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Protection of Literary and Artistic Property (Berne Convention)***

Raphaela du Pleasante chewed a pencil between her mocha colored lips,
staring dully at the clock that ticked ticked ticked on the wall. Tick
tick tick. Detention. She detested it....loathed it....was learning to
count the milliseconds within each second. The pretty 18-year-old high
school senior sighed and lowered her head to the desk. I shouldn't be
here, she thought to herself, her full bottom lip pouting. It wasn't fair
at all. Raphaela went to a very rigid Catholic girls school who's students
hailed from the richest confines of Beverly Hills. And among them all,
Raphaela was a model student...and a model. At only 18, she had been
working fifteen years in the industry, starting with commercials for
pull-up diapers, running her cute naked bottom around studio sets and
smiling pretty for the men who laughed in delight at her free-spirited
antics. She had quickly moved on to cereal commercials, then finally, her
dream - clothing. Runway was Raphaela's forte. No girl could strut her
stuff like Raphaela could. Her mother was a small-time actress turned
snooty socialite, and her father came from old money, had moved here to
California from Texas on the whimsy of his new bride. And Raphaela had
been born here, raised here, spoon-fed on the best that society could offer
her. The best schooling, the best recreational activities, the best
"friends" money could buy. She never took it for granted. Until now.
"Daddy, please?" she had whined this morning while her still-attractive
father had driven her personally to her Saturday morning detention with Mr.
Wilkes. "Love, there is no way I can get you out of this. Truly, I have
tried, my dear. But the school feels this is in your best interests." She
had put on her best pout, and simply stared at her father, her bright blue
eyes wide and as innocent as could be while she leaned close. Raphaela was
becoming a woman. And she knew the power a woman could have over any man,
even her own father. Her mother had taught her well. "Raphaela," her
father had whispered, finally dragging his eyes away from his daughter's
beautiful and perfect face. "I can't help you here, love. I'm sorry." And
she had been dumped on the sidewalk infront of the old stone school on a
Saturday morning with nothing to look forward to but hours upon hours of
catch-up homework, and Mr. Wilkes. Raphaela sighed. The clock ticked and
then made a clicking sound. Ten a.m. She dropped her forehead to the cool
surface of the smooth desk, rolling her head side to side. How had she
gotten here? What had she done wrong? Our Lady of the Valley Catholic
Ladies Finishing School ran very tightly. Because of the many high-class
students that attended, the school wanted for nothing. They had the best
to offer any good pupil, the best teachers, the best computer systems, and
the best extra-curricular activities. And Raphaela had enjoyed them all.
But playing on the volleyball team, running for the track coach, who she
knew only asked her to so he could watch her chest heave....none of it
inspired Raphaela like modeling did. It had been hard, all her life, to
fit her dreams in with her every day necessary routines. But she had done
it, for twelve years, managing school and modeling successfully. Then,
along came Mr. Wilkes, the chemistry professor from HELL! He didn't like
Raphaela leaving classes early, or coming in late. He didn't like making
make-up tests for her like her other teachers did. Mr. Wilkes didn't like
Raphaela du Pleasante, period! She was sure of it! After the first few
months of her senior year in the school had passed normally, Mr. Wilkes
had begun bringing "issues" to the school Recreational Activity Approval
committee. They had never minded that Raphaela's focus was off-campus.
But Mr. Wilkes insisted that the teachers begin to look more closely at
the then 17-year-old's records, her attendance, and what classes she
suffered in. And they did. And Raphaela was found lacking in several
subjects, all that coincided with her modeling shoots and various trips
away from school. Before, Raphaela could have counted her modeling towards
extra credits, as modeling was a common career goal for the girls at
O.L.V.C.L.F.S. But now that Mr. Wilkes was here, and carrying some
Harvard degrees and kudos, everything was changing. Tick tick tick.
Raphaela's eyes stared at the clock, then she looked down at Mr. Wilkes,
sitting behind his desk, scribbling madly on a pad of paper. A solution
had come about to the "du Pleasante" issue when Raphaela had had her 18th
birthday in May. One full day of study, with various make up tests,
papers, and projects. And all of it supported by Mr. Wilkes, who
gallantly offered to supervise Raphaela through out all the day she would
spend alone at the school doing "catch-up". Tick tick tick. She glared at
him from across the short distance, her lips once again mouthing the
slender pencil held by her well-manicured hands. Reflexively, she ran a
hand through her corn-silk hair, pulling it straight as it fell over the
shoulders of her thin sweater. "It's too hot," she said, her voice crisp
as she sat up board-straight in her desk, directly infront of Mr. Wilkes'
own. "May I take off my sweater?"

