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Together to Learn 5 oral


NOTE: This is an adult story. If you are not a legal adult in your
jurisdiction, please do not continue. If frank depictions of human
sexuality offend you, please do not continue. Otherwise, please enjoy.

Together to Learn 5 - Oral

By Millie Teases ? Millie Teases, 2002

With one hand Jenny pulled the hem of her nightgown up over her stomach
as the fingers of her other moved quickly to find her clitoris. A month
ago she would never have dreamed that she would be the type to masturbate almost daily, and sometimes three or four times in a day. She also never
believed she would have shaved off her pubic hair, but she had done that
earlier that evening.

It had all come about when Pam, a friend she'd made in her freshman year
at Smallville College, had come to her and said that it was time she and
some of her friends learned what sex was all about. When Jenny had asked
Pam what she meant, Pam had replied that they were now all 21, all still
virgins, and none had done much more than kiss a member of the opposite
sex. While they may have technical knowledge, they didn't have actual
experience, and it was time they got some. They would keep it fairly
clinical, at least at the beginning, and learn what so many of the other
students at Smallville actually knew.

Jenny's movements became more deliberate. Her clitoris was hardening
and becoming erect, poking out from under its hood. She circled the
nerve-laden nubbin, teasing it to even greater hardness.

Jenny sat up and pulled the white linen nightgown over her head and
deposited it next to her bed. She returned one hand to her clitoris and
with her other hand tugged alternately at her dusky pink nipples. They
were as hard and erect as her clitoris. She glanced down at her breasts.
They weren't particularly large - 34 B - but they were nicely shaped and,
when she was standing, stood out from her chest with no sag at all. Their
areolas, however, were large - covering nearly a third of each breast. She
noticed how they had grown darker as she teased the nipples in their
center. The skin of her breasts was pale - skin that normally only saw the
sun when it peaked in the bathroom window in the morning The areolas,
normally pink, had darkened to a dusky rose, the nipples another shade
darker. She bent her head down toward her right nipple, straining to lick
the nipple she pushed toward her mouth. Her tongue barely reached it -
just skimming over its tip, tantalizing rather than satisfying its urge to
be stroked and sucked.

"Ok," she thought to herself, "start tapping." This was a pleasure that
Jenny had discovered by accident one night when just before she left for
college the first time. She had picked up a romance novel that someone
left in the Laundromat. The story was a little interesting, so she'd
brought it home with her. Later that night, while she was reading before
going to sleep, she had discovered one of the reasons so many women read
these books. It was smutty. The author described the heroine making love
with roguish man pictured on the cover. It wasn't pornographic - there
wasn't any "his rock hard cock pistoned into the soft wet folds of her
quim" kind of language like in the magazine one of her high school
girlfriends had stolen from her brother - but it was explicit and it had
excited her. A little later the heroine had been accidentally slapped
between her legs with a dog's leash - and she'd liked it! Wondering what
it would have felt like, Jenny had gently slapped herself - and liked it.
She had experimented a bit, slapping harder and then softer. Finally, she
had focused directly on her clitoris. She found that tapping it gently but
firmly and persistently produced the greatest pleasure and inevitably led
to a very satisfying orgasm. Now it was one of her favorite ways to finish
herself off.

As she tapped Jenny thought back to that first night. They'd all gotten
together at Pam's house, and taken off their clothes, and then they looked
at Alan and how he reacted to stimulation. And then it was a girl's turn
and she had volunteered. She didn't know why - something had just come
over her and she wanted the experience and she had also figured if she
didn't like it then it would be good to be over with it first. And then
they had started looking at her and touching her and she was excited and
had asked Alan to tap her clitoris and he did and she had an orgasm and
then, right after, another one because he hadn't stopped tapping.

