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Tommy Fucks Meg's Brains Out by Lostgirl

"Ha! All hail Meg the Conqueror!"

Tommy looked up from his recliner, "Hey. There's a plate in the
microwave for you."

"Gee, you sound tired. I was really hoping for some victory sex," Meg
grinned as she climbed Tommy's chair and straddled his legs. As Meg
rubbed his shoulders, she gave him a quick kiss. "The data looks
great, and just in time for the next proposal. I hate cutting things
close but geez, it feels so good right now!"

Tommy sighed inwardly, this was not a good time. Lightning had struck
Howard Hall and the computers at work were a mess. It was that much
more frustrating that he had to wait until the Fed Ex guy showed up
tomorrow before he could continue bringing things up. Tommy rested
his hands on Meg's thighs and let her give him a lingering kiss. His
cock stirred but Tommy's head was doing the throbbing.

"Meg, honey, not tonight. The building got zapped by lightning, I've
spent all day trying to ferret out potential catastrophes. I need to
get a fucking industry job, academia is bullshit."

Tommy saw Meg open her mouth to answer. Meg had an answer to
everything, but she stopped herself. Thank god for that, just let me
piss and moan for a while, Tommy thought to himself. Meg looked down
at Tommy. Fuck, she's disappointed. Meg leaned down and burrowed her
arms between him and the recliner, giving Tommy a vigorous hug.

"I'm sorry you had a bad day," she whispered in a small voice.

"Yeah, me too."

Meg cuddled against Tommy for a moment, but he could sense she was getting

"Your dinner is in the microwave, Meg."

"Thanks, what is it?"


"Okay, I'll be back in a sec."

Meg pushed herself up and off the chair. She looked a little comical
trying to avoid kneeing Tommy or sinking a hand into his gut for
support. Tommy watched as she nearly skipped into the kitchen. Damn,
it would have been really great tonight...

"Ummm... Tommy?"

"Yeah?" Tommy winced with the pain of shouting.

"Do you want these enchiladas?" Meg looked sheepish as she stood at
the entrance to the kitchen, holding the plate of enchiladas out in
front of her.

"What's wrong with them? I thought you liked enchiladas."

"I do, but you put jalapenos in. I'm not fond of jalapenos, and I'll
get heartburn."

"Fine, give them to me. What will you have?"

"Oh, just a peanut butter sandwich or something. Tell you what, when
you're finished with those, what do you say to a little back rub
upstairs? Make you feel better?"

"Meg... If you give me a back rub, I'll fall asleep. You sure you
want that?"

"The sooner you fall asleep, the sooner you'll feel happy and rested.
If I'm too worked up tonight, I'll just visit with B.O.B., okay?"

B.O.B. is what Meg calls her vibrator, Battery Operated Boyfriend.
Meg had a plan, Meg always had a plan. Tommy used to say that he
didn't understand women, Meg's response was, "Just do exactly what we
tell you to do, and everything will be fine." What the hell, if she
wanted to give Tommy a back rub, he was game. Tommy took the plate
that she offered him, and finished her dinner.

Upstairs, Tommy lowered himself onto the bed with a groan. He buried
his face in the pillow. He felt Meg straddle his bare ass and settle
herself down before starting the massage. She had changed into a
nightgown and Tommy felt her damp pussy rub a little against him.
Tommy became aware that he didn't care about the moist bits perched
above him, confirming just how miserably tired he was. Meg got up on
her knees and leaned over Tommy's back.

Meg had small, strong hands. She often used just the heel of her palm
to avoid pinching. Tommy felt the woman kneeling over him infuse
warmth into his neck and shoulders, and leaning her weight into it as
she worked his lower back. Tommy slipped into oblivion.


