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To Serve and Pleasure


Disclaimer: No one under the age of 18 is allowed to read this... so says
the law.

Author's Note: Just a short "tease" to set the mood inspired by a
reader's suggestion. Forewarned... with the exception of a little female
masturbation, there isn't any sex in this story but is it possible to
arouse without it? :-)

"To Serve and Pleasure" by JR Parz

I. (Friday Evening)

Jessica flashed her badge at the burly Police Officer standing outside
the apartment. The body was just near the entrance and hadn't been covered
yet. "Where are they?" she asked, drawing the attention of the two

"Down the hallway to the left." One of the detectives responded... the
other one gave her a once over with his eyes. She ignored the 'look' and
walked past them towards the hallway.

She knew they were eyeing her ass... something she'd been dealing with
since she turned fourteen and still it bothered her. She wore her long
dark hair pinned up off her shoulders, wore business suits an extra size
bigger, and never wore more than a touch of makeup, but yet they still
looked at her as a piece of beautiful ass.

Jessica entered the room and saw the young policewoman, Linda Roman,
sitting on the bed with the 21-year-old crime victim, Amber Jennings. The
first thing that struck her was how amazingly close they resembled each
other... both girls wore their blonde hair short and were especially
pretty. They could pass for sisters.

"Hi." She greeted them.

"Hi Jessica." Linda replied with a small smile. She then turned her
attention back to the girl. "Amber, this is Jessica Sanderson... she's
the psychologist I told you about and here to help you."

Jessica nodding to Linda, dismissing her. Then turned her attention to
the girl. "Hi Amber, do you mind if I sit down?"

Amber nodded allowing Jessica to sit.

"How are you feeling?"

"I...I'm not sure. I guess... It feels like a dream... it's strange."
She replied in a soft, sweet voice. Jessica could see the girl was having
a difficult time with this.

"That's normal... everything is going to be all right. Now, I know
you've told the story a couple of times but I'd like you to go over it one
more time for me... okay?"

"Okay...I... I was just getting ready for bed when I heard a noise. It
sounded like it came from the living room. I sleep in the buff so I had to
put on my robe before going out there."

"Weren't you scared?"

"At the time, no. I just sort of reacted without thinking... the last
thing I expected to see was someone inside my apartment."

"Please continue."

"When I reached the living room there he was... everything happened so
fast. I remember screaming."

"And." Jessica urged.

"He rushed me, grabbed me... then he covered my mouth with his hand.

Jessica could see that Amber was about to cry, so she reached over with
her hands to comfort her and at the exact moment she touched her she felt a
searing heat shoot straight to her groin, eliciting a gasp... not to
mention shock! Fortunately, Amber didn't notice and continued. "I... I
must have passed out because the next thing I knew I was on the couch and
he was positioned between my legs. He was about to... to...enter me...
so I kneed him! Right where it counts! He fell off the couch screaming."

Jessica nodded but only a part of her was listening. The whole time she
was desperately trying to make sense of her ever-increasing arousal and
wondered over and over again how this was possible? Slowly, she released
Amber's hands and stood up... but the second she did, she felt lonely.
'Why?' she continued to ask herself... never before had she ever felt this
way. "Then what happened?"

"I jumped off the couch and ran back to my bedroom. I locked the door,
grabbed my cell phone and called 911. It seemed like forever but it was
only a few minutes later when I heard gun shots...and then I heard a
woman's voice. It was Officer Roman."

"Did you know the man?"


"You're not going to be able to stay here tonight... or throughout the
rest of the weekend... the Department will put you up in a hotel."


"Do you have anyone that can stay with you?"

"No. I... I just moved up here from LA."

"Would you like someone to?"

"Well... Officer Roman was so good to me... she made me feel safe.
Could she?"

"That depends... Anytime an officer is involved in a shooting,
especially one that takes someone's life, they have to be cleared by me.
I'll see what I can do."

"Thank you."

II. (Saturday Morning)

Jessica woke early Saturday morning feeling incredibly horny and
immediately reached down and began to masturbate. More than anything at
that moment she needed to cum but it seemed the harder and faster she
played with herself, the more frustrated she became. "Why can't I cum?!?"
she cried, then glanced at her alarm clock. Reluctantly, she withdrew her
sticky fingers and groaned. She felt unsatisfied. 'Why can't I cum?' she
asked herself again... then stumbled to the bathroom.

