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Together to Learn 1


NOTE: This is an adult story. If you are not a legal adult in your
jurisdiction, please do not continue. If frank depictions of human
sexuality offend you, please do not continue. Otherwise, please enjoy.

Together to Learn

By Millie Teases

Pam shut off the vacuum, pulled the plug from the socket and wound up
the cord. She looked around the apartment, making sure it was presentable.
They'd be here in an hour or so and things were going to be tough enough
without having to worry about the state of her apartment. The massage
table in the middle of the room looked a little strange, but it was going
to serve a purpose. She picked up the sheet she'd left on the couch and
draped it over the table.

A junior at Smallville State College, Pam and a few of her friends had
decided the week before that enough was enough. They all had been raised
in relatively conservative homes and none of them had dated in high school
or even much so far in college. All were intelligent and did well in their
studies. It was just, well - none of them were very social and all of them
were kind of awkward with the opposite sex.

Tonight, they hoped, would be the first step in ending some of that

Pam turned the heat up a bit before she got into the shower. Since they
all would be nude tonight, she didn't want them shivering. She'd shaved
earlier in the day, so now she soaped herself quickly but carefully. As
she washed she examined herself. Pam wasn't exactly small, but she wasn't
obese. Rubenesque, maybe. Her breasts were full and sagged a bit, capped
with large pink areolas surrounding small nipples. They sprang to
attention as she rubbed around them with the washrag. When shaving earlier
that day she'd carefully trimmed her pubic area. A shade darker than the
blond hair on her head, she'd shaved her labia carefully, leaving triangle
of hair just above. It might surprise her friends, but she had always felt
cleaner keeping her lips free of hair. They were close together now; peach
like, with no hint of her inner lips or clitoris showing. She knew that
might change later. "Well, it will just have to do," she thought. She
turned off the water, dried off and dressed.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang. It was Jenny and Amy. Amy was
Pam's opposite, petite and dark. Jenny was a real girl next door - not a
Barbie doll shimmering with sensuality, but slim, with mousy brown hair and
a habit of ducking her head.

"Are we really going to do this?" she asked.

"Yes," Pam replied. "And it's about time, too."

Alan and Larry came next. Neither was an Adonis, but they didn't scare
small children, either. Alan was about 5'10" and a bit pudgy. Larry was a
little taller, but thin with a prominent Adam's apple.

As they hung up their coats and joined the group, Mitsy arrived. She
was perhaps the cutest of them all in a traditional sense, a redhead with a
spray of freckles across her nose and a nice figure. She put her jacket in
the closet and they all settled down in the living room.

"Ok," said Pam, "You all know why we're here tonight. We're going to
try to learn something about the opposite sex, physically. Then maybe
we'll try what Mitsy and I saw on tv the other night."

"Two rules," Mitsy piped in. "First, this is all positive. No smart
remarks, no cuts, no putting others, or yourself, down. Second, no means
no. If you're not comfortable with something just say so. We stop. Any

"What's first?" asked Larry.

"Well, I think we all get out of our clothes," said Pam. "There are
robes here if you get cold."

Nervously, they began. There was some giggling, and some "you first, no
you" but as soon as Pam began unbuttoning her blouse and Alan kicked off
his shoes and pulled off his jeans the group slowly stripped. Mitsy and
Larry put on robes, the others picked them up, but just held them in their

Pam took a big breath. This was harder than she thought it would be.
"Ok. Like we talked about, we're going to get firsthand knowledge of the
bodies of members of the opposite sex. Alan, Larry, would you please stand
here in the middle of the room?"

Slowly, the boys stood up, looked nervously at each other, and stepped
to the middle of the room.

"Here's a coin. Toss for who gets to be the guinea pig," said Pam.

Alan tossed the coin. "Heads," called Larry. Alan caught it and
flipped onto the back of his hand. It was tails.

"Ok, Alan. You're our guinea pig," said Pam. "Lie here on the table."

Alan did as he was told. The group gathered around him. As he looked
around at the women and as they began to stare at him, he felt an erection

"Look," said Amy. "He's getting hard."

"That's good," said Pam. "We want to learn about that."

They watched as Alan's penis grew. The head got a dark purple and the
shaft lengthened and thickened. When he was fully erect it was about 6"
long and 2" around.

"Mmmh," sighed Jenny. "That looks nice."

"Ok, lets get scientific for a minute," said Pam. "You can see the
shaft, corona, glans, and testicles. Let me hold this up so you can see
the response."

Alan shuddered softly as Pam gently grasped his penis and flexed it up
from his body. "Careful," he said. This was the first time anybody other
then he or the doctor had handled his penis. Her grip felt wonderful.

Pam was wondering at herself. Her she was, naked, in a room with five
other naked people, and she was holding an erect penis and lecturing! She
felt a quiver in her loins. "Ok. The glans and corona are supposed to be
very sensitive. She gently traced the corona of Alan's penis. He trembled
visibly. "Oh god," he said.

"Does that feel good?" Pam asked.

"Incredibly," he replied.

"What else would feel good?"

"Up the shaft."

Pam looked confused. "Show us," she asked.

