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Together to Learn 4 A Kiss


NOTE: This is an adult story. If you are not a legal adult in your
jurisdiction, please do not continue. If frank depictions of human
sexuality offend you, please do not continue. Otherwise, please enjoy.

Together to Learn 4 - A Kiss

By Millie Teases

Pam and her friends had gathered once again in her living room.
Students at Smallville College, they had embarked on a sexual journey that
was beginning to worry them.

They had all grown up in conservative homes. Sex, when discussed, had
usually been in the context of "don't." Abstinence, monogamy and, someday,
children, were permissible topics. Masturbation, orgasm and pleasure were
never mentioned - at least, never positively.

And yet, these four women and two men had joined together, examined each
other's bodies, visited a nudist resort and, in front of each other, had
masturbated individually and jointly in the last several weeks. If you had
asked any of them if they ever imagined they'd be gathered together like
this, having had the experiences they'd had, the answers would have ranged
from a gasp of shock through a simple no and on to "only in my most exotic

Jenny was speaking. "I'm not sure what we've been doing is right.
Sure, it's fun, and it is bringing us closer together, but I know my
parents would be really upset to hear about what I've been doing. I mean,
isn't sex supposed to be reserved for marriage, or at least for two people
really in love and planning to get married? That's what I was always

"But what about your cousin Clare's family?" asked Alan. "Aren't they
nudists? And didn't your cousin take you to a resort to see naked men when
you turned eighteen? Didn't they have a different point of view?"

"Well, yeah, kind of," replied Jenny. "But even though they are nudists
they're pretty conservative about sex. I mean, I asked Clare about it that
day, and she told me that nudism wasn't about sex. She said that her
parents aren't as conservative as mine - they let her date and all that in
high school - but they'd been pretty distinct about not having sex. Her
mother had caught her masturbating once, and Clare said all she said was
'that wasn't something a lady did' and gave her a look. So I'm still not
sure about all of this."

"Ok," said Pam. "I understand what you're saying. I was raised pretty
much that way too. And what we're doing isn't the kind of thing my folks
would approve of either. But I think we are learning something, and I do
think we respect each other and care for each other."

"You could get intellectual about it," said Mitsy. "I mean, think about
it like this. We're given certain gifts in life, and one of those gifts is
your body and another is the pleasure that certain parts of your body
provides. And another one is the capacity to care and love for other
people. So, with all that in mind, and keeping in mind that you're
supposed to use the gifts you're given wisely, aren't we doing that?"

"You mean fooling around is the moral thing to be doing?" asked Alan, a
bit sarcastically.

"No," replied Mitsy. "Fooling around is not particularly moral. But
sharing our gifts with each other, in a respectful, caring, loving
relationship may well be."

"But can six people have that kind of a relationship all together? I
mean, only some religions allow polygamy or polyamory." Jenny was

"Well," chipped in Amy, "I don't know if we can limit this to religion.
I mean, we all go to church and stuff, and the kind of religions we were
raised in frown on this kind of thing, but are we doing something that's
all that wrong? We're not doing it to rebel against our faiths or our
families or anything. And since we're a group, don't you think we're more
likely to think things out a bit more?"

"But is just thinking it out and being careful and all that enough?"
asked Jenny. "I mean, yeah, with six of us someone is going to ask a
question if we start doing something really stupid. But are we just
fooling ourselves? Are we just giving into pleasure and not keeping sex

"Should sex be sacred?" asked Larry quietly.

"Well, in some ways, yeah," said Pam. "I think it can be the ultimate
union of two people, at least physically."

"Is it just limited to two people? Hasn't what we've done created unity
among us?" Amy challenged the group. Of them, she'd probably been raised
the most liberally, at least in some ways. Her parents just didn't talk
about sex. They left her some books and her mom had said to ask if she had
any questions. At least she'd told her about menstruation and everything
when she came home from school after the hygiene film. She'd tried to date
in high school, without a lot of success, but she had hung out with a group
of guys and girls. Anyway, she had cousins, too. And her cousins' family lived in a real, live commune, right out of the sixties. Her parents had
sent her to visit a couple of times. When she asked her dad about it he
said that it was important to be exposed to different points of view.
Anyway, those had been pretty memorable visits.

