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ThumbsDown 3


Title: Thumbs Down Ch. 3 - The Finale.

Author: Charley Ace.



WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do
not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE

(c) copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved


Many things have changed in the three plus years since Christy and I
divorced. If you'll recall, we divorced because I discovered that Christy
had been engaging in some extremely slutty extra-curricular activities with
most of the men at her law firm. This discovery was made by an accidental
finding of some hard core pictures of she and two of her bosses, Jack and
Ron, on the Internet. When given the chance, Christy steadfastly refused
to confess and tell me of her sexual escapades, as a result, I extracted my
revenge on her and her law firm, by sending the pictures to some major
clients. As part of my revenge, I seduced, and began a sexual affair with,
Jack's wife, Georgia, a beautiful woman ten years my senior.

Georgia divorced Jack shortly after my divorce, and really took him to
the cleaners. She got everything, including custody of their children, who
were pretty much grown, anyway. Ron and Marge went through a rough period,
but stayed together.

Georgia and I continued to see each other regularly, but our
relationship was purely sexual, and we both knew it. Still, it was great
sex and very therapeutic, just what the doctor ordered for both of us.

Ron, who had phoned, on that fateful day three years ago, to ask why I
had done what I did to cause the firm's largest clients to cancel their
accounts, apparently had a change of heart. He called me again, two weeks
later, and apologized profusely for his part in the 'horribly embarrassing
mess,' as he put it. He offered no excuses for his involvement, but
assured me that he had taken steps to prevent anything like that from
happening again.

He informed me that he had seen to it that the morals clause in Jack's
contract was enforced, and Jack was ousted him from the firm. He went on
to add that he had also contacted all of the major law firms in the city
and informed them as to why Jack had been bounced, which would make finding
suitable employment very difficult for him. Although he had no plans to
take any direct action himself, he believed that word of Jack's behavior
would probably come to the attention of the Bar Association, which would
most likely result in Jack being disbarred.

In response to my question, he told me that he and Christy had discussed
her situation in great length, and both agreed that the best thing for her,
and the firm, was for her to move on. He gave her a glowing letter of
recommendation, and she quickly found a similar position with another firm.

He went on to say that, after giving the matter much thought, and
putting himself in my shoes, he probably would have done the same thing.
Therefore, he held no grudge against me, and hoped that I would be able to
eventually forgive him for his role in the whole sordid affair. I assured
him that I held no major grudge against him personally, nor the firm, since
the perpetrator of the whole affair, Jack, was gone.

I found out later that Ron, being the dynamo that he is, had been
successful in salvaging the accounts of several of the clients that had
originally canceled, and had the firm well on the road to recovery. I
couldn't help but feel happy for Marge, as she would have suffered had the
firm, and more specifically Ron, suffered financial ruin.

Even though they believed the split was somehow Christy's fault, our
children had not stopped loving their mother. They, our parents and other
family and friends were never told of the reason for the divorce. We
merely told them that we had 'irreconcilable differences.'

Christy and I had maintained an aloof, but somewhat cordial relationship
in the early days after the divorce. I had voluntarily offered every-other
weekend visitation rights to Christy. With the pictorial evidence that I
had at my disposal, I could have excluded her from their lives altogether,
but I couldn't do that to the children, because I knew that they still
loved their mother. I also knew that they knew nothing of her activities
and I was confident that she would shield them from that ugly mess.

As a result of the visitations, Christy and I saw each other twice
every-other weekend, once when she picked the children up, and again when
she dropped them off. In the beginning we hardly said more than "hi, how
are you?" I took note of the fact that she had a great deal of difficulty
looking me in the eye. I presumed that it was because of the guilt she
must have felt. She was very prompt in both picking them up on Friday
afternoons, and returning them on Sunday evenings. Her promptness
indicated to me that she was very grateful to be able to see them, and
wasn't about to do anything to jeopardize that privilege. She seemed
genuinely concerned about them and their well being, and they responded to
her love and concern.

