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* Just a little standard disclaimer: This story describe sexual activity,
so please don't read this if you're underage or very very sensitive. This
is a pure work of fiction, and any resemblance to actual people or events
are purely coincidental. . Please don't repost or archive any of my
stories without specific permission from the author. Feedback is
encouraged, by email to lordshon@aol.

To the Victor By Shon Richards

Lee was the one guy in every group that was a total shit. The only
reason he had friends was because he had something no one else had. In
this case, his father owned a bowling alley and every Tuesday night his
father would let his friends play for free after it closed. Sure, a
bowling alley isn't the best place to hang out, but it was a military town
and all the entertainment in town was aimed at Marines with money. Lee had
nine friends every Tuesday night, and we would blow a few hours just
playing and hanging out.

We did this for about two years. We played more frequently after we
graduated from high school since we knew we would be splitting up to go to
our different colleges. A date had been set for our last bowling game, and
we had kicked around several ideas on how to best celebrate. Usually Lee
couldn't care lessabout planning anything so he surprised us all by
claiming he had a great idea. Lee said he needed forty dollars from each
of us, but he wouldn't tell us why. He just said he saw the perfect prize
and that he wanted to give it to the winner of a bowling contest. Wade was
the smart guy who insisted on seeing a receipt on the night of the contest,
and Lee assured him that he would. That pacified us, and we enjoyed the
last week of our vacation knowing we had a huge send off in store for us.

The big night arrived, and the ten of us joked and threatened each other
with how great we'll bowl that night. Lee's father gave us the keys and
left, and we entered the dark alley as loudly as ever. After we changed
shoes, picked our balls and went to our usual lane, it was impatient and
usually suspicious David who noticed what was missing.

"So, where is the prize you spent four hundred dollars on?" David asked.

"It's being delivered," Lee said.

"Delivered?" I said. "What did you order, twenty pizzas for the

Lee was irritable and nervous, something that gave us no faith at all.
"It'll be here in half an hour. I wanted to make sure my dad was gone
before it got here."

That got our attention. We let Lee have the benefit of the doubt, and
bowled a few practice frames. Conversation was rampant as we each tried to
guess what Lee had bought. Of course only Wade guessed right, but his
guess shouldn't count because he's the pervert of the group.

A loud knock at the doors sent Lee scrambling, and we stopped bowling to
come take a look. Everyone stopped talking as we saw Lee come in with a
gorgeous blonde in high heels. I thought it was a joke, and didn't say a
word. Talking to the other guys afterwards I found out that we all thought
it was a joke, and none of us wanted to disturb the illusion by asking.

She was simply beautiful, although she was dressed a bit slutty. She
had shoulder length hair that was lemon yellow. She had way too much
make-up on, but I don't think any of us cared. A black miniskirt revealed
dark tanned legs, and a short black vest kind of thing on her gave us a
generous view of her cleavage. Her high heels echoed through the empty
alley, which was a good thing because I wouldn't want the sound of ten guys breathing heavily to dominate the place.

"Guys," Lee said smugly, "this is Sabrina, and she goes to the lucky
winner of tonight's contest."

"You're joking," Andrew said, or rather, hoped.

"Nope," Lee said. "I called Chrissie's escort service, told them I
wanted a stripper for a contest and they fixed us up. Then I talked to
Sabrina when she called my house."

Lee paused, so that we could digest the fact that this blonde Goddess
called his house. Only Lee would brag about a hooker calling his house.

"She heard my idea," Lee continued, "and agreed to sleep with the winner
for an extra bit of money. That's why I had to get four hundred dollars
from you guys, it covers her time and the 'tip' she needs to fuck us."

"This is crazy," Andrew said.

"Hell no!" Jim yelled. "This is great! None of us could afford it on
our own, but now we have a chance to score right before we go to college. I
don't know about you, but I think my money has been well spent."

"Some of us don't need an escort to score," Wade reminded us. Wade
makes it a point to remind us everyday that he nailed Theresa Miller. I
make it a point every week to masturbate about Theresa as my revenge.
Okay, I just do it because she's hot, but damn, Wade brings her up too
often for me to forget about her.

"Okay, Wade," David countered. "How about you forfeit already and we'll
play without you."

As Wade and David wrestled a little, a thought occurred to me.

"How are we going to play for Sabrina?" I asked. "Just one straight
forward game, highest score wins?"

"My idea was simpler," Lee said. "We'll bowl one frame at a time.
Whoever knocks the least pins down in that frame is eliminated. I got my
dad to rig all the videogames in the arcade to play without quarters
tonight, so as people get eliminated, they have to go to the arcade until
we're done. We don't need to use the scorecards at all."

