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Archived Sex Stories

Training The Twins Book 1


Firstly the usual stuff
This novel covers a wide range of explicit sexual practices,
so if you are offended in any way by stories with strong sexual
content that you may consider abhorrent were it practiced in
real life, please cease reading now and delete the file.
If you are under 18, you have no right to read any further
and MUST delete NOW!
This story is Copyright by the author who retains all rights
whatsoever over publication in any form. It must not be
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note "FROM THE AUTHOR" in full.
All names are fictitious and do not intentionally relate to
any person, either living or dead. Most stories by the author
are book-length size and the first chapter or two are usually
taken up "setting the scene" so to speak. If they are not
read or given just cursory glance, the atmosphere that is
intended may well be lost on the reader. Anticipation of what
is to come can give as much joy as "getting there".
All my stories are archived at where you will
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I would indeed appreciate comments and constructive suggestions
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TRAINING THE TWINS © February 2002

Sexual Fantasy Fiction
By Writer'sCramp

Sally Gordon blackmailed into providing sexual favours to her boss to save
her much-needed job, is rescued by a stranger she meets in a bar. Unbeknown
to Sally, the stranger, wealthy Jeremy Saunders has had her in his sights
for several weeks and knows everything about her and her teenage family.
His motives seem entirely honourable but Saunders has a much darker side
that he slowly divulges.
There is much romance here, entwined within an erotic story that centers on
Saunders coercing Sally and her twins to give themselves up entirely to his
domineering needs.
The group that forms The Covenant emerge only slightly in this first of two
books; the second book still a long way from completion will cover the
installation of the Saunders family within the Covenant, a pseudo-sexual
group using the siblings of each family for their illicit pleasures.

The Characters:
Sally Gordon, aged 35, divorced 7 years, blue-eyed blonde, attractive, shy,
little self-confidence.
Samantha Gordon, her daughter aged 13/14, blonde and pubescent, shy.
Wesley Gordon, her son aged 13/14, dark haired, twin of Samantha, shy but
intrigued with female anatomy.
Vincent Gamble, Sally's boss
Jeremy Saunders (Jerry), Sally's new found friend and future husband,
dominant and demanding once he becomes irreplaceable.

The Covenant Members:
Fellows Family:
Benjamin, aged 45, a doctor specializing in cosmetic surgery,
Faith, his wife, aged 42,
Bethany, aged 16, shy and extremely self-conscious, long blonde hair,
Aimee, aged thirteen, demure and easily embarrassed, light brunette.

Borack Family:
Izador, aged 47, a so-called minister of religion,
Franzescha, his wife, aged 31, fresh and willing, dark hair,
Marie-Louise, aged 14, brainwashed from an early age to obey implicitly,
black hair,
Christopher, aged thirteen, wimpish,
Lee-Anne, aged twelve, cheeky and attempts anything but careful not to upset

All my books are available for download in Word2k & Text formats from:

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Please take the time to let me know what you think of my stories.
I DO need your feedback.