Amy's cousins were twins - Brad and Melanie. They showed her around the
commune and she helped them do their chores and stuff. But at night the
older kids in the commune would get together and go swimming and stuff.
And they skinny-dipped when they went swimming. But what they said about
their parents was what got Amy's attention. Apparently they all considered
themselves one big family, and it wasn't unusual for different parents to
sleep together or for even a bunch of them to get together for an orgy. Of
course, the kids weren't allowed to go to the orgies, but as they got older their parents told them about their beliefs and about how they felt sharing
their bodies was a way of keeping their community together. The older kids
were told all about birth control and about commitment and the parents were
pretty strict about sex and about how it was better to wait until you were
more of an adult.

Melanie had even told Amy about how she and Brad played doctor when they
were little, and how one night they had watched each other masturbate. But
they thought it was a little weird, being brother and sister and all, so
even though it had been fun and really interesting, they'd never done it

"Maybe," Amy said after telling her friends about them, "we're like that

"I don't think so," said Jenny. "I mean, they're established and all,
and adults. We're still in school. And we've only been at this a few
weeks. What physical and emotional intimacy we have is still pretty much
at an early stage. And I'm not so sure we should go further."

"I don't think you're telling us what's really bothering you," said Amy.

"What do you mean?" replied Jenny.

"I think there's something behind all this. I think you're perfectly
capable, at least intellectually, of dealing with the idea of us becoming
some kind of polyamorous group, or at least a group of people who share
some physical intimacy. I think something else is bothering you."

"Well, yeah, there is," admitted Jenny, quietly. She was ducking her
head, blushing and looking at the floor. Her straight brown hair was
falling around her face, hiding it from the others.

"Tell us," demanded Pam.

"Well," Jenny stammered, "it's how I'm reacting."

"What do you mean?" asked Mitsy.

"Well, I mean, it's my body. I mean, how it was last time. What I was

"I think you were enjoying yourself," said Amy.

"It was more than that. I mean, I couldn't get enough. I've never been
like that. I was sore the next day. I mean, I was jamming my fingers
inside me, and..." Jenny blushed bright red. She had looked up and seen
Alan hanging on her every word.

"Don't stop," said Amy.

"Well, it was just I was so out of control. And if I was that way when
it was just me what could it be like if I was with one of you - and
especially with Alan or Larry. I mean, it feels so good. How do I know
I'm going to do what's right? I went home that night and just thinking
about it set me off again and I masturbated a couple of more times before I
went to sleep. And all I could think about was how we were all naked and
what we looked like and what it would be like to do more, a lot more. And
that scares me."

"Why does it scare you?" asked Larry.

"Because it seems like it would be so easy to just let go and do
anything and with anybody. I mean, let's say we all keep going along the
lines we are. So we try oral sex, and intercourse, and maybe anal sex and
maybe other things that you hear about. And maybe we all like it, and it
brings us closer together, and we get experienced. Well, that's all fine
and good. But what if I like it so much I take it outside our group? What
if I find some guy, or a couple or whatever and I start thinking, well,
I've had the experience. I know what it's like. I can handle it. And I
go with him or them and we do whatever and I just let it happen and I don't
think about birth control or STD's or anything and I get hurt. What then?"

"Jeez, Jenny. Don't go overboard or anything," said Mitsy.

"Lighten up, Mitsy," said Pam. "Jenny, I think all of us have had some
thoughts like that. Look, we're all 21. What we've done, and what I think
we might do in the future, is going to create a bond among us. But we're
probably not going to end up starting our own commune and raising our
children together and being all crunchy granola and whatever. We'll meet
other people. We'll have sex with some of them, probably. Heck, we'll
probably even marry people not in this room."

"But the point is," Pam went on, "we've started something really special
here. We're not on our own learning about sex like so many people. I
didn't know much before this, and I've learned something in the last few
weeks. So maybe what we're doing is a good way to do it, at least for us."

"But what about the, well, lust I keep feeling?" asked Jenny.

"That we're going to have to work on," said Mitsy. "We definitely want
to move beyond lust."

"A little lust never hurt anybody," said Alan.

