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Time of Life 2


WARNING: This story includes sexually explicit material.

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The Time of Her Life by Vickie Morgan


Bill's life continued on in its usual customary way. He worked hard
when he had to and hung out with his friends when he could. He honestly
expected to forget about Verity very quickly. However he found himself
thinking about her at the oddest moments. Someone in the restaurant would
order a Vindaloo and he would remember Verity choking on the spicy curry.
Hanging out at the disco, someone would tap him on his shoulder and he
always expected it to be her. He went out with a few girls but sooner or
later he found himself comparing his dates with Verity.

He still told himself that he wasn't going to meet Verity in October.
It was a silly idea all round. The chances of her actually being at the
hotel as she said she would be were very slim. Even if she were there, she
would most likely have completely forgotten about him. So Bill definitely
wasn't going to make a fool of himself by showing up at the hotel.

He therefore found it hard to explain what he was doing walking down
towards the train station just after midnight on October 31st. He'd even
asked his Dad to let him finish his shift early, which hadn't gone down
well. The combination of the argument with his Dad and the knowledge that
he was about to make an idiot of himself hadn't put him in the best of
moods. He moodily kicked a discarded coke can along the gutter and
wondered how far he would get before he turned back. He surprised himself
by getting all the way to the corner. He stopped there and hovered for a
moment, trying to ignore the fierce surge of disappointment in the pit of
his stomach. He gave the coke can one last vicious kick that sent it
spinning into the centre of the street and turned to go back. Just as he
turned the corner, he caught a flash of movement out of the corner of his
eye. He looked back and saw her.

Verity had her head down as she struggled to carry a big, unwieldy bag.
She didn't look around as if she expected to see Bill waiting. It was one
of those cold, frosty winter nights when the air was still and crisp and
the moonlight disguised everything with patterns of ivory and black
shadows. Bill recognised Verity instantly though; she had hardly changed a
bit. He hurried across the street, an uncontrollable grin on his face even
before he reached Verity.

"Would you like a hand with that?" Bill offered. Verity gave a startled
gasp at the sound of his voice. Then she looked up and recognised him and

"Bill! I never thought you would be here," she cried. "Oh Bill, you've
made my day just by remembering." She dropped her bag and threw her arms
around Bill's neck. The next moment she was kissing him with more
enthusiasm then expertise. Bill didn't object though, he just tilted his
head so their noses weren't banging together and kissed her back. Lack of
breath at last made them break apart. For a moment there was an awkward
silence, then they both started laughing at the same time.

"Come on then, let's get this bag over to the hotel," Bill said, picking
it up. "Hey, this weighs a ton. What have you got in here, all your
earthly possessions?"

"Something like that. I didn't bring the kitchen sink though."

"I suppose that's one thing to be grateful for. Are you sure you can
check into this hotel now?" Bill asked. "The front desk is more than
likely closed by this time."

"Don't worry about that," Verity assured him. "I arranged a room last
time I was here. All I have to do is pick up the key, which should be
waiting for me."

It turned out that Verity's arrangements had worked out as she had
planned. The key had been left with the night clerk and he directed them
up to the room. It wasn't anything particularly special but Verity seemed
happy enough. She turned on all the lights and poked her head into the
bathroom to check how good the shower was. Then she flopped on the bed and
gave a big sigh. Bill heaved her bag onto the chair in the corner and
flopped down next to her.

"What now?" he asked. "Do you have to arrange to meet your cousin? Or
are you hungry?"

"Oh thanks, but no. I ate not so long ago. Actually, I've got a bit of
heartburn. Could you pass me those antacids, please? Thanks. My cousin
isn't around any more so I don't have anyone I need to meet," Verity
replied. She tipped her head back to look at him upside down. "I know the
sensible thing to do would be to go to sleep but that seems like such a
waste. How about you, are you tired?"

"Actually I'm feeling wide awake," Bill said. "Anything in particular
you fancy doing?"