Chapter One
"Mrs. Gordon, please report to Mr. Gamble's office
immediately," Sally heard the PA crackle. What could be wrong now,
she wondered as she hurried quickly towards her boss's office. She
was conscious of many eyes following her progress and sighed. Mr.
Gamble wasn't the easiest of bosses and she had heard other girls
complaining at the way he looked at them and treated them when they
were called to his office.
Sally had also experienced his wrath once before, not
long after he gave her the project she had been working on for several
months. She was reporting her progress when he
almost screamed at her for not getting the project off the ground
quickly enough. This was despite the fact she had been given no help
and little instruction at all except a few sheets of hand scribbled notes
from Mr. Gamble. So she had to start from scratch on something she
knew little about. At the time she thought she was progressing quite
well but the way he treated her was an absolutely shock.
"I gave you the job because I thought you were good
enough to handle it," he had roared. "And now you're trying to tell me
you haven't even begun to program the data base. What's the bloody
good of paying a woman who doesn't do anything? No, you just shut
up," he roared when she tried to explain. The outcome was that she
spent much more time after hours at work than she should ever have
been expected to, especially when Mr. Gamble knew she had the two
children at home on their own.
She had left his office that time with a sinking feeling
that she was about to be sacked but nothing more happened and she
was pleased that just last evening, she handed her one hundred and
fifty page report to Mr. Gamble as she left for home. He wasn't one for
compliments but she was sure he was pleased her task had been
So, she fully expected to at least receive some
accolades for a job well done. In a time frame of just four months she
had reprogrammed the Company's whole financial package on the
Group's main frame and had received nothing but praise from all those
who were using the new system. It had been operational for two weeks
and everyone loved it. Her final task was to prepare a detailed
instruction manual covering every aspect of the new system and that
was what she left with her boss last night. Once he was happy
the report would be produced in book form for all users.
She knocked on his door and heard the instruction to
"Don't sit, this won't take long," he said gruffly as she
attempted to sit in one of the chairs opposite his desk. It wasn't the
beginning she had anticipated.
She looked at him with surprise.
"What's the matter? Looking for a pat on the head or
"No, Mr. Gamble, I am just pleased the project is
finished," she mumbled, all the confidence she had built up in her
mind dissolving in an instant. Then she felt even more self-conscious
as he just sat and looked at her, not into her face but at her body. He
was almost leering as his eyes travelled over her. She knew how men
undressed women in their minds but had never experienced it like this
before, as he blatantly swept his gaze from her breasts to her legs and
What should she do? Call him a bastard and storm out
felt right just then, but she knew she could never do that; her job was
too important. She bit her bottom lip, looked aside and then began,
"Mr. Gamble, I…"
"Shut up. I never asked for your opinion," he stated
defiantly. "I was just wondering what you were hiding under those
clothes of yours," he told her with a smirk.
"I… It's not…" She began but couldn't complete her
objection in the face of such deliberate harassment.
"It's not proper? Is that what you wanted to say?"
"Yes… No… I mean…"
"I always thought you were a bimbo and you're proving
it. Thank you."
"I have to go," she stammered and turned to leave.
"You just keep your pretty little legs together and stay
where you are, girlie. I haven't finished with you yet. So, you thought
you were smart leaving your report on my desk last night? I knew you
were looking for my accolades. Well I don't give them to staff that I
pay to do a job. I expect a good job and you should expect to do a
good job for me. So you've finished your project, and about time, I
might add, so that's all there is to it. I don't intend to even thank you."
Sally had no idea how anyone could be so callous. How
could anyone speak like that when she put her heart and soul into the
last four months? She stood there dumbfounded.
"So, you've finished the job. Well, unfortunately we
don't have any position for you now. Rosemary Sexton was employed
to do your job while you worked on the project and she has proven
herself a dozen times more efficient than you ever did. Besides, she
gets paid a lot less than you. So, we have no further need for your
services. You may go. Personnel will mail a check in the next few
days for this last week."
Sally couldn't believe what she was hearing. She'd
been sacked for no reason and after all the effort she had given the
"Mr. Gamble, you can't do that. I've worked for the
company for over seven years and no one has ever complained about
my work. I expected to return to my previous position when I'd
completed the financial reprogramming, not get sacked. You can't
mean it, surely?"
"I never jest about sacking someone, Mrs Gordon. The
fact of the matter is we have no room for you to continue with us.
Good-bye." She saw the glint of pleasure cross his face as he said the
final good-bye.
"But what am I to do? I have a mortgage, you know that
and there are the children. Mr. Gamble, please, you can't do this to
me," she said, her voice cracking several times with the horror of her
"Personal commitments are not my concern, the
profitability of the company is."
"But what am I to do? I've worked here ever since my
divorce, no-one will give me a job at my age."
"Then you'll have to go on the dole," he said matter
of factly as he picked up other work on his desk and began to read it.
Sally stood there for what seemed like an hour, then
with a cry of desperation, turned and hurried towards the door.
"Oh, Mrs Gordon, there may be one way we could still
retain your services. I'm not sure for how long but it may be of help to
"Yes?" She asked with hope as she turned back towards
his desk. "Please let me have the position, Sir. I promise I'll do it
"It's something you can do at home in your own time.
A little project I've been working on for some time. Do you think you
could work without supervision, Mrs. Gordon?"
"Oh, yes, of course I can," she agreed readily.
"It's something of a personal project, one of those
things I think about on my own time but if you'd like to be involved,
we may be able to keep you on at your present salary scale. As I said,
it's rather a personal matter though."
"Please let me do it, Mr. Gamble."
He looked at her steadily, this time in the eyes, for at
least a minute, studying her face, and then moved to a cupboard
behind his desk.
"You will need this," he said, placing a box on his desk.
He opened the box and removed what looked like camera equipment
from it. "It's the latest in self-developing photography, very expensive
and you'll be accountable for any damage. But I expect you can take
out some insurance against damage if you wish."
"Oh, I only have a cheap camera myself, but people do
say I take excellent photographs. Yes, I'm sure I can manage this with
a little practice," she said eagerly, wanting him to see her enthusiasm.
"You will need to purchase the film yourself but on the
salary you make, that shouldn't bee to hard."
"Oh," she gasped. How mean can you get, she thought
but had no intention of showing her disgust at his penny-pinching
attitude. "Yes. Yes, I can do that, Mr. Gamble. What is it you want me
to photograph?"
"Why, you, Mrs. Gordon," he said looking at her impassively.
"Me? What do you mean?"
"I mean, Mrs. Gordon, you can leave here now and
we'll post your final check or you can remain on the payroll and
produce one film per week of photographs of yourself. Of course, they
won't be like the photo's you are so apparently famous for, these have
to be of a special nature. Do you understand now, Mrs. Gordon?"
"A Special Nature? You mean … Oh," she gasped as
the dread of it finally rested in her mind. "Oh, you don't mean it, Mr.
Gamble," she said, gasping for air. Her mouth was dry and she could
feel her heart pumping against her chest as the enormity sank in.
"Come, come, woman. You don't think you're the only
female to ever be placed in this position, do you? They're just
photographs, after all."
"But you want me to be naked."
"Oh, not always. I'm sure we can work out many ways
to take your photograph with out having to be naked all the time. But
this first time has to be quite special. What I expect is to see a set of
twenty photographs starting off with you in the clothes you are
wearing today and then a fresh photograph each time you remove
another article. You must not use the article to cover yourself in any
way, but you must be holding each garment to show you have just
removed it. The last six photographs must be completely nude,
showing off your… shall we say, your womanly aspects. And don't
think you can present me with a whole lot of rubbish with your body in
just one corner. Oh, no, your body must cover the entire photo each
time and your face must also be very clear. I want the last six to
include a close up of your tits, your pussy and your arsehole."
He threw an envelope towards her. "Take a look at
these. That's how I expect your photo's to turn out."
Without even thinking she took the series of photos out
of the envelope. There seemed to be several different women and she
gasped when she saw Rosemary Sexton looking straight at the camera
as she posed and pinched her nipples. Another woman she had never
seen before was holding up a pair of panties and her other hand, or
rather her fingers, were pressing into her vagina. All the photo's had
been taken at close range and just as he said, their bodies covered the
whole of the photo. She thought she was going to faint but when she
saw the final photo she shrieked in despair. A naked woman was
sitting on a settee with a boy about twelve years old. He was sucking
on one of her breasts and she was holding his erection, and appeared
to be masturbating him.
"It's her son," Gamble said with a smirk. "She was only
too happy to show me what they get up to in the privacy of their own
home. Ha, ha, ha," he giggled with glee.
"Noooo," she cried out. "I can't. I won't do it." She was
weeping loudly and could hardly see anything for the tears that were
filling her eyes.
"O.K., I can understand that. So, this is your last day
with the company then. Pity, really. I always wanted to see you
undress for me. Oh, well, there's always others."
"How can you expect me to do things like that to my
son? It's obscene."
"Please yourself then. Anyway, I haven't asked you to
frig your son have I? She just wanted to do that, to please me, she said.
Well, it looks as though you don't want the company to continue it's
generous support so you might as well leave right now."
Sally looked up into his eyes and slowly turned towards
the door.
"Just in case you change your mind, I'll leave the
camera on my desk until closing time today. You have time to
think it over before you leave. If you collect it, then you are still on the
payroll, if not, you go your own separate way. Good day, Mrs.