So she tapped away, the sensations growing, feeling the orgasm
approaching and then she was there and her orgasm swept through her like a
wave at the beach and it was carrying her along and touching every part of
her body and it was so good, so good. She tried to remember to keep
tapping, but just after the orgasm started she had grabbed the pillow lying
next to her and hugged it to herself tightly, imagining at first that it
was Larry she was embracing, and then everybody like they had that first
night and then it was over and she was calm and relaxed and her mind
drifted around her pleasure and her thoughts about what she had been

First of all, she thought, I do really care about these people. Pam
I've known since the first day of college. She really is a friend. And
she thought all this up! And I knew Amy, but not like I do now. And Alan
was like her brother, but one, she giggled to herself, that she wouldn't
mind committing incest with. Mitsy had lived across the hall from her
freshman year. She always had guys chase after her when she first came to
Smallville, but she never had done much about it and after the first
semester nobody really paid much attention to her. Still, she could come
up with some wild ideas now and then, even if she never acted them out. At
least, not until the last few weeks. When she'd stripped off her clothes
that one night after they came back from New Sun Grove and demanded they
all start masturbating, Jenny admitted to herself, she was a little

And Larry.

There was something special about Larry. Maybe it was the way he'd
kissed her and touched her the other night. Maybe it was the way he just
kind of paid attention to her when she talked. She felt a little flutter
in her stomach. Maybe he'd be the one...if they got that far...

Anyway, Jenny thought, they'd certainly had an interesting night. And
now they were all shaved down there, even the guys. She cast her thoughts
back over the events of the evening.

They had all gotten together at Pam's, like they had pretty regularly
for the last few weeks. Since Pam lived off campus in her own apartment it
was more discreet. If they'd been carrying on like this in the dorms, even
in the suites where everyone had her own room, the whole world would have
known. Now it just looked like a group that hung around a lot together
anyway was just doing more of the same. No one had any idea.

When they got there and everyone had something to eat and drink, Pam had
started the discussion.

"Ok, last week we all went away from here knowing we had to do some
thinking. We've been intimate - not completely in some people's books, but
pretty completely in my mind. Now we have to decide if we're going to go
any further. I want to go further, but I have to feel safe about it -
emotionally. I think you all pretty much feel that way too. So what are
we going to do?"

"Well," said Mitsy, "I don't think signing a form or anything like that
is going to do it. We're not some little club or anything. But I'll say
this - before we started all of this I was kind of afraid of my sexuality.
I mean, I always felt I was a sexual being, but everything I was taught
growing up and heard from my friends made me afraid of what I would feel.
And then Pam and I saw that show, and started talking about it, and then we
all got together, and well, I'm not so afraid any more. I want to learn
more. I want to know you all better. So I'll make this commitment to all
of you. I will always care about you. I will be your friend. And I will
explore my sexuality with you. I'll do it safely, and discreetly. This
will be our experience, ours alone. I won't tell anyone else what we are
doing, beyond saying we are friends and like to do things with each other
like go to the movies."

"That's pretty strong," said Alan. "Do you really mean all that?"

"Yes, I do," replied Mitsy. "You've all become very special to me and I
think we can really learn a lot about sex together. And if I know you feel
the same way and are making the same commitment as I am than I'm ready to
try just about everything that I've heard about or thought about and I know
I'll still be safe."

"She's right," said Amy, quietly. "I feel the same way Mitsy does.
We've been friends for a few years now, but the last month or so has been
really special and I think we've got a bond. And I'll make the same
commitment. I want to find out more about sex and how I react to it and
how we all do. And I'll care about all of you. And I know if we all make
the commitment than, emotionally at least, I have nothing to worry about.
As for birth control and STD's and all that, I think we're pretty smart.
I've already been to student health and talked to them about it. Since
we're all virgins and I'm pretty sure none of us have done anything that
would expose us to an STD, and we're going to be faithful to each other,
then I think we're ok on that front. And if the guys use condoms and we
use diaphragms or go on the pill or something else for women, then
pregnancy shouldn't be a big issue. Stuff always fails, but I know we'll
be careful. So I'm in if the rest of you are."

