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Together to Learn 2 evening


NOTE: This is an adult story. If you are not a legal adult in your
jurisdiction, please do not continue. If frank depictions of human
sexuality offend you, please do not continue. Otherwise, please enjoy.

Together to Learn - The Rest of the Evening

By Millie Teases

Pam looked around the room at the expectant faces of her friends.
Thanks to her and Mitsy, and with Alan and Jenny's help, they all had just
learned a lot more about human sexual response than any of them had known
before. Pam could hardly believe she was standing there, naked, with five
other naked people, much less that she had been the instigator of it.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" she thought to herself. "You
just masturbated a man and woman to orgasm. And you talked all five of
them into this. And you enjoyed it. And now you want to masturbate in
front of all them." For a shy girl from a Southern Baptist family who'd
only been kissed once, after her senior prom, and then very quickly by an
even more embarrassed boy, this was an enormous step up the sexual activity
chain. Still, there was no point in doing things halfway. She sucked in
her breath for about the hundredth time that night and started talking.

"Ok, that was pretty good. Thank you Jenny and Alan. Let's everybody
sit down and rest for a minute. What did you think?"

"Well," Jenny said, "I've never had two orgasms in a row like that. It
was incredible. I just don't want any of you to think I'm a slut or
something. I mean, I was nervous when we first started, and then you all
started touching me, and Pam was getting kind of clinical, but the feelings
were just so good and it just kept growing and growing and the guys fingers
on me and Alan tapping my clitoris just like I like and Larry's finger in
me and ..." her voice trailed off. "Oh god, I'm babbling," Jenny muttered.

"No, no," said Mitsy. "You're right. It was exciting. And watching
Alan really got to me. I've never seen an erect penis before, other than
when I changed a baby boy when I was babysitting and that doesn't count.
And then he came and all the white stuff squirted out of him and I was just

"Well," asked Amy, "what are we going to do now?"

"Um, well I think we could learn more about how we masturbate," said
Pam. "You all told me you do it when I asked you before I told you about
this party. So, since we've learned about men's and women's parts, I think
it's time to see how we do it to ourselves."

"All at once or one at a time?" asked Jenny.

"Well, umm, well.." Pam was stammering. "I, uh, I want to do it one at
a time, or at least I want to show you one thing I do." She could barely
believe her ears. Ever since she had thought this idea up three weeks ago
when she and Mitsy had been watching that show on tv she'd had this fantasy
about masturbating in front of a group of people. And know she was going
to do it.

"You're blushing," said Alan. "Do you really..."

"Just sit here for a minute," Pam said. "Let me do this now or I never
will." She got up and went into the bedroom. A minute later she was back,
carrying the massager her mother had sent her when she was complaining
about cramps in her back from the stress of school. She plugged it into an
outlet next to a recliner in the corner of the room. Then she picked up a
towel from a stack she had set out earlier and spread it out over the

"Ok, I got this from my mom to help rub the knots out from between my
shoulders. But, I read Cosmo and some of those other magazines, so one
night I thought I'd try what they said other women do with these things. I
really like it. So I'm going to show you." She sat down in the recliner
and pulled the lever, leaning back so her legs were up a bit and she was
comfortable. She spread her legs.

"Jeez, you're shaved," gasped Larry.

"Yeah," Pam blushed again.

"But, why?" asked Amy.

"Well, my mom taught me to keep my pubic hair trimmed when I got to
puberty. I thought it was a little weird since it didn't look like any of
my friends did it when I looked at them in the shower at gym. But she said
real ladies trim their hair. And she showed me how to shave so it wouldn't
show around my bathing suit. One night I just shaved it all off. It felt
good, and so I kind of kept it up, but like this. Now I do it because of
that, and because I kind of feel cleaner like this."

It was now or never, Pam thought to herself. Live out this fantasy.

"Ok, I'm going to start. No questions 'til after."

Pam leaned back and began caressing herself. Her hands ran up her legs
and over her hips, then up her sides just grazing the sides of her breasts,
then up over her face and over her head, pulling her hair up. She ran her
hands back down her body, then up again, this time caressing the insides of
her thighs, then up over her stomach and pausing at her breasts. Slowly,
she stroked her nipples into erection. Little thrills ran through her.