Sally rushed to the toilet and thought she was going to
be sick. Her mind was numb with the enormity of what her so-called
boss had proposed and she knew she had to calm herself and think
clearly. After she managed to get her emotions under some semblance
of control, she went into her office and closed her door.
He's a pig, she thought. How could anyone force her to
do what he wants? He's blackmailing me. That's a crime and I could
report him to the police. Yes, I could do that. But I would still lose my
job anyway. Oh, how could I pay the mortgage without a job? And a
good one at that. Welfare wouldn't give me two thousand a month,
which is what I have to pay the bank. I couldn't even live on the
money welfare pays. And the kids? How will they take it? Their mom
sacked, nothing in kitty and the bank forcing them to live on the
streets. But if they saw their mother posing for photo's like he wants,
they would hate her anyway. Thirteen-year-old kids don't think of
anything but themselves, their clothes, their school, their allowance,
their own rooms and what their friends think. How could she ever
cope with their demands if she lost her job?
If she didn't keep this job, she could never afford to
keep the house and car, never afford the private education for her kids;
never again live the lifestyle she had come to enjoy. Not that there was
too much going for the lifestyle, she told herself, because there were
very few she could call friends and no-one she could talk intimately to
about her loneliness. Sure the kids were great to have around.
Samantha and Wesley were good kids and there was a reciprocal love
between them but they were kids after all. She couldn't talk about her
desires and dreams, especially the sexual ones, the personal things she
would love to discuss with a close girlfriend. She couldn't even talk of
such things with her ex-husband when they were married because he
was simply a big bore. A quickie in bed every Saturday night until he
splattered her vagina with his seed then rolled over and went to sleep.
She never once enjoyed the intimacies she had expected when they
were married. Not once.
Now, seven years after their divorce, she read romance
novels and had only her hand under the bedclothes at night to provide
relief on those rare occasions when something in her books brought on
sexual arousal that needed soothing.
No, she couldn't talk of personal things to her kids and
yet she loved them so much she knew she couldn't let them down.
"Oh, god, why do these things always happen to me? She said aloud
and found herself on the verge of tears.
Now Mr. Gamble wanted to force her to carry out
things she knew she just couldn't do. Before that, her husband who
made her life a misery during their seven years of marriage by continually
whining about her inadequacies, particularly her performances in the
marriage bed, when he was really the guilty party. But to object or
complain to him usually meant a slap across the face or even
humiliating acts that more than once sent her to the lavatory to vomit.
She desperately wanted to leave him almost as soon as the marriage
was consummated but then she fell pregnant and had no choice but to
keep the family together. Before him was Billy Stevens who in their
last year in college together, romanced her and soon bedded her for
several weeks only to throw her away once the year was over. She
learned later he did it for a bet and every guy in their class heard in
detail, every act they had carried out together.
But worst of all were the memories of her high school
days when her father… No, she mustn't even think about that or the
horrors would re-invade her mind again.
So what was she to do? Walk out and destroy all she
had worked so hard for, destroy her kid's futures and leave her
practically penniless? Or should she just give in again? Give in again?
Oh, god, how can I not give in? she thought. Two choices, one to walk
away for once in her life and thumb her nose to the scoundrel or
simply comply but in doing so, keep the lifestyle she had
become to enjoy.
Sally knew the answer and she laid her head on her
desk and wept. She never heard the door open but felt a hand on her
"Sally? Sally, it's me, Rosemary. Are you all right?"
"Wha…? Oh, Rosemary, I never heard you come in.?"
"I know what it's about, Sally. When I saw the way you
left his office I knew exactly what he said to you. He's doing it to me
Sally looked up into the younger girl's face. "You
know? Oh, yes, I guess you do. I say your photo."
"You saw…? Oh, my god, did he show you the photo's
I took of myself? Oh, the bastard."
"No, just one. And he wants me to do the same. I've got
no choice, Rosemary."
"Neither have I. But at least I'm saving as hard as I can
and think I won't need his job in another twelve months. Then I'm
going to kick him in the balls with my stilettos."
"Twelve months? You have to do it for twelve more
months? How can you do it, Rosemary? Knowing he's holding so
many photos of you."
"I've decided I just don't care. If he wants photos of me
and my sister doing things, so what? Once I've got enough money to
get my sister off the hook, we simply start a new life and forget him. I
really don't care if her jerks himself off looking at them. Hope it gives
him a heart attack."
"You take photos of your sister? Oh, my god, he's a
bastard. How come your sister lets you?"
"Because she knows it's our only chance to save what
we need."
"At least I don't have a sister so I'm on my own."
"But you've got a son and daughter. Pretty soon he'll
want them in the photos too, believe me."
"Nooo," she cried out as though she'd been stabbed in
the heart. "Never."
"He makes sure it just keeps getting more deviant every
week. He wanted us to do things with our dog but we both refused
bluntly and he backed down."
"But I need to keep this job for years. I've got a
mortgage and the kids cost me a fortune," Sally wailed.
"Look, I can't make up your mind for you," Rosemary
said in a soothing voice. "But you have to decide very soon, by
tonight, would be my guess. Am I right?"
"Yes, before I go home."
"Well, the first week is the worst but it does get easier
giving him new photos. The worst bit is listening to him talk about
what you are doing as he looks through each new set. He's a
manipulating vicious bastard, all right. Just use this advice to help you
make your final decision. Either run the gauntlet and leave him right
now and weather the storm of trying to find a good job quickly. Or do
what he wants but all the while keep copies and try to tape his
conversations with you. You never know, you might be able to
blackmail him yourself. Sort of reverse psychology, don't you think?"
"Is that what you're doing?"
"Yep, right from the second meeting. I haven't found
any new job yet but it has been only four months. He gave me your job
and the next day decided to sack me unless… Well, you know exactly
how he does it."
"Yes, I do now."
"Look, if you want to talk any time, leave a note on my
e-mail. Call me Rosie and I'll know it's you, no one else calls me that.
We could get together in the evenings sometime if you'd like."
"Tha… Thanks, Rosemary. I'm feeling so sick in my
stomach, I think I want to vomit but I can't. Thanks for your concern."
"It's OK. Just take it a day at the time. I know what's
it's like to be dependent on a job so badly. You'd do almost anything
to keep it, just like me."
After Rosemary left she sat for a long time, staring into
space. But finally she knew what she would do.

