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ThumbsDown 1


Title: Thumbs Down - Ch. 1.

Author: Charley Ace.



WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do
not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE

(c) copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved

(MMF, Adultery, Slut Wife)

What happened to me several months ago I wouldn't wish on my worst
enemy. It devastated me and changed my life dramatically. I still haven't
completely recovered.

My name is Rich and I was married to a beautiful lady by the name of
Christine, Christy for short. We had been married for 12 years and had two
beautiful children. I had always felt that ours was a special
relationship. We both knew from the day we met, that we were meant for each
other. We were high school sweethearts and continued to go steady all
through college. We were both virgins when we married, because Christy
wanted it that way. She thought it would be so very rare and romantic for
both of us to lose our virginity on our wedding night, I reluctantly
respected her wishes. We married shortly after we graduated from college,
and managed to have our two children within two years after Christy
finished law school.

I work for a large company as a software engineer and have a stable,
secure job. Christy was a very successful attorney, and she worked for a
large firm and had been doing exceptionally well.

In the beginning, I had considered our sex life to be very good, even
though I had nothing to compare it to. We were both inexperienced and had
to learn about each other's bodies and needs without benefit of previous
experience with others. Even though Christy was very conservative and
unwilling to try new things, I had enjoyed the sex very much.

After a few years, as in most marriages, our sex life started to become
boring, there was no variety and we fucked less frequently. Christy had
become more interested in her career and less interested in sex. She had
never initiated sex, and would often put me off with one excuse or another.

Even though our sex life had become mundane and unimaginative, I hadn't
ever considered looking elsewhere, as I loved Christy too much. I had been
hoping that we could work things out such that we both would be sexually
satisfied. I bought several books on technique and attempted to convince
her to try various new things. Christy refused to try anything new, she
thought that oral sex was extremely disgusting and perverted, etc. She not
only wouldn't give me a blow-job, she wouldn't even let me eat her pussy,
which I would have gladly done.

For the first 8 or 10 years of marriage, our lives were reasonably
normal. We both worked hard at our careers, but we also made the time to
be home together in the evenings and weekends. The children were well
adjusted and well behaved. The only thing lacking in our marriage, in my
mind, was an exciting sex life, and I continued to strive for improvement.

Everything changed about two years ago, as Christy began spending more
and more time at the office. It eventually got to the point where she
would come home very late almost every night, and she spent the better part
of many weekends there. Within a year after she began putting in the long
hours, her career sky-rocketed, she was made a junior partner and her
salary more than doubled.

It wasn't long after Christy's big promotion that our sex life also
changed, somewhat abruptly. We still didn't fuck very often, but when we
did, WOW! She became a sexual dynamo. We not only fucked in multiple
positions; we licked and sucked with great abandon. I was afraid to
question her about her change in attitude for fear that it would have a
negative impact. What Christy lacked in frequency, she made up for in
enthusiasm, intensity and variety. I assumed that her guilt feelings about
putting in so many hours at the office led to the sudden changes in her
attitude toward sex.

How wrong I was!

I couldn't get angry about her work schedule because she had always been
very apologetic. She felt bad about what her career was doing to us, and
cried a great deal. She frequently asked me to be patient with her,
telling me that things would calm down soon. I just hung in there and
supported her as best I could.

I evolved into Mr. Mom. Even though I held a full time job, I was the
one who took care of the kids, I fed them, clothed them, drove them to all
of their activities, etc. Christy was almost totally uninvolved because of
the amount of time she spent away from home.

Christy worked closely with two senior partners, Ron and Jack. Ron was
in his mid fifties and married with four children. He was short, dumpy and
bald, but was a real dynamo and the motivating force behind the success of
the firm. The other senior partner, Jack, was taller, had an athletic
build and still had all of his hair. He was in his late forties and was
married with two children. He was a fairly attractive man, but was
obnoxious as hell. Christy had mentioned many times over the years, that
he was extremely difficult to stomach. She liked and respected Ron, but
Jack she just barely tolerated.

I had met and talked to these guys and their wives several times, at
Christmas parties and other firm social functions. In looking back, I did
remember one thing a bit unusual about last year's Christmas party. Jack
spent most of the evening dominating Christy's time, which I thought
unusual considering how Christy had said she felt about him. He danced
with her, very suggestively I might add, and kept her occupied a good deal
of the time. I spent the better part of my time talking to his wife,
Georgia. She was very attractive and an interesting conversationalist. We
got along well, and I couldn't help but wonder how she put up with Jack.
The few times that the four of us were together that night, jack made
several off-color, suggestive comments. I didn't understand the
significance, but Christy blushed each time. Georgia admonished him
several times, but he ignored her. His behavior just reinforced my opinion
of him as a first class asshole.

Ron, on the other hand, had a very forceful personality, but was a
likable guy. I got the impression that, unlike Jack, he was a very family oriented person. He paid attention to his wife, Marge, at all of the
functions that I had attended.

