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Archived Sex Stories

Top 20 May


Celeste's Top 20 stories - May, 1998

Note: Even though guest reviewers write the posted reviews of some of these
stories, I read any story that I think may be likely to win a monthly or
annual award. I personally take responsibility {and blame} for these lists.
If someone else wants to publish an alternate list of awards, that's fine with

Second Note: Since many readers would like to read the top stories for each
month, I have suggested that authors might like to repost as many of these
stories as possible. In addition, I am posting story LINKS with each story in
the Top 20 List. By pasting these into the appropriate line of your web
browser, you should be able to go straight to that story. Please give me your
feedback regarding the effectiveness of this procedure.

Third Note: I have also had great success finding these stories on the World
Wide Web by using the Deja News Server ( In addition, most
of these stories have been posted and archived through You can even find past issues of my reviews
through these services.

Fourth Note: Because of my schedule, I had to skip a couple of issues of CR
this month. To compensate, I have extended the deadline of eligibility for
"May" stories through the first issue of June. You can just view it as my
version of time travel.

Final Note: Ordinarily, to be eligible for my Top 20 List for any month, I
have to have read the story for the first time that month and reviewed it in
CR. Therefore, reposted stories whose old reviews I repost are not eligible
(unless they are substantially revised), but an "old" story that comes to my
attention and is reviewed for the first time would be eligible. If anyone
else wants to post a "rival" Top 20 list, feel free to do so. You can even
include my reviews, if you don't want to write your own.

- Celeste

This month's Number One Story: "The Professor's Wife" by BillyG

This was a tough month. I had about ten contenders for the number one spot;
and then, just when I thought I had it all figured out, I read Michael K.
Smith's "Dancing in the Dark." Even though that story is low on actual sex,
it's a wonderful description of emotionally charged sex between a man and a
woman who are in love.

I finally gave the nod to "The Professor's Wife." The author's descriptions
were so vivid they evoked very fond memories of my own college days. I found
myself remembering things that happened to me, even though they had never
really happened to me. In addition, I think guys will find Judy to be a really
great "fantasy babe." The flirting as well as the actual sex is wonderfully
described. The story is both stimulating and easy to relate to real-life
experiences. As the original reviewer said, if you've never had the good
fortune to have these things happen to you, then BillyG will let you live them
vicariously through his writing.
Here's this month's Top 20 List:

1. The Professor's Wife" By BillyG (academic blow job)

2. "Dancing in the Dark" by Michael K. Smith (very tender emotion)

3. "Easter Tears" by Crimson Dragon (ff relationship & atmosphere)

4. "Taxi Tales: Lost Fares" by Delta (relationships)

5. "The Sleeping Beauty - A Fairy tale for Grown-ups" by Jo G
(sexual awakening)

6. "French Kisses" by Sandman (lover's sexual emergence)

7. "Janey's April" by Janey (mom's sexual emergence)

8. "One o'Clock Jump" by Taria (music & sex)

9. "Cleanliness is Next to Ecstacy" by John Galt (ff sex)

10. "Georgetta: The Bet" by Dolphin (tender bondage)

11. "Gifts" by fcp (rekindling old love)

12. "Diary of a Voyeur" by J. Reynolds (voyeurism & exhibitionism)

13. "Taxi Tales: Lost and Found" by Delta (quietly sexy episodes)

14. "Under the Moons of Eden" by Christopher Leeson
(sci fi sex)

15. "Friendship" by Sven the Elder (older woman & younger man)

16.. "Camping" by Losgud (outdoor incest)

17.. "Janey's Bet" by Miles Naismith (gambling and mild bdsm)

18. "Aces" by Sandman (war hero sex)

19. "Hypno-tricked Wives" by watcher (entranced matrons) 01 02 03 04 05 06a 06b 07

20. "The Anniversary" by EzRiter (rekindling romance)

20. "Cannon Song" by Miles Naismith (truth or dare sex)

Here are the original reviews in alphabetical order:

"Aces" by Sandman (

Piper and Bandit are aces. That is, they are Top Guns. That is, they are
fighter pilots who shoot down enemy planes in a heroic manner, thus earning
themselves adrenaline rushes and numerous drinks as their reward.