Over a period of several months, Christy had opened up somewhat and
tried to initiate more in-depth conversations during the pick-up and
drop-off times, and I didn't object. She was even able to look me in the
eye more often, and my attitude towards her had changed slightly, from
cordial contempt and disgust, to mild dislike. As good as she seemed to be
with the children, and as cordial and friendly as she had become with me, I
just couldn't get the picture of her stuffed at both ends with other men's
cocks out of my mind.

As the months rolled on, I began to notice more signs of the old Christy, the Christy that I had fallen in love with and married. She
seemed more like her old self than at any time since she began her legal
career. She was openly happy to see me, and her quick wit became more
evident in our conversations. Her eyes sparkled as we caught each other's
gaze more often. Even though the sordid picture was still embedded into my
memory, it began to fade a bit.

During our increasingly cordial weekend meetings, I had never asked her
about her love, or sex, life, and she didn't volunteer any information. I
often wondered if she was still behaving like a slut, but since we were
divorced, it was none of my business as long as she kept it from the
children. It seemed to me that she would hardly have time for those sorts
of activities because she was spending so much more time with the children,
certainly more than she had spent with them in the latter stages of our
marriage. In addition to her visitations, she called and talked to them
almost every day. Maybe she had changed, who knew?

Taking a renewed interest in her, I began quizzing the children about
their mother, you know, like was she seeing anyone, etc. They either
didn't know, or were doing a very good job of covering up for her, because
they said they knew of no men in their mother's life. I'm not sure why I
even cared about her love life, after what she did to me, she could never
be an integral part of my life again, could she?

I had no steady girl friend, even though I was still seeing Georgia for
the sex, usually on the weekends when the kids were with Christy. Don't
get me wrong, I liked Georgia as a friend as well as a lover, but neither
of us had a serious love interest in the other. In addition to Georgia, I
had dated at least 15 women over a two-year period, had sex with most of
them, but hadn't found one that interested me on a permanent basis.

The relationship between Christy and I continued to improve over the
first two years after the divorce, but very slowly. We seemed to have
settled in on a plateau of mutual friendship, after all, we did share the
two children.

Then, as often happens, fate stepped in. One day on my way home from
work, a maniac in a late model SUV ran a red light and broad-sided me. The
air bag, in combination with the seat belt in my car, saved my life, but I
suffered two broken legs and a broken arm, not to mention the contusions
all over my body. The prognosis was for a full recovery, but not without a
lot of pain, suffering and rehabilitation.

Christy wasted no time and took charge immediately. Since she lived in
a different school district, she arranged to stay at our house and take
care of the children. She regularly brought them to see me at the
hospital, and then the rehab center. She spent long hours at the hospital
and the rehab center, always with the children, and did everything in her
power to make things easier on me. We had no time alone while I was
confined, but I was able to observe her interaction with the children, and
noted, first hand, how much they loved and respected her. She certainly
put my mind at ease in regards to their welfare while I was confined. She
also obtained a copy of the police report of the accident and advised me on
what my options were from a legal standpoint.

During my confinement, Christy also arranged for some necessary changes
to my house to accommodate the handicapped, specifically me in a wheel
chair, all at her own initiative and expense. She was aware that I had
been told that I would be confined to the wheel chair for at least 6 weeks,
and changes had to be made to my home, especially to the first floor
bathroom. She also rearranged the dining room furniture and installed a
temporary bed, as I wouldn't be able to negotiate the stairs to the second
floor for a number of weeks.

The day that I was released from the rehab center, I was transported by
ambulance to my home, and Christy was waiting for me. She cheerfully
wheeled me inside and showed me all of the changes that had been made for
my benefit. I was overwhelmed with gratitude, and couldn't thank her
enough for all that she had done. Of course, I offered to reimburse her
for everything, but she flatly refused to hear of it, saying that we'd talk
about it, but only after I had completely recovered.