Chapter Two
She tapped on his door.
With great hesitance, Sally entered the pig's abode
once again. "I… I've come for the camera."
"Have you now? What changed your mind? Hey? I'm
not sure I want to give it to you now," he said in a rough voice.
"Oh… Oh, please, Mr. Gamble. I really do need the
job." She hated herself for pleading but she had to.
"Go and lock the door," he said gruffly.
"Lock… Oh, no, please don't do anything to me. I'm a mother."
"You're a fucking woman with tits and a cunt, that's all
you are. Now do what your told or you can get out."
Sally began to cry silently as she locked herself in with
this animal.
"Now why should I let you continue to work for me?
Tell me that."
"Because… Because I will do as you ask, Mr. Gamble."
"Then come here, no around the desk, beside me."
Sally hated herself and felt her heart pounding just as it
did earlier. She hated herself and she hated him.
"I'll give you this last chance. Do what I tell you and
you can take the camera. Hesitate or object and it's all over.
"Yes, sir. Don't forget that in future, bitch."
"Yes, sir."
"Remove your panties and hand them to me."
"Yes, sir." She found herself slipping her hands under
her skirt and pulling the cotton garment down her legs. She could feel
the cold breathe against her skin as she did so and her head was
pounding as if someone was hitting her from both sides with a
cardboard box. She knew she was blushing because her face was hot.
She handed the garment to him without looking at his
face but knew he was smirking.
"Look at me, woman."
She watched as he sniffed her womanly odours.
"It smells of sex. Have you been screwing around,
"No. No, sir."
"Playing with yourself, then?"
"Playing…? Oh, no, sir."
He grabbed her arm and pulled her closer so her hip
was pressing against his chair.
"Don't you move, not one inch." She then felt what she
knew she was going to feel. His hand was slowly creeping up inside
her skirt, between her legs. And then he cupped her pussy. But instead
of his finger penetrating her vulva as she fully expected him to, he
took a handful of her pubic hair and held it tight.
"Don't you dare make a sound," he warned and slowly
pulled harder. It didn't hurt at first but he was strong and soon a
burning sensation erupted across the whole of her pubic area. He was
trying to wrench the whole handful of hair away from her body. It was
one of the most painful feelings she had ever known. Tears soon
welled up yet the hurt grew worst. Surely he would pull the very skin
off and then she felt the first hairs give way and what seemed like a
substantial part of her fur being ripped out.
"Oh," she gasped with pain. She just couldn't help it
and fell partly against his desk, leaning over it while the pain slowly
"Shit, you don't know the meaning of pain, sweetheart.
Look, this is all that came out," he said with a laugh, holding up a
clump of hairs about a half inch across. "The panties and the hairs are
for my collection. Maybe I'll get you to autograph them when I have
them framed."
Sally burst into tears, not at the prospect of what he said
but at the thought that he could do anything he liked and they both
knew she would let him.
"Now take the camera and look after it. I expect you to
bring the photos to me personally tomorrow morning. Don't let me
down, bitch."
She grasped the box in both hands and made for the
"Hey. Thank me for being so nice to you, bitch."
She looked aghast but saw he was waiting.
"Thank you, sir," and then she escaped.
All the way down in the elevator, she cried in silence,
the tears running down her cheeks. How could she go home and face
her kids like this? she thought and soon found herself wandering the
shopping mall, not registering anything she saw. It was as though she
was in the middle of a bad dream. But every now and then, reality
returned and she knew it was all very true. She passed a boutique and
decided a new hairdo might make her feel better. Yes, at least that
would help and she could sit and think in silence for a while.
But it seemed just minutes before she heard the girl say,
"There you are madam. Is that to your satisfaction?"
"Wha… Oh, yes, thank you very much," she said
automatically as she handed her credit card over in payment. The new
hairdo was nice but the thoughts running through her mind were still
as bad as ever.
I need a drink, she told herself and for the first time,
entered a bar all by herself. On the few occasions she had been inside
a bar, she was always with friends, usually girls from work, but never
alone. She eased herself onto a barstool away from any of the drinkers,
mostly men with loud voices, and ordered a gin and tonic.
Why was everyone staring at me? she thought
self-consciously as she looked around. But she couldn't see anyone
taking any interest in her at all. Well, so far, so good, she sighed and
then jumped as a man sat on the stool right beside her and ordered a
scotch. She kept her eyes down and sipped her drink silently.
"Nice day," he said with a smile.
"What? Oh, yes, I suppose so," she said with
disinterest. In that split second she saw he was relatively young, maybe
a few years older than herself, quite handsome and had a wonderful
smile. Now why did she notice all that? she asked herself as she
returned to her own solitude.
"Would you like to talk about it?" He asked in a quiet voice.
"Talk ab… Talk about what?"
"Whatever's bothering you? It helps, you know. By the
way, my name's Jeremy Saunders, or Jerry, if you prefer."
"Oh…," she whispered and felt a blush rising on her
face again. "Look, I'm sorry, I wasn't looking for company…"
"And I don't want to force myself on you. Please don't
think that, but it is true that when you have a problem, it helps to have
someone to talk it over with. I'm a good listener."
"I… Look, Mr… Mr.," she began but couldn't
remember his name.
"It's Saunders, if you prefer that."
"Mr. Saunders, I don't know why you think I have a
problem but…"
"But I can see it in your face. You've been crying and
you've just had a hairdo to buck yourself up. Did it work?"
"Oh," she gasped at his perception. What she didn't
know was that Jerry Saunders had been watching her for over a month
and had nothing to do with the proposal that Gamble had put to her
earlier in the day. Saunders had other plans for Sally after her
particulars were conveyed to him by one of his informants. "How did
you…? How could you…?
"It wasn't very difficult to see the troubled look on your
face from the moment you walked in here. If you don't want to talk,
it's your decision but I'd like to help if I could."
"It's something I can't talk about," she said in a half
whisper. "It's personal."
"Oh, personal. That bad is it?"
"Yes," she answered sharply and then added, "Sorry, I
didn't mean to snap at you. It's not your problem."
"Just tell me the outline then, no details."
"I don't even know you. For all I know you might be in
it with him," she said, unable to look at him as she made the
"Oh, so there's a man involved. Bit of a bastard, is he?"
"Yes," she admitted.
"Has he dumped you?"
"Dumped…? No, it's not someone like that. I don't
have a partner just now."
Saunders smiled for he knew she had divorced her
husband several years ago and was living alone with her twins. Yes, he
knew quite a lot about Sally Gordon.
"So, what have you done, had your hand in the
Company's till or something? Been caught out?"
"Nooo," she moaned aloud. "I'd never…"
"You certainly don't look the type, I must say."
"Look, I'm sure you're a very nice man, Mr. Saunders,
but please leave me alone. There's nothing you can do to help me."
"You may be surprised, young lady. There, see, I don't
even know your first name. But I may be able to help."
"I couldn't even begin to tell you, Mr. Saunders. Really
I couldn't. Look, I must go, now. And my name is Sally."
"Then, let me drive you home, Sally. I promise I'll be
on my best behavior."
"No, no, I'll be all right."
"Live nearby, do you? You shouldn't be travelling on
the train this late at night."
"Late? How late?" She became quite frantic.
"Almost half past ten."
Oh, what will the children think? Oh, I must go," she
said leaving the bar quickly and racing for the mall exit. Then she saw
the rain. It was pelting down and she would be soaked before she went
a dozen steps, let alone the several blocks she had to go.
My car is downstairs and I would be happy to drive
you," a voice said behind her. She glanced around to see the smiling
face of Jeremy Saunders and she burst into tears for no reason at all. It
was just all too much.
Oh, I've had a terrible day," she blubbered as he took
her elbow and led her to the lifts.
"I won't ask you again but if you would like to get
things off your chest, figuratively speaking, of course, I'd be a patient
listener," he said consolingly as he opened the car door for her.
Sally simply couldn't answer. She gave him the address
and sat in silence as the car travelled along the rain swept streets.
"Thank you, Mr. Saunders, you have been very kind. I
must go now, my children will be worried."
"You're very welcome," he said as he held out his hand
expecting her to clasp it in a handshake. She hesitantly did so and
found he let it go immediately afterwards. "Look, Sally, take my card
and ring me if there is anything I can help you with. I promise I am a
very confidential listener."
"Thank you," she said taking the business card without
looking at it. She thanked him again and said good-bye then hurried up
the entrance of her building. Saunders didn't even stay to watch which
apartment lit up for he already knew exactly where she lived including
her phone number along with her kids names, ages and the school they
attended. He would most definitely talk to her again in the next day or
so, no matter whether she rang him or not. And he suspected she
would not be the one to make the first move.

