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Torment Resolved


Torment Resolved by Telephoneman

This work is the intellectual property of the author Telephoneman and he
claims the copyright. Permission if requested WILL be granted for this
story to be posted or archived to any free site. Permission MAY be granted
to any commercial or pay site or organisation. Requests for such
permission should be sent

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WARNING xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of adult
fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults
and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside delete
this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of material
where you reside delete this file immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

Torment Resolved

They’d been tormenting me for some months now, since they left school to
be precise. They were my daughter’s small group of friends. I had watched
most of them grow up for the ten years we’d been living in our present
house. All, but Claire, had spent many hours in and around my house over
that decade. Since leaving school, however, they’d spent nearly everyday
here. The main reason being the glorious summer we were having. No doubt
our large garden and swimming pool helped. Naturally they spent most of
the time dressed, or should I say undressed, accordingly. Hence my
torment. Apart from Tam, who was unfortunately a plain girl and even at
5’8” still looked quite a bit overweight, all the girls were going to be
stunners. My sixteen-year-old daughter Amy was their unelected leader,
another reason for their appearance on my doorstep. Amy was 5’10” with
long blonde hair and striking blue eyes. Cherie and Claire were darker
images of Amy, both nearly as tall, with brown eyes. Both were brunettes
and both shared the same wicked sense of humour. They were often mistaken
for twins but were in fact totally unrelated. Louise was the sporty one of
the group, over 5’7”, with very short mousy hair. Louise was never still
always in the pool or kicking a ball about; a sheer bundle of energy.
Jenny always seemed the odd one out, petite, only 5’4”, black shiny hair
cut in a bob, and very much the introvert. Apart from Claire who’d joined
the group a year back they’d all been together on and off since we arrived.
I have worked from home for the few years since my divorce and found it
suited me perfectly. That is until this summer. I’d positioned my desk to
look out across the pool and down the garden. This had seemed ideal, in
fact was ideal, until the distraction of so much near naked feminine flesh.
I’d assumed that this torment from the girls was wholly unintentional but
the last few days Cherie had taken to lying on her sun lounger directly
outside my window, usually with her feet pointing towards me and as far
apart as the lounger would comfortably permit.

This of course provided me with an extremely good view of her barely
covered pussy. She obviously shaved her bikini line, which in keeping with
current fashion was quite high. She also had the very disconcerting habit
of running her finger inside and pulling the fabric away from her sex,
before letting it fall back, presumably in a more comfortable position. I
spent most of the summer with a perpetual hard on.

I’d gone through a painful divorce, one I’d never wanted and one that
left a lot of emotional baggage. The latter the main reason for my year or
more of self enforced celibacy. Having no release for my sexual torment
only worked to make it worse. My thoughts, which were quickly becoming
habitual, were to give up pretending to work and to take pleasure in
studying the girls.

My daughter I ignored because she was just that my little baby girl. I
had no doubts that others would look on her different but not me. Of
course I realised that the other girls were also daughters but most of the
time I could convince myself that it didn’t matter because they weren’t

Tam was usually first on my list. As I’ve said she was plain and
overweight. I can appreciate plain women but cannot find any sexual
attraction in larger women. I’ve been told by many friends that I don’t
know what I’m missing and although I accept this, I can’t help what I feel.
My time spent on Tam was usually minimal.

Louise was next. I knew Lou better than the others because she shared
my passion of football and we’d regularly shared a kick about and even the
odd game of squash. Lou was supremely fit with a runner’s physique. Slim
with tiny breasts and a firm but indistinguishable behind. I liked Lou a
lot, and whenever thinking about her, cannot help remembering a squash
session a year or so back when my shorts had torn giving Lou a full view of
my cock. Nothing was ever mentioned after that but I could still recall
her fixed stare at my manhood. This summer I’d had numerous thoughts
relating to renewing that acquaintance.