Ascending back into awareness, Tommy first noticed that the street
light still glimmered in the window and then felt his cock awaken, as
it became enveloped in a warm, wet place. He rolled his shoulders and
felt great. The blood surged and the familiar ache demanded release.
The blanket had been cast aside and Meg smiled at her lover as she
devoured him. Tommy disengaged her from his cock and pulled her up to
him. She silently mounted him, her own urgency apparent. Meg lifted
and then plunged herself down, again and again. Tommy thrust his own
hips up to her but he needed more. He needed to move his body, to
push its limits. Roughly, he rolled Meg over and braced his arms on
either side of her shoulders. Meg grabbed his hips and braced her
feet, ready to meet his thrusts. This was a tense, muscular fuck.
Meg had spread her legs wide to take Tommy in and he could feel her
follow his lead, match his rhythm.

Meg was gasping and sweating, her strong little hands kneading his
ass. Tommy heard only animal sounds from his own mouth. One hand
left a cheek to slip between them and Meg began rubbing her clit.
The pitch of her cries modulated to ever higher keys, her dissonance
begging for a resolution. Tommy simply thrust harder and faster,
surrendering to the engorged bull within himself. Their cries mixed
in a chaotic crescendo and Tommy drove himself inside one last time.
During his shuddering release, Tommy thought he heard Meg give a high
pitched squeal like the sound of burning hydrogen. It sounded odd,

"Meg, sweetie, that was great." Tommy rolled over to one side of Meg's
hot, damp body.

"Uh huh," she gasped. The early morning lights now outlined her
features. Tommy leaned on his side as he stroked her hair.

"Ugh!... Shit! What is that?" Tommy jumped as his hand touched
something warm and slimy on Meg's pillow. He reached for the lamp on
the nightstand. The harsh yellowish glare displayed before Tommy a
gray, jelly-like mass marked with deep groves and dimples over a
smooth surface, almost like a... like a..

"My god, it's a brain!" Tommy jumped back from the sight and fell off
the bed.

"What's the matter?" Meg leaned over and looked down at Tommy with
wonder and confusion. She didn't look right, her eyes looked empty.
They no longer sparkled with shrewdness or clever impishness.
Whatever it was she had before was gone. Tommy's stomach dropped. It
couldn't be...

"Meg? Did I hurt you? When we were...? Come here, let me look at
your head."

Meg's head looked fine. Her tangled hair remained, her skull was
intact. She didn't seem to be in any pain. It couldn't be *her*
brain, Tommy thought. He examined her expression, vacuous. This
was not good.

"Meg, do you know what that is on your pillow?" Tommy was getting a
little frightened.

"I don't know." Meg looked around the room indifferently. She looked
at Tommy's naked body and down between his legs.

"Snickers! I know what that is! That's your willy, I know what to do
with that." Meg giggled as she got on her knees.

Tommy felt his heart pounding, Meg's brains couldn't have popped out
of her head. She's a good actress, this is just a prank, he hoped.

"Stop it, Meg, this isn't funny. And I'm going to take you and
this... thing to the emergency room. Just in case."

Tommy ran down to the kitchen and fetched a small picnic cooler and
the cold packs from the freezer. He ran up the stairs two steps at a
time to the bedroom. Meg stood naked before the full length mirror,
running her fingers in small circles over her taut nipples. A
childlike smile greeted Tommy in the reflection.

"This feels good!"

"I know it does, sweetie, now let Tommy put your brain in the cooler
and we'll go see a doctor, okay?" Tommy stood over the pillow and
gently lifted the mass and laid it in the cool space. "You're going
to have to put your clothes on."

"I don't want to! This feels good."

"Too bad."

"You're mean. I hate you."

"Fine, you hate me. We're going to the hospital."

Tommy managed to get Meg into the car, her brain lying by her feet in
the footwell. He had only put on sweat pants, and soon Meg was lying
in his lap, her fingers wrapped around his cock through the fleece.

"Meg, stop that! I'm trying to drive."

"But I want to see it get big. I like when it gets big," Meg sobbed.
She balled up her fists and let out a grating wail. "I want to touch

"Fine! Fine, go ahead and touch it..."