"I need to take a quick shower, but after that I'm all yours. Is there
much to do around here in the early hours of a Saturday morning?" Verity

"I don't actually know but I'm sure we'll manage to entertain ourselves.
You go jump in the shower and I'll just run home and change. I could do
with something a bit warmer than a waiter's uniform. So I'll meet you out
front in half an hour," Bill suggested.

"Sounds good to me," Verity agreed. "Bill, can I just tell you again
how wonderful you were to remember and meet me."

"You're not an easy girl to forget," Bill told her, heading for the

"Good," Verity said with a laugh. She rolled on to her stomach and
propped her chin up on her hands. "Hey Bill, you know you could always
jump in the shower with me."

There was a long moment of silence while Bill wondered what to say. He
knew what it sounded like she was suggesting and his hormones wanted
nothing more than to start ripping her clothes off. Verity had always
seemed like an old-fashioned girl though, not the kind to suggest such a
thing on what was hardly even a second date.

"What exactly do you mean by that?" he asked cautiously.

"I wasn't suggesting you needed a shower because you were sweaty or
anything," Vicky said. She had turned bright red and was studiously
studying her fingernails as if she was too shy to meet Bill's gaze. "I
just thought you might like to get hot and sweaty with me and then we could
have a shower."

Bill still wasn't a hundred percent sure he had correctly understood
what she was offering. Verity took a deep breath, then lifted her head and
looked directly at him.

"It's not something I make a habit of suggesting. It's just I know I
only have twenty-four hours and I think you are as attracted to me as I am
to you. I never expected to meet anyone like you, but now I have I think
I'd like to, well, become more intimate with you. If you don't like the
idea, it's OK, I'll understand."

"Oh Verity," Bill said, kneeling on the floor and cupping her face in
his hands. "I like the idea very much. You took me by surprise, that's
all. I didn't want to jump to conclusions though and then find out you had
meant something entirely different."

"I guess I didn't make a very good job of it, did I?" Verity asked. "It
is the first time I've ever tried to seduce anyone, you see. In fact, I
hope you don't mind but this will be the first time all round for me."

"You mean you've never, you know?"

"Nope. What about you, Bill, have you ever, 'you know'?"

"A couple of times," Bill admitted. He leaned forward and gently kissed
her. "You know, I think the thing I've missed most about you is your
cheeky sense of humour. And if you stick that tongue out at me again I'm
going to bite it."

"That could be fun," Verity teased, poking her tongue out again. Bill
dived for her and she rolled away giggling. They wrestled each other until
Bill managed to pin her to the bed and kiss her thoroughly until they were
both breathless. Their play-fighting had dispelled some of the building
sexual tension but it still simmered beneath the surface.

"So, since you're the expert around here, how do you start doing 'you
know'?" Verity asked impishly.

"Less of the cheek, young lady," Bill said with mock severity. "It's
customary to begin by removing all your clothes. Would you like me to
assist you or shall I just sit here and watch?"

"How about we both take off our clothes at the same time?" Verity
suggested. "That way no one's sat around all goose-pimply and

"OK, I'll race you!" Bill challenged, already shrugging his jacket off.

"Cheat!" Verity protested, kicking her shoes off and going to work on
her buttons. Clothes went flying off in all directions and within moments
they were stood on opposite sides of the bed completely naked.

Bill caught his breath at the sight of her naked body illuminated by the
lamplight. His previous encounters had been hurried affairs in dark
bedrooms and this was the first time he'd really had a chance to study a
living, breathing, naked female. Her hair fell around her shoulders,
drawing his eyes down to the swell of her breasts. Her nipples had
hardened, whether from arousal or the cold air he had no way of knowing.
He imagined smoothing the wrinkles out of the puckered areolas with his
tongue and his mouth went dry. His gaze moved lower over the curves of her
hips and stomach to the shadow of curls. He could feel arousal throbbing
in his blood and he didn't know how long he could control himself. It
didn't help that Verity was inspecting him as thoroughly as he had examined
her. If this was her first time, he wanted her to enjoy it and that wasn't
going to happen if he came in less than two minutes.