Jenny was a mystery to me. She never seemed to give away her thoughts.
It appeared that we got on because when Jenny did join in she obviously
shared my love of sarcasm as a means of communication. She appeared the
most mature of the group but always seemed happy to follow the flow.
Physically she was very pretty, small but perfectly formed. Most women
seem to have a best feature, face, breasts, legs or whatever but Jenny’s
best feature was everything; it was like the saying “the whole was more
than the sum of its parts”. One thing I had noticed though was that her
nipples became erect very easily; either that or she had one hell of a
dirty mind! I couldn’t analyse why but apart from Tam, Jenny occupied my
fantasies least.

Cherie and Claire I could never separate in my fantasies. They figured
individually where they were mutually interchangeable, and as a pair when I
allowed my imagination to run free. Slim with good-sized breasts and full
backsides they were at their peak. Recently my mind had replayed Cherie’s
display of scarcely covered pussy numerous times when alone in bed. I
longed for it to be my finger that probed under her bikini bottoms, to
delve slowly in the damp crevice that lead to her inner core; to dip my
finger in the sweet nectar and taste her essence. (I’m sure you get the
idea). These pair starred in the majority of my nighttime fantasies.

One day Cherie was in a particularly exhibitionist mood. She’d been
lying on her stomach facing me on her usual lounger when she’d leaned
forward and removed her bikini top. I was treated to an all too brief view
of a lovely pair of breasts. Brief though it was, it was enough for me to
see her small nipples and her light aureole. An hour or so later after
allowing me other equally brief sightings she turned around so that her
feet were pointed towards me. I waited in anticipation for what I knew
would follow. Sure enough a few seconds later her fingers moved inside her
bikini bottom, pulled the material away from her pussy and released it.
Unlike previous, this time she pulled the fabric forward AND to the side,
giving me a clear view of her young pussy. It was totally hairless with
her pink lips pouting as if demanding a kiss, a demand I longed to accede

I decided to leave the window whilst my heart was still beating
reasonably normally and go and read in the living room. Ten minutes later
a heavy shower brought the girls in. Expecting only a brief downpour they
were still clad in their swimwear. Claire and Cherie sat opposite me on
the settee whilst the others sat spread-eagled on the floor. Unusually
quiet, the girls just looked out the window for a while. Realising that
the shower was not going to give in that easily they turned their attention
to me,

‘You’re not working then? How come?’ Cherie asked with an impish grin.
I’d been pretty sure that Cherie had known of her little display before but
now I was certain of it.

‘No’ I replied. ‘I got distracted and couldn’t concentrate’ I continued
to see how far it would go.

Cherie giggled and leaned over and whispered something to Claire who
looked at me then also had a giggling fit. Amy and Tam got up and went to
the kitchen, Amy to get a drink and Tam probably for food. Claire returned
the whisper and I saw Cherie nod. Claire stood up and headed for the
kitchen. She couldn’t have even made it there before she was back sitting
next to Cherie. They both had silly grins on their faces when Claire
slowly opened her legs. It was immediately obvious why she’d left her
seat. She had moved the material covering her pussy to the side showing me
another naked pussy. A little smile came to her face and she said ‘What
was that then?’ in an innocent voice, belying her visible sex.

Cherie turned around on the chair and leaned over as if to reach
something behind it. Without doubt she was aware of her delectable behind
openly displayed for me. Quickly Claire closed her legs as Amy returned
and said ‘Weather’s a bit dull. Let’s go into town.’

I excused myself, trying desperately to hide my now huge erection. I
headed straight for my bedroom. Ten minutes of lustful thoughts later my
erection was as hard as ever. Quickly I undressed and began to caress my
cock thinking of what I’d just seen downstairs. Nowadays masturbation is
my only release so I always try and make it last, doing everything nice and
slowly. I lay back, closed my eyes to allow my imagination better access
and stroked my throbbing cock. I could easily last forty minutes like this
and today I really wanted to savour every moment. About ten minutes later
my subconscious became aware of someone else in the room. I looked up and
Jenny was standing by the door watching me. My hand was still moving up
and down my stiff member. For what seemed like an hour but was more likely
a few minutes neither of us spoke. Jenny just looked at my cock whilst I
stared at Jenny’s eyes.