By the time they reached the hospital, Meg had stroked and kissed
Tommy's cock like it was a pet hamster, leaving a hot, angry cherry
Popsicle in its place. Tommy was afraid to get out of the car. He
grasped it in his own hand, hoping to get off quickly there in the
parking lot. Meg watched with fascination, leaning in very closely.

"Meg get back, please."

Too late. Tommy shot out onto Meg, who cried out as some of the fluid
hit her eye. Once again, she crumpled into a sobbing heap.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit. Meg, come on. Time to go see the doctor."

"My eye hurts!"

Tommy wiped Meg's face with the corner of her bathrobe, hoping the
nurses wouldn't notice. Meg continued sobbing as they entered the
emergency room, her hands covering her face. Her bathrobe slipped
open and Tommy hugged her close while he tried to close it.

The triage nurse stood up, "What's the matter?"

"My eye hurts!"

"Ma'am, take a look at this," Tommy cried as he handed the woman the

The nurse opened the cooler, "Oh, Lord!"

The room erupted in shouts and Tommy and Meg were escorted to an
examining area. Meg pulled away whenever someone tried to touch her
eye. Tommy tried to tell the attendants in vain that it wasn't her
eye that was the problem. A resident rushed from behind the curtain
just as the nurses had restrained Meg on the bed. Her robe lay open
and Meg's exposed body heaved and strained against the womens' hands.
The room was quiet as the medical staff realized there was no blood
and the only thing wrong seemed to be redness around one eye.

The triage nurse spoke first. "Is this some kind of joke?"

"I swear, the stuff in the cooler is hers! It's her brain!"

The resident chimed in, "Sir, this woman is perfectly normal. There's
no wound--"

"But it was right there! After we... and now she's stupid!"

"Sir!" The nurses were a Greek chorus of outrage.

"Maybe the lady would like to explain for herself?" The resident
turned to Meg, "Ma'am, is there anything the matter tonight?"

"My eye hurts! I was playing with Snickers and it squirted me!"


Tommy pulled the resident aside, he whispered, "It's what she calls my

"I see. Did this happen before or after she lost her brain? And sir,
I don't comment on patients' personal lives, but taking advantage of a
mentally retarded woman..."

"Listen, she's a scientist! Here's her purse! Here's an old name tag
from a conference in Rome, what else can I show you... Shit... she
woke me up this morning and we were having sex... wild animal sex, you
know, and then..."

"... You fucked her brains out? You really expect me to believe that?"

Tommy stared at the resident. That was it. Tommy had fucked Meg's
brains out. Defeat mocked him like those forty-five minutes in the
Small World ride watching three Peruvian dolls going up and down,
singing that damn song in Spanish over and over. The resident looked
at Tommy and then at Meg's exposed body.

"I suppose we could give her a CT scan to see if everything is okay..."

Before Tommy and a technician cajoled Meg onto the apparatus, she
happily exchanged her bathrobe for a hospital gown. With a bit of
shame, Tommy felt Snickers come to attention as Meg displayed the open
back of the gown in a fit of lascivious delight.

"You can see my fanny now," she giggled. "Do you want to play again,
Tommy? I want Snickers again."

"Not now, Meg," replied Tommy as he tried to avoid the gaze of the CT
technicians. If only Meg had been that eager about public sex before,
Tommy thought.

"I like the doctor. Do you think he'd like to play with us?"

"I don't doubt that he would," Tommy replied before he considered how
sarcasm would be understood in Meg's current state.

"I'll ask him."

Great, Tommy thought. Just great.

The resident walked in; Meg hopped over and gave him a powerful hug.
She then turned her backside to the doctor.

"Look, you can see my fanny!"

"Yes,.. uh, yes I can."

"Doc, let's just get this over with, okay?"

With the promise of a chocolate covered Snickers and a cherry Popsicle
from the doctor, Meg allowed herself to be placed on the aparatus.
She soon tired of lying absolutely still. Tommy looked at the video screen and grabbed the microphone.

"Meg! Stop playing with yourself!"