After she showed me all of the changes, we found ourselves alone, and
with nothing to do, for the first time in almost 2 years. Neither of us
could think of anything to say, so she left me parked in the living room
and went upstairs. During the time I was alone, I thought about how our
relationship had progressed, about how she seemed so much like the old Christy, the one that I had fallen in love with and married, so many years
ago. 'She certainly is a lot like the woman I originally married. But she
cheated on me, big time, how can I ever forget, or forgive, that? She
seems so nice, so concerned about the children and myself. She was a cheat
and a slut! But that was then, this is now. Can I ever forgive her for
what she did to me, and our family? She's taken it upon herself to make
things easier on me, and the kids, my God, she's been acting like their
mother! I don't know what to think, I just don't know.' Swirling,
conflicting thoughts kept me in a constant state of confusion regarding
Christy, and my feelings for her.

About 15 minutes later she came back down, suitcase in hand. "I'll be
back to get the rest of my things later, after the children come home from
school. I'll also come over as often as you need me to help out, all you
have to do is ask," she said in a very matter-of-factly tone.

I looked into her eyes and saw a sadness that had been missing for some
time, the sparkle was gone, and I took that as a sign that she didn't want
to leave. It was my turn to take the initiative and make the bold move,
"Christy, I'm so grateful and so much indebted to you that I could never
repay you for everything that you've done. I'd like to ask you to stay,
but how can I impose any further?"

Tears began to swell in her eyes, as she responded, "y-you want me to

"Yes, but only if you want to, I've arranged for a visiting caretaker to
take care of me, but I'd really like you to stay to help with the children.
I know they'd love to have you around more often."

The tears were pouring out, "oh, Rich, I'd love to stay, I've enjoyed
spending more time with the children so much, are you sure you wouldn't

"Mind? Christy, I feel guilty even asking you, but if you would, I'd be
extremely grateful."

Convinced that I was serious, she dried up the tears, smiled and said,
"OK, I'll stay, but only on one condition."

Proud of myself for being able to cheer her up, I returned her smile and
asked, "and what might that be?"

"That you arrange for the visiting caretaker to be here only during the
week days when I'm at work. I'll see to your needs in the evenings and on
weekends, OK?"

My own smile broadened, and tears began to form in the corners of my
eyes, as I responded, "yes, of course, if that's the way you want it. I
just hate to burden you any further, but I would be grateful."

"You don't understand, it's no burden, it's a way for me to help relieve
the tremendous guilt that I still feel for what I did to you. I know that
I can never make up for that, but it makes me feel better about myself to
know that I'm trying, and that I'm actually able to do something positive
to help out."

The combination of events had affected me greatly, I mean, the way that
she had taken charge, everything that she had done, and the tears. I had
already begun to look at her in a different light, but the tears, the tears
convinced me that she was genuinely happy and appreciative of my offer for
her to stay, and really accelerated my turn-around in the way that I looked
at, and perceived her.

I took particular note of the statement that she made about her past,
"you know, that's the first time either of us has mentioned the past in a
very long time. If you feel like talking about it, maybe venting some, I'd
be more than happy to listen."

"Oh, Rich, I was hoping that I wouldn't be bringing back some horrible
memories for you, do you really want to hear about it?"

"Yes I do, if it'll make you feel better. Actually, if the truth be
known, I'd like to know more about your current situation, too." I smiled
mischievously as I made the statement about her love life.

She chuckled as she responded, "you mean my love life, eh?"

I chuckled and sheepishly replied, "yeah, that's sorta what I mean."

"Rich, I'm willing to tell you anything and everything, and if it gets
to the point where you just don't want to hear any more, please let me

"OK, it's a deal."

"Shall I start now?"

"Please, we have a couple of hours before the kids get home from

"Well, let me start with my current sex, or love, life, OK?"

"Sure, fine by me, I've been curious as to whether there's anyone
special in your life. The kids never say anything."