‘I came to apologise for C&C’ Jenny finally said, making no move to
either leave or approach me. C&C was the group’s name for Cherie and

‘Why are you doing that?’ she continued not once letting her eyes stray.
‘As you came to apologise for them two then obviously you know what they
were doing. That said, then you know why I need to masturbate. I can’t
very well do anything to you girls can I?’ unintentionally linking Jenny
with the other two.

‘Why not? They deserve it. It might teach them a lesson about teasing.
They’re always doing it, although I’ve never seen them go that far before.’
‘Deserving it is still no excuse. A woman should want sex otherwise its
rape and no man should condone that. It’s all right fantasizing about them
but doing something is an entirely different matter. And I don’t think
either of them actually wants sex, certainly not with an old man like me’.

The last bit was thrown in hopefully to elicit a denial after all; I was
still stroking my cock, which had lost none of its hardness. I was also
doing it in front of a girl the same young age as those I’d been talking
about. The thoughts that kept me hard had however changed. Jenny now took
the parts played by C&C.

‘Is that what you’re thinking about now? Sex with one of them’ she

‘No’ I answered, without saying who I was thinking about.

‘I thought men were only hard when they thought about sex.’

‘I am thinking about sex but not with either of them.’

‘Who then?’ Jenny demanded.

I didn’t answer but I looked straight at her. Jenny’s eyes finally left
my crotch and met mine. She then clicked.

‘Oh! Me?’ she cried incredulously, obviously unaware of the effect she
along with C&C had been having on me these last few months.

‘Yes you. Why do you look so surprised?’ I replied. The last minute or
so I’d come to the conclusion that Jenny was by far the best of the group.
I’d unconsciously thought that C&C were in their prime but hadn’t stopped
to consider that that prime would be over in a couple of years, after which
would follow a downhill slide. Jenny, whilst not as in your face as the
other two, was up there with them in looks. The difference was that
Jenny’s more subtle beauty would continue to improve for at least another
twenty years. As Jenny had now stopped watching me masturbate I stopped
and let my hand drop. My erection, however, still maintained its full

‘Don’t you realise just how beautiful you are?’ I asked the
sixteen-year-old in front of me.

Jenny blushed, her shyness or modesty refusing to acknowledge my
comments with words of her own. She had noticed that I’d stopped. ‘Why
have you stopped?’

‘I was stroking myself because no one else was here to do it for me.
Now I have a beautiful young woman with me whom I hope will continue for
me.’ My own words caused a further realisation to hit me. Now in my eyes
suddenly Jenny was no longer a girl, she was the beautiful young woman I’d
called her. I desired her and my aching for her hit me hard. I’d done
what I had just said was wrong. I’d involved one of the girls. However I
had to take the chance. The potential prize was too high for me not to
gamble. I waited for her response.

Her answer finally came when she walked toward the bed and sat down by
my legs. In desperate anticipation I stopped breathing as she reached
slowly towards my manhood. Her hand wrapped itself around my shaft; it’s
smallness making me look bigger than I actually was. She didn’t move her
hand as if coming to terms with what she was doing. Slowly she began to
repeat the rhythmic movements she’d seen my own hand performing earlier.
She moved her other hand and tenderly caressed my balls before moving it
and using her fingers to softly play with my swollen head. I moved my hand
to caress her back, the only part of her I could reach. We kept up this
mutual touching for an age. Fortunately her slow manipulations, though
extremely pleasurable, were not enough to bring me to orgasm.

I leaned further forward and pulled her to lie with her back on the bed.
I then bent over to kiss her; a soft kiss, gentle as a butterfly. I traced
her lips with my tongue, kissed her nose and eyelids before returning to
her mouth to explore with my tongue. My hands played with her hair, my
fingers acting like a comb before they succumbed to the temptations lower
down. I let my fingers lovingly stroke her neck as they moved down to her
breasts. The wisp of material that was her bikini top was no obstacle as
my fingers pushed it easily out of the way. I used my thumb and finger to
first trace around and then softly squeeze her nipple. I felt it rise and
harden under my hand amazed how large they had become, especially in
comparison with her small but absolutely perfect breasts.