"The only reason you don't want to use scorecards," David said, "is
because after working here for five years, you still don't know how to keep
score right."

We all laughed, a bit too long. Damn, we were nervous.

"We should play the entire game first," I suggested. "That way anyone
who has a slow start won't get kicked out. This way we can test our total

They all liked that idea, but it was Sabrina who had a better idea.

"I liked what Lee suggested," Sabrina said, capturing our attention just
by opening her mouth. "That way when one of you gets eliminated, I'll
strip off a piece of clothing. When I run out of clothes, I'll do
something creative instead."

She smiled then, and we all just nodded our heads dumbly. As simple as
that, we agreed to Lee's demands. David however, wasn't going to lose an
argument. Even if it was with an escort he could end up fucking.

"That sounds like a great idea," he said. "But if two people get the
same low number of pins in the same frame, we'll need a way to break the
tie. That's why we should keep score anyway, when two people do tie, we'll
settle by whoever has the highest score."

"Fine," Jim said, speaking for all of us. "We'll do it both ways, let's
just hurry up and start playing!"

After Sabrina took off her heels, we went back to our lane. All our
eyes were on her, watching every swish of her skirt and hoping that her
impressive cleavage would spill out of her vest. Instead of the usual
banter, we were dead quiet as we sat in the half circle around the all
important lane. A dead zone was around Sabrina as none of us got too close
to her. I'm not sure if it was out of fear or out of a sense of awe for
the forbidden treasure we were playing for.

I picked Eric to be the first loser. He always choked under any kind of
pressure despite how many meditation books he checked out of the library.
Eric was admired for his sheer stubbornness though, no matter how many
times he choked, he always came back for the next game. Watching him drop
his bowling ball because he was staring at Sabrina didn't make me suspect
things would go any different.

Luck was on Eric's side that night -- he wasn't the first to be
eliminated. Although Eric rolled one ball into the gutter and only picked
up two pins with his next bowl, Andrew did even worst. Quietly, and almost
efficiently, Andrew sunk both balls into the gutter. A few encouraging
words were spoken and no one chided Eric for screaming "Holy Shit!" when
Andrew walked back to his seat. Our first person had been eliminated, and
the lack of disappointment on Andrew's face creeped us out.

After we each finished our frames, myself only picking up a lousy seven,
Lee gave Andrew the keys to the arcade that was located in the back. The
shades had been pulled down in the arcade windows to allow Sabrina's charms
to only be shown to the winners. As Lee gave Andrew instructions on how to
rig the soda machine, I leaned over to Jim to ask him about Andrew.

"Jim," I said, whispering, "do you think Andrew did that on purpose?"

"Fuck yeah," Jim said. "Andrew didn't play that bad when he had the
flu. Maybe he's gay or something."

Wade overheard us and leaned over. "Maybe he's got a girlfriend he
hasn't told us about, or a crush on a girl he doesn't want to find out he
played this game with us," he said.

I looked at the relieved expression on Andrew's face and offered a new
opinion. "Maybe he's just embarrassed," I said. "I don't think Andrew
imagined having his first girl as the prize in some sort of game. Who
knows, he might just be a romantic."

Wade, Jim and I sat in silence before answering at the same moment
together, "Nope, he's gay."

As soon as Andrew turned the corner, Sabrina stood up. Slowly, and with
a huge smile on her face, she popped the buttons on her vest. When she
opened her vest and revealed a red bikini top underneath, she was greeted
with a combination of groans and sighs. She had such large breasts that
were barely contained by the sheer material of her bikini. She dropped the
vest down beside her and sat back down, but the smile never left her face.
Sabrina was almost glowing, as she obviously enjoyed being the center of
our attention. As for the guys, we were just enjoying the sight of those
tanned orbs, worshipping them like primitives staring at the mysterious

"I think we better bowl," David said, "because I know I'm in a hurry!"

We laughed again, and got back to business. As Greg got on the lane,
Lee sat down beside Jim and me. He couldn't wait to brag and I can't say I
blamed him.

"Well, guys," Lee said, his face flushed by hormones I don't even want
to think about, "is she a babe or what?"

"She is definitely one lady who can be accused of being pregnant in the
chest." Jim said with his usual ability to coin a phrase.

"By the Twin Moons of Sabrina, I think you're right," I quipped,
butchering a well known comic book phrase.

"I made sure when I called the escort service that I requested the chick
with the biggest tits they had. Looks like I got what I asked for and
more," Lee said.

"Great," I laughed, shaking my head. "You must have made a great
impression on her, she knew exactly what we wanted in a woman. Way to go,

"Hey," Lee said, looking pissed. "What do we care about what she thinks
about us? We've paid her money and she knows what her job is. Sheesh,
next you'll want us to get her a drink."