"Mmmh, that's good" she thought to herself. "Now suck." Pam lifted her
left breast up, bent down her head and began sucking the nipple she
presented to herself. The nipple grew harder as she worried it with her
lips. The others watched this display. Larry and Alan became erect.
Pam's right hand was massaging her right breast as she nursed at herself.
She could feel herself becoming even moister and her clit beginning to
become erect.

"All right," she thought. "Do it now." Pam reached over, picked up the
massager and switched it on. It was about a foot long, with a head about
the size of a tennis ball. It began to hum.

Pam released the breast from her mouth, the nipple gleaming wetly with
her saliva. Gently, she touched the massager to it, and then moved it to
her right nipple. With her free hand she gently caressed her labia.
Little electric shocks started running through her. Her nipples hardened
even further, aching from the contact with the massager. Her clitoris
hardened and peaked from under its hood.

Pam lowered the massager to her thighs, and caressed the soft curves
leading towards her sex. "Now," she thought, and drew the head of the
massager up and over her puffy labia. Her hips jerked up a little at the
insistent buzz. She was careful to avoid her clitoris.

"Ohh yeah," she sighed. She glanced around at her audience. Alan was
just beginning to stroke himself and Mitsy was rubbing herself as well.
Amy was absent-mindedly fiddling with her left nipple and Jenny had her
arms crossed tightly across her breasts. Larry was just staring, open
mouthed. She looked at his crotch. His penis was hard and twitching. She
felt another little electric thrill run through her. "Now give them a
little show," she thought. "Am I really doing this?" immediately shot
through her mind. "Yes, do it," was her response. She spread her legs a
bit wider and reached down to part her lips, exposing the moist, bright
pink skin of her vagina.

Pam carefully placed the head of the vibrator over the opening of her
vagina and let her labia close around the head of the vibrator. The
vibrations ran through her groin. She felt the first hints of her
approaching orgasm.

Her free hand reached up and began massaging her right breast, pulling
it up and away from her body, tugging on the nipple, and then running it
all over her breast. She switched to the other breast and repeated the
action. Her breath was coming in short pants. The vibrations were
becoming more and more insistent. She could feel her muscles tensing,
anticipating the ecstatic release of orgasm.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh" she gasped. She was getting close. Her hips
started jerking up against the vibrator. "Ok, now on high," she told
herself. She flicked the switch on the handle, and the sound of the
vibrator moved up an octave. The others watched as Pam slowly moved the
vibrator up the fraction of an inch that brought it in contact with her
clitoris. Pam's gasps got louder. "Oh, OH, OH, that's' it, oh yeah, OH
YEAH, HERE IT IS, HERE IT IS!" Her legs slapped together, pressing the
vibrator tightly against her. Her hips lifted up off the chair. "I'M
COMING, I'M COMING," Pam gasped. Her friends watched in awe as Pam's
orgasm engulfed her. They saw her legs tighten against the massager, her
hips jerking up against the buzzing wand she held between them, and then
watched as her legs gently fell open. Pam moved the vibrator away from
herself and switched it off. Her genitals gaped open, now almost red.
Pam's breathing slowed and she fell deep into the chair. Her hips twitched
one last time. The scent of her arousal had filled the room.

Amy brought a bowl of warm water and a washrag and gently cleaned Pam's

"Ohh, thank you, that feels nice" Pam sighed.

Amy gently swabbed Pam's vulva. "Can I admit she turns me as much as
the guys do?" she thought. "I could just about feel that thing between my
legs. I wonder what it really feels like? I wonder what it felt like when
she was rubbing Jenny's breasts before? And look at Larry and Alan. What
would it feel like to have one of them in me? Oh god, what am I going to
do when it's my turn? Do I dare ask Alan to help me do what I think about
when I masturbate? Would he, or Larry, or ...even Pam do it?"

"Mmmhh," Pam sighed. "That's really good."

Amy came back to her senses. She gave Pam's vulva one more stroke and
then put the washrag and the bowl of water aside. "So, I guess it's a
guy's turn, now," she said.

"And I guess that means me," said Larry. "What do you want me to do?"

"Just show us how you masturbate," said Mitsy.