I broke the kiss to move my tongue to replace my hands allowing my hands
to continue on their voyage of discovery. Her nipples waved under my
tongue as I licked each in turn. My hand traced her taut stomach before
sliding under her bikini bottoms. I felt the soft down guiding me towards
her sex. She was moist already and my first touch brought a shiver from
her petit frame and a low pleasurable groan from her delicate lips. My
fingers parted her soft lips with ease as I guided my middle finger into
her hot pussy whilst the rest of my hand slowly rubbed her mound. More
moans accompanied my actions before Jenny lifted herself up and without a
word removed her bikini before lying down again. The smile that
accompanied this manoeuvre said more than words ever could. I let my mouth
leave the soft skin of her breasts to follow the path pioneered by my
hands. Stopping only to lick her navel my tongue arrived at her pussy. My
hands and fingers had only been an appetiser for her but my mouth and
tongue were to be the main course.

I used my tongue to taste her passion induced, secretions. I used it to
tease her clit, licking all around it and flicking it with the sensitive
tip of my tongue. All the while my fingers probed her deepest parts.
Removing my fingers from inside her I briefly leaned up and placed my
fingers in Jenny’ mouth so she too could share her nectar with me. I
replaced my fingers with my tongue and pushed as far as my tongue would
stretch up into her now sopping cunt. The heat seemed intense and I felt
Jenny’s hands on my head forcing me deeper into her hot body until I felt
her whole body tremble. One last nibble on her clit and a huge orgasm
overwhelmed Jenny.

With her orgasm I turned myself around and positioned myself above her
ready to enter her tiny body. I looked down at her, waiting for
permission, not knowing what I’d do if it had been refused. Another
stunning smile was my ticket to enter paradise. I placed my cock at her
pussy lips, rubbed it up over her wetness, feeling her tremble as it passed
over her ultra sensitive clit. I coated it in her honey and pushed towards
ecstasy. As I pushed I felt an unfamiliar barrier. I stopped; I hadn’t
considered that Jenny might be a virgin. Feeling my hesitation Jenny spoke
for the first time since coming to my bed.

‘Please David don’t stop.’

I didn’t stop but pushed harder, felt her the barrier break and entered
her fully with one powerful thrust. Once inside her I began to slowly rock
my body bringing my cock out or then pushing back into her wet cunt. With
each slow deliberate thrust Jenny became more verbal and more animated.
This in turn made my thrust harder and faster. I could feel my abstinence
start to catch up with me as after only a few minutes I felt on the verge
of coming. I desperately wanted to make Jenny come whilst I was inside
her, but I knew I couldn’t hold back any more. I screamed and pushed
myself as far into her as was possible before I felt myself spurt deep
inside her. Whether triggered by my scream or my final powerful lunge
Jenny’s orgasm hit as well. Not as powerful as before but to a lover any
orgasm you can give your partner is good. I collapsed on top of Jenny
covering her petit frame and it was some ten minutes later before I pulled
out my softened member and rolled off Jenny’s tiny body.

‘Jenny’ I began but was cut off by her finger on my lips.

‘Later’ she said and cuddled close up to me. Who was I to argue so I
thankfully returned the cuddle and fell into the deepest and most relaxing
sleep I’d had in a long while.

I woke up about 90 minutes later to find Jenny still in my arms. She
was still, and her regular breathing implied that she was still asleep. I
let the day replay in my mind. How had I come to be in bed with one of my
daughter’s friends? It had begun with my daughter’s other friends
sunbathing and displaying excessive amounts of flesh to the point of naked
pussies. It had been too much for me and I’d retired to my bedroom for
relief. There, Jenny had found me masturbating and had joined me allowing
me the precious gift of her virginity.

I leaned slightly forward and kissed Jenny’s hair. My reward was a
wiggle of her delectable body as she pushed her soft flesh back towards me.
The renewed touch of her naked buttocks on my cock had the obvious result;
I was hard again. This time I wriggled my cock so that it rested in the
crack of her little arse. ‘Mmm. That’s nice’ she purred letting me know
she was awake.