Again she tried to orgasm, this time in the shower... again she failed.
It seemed that her body was right there on the verge... but she just
couldn't 'get off'. Quickly, she dried herself and made her way to her
Vanity... then spent the next hour blow-drying and brushing her hair,
allowing it to fall freely down her back. Then applied her makeup.

When Jessica was done she walked naked over to her full-body length
mirror where she inspected herself. Her breasts, large and firm, always
looked incredible on her slim frame... and she couldn't resist bringing
her hands up to cup their fullness. She used her thumbs to caress her
hardened nipples and gasped when she felt herself begin to throb. She
wanted to touch herself... she needed to cum... but she didn't have time
and was worried that she'd have to take a shower all over again.

Jessica walked over to her dresser drawer and pulled out her sexiest
black bra and a pair of black silk panties. The 34C-cup fit snug and
displayed a generous amount of flesh... her panties only covered half of
her well-rounded ass cheeks. The rest of her ensemble included a tight
pair of black pants, a v-cut red blouse showcasing her cleavage and a pair
of black 4" high-heeled pumps. Then she grabbed her briefcase and left for

When Jessica arrived at the Police Station every set of eyes, male and
female gaped at her... she didn't even notice.

"What the... What's the occasion?" the Captain stammered when she
entered his office.

Then like a jackhammer it 'hit' her...and with realization came
disbelief. 'What the hell was I thinking?!?' She screamed at herself.
'What would possibly compel me to dress like this?' ", I
just..." she replied in utter confusion.

"Well, whatever it is, you look... er... nice." The Captain responded,
looking slightly uncomfortable. "Now, about Miss Jennings... her story checks out but we're still trying to figure out why this guy was inside her
apartment. We're also trying to track down the origin of the knife he was
brandishing. Based on what we know, he's had some minor scuffles with the
law but nothing like attempted rape. It doesn't fit his MO."

Just then the college summer hire entered the office. She had a file in
her hand and handed it to the Captain. Jessica gazed at her long blonde hair and shapely ass and could feel herself responding to her. When the
girl turned to face her, her eyes lit up. "Wow Miss Sanderson!" She
exclaimed with a smirk.

"Good morning, Heather." Jessica smiled... unable to resist checking
out her lovely ass as she exited.

"Back to Miss Jennings. What do you think?" The Captain asked.

"I haven't spent much time with her...but I'm going over there this
morning. I'm confident Linda has made things easier for her."

"Speaking of which, Linda called this morning... she's using her
vacation time to spend the entire weekend with her. To tell you the truth
I'm a little surprised you released her... usually you spend at least a
week with anyone involved in a shooting... especially one that ends in a

"I'm sort of killing two birds with one stone. I really believe having
them together like this is therapeutic for the both of them. Miss Jennings
feels safe with Linda, who's somewhat of a hero to her... while every time
Linda looks at Miss Jennings, she's reminded whose life she saved."

"This may or may not be relevant, but were you aware that Linda broke
off her engagement with Tom last week?"

"No I wasn't. I'm surprised... I thought they made the perfect

"Tom doesn't understand it either... I'm surprised Linda didn't mention
this to you."

"I guess I am too... but then again it isn't relevant. Anyway, Linda
is extremely professional and can handle herself."

"Well, you've never given me a reason to doubt your judgement before."

Jessica nodded and then noticed a framed picture sitting on the
Captain's desk. She walked over and picked it up. "Is this really

"Yeah. She sent it to me a little while ago and I just got around to
placing it over her old High School photo."

"She's grown to be a beautiful woman." Jessica stated with a smile.

"Yeah, she's quite the looker... anyway, she's in town Monday and I
wouldn't put it past her to drop by, so I thought I'd better update my desk

"Good move." Jessica replied and put the picture down. "Well, I guess
I'd better get going."

"Call me... let me know how everyone's doing."

"Yes sir." Jessica responded and turned to leave.

"Oh... one more thing... ah... you might want to consider changing
before you go over there."

Jessica nodded 'yes' and blushed... then left.

III. (Saturday, Late Morning)

Jessica had every intention of going home to change but something beyond
her control prevented her... then the next thing she knew she was standing
outside the hotel room door, knocking.

"Jessica! You look absolutely stunning!" Linda exclaimed upon opening
the door.

"Thanks." Jessica blushed. Linda was wearing skin-tight faded blue
jeans and a powder blue halter-top... neither left anything to the

"So, how are you two doing?" Jessica asked as they entered the living

"Great." Linda replied, beaming. "Amber will be right out... she's in
the bathroom. Would you like some coffee?"