"Dibs," Jim said and got up. I laughed at the stupid look on Lee's
face, but inside I was pissed I hadn't thought of it sooner. Jim walked
over, spoke to Sabrina and then went to the arcade to grab her a soda. The
damn bastard not only got a beaming smile when he brought her a Coke, but
also he got a touch on the arm when she thanked him. It's hard being best
friends with a man who knows how to treat women. Sure, I learn a lot, but
it's always after he uses his skills to impress the girls I'm with.

I picked up another seven pins, which wasn't so bad because everyone
else was playing shitty, too. David was leading with a spare and nine
pins, but everyone else was only grabbing single digit pins. Eric hadn't
calmed down any, so he became the next loser, as he only scored four pins
total. Honestly, I'm not sure why he was willing to spend forty dollars on
a prize he could never hope to win. Maybe he was just hoping for that one
TV-movie moment where he finally defeated us against all odds. It didn't
happen that night.

Eric was sent packing, and center stage was given back to Sabrina. As
much as we prayed that her bikini top would be next to come off, I don't
think we were surprised to see her unzip her miniskirt. With a flourish,
the miniskirt was sent flying, and her gorgeous hips were covered now only
by a tiny red thong. Sabrina walked around the semicircle, allowing us all
a good look at her shapely legs and bare buttocks. It was the first time I
had seen a woman's ass in real life, and I enjoyed every second of it.
There was a firmness there that was very sexy. If asked, I would have
changed my allegiance as a breast man to an ass man on the spot.

Play resumed immediately. Now our attention was on Robert, the poor
guy. He was left-handed and blamed that trait of nature for his lousy
bowling. Robert swore that the lanes and lights were designed for
right-handers, and no amount of pointing out the symmetry of the lane could
convince him otherwise. Personally, I just think he sucks. At least Eric
never made excuses for his bad playing.

I couldn't imagine seven guys watching me, knowing that they think I
should be next to lose. Add to that the normal tension of competition, mix
in the sight of Sabrina in a bikini and top it off with the possibility
that maybe he really does believe the lane is right-handed, and the outcome
is no surprise. Robert still sucks, and after I bowled he was sent to the
arcade. Now we were left with those players who had actually won a game or

Sabrina rose after Robert was safely out of sight. I wondered at her
shyness at waiting to perform until there was one less member of her
audience. Either she was a stickler for the rules, or she didn't believe
in giving what she had for free. I asked Jim what he thought as Sabrina
walked slowly to the center of our group. His answer was what I expected.

"Shut up, I think she's taking off her top," Jim said.

He was right. Reaching behind her, Sabrina untied her bikini. Then,
cupping her breasts, she let her top fall slowly down. Breathlessly, we
watched. Someone gave an unconscious whistle when the first hint of pink
appeared, but he was joined by all of us when she took her arms away.
There, for the first time in most of our lives, was a topless live woman,
and they were everything we had hoped them to be. They were round, they
appeared soft, and they looked inviting enough to die a smothering death

Sabrina did another walk around, and her chest passed by me close enough
to touch. To our credit, we all behaved. When she sat back down, the
jokes began as we tried to cover up how damn nervous we were.

"Who would name their daughter Sabrina?" Jim asked. "That just seems
like an invitation for your daughter to grow up into a stripper or an

"Dude," Wade muttered as he shook his head. "Sabrina is just an alias,
like Candy or Blaze. She wouldn't give her real name to a bunch of

"If she named herself after the good witch Sabrina," I said, "then that
must mean she likes doing funky things with broomsticks."

The nice thing about a lame joke is that someone is always willing to do
one worse.

"That's too bad," Jim responded. "Because if she's used to broomsticks
then she's not going to be able to handle my monster cock!"

We would have laughed, but male pack instincts required us to punch Jim
in the arm.

The next set of turns was very tense. We didn't have a clear loser to
hope for, and quite a few guys had trouble standing up with their
erections. David pissed us all off by actually scoring a strike. Sabrina
gave him a rather loud clapping, and we begrudgingly joined in. He'll
shoot ahead of us in scoring, and I hoped the rest of us could get our act
together as quickly as he did. Okay, to be honest, my concern was only for
me to get my act together.

Michael and Greg tied with six pins, but Michael was losing out in
points. He didn't seem too disappointed. Michael was thrilled to actually
see a nipple before he went to college, which was more than any of us
expected to do.

Sabrina resumed her place before us, and there was quite a bit of
tension in the air. We knew the bikini bottom was next, and looking around
I could see everyone swallowing or fidgeting in anticipation. Sabrina
noticed it too, and teased us for a while as she slowly fiddled with the
snaps on her bikini. Just when I was almost irritated with her teasing,
she whipped the shiny red bottom off. I think we all unanimously cheered.