‘Isn’t it just’ I responded giving her hair another kiss. She twisted
herself round so that she could receive the kiss properly without losing
contact from my already aching cock. I kissed those tender young lips with
a gentleness that was surprising even to myself. Jenny returned the kiss
with equal softness before breaking contact with my hardness and turning
her body to continue the kiss. My arms were already wrapped around her
petit frame so pulling her tightly to me seemed natural. That pull seemed
to trigger a change in our embrace to one of passion. The one thing it
told me was Jenny seemed to have no regrets as to what had happened

I broke the kiss whilst I still could. My desire for this amazing young woman was burning but I felt that we needed to talk. ‘Jenny’, I started,
before realising I didn’t really know how to continue.

Sensing this Jenny replied to the unspoken question. ‘I’m glad it
happened. I hadn’t planned it this way but when the others went out I felt
I should distance myself from C & C’s teasing. From when I saw you lying
on your bed naked and aroused everything just happened so naturally’

This put me at my ease, partly because of what she said but mostly by
the soft, sincere way she spoke. I then clicked that the rest of the girls had gone out. I wasn’t embarrassed for myself to be found in bed with one
of their mates (ok not too embarrassed then) but I was worried for Jenny.
Another realisation was pregnancy. ‘Jenny, about what happened, before I
even try to comprehend why a gorgeous young woman would give herself to me,
I just want you to know there’s no risk of pregnancy. I had the snip
nearly ten years ago.’

‘I wasn’t worried, it’s the wrong time of the month anyway for that’.

I wondered how many single mothers had thought that before, but I
decided to keep that thought private. ‘As for why you, as I said it wasn’t
planned although I’ve always liked you. You listen; you care; unlike boys my age. I’ve always preferred older men but I’d not planned on one that
old!’ she finished with a giggle.

‘Thanks, that really makes me feel great’ I said with obvious
insincerity, though thankful for the giggle. Jenny had cuddled up close to
me and my “other” brain was telling me it’d had enough of the talking. I
decided to listen. I had no idea of a future for this relationship but I
sure as hell was going to enjoy it whilst I could.

Just before I did anything Jenny sent my heart reeling when she said
‘But I certainly chose right, if unintentionally. I couldn’t have asked
for a better first lover’

Not about to contradict her I pushed her onto her back and set about
kissing her face, lightly flicking her nose with my tongue before moving to
her neck and ears. Nibbling her lobes, and running my tongue up and down
her silky neck. I moved my mouth to her flawless breasts, taking immense
pleasure in making her nipples as hard as my cock was. I Gently bit and
licked them before briefly removing my mouth to allow the cool air to
create further sensations. My hands and fingers traced every part of her
upper body, sometimes lingering, sometimes squeezing, always touching.
Hearing the change in her breathing I let my hand drift over the soft
firmness that only a fit, young stomach can manage. My fingers lingered
there to raise the tension as I felt her body leave the bed to try and
speed my attention to the part of her body that we both knew to be the
final destination. The desire to please this ultra feminine woman controls
my mind and actions. I move down the bed to position my head above her
flat stomach and just look at the perfection before me. I stroke around
her pubes, gently running my hands down the outside of her legs before
letting them return up the inside of her thighs, skirting by ever
decreasing amounts, the soft pleasures of her pussy with its delicate
coating of black hair. The fact that Jenny is allowing me to please her I
still struggle to understand, but it seems that that struggle is making my
pleasure far more intense. As my eyes feast on the beauty before them my
mind wants to remain like this forever, but at last I yield to my body and
let my mouth move to her waiting pussy. The aroma waiting for me tells me
all I need to know; Jenny is enjoying this as much as I am. I trace my
tongue along the outside of her moist slit, not yet probing. On the second
run over her wet pussy Jenny is so wet that even without any pressure from
my tongue her lips open up to reward me with nectar not found on even the
brightest flower. I savour the taste as I my tongue probes deeper. Jenny
is moaning and has her hands on my head directing my actions to meet the
needs of her young body. I willing take that direction and move my tongue
to cover her clit. A few flicks to establish contact before letting my
lips grip and suck her sensitive bud. It’s not long before I’m rewarded
with her first orgasm. I quickly move my mouth to lap up the honey of my
efforts. As my tongue delved deep into her cunt her hands clasp my head
forcing my face hard into her sex as that first orgasm increases until she
screams. Releasing me, she pulls me up to kiss her, tasting her own juices
still in my mouth.