"No, it didn't," said Amy. "But we're working on more than just lust.
We want emotional intimacy as well as physical intimacy."

"So how do we get that?" asked Larry.

"Time," said Pam. "You may be able to fall in love at first site, but
it takes time for trust and love and caring and understanding to build up."

"So, what are we going to do to pass the time?" asked Mitsy.

"Well," said Pam, "we could keep on working on the physical intimacy

"Lust," chuckled Alan. "Like I said, a little lust never hurt anybody."

Pam hit him with a pillow from the couch.

"Hey!" he said, grabbing her wrist, "that hurt."

Pam struggled in his grasp. "Let go!" she squealed. She grabbed
another pillow with her other hand and swatted Alan again.

"Cut it out," he said. He didn't release her hand. Pam swatted him

"It's not lust, at least not all," Pam said, swatting him one more time.

"All right, all right," he said. Alan grabbed Pam's other arm as she
reached back to swing again. Pam squirmed out of his grasp. His arm
slipped around her back and he pulled her close to him so she couldn't
swing the pillow at him again. She struggled in his grasp.

All of a sudden they were looking deep into each other's eyes. They
were both panting with the exertion from their brief struggle. And then it

Alan bent forward and kissed Pam. He kissed her long and hard and deep
and she kissed him back. And then her lips were parting and her tongue
found his and they wrestled together. And instead of struggling to get out
of his grasp Pam was pushing her body hard against Alan. She felt her
breasts crush hard against his chest, and his lips fierce against hers and
something about it felt right.

The others watched the passionate embrace in front of them. They saw
Pam and Alan entwine themselves about each other, and the long, passionate
kiss they were exchanging. And they all felt a little aroused, and they
all wondered a little about whether it was just lust, or if there was
something more behind it.

"Ok kids, break it up," said Mitsy after a few minutes had gone by.

Pam and Alan released each other. "Wow!" she said, quietly.

"Yeah, wow," replied Alan.

"So what was that all about?" asked Mitsy.

"I don't know," said Alan. "I mean, she was just swatting me and then I
grabbed her hand and then we were just looking at each other and I thought
'kiss her, stupid' so I did."

"That's pretty much it," said Pam. "We were just kind of fooling around
and then he kissed me and if felt good."

"So is kissing the next step?" asked Amy.

"Well, I guess it could be," said Pam. "But we only have two guys here.
Are we going to take turns?"

"Why not?" asked Jenny.

"Well," said Mitsy. "We could. But I'm kind of curious about kissing
another woman, too."

"No!" gasped Jenny.

"Well," said Mitsy, "Think about it. We've already kind of gone over
that line. I mean, that first night, when we were all touching each other.
I mean, you were caressing my thighs, and Amy was playing with my labia and
Pam was caressing my breasts and we did it to you, first."

"Well, yeah, but..."

"But nothing. I think we should be able to try anything in this group.
We still have the No rule. And I'll follow it. If anyone says no, we
stop. But I want to try kissing a woman as well as a man."

"Ok," said Pam. "Let's do this. Amy and Alan, you pair up. Jenny, you
go with Larry. Mitsy, since I've already kissed Alan, I'll kiss you and we
can solve your curiosity about that."

Amy sat down in Alan's lap, put her arms around his neck and pulled his
face to hers. She parted her lips slightly as they touched Alan's and soon
they were involved in a kiss easily as passionate as the one Alan had
shared with Pam a moment before. At first he felt awkward, since he had
just kissed Pam and he felt there really was something extra behind it, but
soon he was concentrating on how soft Amy's lips were and the insistent
probing of her tongue in his mouth.

Larry and Jenny were a little more awkward. They sat next to each other
on the floor, propped against a chair. Larry turned toward Jenny, put his
hand on her jean-clad hip, and bent down to her upraised face. Their first
kiss was a quick peck, just a brush of the lips and then each pulled back
quickly. They laughed a little, and then slowly came back together. "He's
so gentle," Jenny thought as Larry's lips touched hers. Slowly they
relaxed and began enjoying the kiss, and slowly they slipped down to the
floor, their bodies pressed against each other.

"Ok, fantasy woman. I guess it's you and me now," Pam said to Mitsy.