When Sally walked inside there was no sign of the
twins. Neither was watching tv and there was no sign of squabbling
between the two thirteen year olds, something that had begun to
develop quite rapidly over the past few months.
"Sam, Wes, I'm Home," she called out towards their
"Where have you been, Mom?" Samantha demanded as
she came from her room. Wes soon followed from his room.
"Oh, it's been a rather hectic day," she tried to explain.
I had a few drinks with some of the girls after work and time just
seemed to vanish."
So how did you get home without getting wet? It's
pouring outside. Oh, by the way, you owe me twenty five bucks. We
had to get pizza delivered for supper."
Oh. Oh, yes all right, I'll pay you back," she said not
wishing to get into a war of words with her daughter which would be
the final straw to a very bad day. It's just their way of growing up she
told herself.
What's in the box, Mom?" Wes asked.
Box? Oh, This? Just something I'm doing for work,"
she told him, sure he could hear the lie as she told it. "Nothing
important." At least he seemed not to notice anything untoward. So
she added, "Look, I'm very tired and it's well past your bedtime so I
think we should all go to bed, don't you?"
They pecked their mother's cheek with a goodnight kiss
and went to their rooms. Sally never entered the twin's rooms these
days for they both made it clear that was their territory alone. At least
it meant she didn't have to clean up after them either. Wesley's room,
she was quite sure resembled a disaster zone but then, boys seemed to
revel in their own mess. Samantha was more prim and proper and
refused to let her mother see her naked or even in her underwear. That
had been quite a shock to Sally at first, a snub that hurt for many
months after the first time Sam objected when she walked into the
bathroom while Sam was showering. So she gave them their privacy
but it meant too, a moving away from the close personal relationships
she had with her children when they were just kids. She thought back
to her own early teen days but those memories were still so very real
she quickly changed her mind and retired to her own bedroom.
Oh, god, I didn't buy a film," she gasped out
aloud when the reality sank in. No film, pouring with rain and no
possible chance to get one tonight. Oh, what will Mr. Gamble say? She
threw the box containing the accursed camera on the bed then threw
herself down beside it and wept silently until she could feel the
wetness of her tears on the pillow. Was there nothing that would go
right for her?
She opened the box and took the camera out. It looked
very complicated and she thought she would never have been able to
use it in any case. But the more she looked the simpler it became.
Automatic focusing and exposure, a coupled in-built flash, automatic
film winder and even a remote triggering device. One press of that
button and the photo was taken. She turned the unit around several
times, focusing on various parts of her room and then found the photo-
counter. Three, it said. What did that mean? Was there a film still in
the camera? Three already taken or three left?
There was a tag attached to the back with a square
obviously from the box the film came in, showing the make, the film
speed and the number of photos, in this case, twenty. What should she
do? Open the back and see if there was still film inside? No that would
destroy any that still remained. She decided she would assume there
were still three photos left, try to take them as best she could and
explain to Mr. Gamble why she hadn't taken the twenty he wanted.
She set the camera on her dressing table and focused on
the full-length mirror on the other side of the room. From that she
calculated where she would have to stand to have her whole body in
the photos and put a coin on the spot she would stand. Then she used a
pillow to cover up the crack at the bottom of her door so the flash
would not reflect into the twin's rooms. She closed the curtains and
laid a blanket right over them to stop any light getting out.
Removing her coat, she took the remote and stood on the marked spot.
How should she pose? Smile, look unhappy, which was her truest
emotion or look bemused and straight at the camera? She tested each
in the mirror and decided on the last choice, just the hint of a smile
with hopefully, sadness that may make him relent. But she knew he
would never do that.
She wore the same outfit he saw her in today, then
pressed the remote button. The flash surprised her with the intensity and
she stood stock still expecting a cry of consternation from the twins.
But nothing happened. The light had been contained within the
room. The camera whirred and the print was pushed out the bottom
where it sat, slowly producing her image. If it weren't for the fact that
this was to be given to her boss, she would have been quite proud of
the result. The colour was almost natural and there was little over-
exposure from the flash. She breathed a sigh of relief.
For the second shot she removed her blouse and held it
in one hand that she rested on her hip, at least her bra was still
covered by the chemise she wore over it. Flash. Still no response from
the kids. She felt much easier and didn't even bother to wait until the
print became developed. Now what? Remove the Chemise and show
herself just wearing her bra, or remove the skirt so he could see her
legs all the way up to her panties. Oh both were as bad as each other.
At first she was tempted to remove just a shoe and hold it up but she
didn't want to run the risk of upsetting him on the first day, especially
when all she might have to offer him was three photos. So she
removed her skirt and held it over her arm as she stood side on to at
least let him see the profile of her breasts. God, she felt awful, violated.
But feelings vanished quickly after the third photo
when a red light began to flash on the top of the camera. She looked at
the film counter and it said "0." The film had run out so instead of
seventeen photos, she only had three to produce tomorrow morning. At
least she was satisfied those would show him she could use the camera
and pose the way he wanted even if all he saw was her
underwear. Those thoughts produced more silent tears as she realised
she had become bound to this degenerate for heaven knows how long.
How could she ever agree let alone convince her children to
participate in his filthy games? Then Rosemary's advice came back to
her; copy everything she gave him and tape their conversations. How
on earth could she do that? The copying was easy, she had a machine
in her office but how do you tape conversations. Her dictation machine
was far too large to carry it into his office and she had no idea where
to get anything smaller. At least she could keep copies and make a
diary of her conversations with him, including the things he did to her
when she locked his door for him. For she wasn't naive enough to
think his transgressions under her skirt today would be the last he did
of that. In fact it ran through her mind that she could very soon
become his own personal whore, his sex slave. What did he do to
Rosemary? She wondered. Could she ask Rosemary something like
that? Maybe she would if he continued to feel her up behind closed
doors. Surely Rosemary wouldn't let him do that to her.
She changed into her nightdress and slipped between
the sheets, her mind awash with questions and hate and doubts. And
this Mr. Saunders? What about him? At least he made no move on her
at all. Not many men would act that way with a woman obviously in
distress. But how could she ever ask for his help in such a delicate
matter, namely being blackmailed into taking nude pictures of herself?
She turned the light back on and rummaged in her bag for the card he
gave her.
"Jeremy W. Saunders, Attorney-at-Law, Saunders and
Saunders. It gave his address and telephone number. A Lawyer?
Maybe he could help her. Then just as she was about to switch the
light off again, her phone rang.
"Yes, who is this?"
"It's Jeremy Saunders, Sally. Look I'm sorry to ring you
so late at night but I couldn't help but be concerned for you. I know
you are in trouble somehow and I honestly would like to help you if I
could. Are you sure there is nothing I can do to help?"
"Mr Saunders…? But… But how did you know my
number? I never told you." Sally now had grave doubts about the man.
"If I've overstepped my mark, I apologise. After I
dropped you off I got to thinking and returned to your building and
looked up the tenant's directory. Do you know you are the only tenant
in that whole building that has a name starting with S? So I took a
gamble it would be you and rang. Are you very annoyed with me?"
She could almost hear a lilting challenge in his voice
daring her to rebuke him.
"Oh, I see. You have been busy, haven't you? Is that
what lawyers do? Look into peoples private lives?"
"Of course. Wouldn't win a case if we didn't. But there
is something about you, Sally Gordon, something that disturbed me.
Please don't get upset but when you walked into that bar tonight, you
looked like a little girl who had the whole world's problems squarely
on her shoulders. I think you have some problems that you can't
resolve yourself and I'd like to help you overcome them."
"And what would your fee be?"
"This is not work, Sally. Call me a Good Samaritan if
you like but if I can help, I will."
"Do you know where I can obtain a listening device to
record someone's conversations?" The words came out before she
even realised she had spoken. "Oh, I didn't mean to…"
"It sounds serious, Sally. Please talk to me about it."
"I… I can't. It's too embarrassing."
"The moment you start talking, it will all come out at
once. The first sentence is the worst. Do it, Sally, tell me and let me
"Oh," she wailed aloud and then remained silent for a
long pause, her mind in worse turmoil than before. How could she
speak of such intimate things to a total stranger? And yet, he has
always been the true gentleman, well for the short time she knew him,
he had. He never interrupted her thoughts, just let her weigh it all up.
He was sure she would begin in just a few seconds and if she did, he
was halfway towards the eventual goal he had set for this very
attractive woman, this very attractive woman with twin thirteen year
olds, especially the girl, Samantha.
"I'm being blackmailed," she said simply and then it all
came out.
Saunders couldn't believe his luck. He had been
working on ways to win her over for well over a month now and had
drawn a blank on all fronts other than trying to pick her up somehow
and slowly win her confidence and affections. But this opportunity
was just too good. He listened intently, letting her say whatever she
wanted, just adding an 'um' or 'I see' at times to let her know he was
on her side and still listening.
When she finally stopped he had the whole gist of her
employer's deviant little game and was sure it would be easy to send
him away with his tail between his legs. This was just one of many
similar cases he had dealt with professionally and it would be an
absolute pleasure to show his target just how good he was by
destroying someone like this Gamble.
"Sally, I have to talk to you before you go to work
tomorrow. Can I drive you? It won't take long to tell you how we can
get rid of this mongrel and I promise you it will have no effect on your
job security. Can you believe me when I say that, Sally?"
"I… I think so." Oh, what was she getting herself into?
How could anyone get someone as strong as Gamble off her back? He
held all the power and if she was to stay employed, she couldn't see
what could be done. Yet Jeremy was so persuasive.
"Then I'll call for you at seven in the morning. Now,
I've thought a few things through. I want you to wear slacks tomorrow
and the next bit is a little delicate but I want you to wear a sanitary pad
under your panties…" He hadn't finished the sentence when he heard
a loud gasp from her end of the line. Quickly he cut in, "Now listen
carefully, Sally, I'm not asking if your period is here, I just need you to
have some padding between your legs. I'll explain it tomorrow. Don't
get excited, it's to fool your sleezebag boss if he tries anything
tomorrow morning. Understand now?"
"Yes, I guess so," she replied hesitantly. "But he said I
wasn't to wear slacks, just skirts."
"Then he might rant and rave a bit and you can
apologise and promise never to disobey him again. By the end of the
day, he won't be your problem any more, or your friend's either. Oh,
and make sure you bring those three photos but not the camera. You
might just find that will become a present to keep, from the not-so-
generous Mr. Gamble."
"Mr. Saunders, do you really think…?"
"I have met several men like Gamble in my time and
they've all gone to water when confronted. But you'll have several
things I want you to do before you see him tomorrow, that's why I
want to meet you so early. See you at seven, then. Goodnight, Sally."
She heard the line click as he hung up the phone.