Pam had risen from the chair and was spreading a clean towel over it.
"C'mon Larry, you can sit here and do it."

"Well, ok, but, ummm, do you have any lotion?"

"What for?" asked Jenny.

"Wait, I've got some here in my purse," said Amy. She pulled out a
small bottle of hand lotion and handed it to Larry.

Larry had blushed bright red, and his erection had lost some of its

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you," said Jenny.

"That's ok," Larry replied. "I guess this is a little embarrassing for
all of us. It's for lubrication. It makes my hand slip over my penis
easier. And you do it different, kind of, if you don't use some kind of
lubricant. This is the way I usually do it, so I guess I'll show you
that." He looked around the room. He wasn't as excited as he had been a
few minutes ago while he was watching Pam, but he figured if he looked at
the women it might help.

Larry took inventory of the women. Pam's labia were still a bit swollen
and she had a flush on her chest. The nipples on Amy's little breasts were
standing up, but her dark pubic hair hid any view of her genitals. Jenny
still had her arms crossed over her chest with her hands covering her
breasts, but when he looked at her crotch he also could see her inner lips
poking out a little from between the big ones. Mitsy was still gently
stroking herself. A quick glance at Alan, who gave him a thumbs-up sign.
He looked back at Mitsy, and the hand moving gently between her legs. He
was hard again.

Larry opened the bottle of lotion and poured a little over the tip of
his penis. He reached down, made a fist around his penis, and started
stroking, working the lotion into his skin. He looked around again.
Everyone was watching him. Four naked women, and they'd jerked Alan off a
little while ago and one he'd had his fingers in and another who had just
got herself off with a vibrator. "Thank you, whoever is responsible for me
getting to do this," he thought.

His hand quickened its pace. Larry's method was really pretty simple.
He just rubbed up and down, squeezing now and then. Once in a while he
rubbed his palm over the glans of his penis, but that feeling was one of
those really good but almost painful ones, so he didn't do it a lot,
especially as he got near the end.

Mitsy realized she'd been rubbing herself and jerked her hand away from
her crotch. "What if they saw?" she thought. "Just like a little slut,
and it's not even your turn. But wait. This was all about learning about
each other. If what she was watching was turning her on, why shouldn't she
touch herself? This wasn't about taking turns, it was about sex. Sure,
they weren't really having sex, or at least intercourse, but it was about
masturbating and that is sex." Mitsy watched Larry's hand moving
rhythmically up and down his penis. She could see he was tensing up a
little, and his face was in kind of a grimace. "Does it hurt?" she asked.
"You look real tense."

"No, it's just starting to feel real good." Larry kept stroking. He was
starting to get there. He could feel the tingle starting to run up the
length of his dick. He picked up the pace a little and started squeezing a
little tighter.

Jenny watched, fascinated. He was squeezing himself so hard and it was
getting all dark and purply. She squeezed her arms more tightly against
herself, pressing her breasts tightly against her rib cage. She felt her
nipples harden against the palms of her hands that covered them.

"I'm getting close," Larry announced. His hand moved even faster,
becoming almost a blur. He face tightened into a grimace. He was almost

And then it was there and his hips had arched up off the chair and the
first burst of semen leaped from the tip of his penis in an arc, landing on
his stomach. His hand didn't slow and more gouts of sperm fountained from
him. Jenny was counting quietly to herself -

Larry slumped back down in the chair, his fist still holding his penis,
his belly and hand covered with sperm.

This time Pam was there with the bowl of warm water and washrag, and she
gently cleaned him up. As she washed him, Larry released his grip and his
erection slowly subsided.

"Was it good?" asked Mitsy.

"Boy, that's a man question if I ever heard one," said Alan.

"Shush," said Pam. "Remember, no put downs."

"Sorry," Alan mumbled.

"That's ok," said Mitsy. "I was thinking that when I asked. But,
Larry, was it good?"

"Yeah, it was," said Larry. "I was kind of nervous at first, especially
with all of you watching. But you women being here naked kind of got me
over that, and then it was just kind of like it always is - I was looking
at you instead of fantasizing, but the feeling was pretty much the same,
just a little more intense."