Even though our fuck sessions had become exciting, they were very
infrequent. Therefore, I had to do something to trim my horns. I began to
turn to the porn sites on the Internet. I'd pull up the dirty pictures and
movie clips and 'slap the monkey' to get my relief. I didn't like it, but
my only other choice was to find a lover outside of our marriage. However,
there was no way that I was going to cheat on Christy, I loved her too
much. She was an integral part of my life and had been since we were 16
years old. She was also the mother of my wonderful children. I continued
to believe that our situation was temporary.

How right I was!

One typical evening, after the kids had gone to bed; I searched for some
new porn pictures on the net. I found a free amateur site and clicked on a
hard core title, about 20 thumbnails appeared. I could see that they were
pictures of a threesome, two guys and a gal. The pictures were very
explicit but I couldn't see much detail in the thumbs. One thing that did
catch my eye, though, one of the guys was short, dumpy and bald, just like
Ron, one of the senior partners at Christy's firm.

On one of the thumbs, he was facing the camera with his cock buried in
the throat of the blond. She was on all fours and the other guy had his
cock buried in her asshole, or pussy, I couldn't tell which. I clicked on
the picture to get a better look. Sure enough, it really did look like
Ron. As I studied the picture, my pulse rate increased dramatically. The
blond bimbo in the picture could easily have been Christy! I couldn't see
her face in that shot, but everything else looked like it could've been
her. My pulse rate quickened as I began to think the worst. I looked again
and thought to myself that the other guy even looked like Jack.

My heart was beating a mile a minute, as I continued to search through
the thumbs. I found a one that showed a close up of the blonde's face. I
still couldn't tell for sure because she had a cock in her mouth, but it
certainly looked like Christy. My heart was beating even faster and I
trembled as I clicked several other thumbs that showed the guys faces, they
definitely were Ron and Jack. The blonde had to be Christy, but I still
wasn't positive. I finally found a thumb that showed a close up of her
pussy. Christy has a small mole above and to the right of her pubic
triangle, and there it was! 'My God! What do I do now?'

The realization that the woman that I loved and cherished was nothing
but a slut hit me like a freight train. I was totally devastated! I was
beside myself with sorrow mixed in with anger, jealousy, humiliation,
hatred, etc. I couldn't think straight. 'Damn! How could she do that? I
mean, God, what did I ever do to her? What do I do now? Sob...' I knew it
wasn't macho to cry, but I broke down and cried my eyes out for several
minutes, thinking about Christy and what she had apparently become, and
what it could possibly do to our marriage, our family. I just can't put
into words how devastated I was, how hopeless and empty I felt, it was the
most awful feeling in the world.

It took me a long, long time to calm down and think about what I was
going to do about my discovery. The pictures certainly explained a lot
about Christy's behavior over the past two years. They also explained her
meteoric rise in the firm.

Still trembling, I spent the better part of the following two hours
studying every picture in the set. I could tell that they weren't faked,
the look of lust in Christy's eyes was real. She appeared to have really
enjoyed being used by Ron and Jack. Eventually, as I began to think more
rationally, I saved several of the more explicit and revealing pictures to
the hard drive, copied them onto two separate floppies and hid the floppies
in separate locations. I didn't know if I'd ever need them, but I wanted
to be prepared, just in case.

My first inclination was to confront Christy and throw her out on her
ass. However, I decided that I wouldn't do that just yet. I needed to
have some time to think things out; I didn't want to do anything rash. My
emotions eventually evolved into anger and hatred, the hurt, jealousy and
humiliation faded into the background. The prevailing thought in my mind
was revenge; I just had to get even with Christy, and her bosses. I
wouldn't be able to maintain my self-respect if I didn't do something.

I didn't sleep much that night, and merely went through the paces at
work the next day. The kids were out playing when I arrived home from
work, so I pulled the pictures up and studied them further. I noticed that
Christy had long hair in the pictures, therefore they had to have been at
least six months old, as she had had her hair cut fairly short about that

I also wondered how the pictures got posted onto the net. None of the
participants would have gained anything by the posting. In fact, they all
stood to lose a great deal. Their careers, and the firm, would've suffered
considerably had the pictures been seen by the wrong people. My guess was
that the photographer, whomever he/she was, tried to make a few bucks
without the knowledge of the participants.

Over the course of the next few days, I tried to formulate a plan.
These guys had cuckolded me and I was hell-bent to find a way to get
revenge, I was unable to think straight. I was being driven to distraction
by anger and the need for revenge. Finally, I made a decision on what I
could do, but I first decided to question Christy and give her a chance to
tell me everything. I still had a slim hope that I could somehow get the
old Christy back and save out marriage.

The weekend came, and she stayed home Saturday morning. She told me
that she had to work in the afternoon, but could spend some time at home in
the morning. I sent the kids out to play and sat her down. She was a bit
apprehensive as I usually tried to seduce her when we were home alone.