She was shaved down there, with a small tuft of brown hair at the top of
her sex. The rest of her was exposed, pretty pink nether lips tempting us
with their mere presence. The tuft of hair was like garnish, almost
negligible except for the extra dash of color.

Walking around, she warned us not to touch. We all obeyed asshe came so
near to us. Our eyes moved as one, recording verytwist and movement of her
sexual region for use in our masturbation fantasies. Sabrina's sex was
beautiful because it was there, and sexy because it could be any of ours. I
knew the game would be tougher now, because now we had gotten a taste of
what we were playing for.

"Man," Wade said a little disappointed after Sabrina sat down. "The
carpet doesn't match the curtains."

"What the hell are you talking about?" asked Lee.

"She's not a real blonde. Her bush is brown so she must be a brunette,"
Wade explained.

"That's not true, you're full of shit," Lee said.

"No, I can remember hearing jokes about that," I said. "Besides, isn't
your sister a blonde, Lee? Shouldn't you know the truth?"

"Fuck you, Kevin," Lee said and that ended that conversation. I turned
to Wade and asked if he was sure, just to make sure an important fact of
female anatomy didn't slip past me.

"Yeah, I'm sure," Wade said with his usual swagger. "I've got all the
HBO 'Real Sex' specials don't I? I think I know what I'm talking about."

Not wishing to argue his source, I turned my attention back to the game.
The remaining guys were a bit shaky, but playing better. Lee picked up a
spare and Jim did as well. Brian was the only fuckup, sinking one of his
balls into the gutter followed by six pins. I don't blame him for chanting
'choke' when I went to bowl; I was the last bowler and he desperately
needed me to fail. He was so razzled that he forgot that I usually did
better with some sort of white noise. The look on his face when I picked
up a spare was priceless. Despite my victory, I wanted to make a few

"Look," I said, summoning my best tell-it-like-it-is voice. "Either we
can make it a rule that no one can distract people while they bowl, or we
can rotate the order that we bowl. I don't want to be heckled every time
just because I'm last."

Lee, who had first bowl, immediately agreed. "No more heckling guys,
it's not fair to the other guys!"

Barry shrunk about three inches and began to give me an apology. I felt
bad instantly, and told him to forget about it. Not only had Barry lost
his chance with Sabrina, but I had to make an example out of him as well.
He left quickly. Jim nodded his head approvingly at me, which made me feel
better. I hated to think I just made a friend feel like dirt because of

Sabrina did her best, though to wipe away those negative thoughts. Now
nude, she was expected to perform somehow, and I don't think any of us knew
what to expect. She didn't disappoint us.

She stood up and walked over to the automatic ball returner. She bent
over, her ass in full display, and gathered some of the powder we used for
finger chafing. Then she sat down on the edge of the returner, and
proceeded to dust her breasts. Rubbing a little on her nipples, Sabrina
acted as we weren't even there as she massaged her lovely breasts. She
grabbed large handfuls of herself as we watched breathlessly. Roughly and
sometimes gently, she would sink her fingers into her dusted breasts, and I
knew I wasn't the only one who wanted to be doing that for her.

For a finale, she clicked the little air vent that dries your fingers.
Still sitting on the returner, she leaned over lowered her breasts over the
vent. She shivered a little, and I think we as a group shivered with her.
Taking her time, Sabrina massaged her chest again. Watching those enormous breasts hanging there was almost too much for me, I had to keep from
rubbing myself in front of my friends. I didn't even look at my buddies
because there was no telling how their willpower was holding up.

When she was finally done, I think it was Wade who started the clapping.
The rest of us joined in. Maybe clapping is a substitute for sexual

Lee sprang up as soon as Sabrina sat back in her seat. The poor bastard
was so flushed his face was crimson. None of us picked on him; we just sat
silently as he scored another eight pins. Wade followed him wordlessly and
only knocked five down, and those just barely. David came after him, and
only after his frame did we make a sound; he picked up another strike.

"Damn," Jim said. That was all that needed to be said. David was on a
roll. I hated that instead of cheering him on we were glaring at him as he
marked down his score. This was our last night as a group and instead of
the bonding moments that you get in a buddy sports movie, we were
reenacting same low budget disaster movie where the cast turns on each
other for the last bag of M&M's candy. At least I can say this, it took
more than a pretty face to make us turn on each other. It took a pretty
face, great hair, huge tits and the lure of sex.