"Ok," said Alan, "I'm getting the point. I guess I feel pretty much the
same way. This is kind of special. I never thought I'd have an experience
like this - hell, I never thought I'd get to be with a woman at all until a
lot later in life - like maybe someone I met at my parents' church and our
parents set us up and we were both kind of losers but it would work out.
And now we've done all this, and I've found out that women really do like
sex and that you have some of the same kind of feelings I do. So I'll make
the same commitment."

"Me too," said Larry. "What Alan said. I care about all of you and
this is really special. And I want to be part of it. So I commit to care
about you and be discreet and all of that."

"Ok, you know I want to be part of it, I've already said it," said Pam.
"This was my idea and it's gone further than I thought it would but I know
it's good. And I think it will be good for all of us. So I commit to all
of you as well."

Then they were all looking at Jenny. She remembered the thoughts that
had run through her mind when that happened. She liked these people, but
she was still a little scared about how much she liked sex. But, this was
probably a pretty safe way to explore that, and these people were special
to her. So, she had said, "I'll make the commitment too. I'm still
afraid. I like what we've done so much. And I still masturbate all the
time and I never did, so much, before. But I think we can work it out, or
I can work it out, so I want to be part of all this."

Then they'd all looked around a little sheepishly. They knew that
something unusual and something that would change their lives was

"Well then," said Larry, "What are we going to try tonight?"

"Umm," said Mitsy "I had an idea. It's kind of a physical symbol of our
commitment. It's nothing extreme, and it's not going to change you forever
or anything and nobody else will be able to see it, except maybe in the gym
or something, but it will be, for at least a while, a sign of our
commitment. And I think it will be kind of sexy, too."

"So, what are you talking about?" asked Pam.

"You gave me the idea that first night," Mitsy replied. "You know how
you, umm, well, trim yourself? I've been kind of thinking about that since
that night, and I think if we all shaved ourselves it would be sexy and it
would be a sign of that commitment."

"You want to shave me?" asked Alan. "My pubes?"

"Yes," said Mitsy. "I think if we're all shaved it will be sexy and it
will be a sign of our commitment."

"So how are we going to do it?" asked Pam. "I've got scissors, but I
only have one or two razors left and I know it's better if they're sharp."

"Jenny and I can make a razor and shaving cream run," said Mitsy.
"We'll be right back - you guys get ready." Jenny looked at Mitsy like she
was a little crazy, but got up and left with her.

The rest of them got busy. They set up the massage table to lie on
while they were being shaved and then got a big stack of towels and
washrags. Pam found some bowls to hold the hot water. Then she found a
couple of pair of scissors and some combs. She could hardly believe what
was about to happen in her house.

While they were waiting for Mitsy and Jenny to return, they disrobed
and, under Pam's direction, began clipping each other's pubic hair. She
paired up with Alan, and Amy with Larry.

"Ok, guys first," Pam said. Alan got on the table and leaned back on
his elbows. Larry spread a beach towel over the recliner and sat down.
"Amy," she said, "it's kind of like when you get a haircut. Use the comb
to hold the hair away from the skin, and then carefully clip. The room
soon became quiet, the only sound being the snip of the scissors. In a few
minutes Alan and Larry's pubic hair had been reduced to stubble. They
switched places, Amy on the chair and Pam on the table.

"Hey," said Alan. "You're already shaved. What kind of a sign is this
for you?"

Pam looked up at him. "I'm not shaved all the way," she said. "Cut off
the hair there at the top."

Alan proceeded, very gently. Soon the few blonde curls that made up the
triangle of hair that adorned Pam's plump mons had been reduced to stubble.