"Kiss me, you fool," giggled Mitsy. She turned her face up to her
friend and slowly kissed her friend's soft lips. The kiss was soft and
gentle. Pam parted her lips, and Mitsy slipped her tongue between them.
Each of them felt a soft, warm glow grow within them. They hugged each
other, breasts pressing together. "This is nice," thought Pam. "With Alan
it was special, and there was something extra there, but this is really

Mitsy was having similar feelings. "This is so much softer than with a
boy," she thought. "And Pam's body feels so comfortable pressed against
mine. I want this to go on forever."

The room was quiet, with few noises other than the occasional sigh of
pleasure. Each couple slowly reclined, their limbs intertwining, their
bodies pressed together.

Amy was the first to move things further. She leaned back a bit from
Alan, and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. When she had pulled it from his
body, she grasped his hand and brought it to the top button of her blouse.
Alan got the message, and slowly unbuttoned it, savoring each moment, as a
bit more of Amy's skin was exposed.

Her bra was shell pink, the molded cups covered with satin. Amy posed
for a moment, then reached around her back and unhooked it. Slowly she
pulled the straps off her shoulders, holding it in place over her breasts with her other hand. Then she let it drop away.

Alan gasped as Amy's tiny breasts were exposed. Her areolas were puffy,
two shades darker from the small mounds they rose from. The nipples
centered in them were yet again a shade darker. Slowly he reached out and
caressed her left breast, feeling its infinite softness.

Amy sighed at Alan's touch. A little thrill ran through her as his
fingers stroked her, caressing her nipple into erection. She reached out
and mimicked his motions, caressing a small brown nipple into a little
erection of its own. Alan wondered if the pleasant sensations he felt were
anything like what Amy felt.

Amy and Alan's motions distracted Mitsy from the long soft kisses she
and Pam were sharing. All of a sudden she wanted to feel Pam's naked
breasts against her own, to feel her erect nipples rub against Pam's.
Slowly she reached up under Pam's t-shirt, caressing the soft skin of Pam's
back. When she reached the hooks of Pam's bra she gently undid them.

"What are you up to?" Pam asked.

"I have to see you, I have to touch you." As she spoke, Mitsy pulled off
her own shirt and unfastened her bra. When she finished she reached for
Pam's t-shirt and pulled it over her head. After it came off she reached
up and pulled Pam's bra from her shoulders, exposing her large, soft

Mitsy eagerly embraced Pam, pushing her smaller breasts against Pam's.
The sensation was heavenly. She felt her nipples hardening and pulled Pam
closer to her, and began kissing her again.

Larry and Jenny looked up a moment later, catching their breaths after a
particularly long and passionate kiss. The glanced at the others, then
each other. Their looks were quizzical.

"Oh, why not?" thought Jenny. She crossed her arms in front of her,
grasped the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head. Larry
quickly followed suit.

A thought flashed through Jenny's mind, and rather than debate it with
herself as she usually would, she just acted. She stood up, kicked off her
sandals, unsnapped her jeans and pulled them down. Larry gasped.

"We're going to get there anyway, we might as well strip," she said
quietly. She then reached between her breasts, undid the clasp at the
front of her bra, and pulled it off. Larry pulled off his shoes and undid
his belt. As he pulled down his pants and boxers, Jenny slipped out of the
tiny blue bikini panties she wore. Larry noticed her pubic hair was matted
down, but her inner lips were clearly visible in their mossy grotto.

Jenny sat down on the floor again and reached up for Larry. He got down
next to her and soon they were tightly embracing, his thigh firmly between
hers, his penis rubbing against one of her thighs. "Her skin is so soft,"
he thought, and he gently began to stroke Jenny's back and down over her
butt. A sigh escaped from Jenny's lips, and she pulled herself closer to
him. She felt herself lubricate as she pressed herself against his firm

Across the room, Mitsy had grasped her right breast and was rubbing its
small brown nipple around and against Pam's large soft pink one. She
glanced over and saw that Jenny and Larry were naked and entwined in a
passionate embrace and that Amy and Alan were pulling their jeans off as
well. With a small sigh she ceased her caress and then reached down and
undid the button of her jeans, pushing them and her panties down over her
ankles. Pam had opened her eyes when Mitsy had stopped the nipple to
nipple caress and was soon out of her slacks and panties as well.