In this case, Piper has saved his friend Bandit, whose ass was grass until the
hero shot down the chinese enemy in a marvelous manner.

Then they go on leave. Piper is a straight family man, loyal to his wife Ilene, whom he hasn't been with in over a year. Bandit is the Playboy of the
Western and possibly Eastern World. They are on leave in Los Angeles, a city
with a couple of million angels - er, women - to steal Bandit's attention.
But then Bandit develops an eye for Ilene, and Piper's leave ends four days
before Bandit's. What kind of an asshole would chase after the wife of his
best friend - especially his best friend who has just recently saved him from
certain death? Stay tuned to find out.

This is an excellent story. Good romance and hot sex in the context of a good
action plot. What more could you ask for?

"The Anniversary" by E.Z. Riter ( Guest review by David

God, I love this story. I think it was written by a wicked woman because the
sexuality is so loving. The story is told by a wife who describes the fifth
anniversary present (things are getting a little too comfortable in the
marriage) she presents to her husband. While not all that original, the slow,
sensuous story is hypnotic. Read it slowly and enjoy.

"Camping" by Losgud (

The narrator is a writer or editor for an architecture magazine. He has got
himself trapped into going on a camping trip with his younger adult sister.
The ambiance is very nice. I found the relationship between the siblings
before the sex to be a bit irritating, but it was also realistic. The camping
trip is realistic - complete with rain and trail mix and all kinds of
underwear. Eventually the narrator develops a new kind of relationship with
his sister. The sex is quite nice!

"Cannon Song" by Niles Naismith ( Guest review by

Story Summary: A sexual Truth or Dare of sorts set in '60s Princeton

This is a plainly told story. Therein lies both its strength and its
weakness. Without the stylistic flourishes, the story's simple descriptions
carry considerable impact. The author ended with a footnote thanking his
editor for telling him that the story originally read like a lecture. I can
assure you that this story no longer has that feel. But it still seems a bit
forced. A more natural, nostalgic tone would have been even better.

The biggest complaint that I had was with the characters. There is
considerable narrative but none of the characters are particularly notable.
There is also a twist of sorts near the end of the story that seemed to come
out of nowhere. It throws a shadow of incest on the story that jars the flow.
Part of the reason for this is that the characters are not deeply written
enough so that the relationships mean anything.

But this story still works. Its simple style is both elegant and clean. This
includes the lack of vulgarities. I read this story three times and all three
times the sex scenes (which came toward the end of the story) were effective
and believable. They were, in fact, visualizable on both the physical and
emotional levels. While its evocation of 'free' sex on a campus wasn't as
fully fleshed out as I would have liked, it was good enough to help reveal the
primary tension in this story. Definitely one of the best I've reviewed this

"Cleanliness is Next to Ecstasy" by John Galt (email not stated). Guest review
by Baird Allen (aka The Bear,

The author states that this story is a continuation of prior stories about the
residents of Hornville, Celeste's hometown. I haven't followed the earlier
stories, so I can't say anything about how well this one fits in, but it is a
fine story all by itself. Martha is a divorcee in her late thirties who has
not had any romance in her life since her husband ran off some years ago. She
accidentally walks in on her cousin Rose while Rose is pleasuring herself in
the bathtub. Martha is surprised at how stimulated she is by the sight of
Rose, and fantasizes about the event afterward. The story moves along, teasing
and tantalizing, as Martha and Rose each realize that they are sexually
attracted to the other. The climax, when it comes, is worth the wait.

I'm not a big fan of FF stories, but for some reason Celeste keeps on sending
them to me. This one was actually a pleasure to read. Not only was the story well-written, but the sex was romantic and exciting. I expect that a person
who really likes FF stories will especially like this one.