Larry was proceeding less quickly with Amy. Her pubic hair was black,
coarse and dense and covered her thighs, the lower part of her belly and
her groin completely. Larry combed and snipped carefully, slowly exposing
the pale white skin of Amy's thighs and belly. He was carefully clipping
hair from the pink lips of Amy's pubis when Jenny and Mitsy returned with a
bag of disposable razors and shaving cream for delicate skin.

Jenny and Mitsy undressed and Alan and Pam were soon ministering to
them. It was not long before their brown and red curls joined those of
their friends.

"All right, Pam," said Mitsy. "Since you're experienced at this, maybe
you should be the barber. Who wants to be first?"

"I'll go," said Larry. "Just be careful, Pam."

"I have every intention to be," she said. Actually, she was a little
nervous. It was one thing to shave herself - she knew her nooks and
crannies, knew how the hair grew. With Alan it was going to be different -
and especially on his testicles.

"All right," Pam said. "I need hot water and a washrag." Jenny went to
the kitchen sink and returned with a large bowl of steaming water. "Let me
help," she said.

"Ok, get him nice and wet and then rub the shave cream in."

Jenny dipped a washrag in the steaming water and wrung it out. Gently
she washed around Larry's penis, and then up and over it and around his
testicles. Larry slowly started to get erect. She reached under his
testicles and washed around his perineum. Then she took the can of shave
cream she and Mitsy had bought, shook it gently, and sprayed a blob of it
onto her hand.

"Oh gee," she had thought. "I'm going to touch him again." She took a
deep breath and massaged the white cream into Larry's pubis, upper thighs
and perineum. She dispensed a bit more of the shaving foam into her hand
and gently rubbed it over Larry's testicles. He was fully erect when she
was finished.

Pam pulled the guard off the razor and gently began to shave Larry. She
worked steadily but carefully, with short, sure strokes. Between strokes
she rinsed the razor in the bowl of warm water. Soon his groin was naked
as the day he was born. Pam then turned to his testicles, stretching the
skin taught and gently stroking the razor over the stubble. Larry held his
breath. He had lost his erection.

"Ok, clean him up," Pam said to Jenny.

Jenny dipped the washrag in the warm water again and gently wiped the
remnants of shave cream from Larry. He was pink and smooth. His erection
began to return as Jenny ran the rag up his perineum, over his balls and
then, with her fist wrapped around his penis, gently but firmly up and over
its head.

"Now me," said Mitsy. She climbed up on the table and spread her legs.
The tip of her inch long clitoris was just peaking from between her labia,
framed by the orangey-red stubble that remained on her labia and mons.
Alan brought a fresh bowl of hot water and gently washed her, and then
rubbed the shaving cream over and around her mons. Soon the white foam
covered her, only the tip of her clitoris, now more erect, emerging pinkly
from the white cream.

Pam chose a new razor and gently began working on Mitsy. She began
across the pad of her mons, quickly scraping it clean. Then she shaved the
hair from Mitsy's inner thighs and along her perineum. Mitsy's clitoris
was visible throughout this ministration. Finally Pam worked on her labia,
stretching them gently and delicately removing the last vestiges of hair
that grew along them. When she finished Alan cleaned Mitsy. As Jenny had
done with Larry's penis, he finished with a little extra attention to her
now blatantly erect clitoris. It really was almost as big as Pam's little
finger, he noticed. He rubbed it gently and Mitsy shivered from the little
zings of pleasure that ran through her.

Jenny had gone next, followed by Alan and Amy. Then it was Pam's turn.
Mitsy did the honors, quickly removing the stubble from Pam's mons and
touching up the other areas. After Alan had cleaned her up, she went to
her room and returned with a hand mirror. They passed it around, each
examining her or himself. There was a lot of pink skin between their legs.

"Now what?" asked Amy.

"We could taste each other," said Jenny. She remembered that she had
blushed furiously, not believing what she had just said. But as she said
it, she also remembered, there was a fierce throbbing coming from between
her legs.

"What do you mean?" Amy asked.

