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Tie 1


WARNING: This story includes sexually explicit material.

Please note any unfamiliar spellings and phrases may be due to the fact
I am English, not American.

I would like to thank the proof-readers for all their help

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Tom & Mat organised a Sexy Tie Contest on ASS. There were 14 entries,
all very good. This was my entry, and I won! Check out the other entries,
there's some good stories there.


The Tie That Binds Us Chapter One

If I ever had the opportunity to speak to my creator, I would ask just
one question: 'Why pink?' For months I sat on the shelf while my more sober
hued brethren came and went. Then one day a hand reached out and plucked
me off the rail.

"Look, do you think this is close enough?" a young man asked, holding a
scrap of material against me.

"If anything it's even brighter, Jason," his friend said laughing. "Are
you really going to stand up in church, in front of everyone, with
something that colour around your neck?"

"If it will make Louise happy, I'm sure I'll survive. But do you think
this tie is the right pink, Phil? It's silk, just like she said, but is it
close enough," Jason asked worriedly.

"I'd get that one," Phil told him. "We've been everywhere else and no
one has anything close. Seems like there's not much call for pink ties in
Yorkshire, nowadays."

"Right, I'll get this one then. Then I'm all ready."

"There's still a couple of months to go, are you sure you're prepared
enough?" Phil teased him.

"Yeah well, I never got over being in the boy Scouts," Jason replied.
"Anyway, I'd rather have everything sorted beforehand, than be running
around at the last minute."

"That's all right, I bet Louise will be doing enough of that for both of

Jason took me over to the salesman and I was neatly folded and placed in
a box.

The next time I saw daylight, Jason was removing me from my box. His
hands were damp and shaking, and his face was paler than the last time I
had seen him. He was half dressed in a black suit and white shirt.

"Give me that son," an older man said, taking me and slipping me under
Jason's collar. "Are you nervous?"

"Just a bit," Jason admitted. "There's going to so many people there."

"It is just that, isn't it?" Jason's father asked, tying me into a knot.
"It's not the marriage itself?"

"No, Dad, I'm not nervous about marrying Louise," Jason said earnestly.
"I know I'm only nineteen, but from the moment I met her, it felt like I
had found the missing part of myself. I want to spend the rest of my life
with Louise, I just wish I didn't have to stand up in front of a couple of
hundred people to do it."

"It won't be as bad as you think," his father told him, sliding me up to
nestle at the base of Jason's throat. "You'll only have eyes for Louise.
There's something magic about a girl in a wedding dress, and it's even more
special when it's your bride. You'll be fine."

Jason's father was right; the whole ceremony went without a hitch. I
felt Jason swallow hard underneath me when he saw his bride. She was a
small, dark-haired girl, with big brown eyes full of smiles. Jason's voice
trembled slightly as he began his vows, but he didn't make any mistakes.

The reception went equally smoothly. Jason and Louise hardly had a
chance to eat anything as a constant stream of well-wishers wanted to
congratulate them. It wasn't until they left the reception that the young couple had a moment to themselves.

"Hello, Mrs Hamilton," Jason said softly. His new wife smiled up at

"Doesn't it sound all grown up," she whispered.

"I know, I can hardly believe we're really married at last," Jason said.
"We seem to have been planning this forever."

"And now we're on our honeymoon," Louise said, moving closer and running
her fingertip down me.

"We get to make love in a bed at last, a big four poster bed.

"I can't wait," Louise told him. "Are you hungry at all, or should we
just skip dinner and go straight to bed."

Jason kissed her passionately. "Forget dinner, let's go straight to

They held each other's hands tightly as they went through the
registration details at the hotel and rode up in the lift. Louise
smothered a giggle as Jason solemnly tipped the bellboy, then as soon as he
left she jumped into Jason's arms. He twirled her around, her veil and
train spilling over his arms, then tossed her onto the bed. She grabbed
hold of me and pulled Jason into a long kiss.

They both pushed Jason's jacket off and Jason kicked off his shoes while
Louise fumbled with his waistband. His trousers were cast aside and his
shirt was quickly unbuttoned and tossed on the floor. Louise twisted her
hand around me to hold Jason still while she planted kisses across Jason's
chest. She gave a mischievous look upwards, before sticking out her tongue
and twirling it around one of Jason's nipples. He gave a gasp, then I felt
him shudder as she applied her mouth more vigorously.

Jason reached around behind Louise, trying to unhook her dress. He
managed to open enough so he could push the straps off her shoulders and
free her breasts. He rolled Louise over onto her back and began to caress
them with his hands and mouth. She gave encouraging murmurs and arched her
back. He fastened his mouth onto one of her nipples and began sucking and
flicking it with the tip of his tongue. She gasped and twined her figures
through his hair. His other hand groped for her other breast and
encountered me on the way. He laid me across her skin and began to massage
the sensitive mound. My smooth surface slid across her soft skin and she
gave a soft moan.

He raised his head and slipped me over his head. He glided his hand
down over the curves of her body, my silky material against her even
silkier skin. Then I was between her legs, being rubbed against her damp
folds and hollows. I felt her shudder. Then Jason threw me aside. I
caught on the top of one of the bedposts, and hung there while Jason and
Louise writhed on the bed. Louise ended up straddling Jason, her skirts
bunched up around her waist and her bodice half undone as they both came.
They fell asleep entangled in each other's arms.

