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Tim's Proposal


Tim’s Proposal By C. Rose(c)2000 (Tg,M)

Tim was in one of his moods today, he didn’t know why, but he wanted a
woman. His friend Allen, a tall hunk of a man usually did the trick and
could take care of all his needs. Not today, he had male cravings for the
opposite sex, they were rare to be sure, but he just couldn’t help it. Him
and Allen had been together for about 2 months now, he was always doing
something to capture his attention. He didn’t want to cheat on Allen just
yet, they hadn’t been together all that long and to get his craving taken
care of meant that he would have to take some sneaky and underhanded steps.
Of course, since he was a thief, this didn’t bother him all that much.
Tim was a small man, 5ft 3in and very skinny; he used his small size to
occasionally pass himself off as a young boy or girl when he needed to.
The clothes didn’t bother him either, so long as he could accomplish his
goal, even going so far as seducing some guy while dressed as a little girl wasn’t to far past him. He had the smooth completion of a girl and light
brown hair that was pulled back into long ponytail; he kept it long for
when he needed to pass as a girl. Though today, as usual, he was dressed
as a boy, he had on his thieving clothes. Black pants, gray shirt, combat
boots, and black trench coat filled with pockets and miscellaneous items.

His sexual thoughts had plagued him all morning, and he had wandered
around the old city all morning trying to find the solution to his problem.
Then he had spotted it, a new kind of place that one didn’t run into all
that often. A Magical Potion shop. The places had sprung up right after
the resurgence of the planets Magical Field some 80 years ago, he couldn’t
remember the exact date. Even now, in 2023, magic was an almost common
sight, it was on TV, the net, even in little kids toys for the rich and
fabulous. Everything that people had considered myths and lies suddenly
came back into existence, magic, elves, dwarfs, etc. That included magical
potions as well, they weren’t as common as some of the other stuff, but
most of the large cities had at least one buried somewhere.

Modern day society just kind of absorbed the new things in an attempt to
find a way to hide them from the normal people, but that hadn‘t worked to
well because of modern day commercialization. So called Evil Wizards
tended to pop up every now and them and required people to go and take care
of them. Since everyone just knew that they were all evil, that was part
of Allen and his’ job nowadays, they were Hunters. Allen was the fighter,
Tim the thief, and they usually hired anyone else they might have a need
for. All this would have been a normal day off for him, if his hormones
hadn’t decided to make him so dammed horny for a woman. Now Tim was on the
prowl for something of interest and this shop had kind of jumped out at him
as the perfect solution to his problem.

He considered the shop, nodded slowly, and dashed across into traffic
and had to dodge several cars and air bikes before he made it. Crosswalks
were for pussies, Tim thought to himself as he entered the shop. What he
needed was a little complicated, and he was hopping that the owner was good
enough to make the right kind of potion for him. He looked around and
noticed that the place was open to anyone, most of the ‘tame’ potions were
placed on shelves like any other store. Tim wandered around for a couple
of minutes looking for one particular kind, but it must have been a special
order type that he’d have to ask for. He tapped on the counter bell and a
man who couldn’t have been a day over 21 came out in this ridicules outfit,
looking miserable.

“Yes.” It wasn’t a question, more of an irritated grunt.

“I need something special, to play a joke on a friend.”

“What would that be?” 20 minutes later, Tim skipped into the motel where
they were staying.

He spotted Allen in the bar and made his way over, grabbing him in a
hug. The motel was in the ‘bad’ side of town, it was cheap and no one asked
stupid questions without a badge. They weren’t paid enough to afford a
good place since they worked freelance, thier current job was a good paying
one that would make them comfortable and rich once they completed it. Pay
on completion of mission made it hard to eat sometimes.

He frowned and looked down to see Tim. Allen stood over 6ft and had the
body of a boxer, muscles filled his frame in a compact way that made him
look weaker than he actually was. his blonde hair was cut short, but wavy,
and gave people the impression that he needed a hair cut. There was a
modern day broad sword across his back that Tim couldn’t even lift off the
floor. The sword itself was quite a marvel, thought usable in a normal
battle it also had intricate circuitry running through the hilt and up the
blade. When activated it could produce a laser like edge that cut through
solid steel like butter. Cars, guns, laser rifles, nothing was immune to
it’s touch and Allen tended to have a flare for showing off in a fight.
Cutting air bikers out of the air in a single swipe tended to change the
odds a little.

“Tim don’t do that in public.”

“Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.”

“What’s up, you didn‘t just steal break something did you?”


“Then you stole something that you shouldn’t have, you’ve got that look
you usually get.”

“Nope! I ‘paid’ for it.” Tim grinned. That meant that he had stolen
it, but left a few dollars behind that probably wouldn’t even come close to
covering the full price. “Come up to the room and let me show you what I
got, Please...” He begged.

“Do it here Tim, I’m drinking.”

“No, it has to be up in the room, in private.”