"So, who's next?" asked Pam, looking at Amy and Mitsy.

They looked nervously at each other. Both had been thinking about what
she'd do when it was her turn, but neither had decided exactly what.

"Do we need to toss a coin again?" said Pam.

"No, I'll do it," said Amy. She'd just settled on what she wanted to
do. This whole evening had been a fantasy, so why not live one out. "But I
need a little help."

"What kind of help?" Mitsy asked.

"I need, umm, Alan to help me do this. It's what I think about
sometimes when I masturbate."

"What do you need me to do?" Alan asked.

"Umm, just sit in the chair and spread your legs out so I can sit
between them."

Alan sat down and spread his legs as requested. His erection stood out
proudly from the thatch of light brown pubic hair that surrounded it. Amy
looked at it, and then sat down in front of Alan with her back to him.

"Hold your penis up so I don't hurt it," she said to Alan.

He did, and she slid back against him, pinning his penis between her
lower back and his stomach. Alan was surprised how soft Amy's skin was and
how good it felt when she reclined back against him. At just five feet and
weighing only 105 lbs. she easily cradled herself between his legs.

"Now give me your hands," she demanded. Alan reached around her and Amy
took each of his hands with hers. "Just let me guide them," she said.

Reaching down, she placed Alan's hands under her knees. She then pulled
up each leg individually, spreading it out and anchoring it over the arms
of the recliner. She was now splayed open, fully exposed to her four
friends gathered around her. They saw her pink labia peeking from the
forest of dark curls in her crotch. Mitsy was rubbing herself again and
Larry's penis was slowly becoming erect. Jenny tightened her arms against
herself and squeezed her breasts gently. Pam sat on the massage table, her
legs dangling over the edge.

Amy nestled her head against Alan's chest. With her left hand, she drew
Alan's hand up and began caressing her tiny breasts. A tiny shiver ran
through her as she rubbed his palm over her nipples.

"Mmmh, it feels even better than when I do it alone," she murmured.

"Thanks, it's real nice to touch you like this," said Alan.

"Shh," Amy hissed. "This is my fantasy."

Amy kept stroking her breasts with Alan's hand. She could feel her
areolas puffing out and her nipples elongating. She trapped one nipple
between Alan's thumb and forefinger and rolled it gently. She felt the
little line of excitement run from her nipple to her clitoris that she
considered step one on the trip to her orgasm.

Now she took Alan's right hand and cupped it over her vulva and then
began rubbing in small circles. Another little shiver of excitement ran
through her. She felt herself lubricating. Step two.

"Squeeze my breasts," she told Alan. He complied, gently squeezing the
small, firm mounds of flesh, alternating between them. Amy sighed as the
tingle running from breasts to clitoris increased in intensity.

Amy pressed down on the middle finger of Alan's right hand, insinuating
it between her labia and then into the entrance of her vagina. She felt
the muscles there clutch at the penetrating finger, gripping down on it.
It was certainly bigger than her small finger, and filled her nicely. She
consciously squeezed down on the finger. Yet another shiver ran through
her and she felt her clitoris starting to erect. She reached the third

Reluctantly, she drew Alan's finger from her vagina and then, with
agonizing slowness, up toward her clitoris. She concentrated closely on
the feelings that finger was producing as it slid over her urethra and
between her lower lips. Finally it reached her clitoris, and her hips
jerked away at the intensity of the touch.

"God, I know what that's like," thought Jenny. That first touch when
you knew you were really excited and that this time was going to be really
good and all the nerves down there were just firing off in excitement and
then that first touch on your clit and it was always just that little bit
too much, but you knew you were coming back to it because it would feel so

Amy was pulling Alan's hand away from her breasts now. "I want a finger
in me," she thought. "I need something to squeeze down on." Gently she
directed his hand to her vagina and pushed a finger deep into herself.
"Just hold that there," she whispered. "Don't move it, just keep it in

Alan held his finger in her as he was told, Amy's small hand holding his
firmly in place. She was so soft and moist and her vagina was almost hot.
He felt Amy shift a little, and her back rubbed against the sensitive
underside of his penis. "Do that again," he thought. "That was really

Amy felt Alan's penis as she rubbed a little against it. "It's even
better than I imagined," she thought. "It's firm and hard and its just
there. And I can feel his balls against my butt. This is so good."