Jim scored a spare and it came back to me. Wade was a perfect gentleman
as I approached my ball. I don't know if I could have been that stoic. It
turns out he was just saving it for after I bowled. I picked up a spare

"Son of a bitch!" Wade screamed. "Mother-fucker! Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

I was still standing on the lane. Wade stood up, and started kicking
the ring of seats. Screaming "fuck!" over and over gain, Wade had what
could best be described as a tantrum. Jim casually moved further down the
seats while Wade kicked the bejesus out of the chairs. Sabrina looked a
bit concerned while Lee was just smiling in amusement. I scowled at him
but I don't think he noticed.

"Well," Wade said, a little embarrassed. "I feel better now." He waved
at us and left.

"I don't envy anyone who has to deal with Wade when he gets to the
arcade," David said.

"Just one more reason to keep winning, right?" Jim asked, and that broke
the tension.

"No," Sabrina added, "this is all the reason you need."

I quickly headed back to my seat, not wanting to be caught standing when
she performed. Sabrina walked up to the bowling lane, nude and calm. She
had her back to us again, and Lee almost said something to her about
walking on the lane, but David wisely grabbed his arm before he could
embarrass us. We soon found out he had nothing to complain about.

Tossing her head back to look at us, Sabrina dropped her legs out in a
classic split position. Her ass hit the floor with her legs spread
beautifully apart. Then she leaned forward and lifted herself off the
ground with one hand. As we admired her flexibility, she used her other
hand to touch herself. To a stunned crowd, Sabrina very slowly passed her
hand back and forth over her exposed sex. Tonight had been a night of
firsts, but watching a woman masturbate went beyond erotic and straight
into disbelief. Her hand quickened to a blur between her legs and she
began moaning loudly. Jim obviously agreed with me from the look on his
face that he thought she was faking, but damn if we didn't care. David and
Lee's face only revealed rapture. After five delicious minutes of Sabrina
moaning and rubbing, her voice hit a shrillness that suddenly stopped. She
smiled at us, licked her fingers and returned to her seat.

Jim offered to get her another drink, and she gave him another dazzling
smile. While Jim was gone, Lee scored seven pins, which was far below
Lee's usual skill. Before I could rib him, he pointed something out to

"Dude, there is a huge wet spot on the lane," Lee said.

Looking, I could see he was right. There was a huge glare on the floor
from where Sabrina had 'performed.' David couldn't take his eyes off it.
He tried not to look at it when he bowled, but I could see his head turn
slightly, and there went his concentration. He stepped right on the black
line. A buzzer went off and the arms scooped up the pins, negating his

Jim came around the corner, and then ran up to us.

"What the fuck?" Jim asked, and he summed up how the rest of us felt.

We didn't have an answer. David didn't offer one himself, he just tried
again. He did better this time but he was still rattled. He avoided
stepping over the boundary and knocked down three pins. Lee was his
typical self, which is to say he was giggling the whole time.

Jim wiped up the wet spot before bowling, which was a smart move on his
part. I didn't want to look at David or Lee so I looked at Sabrina for a
bit too long. Looking at that nude pretty woman with her legs crossed, I
lost sympathy for David a bit. Maybe it wasn't a lack of sympathy but an
increase in selfishness. Maybe it had more to do with the fact that
Sabrina winked at me. It appears I'm a sucker for a nude wink.

Both Jim and I picked up spares, which was great for our scores but
overkill for beating David. After Wade's tantrum, it was nice to see David
just laugh it off. Shaking his head, he left, but he gave Sabrina a
fleeting look before he went. I don't know if she saw him.

Sabrina reached into her purse and produced a wet wipe of some sort.
Lee was almost bouncing in his chair in anticipation. He was disappointed
when she walked past him and came right up to me. With no explanation, she
kneeled right between my knees and just looked up at me. She gently took
my right hand and began cleaning my middle and pointer finger. Jim and Lee
had no idea as to what was happening, but they were envying me all the
same. I was just relishing the moment; the first time a woman was between
my knees.

When my fingers were clean enough, she looked me straight in the eye
with those baby blues. Then, she guided my fingers into her ruby lips, and
began sucking loudly on them. Her tongue wrapped around my fingers and
lashed at me, driving my imagination wild. She held my hand as she bobbed
her head furiously on my fingers, the loud wet noise driving Jim and Lee
nuts. It took everything I had to not moan in front of my friends. It was
too easy for my imagination to substitute my cock for my fingers,
especially with Sabrina between my legs.

It was over too soon, and she took my soaked fingers out of her mouth.
She moved on to Jim and left me drained emotionally. Wanting to treasure
that moment for myself, I offered to get everyone sodas. Even though she
only sucked my fingers, my knees were shaking. I took several deep breaths
and tried to calm down while at the soda dispensers. By the time I headed
back, I was able to get my erection placed where it would give me the least
distraction. I was not about to make a stupid mistake like David did.