Jenny was beet red. "You know," she giggled. "Taste each other -

"Oh..." The room was quiet.

"Let's do it," said Mitsy. "We'll get in a circle, all of us together
at once. We'll all be joined together at once. We'll all experience a new
kind of sexuality all at once."

"Well, it sounds ok," said Jenny. "But there's only two guys. girls are going to have to get together again."

"It doesn't matter," said Pam. "It's part of our exploring. And
anyway," she stammered, "it was kind of nice when Mitsy and I were
together. So just try it."

"But, how do we pick?" Jenny asked.

"Well, since Mitsy and I were together last time, it's your and Amy's
turn to go. And it will really be three of us, at least because to make
the circle work one of you will be in line with one of us."

"Oh," said Jenny. She hadn't been so sure of this, and she had been
hoping that she'd get to go with Larry. That, she figured, would now have
to wait.

"All right, then, how do we do this?" asked Alan.

"Well," said Mitsy, "we just have to alternate. I guess one on their
back, the next kneeling over, the next underneath and so on. Just get down
on the floor and we'll figure it out."

Jenny thought about how they must have looked. Four naked women and two
naked men. Alan had gotten on his back, and Pam positioned herself on
hands and knees between his legs. Her large breasts dangled from her
chest, the nipple of the left one threatening to caress the tip of Alan's
erection. Larry had then gotten on his back, and scootched himself up
between Pam's legs. Then Mitsy had pulled him around a little bit, so they
all would end up in a circle. She poised herself over him.

Jenny remembered that she had looked at them all, then just got down on
the floor and put her head between Mitsy's legs. She was looking up into
Mitsy's crotch - and her big clitoris, poking out from between her outer
labia. The inner labia were just visible, a pair of thin red lines
emerging moistly from between the plumb outer lips. Then Amy has
positioned herself over Alan's face and between Jenny's legs. Jenny looked
back at her as she felt the ends of Amy's dark hair brush across her
thighs. Amy had smiled.

"Everybody ready?" asked Mitsy.

"What are we supposed to do?" asked Larry.

"Use your imagination," Mitsy replied. "Kiss, lick, suck - you know all
the words people use. OK, 1, 2, 3 Go!" And with that she bent down and
kissed the tip of Larry's penis.

Jenny had been just about ready to kiss Mitsy's vulva when she jumped -
Amy had run her tongue right up the slit between her labia and it felt
wonderful. Ok, she thought, now I have to share. She pushed her head up
into Mitsy's crotch and kissed her labia. Mitsy tasted a little musky.
Jenny took a deep breath, stuck out her tongue, and ran it up Mitsy's labia
and over her clitoris. A she watched, Mitsy's labia blossomed open, her
inner lips further extending between them, her clitoris, unbelievably,
growing even larger. Jenny resumed licking, stroking from bottom top,
ending each stroke with a flick at Mitsy's clitoris. The taste of Mitsy's
juices excited her.

Jenny had felt herself lubricating and opening up under Amy's
ministrations. Amy's mouth and tongue were insistent, exploring every nook
and cranny of Jenny's genitals. Her tongue would run up and down the
crevice between outer and inner labia, then stab into her vagina, where it
would swirl around, drawing Jenny's juices down. All the time she was
doing this her hair was brushing over Jenny's thighs, tickling and
tantalizing them. As soon as Jenny was beginning to think she couldn't
stand this much longer, Amy would flatten her tongue and run it up over her
urethra and then her clitoris, and then she would use it to circle and
flick at that hard little pleasure nubbin. Jenny was trying to duplicate
Amy's actions with Mitsy, but her groans of pleasure kept interfering with
her efforts. Finally, she just threw her arms around Mitsy's backside,
clamped her mouth over Mitsy's mound and licked and sucked everything she
could reach with her tongue, finally pulling and holding her enormous clit
between her lips, alternately sucking on it and flicking it back and forth
with her tongue.