"Dancing in the Dark" by Michael K. Smith (

I have been going through my files, trying to put them in order and correcting
mistakes when I find them. I recognized this story, but couldn't find the
review. When I searched my database, I found TWO reviews of a different story with this same title. In the second of these reviews, I mentioned that I had
accidentally sent the same story to two reviewers. I now suspect that I sent
a different story to each reviewer, but AOL garbled the textfile (as is the
AOL custom); and one of the reviewers compensated by simply downloading from
a.s.s.m. a story of the designated title. He got the wrong one, and you got
two reviews of just one of the stories. This was a serious mistake, because
it deprived you of a review of a really excellent story. {I'll repost the
reviews of the other story, which was also pretty good.}

What we have here is a story of a woman who is so depressed that she is
squatting alone in the darkened closet when her husband comes home from work.
She has just lost her job, and she feels worthless. He tenderly convinces her
that she's OK. There's more to the story than that, but the author says it
much better than I can.

I am very glad I discovered this mistake. This is a wonderful story. If
you're a student in a psychology course - or a professor in one, for that
matter - read this when you are studying human emotions or human sexuality.
Heck, read it both times.

"Diary of a Voyeur" by J. Reynolds (

This author made one of the most common mistakes that occur on this newsgroup:
he posted the story without title in the textfile and with his name only at
the very end of the story. I downloaded the story; but since it was a long
one, it was identified simply as 49f46c77.txt. By the time I went to read it,
I no longer knew what I was reading. It's surprising how many authors do this
- and how many readers simply ignore otherwise good stories simply because
they're not labeled correctly. The point is this: always put the title of
your story and your name and e-mail address at the beginning of the actual
textfile that readers will download; do not assume that this information will
be available just because you think it is listed on a title line - those title
lines disappear and cause inconvenience when stories get downloaded.

Having said that, I'll add that this is a very good story. As its title
suggests, this is the journal of a man who likes to look at women, resorting
to such strategies as arranging furniture so that his secretary will be
positioned for proper observation, peering through binoculars, hanging out in
the mall's food court with a newspaper as a prop and perhaps a duffel bag
concealing a video camera, and riding escalators at just the right distance to
see a woman's panties - or the absence thereof, as sometimes is the case. His
imagination is also quite active, and he also gets hard and shoots his wad at
what I would consider to be awkward times.

But then the story takes an unusual twist - or several unusual twists, as
fantasy merges with reality and the hunter becomes the prey. To find out what
that means, you should read this story.

"Easter Tears" by Crimson Dragon ( Guest review by

Story Summary: Third in a series about an on-going relationship between two

Wow. This is a very good story. The best that I've reviewed so far. The
style and atmosphere are vivid and sensual. The sex is hot and the plot
(taken over the whole series) is compelling. All in all, a story I would
highly recommend--but you must read the first two stories first ("Harvest
Moon" and "Christmas Present").

A word about my ratings. A 9 represents near perfection. After that, harder
I have to look to find room for improvement, the closer the rating will be to
a10. One further point: I consider style to be a component of technique.
So even if a story has few or no grammar or spelling errors, I might still
mark down for stylistic problems.

I make this point because I had problems with the way the writer wrote dialog.
The quotes are rarely directly attributed. This made it more difficult to
follow who was speaking and tended to make the characterization harder to

I had more problems with the characterization. The author wrote from third-
person omniscient. If the characters are not distinctly drawn, it is possible
to confuse them. In this case, it took a couple of times through the story before I figured out exactly the relationship between the two girls. This
despite the fact that I have read the previous stories in this series. Of
course, I didn't mind reading this story several times. It is a masterpiece
of atmosphere.

Don't read this story until you've read the first two parts. The relationship
reaches a crisis point in this story and the information in the earlier parts
make this story much easier to understand. I am definitely looking forward to
what I assume to be the last part of the story.

"French Kisses" by Sandman (

The author states that this is simply "Janey's April" from the male
perspective. Actually, that's not quite true. Other authors have done the
same story from two perspectives. For example, in "Secretary Love" Fin Haddie
described the same office romance from the viewpoints of the male and female

This story does much more than retell the same story from a different
perspective: it develops an entirely new story that happens to coincide with
this one at a crucial focal point. Mat Twassel once did something similar when
he took Mark Aster's "Rain" and wrote a parallel story from the perspective of
the people watching instead of the people being watched. More recently, the
Malinov Orgy and the Celestial Phone Calls have overlapped considerably in
their plots.