She felt Alan's finger filling her and gently contracted her muscles
around the firm digit buried within her. It was just right. "That's step
four. Now it's time."

Amy gently spread Alan's fingers and placed one on either side of her
clitoris, making sure they were touching the skin of her clitoral hood. It
was best when she just rubbed the sides like this, pulling the skin back
and forth over the shaft. She started rubbing, her fingers on top of his,
guiding them.

She started slowly and gently increased the pace. After a minute or two
she increased the pace, and then began rhythmically squeezing down on the
finger inside her, keeping pace with the fingers rubbing against her
clitoris. "Now I'm at the last step before you go all out," she thought.
This was the step Amy could make last forever, and often did. She could
build the tension in her groin until that point just before she fell over
the edge and went totally for her orgasm. It made her feel warm and full
and excited.

But tonight was not a night for extending that pleasure. It was a night
to just build up and go for it - no drawing it out, just fast and hard and
getting to that place where it was like a wave crashing over and through
her and it was like body surfing into shore but she could feel all her
nerves and the water wasn't just picking her up and carrying her along but
it was focused right there, on that spot, and it was propelling her by
focusing all the energy on her clitoris and making everything explode.

She pushed her finger into her vagina along side Alan's and gripped his
hand with hers, still holding it tight against her vagina. Now she
increased the speed of the fingers rubbing against her clitoris. The
feeling was building, building, the wave getting higher and higher and
starting to crest and threatening to engulf her.

And then she was there. She felt her muscles clamp down on the fingers
inside her and then the wave was crashing over her and her muscles were
contracting and releasing and she was rushing toward the shore and
twitching and rubbing against Alan and the warmth that came from him and it
was so right, so right.

A few moments later she felt the last of her orgasm ebb from her loins
and she pulled Alan's hands from her and wrapped his arms around her body
and pulled her legs off the arms of the chair and then curled up in Alan's
embrace and began to rock gently against him, savoring the warmth of his
body and the security she felt.

"That was so beautiful," gasped Pam.

Alan was stunned. Here he was, holding this woman who had just had him
masturbate her to orgasm. All through high school and even for the first
year or so of college he had been afraid to even ask someone to go out with
him. And now, Amy had just picked him, sat in his lap, moved his hands all
over and then even in her body, and basically had sex with him. Pam hadn't
been lying when she said it was time they all learned more about each
other's bodies and about sex.

Amy unwrapped herself from Alan and got up from the chair. Alan
followed. Mitsy was the only one who hadn't masturbated or been
masturbated. The others looked at her, expectantly.

"Well, I guess it's my turn," Mitsy said. "But, I don't know what to
do. I don't masturbate that much. When I do, I just kind of rub myself.
After watching all the rest of you I don't think doing that would show you

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to," said Pam. "That's
the rule - if you're not comfortable, just say so."

"It's not that, it's just, well, it's just that I want to do something
that will show you all something like you've shown me tonight. And I don't
know what that is."

"Why don't you just lie down and we'll all work together, like we did
with Jenny," said Amy.

"Well, ok, if you think that's enough."

"It's more than enough, don't worry," said Pam.

Mitsy climbed onto the massage table and lay back, her hand resting on
her stomach. The others looked at their friend as they positioned
themselves around the table. the freckles that were sprinkled across her
face were also sprinkled down her chest on onto her breasts. Neither
particularly large or small, they slumped out a little towards her sides.
Her nipples and areolas were small, round and light brown in color - more
like Alan and Larry's than the pale pink to dark rose nipples of the other
women in the room.

Like the hair on her head, her pubic hair was an orangey red. Her labia
were puffy and the inner lips prominent. They were moist, and a small
trickle of her fluid was sliding across her perineum and disappearing into
the crevice of her buttocks. Mitsy looked around, a little apprehensively.
"Ok guys, I'm waiting," she said.

A nervous chuckle ran through the others, and then they slowly reached
out and started stroking Mitsy's arms and legs. A little shudder than
through her as ten hands touched her and began running over her body.
"That's nice," she moaned.