Sabrina was cleaning Lee's fingers when I got back, so I sat down next
to a stunned Jim.

"Pretty damn sexy huh?" I asked him.

"Dude, we are going to have a problem if Lee loses," he said.

"How's that? You think he'll try to weasel out of leaving?" I said.

"Hell,yeah," he said as we watched Sabrina's blonde hair over Lee's lap.

"Remember the time he insisted the lane had a dent in it that only he
could see and we had to start over at another lane?" Jim asked.

"Shit, I was thinking about the time he made us leave early when Eric
was beating him," I added.

"If he gets beaten now, we'll be okay," Jim said. "With two of us, he
won't put up much of a fight. If one of us loses now, he might try
something, knowing he only has to convince one person."

"Fuck that," I said. "If I can't get Sabrina, I know I wouldn't mind
you winning her. Lee is just going to have to accept losing."

"Well, all I'm saying is that if one of us is with Lee and Lee happens
to lose, then we better think of something to persuade him to go away like
a man."

I nodded, and handed him his drink. "To the Victor!" I toasted.

"To the Victor as long as it's not Lee," Jim responded.

Sabrina finished with Lee, and returned to her seat. Lee took the soda
I gave him and nearly dropped it, and not because his fingers were wet.
After nearly draining the entire can, he stumbled over towards his ball.
Out of sympathy, Jim and I didn't laugh when he nearly tripped. We knew
the power of Sabrina's mouth.

Lee was distracted, and only managed to get seven pins. Jim did worse
and only got five. Having had the most recovery time, it was no surprise
that I picked up a spare. Okay, I was surprised, but I was trying my damn
best to act cool about it. I was one step closer to Sabrina and I was
trying not to look too happy.

Jim sighed, gave Lee a warning look so he wouldn't gloat, and then stood

"Damn," he said. "Thanks for what I did get, Sabrina." He gave me a
smile but was too macho to wish me luck. I'm kind of glad, it might have
just been embarrassing. Sabrina blew Jim a kiss as he left, so I guess he
won something after all.

Jim left quickly, and Lee and I had no idea what to expect. Sabrina had
escalated each time, and I didn't see what else she could do. Worse, I
didn't know if either of us could handle more teasing.

Sabrina stood between us, hands on those small hips. It was hard to
look her in the face when she was talking when her sex was eye level.

"Since I know you both are in a hurry, we'll keep this short," she said.
"All I'll do this time is let you kiss me for luck. Let you kiss my
breasts, that is. Just make sure you keep your hands on your knees and
this will be fun for both of us. I don't mind if you want a French kiss
either so enjoy yourselves."

Then she turned towards Lee and cupped her right breast for him. He
greedily started sucking away at her offered nipple. I watched jealously
as tasted her skin, but Sabrina looked at me and winked which relaxed me a
bit. It helped me imagine that she didn't enjoy Lee, which was what my ego
was desperately insisting.

After a few minutes of Lee mauling her with his mouth, she broke away
from him. She approached me calmly, and cupped her breasts for me to
choose. It was easy to choose her left breast, because the right one was
glistening from Lee's saliva. Sabrina then walked between my open knees
and placed her nipple right at my mouth. What more could I ask for?

My very first nipple was waiting for me, but I took it slowly into my
mouth. It tasted like perfume, sweat and a rubbery texture that I realized
was just plain skin. Her nipple was large and very easy to manipulate with
my tongue. My lips chewed gently at her breast, trying to get as much of
her as I could into my lips. I was intoxicated both by her smell and by
the surprising softness of her breasts.

Softly, very softly, I heard Sabrina make small gasping noises as I
flicked her nipple with my tongue. Encouraged, I flicked my tongue as fast
as I could on her nipple and was awarded with the quickening of her breath.
I could have done that for hours, but in less than a minute she pushed my
face away and shivered. Yes, I was damn proud of myself.

"Let's hurry up and bowl," Lee said.

"All right," me and Sabrina said in tandem. We laughed at our common
response, but I think Lee was pissed off. That would explain why he
rocketed the bowl down the lane without his usual aim. With a thundering
crash, he scored a perfect eight pin split.

"Shit!" he yelled. I only smiled. He then tried to get the remaining
pin on the left side, but missed terribly. Eight pins was all I had to
get, and the game would be mine.

"Don't choke," Lee taunted as I picked up my ball. I just nodded in
response. A terrible calm had settled on me, a feeling that there was no
longer any doubt to the outcome. I stopped thinking about Sabrina and
instead I thought about how many times I had bowled on that lane. Watching
everyone fuck up all night long had made me realize how silly it was to let
her get to us. She was a pretty face, a nice body and maybe my first
sexual partner, but she had nothing to do with me taking three steps and
bowling like I had for the past two years. All I had to do to get Sabrina
was to realize she wasn't going to win this last frame. That was up to me.