This story tells us why Jean Claude acts the way he does when he is with Mary
Elizabeth and Alice. The descriptions of background events are extremely well
done. I suggest that you read both stories: Janey's first and Sandman's

A problem which I'll ignore is Jean Claude's "real" identity. If Janey is
indeed trying to fictionalize a specific historical character (which I think
is the case - otherwise, why do we have her references to his subsequent
Olympic fame?), Sandman completely ignores this information.

The following story has little to do with either Janey's or Sandman's story,
but somehow I'm inclined to relate it here:

Son: Dad can I talk to you for a minute?
Father: Sure son, you know I'm always here for you.
Son: All my life you've taught me to be truthful?
Father: I believe honesty is the best policy.
Son: And I can always count on you to tell me the truth?
Father: I've never lied to you, and I'm not about to start.
Son: Well I have some questions that are really bothering me.
Father: You know you can ask me anything.
Son: Yes, and I've always loved that about you.
Father: Well, what do you want to discuss?
Son: Dad, you've been a preacher a long time haven't you?
Father: Yep, since I was nineteen.
Son: And mom's been with you most of your life?
Father: Yep, nearly forty years.
Son: And you've been completely faithful to each other?
Father: Yep, we wouldn't have it any other way.
Son: You and mom were high school sweethearts, right?
Father: Yep, I fell in love with her the moment I saw her.
Son: And you both were virgins when you got married?
Father: Yep, it wasn't easy, but we waited for each other.
Son: mom married you in January, right?
Father: That's right, it was the happiest day of my life.
Son: And I was born in July, right?
Father: That's right; it was the proudest day of my life.
Son: And my baby picture here was taken the day I was born?
Father: Yep, and I still have the camera too.
Son: Well I must say I look very healthy!
Father: And just why shouldn't you look healthy?
Father: No you weren't! You were five days late.
Father: She was pregnant for 40 weeks! That's 9 months 5 days.
Father: Indeed she was! I'll punch anyone who says otherwise!
Father: Well, we're pretty sure it was the oral sex in October.
Son: I beg your pardon? Excuse Me!
Father: I said we're pretty sure it was all the oral...
Father: So what are you having a hard time with?
Father: I know that's quite a revelation, but you asked for the truth.
Father: C'mon son, we were young and alive and healthy and deeply in love.
Father: Well each time, I would satisfy her and then she would satisfy me.
Father: You asked me to explain.
Son: Yes, but not blow by blow... I can't believe I just said that.
Father: I can't either...
Anyway that was our normal frolic except for that one night...
Son: What one night?
Father: The night she satisfied me first and then I satisfied her second.
Father: It can if you do what we did in between turns.
Son: What did you do between taking turns?
Father: French Kiss.

"Friendship" by Sven the Elder (

The narrator experiences some serious destruction to his house as a result of
a storm. The neighbor lady invites him into her house and then into herself.
In spite of their age difference they have a very nice go at it.

I don't know what faffing is. It must be something the British do.

It's nice to have someone around in time of need.

Sorry about the brevity of this review, but I want to recommend this story in
this issue of CR. It's another excellent story.

"Gifts" by fcp (

The man and his wife have lived a Norman Rockwell existence with their young son on their farm in America. Then one day, expecting hostility in return,
the man tells his wife about the woman to whom he had made love during World
War II; and the wife responds not with animosity but with renewed passion.
The next night she takes him to the lover's lane where she had declined his
passion the night before he left for the war; and this time she re-enacts her
answer more favorably. These people are going to loosen up and enjoy life!

This was an extremely hot and tender story.

"Hypno-tricked Wives" by watcher ( Guest review by Sandman
( 01 02 03 04 05 06a 06b 07

On the May the 15th I signed off the net, sure that I wouldn't return until
the middle of June. But I found myself with four unexpected days off at the
end of the month and so had some time for the net. When I signed off, I had
printed out a few stories to tide me over while I was gone. One of those
stories was this small novella by Watcher.