Mitsy was beside herself with pleasure. When Jenny finally focused on
her clitoris waves of pleasure just began washing steadily through her,
carrying her higher and higher. She had begun everything with a light kiss
to the tip of Larry's penis, but now was sliding her mouth up and down it's
length, her tongue pressing hard and slithering over his glans on every
stroke. She had braced herself with her left hand on the floor, and was
stroking Larry's penis with her right, in rhythm with her sucking. She
could feel her breasts swaying and occasionally brushing against Larry's
thighs as she moved her mouth up and down her penis. Every time a nipple
brushed against Larry, a little thrill ran right down to her clitoris.

The others were equally active. Larry had a finger pistoning in and out
of Pam's vagina as he sucked insistently at her clitoris. Pam was
alternately sucking Alan and running her tongue, hard, up the underside of
his penis. Alan held Amy's butt with both hands, pulling his face into her
crotch where his tongue alternated between thrusting in and out of her
vagina and circling her clitoris.

They were a writhing circle of pleasure, moaning, groaning, gasping and
grunting with pleasure; licking and sucking the pink flesh of their
newly-shaved genitals.

Jenny remembered how her orgasm had just hit her - Amy had sucked her
clitoris deep into her mouth and then suddenly released it, and the sudden
absence of stimulation made Jenny cry out, and then Amy had flicked her
tongue over it, hard, and then she was cumming, hard, her whole body
shaking with pleasure and Amy hadn't stopped flicking at her clitoris and
the sensations were overpowering, her orgasm flooding through her, her
whole body shaking with pleasure.

As she orgasmed, the contractions squeezed the lubricant filling Jenny's
vagina out and over Amy's face. The erotic odor, and Alan's tongue
circling over her clitoris, sent Amy into orgasm as well, and then orgasm
just rippled through the circle, Pam and Mitsy quivering with the pleasure
and Alan and Larry pumping floods of semen into Pam and Mitsy's mouths.
When Alan's orgasm began Pam pulled back, and his semen spurted over her
face and breasts, but Mitsy had just sucked Larry deeper into her mouth,
sucking and swallowing every drop until she milked him dry. Pam rubbed the
creamy substance into her skin with one hand, and with the other held
Alan's penis so she could lick up the remnants of semen that oozed from his

They all finally collapsed together, face-to-crotch, holding each other
tightly as the last sensations of orgasm subsided and the peace of the
afterglow took over.

After a few minutes Pam stood up and took Alan by the hand, leading him
into the bathroom. "C'mon everybody," she said.

The others disengaged themselves and slowly followed. Mitsy grabbed the
towels they had used earlier, anticipating what Pam had in mind. By the
time she got to the bathroom Pam had the shower going and she and Alan were
soaping each other up, rubbing up against each other and paying special
attention to their genitals, then rinsing the remnants of their encounter
from each other. Pam motioned Mitsy into the tub as Alan stepped out, and
then she washed her just as carefully and embracing and rubbing against her
just as much as she had with Alan. Jenny took Larry by the hand and
stepped into the tub as Pam and Mitsy finished, and Amy joined them, and
the trio soaped and rubbed and cleaned each other, slipping and sliding
against each other's bodies, exploring breasts and penis and vaginas in the

Pam passed out the big, fluffy towels to all of them and they dried each
other off, then gathered back in the living room. Pam had brought several
bottles of lotion with her.

"Well," said Pam. "That was something."

They all looked a bit sheepishly at each other, a bit surprised at what
they had just done. Jenny recalled how she had looked around the room, and
how she had noticed their shaved genitalia, and how that sight had
strangely aroused her.

Pam spoke again. "One thing I do know, we'll all be a lot more
comfortable if we massage some lotion into ourselves. When my mother taught me about shaving, she taught me that too." She passed the bottles of
lotion around.

They had poured lotion into their hands and started rubbing it into
themselves. Alan and Larry's penises had started growing erect, especially
as they watched the girls rub themselves. As usual, Mitsy broke the ice.