One, two, three steps and a follow through knocked down seven pins
leaving three in a cluster on the corner. Lee said something I didn't
notice, and I took my ball as it was returned. Three steps later, and I
had won with a spare.

"Fuck!" Lee cursed, and I was already patting him on the shoulder.

"Great game Lee," I said. "I can't wait for next year."

"What do you mean?" he asked as I gently urged him to stand.

"Well, when everybody sees you accept losing in such good grace, I'm
sure they will be willing to do this again next year during summer

"Really?" he asked, his eyes already distant thinking of the
possibilities. "Think they would go for doing this once a month?"

"Sure," I lied.

He was halfway to the stairs before he realized he was on his way out.
At that point he had gone too far to complain in good grace, which was why
I was sure to stampede him out as soon as I can.

"You want your prize here?" Sabrina asked, slipping an arm around my

"No," I said, "I don't trust the others' ability to stay at the arcade
till it's over. I would feel better if we had a door of some sort, and I
think I know where we can find it."

I helped her gather her clothes and her purse as we left the main alley
area. Having a beautiful woman with me, I exhibited a lot more confidence
than I normally would in a deserted bowling alley. A short walk brought us
to the storeroom where Lee's father keeps all the old crap he can't bring
himself to throw away. Sabrina and I moved a table in front of the door
and we were secure in our privacy. That was about the end of my confidence

"Wow, there's plenty of tables," Sabrina said. I just nodded in
agreement. What else could I do?

"You'll probably want to take off those clothes," she said. "Do you
want me to look away?"

"No," I said quickly as I undid my belt. "You're the first woman who's
going to see me naked, there's no sense hiding my undressing."

She laughed and came closer.

"A virgin?" she asked. "Well, then, we'll just have to make this extra
special then. But first we need to get you a condom."

I had my pants and shirt off at this point, and paused.

"A condom? But I'm a virgin, you don't have to worry about me."

"True," she said, "but you don't know where I've been have been. do

Before I could really give her an answer, she pulled down my underwear
to my ankles. My erection snapped right out and for some reason I was
embarrassed by it. I kicked off my underwear but then froze as Sabrina
kneeled between my legs. She held my cock in one hand as she opened a
packet with her teeth. I throbbed once in her grip and she gave me a slow
stroke in return. My breathing nearly doubled.

She held the condom to my cock and I watched with a bit of interest; I'd
never worn one and was curious how to put one on. Sabrina placed the small
package at my tip and began rolling it down over me. I had trouble
standing still, having a woman touch my cock was driving me nuts. Every
pulse and throb was embarrassing as she tried to sheath my moving manhood.
The embarrassment went away when she was done, for then she promptly took
me in her mouth.

I leaned back, frozen in sudden happiness. Sabrina's blonde head was
sucking away at me with delightful vigor. It was so much different from my
hand. Even with the latex on, I could feel the hot moisture of her mouth.
Her lips hugged my cock and stroked me as I stood there bewildered. I kept
looking down at her, watching the miracle of seeing my cock vanishing and
reappearing from her mouth.

Sabrina released my cock from her mouth with a long lasting lick and
then stood in front of me. Pushing me down to an old bench that was
bowing, she sat on my lap. My cock was pressed right against her sex as
she sat there and I was too amazed to think of anything to do about it.
She wrapped her arms around me and pressed those wonderfully large breasts against me.

"You know," she said with a giggle, "you can touch me. You did win me
fair and square. I promise not to break."

Tentatively, I reached around and grabbed a nice double handful of her
ass. I gave her a powerful squeeze, much stronger than I intended but I
did have years of puberty t make up for.

"Ohhh," she said and I throbbed at her moan. "Much better. Go ahead. I
know you want to touch my tits."

Further encouraged, I kept one hand on her ass while my right hand
explored her. I touched her with the palm of my hand, feeling the contours
and weight of her breast. My fingers tweaked and pulled at her nipples,
delighting in the naughtiness of my actions. Her nipples were hard little
points that I soon placed into my mouth. I alternated between sucking,
licking and just plain gorging as I enjoyed the fleshy wonders of her
bosom. I would have been self-conscious if it wasn't for Sabrina wriggling
and moaning as I tasted her. Although I was fascinated with her breasts,
the way she pushed and pulled at my head was far more erotic. I found
myself experimenting with her breasts to see what kind of reactions I liked

After a while, Sabrina pushed my head back and I was afraid I had upset
her somehow. She had this intense look in those baby blue eyes and I
wasn't sure what it was from. Her lip was also doing this quivering thing
that didn't look natural.