The premise of the story is that our hero and his friend use hypnotism to
create several sexually provocative situations among the neighborhood wives.
Normally I'm not a fan of mind control stories because they are usually a
crutch to avoid things like plots, conflict, and resolution all very important
elements to any story in my opinion.

Really when you boil this story down to it's core, it's little different from
other mind-control stories in that the Mind Control element is used to bypass
the normal restrictions that prevent everyone from just immediately stripping
and having a grand old time. What is different is the way watcher chooses to
execute the mind control.

Yes the women are exploited, although current theory suggests someone doesn't
do anything under hypnosis that they really wouldn't do in real life. But the
hypnotism is used to do horribly trivial things like giving the guys a good
view of a women in her (gasp) panties! What you ask? No, you are my slave,
bend over and service me commands?

Nope. What we have here is very, very effective peeking and the occasional
copped feel. Compared to the other stories here and especially considering
the genre this story was almost PG-13 compared to the normal XXX. Why then
did I get so excited when a guy copped a feel of a woman through her blouse?

Sometimes a story like this comes along and reminds us all that less sometimes
really is more. There's sex in this story, and there's an amazing amount of
very exciting voyeurism. I found myself anticipating and looking forward to
the next situation our protagonist would set up next and I found this a
refreshing and wonderfully well written story well worth the read on those
long, lonely nights when you have to forgo your network access.

"Janey's April" by Janey (

"I didn't know you were interested in etymology." This story really begins
when Janey's mother speaks those words. The 754 words before this sentence
were just set-up. Shortly thereafter, the author makes a theological error,
referring to the immaculate conception when she meant to say virgin
conception. {The difference is that a person who is immaculately conceived is
free of sin from the moment of conception but is very likely to have been
produced through normal sexual intercourse. A virgin conception would occur
without sexual intercourse. In Catholic doctrine, Jesus was the result of a
virgin birth, but not an immaculate conception; Mary was the offspring of an
ordinary birth, but was immaculately conceived. Exactly why I know this, I am
not sure. However, I suspect that the last thing you expected in this issue
of Celestial Reviews was a clarification of Catholic doctrine. I shoulda been
a nun. In fact, I often have that very thought whenever my domestic life gets
to be too much....}

What I really meant to say in the preceding paragraph is that Janey was
overcome by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune in April, and so her
mother (who had discovered her daughter's literary hobby) wrote that month's
a.s.s. installment for her.

In her story Janey's mom describes her own sexual emergence. She grew up in
Ireland, where she received a conservative moral education from Irish nuns - a
phrase which would evoke sarcasm from Phil Donahue. After graduation, she and
an equally virgin friend went on a tour of the continent. Her basic plan was
to get laid.

The first encounter during her cultural exchange program is with an American.
It is not a pleasant one - too mechanical and impersonal. The second is with
a Frenchman, and it is wonderful. {She somehow met the one French guy who
bathed regularly - a young skier named Jean Claude, who had Olympic
aspirations. My impression is that the author meant for this person to be
Jean Claude Killy, the Olympic skier; but for this to be the case he would
have had to have been about 11 years old during the sexual activities. I
don't know who the American is supposed to be. An insensitive, egotistical
rich man named Donald. Hmmm.... }

When her traveling companion hears what Mary Elizabeth has been doing with
Jean Claude, she says she wants to watch. But that's another story - well,
actually it's the second half of this one.

What we eventually learn here is that Janey's mom is a magnanimous person -
and Janey had thought she was merely monogamous!

"Janey's Bet" by Miles Naismith (

This is another one of those "true" stories. Its disclaimer ends with the
sentence, "Have I ever lied to you?" As I read those words, I couldn't help
thinking, "Is it right to answer a rhetorical question with a rhetorical
question? Does the pope shit in the woods?" Has this author ever done
anything OTHER than lie to me?

I knew nothing except that I knew nothing; and so, like Xanthippe, I
terminated my Socratic dialogue and got on with the story.