Mr. Wilkes was not a Chemistry professor by nature. In his 28 years,
he had become quite an athlete. If O.L.V.C.L.F.S. hadn't already had a
full Physical Education staff, that's where he would have ended up. And he
probably never would have crossed paths with little Miss Raphaela du
Pleasante, who had already fulfilled her Phys. Ed requirements for the
term. "It's too hot," came her whiney voice. "May I take off my sweater?"
Wilkes stared at her with his gray eyes, peering at her from behind his
glasses, admiring her, as he couldn't help but do. Her hair, silky and
blonde, flowed over her shoulders today. Not done up in one of those
fancy-schmancy hairdo's she usually used. And it made her look more
enticing than ever. "Um, sure, whatever. Take it off." Take it all off,
he thought to himself, feeling beads of sweat forming on his thin upper
lip. Wilkes leaned back in his chair, letting it dip backwards comfortably.
He was suddenly glad she couldn't see his legs behind the desk. His cock
was creating quite a stir in his navy-blue shorts. He watched her
carefully, studying her as she daintily removed first one arm, then the
other, from the navy blue granny sweater. She instinctively hung the
garment over the back of her desk chair, and turned around to once more
watch the clock. Her blue eyes were the perfect shade, Wilkes thought, his
hand creeping up his bare thigh, ruffling through the blonde leg hair and
landing over his crotch. And her hair. I bet it shines almost like a
mirror in the sun. Wilkes began to lightly rub himself. His cock was too
big, he grinned. Ah, a blessing and a curse. A curse right now, since he
couldn't satisfy his member, not like he wanted to. The bathroom was just
down the hall. He knew he could go in there and get off. But he would
still have to come back here. To see Raphaela. And that would just start
him jumping all over again. As if on cue, Raphaela looked straight into
Wilkes' eyes, and his cock jumped in his palm, beneath the material of the
shorts. This was why he had brought her here, after all, he thought to
himself. So he could stare at her, good and long, before she graduated.
"Why am I here, really?" Wilkes' face flushed of all color. He dropped his
chair down to a straight back position and stared at the girl. "Huh?" "Why
am I here? Why are you doing this to me?" She blinked at him, and he
calmed. She was just being a snot-bag, he realized, thankful he hadn't
been found out. He leaned back again, looking cool and collected. "I'm
sure your parents already discussed this with you." Wilkes put both his
arms behind his head, stretching his chest muscles beneath his white
T-shirt, flexing his biceps, and grinning confidently at the student.
Raphaela frowned openly. "What's the matter, Miss Pleasante? Did you have
other plans today?" he mocked her. "It's du Pleasante, thank you. And
yes. I would rather be doing anything today than this."

Raphaela could feel her brain working overtime. She knew men. And she
knew that look in Mr. Wilkes' gray eyes. Behind his scholarly glasses, he
was up to something. And she was sure it had to do with her. She suddenly
wondered how old Mr. Wilkes was. Maybe 32? 33? He was a teacher, after
all. That made him old in any student's eyes. He sure was strong, and
well built. But blech, he was still a yucky Chemistry teacher. She tapped
her pencil on the top of her desk. He was teasing her, she knew. Raphaela
could read that in his eyes. Was he baiting her for something? She
frowned again, and looked at the clock. 10:15 a.m. Saturday morning. In
school, with a teacher who looked ready to eat her alive. Wait. That was
it, wasn't it! Mr. Wilkes was some sort of pervert! He only wanted her
here to look at her, didn't he!! Startled, Raphaela did her best to keep
her revelation from her face. And her revulsion. She was right, she could
feel it. But how could she use this to her advantage?

Wilkes smiled, and just kept on smiling, moving one hand down to his
hidden crotch again. His cock was getting so hard and big, bulging the
front of his shorts, threatening to pop out. Oh what the hell, he thought,
still grinning at Raphaela. He undid the button hidden by the flap of
material in the front of his shorts, and let his dick slip snake-like from
his underwear. Oh, that felt so much better. Wilkes began to stroke it
with the side of his thumb, studying Raphaela as she studied the clock.
The girl hadn't done a sentence of writing since she had sat down. But
with her head up, it was easier for Wilkes to see her face. And to imagine
what it would be like if her mouth were wrapped around his cock, right now.
He looked down into his lap, at where his member stood at attention. Oh
yeah. That would feel so good, he thought, as he squeezed the head,
forcing a drop of precum to the surface of the small hole. He rubbed the
drop into the tight skin of his cock, and had to forcibly hold back a gasp.
Imagining rubbing that cum on Raphaela's perfect chin, oh yeah...