‘Now. Make love to me’ she said.

I didn’t need a second invitation. Already in place my cock found her
entrance as if it had known her body its entire life. No hands were needed
to guide my cock as it entered Jenny for the second time. No barrier to
impede its progress my cock slowly impaled Jenny to the full. I felt Jenny
wrap her legs behind me determined that this contact should not be broke. I
began to move my hips, mainly forcing my manhood in and out of Jenny’s
soaked pussy, but also moving in a gentle circular motion stimulating her
clit with each thrust. Throughout our lips never broke the kiss, our
tongues as intertwined as our sexual organs. The tempo grew and I felt
Jenny tremble with beginnings of another orgasm. This led me to even
greater passion until I could not hold back much longer. Her tight pussy urged me to part with my sperm. Once I knew that Jenny’s orgasm was
unstoppable I gave in to my own. We came together with both of us filling
Jenny’s pussy with our come.

I was breathing hard and could feel my heart beating as I lifted myself
onto my hands to save Jenny from my weight. It also enabled me to look
down and study the object of my desire. Her glistening black hair framed
her young beauty. I continued to look, unable to believe my luck, until I
could feel my heartbeat return to somewhere near normal.

‘What are you looking at?’ Jenny asked.

‘An extremely beautiful young woman’ I replied honestly.

‘I’m not beautiful. C&C are the beautiful ones not me’ she argued.

‘They wear a thin veneer of beauty, you’re beautiful all through’ I said
ducking my head to give her a quick kiss to emphasise my words. Jenny’s
face, already red from our exertions, went even more crimson, but her smile
betrayed her. She obviously enjoyed the well deserved compliment.
Emotionally I knew that I’d need to be careful though, her body had already
got through to my body. Now the softest of smiles was comfortably getting
round my well-fortified defences. My soft cock was still in her and I was
getting the odd twinge to tell me it was hoping for more of the same.
Before I could start something I maybe couldn’t complete I heard the door
bang downstairs as the girls returned from their expedition to the local
shops. I expected Jenny to jump at the sound of her friends’ return but
she lay still, returning my look.

‘I suppose that means we’d better get up’ she commented after a few

‘I could stay here all day, but I think you’re probably right’ I said as
with great reluctance I rolled off Jenny. Jenny grabbed her bikini and
sauntered out the room and I heard her go into the bathroom, followed by
the sound of the shower. I decided to stay where I was to give Jenny time
to greet her pals. I also intended to wallow in smug satisfaction. I
hoped that I would see a lot more of Jenny but it was to be her decision.

I waited half an hour before going downstairs. The weather was still a
bit cloudy although it had stopped raining so I wasn’t sure if the girls would be inside or out by the pool. As it turned out they were inside
lounging around telling Jenny about all the great clothes she’d missed
seeing, As Cherie noticed me she shouted ‘Hi’ quickly followed by a chorus
from the rest of the team. I sat down and straight away Cherie turned and
splayed her legs apart to display her barely covered pussy. I looked away
and I must have gone red for a few giggles followed, including one from
Jenny whose voice and sounds I now had no difficulty recognising amid the

Amy was just as bad as the others when she said laughing. ‘What’s up
Dad? You look as if you’ve been thinking naughty thoughts’. If only she
knew. Further gentle teasing went on for about forty-five minutes until
they deemed it warm enough to return to the arduous task of topping up
their tans. On leaving Claire dropped her top clothes she’d worn for
shopping to reveal the bikini she’d been wearing earlier making sure to
bend over in a provocative manner when she stooped to collect the discarded

I went back to my study to see if I could get at least some work done
that day. With Jenny on obvious display outside my window it was doomed to
failure from the start. When the others were asleep or just lying with
eyes closed Jenny came up to my window, lowered her hand inside her bikini
briefs. I watched her finger through the flimsy material, as it seemed to
delve into her pussy. Quickly she removed it, put it in her mouth and
turned to dive into the pool.