Alan took his index finger and stroked gently up the underside of his
penis. This was how he always started masturbating. "Like this," he said.

"Let me try," said Amy. She reached out and gently stroked as Alan had.
He trembled again. Amy repeated the stroke, and a bit of fluid came from
the tip of his urethra. "That's fluid from his prostate," said Pam,
remembering her studies. "It prepares the urethra for the sperm."

Amy dipped the tip of her finger into the clear fluid and brought it to
her lips. "It doesn't taste like much," she said.

"Jenny, Mitsy, you try now," said Pam. They each reached out and
stroked the rampant penis in front of them. "It's so soft," said Mitsy.
"Like velvet," said Jenny. Alan just groaned. Much more of this and he
would orgasm.

"Now, look carefully at his testicles. Watch how they move and how his
scrotum adjust for the temperature." She took an ice cube from her glass
and rubbed it in her palm. When it was cold, she reached over and stroked
Alan's scrotum. Predictably, it contracted from the cold touch.

"Lift up a little, Alan," Pam said. He did. She gently held his
testicles up. "Under here, in front of his anus, is the perineum.
"Stroking here is supposed to be pleasurable too. It's close to his
prostate. You can also feel the root of the penis if you press in." She
pressed her finger in until she felt Alan's shaft, and than ran her
fingertip up the little line of skin. Alan shuddered again. He was
awfully close.

"Be careful," he begged.

Pam took a deep breath. "All right. Now it's time to see how it all
works. If we all caress Alan we should learn more about male sexual
response." Four hands reached out and began stroking different parts of
Alan's genitals. Pam kept hers under his balls, stroking along his
perineum. Amy and Mitsy alternated up and down the shaft. Jenny circled
the glans. Alan trembled.

"Oh, so good," he muttered. "So good."

Larry looked on at all of this. He was erect as well, watching these
women stimulate his friend. He began gently stroking himself as he

It wasn't long. Alan felt his balls contract and then there was the
familiar rush and then the explosion. He thrust his hips up off the table,
pumping, pumping against the gentle, insistent touches. Semen burst from
the tip of his penis, coating Jenny's hand and wrist. "Oh, oh, oh, oh"
came from Alan. A gentle peace settled over him.

Jenny held out her hand. Each of the girls dipped a finger into the
sperm and then tasted it. "Salty." "Slippery." "Mmmh." "Oh!" were the

Pam reached over for the bowl of warm water and washrag. Amy said, "Let
me do that." She gently washed and then dried Alan's penis and groin.

Alan couldn't quite believe what had happened. An hour ago no woman had
ever kissed him, much less tried to touch his penis, and now four had just
masturbated him to orgasm. A big smile crossed his face.

"All right, Alan. Thank you," said Pam.

Now it was time to learn about a woman. "Who would like to volunteer?"
she asked.

The four women looked at each other nervously. Touching Alan had
excited them all a little, but being on display for him and Larry, as well
as the other three girls, was something else. "C'mon," said Alan. "It
wasn't so bad."

"I'll do it."

It was Jenny. Slowly, she sat down on the table. She didn't know why
she had spoken up. This was so much opposite everything that had ever
happened in her life. Still, it would probably be better to start and get
the worst over with.

"Ok." It was Pam again. "Let's start by examining her breasts. Larry,
Alan, you look particularly carefully. See how they sit high on her chest?
And how the nipples kind of point up? That's different than mine. In fact
guys, if you look, you'll see that each of us has distinctly different
types of breasts."

Alan and Larry looked at each of the girls. Pam wasn't lying. Her
breasts were large, with big areolas and small nipples that pointed
downwards. Jenny's stood out from her chest with no sag at all, and her
nipples were a darker pink and a little bigger around than Pam's. Amy's
were small, but her areolas and nipples stood out prominently - the nipples
more than an inch long - the areolas almost like another little breast on
top of her tiny breasts. Mitsy's were different again. They were more
like Jenny's, but they didn't stand out from her chest so much, and her
areolas were small and brown and the nipples centered in them.

"Ok, now look at how they react." Pam reached out and gently stroked
Jenny's nipples. They quickly became erect. "Feel them, but be gentle,"
she said to the boys.

Larry reached out and gently caressed Amy's left breast. He could feel
her heart beating. He could also feel his erection getting harder. He
never thought he'd ever be able to do this.

Alan was gently pinching Jenny's right nipple. It was hard, sort of
like the proverbial pencil eraser. It was also soft and a little pebbly in
texture. His penis stirred back to life.

Jenny was feeling blissful. The boy's touch was both gentle and soft
and arousing all at once. A tingle ran down to her clitoris as Larry
switched from his gentle caress to pinching her left nipple. "Oh my!" she

"Lie back now, please," said Pam. Jenny did, and then Pam slid a pillow
under her hips to make it easier to see Jenny's genitals. They were
covered with wispy brown hair.

"All right, now let's identify the parts. You can see now, with Jenny
only a little stimulated, that her labia majora are swelling a little and
her labia minora are starting to extend from between them. Jenny could
feel herself getting wet as Pam spoke. She could feel the congestion
building between her legs.