"I need to go to the lavatory, please," Raphaela said suddenly. She had
an idea. There was no way she was going to stay here and be some pervert's
peepshow. She was going to deal with this just like her mother knew she
could. men were toys, puppets. And she was going to dance Mr. Wilkes on
his strings like he had never been danced before. "Oh yeah, uh, sure, go
ahead. Just come right back here, young lady, when you're done!" He tried
to sound firm, but she knew she had caught him off guard by the way he had
popped his chair back down again, hiding his legs under the desk. He was
probably getting an erection from staring at her. That's fine, Raphaela
thought to herself as she did her best sashay out of the classroom. I'm
going to give him something to stare at, alright. I've got this baby in
the bag.

Whew, Wilkes thought, giving Raphaela permission to go to the bathroom.
He was taking such a risk. And it only made him get harder. He kept his
hands folded on his desk, watching her wiggle out of the classroom,
swinging her little black purse on its long strings. Man, that girl could
walk. She had that strut down to an art! Once she was gone, Wilkes
whistled low and soft, and leaned back, fully and openly stroking his cock.
"Buddy, we have got to get some of that!" Again, he pictured Raphaela's
mouth poised beneath the head of his cock, her lips eager and ready to take
him inside. That would be the best image, right there. "I'm...back?"
Quickly, he rolled his chair back under the desk. But had it been in time?
She must have seen him!

Raphaela tried not to throw up. Oh my god, had she just seen what she
thought she had just seen? Was that...Mr. Wilkes' cock? In his hand??
Had he been masturbating while she was in the bathroom? Oh my god, she
thought, suddenly weak in the knees. Maybe she wasn't doing the right
thing after all. Maybe going to the bathroom and removing her bra and
panties wasn't such a good idea. Maybe... But she looked up at the clock
as she passed it by. 10:30 a.m. She had five long hours to go, if she
didn't follow through on her plans. She could do this. She knew she
could. This would be a cakewalk, if she did it right. Just a little flash
here, a crossing and uncrossing of the legs there, and a sweet request.
And Mr. Wilkes would let her leave so he could take care of himself
properly. Not that he hadn't already started, if she had seen what she
thought she had just seen. Raphaela sat back in her desk, making sure to
round out her bottom as she slid in, the plaid skirt flaring slightly as
she sat down. Was he watching? A quick glance said he could not take his
eyes off of her. Doing her best to look hot and bored, Raphaela drew Mr.
Wilkes' eyes from her uncrossed legs up to her hands, where she coyly
fidgeted with the top bottoms of her blouse before undoing them. Then she
leaned over her desk, picking up her pencil and dabbing the tip on the
paper infront of her. Putting on her best pout, she looked up at Mr.
Wilkes. "I wish I didn't have to be here today. I would do anything to
get out of this. It's so unfair, don't you think, Mr. Wilkes? Isn't
there something you would rather be doing than watching over little old me?"

Wilkes nearly came right there. He was sure she had seen him touching
himself. That had seemed bad enough. But upon closer examination of
Raphaela, he noticed she had removed the brassiere from beneath her thin
white blouse. And as she sat down, her tiny skirt bunched up. She
uncrossed her legs, and he could swear he saw through the shadows between
her slender thighs. What the hell? What was she trying to do, make him
cum?? Well, Wilkes thought, eyes narrowing suspiciously. Maybe she was
doing just that. As the highschool senior leaned over her desk, top
buttons of her blouse now undone, Wilkes could see a good bit of her round
young cleavage. There was no way that wasn't done intentionally. "I wish
I didn't have to be here today. I would do anything to get out of this.
It's so unfair, don't you think, Mr. Wilkes? Isn't there something you
would rather be doing than watching over little old me?" Wilkes gulped,
stunned. His cock began to throb, aching and jumping out of his shorts.
"Uh huh." He was right! The little vixen was planning on conniving her way
out of her detention with a little flash of titty and pussy. It was all
Wilkes could do not to laugh. Since he had been here this school year,
over 75% of the student body had thrown itself at him. And more than half
the faculty, men included. Some he had obliged, under special situations.
Heck, to get this detention today, he had done some pretty good flashing of
his own. But he wasn't about to have Raphaela ruin it for him now. No
way. He had worked hard to get this day, to plan it so the school would be
empty, and no one would be around. Just him and Raphaela du Pleasante.
She would do anything to get out of this, would she? We'll see about that,
Wilkes thought, leaning back and grinning again.