"Oh ho, you're curious, are you? Why would that be?"

I smiled, and again somewhat sheepishly replied, "I-I don't know, just
normal curiosity, that's all."

Smiling somewhat knowingly, she replied, "OK, to satisfy your, um,
curiosity, I have no one. My love life has been essentially non-existent
for quite some time now. Over the past couple of years I've dated several
guys, and even had sex with a couple of them, but there's never been anyone
special. Maybe my problem with my dating is that I've consciously, or
subconsciously, compared them to you, and they just don't measure up. Does
that revelation scare you?"

"No, it doesn't scare me at all, in fact, I'm flattered."

"Before I go on about me, what about your love life? Georgia has called
several times to ask about how you're doing, I assume that you're still
seeing her?"

"Yes, Georgia and I are good friends and we use each other to satisfy
our sexual needs, nothing more. We've been seeing each other a couple of
times a month, at the most. I like her, but we're not seriously involved.
Since this is 'bare your soul time,' I'll admit that my dating experiences
have been much like yours, and for the same reason, I compared them to the
Christy that I first married, and they all paled in comparison."

She smiled and seemed genuinely pleased at my admission, "now I'm the
one that's flattered. OK, well, back to me, I don't know if you know, but
immediately after our break up, I stopped my slutty behavior, cold turkey,
and began seeing a shrink."

"No, I didn't know, but I'm glad to hear that, how did you do it?"

"Surprisingly, it wasn't hard at all. I gave the matter of my sexual
lifestyle much thought after you threw me out. It soon became apparent to
me that the pleasure that I might have gotten out of the sex, the
sluttiness, was miniscule compared to the price I paid, losing you and the
children, and losing the respect of my peers. I made a decision to not be
a slut any more, and that was it. I've not been seriously tempted since,
not even a little bit. I needed the shrink to help restore my self-esteem,
as I was at an emotional low. I still can't understand how I let myself
get trapped into that lifestyle in the first place, but that's history,
isn't it?"

One thing that had been etched in my mind, way back in the far reaches
of my memory banks, was what she had told me several years ago about the
way she started her slutty behavior. She was ordered by Jack to do his
bidding, a man that she openly disliked. I didn't know if she had faced up
to her submissive tendencies, or not, but chose to let my thoughts on the
subject slide, "yes, lets hope it's ancient history."

"To continue with my story, I left the firm and found a similar position
with another law firm. I made the move because I had been involved with
most of the men at the old firm, and needed to remove the stigma, which
still existed, even though Jack was gone. I knew that I couldn't escape my
past altogether, but I tried. Rumors abounded, even in my new job, I
noticed the funny looks and whispers during my first several months there,
but eventually they disappeared, mainly because I proved to them that I was
very good at what I did, and I kept on the straight and narrow."

Christy continued, "several of the men at the office had asked me out,
but I turned them all down. I was determined to keep my love, and sex,
life out of the office. The men I did date had no connection to my new
firm, or the old one for that matter."

Being aware of how Jack had control over her, I had to ask, "did you
ever see Jack after that day at the house?"

"I'm glad that you brought him up, and no, I never saw him again. He
made numerous attempts to get together with me after he recovered from the
damage that you inflicted on him, but I avoided him like the plague. I
knew that if I really wanted to clean up my act, I had to avoid him, and I
did. As many times as he phoned, and even came to the security station at
the apartment building to see me, I refused to talk to, or see him. It
took him about a month to get the hint, but he finally did, and gave up.
The last I heard, he had moved out to the West Coast and was trying to
rebuild his law career."

I listened as she told me about avoiding Jack, and concluded that her
ceasing to be a slut was due mainly to being away from his influence. She
had truly been under his control during her slutty times. From what she
had told me previously, she wasn't being bribed by the videotapes, she
merely wanted very badly to please Jack, whatever he wanted, she did. I
also wondered what would happen if she came into contact with another
dominant man, 'would she turn back into a slut, a submissive?'