I decided that I would make a serious attempt to save our marriage. I
knew of no other way to begin except to force Christy to spend more time at
home. In addition, I needed to get her to cease her extra-curricular
activities and tell me everything. "Honey, I can't take any more of your
work schedule. You need to stop putting the firm ahead of the kids and I,
something has to change."

"You know I've asked you to be patient with me, things will get better

"You've been telling me that for six months. I think 'things' are
totally out of control now. I've been very patient with you these last
couple of years, but I've run out of patience. You've been in control, but
as of today, I'm taking charge of our marriage, as I should've from the
beginning. I'm blaming myself for the situation that we're in, and now I'm
going to do something to correct it."

Tears started forming in her eyes. "I don't understand, why won't you
be a little more patient?"

"I told you, I've run out of patience. As of today, you will spend no
more than eight hours a day, five days a week at the office."

She was shocked, and reacted predictably, "You can't tell me what to

"I just did, and if you don't do as I ask, our marriage is in serious

Still stunned, it took her a long time to respond. She hadn't expected
me to assert myself. "I-I just can't do that. I love you and the kids,
but I just can't do that right now."

"It's up to you, but I consider this a very serious matter. Either you
do as I ask, or I'll be filing for divorce. I realize that you're not
accustomed to me being assertive. Well, you'd better get accustomed to it,
or our life together is history."

She began crying openly, "I can't believe that you mean what you're
saying. Why, all of a sudden have you changed? What about the kids?"

"I don't think that they'll be crushed, they hardly ever see you anyway.
They don't even know their mother anymore, and it won't take them long to
get over it. As to why I've suddenly changed, let's just say that I've
recently woken up to the fact that you've been using me, and I don't like
it, not even a little bit."

She stopped crying, got an astonished look on her face and responded,
"Using you! How am I using you?"

"You're using me to raise the kids and run the household by myself while
you're out having a good time under the pretense of working hard."

She was flabbergasted, a distinct red blush engulfing her face, "W-what?
How can you say that?"

"Can you look me in the eye and tell me honestly that you've been doing
nothing but work at your profession all those hours that you've been away
from home?"

She lowered her head and began sobbing openly again. She wouldn't look
me in the eye and didn't reply, I pressed on, "I have very strong reasons
to believe that you've been doing something other than legal work during
your late hours at the office, and I want you to tell me all about it."

She thought about it for a moment, and decided not to answer my
question. "I don't understand why you're tormenting me like this. What are
you trying to say?"

The anger began to swell within me, as I responded in a loud voice, "You
know damn well what I'm trying to say. Tell me everything now, and we have
one slim chance of saving our marriage. It depends on how honest you can
be with me. Tell me everything, or I'm really going to make life very
miserable for you and the firm, Jack and Ron especially. If that sounds
like a threat, it most definitely is!"

She looked up at me with pleading eyes. She seemed to suspect that I
had somehow found out about her activities, but she still couldn't summon
the courage to tell me about it. She held onto the slim hope that I hadn't
discovered anything and decided that she would continue to deny her
involvement in anything other than her work. "You're out of your mind, I
have no idea what you're talking about."

I met those pleading eyes with a very stern, unyielding look of my own.
"You can deny it all you want, but you had better give what I've just said
some serious thought. If I don't get the full story, with all of the
sordid details, by the end of the day tomorrow, I'm not only going to file
for divorce; I'm going to extract my revenge. I won't be able to live with
myself until I get even."

"You're crazy! There's nothing to get even for, I don't want to hear
any more about this," she said haughtily. She then got up and started to

"I'd like you to remember this conversation. One day soon, you're going
to come to me and ask why I did what I did. My answer will be that you had
it in your power to prevent it, but you made the wrong choice."

She said nothing and walked off.

I was pretty sure that she wouldn't confess, but her attitude still
surprised me somewhat. It made me take another look at the woman that I
had loved since I was 16 years old. I realized then that she wasn't the
same person, and I knew that I couldn't love the person that she had
become, a wanton slut, a cheat and a liar.

There appeared to be almost no chance of getting the old Christy back.
As angry and hurt as I had been upon discovering the pictures for the first
time, I was very sad at that moment, knowing that things could never be the
same between us. All of the good times that we had had in the early years
flashed through my mind, and tears began to form in my eyes, I was so sad,
so very sad. The empty feeling in the pit of my stomach was overwhelming.
I had considered myself as much a macho man as the next guy, but the
situation had overwhelmed me, and my emotions reflected it.

Christy went to the office that afternoon, against my wishes. I had
hoped otherwise, but, deep down, I knew she would. She returned home very
late and went straight to bed without saying a word. I went into the
bedroom and told her that I was still waiting for her to tell me
everything, she totally ignored me. He silence upset me once again, as I
turned and made my way to the spare room. I couldn't bring myself to sleep
in the same bed with her anymore.

The next morning she didn't even question why I had slept in another
bed. She silently got ready and left for the office. Her position was
clear, she had no intention to confess and make an attempt to repair the
damage that had been done. She left me with no choice; I needed to put my
plan into action.

To be continued...

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