She slept fitfully that night, waking up at the least
sound, her mind still in turmoil wondering how this man Jeremy
Saunders could ever help her solve the situation she found herself
in. Was it just coincidence that he happened along the very day
Gamble had proposed his dirty little scheme to her? Oh, if only she
knew more about Jeremy before he started to do the things he
promised. Is he really so confident or is he just a bumbling fool trying
to help out? But she became more assured as the night slipped by, on
the subject of his abilities. He never showed any lack of understanding
or ability in the several conversations she had with him so far. And if
he could rid her of this terrible situation she would be eternally
grateful to him, she promised herself.

Chapter Three
He arrived exactly on time and for the first time she
realised he drove a very expensive Mercedes-Benz, dark blue in colour
with dark windows one couldn't see into. He got out and greeted her
with a warm smile as she walked towards him.
"Good morning, Sally. Are you nervous?"
"I'm shivering with fright," she admitted.
"That's good. It keeps you on your toes. I'll drive a
short way and then we'll stop and talk. Just in case your children
happen to look outside," he explained. When they stopped, he turned
to her and said with another encouraging smile, "Chin up, young lady.
I promise you it will all be over by this afternoon. Now, first take
this," he said handing her a small object. You'll need to get yourself
half undressed to fit it properly. It's a wire tap."
"What? What's a wire tap?"
"It's a small radio microphone that lets me pick up any
conversation you make within about two hundred metres of where my
recorder is. See this, it will tape your conversation with Gamble so
clearly he could never dispute it. Now this bit gets taped between your
breasts; that's the microphone, and the battery, this little thing here,
you can push down under the pad you're wearing. Hop into the back
seat. Promise I won't watch," he said with an assuring smile.
"Oh," she gasped as she realised the significance of
wearing the Kotex pad. "Uhm, I had to steal one of my daughter's, I
don't use… Oh," she gasped when she realised what she was
"At least it means she's still a virgin," he said matter of
factly. Deep down he was ecstatic about that knowledge.
She glanced at him quickly but saw no ulterior motive
in his eyes. "I'll just get into the back then."
Even though she thought she trusted him, her eyes
remained on him the whole time she was undoing buttons and pulling
her clothes apart. It was not as simple as it sounded for she had to lift
her top right over her head to give her access to the bra. She peeled the
covering off the tape and pressed it against her skin right between her
breasts as he instructed and was pleased how small it looked. The
battery too was miniature and slipped under the pad easily. There was
another wire hanging loosely and she didn't know what it was or
where to put it. "Uhm, What is this other wire for?"
"Oh, that's the aerial. Wrap it around your waist and
tuck it under the waistband of your panties. One thing you mustn't
give in to him today is to let him force you to undress or even take
your slacks down. Use your period as the excuse and absolutely refuse
to show him you are wearing a sanitary napkin. He should be able to
feel it from the outside if he tries and that should be enough to stop
him. Very few men, no matter how grotesque their sexual inclinations
are, want to delve into a wet menstrual napkin," He explained without
looking around and then when he heard her gasp in shock at what he
said, added. "I'm sorry, Sally. I was forgetting your feelings. I
apologise, I can only imagine what you are going through right now. I
guess I was thinking too clinically. When you've dressed, come back
in front and we'll go over some details."
By the time he finished talking she was amazed at the
things he had thought of and assured him she could handle what he
had told her.
"Good, I knew you would. Now why don't you go for a
little walk, down to the next corner and talk to me as you go? We need
to test the unit. It would be useless going into this sting without the
Sally had no idea what she talked about as she walked
along. Her mind was running a dozen different things through all at
once but by the time she returned she was more than confident this
man could do as he said.
"Works perfectly," he told her as she sat back inside.
He handed her a slip of paper with a telephone number written on it.
"Ring this number just before you leave to go into his office. Then
we'll know just when to begin recording. We don't want to record the
conversation with your friend. It has to be a clear tape when he's
confronted with the evidence. As soon as he's finished with you bring
the items we've discussed downstairs. You'll see a man leaning
against the front door of your building with a folded newspaper resting
against his forehead. Don't say anything to him just hand him the
things and go back to your office. There'll be quite a commotion in
Mr. Gamble's office later in the day but you mustn't intervene in any
way, nor must your friend, Rosemary. Is everything clear?"
"I think so," she replied hesitantly. "Jeremy…"
"That's the first time you've called me by my name.
Thank you."
"No, I want to thank you. I don't understand why
someone like you should do all this for me, but I'm very grateful."
"Now try to stay calm and let things take their course.
Good luck, Sally."
He dropped her off a block from her office and she
arrived at her desk more than a half hour earlier than usual but she was
pleased Rosemary had already arrived. She signaled to her friend who
came over immediately.
"How are you feeling, Sally? Terrible, I guess. Gamble
doesn't get in till nine. Was it too awful last night? Talking the
pictures, I mean?"
"I… I only took three and I felt abused but things might
change today," she told her friend almost excitedly.
"What do you mean?"
She quickly told Rosemary and then said, "Do you want
to get him off your back too, Rosemary?"
"You really mean it, don't you?
"Yes, I'm positive my friend will do it. But you'll have
to trust him just as I did. What he needs is evidence from more than
one person and you told me you had taped his conversations and you
had copies of the pictures you'd given him. You have to trust him,
Rosemary, my friend, I mean. Can you get them? Are they here?"
"You mean give all I have to someone else? Oh," the
girl blanched at the thought.
"I'm sure it is the right thing and he's promised me
none of the photos or tapes will be seen by anyone else. You'll get
them all back hopefully with the originals too."
"Are you sure, Sally? I mean, to give them to someone I
don't know, gosh, I'm not sure, Sally."
"I've done it and it was so hard to decide to trust him
but he's genuine, I know he is. Look get them and type out a letter
telling everything he's done to you in his office and sign it. It's just
more evidence to force him to hand over all the filth he's collected. By
this afternoon, my friend says Gamble will be weeping like a little
baby and will do whatever he's told to do. I don't think he will even be
working here afterwards."
"Do you really think so?"
"Yes, I do. Now go and type out a statement. Just tell it
as you remember it. I've got something I have to do too. It's Gamble's
letter of resignation."
"What? You're joking."
"No, they mean to make him sign it as well as hand
everything over to them. Have you seen where he keeps the stuff
we've given him?"
"Oh, that's in the two locked cupboards behind his
desk. He's often taken my photos from there when he's gloated over
them in front of me."
"Good, that's what I thought too. Go on, off you go and
make it sound just as dirty as it was for you."
"You bet. Oh, by the way. The copies are here. I keep
them in my bag all the time."
"Good. Just keep your fingers crossed."
Sally felt so excited tears of joy began to seep down her
cheeks as she began to type Mr. Gamble's short letter of resignation.
She took great joy in typing his full name, Vincent Alphonse Gamble.
It made her laugh to think she was the one completing this task, a
delightful revenge.