"Oh, just do it. Everybody just masturbate. You've got lotion, it
feels good, and we've only had one orgasm apiece tonight anyway."

Amy had spoken next. "Maybe we can make it our ritual," she said.

"What do you mean," asked Larry.

"Well," she replied quietly. "Groups have rituals. We have a physical
symbol of our group - our shaved genitals. So why don't we have a ritual?
At the end of each night, we can sit in a circle like this, and then
masturbate. We're all together, we've done things together, we've
experimented, but we go back to the basics. Self-love. We can do it to
remind ourselves that we are individuals and that as much as our love for
each other grows, that eventually we may go our own ways. It's a sexual
act, we do it as a group, but we do it individually. It kind of ties
everything all together."

"I like it," Jenny had said. "Let's do it."

The others agreed.

"Ok," Mitsy said, "then let's start." And with that she had leaned back
into the couch she was sitting on, spread her legs, and began rubbing
herself. The others followed suit.

Jenny had paid particular attention to Larry as he gripped his penis and
stroked it up and down. For herself, she had spread her lips with her left
hand, dipped two fingers of her right hand into her vagina to moisten them,
and slowly began rubbing them around and over her clitoris. The pleasant
sensations of sex gently flowed through her. she felt her nipples harden
and tried again to suck on one, again failing to do much more than just
flick at it, tantalizing but not satisfying herself.

Soon they all were in their own little worlds of passion, deeply aware
of each other and watching, but focusing on the pleasure they produced in
themselves. Pam successfully sucked on a her big pink nipple as she slid
her fingers into her vagina and massaged her clitoris with her thumb. Alan
finished each upward stoke by sliding his palm over the glans of his penis.
Amy and Mitsy each periodically massaged their breasts in between stroking
and rubbing themselves. Jenny noticed that Amy's nipples looked
particularly long that night, and that she could just pull the tip of one
into her mouth. She wasn't sucking at it regularly, but every few minutes
would pause, tug hard at a nipple, and then coax it into her mouth.

The room was quiet except for the moist sounds of hands rubbing genitals
and the gentle moans of sexual pleasure each uttered.

Jenny watched fascinated a few minutes later when Larry groaned loudly.
His penis was darker than she had ever seen it before. She watched,
fascinated, as his scrotum contracted and moments later as semen spurted in
a long arc from the tip of his now beet red penis and splattered against
his stomach. She rubbed herself furiously as second and third spurts
erupted from him. And then her orgasm was there, and she clutched her sex
with both hands, holding a finger tightly inside herself, as she cried out
"I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

Hearing this, Alan glanced away from Pam, and saw Jenny arched up, her
hands clutched over her crotch, her arms pushing her breasts together, and
then he felt the sperm boiling up from inside him and spurting over his
hand. Mitsy, Pam and Amy's orgasms came nearly simultaneously, each
moaning out her pleasure as their passion crested and rolled through them.

Sleepily, Jenny remembered how Amy had then gotten washrags and cleaned
each of them, ending her ministrations of each person with a long kiss to
the pinkly glowing genitals of each person. As she did this she told them
that this would be the last part of the ritual, and they could take it in
turns, and that it would show the commitment of the individual to the
group. Jenny remembered how, when she had gotten to her, that Amy had spent
an extra bit of time cleaning her, and how the kiss wasn't just a pressing
of one set of lips against another, but how she had run her tongue deep
into her vagina and then swept it up and over her clitoris, ending by
sucking that now tender organ deep into her mouth. She'd had another
little orgasm right then.

Jenny sighed and rolled over, hugging a pillow to her naked body. It
had been yet another wonderful evening with these now very special friends.
As she drifted off to sleep she wondered what might be next for the group,
and thought about all the wonderful things they had discovered in the last
few months. Her dreams gave her many ideas for their next meetings.


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