Bill jumped under the covers and tried to think of as many boring things
as possible. The trouble was, Verity dived under the covers as well. The
feel of her body pressed against his drove all rational thought from his
mind. She invaded every one of his senses; sight, smell, touch were filled
with her. The sound of her hurried breathing filled his ears and he longed
for the taste of her skin. She moved closer to him and her lips found his
and he knew he was in trouble. He'd heard that women needed at least
twenty minutes of foreplay and he didn't know how he was going to last that
long. He gently pushed her onto her back and tried to take control of the

Bill trailed his fingers along her collarbone and followed the path with
his mouth. Down the centre of her breastbone, then a spiral around her
breast until he reached the tip and sucked it deep into his mouth, playing
with the sensitive nub with his tongue. He heard Verity's breath catch,
then a tiny moan escaped her. Encouraged, he transferred his attention to
her other breast but continued to stroke the first one with his free hand.
He continued his attentions until she was trembling and gasping for breath.
Feeling breathless himself, he raised his head and looked up at her.

Her face and chest were flushed and her eyes were heavy-lidded with
passion. She licked her lips. Bill accepted the silent invitation and
moved up to devour her mouth. He couldn't believe how much he enjoyed
kissing her, the intoxicating taste of her. The sensation of her naked
body under him and the glide of her hands over his skins increased his
pleasure. Fighting for composure, he propped himself up on his elbow and
smiled down at her.

"Are you OK?" Bill asked tenderly.

"Very," Verity replied. "Are you?"

"Yeah. I'm just finding it hard not to get, er, overexcited," Bill said
ruefully. "It doesn't help that you're so gorgeous. Your tits are so

Verity wrinkled her nose at him. "That's a horrible word," she

"I'm sorry. What word do you prefer?" Bill asked. "Boobs is even worse
and breasts seems a bit formal."

"True," Verity admitted. "There must be something we can call them."

"I know," Bill said with a grin. "I'm going to give them names."


"Names," Bill repeated. "OK, this one on the left can be Jeremy and the
one on the right is Patrick."

"Jeremy and Patrick?" Verity echoed. "They're boys' names."

"So? Now all we need is to baptise them." Bill swooped down and gave
each breast a big, sloppy kiss. "Actually while we're busy, we might as
well christen a few other body parts too. After all, most of the words for
the interesting bits are pretty ugly." He slid his hand down over her
stomach and between her thighs. "This sensitive bit here, we're going to
call Florabelle, and this tunnel here is Tiffany."

"Oh, so those bits are female, are they?" Verity queried, giggling at

"So it seems. Baptism time again," Bill said, grinning wickedly.

"What!" Verity exclaimed, trying to close her legs.

"Trust me," Bill told her. "You're going to like this." At first Verity
was tense and stiff but as Bill continued she gradually relaxed. Soon she
was moving restlessly, her fingers digging into the mattress. Bill's
tongue was beginning to tire but he kept going until he felt her tense and
shudder. He moved back up the bed and smiled triumphantly down at Verity.
"Told you that would like it."

"Mmm, Florabelle and Tiffany liked it too," Verity said. "And now it's
my turn."

"Your turn to do what?" Bill asked.

"A bit of baptising," Verity replied, pushing him back down on the bed
and kneeling over him. She smoothed away the hair around his nipples and
contemplated them with mock seriousness. "This one is Gladstone and this
one is Enoch," she announced, then bent down to swirl her tongue around
each one in turn.

"Darling, if you keep doing that I'm going to come in two seconds or
less," Bill gasped.

"Oh, all right," Verity said with a pout. "Oh well, on with the
ceremonies. Now what am I going to name this?" She closed both hands
around his arousal and Bill bit down hard on his lip. "I know, Winifred,"
she declared, and swooped down to replace her hands with her mouth. The
sensation coursed through his bloodstream and he had to reach down to stop

"Verity, honestly, I can't control myself if you keep doing that," he

"I read in one of those advice columns that sometimes it's a good idea
for the man to come first, then there's plenty of time to fool around while
he gets hard again."