They woke up sometime during the night and ordered some food. Louise
carefully hung up her now crumpled wedding gown while Jason collected his
scattered clothing. He couldn't find me until Louise spotted me dangling
from the bedpost. She untied me, smoothed out my creases, rolled me into a
ball and tucked me away in a suitcase.

A few days later I caught a glimpse of their new home when they unpacked
the suitcases. The bedroom was tiny, with hardly any room between the bed
and wardrobe. But they had painted it a bright yellow giving it a cheerful
aspect. I was put away in a drawer with Jason's only other tie, a sober
navy striped affair.

Over the next few years I only occasionally saw the light of day, either
when Louise was cleaning or a couple of times when they moved house or
changed furniture. Jason acquired several more ties and we were all hung
from a rack instead of rolled up in a drawer. When the children came along
I was sometimes unearthed for their games. But I wasn't put to my proper
use until the children became teenagers.

The wardrobe door crashed open one day and young Michael began flipping
through the tie rack. His sister was sprawled on their parent's bed,
watching him. They had both inherited Louise's big brown eyes and Michael
had Jason's cleft chin and thick eyebrows. At this moment, those eyebrows
were drawn together in a fierce scowl.

"What you doing, Mickey?" his sister demanded, chewing her gum loudly.

"Looking for a tie, what's it look like," he snapped. "I have to wear a
tie for school, or I get suspended. So I'm looking for a tie. Is that OK
with you, Jessie?"

"Did they say what kind of tie you had to wear, little brother?" she

"Not exactly," he replied. "Just old Dogbreath said 'I want to see a
tie around your neck tomorrow, young Michael, or you'll find yourself
suspended. Do I make myself clear?' He didn't bother with a fashion
description. Only I lost my school tie days ago, so I'm trying to find one
of Dad's that will do instead. Now will you get out of here and stop
bugging me."

"If I was you, I'd wear that bright pink one," Jessica suggested.
"You'll be obeying old Dogbreath, and winding him up at the same time."

"Jessie," Michael exclaimed. "How's that going to help anything?"

"Oh, it won't help, it would just be way cool," she replied, rolling
onto her back and hanging her head off the edge of the bed, her long blonde hair pooling on the carpet. "What's the matter, Mickey? You chicken?"

"No," he said indignantly, snatching me off the rail. He tied me in a
careless knot that he only pulled half way up to his throat, before
stamping out of the house.

He was still scowling when he arrived at school. He dumped his bag on
the floor and slumped in his chair.

"Hey Mike, what's with the tie?" a boy asked. "Bit of a girly colour,
isn't it?"

"You would know, wouldn't you Tim? You're a right girl's blouse
yourself," Michael retorted.

"I'm not the one with the pink tie," Tim pointed out. "You look like a

"Do not," Michael yelled. "Take that back."

"Mike, you daft git," a newly arrived boy said. "Why are you wearing a
pink tie? You look like a queer."

"Shut up, Dan," Michael snapped, giving me a fierce tug. "It was my
stupid sister's idea. Said it would wind old Dogbreath up."

"Why did you listen to her?" Dan asked. "You know she's totally

"Yeah well, I'm taking it off. I don't care if Dogsbreath goes
ballistic, better than everyone saying I'm queer."

Michael had just begun tugging at my knot, when a group of girls stopped
at his desk. They were an attractive bunch, fresh-faced and long-legged. A
very pretty redhead smiled down at Michael.

"Nice tie, Mike," she said. "I saw Simon le Bon wearing one just like
that on tv last night."

"You really like it," Michael stammered.

"Yeah, it's way cool," she told him. "Not everyone can pull it off, of
course. Some guys just look like boy George. But you look ace. Nice to
see some of you boys with a bit of fashion sense." She gave him a wide
smile and walked away with her friends.

"Gwen Mitchell just said you look cool," Dan said, his disbelief obvious
in his voice. "She knew your name and everything." Michael sat up
straighter in his chair and slid my knot back up.

"Hear that Tim," he demanded, punching Tim on the shoulder. "Gwen
Mitchell, the hottest girl in school, probably in the world, thinks my tie
is cool."

Before Tim had a chance to reply, an elderly man entered the classroom.
All the children hurriedly found their seats, but over the noise of chair
legs scraping across the floor it was easy to hear the teacher calling
Michael to the front of the room.

"What is the meaning of that tie, young man?" he inquired, pointing his
finger at me.

"I can explain, Mr Dodgson," Michael said.

"Are you trying to defy me?" Mr Dodgson inquired sternly. "When I told
you to wear a tie, I think you are well aware that I meant a school tie."

"I know, sir. Like I tried to tell you yesterday, I've lost mine."

"Your carelessness is not my problem. Ask your parents to buy you a new
one," Mr Dodgson said impatiently.

"I have, sir," Michael told him. "But my Mum is away staying with my
aunt who's broken her leg, and Dad doesn't get in before the shops shut.
He's going to get me a new one this weekend."

"Hmm, why didn't you explain this before?" Mr Dodgson demanded. "Just
this once, I'm going to allow you to go without a tie until next Monday.
Now take that ridiculous thing off and sit down."

"Yes sir," Michael muttered, taking me off and stuffing me into a

Copyright Vickie Morgan, 1999 E-mail


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