Our narrator (Miles) and his wife Jackie have meet Bob and Janey at a bar not
far from Harvard Yard. Janey is the author of those erotic stories you have
cum to know and love on this newsgroup. Miles and Jackie are both aficionados
of Janey's stories, and so they figure maybe they'll get some action. They
arrange to meet for dinner and then retire to the condo, and Miles has his
hopes boosted when Janey utters these sexy words to him: "Miles, you're nice.
I know I will enjoy being with you." Miles replies, " We need to do at least
something, I think. I expect Jackie would feel guilty if I didn't participate
in this somehow, and you seem to feel the same despite the lack of chemistry
for you."

So, while Bob and Jackie go for a romp in the bedroom, Miles makes a wager
with Janey. From Janey's perspective it's one of those "heads I win, tales you
lose bets": if Miles wins he gets to pamper Janey, and if Janey wins she gets
pampered by Miles. There are also side bets or corollaries or whatever
gamblers call it when the loser has to give the other person his/her pubic
hair as part of the bet.

The sex involves some things that don't particularly turn me on (bondage and
shaving), but it was very tasteful and sexy. This tale is not in a class with
Janey's own descriptions of her adventures, but it's still a very good story.

"One o'Clock Jump" by Taria (

She went to a dance,
Looking for romance,
Saw Barbara Ann....

Ooops! Right spirit, but wrong song.

The novel twist of this story is that it involves the reader in the seductive
mood of the music.

It's Dirty Dancing on No wonder the bible thumpers object to

This is a good story, but it's impossible to describe it properly in a prose
review. Hungry for the right combination of music and sex, the woman goes
into what I'll prosaically refer to as a dance emporium. She meets a man and
dances seductively with him. He wants to take her to a quiet place for some
sex, but she instead goes with him to an adjacent dark room, where they have
sex to the beat and rhythm of the nearby music. Then they go their separate

A very nice story indeed.

"Georgetta: The Bet" by Dolphin ( Guest review by
Sandman (

Three CRs ago in CR#278 I reviewed a BDSM story, a bit unfavorably. This
story is three times the size of the last one and has basically the same
theme: woman looses bet, man gets to play God for a while. Both men dress
their women very elaborately. In this story, Georgetta is dressed like a
"Motorcycle slut from LA". Both women are ordered to have a dildo stuffed up
their pussy.

The last story was reviewed unfavorably, this story is going to get a very
good recommendation. So what's the difference you ask? Character and
respect. Where the previous BDSM story failed in my opinion was that the
woman was one-dimensional - she existed, nothing more. In this story,
Georgetta is vividly real with feelings, emotions, and desires that don't
always coincide with her lover's. "The Bet" is also about respect, trust, and
love. No one's needs are ignored, feelings are respected, and above
everything else this couple had a lot of fun and I enjoyed reading about it.

The author goes to a lot of trouble to make Georgetta AND the reader
anticipate the sex which is to come. For the most part it was highly
effective. The first twenty-three pages of this thirty-three page story (from
an Agent printout) are devoted to titillating and tantalizing both the reader
and Georgetta. And the finale pretty much lives up to all that buildup.
After so much sexy buildup, the finale coulda simply said "then he fucked her"
and that would probably be enough to throw the reader over the edge.

Oh there are a few cliches and assumptions like a woman when undressing will
immediately become as preoccupied with her breasts as a man would be (if it's
not a Celestial assumption, it should be). Then there is the generous
tolerance for the woman's multiple orgasms and a very short refractory time
for Chris. But hey - this is a stroke/trash/call the SO and get yer rocks off
story so I'm not going to knock off any points here. There are also a few
glitches in Athena but given the size of the story a few allowances can be
made here as well.

All in all, this is a most excellent story that serves as a wonderful
introduction to the joys of Bondage and it was very much enjoyed. If sex with
my future Mrs. ever borders on the mundane I think I'll revisit this story to
see how to put a little life back in the relationship.

"The Professor's Wife" is vivid, wonderful, flirtatious, voyeuristic, real,
tangible, tender, and so many other adjectives that you're just going to have
to read the story for yourself. It's worth it. I promise.