"Ok boys and girls," Mitsy said. The others glanced up at her. "Let's
work on some orgasms."

Amy immediately reached down, grasped Alan's hand, and placed it firmly
over her crotch. "Rub me," she demanded, and Alan complied. In return,
she gently grasped his penis and began gently stroking up and down its
length. Alan turned toward her, embraced her with his freearm, and began
kissing Amy again.

Jenny had blushed when Mitsy spoke. Her mind had been racing. She
could feel Larry's erection rubbing against her and how good it felt to rub
herself against his thigh. Part of her wanted to throw caution to the
wind, roll over on her back, spread her legs open and pull him inside her.
Another part was appalled that she was even in the room, much less lying
naked in a man's arms. Her thoughts raced.

"What am I doing? Oh geez, that feels so good. Rub, rub. What are you
doing? Get control of yourself! You are not going to lose control again.
That feels so nice, and his penis is so hard and soft against my leg. Kiss
me again. Oh, his tongue, now put your tongue in his mouth, his lips are
so soft. OK, stay in control. masturbate him, let him masturbate you.
Just that. No more. Enjoy it, but stay in control." She reached between
their bodies and found Larry's penis. "Oh it's so hard. I want him," she
thought. "Stay in control, just stroke him. Gently, make him spurt. Just
stroke - up the underside part, where he said it felt good. OH GEEZ, HE'S

Larry, responding to Jenny's lead, had gently drawn his index finger up
the groove between Jenny's labia. They were soft and moist, and they began
to part on his next stroke. He remembered what they had learned about
lubrication, found the opening to Jenny's vagina, and slowly slid his
finger inside her. She was soft and warm and moist, and he could feel her
involuntarily clamp down on the finger as he slid it into her a little

"Oh my god!" thought Jenny. She sighed, audibly. "That feels so good.
He's in me. It's so good, so good."

Mitsy looked deep into Pam's brown eyes. She could feel the lust that
had been building within her run through her loins, circle around her clit,
and then burst in a little internal firework of pleasure. Her body ached
with the lust that was building up inside her. She reached over and gently
cupped Pam's naked mons.

Pam looked back at Mitsy, her eyes traveling down the redhead's freckled
body. Mitsy's nipples were hard and erect, and her labia gaped open,
framed by the fiery red curls of her pubic hair. She jumped a little when
Mitsy touched her, and then sighed with pleasure as Mitsy began to tease
her labia open, just barely approaching her clitoris before stroking back
down and over the opening of her vagina. Pam clamped down on the finger
that probed deep into that opening, and slid her own finger deep between
Mitsy's inflamed nether lips.

The smells of arousal filled the room as the three couples writhed
within each other's embraces, hands stroking, probing, and pulling, all
with the goal of coaxing orgasm from their partner.

Alan came first. Amy's hand was insistent, pulling and pulling at him.
He felt the electric thrill that was the first hint of impending orgasm
race through his urethra and engulf his penis, the vague tightening of his
balls, and then building congestion in his loins. And then it was there,
the race of semen coursing through his penis and then spurting, spurting.
He moaned with pleasure as Amy kept pulling at him, insistent that she coax
every drop of sperm from him. And all the time she was pulling at him, and
his orgasm was racing through him, his finger was deep within her, and his
thumb was stroking the hard bud of her clitoris. He started sawing his
finger in and out of her, while his thumb continued massaging her clitoris.
Soon Amy's body was shaking with her orgasm, and she groaned loudly as Alan
massaged her mons.

Hearing Amy and Alan's moans sent Jenny's first orgasm racing through
her. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming," she groaned. Larry had remembered how
she had asked that Alan tap her clitoris that first night, and how it had
helped bring her to orgasm, and now he was duplicating those gentle taps,
and Jenny was arching up against him, her body overcome by the waves of
pleasure washing through her.

As her body relaxed from the orgasm Jenny remembered that Larry's penis
was in her hand, and she grasped it firmly and resumed stroking it. Larry
was still distracting her. While he had ceased tapping on her clitoris,
his hand had cupped her mons and he had a finger deeply inside her. The
heel of his hand rubbed against her clitoris, keeping her on edge.