As the hour of nine drew close, Rosemary popped her
head inside. "I've done it, Sally. Will I leave it with you?"
"Yes and the copies you have. You didn't keep a diary
by any chance?"
"Yes, but I couldn't let you see that. It's too
"I know the kinds of things he made you do, Rosemary
and anything that can be held against him is important. I promise you
no one will ever see it except those who call on him later today. They
have to show him exactly what evidence they have against him to
force him into complying. It's the only way you'll get back your
photos. Just be brave, my pet," she added encouragingly.
"But if anybody read what I had to do; oh, I'd just die
with shame."
"And if you don't get your photos back imagine how
long it would be before they start turning up on the Internet. Much
more chance of your friends or even your husband seeing them then."
"He wouldn't," she gulped.
"It's just what he would do. Now give it over,
Rosemary and you'll have everything back in a couple of days. That's
what my friend said."
"Promise you won't read it then."
"I promise. Now go and get it quickly. I'll need it as
soon as I get out of Gamble's office."
She dialed the number Jeremy gave her and left the office.

She tapped on his door and heard the command to enter.
"Ah, ha, little Miss Innocent with her first set of photos.
Let me see them."
"I… There's only…"
"I said let me see them," he demanded roughly.
She handed over an envelope.
"What's this then. There's not twenty pictures in here,"
he accused her as he opened the envelope and let the three photos fall
onto his desk.
"I didn't buy a film, Sir. It was too late and there was
only three left on the film in the camera. I'm sorry but I couldn't help
"You'll pay for this you stupid bitch. And what are you
doing wearing that. I told you skirts only."
"I… It's my… I'm sorry but my period has arrived,"
she said, feeling her blush all over.
"Oh, shit. Just like all you women. Think you can trick
me like that do you?"
"No, it's the truth. It came this morning. I have to wear
these to hold my… Oh, it's so embarrassing.
"You mean you wear rags? Shit, woman you're no
virgin, why don't you push a Tampax up your quoit. What woman
wears rags these days?"
"I'm sorry, sir, but I always have. I can't wear the
others for health reasons. Look I'll take more photos tonight to make
up for these," she said hoping it would appease him.
"You'll do more than that. Come here and let me feel
your pad. I still don't believe you, it's all to convenient."
"No, you can't, not like this," she pleaded, backing
away from his outstretched hand.
"Damnit, woman, do as you're told. Come here." She
edged closer then breathed in silent relief as his hand cupped her groin
over her slacks. "Hmm, at least you've told the truth this time. If I ever
catch you lying to me I'll take the skin off your back. All right, let me
see what you've done," he said, picking up the three photographs.
As he took each one he studied it closely for a long
time, looking up at her every so often as though stripping her bare with
his eyes.
"At least they're a fair job. Now tomorrow I want to see
you stripped all the way, bugger your curse, if it drips down your legs,
too bad. And make sure there are plenty of tits too. When's the blood
"What? Oh, I suppose in five days." Why did she blush
so easily, she wondered, especially when all this was to catch him at
his worst? "Please don't make me photograph myself naked while I'm
like this, it's just too disgusting, Mr. Gamble."
"All women are disgusting so what else is new, bitch.
And you're going to be more disgusted because tonight you can stay
back and give me a good solid blowjob. That's the penalty for not
doing as you're told. Five o'clock tonight I want you under my desk
sucking me like you've never sucked before. Don't be late, Mrs. Sally
Gordon," he said with a sneer.
"Oh, you can't make me do that, Mr. Gamble. Please
not that, not fellatio, I just couldn't do it. Anything else, but not that.
Please, Mr. Gamble, you know how desperate I am to keep my job
here and if it means I have to show you pictures of me naked, well I
hate it but I'll do it. But not sex, that's unfair."
"Shit you women make me laugh. You'll do it and you
know it or you can find somewhere else to work, if you can, that
is," he added with a snigger of glee. "Five and don't be late. Now get
the hell out of my sight."

Sally gave Rosemary the slightest of winks as she
passed her desk and went into her own office. She saw Rosemary's
envelope on her desk and gathered that together with the resignation
letter she had typed on Company letterhead in her boss's name and
took the lift down to the front entrance. Just as Jeremy had said, there
was a man holding a folded newspaper to his forehead. Almost
without stopping she placed the packages in his hand, watching the
man leave immediately. She returned to her office and had little to do
but wait.

Chapter Four
She had told Jeremy of Gamble's usual movements
over lunchtime and just on two o'clock, saw three dark suited men
came to reception, one holding up something for the receptionist to
read. Just seconds later the receptionist pointed straight at Gamble's
office door and the men walked straight to it. After one knock a voice
called out, "Go away," to which the men responded by pushing their
shoulders heavily against the door and burst inside. A woman's voice
from inside the room cried out shrilly and Gamble's naked secretary
ran from the room trying to cover her nudity, her bottom covered with
a series of vivid red welts that she had obviously just received. Then
Gamble's voice bellowed out, "What is this? Get out this instant."
The whole staff crowded around and heard one of the
men state loudly, "Vincent Alphonse Gamble, I have a warrant for
your arrest on several charges of blackmail and other
charges, and to that we now add assault causing serious bodily harm."
The man went on to read Gamble his rights just as Sally had heard on
television shows many times. Then the doors were closed to the eager
spectators and Sally was most disappointed she could not see this
bastard of a man begin to receive his just deserts.
She returned to her office, trembling with emotion that
she had been the one to bring about this final revenge. Soon
Rosemary rushed into Sally and said, "It's true, Sally. What you said is
all happening. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. Oh, I hope that
bastard gets fifty years in jail for what he's done to us and probably to
many others too."
"It's all over, pet," Sally said softly, tears running down
her face in gratitude for what Jeremy had achieved for her. "I've got to
see if his secretary is all right. The police will want to talk to her too, I
suspect. She needs some clothes. Have you got anything?"
The poor woman was absolutely distraught when Sally
went to her office, still quite naked sitting at her desk swaying from
side to side crying out almost unintelligently, "No, no, no. What have I
let him do to me? Oh, I can't face it any more."
It took Sally a long time to calm the poor woman down.
"Shhh, it's all over now. They've arrested him. He can't make you do
things like that again. He's going to jail and he definitely won't be
working here again."
"What," she asked in a dazed voice. "He's leaving?
Really? How?"
"The police arrested him. They'll be taking him to
court and he'll go to jail for a long time."
"But what about…? Oh, they'll all know… It's worse.
Really, Sally it makes it all the worse for me. The pictures…" and she
began to cry like a little child.
"I promise you all the pictures will be returned. Every
one of them."
"But the police will see. Then they'll charge me too.
For… Oh, Sally I can't even tell you."
"He's made several women take photos of themselves,
believe me. He tried to make me too, just yesterday but I had a friend
who came to my aid. They have all the evidence they need. My friend
will be given all the material he's collected from all the women and Gamble
and it will be returned to you."
"Sally, you can't understand. No one ever could. You
see, he made me… Oh, how can I tell you? It's too terrible but I must.
He made me have sex with my boy. For more than a year. He has
several hundred photos of my son, he's only twelve, doing every sort
of sexual act with me. Everything, Sally. Do you understand what I
mean? And on top of that I had to give him sex whenever he wanted it.
Nearly every day I did something for him. He was strapping me with
his belt when the men came in. Now all that will come out. I'll have to
go to court and explain to the judge and he'll send me to jail and my
boy to some shelter somewhere. My life is over."
"Go home, right now. Here are some clothes, put them
on and go home. Take a weeks holiday and come back then. I promise
you your job is secure and no one will say a word to you about what
they saw today. That bastard corrupted almost every woman in the
office in some way. They'll throw the book at him."
Sally walked to the entrance of the building with the
distraught woman and called a taxi to take her home. In a week after
she hadn't been contacted by the police she should be satisfied that
I've told her the truth, Sally thought to herself with comfort.