"That sounds great." Jessica replied while taking a seat on the couch.
She found herself stealing a quick glance at Linda's ass before she
disappeared into the kitchen. "You certainly made yourself at home".

"Yeah, Amber and I just hit it off... it's like we're long lost
sisters. We're almost the same age. When she asked me to spend the entire
weekend with her I couldn't say no." Linda replied, returning with a

"As long as you maintain professionalism." Jessica replied.

Just then Amber appeared... naked, except for blue thong panties.
"Oh... I'm sorry Miss Sanderson. I wasn't aware you were here... Let me
go put a shirt on." She giggled.

Jessica sat stunned... Never in her life had she seen a more beautiful
girl... Her tits small but ever so perky... her ass... 'oh God' She
blushed... what she'd like to do to her lovely round ass.

"Linda... what's... what's going on here?" she asked with a whisper.

"I... I don't know what you mean." Linda responded, innocently.

"You two appear... close." Jessica replied. She suddenly saw an image
of Amber and Linda, naked and snuggling intimately. "Did you two..."

"Yes." Linda didn't let her finish, beaming.

"This is crazy!" Jessica exclaimed in disbelief.

"We met two weeks ago... I... I'm in love."

"What!?! Are you telling me you lied about yesterday?!?" Jessica asked,

"I couldn't help it... I... I'd do anything for Amber."

Just then Amber walked back into the room... she added a white tee
shirt tied off in a knot below her tits. She grinned while her eyes moved
along every inch of her... "I like the new you."

"Thank you." Jessica blushed, wishing she didn't feel the pleasure that
accompanied her compliment.

"Let me turn something down for a second... this way we can talk...
there we go... this should make things easier."

Then like magic her intense attraction disappeared... not completely,
but enough to allow her to regain some coherency back.

"I hope you haven't been too hard on Linda... it isn't her fault."
Amber commented.

"I... I don't understand." Jessica replied, confused.

"Let me start at the beginning... Like Linda mentioned, I met her a
couple of weeks ago... To make a long story short, I seduced her, we
became lovers... and together we set up the man she killed."

"This is incredible!"

"There's more..." Amber smiled. "...And I'm sure you've noticed it."

"What do you mean?" Jessica stammered, not wanting to admit it.

"You're a lesbian now... just like Linda."


"Oops... let me adjust something else... that should do it. No lying
allowed now... so I'll ask again... have you noticed your attraction to

"Yes." Jessica blushed. 'Why did I admit this?' she asked herself...
then got angry.

"And before I turned down the heat didn't you feel like I was the most
beautiful girl in the world?"

"Yes." Jessica's blushed deepened despite her anger.

"I control your emotions... feelings... desires. I turned it down so
we could talk... I'll turn it back up after we're done." Amber grinned.

"Are you some sort of hypnotist?" Jessica asked, still blushing.

"Nope... much more than that."

"Then what?"

"So, my favorite psychologist would like to make sense of all of this...
hmmm. Okay. I didn't actually acquire these powers until my mid teens...
I think I was sixteen. I lived in a Foster Home back then and to this day
I still don't know who my real parents are. I'm sure that if I did they
could shine some light on what it is I am. Anyway, I thought I was normal
like all the rest of the girls... liking boys and all... but it was about
my junior year when I started to feel very different. You know... new
feelings... new desires... and they weren't for boys. I was also
becoming very popular amongst my friends... eventually; even the popular
girls started to take an interest in me. I didn't know it then but all I
had to do to establish a link was touch their flesh. There wasn't anything
they wouldn't do for me... of course this led to sex. My first lover was
my best friend, Samantha. I was sleeping over her house that night and I
wanted to kiss her... next thing I knew we were naked and making out on
her bed. She has the loveliest pair of boobs... almost as nice as yours.
She woke the next morning my love slave... worshipping every inch of me.
Well, by the time I graduated I had turned every girl I'd been attracted to
into my lover and then began pairing them off."

"If you're trying to convince me you're capable of turning heterosexual
girls into lesbians, I'm not buying it."

"Then how would you explain your attraction to me... to Linda?"


"I told you I'm not a hypnotist."

"Wh... what about last night? What happened?"

"Linda and I staged that little episode in order to get rid of an
annoying man. He was a jealous ex-boyfriend of one of my newly converted
lovers... anyway, he vowed he was going to kill me. So, I moved here and
seduced myself a female cop. Then I spent a couple weeks prepping her.
(Amber turned to Linda) Linda was magnificent."

