At her request the maitre'd led us to a booth in the shadowy corner of
the restaurant. Trellises covered with fake grape vines attached to the
walls, a candle in an old grappa bottle - ah, italian restaurant, I
thought. I wasn't paying much attention to my surroundings because the
object of my desire kept pressing her braless chest against my arms and
back, and I could feel her hard nipples rubbing against me through our
light clothes. We reached our table, and as soon as I sat down next to her
she resumed contact, lifting her leg up and over mine behind the

While I was perusing the wine list, she took my hand in hers and calmy
quided it down between her legs. Her underwear was drenched now, the soft
cotton silky-wet with her juices. My fingertips slid easily over her
panties, and I moved them up and down a little. I could feel the swollen
folds of her labia, indenting under the softest touch of my finger. When a
fingertip slid up along the soft fabric to the tiny bump that I thought
might be her clit, she groaned out loud and clutched my arm with her hands.

The waiter came to take our order, interrupting my play. After
ordering, my little tease got up to visit the ladies' room, leaving me
alone at the table with an ernormous hardon. I watched her as she returned
to our table, and at the last moment, when probably nobody else was
looking, she lifted the front of her skirt towards me for a split second...
And then sat down next to me casually, the model of polite dining. But for
that split second, when she flashed me, I could see her bare pussy under
the skirt, no more little cotton underwear. And what's more, there was no
pubic hair - her pussy was shaved!

Her hand moved to my thigh as we pretended polite conversation. As I
answered her questions about sightseeing spots in my city, I could hardly
pay attention to anything besides her fingers moving up my thigh, and then
over the slacks-covered bulge of my erection. The fingers didn't stop,
they slid up to the pants waist and curled over, reaching under my pants.
Suddenly I could feel her fingers on the head of my cock, the bare skin of
her fingertips against the bare skin of my swollen erection. I just leaned
back into my seat and sighed aloud with the exsquisite contact, throbbing
under her touch.

I knew she was bare under her skirt, in every possible way, and I
couldn't wait to touch her. I put my hand on her thigh, mimicking her
approach on me. When my fingers reached the moist cleft between her legs I
stopped and stroked her, pushing her oily wetness around the smooth shaved
flesh of her sex. She was so soft, hot and slippery that touching her was
irresistable, and I lost track of time while my fingers explored her behind
the tablecloth.

Her eyes were closed, she had one hand latched onto my shoulder and the
other planted firmly on the seat on her other side. The breath moved in
and out of her lungs in time with each soft stroke of my fingers. She was
unaware of the restaurant and people around her, and I could hear soft
whimpers of lust every couple of breaths. I leaned down towards her neck
and whispered, "We need to keep you quiet. Do I have to gag you?" Until
that moment my fingers had moved only over the outer flesh of her cunt, but
as I threatened to gag her I began to push one finger into her tight wet
hole. With a shudder she lifted a hand to her chin and put the tips of two
fingers into her mouth. Her cheeks indented as she sucked on her fingers,
and I wiggled my finger a little as I pushed it deeper inside of her.

Dinner came, and we had to cool it for a while as the waiter hovered
near us. After he left she spread her legs and looked at me. I knew she
was aching for me to resume touching her, but instead I began to eat. With
a pout, so did she.

During dessert she became more bold and unbuttoned my pants, exposing my
hard cock to the air. After caressing it for a moment she took her hand
away. I groaned as I saw her put her hand down between her own legs. Her
fingers squirmed against her folds, and I watched mesmerized as she stroked
herself for a couple of minutes. Then, with a sighing breath, she moved
her hand back over my lap, where my own hand had found it's way to my hard
cock. Her palm hovered until I removed my hand, and then she wrapped her
fingers around my shaft. Her hand was wet with her juices, and her fist
slid easily up and down my cock a couple times. I couldn't believe how
slippery her hand around my cock was!

I left an enormous tip rather than wait for change, and we quickly
slipped out of the restaurant and back into the waiting limousine. I
couldn't wait for the ride home! After the ride there and the restaurant,
I felt sure our tease would continue to get hotter before we finally made
it back to the hotel!

------------------------------------------- Part Three

As the limo pulled into traffic I was whispering in her ear, "God you've
got me so turned on, I can't wait to fuck you." I caressed her curves with
my hands, carefully tracing the lines of her waist, her breasts, her arms,
her neck. I took a breath, sighing as I exhaled. My warm breath fluttered
against her ear, and then I continued, "Do you know how much I've wanted to
feel your skin under my hands?" I allowed my fingers to delve under her
shirt again, slowly sliding up until my fingertips grazed the smooth heavy
curves of her breasts.

Pushing her shirt up, I leaned over her to take her nipple into my
mouth. I sucked and licked at her breast, devouring what I had been hungry
for all through dinner. Her hands clutched at my head, holding my mouth
against her as she groaned softly. I reached back to pull the band out of
my long hair, freeing it to be entwined and tangled by her fingers.

It was awkward leaning over her sitting beside in the car seat, but the
limo had plenty of carpeted floorspace in front of the leather upholstery.
I dropped to my knees on the floor and looked at her sitting there. She
looked right back into my eyes and in the sluttiest voice she said, "Oh
Blab your mouth felt so good on me, please don't stop." I crawled in front
of her and knelt between her outstretched legs, bending down to press my
face into her cleavage again. Her hands found my head immediately and she
pulled my mouth to her nipple, moaning as my lips surrounded it. I licked
and suckled, holding one breast up to my mouth with one hand while my other
hand fondled her other breast.