Raphaela gulped. Mr. Wilkes didn't seem to be taking her bait. No
other teacher had lasted this long before. She had used this ploy a few
times, to get her way. It even worked with Daddy. But that grin on Mr.
Wilkes' face didn't say a thing about giving her her way. She looked at
the clock and thought hard. She really didn't want to be here. She could
be doing so much right now, better things. And Raphaela wondered to
herself, exactly what would she do to get out of this? "Come here for a
moment, Raphaela," Mr. Wilkes said in a silky-smooth voice that had so
many undertones to it, Raphaela couldn't begin to decipher their meanings.
"Come over to my desk a moment."

Here goes, thought Wilkes. This was the part where he found out exactly
how much Raphaela would really do to get out of her detention. Or if he
was about to be slammed with an indecent exposure lawsuit. He turned his
chair on its swivel, as Raphaela stood up and came around one side of his
desk. She now had her back to the classroom door. As she walked around
the desk, he knew she could run, at any time. Wilkes wasn't into rape.
Domination could be fun, especially with a little snot-bag like this one.
But he wasn't about to force anyone to do anything. He liked being wanted,
the idea of being desired. Raphaela slowly walked around the desk until
she faced Wilkes. He looked up at her, trying to feel half as confident as
his grin said he was. He put a hand on his thigh, and as Raphaela's
surprised eyes moved downward from his face, he made his dick jump, on cue.
And he kept on grinning.

She couldn't believe it. There, infront of her, was a real life cock.
She had never seen a real one. Not like this. Sure, she had watched
movies, and giggled over them with her friends after looting her father's
personal stash. She had even seen her father's penis, when she had
stumbled on some of his home movies of himself and her mother. Her father was a handsome man. But Mr. Wilkes' member was...perfect. And very big.
As her eyes became glued to it, it jumped. And so did she. "Nothing to be
afraid of, Miss du Pleasante," Mr. Wilkes said, as he reached a big hand
down to his big cock, and began to stroke the shaft. Raphaela was
speechless, watching him. "I'm just a man. And you are a very attractive
young lady. And you know it, too, don't you. That's why you took off your
bra and panties, isn't it. You thought that might help you get out of
detention, didn't you." Raphaela nodded, gulping again. Her throat seemed
suddenly dry and tight, and she felt she had lost her voice. "Well, young lady. I'm sorry. But I'm afraid I can't let you leave detention. The
Recreational Activity Approval committee left me in charge of you today.
And I know I need to do a good job in supervising you." Mr. Wilkes smiled
and Raphaela looked at his smile, then back down to his lap. He was still
stroking himself. His cock was so big and hard. She could see the flesh
bulging in his hand's grip, could see the veins popping along the sides of
the long thick shaft. "I suppose, though, that I may have over-dramatized
your failings in school this year. Do you think you should be here, in
this classroom, with me, all day long...Raphaela?" What could she say to

"No," came the unusually quiet voice of the blonde senior infront of Mr.
Wilkes. Alright, he said to himself, feeling every vein in his shaft throb
as his hand ran over his cock. So far, so good. Now to see if she was
ready to deal. "Well, maybe we can work something out, between the two of
us. I mean, you seem pretty determined to get out of this thing, any way
you can." Wilkes nodded at Raphaela, as if pointing out that her perky
breasts now jutted, with hardened nipples, from her thin white blouse. The
girl nodded in return, her eyes wide as she watched his hand on his cock.
Then he realized something very important and crucial to his little
fantasy. Little Miss du Pleasante had never seen a real life cock before.
Oh, she'd probably been felt up on occasion. Wilkes couldn't doubt that
one second. She had dated most of the football team, but she had never
been with anyone seriously, that he'd heard anyway. She probably prided
herself on her prudish chastity. The very thought of her virgin mouth
wrapped around his cock made a drop of precum splurt out of the hole on the
head of his dick. And he rubbed it around, looking from the swollen helmet
of his cock, up to Raphaela's mouth. Such full lips. So perfectly shaped.
And to think, they had never ever touched another man's cockflesh. "What
can you do for me, that will convince me you should be free to go for the
rest of the day?"