"Why did you have to kill him? Why couldn't you have just hypnotized
him like everyone else?"

"You really do believe it's hypnosis, don't you... anyway, my powers
don't work on males. Don't ask me why."

"So you targeted Linda... turned her into your lesbian love slave and
made her kill for you."

"Now you're beginning to understand." Amber smiled.

"You're crazy... but you're even more crazier for telling me. I'm
placing you under arrest."

"Not possible." Amber giggled.

"And why is that?" Jessica asked, reaching behind her back for her

"Remember when we held hands last night?"

Jessica blushed but brought forward the cuffs anyway.

"Oh how kinky... anyway, from the second I touched you I've had full
control over your emotions and desires... not to mention other little
things. Like, not being able to cum by yourself... you need a girl to

"No." Jessica whispered in shock, holding the handcuffs on her lap.

"That had to be frustrating... and that isn't all... I've also altered
your sexual chemistry where your libido is constantly aroused all the
time... and decided to pair you off with Linda."

"This can't be." Jessica whispered in disbelief.

"But not exactly on equal terms... mind you... nope, first I need to
make a couple of adjustments to your personality in order to bring about
the role reversal in both of you."


"You're much too aggressive... so I decided to give you a good dose of

"This is impossible!"

"Oh relax... you're going to love your new life... trust me... and
why don't you be a good girl and put the cuffs on the table."

Jessica blushed and did as she was told... and no sooner had she done
this her eyes lit up in shock. "This can't be happening... you may have
hypnotized me but it can be reversed. It isn't permanent." Jessica stated,
trying to convince herself. She then reached down to her ankle holster and
pulled out her small pistol. "I'm placing you under arrest."

"How cute... you certainly have spunk... or should I say... had

"Huh?" Jessica responded before suddenly feeling very afraid and
confused... the very thought of guns sickened her.

"You don't believe in hate them... now place it on the
table." Amber commanded.

Jessica quickly placed the gun on the coffee table. She hated guns!
Hated everything about them. Then she looked back at Amber who was smiling
at her. "I deplore guns".

"You see how easy it is?"

"Oh God!" she responded, realizing now what she'd been made to do and
feel... and despite it, she couldn't resist the feelings from taking root.
"You'll hate guns now for the rest of your life."

"But my job?"

"That's your problem."

"I don't want to be turned into something I'm not... it isn't fair."

"Like I said, you'll be much happier..." Amber responded and then turned
to Linda. "Linda... my gift to you is Jessica... and now I'll activate

Jessica watched Linda gasp and then turn to her... she looked at her
differently... like she knew something she didn't.

"Now Jessica... the final touches to you and we'll be ready for fun."

Suddenly, Jessica felt something strange happening... and when she
looked at Linda she saw something different about her... she was more
beautiful... and with every passing second, more and more godlike.
Jessica knew she was being forced to feel this way but knowing didn't stop
the feelings from flooding her... and as if it was suddenly dawning on
her, she realized more than anything that she was in love with her and
needed her very, very much.

"We're going to be so close." Linda whispered with a grin. Jessica felt
giddily passive and a wet heat between her legs... she giggled.

"Let's go to the bedroom." Amber suggested, interrupting their special

"Yes." Linda replied...and stood up... but the second she did, Linda
ordered her to Kneel. Jessica dropped to her knees with fear.

"Did I tell you to stand?" Linda asked. "Get out of those clothes...

While remaining on her knees, Jessica quickly unbuttoned and pulled off
her blouse... then took off her shoes and slid out of her pants. Now clad
in only her black bra and panties she hoped that Linda would be pleased
with how sexy she looked but instead she gave her a look of impatience,
frightening her. Quickly, she unsnapped her bra... springing free her
healthy set of globes and then slid her wet panties off. Now, she was
completely naked.

"I see your nipples are hard... are you excited?" Linda asked.

"Yes." Jessica whispered, blushing.

Linda turned to Amber. "Thank you for my gift, Amber... I love her."

Amber grinned.

Jessica crawled to the bedroom on all fours... Linda and Amber followed
behind to admire the wiggling of her 'tush'... their eyes ignited waves
upon waves of pleasure and she could feel herself leaking.

When they were inside the bedroom, Linda looked down at Jessica and
smiled. She then turned to Amber. "Amber... would you like Jessica to
strip you?"

"Sure." Amber beamed.