‘God! I thought it’d been hard enough with the others teasing but now
with Jenny joining in it would be impossible. I thought it best to take my
erection away into the kitchen and prepare a salad for our evening meal. A
few moments later Jenny sauntered in and stood by the door. She then
repeated her little manoeuvre keeping her hand inside a little longer this
time. I was as hard as ever. I complained ‘Do you know what you’re doing
to me?’

‘No’ she said innocently, ‘I’ve no idea’

‘When the others tease I can cope, but you ...’ I said rolling my eyes
in frustration.

‘Yes but I’m not teasing. Teases don’t do anything about that
uncomfortable bulge you’re hiding’

With that she walked towards me and placed her hand on the bulge in
question. She rubbed her hand up and down before pausing to undo the
shorts I’d put on. ‘Jenny’ I started before her hand slipped inside my
boxers to grip my cock. She knelt down in front of me her hands tracing a
path down my legs in the process, taking my shorts and boxers with them.

She kissed my fully erect cock said ‘I’ve never done this before so
you’ll have to tell me what to do’, and proceeded to take me into her soft
delicious mouth. The surprise and speed of her actions made the sensation
so much better. I let her discover her own technique just telling her
between moans how to use her tongue and how to relax her throat. I’ve
always loved oral sex and maybe because my ex-wife always refused to give
head I really revelled in the few opportunities that came my way. What
Jenny lacked in expertise she sure made up in endeavour. It wasn’t long,
especially considering what had occurred earlier, before I felt that
familiar feeling of intense pleasure. ‘I’m coming’ I managed to say
expecting Jenny to withdraw. Quite the contrary she seemed to double her
efforts and within a few seconds I was pumping come into her mouth. The
third time in as many hours the quantity was lacking but not the pleasure.

‘Not too horrible’ she said as she stood up. ‘No pull your shorts up
and come outside, Amy wants you’ Bewildered I did as I was told and
followed the grinning little minx out to the pool.

‘What took you so long?’ demanded Amy.

‘Oh! I just had a quick snack in the kitchen’ said Jenny with the look
of an angel.

‘What do you want sweetheart?’ I asked my daughter to change the

‘Do you mind if we all stay tonight and watch a video, maybe get a
Chinese?’ she smiled nicely knowing I was not only expected to agree but
also pay for the meal.

‘Yes, no problem, but where are you all going to sleep?’ As I said this
I had thoughts of Jenny sneaking in to see me.

‘Well C&C can share the spare room, Jenny’s small enough to share my bed
and Tam and Lou can use the sofas.’ These plans killed my momentary hopes
of more passion with Jenny. There was no way for her to sneak out if she
as sharing a bed with my daughter. Jenny, however, had different ideas.

‘No’ she said simply ‘I’ll be sleeping with your Dad’.

The manner of fact way in which she said it saw everybody in a stunned
silence, especially me.

It was a long moment before anyone managed to speak. I know I was
incapable of coherent thought never mind speech. It was my daughter who
found her tongue first, deciding that Jenny couldn’t possibly be sincere
‘Come on Jenny that’s not fair, don’t you think these two are enough of a
torment for him without you joining in?’

‘You should know I’m no tease. Anyway where do you think I’ve been all
afternoon whilst you lot were shopping’ Jenny said with hoots of young laughter.

This stunned the others even further, especially when Jenny came over to
me and put her arm around me. I had no other option, nor did I want one,
but to return the hug.

Jenny did spend that and many other nights with me. My daughter after a
brief period of disbelief came round to accepting us as a couple. The rest
of the girls followed Amy’s lead and it wasn’t too long before the torment
began again in earnest. Obviously in the girls’ eyes my liaison with one
of them made me more of a target. Jenny usually joined in and at times
even led them. After three months we are still together and this week
Jenny moved in with me. She has done wonders for me already, I’m fitter
than ever, happier than the proverbial pig in muck and thoroughly enjoying
life in general.

I cannot see it lasting forever but while it does last I intend to
savour every moment and there’s a lot of them to savour.


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