Raphaela couldn't take her eyes from Mr. Wilkes' cock, or how his hand
stroked it so naturally. My god, she thought, gulping as he talked to her.
My god, that's a real cock, and it's hard and it's wet, and I'm looking at
it, and oh my god. When he asked her if she thought she should be in class
today with him, Raphaela could barely speak and only managed to squeak out
a soft weak-sounding "no". Mr. Wilkes kept talking, but he also kept
touching himself. And Raphaela couldn't look away. Cocks were so big!
They were huge! How did the women in the movies manage to do all those
nasty things with them? How did her mother - ? "What can you do for me,
that will convince me you should be free to go for the rest of the day?"
Here it was, his trump card. He wanted something from her. If it was her
virginity, he wouldn't get it. No one would get that, she had promised
herself that years ago and had held true to it no matter what. But what
else did she have to offer? Now it was her turn to speak, it was
Raphaela's turn to play her hand. "What - what can I do for you?" And the
smile that lit Mr. Wilkes' face made Raphaela's stomach tighten and

He had her, he knew it. And he loved it. "Oh, Raphaela, there are so
many things. Of course, I could get anything from anyone in this school,
really. Do you know how often your friend Rebecca throws herself at me?
She always begs me to let her suck my cock. Did you know that, Raphaela? I
bet you didn't, did you." Wilkes slowly took his hand away from his crotch,
leaving his member exposed and hungry, wiping his hand on his shorts and
putting both hands behind his head. He was flexing again, enjoying his
newfound position of power. Damn, even just toying with this girl felt
good. She was so snotty, but where was all her snobbery now? He had her
right where he wanted her, or almost did. "I didn't let her, though. No.
I've been waiting, all year, Raphaela. I've been thinking and wondering
about having you do that. "What do you think, Miss Pleasante?"

Raphaela could just see that slut Rebecca, trailing like a puppy after
Mr. Wilkes. It was just her style. She'd known Rebecca all her life, and
had been watching her friend as she got rounder, and plumper. Not really
fat, mind you. But Rebecca Caucas was all tits and ass. Raphaela's mother had often commented to her daughter about how Rebecca should be in
pornographic movies, with the way she blatantly flashed her body whenever
she got the chance, at any man that walked by. Wait, what had Mr. Wilkes
just said? "I didn't let her, though. No. I've been waiting, all year,
Raphaela. I've been thinking and wondering about having you do that."
Having her do what, again? She gulped, as Mr. Wilkes took his hand from
his jumping, bouncing cock, and wiped it off on his navy-blue shorts.
"What do you think, Miss Pleasante?" Raphaela snarled. "It's du
Pleasante." And Mr. Wilkes laughed. "See? It's that snobbish
holier-than-thou attitude, right there, that got you here today! Just keep
on smiling, little girl. I've got all day!" And Mr. Wilkes made to turn
his chair back around to his desk, grinning and not looking at her. "No!
Wait! I mean..." What did she mean?

Wilkes had barely turned his chair away from the tall girl, but he
slowly turned it back, looking up at her with a false blank stare. "Yes?"
"Well," she said, and he shivered as she bit indecisively at her lip.
"Listen, Raphaela, we don't have all day. We're supposed to have work to
do, here. If you'd like to make a deal, now is the time to let me know."
God, he was acting like such an ass! And it felt so great! The girl was
trembling, shaking. And he loved how she couldn't say it, couldn't say yes
to what he had just suggested. Then he'd have to do it for her, he said to
himself. Because god, he had to have that mouth on his cock soon, or he'd
just about burst! Wilkes put out his hands, palms up. And when Raphaela
put her hands into his, he pulled her down, slowly, until she was crouched
between his knees. He put a hand on each of her shoulders, pushing her
until she was on her knees infront of him. "There is an easy way to get
out of all of this," he said quietly. "It won't take long. And if you
don't know how to do it, that's okay." Wilkes brushed a hand against the
cool skin of the girl's cheek. "I can show you exactly how it's done."