We looked into each other's eyes with caring and admiration, as she
paused. I felt warm and tingly all over, the tingly feeling was especially
concentrated in my crotch.

After a long quiet pause, Christy asked, "Rich, let me ask you a
question, why do you think that I've done all of these things for you?"

"I don't know, the children, maybe."

"No, Rich, it wasn't entirely the children. Sure, they had something to
do with it, but the simple fact of the matter is that I love you, I've
never stopped loving you, never. I wanted to be angry with you, even hate
you, after what you did to the firm, and me, but when I sat down and
thought about it, I realized how badly that I had hurt you and I deserved
everything that you dished out."

I looked deeply into her glassy, tear filled eyes, and tears began to
swell in my eyes, too. "I'm touched, I really am, I don't know what to

"Don't say anything, just hear me out. I've never given up hope that
some day, somehow, we'd get back together. Even the divorce didn't
discourage me. So, when I had a chance to do something for you, I jumped
on it, not because of the children, but because I was hoping that we'd find
a way to get back together. There, that's it, I've bared my soul to you, I
hope I haven't scared you bad enough for you to kick me out again." She
sniffed a few times as she finished her statement.

"Kick you out! My God, Christy, after all that you've done for me, no
way! Unlike you, I can't tell you that I never stopped loving you, because
I did. I told you how I felt back then, but I feel differently now, time
has helped heal some of the wounds. You were everything to me at one time,
and I'd like to get that back too, but it's not as easy for me to forget
the in-between events. Maybe, just maybe, if you'll be patient with me,
I'll come around."

"Oh, Rich, Rich, that's all that I can ask. I'm so happy to know that
there may be another chance for me, for us."

I was caught up in the emotion of the conversation, just as Christy was,
and we both shed some tears. She pulled her chair close to me, put her
arms around me and kissed me tenderly. I responded and the tender kiss
soon evolved into a passionate one, as we played tongue-tag with each
other. I could only hold her with one arm, but I used it to full advantage,
to pull her closer. She responded by increasing the passion level of her
kisses, and my cock sprang to rigid attention very quickly.

Christy soon noticed my hard-on, squeezed it and giggled, "you know, it
looks like you're pretty excited, and I'm pretty wet too, what shall we do
about our mutual arousal?"

My mind flashed with the memory of how submissive Christy had been to
Jack, and how much she had seemed to enjoy it. I had never been the
dominant type, as Christy and I had always treated each other as equals in
all things, including sex. However, I had done some research and found
that there are people who prefer being submissive in their sexual
relationships, and Christy seemed to be one of those. It's a personal
choice, and being submissive, for those so inclined, could greatly enhance
their sexual pleasure. It could also include punishment of some form,
usually spanking.

I decided that if there was ever going to be a second chance for us, it
had to be on my terms. "We're going to take care of our condition, but on
my terms. If there's a chance of us getting back together, and I'm not
saying that it will happen, you must obey me, and only me. I will be your
Master in all things sexual, do you understand?"

"YES! I understand completely, it's what I've always wanted. I'm yours
to use as you see fit, I want to be your slut, your personal fuck toy. Oh,
yes, yes."

"From this day on, your pussy, your mouth and your ass hole belong to
me, and only me. You will only use them as I decide you may, whether it be
with me or someone else that I may approve of."

"Oh, yes, yes, yes. I want to be the best I can be for you. I've
wanted you to take me, to make me yours, and only yours, from the day we
first met. I know this is no excuse, but had you done that back then,
there never would have been a Jack in my sex life."

I didn't know that at the time, but I was convinced that she was right.
She was submissive and needed a dominant man to control her sex life. I
ruefully wished I had realized that 2 or 3 years ago, but, again, that's

sucking it up and assuming my new role as a Dom, I ordered her to remove
her clothes, and she did so while looking at me with lust in her eyes. I
then ordered her to bend over such that her bare ass was within reach of my
good arm, and she obeyed once again.