"Larry, can you point out the mons?" Pam asked.

"Well, I guess it's the whole area we're looking at, especially the pad
around the top and the labia majora."

"Correct. Now, lets see if we can stimulate Jenny a little more and
watch what happens. Alan, can you help?"

Alan was beside himself, his penis hard and pointing rigidly in front of
him. Touching Amy's breasts was wonderful, but now Pam wanted him to touch
her genitals. He was quivering as he reached forward and gently cupped
Jenny's mound.

"Ohhh," Jenny moaned. Alan gently stroked the entire area, and then
drew his finger up the slit in front of him. He could feel the moistness
there, and touched his finger to his tongue. The taste was pleasantly

Jenny moaned again. Larry was now stroking her as well and, as he did,
they all watched as Amy's inner lips swelled and opened a little. Larry
tasted her moisture as well.

"Ok, now, let's examine what's inside." Pam was trembling a bit herself
now. She could see the boys' erections and how they trembled when they
brushed against the table or the leg of one of the girls. "Amy, Mitsy,
would you very gently spread Amy's lips?"

The two girls looked at each other, and then gently grasped the Jenny's
labia, spreading them open.

"Ok. As we know, there are three openings. At the very bottom here is
the anus. Next is the vagina, the birth canal, which accepts the penis
during intercourse. On top is the urethra. Stimulating any of these can
be pleasant, but it's important not to touch the vagina after playing with
the anus. It's too easy to transfer something nasty."

Pleasant, this was a hell of a lot more than just pleasant, thought
Jenny. Amy and Mitsy were holding her spread open, and the gentle pressure
of their fingers on her lips was stimulating her incessantly. She could
feel herself lubricating.

"The most important bit is just there at the top where the lips come
together. It's the clitoris. Right now Jenny's is covered by the clitoral
hood. Boys, the clitoris can be incredibly sensitive to touch. Its size
varies, but it usually is fairly small. If I pull back the hood you can

"Oh my god!" Amy gasped. Pam was gently sliding her clitoral hood back
and the sensation was incredible. Everyone moved closer to look at the
pink pearl of her pleasure.

"From her reaction you can see what I mean when I say sensitive. See,
look at how pink it is and how it can get erect like a penis. As they
watched, Pam dipped her other finger into Jenny's vagina to moisten it, and
then gently stroked Jenny's clitoris. Jenny gasped in pleasure again.
This was almost too much. Her clit became hard and distended.

"Ok boys, now it's your turn. Remember, be very gentle. Alan, you're
first. Be sure to lubricate your finger first - if it's dry it can be too

Alan gently dipped his finger into the pool of liquid collecting in
Jenny's vagina. It involuntarily contracted around his finger.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god" thought Jenny. Alan was touching her and it
felt so good to feel his finger inside her. As he gently pulled out and
began stroking her lips little jolts of electricity ran through her.

"It's so soft," Alan said. He slipped his finger up and gently touched
Jenny's clitoris. Her hips raised up against the gentle pressure. Larry
reached over and gently began to slide his finger in and out of Jenny's

"That's good, Larry," said Pam. "Now, Alan, just gently circle the
clitoris. Don't touch it directly, just round and round."

Jenny was now moaning constantly. The sensations were incredible - like
nothing she had ever done with herself. And then Pam began caressing her

"Oh yes, oh yes, don't stop, don't stop," she demanded.

"See," Pam said. "It's just like with Alan. Watch how her genitals
swell as they're stimulated. Feel how moist she's getting. Amy, Mitsy,
you stroke too."

Jenny was writhing with pleasure. She could feel her peak coming. If
Alan would just tap her clitoris gently, like she did when she masturbated.
"Alan," she said. "Touch me - tap me - real gently just tap, tap, tap."
He did as he was instructed, gently tapping on the distended bit of pink

"Ohhh yeah like that. Keep it up. I'm going to come, I going to come,
it's almost here, oh yeaahh, oh oh oh yeah right there, don't stop ohhh,
oohhh ohhh, ohhhh!"

She felt the orgasm wash over and through her, and the stimulation
didn't stop. Alan was still gently tapping at her clitoris, and Larry's
finger going in and out and Pam touching her breasts and the others
touching and all of a sudden there was another one and she cried out "Oh
Yes! Oh YES!" and then it was crashing over her and she was twitching and
squeezing down on Larry's finger and it was so good, so good and she was
arching up and into their touch and then it was washing away and leaving
her so slowly and she was slowly coming back to her senses.

"That, ladies and gentlemen, was an orgasm," said Pam. Do you see how
erect Jenny's nipples are and how flushed she is?"

The others nodded, watching Jenny's body slowly recover from the
experience they had just shared with each other.

"That's what we want to share tonight. Now that we know a little more
about what our bodies look like and how they react, we should be able to
recreate those experiences."

Pam looked around the room. The boy's penises were hard and purple and
throbbing - almost jerking up and down with their heartbeats. The girls'
nipples were all erect, and, she thought, if she were an example, they were
all lubricating.

It was the beginning of a very educational evening.


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