After a couple minutes I started moving my mouth and hands down over her
soft skin, trailing lower with each kiss. I wanted to taste her so bad I
couldn't wait. I pushed her skirt out of the way, bunching it around her
waist as I leaned down and kissed the shaved skin just above her mound.
Her fingers pulled at my hair, trying to guide my mouth lower. Slowly I
moved my lips down, slipping easily over the wetness of her sensitive
flesh. I pressed my mouth harder against her as her folds pushed against my
tongue, tasting and caressing her pussy. I slowly licked her with long
strokes of my tongue, swirling and circling her swollen bare cunt. I
sucked on her folds, my lips enveloping her wet flesh, and then I would
lick some more, pushing my tongue around and inside.

Glancing up I saw her eyes riveted to the sight of my head between her
legs. Our gazes met as I licked her clitoris. With the soft wet stroke of
my tongue across her sensitive clit, her eyes flicked wider. The
sensations she felt from my lips and tongue were reflected in her eyes and
her mouth - as I sucked on her labia, flicking my tongue against the wet
folds caught between my lips, her mouth formed a pout and her eyelids
dropped. She was concentrating on the strokes of my tongue, pushing her
hips forward towards me, guiding my head with her hands. I could tell she
wanted to cum as I pushed my tongue deep inside her, then firmly licked up
towards her clit again. Just the thought of her cumming in my mouth
inflamed my lust, my hunger for her.

And this time it was the limo driver that knocked us back to reality,
loudly telling us that we would be at the hotel in just a few seconds. I
ran my tongue up and down her wet pussy one more time and then climbed back
into my seat next to her, gently helping her pull her clothes back into

----------------------------------------------------- Part Four

We tumbled as one through the hotel room door, each of us struggling to
remove the other's clothing. I barely remembered to kick the door closed
behind us as we led each other towards the bed. I stepped out of my pants
and underwear as we moved, her hands having succeeded at pushing them down.
When she grasped my eager cock in her bare hands the contact overwhelmed my
senses. With a growl I pushed her backwards onto the bed.

I rushed to pull at her skirt, yanking it down her legs. A calm seemed
to have come over her. Her arms lay back on the bed above her head, and
she had an expression of acceptance, almost submission on her face. Her
cunt was wet, the juices flowing where I firmly planted my hand. I
squeezed her swollen flesh slightly with my fingers, eliciting a husky

Her responses only provoked me more. All our months of teasing, all the
interrupted foreplay in the limo and the restaurant, had built up such a
passion inside of me. My straining erection in the lead, I launched myself
onto her. Her legs yielded quickly when I pushed them wide apart. With my
fist I guided my cock hastily to her wet opening, groaning as I felt her
hot folds encircle the swollen head.

She screamed, "Oh yes, fuck me!" My hips were already pushing forward.
She felt so tight around my cock, gripping my shaft as it sunk inch by inch
deeper, until finally I felt her squeezing my entire length. I immediately
pulled back and began thrusting into her, hard. She looked up at me with
an open pout on her lips, moaning, "Ohh, ohh, ohh" with each thrust.
Watching the pleasure in her face just drove me crazier, and I grunted and
groaned like and animal as I plunged my cock harder and harder into her.

I grabbed her shoulder with my hand, pulling down as if to slam her
harder down onto my cock as I thrust up into her. My fingers clutched
tightly, jamming into her flesh as I fucked her. And then I threw my head
back as sweeping waves of pleasure radiated through my body, centering
around my cock as I exploded inside of her. I yelled out, "I'm coming, oh
god!", pushing as deeply as I could inside of her. Her repeated "Ohhs"
became a single loud undulating, "OoOOoooOhh" as she came with me, the
spasms of her muscles clutching my spurting cock, increasing the incredible
sensations that flooded me.

I continued to stroke in and out, revelling in the gradually declining
spasms of pleasure that coursed through my cock as her wet cunt milked the
last of my cum. I slowed, and then stopped, my energy spent as I lowered
my tired body onto the bed beside hers. After a moment she rolled onto her
side, throwing her leg over my legs as she traced my chest with her
fingers. She leaned to kiss me and whispered, "Wow..."

I said, "My thoughts exactly."

Her hand moved lower, her fingers stroking down to my half erect cock.
With her fingertips she smeared my oozing juices around the softening head.
Sparks of exquisite sensation flew through me as her fingers slipped around
my cock, which was still extremely sensitive after my recent orgasm. And
then she bent over me, lowering her mouth down to my cock. I was still
feeling that post orgasm buzz as her lips surrounded me, sucking me gently
into her hot mouth.

I put my hand on her head and said, "Oh shit, that feels so good." She
sucked harder, bobbing her head as her lips travelled up and down my shaft.
I was already stiffening again, feeling the wet suction of her mouth
drawing life back into my cock. When she was satisfied that I had
recovered my erection, she climbed to her knees and straddled me. She
reached down and wrapped her fingers around my cock, holding it straight as
she lowered herself down over it. She was drenched with her juices and my
cum, and she felt so hot and wet as she settled easily down onto my hard
cock that I had to groan aloud. Planting her hands on my chest, she
steadied herself as she began moving her hips, fucking me.

We were slower this time. She set the pace, fucking my cock with long
strokes. I held her hips and pushed up, moving with her, but letting her
control it. I explored her ass with my hands, stroking along between her
cheeks with my fingertips. She began to really grind down against me with
each deep thrust, pushing her clit down against my pubic bone before
lifting up for another stroke.

Her rhythm became faster, her hips tilting and bucking against me as she
fucked me harder. I grabbed at her waist again, holding tightly as I
thrust up into her. She said, "Oh yes, I'm going to cum again, oh now
yes..." I slid in and out of her with long strokes, guiding her up and down
on me with my hands on her waist as she began to cum. Her pussy squeezed
and released me with her spasms, bringing my own second orgasm quickly out
of me. I called out, "Oooh god..." and came, shooting up inside of her as
we moved together.


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