"Christy, you've been a very bad girl in the past, but a very good one
recently. Therefore, your punishment for past misdeeds will be mild."

Her breathing picked up as she offered me her curvaceous, but tight
little ass to spank, "yes, I was a bad girl, I deserve to be punished."

"Ok, this is for what you did to me, and a reminder of what's to come if
you ever disobey me again."

I whacked her 5 times on her bare ass with my open hand. The whacks
weren't love taps, but weren't vicious, either. I know that my hand
probably hurt more than her ass, and even though she winced, I could see,
from my rear view angle, her pussy getting wetter and wetter with each
slap. I also noticed the red handprints on each of her cheeks.

"OK, turn around, take my cock out and suck it dry."

She smiled, looked up at me with those glassy, lusty eyes, knelt in
front of the wheel chair, and went to work, first removing my cock from its
confinement, then giving it a world-class, licking, tongue swirling and
sucking. It was wonderfully obvious that she had learned a few things
during her slutty period, as I came in record time, and spurted a major
load of cum into her mouth. She took it all with ease, opened her mouth,
showed it to me as it jiggled like white, stringy jelly on her tongue, then
slowly and seductively swallowed every bit of it.

I wanted to return the favor, so I again ordered her, "help me to the
bed and lay me on my back." She did as she was told, then I ordered, "get
up here and sit on my face, I want to taste that luscious, wet pussy of

She obediently moved onto the bed and straddled my head, and positioned
herself to where her pussy was directly in my face. God! I loved her
smell. How I missed it the past couple of years.

I wasn't able to tease her at all because of my immobility, but I lapped
her extremely wet kitty pretty good, concentrating on her clit. She seemed
to like it as she erupted in volcanic ecstasy after only a minute or two of
tongue lapping. I tried to continue licking her clit after her orgasm, but
she moved off me and said, "oh, God! That was wonderful, but I can't take
any more this first time."

My cock had gotten hard again, and I called her attention to it, "uh,
oh, look at what you've done to my pecker again."

She looked down and smiled as she saw my hardened love rod, "my, my,
what would my Master like me to do about that?"

"You're going to sit on it and ride us both to the pearly gates of

She didn't hesitate, as she positioned her pussy over the head and moved
down until she impaled herself onto my rigid cock. I maintained dominance,
even with her in that position, by ordering her, "OK, now start slowly and
fuck me, fuck me good until I cum in your pussy, and you can't cum until I
give you permission."

She began slowly and gradually moving her pussy up and down, up and
down, then rotating her hips in a circular motion, and increasing the
fucking speed until she seem poised to cum again.

"Remember, don't cum, you must wait for me, we'll cum together."

She obeyed and slowed down, rotated her hips a few times, then sped up
again. She repeated the slow down, rotate, speed up, procedure until I was
ready to cum.

"Ohh, yeah! I'm ready to cum, cum with me, cum now. Ughhh, ughhh." I
grunted as I shot my load deep into her as her pussy was clamping onto my
cock for dear life while she convulsed in another violent orgasm.

It took several minutes for both of us to recover, and Christy moved off
me as my limp cock slithered out of her cunt with a slurp. She lay next to
me and I was able to wrap my one good arm around her, and we cuddled for a
long time, words were completely unnecessary.

The new Christy, the woman that I had come to know so very recently as
the divorced mother of my children, was very much like the old Christy, the
one that I had married in the first place. The major difference between
the two, the new one was much more sexually experienced, responsive,
uninhibited and submissive, and I liked her that way.