Jessica quickly got to her feet and complied, pulling the tee shirt over
Amber's head. Her small perky breasts sprung free jiggling high on her
chest... Jessica felt a powerful compulsion to mouth and suckle them...
but refrained, fearing another reprimand. Then she kneeled down to slide
Amber's thong panties off and gasped when she saw what stared her right in
the eyes... absolutely the most beautiful shaven pussy she'd ever seen.

"Now me." Linda commanded.

Jessica found her arousal elevate even more as she complied... and
seconds later she had Linda stripped of her skintight blue jeans and
halter-top... now she 'needed' with a hungry desire that literally
ached... but as much as she wanted to touch Linda... to kiss her... it
was more important that she wait for permission.

All three of them, stark naked, proceeded to the bed... and with the
exception of getting up to eat or go to the bathroom, they spent the
remainder of Saturday... and all day Sunday... licking, sucking,
caressing and screaming out with orgasm after orgasm. Jessica no longer
had a problem in this area... and like Linda had a couple weeks prior, she
now understood the true meaning of 'multiple orgasms'.

Epilogue. (Monday morning)

"Were you aware that Linda's resigning?" the Captain asked Jessica.

"Yes... it was my idea." Jessica replied, lying.

"But why... she's a rookie... she has a whole career ahead of her."

"She has a much more important role now."

"And what pray tell may that be?" the Captain responded with a touch of

"I'm sorry Captain... she's my patient and that information is
confidential... but lets just say that she's very much in control of her
new life."

"That Jennings girl has something to do with this... doesn't she?"

"Amber? Whatever gives you that impression?"

"Are they together?"

"No. Linda has fallen for someone else... someone that is going to
provide for her so she doesn't have to work again for the rest of her

"Man or woman?"

"You are determined, aren't you?"


"Again, I'm not at liberty to discuss my patient's love life."

"Tom deserves to know."

"Not from me he doesn't."

"What's with this request you've put in for a transfer?"

"I... I can't bring myself to carry a gun anymore... I'm still going
to stay with the Department... just not as a Field Psychologist."

"Carrying a gun was never a problem before... and look at you, you've
changed... you dress I'd like to know what the
hell happened to you?"

"Look, I simply took some advice from someone I love dearly."

"You and Amber aren't... no... are you?"

"For your sake I'll pretend I didn't hear that." Jessica smiled.

"All right... I'll back off... and just in case you didn't know, three
girls from the town that man used to reside in came forward over the
weekend. All of them admitted to being raped by the man... they said they
didn't come forward before because he threatened to kill them. So, it
looks like Linda did a good job and this clears Miss Jennings."

Jessica smiled... knowing all it took was for Amber to make three
'phone' calls. It was her idea and she basked in the pleasure of knowing
she pleased both Linda and Amber. Without another word, Jessica exited the
office... and this time when she felt the Captain gazing at her ass, she
gave it an extra wiggle to tease him. No man would ever touch it again.

As Jessica headed towards the exit she noticed the summer hire, Heather.
"Hi Heather."

"Hi Jessica... You're really looking 'hot' these days." She smiled in
response. Jessica found herself responding to the young college girl.

"Thanks Heather... you're pretty hot yourself."


"Never mind." Jessica smiled and turned to leave.

Just as she stepped outside the Station she noted a young woman walking
up the steps... the Captain's daughter. "Oh Christina... How are you?"

"Miss Sanderson? Oh my God, I almost didn't recognize you." The girl replied, plainly shocked at the way she was dressed.

"Never mind me... look at you. My you have grown! I can see college life is being nice to you." Jessica replied, admiring the young woman's
beauty. Then the thought of Heather and Christina together came to mind
eliciting a nice pleasant tingling between her legs. Amber had instructed
Linda to be on the look out for potential converts...and these two college girls were certainly pretty enough.

"Thank you... Hey, is my father in his office?" Christina asked with a

"Yes. I just left him."

"Thanks. Good seeing you... talk to you later."

"Good seeing you, too, Christina." Jessica replied. "...and yes, you
certainly will." she added under her breath. The sudden image of Heather
and Christina together, naked and '69'ing... then Heather between Linda's
legs and Christina between hers... she felt herself getting 'wet' as these
fantasies washed over her... she couldn't wait to share them with Linda.
Of course the ultimate decision would be Amber's but she knew Amber would
agree to it... and besides, Heather and Christina made the ideal pair... a
blonde and a brunette.

The End.

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