She couldn't believe it. She was like putty in this guy's hands.
Raphaela suddenly found herself on her knees in between Mr. Wilkes'
thighs. Her chemistry professor was going to show her how to suck cock. Oh
my god, she thought. What have I gotten myself into? What do I do now?
"I can show you exactly how it's done." Raphaela looked up into Mr.
Wilkes' gray eyes, hating him, fearing him, but left only in a position
where she had to trust him. "If it gets messy, I can help you clean up. I
promise not to make a mess in your hair." Mess? What did he mean? What
did that mean?? Raphaela gulped, and looked at the cock, which was now
mere inches infront of her face. It was dark colored, as if tanned, but it
had a reddish tint to it. The head was swollen and purple, and the skin
was so tight, it shone. Her mouth got dry, suddenly, and she licked her
lips, surprised as the cock bounced. She looked up at her teacher. He was
watching her mouth, and when she had licked her lips, he had liked it. If
he was that easy to excite, she told herself, I can do this fast, and get
out of here. "Now, carefully...kiss it." And Raphaela did.

Wilkes groaned, loudly, not holding back, as Raphaela's mouth lowered to
his tight cockflesh, and she gave him a soft kiss. Fuck, her lips were so
soft. "Again," he moaned, eyes closed. He reached up her neck, and curled
his fingers in her hair. "Open your lips this time, put your tongue on
me." The girl obeyed, and Wilkes felt another splurt of precum. Raphaela
jumped and made to move away, but he tightened his fingers in her hair.
"That's normal. That just means I like what you're doing. Don't stop.
Kiss me where the cum is, Raphaela." He opened his eyes, watching as the
girl, trembling, put her lips against the drop of precum. Her tongue
reached out, and he snickered as she tasted the creamy drop of ooze. "You
like it, don't you. I knew you would. You'll get used to it, easily. Now
put the head of it into your mouth, for me." Raphaela shook her head.
"No," she said softly, her blue eyes glaring up at Wilkes defiantly. "I
said, put the head into your mouth!"

Raphaela shook her head again. The taste of the salty precum was still
on her tongue. She'd never tasted anything like that before. It was as if
the taste was secondary to the feel of it. It was thick, heavy. Mr.
Wilkes' fingers curled tightly in her hair, and she looked up at him again
as he began to lower her head to his cock. "Open your mouth, little girl,
and put my cock inside. Or I'll do it for you, and you won't like that at
all - trust me." But still, Raphaela objected, glaring and pursing her lips
tightly closed. Mr. Wilkes took his cock in one hand, stroking himself.
Raphaela watched as his fingers tightened at the base and squeezed up as
they moved toward the head. His hand was tight in her hair, getting
tighter. "Ow!" she finally squealed, pinching her eyes shut. And as soon
as her mouth opened, Mr. Wilkes shoved her head down and his cock up. And
suddenly, her mouth was filled with him. She gagged and tried to push
away. But when she opened her eyes, Mr. Wilkes was grinning. His hand was
tight in her hair, forcing her head and face all the way into his groin.
"If you bite me, I'll hit you. You never bite a man down there, got that,
little girl? Raphaela struggled, but without using her teeth, there was no
way to get out of this.

Wilkes hated having to do that. He didn't like to force anyone to do
anything sexual, not even this snotty little rich bitch, who deserved it
for not listening. "Are you going to do what I say?" She nodded and he
relaxed his grip on her hair, still not letting go. "Now, I want you to
move your tongue around it. Just nicely. Lick me. Yeah, like that." And
he sighed as she moved her tongue inside her mouth, over his shaft. "That
feels so good. Keep doing that, and you'll be out of here in no time." He
could feel his cum, building and boiling in his balls. Mmm, his balls.
May as well go for the gusto. "If you just relax, you can enjoy this.
I'll show you how. Just imagine that this is your chance to explore
things, safely. With someone who won't hurt you. I don't want to hurt you, Raphaela. I just want to love your mouth."

He said it so smoothly, so calmly, Raphaela could almost believe him.
His fingers had released on her hair, and he was petting her now.
Inwardly, she sighed, as her mouth got used to being crammed full of cock.
She moved her tongue around like he suggested, and looked up to see Mr.
Wilkes moaning and letting his head drop back. He was really liking this.
She knew her mother probably did this with men. She could bet her father enjoyed it, as well. It may be something she would actually have to learn
to do. Mr. Wilkes was right. He hadn't really hurt her, and she had kind
of asked for it, getting him excited by agreeing to his proposition, then
refusing to do what he asked. Maybe she should see this as a chance to
practice? Or something. I mean, kissing pillows only gets you so far, she
told herself. Raphaela knew she was just trying to justify being between
her chemistry teacher's thighs, with his cock in her mouth. She could have
said no, she could have suffered through the detention. But her attitude
wouldn't let her. She had to get her way. And obviously, this was one way
of doing that. Carefully, she moved her tongue up and down the hard shaft,
letting it run over the throbbing, bulging veins. She withdrew, slowly,
letting the cock come out. But before Mr. Wilkes could grip her hair, she
put both her hands around the base of his cock, squeezing it like she had
seen him do. She squeezed it, upwards, into her mouth, and suckled the
helmet. Except for his size, this really wasn't so bad.