Over the next few weeks, Christy and I continued to have sex as often as
we could manage it, and we both loved every second of it. I maintained the
dominant role and she the submissive, as she happily obeyed my every

In addition to the sex, we spent long hours just talking, about a myriad
of subjects, but mostly about her slutty period. The fact that we were
able to talk about it openly had the effect of healing the wounds for the
both of us. I came to understand her situation at the time, and her
reasons for getting involved as she had done, but still couldn't come to
grips with the fact that she had cheated on, and deceived, me. Of course,
she claimed that she kept it from me to protect me, to keep me from getting

Even so, I was extremely happy and content with her, and she seemed
happier than I had seen her since the early years of our marriage. The
children took note of our new-found mutual admiration society, and giggled
openly over our show of affection for one another.

Georgia had visited me while I was confined in the hospital and rehab
center, but she somehow always managed to avoid Christy. However, once I
returned home, she apparently decided to face Christy for the first time.
During her first visit, she was extremely nervous and apprehensive, not
knowing what to expect, given that Christy was living with me. Christy
took the lead and made her feel more at ease by apologizing for her past
behavior, and telling Georgia that she knew all about our relationship, and
that since it was good for me, she approved and would never make an attempt
to interfere. Christy's sincerity immediately put Georgia at ease, as was
evidenced by the warm smile on her face, and the hug that she gave Christy.

During that first visit, Georgia took the opportunity to inform both of
us that she had been dating a special guy, and that she was serious about
him. She added, almost as a footnote, that she hoped that we'd remain
friends, but couldn't be sexually involved with me anymore. I glanced at
Christy, saw the smile on her face, and told Georgia that it was probably
for the best, for both of us.

It was about a month later that Georgia told us that her boyfriend had
proposed and she accepted. She was giddy with happiness, and we both
expressed our sincere wishes for her continued happiness. She made both of
us promise to attend the wedding, and we readily agreed. She added a
condition to her invitation, by requesting that we come as a couple. We
chuckled, looked at each other and we both nodded in agreement, while
Georgia beamed.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, our relationship continued to flourish. We
were still living together in sexual bliss and spent much of our time
talking about everything under the sun. I knew that I had fallen back in
love with Christy, but had a terrible problem with the thought that she may
some day come under the influence of another dominate man, then what?
'Would we have a repeat performance of what took place in the past?'

I took the initiative to perform further research on dominant/submissive
relationships, using the vast resources of the Internet. It took about two
months of reading various materials and chatting with people before I
developed the necessary confidence that I could maintain my dominance over
Christy, and not fear the loss of her loyalty.

I finally addressed the issue of whether I'd be better off with Christy,
or without her, and the answer to that question was a no-brainer, my mind
was made up.

By this time, I had healed to the point where I was out of the casts and
the wheel chair. The strength hadn't returned to my legs, but I was able
to get around using crutches.

One evening after the kids were in bed, I took my cell phone into the
bathroom, closed the door and dialed our home number.

"Hello," Christy answered.

"Hello there beautiful, this is Rich, remember me, your adorable ex?"

She giggled, "yes, I remember you, my adorable ex, what can I do for

"Well, I've been secretly admiring you for quite a while now, and was
hoping that I could talk you into having dinner with me some evening."

She giggled again, "oh, you were, were you. I don't know, this is so
sudden, I hate to jump into anything." We both chuckled.

"I was hoping that I might be able to talk you into a nice, quiet
dinner, at this wonderful little mom and pop Italian restaurant that I
know, say this Saturday, what do you think?"

"Well, I don't know what to..." She paused in mid-sentence and thought
about what I had said, then she asked, quietly, "w-what's the name of this
wonderful little Italian restaurant?"

"It's a great little out-of-the-way place, called Angelo's."

She was stunned, she again paused for a long time before answering,
"A-angelo's, sniff, oh yes, yes, sniff, of course, I'd love, sniff, to go
to Angelo's with you. Sob, sob."

She was sobbing openly as I emerged from the bathroom and went to her.
We hugged tightly and she continued to sob on my shoulder. Her tears were
tears of happiness, as she obviously remembered Angelo's.

Why would Christy shed tears of happiness at the mention of a quiet
dinner date at Angelo's?

It was at Angelo's that I first proposed to her, many years ago.

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