“Tim, I’m not in the mood.” Allen saw it coming, but decided to ignore
it. Most people in the motel had learned how to ignore strange
occurrences, but they couldn’t ignore Tim as he started to blubber and cry.
Huge tears ran down his cheeks and this wail came out of him that a banshee
would have respected, it could break glass at a hounded paces. After only
a few minutes the bartender looked at Allen and conveyed a look that said,
get him out or you’ll find yourselves buried in the garbage out back.

With a snort of disgust, Allen gave in and stomped up the stairs to
thier room, Tim stopped crying and tagged along happily, as if nothing had
ever happened. Thier room contained the usual types of things, a bed,
small dresser with a makeup mirror, bathroom, chair, and an old fashioned
TV that didn’t work. This sort of hotel wasn’t exactly used for watching
TV anyways, they were available by the hour if needed. Sometimes Allen
swore the cockroaches were more intelligent than some of the people that
stayed here, it wouldn’t have surprised him to find that they had thier own
little hotels built behind the walls and had week long parties. They were
always making lots of noise.

The broadsword was un-slung and leaned up against the wall and Allen sat
down on the bed to look at Tim. The little monster drove him nuts some
days, but he was a sexual deviant that could fuck anything. His appetites
had actually gotten them into trouble on more than one occasion, the sauna
incident again. “Well, what’s so important that you had to get us kicked
out of the bar?”

“I found this.” The vile of liquid glowed in the rooms low lighting, it
sloshed around like a thick syrup as Tim waved the stuff around.

“What’s that, acid?”

“The guy I got it from called it ‘Split Infinity’.

“That means nothing to me Tim.”

“I stumbled across a Magic Potion shop today, you should have been with
me the place was great. You know what this is, just by a different name,
they have many names...”

“So what is it?” Allen cut him off.

“Well,.........It’s a 12hr sex change potion.” Tim blushed and watched
Allen’s reaction.

“Be serious Tim, what is it really.” Allen was beginning to edge away
from Tim, he had that look again. The one that had nearly cost him his leg
when Tim had wanted to go the Girl’s sauna, with them dressed a girls, this
was sending the same chills of dread down his spine that seeing 40 pissed
of women, dwarfs, elves, and other assorted types of women had done to his
life. They had barely escaped with thier lives, a 3ft dwarf with the big
furry tits had nearly taken his leg off with this giant medieval battle
axe. It wasn’t his fault that he’d been so drunk at the time that he’d said
something about her not shaving enough. If it hadn’t cost him 6 weeks in a
regeneration bath, it would have been hysterically funny. His knee still
gave a twinge every time he got close a dwarf that had that ‘look’ in thier

“It’s the truth, I want you to drink it, my love.” Tim said, his eyes
gleaming, looking soooo innocent.

“D-drink it?!” Allen’s voice went up 3 octaves and he almost rolled off
the bed and grabbed his sword. “Do you remember Salik, our old guide into
those South America jungles, he got one of those things mixed up with his
water rations when he wasn’t paying attention. He’s across town in a dress
now, his friends call her Sali, he can never change back!”

“Don’t worry about that, I made sure this was a temporary formula, I
actually talked to the owner of the shop remember?”


Tears flowed down Tim’s cheeks, they could usually manipulate Allen
better than anything else, almost like playing a string. Tim made his
upper lip tremble and big tears roll down his face. “Please, just this
once?” Tim took his coat off and tossed it carefully across the chair.

A long time ago Allen had found that he was gay, it had always bothered
him more than a little. It had made his boyhood miserable, his parents hate him and kick him out of the house. Things had always been bad, then
one day he had a nervous breakdown and went to a hospital for awhile where
the doctors had patched up his mind and helped him to accept his being gay.
While there he had become a different person, more loving, more alive and
happy. After he had left things had been fine, but he had eventually
spiraled back down into his old depressed self. That loving person that
still lurked inside Allen’s mind saw something that the current Allen had
missed and took over like an errant unwanted personality, he snatched the
vile and drank it down before Allen could even think of stopping himself.
Allen gagged on the horrible taste and Tim watched him with wide wondering
eyes, a sappy grin forming on his face.

At first Allen looked a the vile in horror, what had he done? Why?
Then he felt a twinge of pain in his throat, his blood seemed to get warmer
and it became hard to breath. He doubled over as his whole body blossomed
into pain and felt a lurch, as if the world had just shifted under him,
then even this vanished. He gasped for air and curled into a ball, his
clothing felt tighter, but he could breath again. As he calmed down, he
kept his eyes closed and refused to look, Tim made this squeal when he had
a plan work and he’d just made it.

“Your beautiful.” Tim whispered.

He could feel the change as it finished with him and he started to feel
somewhat normal again. The change in his balance was the most notable, the
weight on his chest, and nagging feeling that something was out of phase.
He sat up and carefully looked at himself, because of his size, his breasts were huge.

“Oh my god...” Tim reached out and lifted one of the breasts.