Damn, thought Wilkes. What was that little vixen doing now? He had
thought she meant to back off now, the way she had been pulling back. And
there was no way in hell he was going to let her. He was so close to
cumming, already, that he would have just grabbed her hair, forced her
mouth over him, and let himself get off right in her squealing throat,
before he let her just leave him all hard and unsatisfied. But that wasn't
what she was doing, at all. He groaned, and shuddered, as Raphaela's long
fingers clenched around the base of his thick cock, and began stroking him.
"God, girl, yes. Fuck, that feels so good." Her mouth was so tight around
the head of him. He could feel her tongue, swirling. She was moving it so
fast. "Here," Wilkes said, taking one of her hands. "Touch my balls.
They are so heavy, so heavy with cum for you. "Raphaela," Wilkes moaned.
Saying her name, with her right there, with his cock in her mouth, was
fulfilling yet another of his fantasies. Only one more left.

She let her teacher move her hand to his sack. It was soft to the
touch, wrinkly. But inside she could feel two huge slippery balls that
slid around as she gripped at them. "Not too tight. Just careful, now."
So, this was what it was like to have someone by the balls, was it? Her
mother said that often, about her father. And now Raphaela knew what she
meant. When you had a man in this position, so full of desire and
pleasure, their eyes rolling back in their heads, their hands trembling as
they touched you, you could probably get anything you wanted from them.
Carefully, still stroking the cock, Raphaela let it slip from her lips.
"Mr. Wilkes," she whispered. "Yeah?" he moaned back, not even openly his
eyes as her hand cupped and squeezed his balls just right. "May I be
excused from detention?" "Oh hell yeah," he groaned, looking at her with
glazed over eyes. "Just suck me off, and you can go." His hand was against
her cheek, and it was almost a tender caress. "Finish me off, Raphaela,
and I'll let you call someone to come and get you." She nodded and opened
her mouth, her eyes locked on his while he shifted his hips, pushing up so
his cock touched her lips. And she waited until his hand was in her hair,
encouraging her to move over his groin. "Finish me."

Slowly, the girl put her mouth over his cock again. He wasn't sure if
she knew what to do to finish him. But, this is where he got to show her.
And got to live out the last bit of his fantasies. Wilkes tightened his
hand in Raphaela's hair again, chewing his bottom lip with a bit of worry.
He'd been having his cock sucked by girls since he was 12, and he knew what
he liked. He loved the feel of Raphaela's small virgin mouth all hot and
tight around him, and he loved feeling her hand squeezing his testes. But
what he really needed was to feel the head of his cock butting against the
back of her throat. She might object to that, might not be ready. But
Wilkes could feel his cum building up. It was time, he knew. He gripped
her hair, and moved her hands to his thighs, as if to get her ready to have
something to hold onto. Then, he began to move. Surprisingly, she began
to match his movements. Wilkes didn't doubt that she just wanted to do
whatever he said, in order to get out of her as quick as possible. But her
liking it wasn't a part of his fantasy, really. He only ever dreamed of
fucking her mouth, just like this. He bucked harder, pushing his cock past
her tongue, past her mouth. Ah fuck yeah, he thought to himself, holding
back his moans. God, that's the back of her throat, right there. And
she's not even objecting. Damn, he said, as he felt his cum rising. She's
a god damned natural deep throater!

Raphaela could feel Mr. Wilkes' cock bouncing and butting against the
back of her throat, could feel the spongy head of him ramming back into
her. His hips raised up, and he pushed her head carefully down onto him.
She gripped his thighs, her nails digging in. And he liked it, and
grimaced in pleasure. "Fuck yeah, keep going. That's good. Oh god, I'm
going to cum. I'm going to cum in your mouth!" He was going to cum in her
mouth? Raphaela hoped that would be the end of it. Then, his cock
shuddered and jumped hard in her mouth. And hot liquid splashed against
the back of her throat, burning as it went down. She tried to pull away.
"No! No, just swallow it. That's right. Just swallow it. It won't make
you sick. And fuck, it feels so good if you swallow." So, Raphaela calmed
herself, and swallowed, barely tasting the hot cum as Mr. Wilkes thrust a
few times more and poured into her.