Meg tried to look around, but her head was braced against any
movement. She muttered in a sulky voice, "How did he know?" Meg
shouted out to nowhere in particular, "Tommy, I don't want Snickers
anymore! Snickers is yucky! You hear me? Yucky!"

The bench moved far too slow for Tommy, his fingers tapped an
irritated staccato on the counter. The resident tried to make
conversation. "Um, Mr. Dubois? Perhaps you can tell me why she wants
me to give her a cherry Popsicle?"

"Do you really want to know?"

"I suppose not," stammered the young resident. "I admit this case has
been rather unusual. Wait, here come the images... look at that!"

"What? What are we looking at?"

"Mr. Dubois, from what I can tell, Dr. Kruger here has no cerebral
cortex! That must be her brain in the cooler! I'm amazed she can
function at all, there must be enough left for her to speak and that's

"Oh shit, now what?"

"Well, these later images show that she does still have her cerebellum
and probably her hippocampus, etc. which all control more basic
functions. Dr. Kruger still can experience anger, fear, and
... sexual urges. She's no longer able to execute more involved
cognitive tasks."

"Well, can we put her brain back?"

"Oh, I don't think so. I'm not a neurologist, but I doubt that brain
you've got there is still viable and she seems to be functioning

"You call that adequate?"

The resident paused, "Mr. Dubois, if I were in your situation... I
don't know, I guess I'd sit back and enjoy it. Meg is quite

A voice came over the speaker, "Can I get out?"

"Of course, Meg. We'll move you back out now..."

Tommy tried to let it sink in. Meg was now an airhead, quite
literally. Stupid and horny as seventh grade detention hall. Freed
from the scanner, Meg bounced over to him.

"I want Snickers!"

"I thought you said you didn't like Snickers, that Snickers was yucky."

"I didn't say that. You're a liar. I want Snickers."

"Meg not here, when we get home you can have Snickers."

Meg ignored Tommy, "Doctor, I want you to play with us, come on!" Meg
kneeled in front of Tommy. "See Doctor? You can see my fanny. You
want to play with us?"

The resident smiled at Meg and then at Tommy. "Yes, Meg's quite
affectionate," he chuckled as his hand went to his belt buckle.

Tommy tried to sit up but Meg held his cock with a kung fu grip. "You
can't be serious! We're in a hospital! You're supposed to be in the
emergency room!" Tommy's head swam as Meg's head bobbed around his
cock, the doctor beating the counter tempo into her backside.

"Meg stop! Please!"

"What is the matter with you? You love this in the morning." Meg
looked up from between Tommy's legs. They were in bed together, the
early light streaming in from the east.

Tommy sat up quickly and his head swam until the blood caught up with
him. He looked around the room, at Meg, and then at her pillow. On
it were only a few fine brown hairs. Tommy felt a sharp pain in his


"Oh god, Tommy! You couldn't have waited?... oh christ, and I'm right
here. This is so gross... It was those enchiladas, jalapenos are a
tool of the devil, you know."

"Oh, man, Meg, I'm sorry!" Tommy began laughing in spite of himself,
"But that would explain the crazy dream I had, I dreamt I fucked your
brains out."

"That's a crazy dream? Gee, thanks Tommy."

"No, you lost your brains when I fucked you, just popped right out."

"Well, I can imagine losing my mind from your lovemaking, but brains
popping? ... so what happened?"

"You were this complete airhead, a horny airhead. It wasn't so bad..."

Meg smacked Tommy with her pillow, "First you fart in my face and now
you're dreaming of airheads, this is turning out to be a great

Tommy restrained Meg with an enormous bear hug, "Actually, it sucked.
I really wanted your brain back."

Tommy gazed down into Meg's most sentimental, Precious Moments face,
"You mean that?"

"Yes, I do," he said, kissing her nose softy.

"If you're in the mood for some wild victory sex, I think I could
forgive the farting incident."

"I'd like that." Tommy dipped his head and sucked the tender skin
behind Meg's ear as she straddled him.

"Why am I suddenly in the mood for a cherry Popsicle?"


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