"The Professor's Wife" by BillyG ( Guest review by
Sandman (

I always thought it was harder to pan a story than proclaim how wonderful it
is, but "The Professor's Wife" posed a bit of a dilemma for me. You see "The
Professor's Wife" was so wonderful I was able to internalize the story on so
many different levels that it's hard to decide how to focus the review.

"The Professor's Wife" is about Bill, an up-and-coming college professor and
his assistant, Judy. The first few pages talk about campus life and provide
some buildup for Bill's character. Bill goes into great detail about the
pretty college girls sunning themselves on the University lawn. So there's
one level. BillyG's descriptions were so vivid they evoked very fond memories
of my own college days and I'll be damned if I didn't admire the pretty
college girls sunning themselves on the University lawn as well.

Next we come up to the buildup for Judy's character. Now Judy is fairly tall
with petite tits and very nice legs who just happens to have a husband named
Bob. You see this is really a "Janey" story -- Billy just changed her name to
Judy so we wouldn't get suspicious. Even if this wasn't BillyG's intention,
this story fits so well within Janey's world that I would not have been
surprised in the least if Janey herself had not collaborated on the story. So
there we have the second level. Janey's my favorite fantasy babe and this
story more than lived up to my high expectations of a Janey story.

Bill and Judy flirt outrageously with each other and Judy goes out of her way
to give Bill some pretty good views of her anatomy. Which recalled a time
when I knew a woman who was a bit more forward than Judy and about whom I
won't go into too much detail about -- after all this is a review not a sex

Eventually Judy treats Bill to a world class blow job and THANKS him for
letting her do it saying how "feminine" it made her feel (Is this the most
perfect woman or WHAT?). Now I've never had a woman thank me for letting her
give me a blow job (letting? Try begging, prodding, cajoling, and
blackmailing), but the story does indeed manage to recall similar experiences.

So you'll see I'm a bit biased when I say this is quite possibly one of the
best stories I've ever read. Period. There was not a page in this story that
I could not relate somehow to my RL experiences or my fantasies. While that
may make for a biased review I'd hasten to add that the quality of the writing
and the fantastic storytelling are more than enough to satisfy those who have
not been nearly as lucky as I. If you can't relate the events to your
experiences then BillyG will let you live them vicariously through his

"The Sleeping Beauty - A Fairy tale for Grown-ups" by Jo G. Guest Review by
Stephen Peters (

When I was growing up, I never cared much for the traditional European fairy
tale. Kings? Queens? Heroic princesses and damsels in distress? I'd think
"Who *are* these people, and what do they have to do with me?" These
characters seemed remote and untouchable; simple props that played their
assigned roles in transparent and humorless morality tales. However, I'm very
happy to report that this "adult" fairy tale is nothing of the sort. And no
-- this version of "Sleeping Beauty" isn't some ribald re-telling of the old legend. Instead, the author of this piece has taken the form (and substance)
of a fairy tale then constructed a warm and rather erotic story of sexual
awakening, yearning, and true love.

The central dilemma in this version of "Sleeping Beauty" is presented early
and with clarity. At the naming-day ceremonies the good fairies grant Beauty
the usual gifts of long life, intelligence, beauty, and the ability to bear
both sexes. In turn, the wicked fairy declares that at Beauty's first orgasm
she will fall into a coma, along with the rest of the kingdom. (Now *that's*
what I call wicked <grin>). In order to forestall this fate the elders of the
kingdom must, at all cost, prevent Beauty from experiencing sexual arousal.
Chastity belts are invented. Beauty (although she is never given a direct
reason why) is forced to wear one; and to prevent the inevitable questions
that would arise, the rest of the children of the kingdom are forced to wear
them also. The author then follows Beauty as she grows from a child to a
young woman. As she reaches adulthood, Beauty ends up spending much of her
time in the company of a young prince from a neighboring kingdom (who,
incidentally, is also forced to wear the dreaded belt). As expected, they
fall in love, but they do so in a most realistic (read: non-fairy tale like)
fashion. As the two grow closer together their sexual frustration mounts
until Beauty, in a rather imaginative use of a spinning wheel (yes, the author
*does* use all the elements of the original tale) manages to satisfy her
sexual needs and then falls into a coma. Don't worry; the prince saves her,
breaks the spell, and everyone lives happily ever after. I might also mention
that, as with any good fairy tale, this one does have a moral to it. In this
case the author notes that Beauty and the prince keep the chastity belts
around to remind them that sexual union in not the be-all and end-all of a
sexual relationship.