Slowly the group grew less tentative. Alan was the first to run his
hands up and over her breasts. They were soft and pliant. Pam was next,
moving Alan's hand off Mitsy's left breast. She pulled and kneaded it's
nipple into erection, and then cupped both hands around the breast and
stroked up from the base at her chest to the nipple, pulling it up a bit
before releasing it. Alan copied her actions.

Mitsy stirred under these ministrations. Her breasts had never felt
this way. The sensations running through them were amazing. Her nipples
ached each time Pam or Alan pulled up on them, and then ached for the
sensation again the moment they were released. She felt herself
lubricating even more freely.

Jenny, standing at the end of the table, was running her hands up and
down Mitsy's legs, pulling them gently apart so she could stroke the soft
skin on the inside of her thighs. "I can't believe I'm doing this," she
thought. "It's one thing to give someone a massage, but it's another thing
entirely to do this. I never thought I could touch a woman this way. But
her skin is so soft, and I know how good this feels."

Amy was guiding Larry's hand to Mitsy's vulva. Taking his index finger,
she ran it gently over the line between outer and inner lip, first on the
right, then on the left, carefully avoiding coming anywhere near close to
Mitsy's clitoris. Mitsy trembled at this touch.

"Oh god," she thought, "what are they doing? It feels so good. My
breasts, my legs, and, ..." "Ohhhhh," she moaned out loud. Amy had just
run Larry's finger right up her center and over her clitoris. The feeling
was electric. Mitsy closed her eyes and surrendered herself to the

Amy gently pulled Mitsy's inner lips apart, exposing her moist vagina and the bud of her clitoris, just beginning to peak from under it's hood.
She gently rubbed the lips between her thumbs and forefingers.

Larry became more bold now. Ever so gently he slipped a finger into
Mitsy's vagina, moistening it. He then withdrew it and replaced it with
the forefinger from his other hand. The moistened finger began to trace
the outline of Mitsy's clitoris.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Mitsy moaned again. This was too much. All her nerves
were firing. She felt her clitoris growing again, slipping out from its

Larry switched hands. The momentary withdrawal of his finger made Mitsy
arch up, trying to recapture the gentle fullness it provided. Her
attention switched back when Larry began circling her exposed clitoris.

"Look how big it is," he gasped. Where the other women were fairly
typical in size, Mitsy's clitoris was half as big again around and a full
inch long. She'd never thought of it as being particularly large until
that moment. And then Larry started stroking up its underside and she
didn't care.

She started moaning steadily now. Larry's stroked her clitoris
steadily, sending steady jolts of pleasure through her loins. Amy was
caressing her labia and mons, reinforcing those little bursts of pleasure
from her clitoris. Pam and Alan continued to stroke her breasts, more
gently now. Jenny's hands focused on her thighs, steady, insistent.
Mitsy's body steadily moved toward orgasm, her groin feeling congested and
full, her muscles tightening.

And then Larry changed his stroke. Instead of just running his finger
from bottom to top, over and over again, he took the erect red pleasure bud
between thumb and forefinger, gently sliding up and down, up and down, as
if he were masturbating himself. A little shiver of pleasure ran through,
foreshadowing the coming orgasm.

And then it was upon her. "Ohh, OHH, OHHH!, It's Here! Oh Yes, Oh Yes!
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, I'm coming, I'm coming!" Mitsy heard herself crying out in
pleasure - something she had never done before. Her body convulsed briefly
and then relaxed, and then there was the gentle tremble of the orgasm
washing through and over her. Her chest and breasts flushed a deep red,
her nipples erect and hard, her clitoris bursting with the pleasure Larry
and the others were giving her. And then everything was too sensitive to
be touched, and she cringed away from the caressing hand. The sensitivity
passed, and her friends were gently caressing her again, but now they were
the caresses carrying her away from the waves of orgasm and into the warm
afterglow that follows such special moments.

Mitsy's eyes opened again and she sat up, looking around at the people
who had given her so much pleasure. She reached her arms out wide, and
everyone moved together into a hug. Their naked bodies touched, their arms
encircled and they felt the warmth of their friendship flow through them.
They knew that this evening was just the beginning, and that they had much,
much more to learn.

And they knew that they would learn it together.


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