"Oh did you?" Bill asked in surprise. "What magazine was this in? 'Sex

"No, 'Cosmopolitan', silly. Don't you think it's a good idea?" Verity
inquired. "I was hoping you might teach me how to do a blow-job?"

"A blow-job," Bill spluttered.

"That's right. I've read references to them but it never says exactly
how to do them," Verity explained.

"Is this 'Cosmo' again?" Bill asked.

"Is that yes?" Verity countered.

"Darling, I don't think there's a man alive who would refuse a
blow-job," Bill informed her. "If you really want to give it a try I'd
love it. I don't expect you to swallow though."

"I'll try anything once," Verity said. "As long as it's not as hot as a

"Not as far as I'm aware," Bill assured her. He lay back as her mouth
closed around him. She experimented with every variation of sucking and
licking she could think up, consulting Bill to see which he preferred.
Bill tried to last as long as he could but all too soon he was coming.
True to her word, Verity kept on sucking him, doing her best to swallow as
he filled her mouth. When he had finished she sat back and wiped the
excess off her mouth.

"Hmm, not exactly the nicest taste in the world, but then not the worst
either," was her verdict.

"You are the most amazing girl I've ever met," Bill said. "Now come
here, sexy. We've got some fooling around to do." She came willingly into
his arms and he pulled the covers over them both. He had been worried he
might not be able to get another arousal but as they explored each other's
bodies he could soon feel himself growing hard again.

He investigated every inch of her body and by the time he entered her
she was wet and ready for him. She flinched slightly at first, as her body
stretched around him, and Bill forced himself to hold still to give her a
chance to adjust. She was incredibly hot and snug around him and he was
finding it difficult to hold on to a coherent thought. She had a look of
intense concentration on her face as she focused on the new feelings. Then
she gave a little wriggle of her hips, nibbling on her lip as she
experienced the sensations deep inside her. She gave a slow smile and
opened her eyes to look at Bill.

"That's good," she drawled.

Bill groaned and slowly withdrew, then pushed back into her again. It
was like sinking into a damp velvet sheath. She was so tight that her
internal muscles clung to every millimetre of him, the friction stimulating
him almost unbearably. She adjusted her legs, wrapping them around his
waist. Her heels dug into his buttocks, urging him on as they found their
rhythm. She began to rotate her hips every time he plunged into her. Her
breath was coming in gasps and sighs and her eyes had drifted closed again.
Then her fingernails dug into his back and she climaxed moments before he
succumbed to his second orgasm.

They lay tangled together on the bed for a while. Bill was just
starting to doze off when Verity stirred and sat up.

"If we stay here we're just going to fall asleep," she said. "Come on,
I think we're both hot and sweaty enough for that shower now."

"You should be exhausted," Bill complained.

"Pleasantly tired, I'll admit to that," Verity told him. "I've only got
twenty-four hours though, and I don't want to waste time sleeping. If you
want to get some sleep I understand. We'll just arrange to meet up later.
I need to do some shopping anyway. I desperately need some new clothes."
Now she mentioned it, Bill realised she had been wearing exactly the same
clothes as she'd had on in February. He had thought them outdated then,
and even more so now but it didn't seem a tactful thing to say.

"Hey, a shower will wake me up in no time. Especially if I get to wash
Jeremy and Patrick."

"Only if I get to wash Winifred!"

"Sounds like a good deal to me," Bill said, following her into the

Sure enough the shower washed away his sleepiness. They towelled each
other dry and Bill scrambled into his clothes while Verity dried her long

"I've thought of somewhere to take you for breakfast," Bill told her.
"You finish getting ready and wear something warm while I go get my car.
I'll meet you out front in about quarter of an hour."

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