The strengths of this tale are numerous. The first thing this reader noticed
was the prose. While it's simple, direct, and very appropriate to the piece,
in no way does the author 'talk down' to the reader (something else I found
irritating in those early childhood stories). The author also pays careful
attention to the small but crucial details that bring a sense of logic and
believability to something that is inherently fantasy. For example, after
everyone in the kingdom falls into a coma the prince has but a few days to
find Beauty before the population starts dying of dehydration. At times, and
with its sense of adventure, this tale reads more like an intelligent Sword 'n
Sorcery story than a fairy tale. The author also had the good sense to
introduce the prince as a childhood companion of Beauty and not as someone who
just appears to sweep her off her feet. However, for this reader the real
meat is contained in the description of Beauty's longing for her often absent
prince, along with the accompanying sexual tension (enforced by the chastity
belt). In the end the author paints a genuinely romantic and thoroughly
enjoyable love story between Beauty and her prince, one that I will remember
for a quite a while.

"Taxi Tales: Lost and Found" by Delta (

The cab driver is working on the Fourth of July. I don't think they have a
Fourth of July in England - go straight from July 3 to July 5, or so I hear
anyway. The cab driver is driving a young couple who are ignoring him and
making out very heavily in the back seat. I think they do that sort of thing
in England as well as in the colonies, or so I hear anyway. It's called
voyeurism or exhibitionism, depending on your point of view.

And then the night just rolls along.

This story isn't blatantly sexy - just quietly sexy - full of the ordinary
things in the life of a taxi driver - things like finding a pair of panties on
the floor of the back seat after a young couple departs, having to air the cab
out before the next customer, and then having the last rider tell the driver
to take her to his own address.

This was another very good story.

"Taxi Tales: Lost Fares" by Delta (

One of the things I like best about a sex story is the feeling that I know the
people before they start copulating. That's also one of the main
characteristics of Delta's stories.

In this case we have a man who is a genuinely nice guy who drives a taxi. A
"lost fare" can refer either to a person who bums a ride for free by not
having the money to pay the fare or to a person who stops riding a cab because
she wants to stop being around the cab driver. In this case we have one of
each, but then none of either.

First our hero counsels a teenage hooker to go home to her parents. Not only
does he not collect a fare; he also pays for her train ride and gives her some
money. Sucker! Then he has sex with his favorite customer at a time when she
is distressed, fully aware that she'll wake up the next day and have to avoid
even making eye contact with him anymore. Too bad!


"Under the Moons of Eden" by Christopher Leeson (
Guest review by Robert (

In the 22nd century, humanity is at war with the alien Asymmetrics. During a
pitched battle, a human troop transport ship is captured and towed to an alien
world. The soldiers are then abandoned on the surface with no way to return

The planet seems nice enough - an agreeable climate and an ecology not unlike
Earth's. The troop is getting along fairly well until, one day, two men disappear. The next day, two women are found.

This is the sort of story that, for me at least, defines transgender fiction.
Christopher's stories tend to explore the emotional consequences of
transgendering, and this one does so exceedingly well. The characters are
sympathetic and believable; they react and suffer in real, human ways when
something inexplicable happens to them. In fact, the tale reads like a good
SF novella.

What this story _isn't_ is a silly masturbatory fantasy. There are few sex
scenes, and the first doesn't even occur until well over halfway into the
story. Though infrequent, the sex is tastefully done and occurs at points
that are logical within the context of the tale.

If you enjoy engaging, realistic characters who are forced to come to grips
with emotional and mental trauma, then this is the story for you.


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