It was a sensation Allen had never felt before, a kind of sensual shift,
it made him let out a low moan. Tim smiled and ripped Allen’s shirt off
and pushed him back on the bed. He went right for the nipples and had
Allen moaning in surprised pleasure, it felt like nothing he’d ever
encountered. He had to admit that, even to himself, but he was still very
embarrassed. I never failed, Tim seemed to be able to talk him into

He blushed as Tim licked his way around the large breast and moaned as
he realized that he couldn’t resist Tim while like this, feeling,
sensation, and emotions were surging through him like the ocean tide and he
couldn’t control them. It had to be an aftereffect of the alcohol and the
potion that was giving the high feeling, he wrapped his/her arms around Tim
and kissed him. “We’ve only got a 12hrs like this, lets make the most of
it Tim.” Even his voice had become more feminine, it was sultry and a
little deep, but female.

The stripped thier clothing off and hopped back on the bed, Allen had
problems balancing as she stood, but she soon figured out how to adjust to
the strange way her weight was spread out. Allen spread her legs and
wondered what she looked like down there, but Tim shoved his way in and
spread her legs wider. She marveled at how much more flexible she was, not
20 minutes ago she would never have been able to do a leg split like this.
Now she was positive she could go even further, her mind and heart skipped
a beat when Tim gently touched her pussy.

“It a real pussy Allen, it real.” He leaned in and ran his tongue along
the dripping wet lips. Allen moaned and arched her back off the bed, a
shudder ran through her large frame.

“That feels so incredible Tim, don’t stop.”

“Your very wet, your thighs are just glistening with your arousal.”

Through half lidded eyes, Allen’s head flops to the side and she moans
again, she noticed a mirror displaying them perfectly and gasps. A vision
of absolute beauty greets her eyes. Big tits, seemingly flawless skin,
large blue eyes and a look of total lust written on her face. Allen almost
starts to cry as she realizes that this is what she looks like now, she
gasps again as she realizes that she can’t even think of herself as a guy
anymore with a body like this.

“What do you think, beautiful aren’t you?” Tim says as he looks up at
Allen from between her legs, lapping away at her pussy.

“Oh Tim, don’t stop, this is even better than I thought it would be.”
Allen gasps out.

“Ok, then lets try this and see if everything is working.”

She should have been expecting it, Tim had this way of always surprising
her and she wasn’t exactly thinking straight. Tim located and sucked Allen’s clitoris into his mouth. Allen nearly died, she cried out in
ecstasy and felt it fill his whole body, she writhed around unable to help
herself and felt something vaguely familiar building up inside her.

Two fingers invade her pussy and Allen simply lets out this body
trebling moan and arched off the bed again. Tim giggled and slammed his
fist forward, twisting it franticly, Allen screams. Her world lurches
again and every muscle in her body clenches a half dozen times, Allen falls
back and shudders. She soon comes back to reality and sees Tim laying next
to her, grinning that manic grin Tim gets when he’s accomplished his goals.
Seeing it for the second time in less than 15 minutes makes Allen shiver
and moan, she didn’t know what to expect next.

Then Tim wiggles his fingers and before Allen can realize that they are
still in her pussy, she cums again screaming at the top of her lungs.
Before she can recover, Tim lifts her waist up and pushes the chairs seat
cushion under. “Ready for some real fun?”

“Hell yeah, I’ve got to try this.” Allen gasps.

Though small, Tim did have an 8in cock, Allen knew from experience that
it felt good and that Tim had a lot of stamina. So when he pushed into her
pussy Allen though she knew what to expect, the shiver of pure ecstasy that
went up her spine proved her wrong. Allen’s jaw dropped and she moaned
pure lust, no wonder most women liked big dicks he thought. The sensations
were totally indescribable, Allen lifted her hips and began to
instinctively thrust against Tim.

Moving slowly at first, Tim let Allen get used to it for a few seconds.
A nasty thought crossed his mind as he worked, he wondered why Allen’s
transformation hadn’t included a hymen. He shrugged and figured it had
something to with Allen not being a virgin to either sex, he picks up speed
and makes Allen scream again. She cums with a shuddering twitch that
nearly displaces Tim, who had forgotten just how strong Allen was.

Using Allen’s limp body as a lever he flips them around until Allen is
in his lap, facing the mirror. Allen’s eyes go wide as she sees them,
Tim’s cock thrusting into her dripping pussy. Allen blushes a deep red and
moans as Tim reaches up and plays with her nipples. They watch each others
mounting passion, and Allen finally gets a good look at her new pussy in
the strange position. She leans back and Tim flips them again, this time
back into the missionary position. From there Tim uses the last of his
energy to thrust into Allen as fast as he can.

It finally proves to be to much and Tim growls as he cums, exploding
deep inside Allen’s grasping pussy. Allen’s eyes go wide as she feels the
molten cum launch into her. Tim shudders and cums again before he falls on
top of Allen, who wraps him in her arms kissing him repeatedly.

“I knew this would be fun.” Tim whispers in Allen’s ear.

“You were right.” Kiss

“Here.” Tim pushes his finger into Allen and wiggles it around, Allen
moans. He pulls out and holds up a finger covered in the mix of thier
cream, he licks it and holds it out to Allen. She tastes it shyly, before
sucking it clean, after that they cuddled until they fell asleep in each
others arms.len. She tastes it shyly, before sucking it clean, after that
they cuddled until they fell asleep in each others arms.


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