"That's it, that's it, THAT'S IT!" Pam cried as her orgasm washed over
her. Mitsy's fingers were rubbing against the sides of her clitoris and
two fingers of her other hand were pushing in and out of Pam's vagina.

Larry glanced over at Pam, saw Mitsy's hands buried in her crotch, and
then felt himself coming. "OH god, Oh God, Oh God!" he moaned as the semen
burst from him. As he came, his hand clamped down on Jenny's genitals, and
the pressure triggered her second orgasm. Her body quivered and shook
against him as his semen coated her hand and wrist.

Mitsy was the last come. Pam had been gently rubbing and circling her
clitoris, feeling it grow to its unusual dimension. "This thing's almost
as big as my little finger," Pam thought. "I wonder if it's more sensitive
because it's so big?" The thoughts were quickly chased from her head as her
own orgasm overtook her, but she kept circling and stroking it.

"That's it, Pam," Mitsy thought, "Just like that, circle, circle, circle
then up the shaft, oh that's so good." Her orgasm built slowly. Pam's
finger circled around and around the hard red bud protruding from the top
of Mitsy's labia. Her rhythm was slow and steady.

Mitsy's orgasm built like a series of waves at the beach. At first it
was a gently ripple, flowing through and over her groin, softly awakening
every nerve ending with its hint of pleasure. The next wave was a little
bigger, promising more, but teasing, making a gentle little promise of what
was to come. It was then that Mitsy began to give voice to her orgasm.
"Oh, oh, oh, oh" she panted. The next wave came, washing over her quickly
and solidly. "Oh! Ohh! Ohhh! Ohhhh!" The next was stronger, and came
more quickly. "Oh that's it, Here it is, oh yes, Oh Yes, Oh YES!" One more
strong wave washed over her, bringing Mitsy to the brink. "NOW, NOW, NOW"
she demanded. Pam pinched the distended red bud that was between her
fingers and a tidal wave of pleasure broke over Mitsy. Another, and
another followed it, her body twitching, Mitsy pushing herself hard against
Pam, feeling the larger woman embrace and engulf her with the softness of
her body. Mitsy was moaning continuously now. "Yeessss, Yessss, Yessss,
Yessss," and then the waves were slowing down, and were smaller, and
smaller and finally just gentle ripples on a pond, running softly through
her body. Mitsy found Pam's mouth with hers, and their kiss was soft and
long and deep.

Thirty minutes later the couples disentwined themselves from each other,
reluctant to let go of their warm embraces. Pam and Mitsy went to the
bathroom and soon returned with warm wet washrags and towels, and they
cleaned each other's genitals. When they were finished, Pam spoke.

"I think if we're going to continue we have to make a commitment," she
said. "We know that nothing leaves the group and that we came together to
learn about sex, and how our bodies react to erotic stimulation, and how
each of us can get pleasure and satisfaction from sex. But I think we've
clearly gone past the kind of clinical examination we started with. Jenny
was right; we have to be careful about all of this."

"I understand more about what Jenny was talking about before. I never
thought I'd ever want to touch another woman sexually. But once Mitsy and
I started it was warm and wonderful and arousing and I didn't want it to
end and I could have kept going and going - just like I could have with
Alan when he kissed me. And I know if we get back together we are going to
do more - and it won't just be more mutual masturbation like we have been
doing. We're going to have intercourse, we're going to have oral sex, and
I know I'm going to have sex with Mitsy again and will want to try it with
Amy and Jenny and, since we're experimenting, Alan and Larry may even have
sex with each other and we'll probably do even more with threes and fours
and the vibrator and other toys and who knows what. And if that's what's
going to happen then it has to be really safe - and not just physically,
but emotionally too."

"We all need to go home and think about what we're doing here and what
kind of a commitment we can make to each other. I'm not talking about a
marriage commitment or some kind of permanent thing, but I am talking about
an emotional commitment to each other and to us as a whole. Right now I
know I want to make that kind of a commitment, but I also know that we've
just shared something special and that I'm still a little aroused and that
may be making me want to do it."

"So let's go home now, and think about it this week. And then let's get
together next Saturday and talk about it some more and see where we want to


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