"Get up," she said as she unstraddled me. I got off the bench, and she
immediately snatched up my discarded shirt. She laid it out on the bench,
twisted around and then reclined onto her back. She threw her legs up in
the air and split herself in invitation.

"Fuck me now!" she said.

Relieved at not being in trouble, I gladly dived between her legs. My
cock didn't just magically slide into her like I expected and a little
fumbling ensued. Resorting to taking my cock in hand, I was able to part
Sabrina's waiting sex. Inch by inch I cautiously entered that unbelievably
tight place. It was much hotter than I expected and God was it much more

To be blunt, I just started fucking away at her. Sabrina wrapped those
divine legs around me and her heels dug joyfully into my ass. I was on top
of my dream girl with my arms right above her shoulders. My hips crashed
into Sabrina with unabiding lust, the bench squeaking with every thrust.
Sabrina immediately began moaning, and it soon got louder and louder. I
thought moaning was just something girls did in movies but now I was
actually seeing it in action. I almost didn't believe it because I was
certain that girls didn't 'really' do that. Boy, was I wrong! If we had
stayed in the alley, Sabrina would have had that placed filled with echoes.

Despite my raging hormones, I wasn't even close to an orgasm. My cock
was still hard, and my hips were nowhere near to being tired, but I think I
was just too damn happy to be there. Sabrina was writhing under me like I
was the greatest lover ever. Her lips kept pulling back into this sneer
that wasn't attractive but I wasn't looking at it much. My eyes were glued
to the fluid motion of her breasts. Every time my cock crashed into her,
it would set off waves in her chest that were erotic to watch.

With a loud shriek, Sabrina clenched her legs tight around me. I froze
as she lifted her buttocks off the bench and gripped my arms painfully. A
shudder ran through her and then she collapsed as the tension flowed away.
Not being sure what to do, I just stood there over her.

"That was so fucking good," she sighed. "Stripping for you guys really
got me hot. Did you enjoy yourself too?"

"Well, sure," I said. "But I still haven't cum yet."

Her eyes, which were in a half open glow suddenly snapped open with

"What?" she asked, pushing me gently off her. "Is there something
wrong?" she asked as she looked at my swollen and very much throbbing

"There's nothing wrong," I said although I wasn't sure. "It just feels
so different. All those years of using my hand never prepared me for this.
I have a hard time believing I'm here much less with a pretty girl like

She smiled at me, a different smile than what she had shown before.
This smile touched her eyes. Sabrina sunk down to the floor and crawled
between my sitting legs.

"There's nothing wrong," she said as she unwrapped the condom off my
cock. "You're just a bit nervous, although you have no reason to be.
You're a good looking guy, and you did a great job of screwing my brains
out. I was so horny after that bowling game and you gave me exactly what I

She paused to lick her hand, and then she gripped my cock with her bare
hand. I shivered and moaned, this was exactly what I needed.

"There you go," Sabrina whispered as she stroked my cock. "No pressure,
nothing to do on your part. Just sit there and let your prize girl make
you cum."

She alternated between licking her hand and stroking me. My scrotum was
already soaked from the dampness of her sex but feeling the actual
slickness on my cock was a far greater turn-on. Up and down she pumped
with me with her tiny fist and I felt my desire growing larger with each

Sabrina moved closer between my legs and she placed my wet cock between
those lovely breasts. I nearly laughed at the way my cock disappeared
between those golden globes. She then wrapped her arms around her breasts,
trapping my cock happily inside her cleavage. Slowly, she began rocking
herself; fucking me with her chest. The red tip of my manhood would peak
out of her breasts and she would give it one quick kiss before it
disappeared again.

I didn't last long under this treatment. I felt the familiar surge as
my cock released all my tension in rapid white spurts. Sabrina didn't
flinch a bit as my ejaculation flowed over her breasts and lips. She
merely slowed down her stroking, and she let me finish out with no rush at
all. The gentle rocking of her warm breasts coaxed the rest of my fluid
out, and a wonderful lethargy came over me.

Sabrina rose from between my legs and went to get something from her
purse. I sat on the bench in complete contentment, but I watched the
allure of her wiggling buttocks anyway.

"Feeling better?" Sabrina asked. She was using those wet wipes on her
chest, and I watched every motion.

"I feel great," I said. "I also feel like I could go right to sleep."

"You can't do that," she teased. "The best part has yet to come."

She began getting dressed so I asked her what she meant.

"Silly, now is when you get to brag," she said.

I laughed. I suddenly felt much more awake.

The End.


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