This was it, he thought to himself as he poured his cum into the back of
her throat. With his fingers in her hair, he twisted his cock, and pulled
her face off of him. His left hand was in her hair now, and his right was
fiddling with his desk. Wilkes watched as his cock burst free of
Raphaela's tight lips, her eyes wide in surprise. And he laughed as the
last of his cum poured over her face, running down her chin and cheeks.
"God! Ah! Fuck yeah!" Then, he hit the button on the camera, and the
flash went off. And his fantasy was fulfilled.

"What the hell?!?!" Raphaela jumped away from Mr. Wilkes, wiping madly
at her cum-covered face, blinking from the pop of the flash in her eyes.
"What the FUCK did you just do? Did you just take my picture? Did you?"
She was yelling at him now. That bastard! He really had all this planned!
Raphaela could see her modeling career going down the drain, see it passing
before her eyes. Fifteen years of work, blown away, because some guy had a
picture of her sucking his cock - no, worse! He had a picture of her with
his cum all over her face! "You bastard!" She dove at him, trying for the
camera. And Mr. Wilkes let her have it, waving as he jumped away from
her. In his hand, he held a Polaroid. "Give that to me!" "No way! Now
I've got you!" And they began a mad chase around the classroom, Mr. Wilkes
laughing and cackling, and Raphaela going from crying to pleading to
screaming in fury. "Give it to me!"

At last, Wilkes just put his hand on Raphaela's shoulder and pushed her.
The girl landed hard on her bottom on the classroom floor. And for a
moment, he considered just having her. Her plaid skirt was hiked up around
her hips, and he could see her virgin bush. Her full chest was heaving.
And he could feel his still-exposed dick getting hard. But no, he reminded
himself. There was no way he was going to rape someone. "Alright, this is
the deal," he said, holding the picture aloft. "Since this is a Polaroid,
and the only one of it's kind, I'll let you have it - after graduation."
The girl glared at him, getting to her feet and walking to her desk. She
pulled open her purse and used a silk handkerchief inside to wipe off her
face. She was deep red with humiliation. Wilkes laughed quietly.
"Honestly, Raphaela. I have no intention of using this against you. I
just want to keep it for a while. A memento - unless you want to come suck
me off a few times more? Hmmm? Didn't think so. So just let me keep this
until you graduate. Then, I'll give it back to you." The girl was trying
to regain some composure. He watched as she brushed her hair viciously,
first one side, then the other. Then, finally, she spoke. "I have a very
powerful and very influential family. If you use that picture against me,
I will tell them you lured me here to rape me, then tell them you said I
had to suck your cock to leave, or you would kill me. Then we will sue
you, and I will still be the innocent victim. And you'll go to jail."
Wilkes knew full well she could do that to him, right now. But she was
agreeing to his suggestion. She was trusting him. "Not a problem. Just
let me have this photo for a few weeks. I've dreamed of your mouth on my
cock for so long, Raphaela. All I want is a bit of time with this photo,
and then I'll give it to you." Really give it to you, he said to himself,
watching as the girl put her nose up in the air, and left the room, books
and purse in hand. As if nothing had happened, he laughed, sitting back in
his chair and looking at the picture. As if I didn't just cum all over her
perfect face.

Raphaela called her father at work. He was surprised that she was out
of detention already, but more than happy to come get her. "We'll spend
the day together, in the city maybe," he said to her on his cell phone. It
didn't take him very long to show up in his car, whipping around the quiet
suburb that the school was located in. He jumped out of his side of the
car, and opened the passenger door for his daughter, his hand on the small
of her back. "Everything okay, sweetie?" "Sure, Daddy." Raphaela climbed
into the car, letting her father put her books into the back for her. She
was thinking, thinking very hard about everything that had happened. She
was trying to make it "right" in her head. She'd have to deal with this
for the rest of her life, the fact that her chemistry teacher had so toyed
with her and used her. "So," Raphaela's father said as they began to drive
downtown. "What did you learn in school today?" As he placed his hand on
her thigh, patting her bare skin, Raphaela watched him. She watched his
hand, and she watched his face. "Maybe I'll show you, some time." She knew
her father had no clue what she was talking about. But to her, the joke
was so funny. And also, very possible. To have a man by the balls, all a
woman had to do was...


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