Sally returned to her office and dialed the telephone
number Jeremy had given her. The police and Gamble were still in his
office behind closed doors but Sally just had to thank her benefactor.
"Yes?" She heard his voice.
"Thank you Jeremy. Thank you so much. I don't know
how to express it more than to say Thank you."
"You could say yes to joining me for dinner tonight," he
responded with that same voice than made her smile. He was smiling
too, she just knew it.
"Oh, yes, please," she agreed immediately. "Where?"
"I'll call for you at eight o'clock. Wear something nice."
"Nice? What does that mean?" She asked with a little laugh.
"It means what you feel comfortable in. We're going to
El Rico, do you know it?"
"El Rico? But that's… That's very expensive, Jeremy.
It's black tie isn't it? I'm not sure I have anything to wear. Couldn't
we go somewhere a little less...?"
"Just be home in time to get ready, my dear Mrs. Sally
Gordon. Eight o'clock and don't worry. I'll love whatever you wear."
As she hung up she was dismayed to see three burly
policemen bundle a now whimpering Gamble out of the office and
into the lifts. His face was covered with sweat or slobber, she couldn't
be sure and he was a broken shell of the man who demanded her to
give him oral sex at five this evening. Sally was elated and several of
the staff raised their voices in a chorus of jubilation and clapping.
Sally decided it was time to go home. She could do no work today, not
that Gamble had given her much to do anyway, and all she could think
of was what to wear tonight.

She walked the several blocks home, thinking deeply
about Mr. Jeremy Saunders. How could such a man come into her life
exactly when he was needed most? She had not dated any man since
her divorce seven years ago and the thought of a date with Jeremy was
almost overpowering. He was handsome for sure, such a wonderful
smile, she thought, and obviously rich, probably filthy rich. So why
would a man like that want to date someone like her? She thought she
was attractive but she was in her mid-thirties and he could have the
pick of every young woman in town, yet he seemed interested in her. It
was overwhelming.
But when she walked inside and saw first the large
bouquet of roses that Samantha had obviously put in a vase of water
she became more excited than ever. The note attached said simply, 'I
did it because I wanted to help'. It was unsigned but only one person
could have said that.
And then there was more when Samantha popped her
head out of her bedroom and said, "There's a parcel on your bed too,
Mom. Have you got a boyfriend or something?"
"A boy…? Of course I haven't. It's just a friend who
helped me out with something." But her mind was floating as she
quickly went to her room. It was a large gift-wrapped box from one of
the exclusive boutiques in town, one of those she wouldn't even think
of entering because of their prices. Her hands were shaking as she
untied the ribbons and waded through a sea of tissue paper. There
before her eyes was a gown in soft pink more delicate than any she
had ever possessed. She lifted it against her chest and looked into the
mirror. It was absolutely magnificent. A little more cleavage than she
would have preferred but the hem fell halfway between her knees and
ankle and seemed to be her exact size. Then beneath the gown was
more. It made her blush as she lifted a bra, panty and suspender set of
lingerie. He had chosen her underwear too. Even stockings were there
and in one corner of the box, a pair of matching high heeled shoes.
"Oh, my God," she moaned to herself. "It must have
cost a small fortune," she said aloud, looking at the labels.
"You do have a boyfriend, haven't you, Mom?"
Samantha asked slyly as she poked her head around the door. "Did he
buy that for you? It's beautiful."
"I don't have a boyfriend, I told you, Sam. He's just a
nice friend."
"And filthy rich by the looks of it. Did you let him…?"
"Don't you dare say it, Sam. No, I didn't, so stop being
dirty. You deserve a good spanking for talking to me like that."
"You wouldn't dare," she responded without fear. "I'm
too old for that."
"You're never too old if you start talking like that
young lady. Now get out, I have to dress. I'm going out."
"Oh, yes? For breakfast?" Her daughter giggled as she
raced from the room.
But those comments made Sally think. Is that what he
wants? Buy me a dress and get into my panties? A fuck for a friend? Is
that what he wants? Oh, what am I getting myself into? Yet what he
did for me today… I would willingly let him take me. Yes, I wouldn't
refuse if that's what he wants. Whatever he wants is a hundred times
more attractive than what Gamble was demanding. And he did what he
did simply because he saw I was in some sort of trouble. He fixed it in
one day flat. She closed her door then stripped herself naked and
returned to the mirror.
What would a man like that think of me? I have a nice
face, a good smile, my breasts are not large but they're still firm
despite two kids. Pert, that's what they are. Would he like these? She
asked herself, cupping the two mounds and squeezing softly. They're
still nice tits, she complimented herself. Then her eyes went lower, a
small cute waist and not a bad bush. I wonder what he would think of
this if he did slip my panties down. She remembered reading where
many men liked their women hairless. God, I couldn't do that. It
would feel naked even when I'm wearing clothes. I wonder what my
pussy really looks like when he parts the lips? Oh, shit, Sally he's not
going to do that, stop it, you whore.
She showered, washed her hair, dried herself and set
her hair then spent twenty minutes under the drier. A dash of perfume
between the titties, she thought giggling and some on her pussy hairs.
Well what if he did strip the clothes he'd bought, off her? He deserves
it and I probably wouldn't stop him, she decided after a moment's
thought. Dabs of perfume under her ears and wrists then just the
faintest make-up, and a soft lipstick to contrast with her new outfit.
Sally stood before the mirror once more and critically
studied herself. I think I look more beautiful now than when I married
that bastard when I was nineteen, she assured herself. Yes, she was
indeed pleased with the way she looked and was sure any man who
had access would think the same. Of course it has been over seven
years since any man has touched her and more than thirteen years
since she'd felt the thrill of a man's hands caressing her nakedness.
Her ex-husband never once thrilled her the way she so desperately
desired, not even once since the night she was taken to the marriage
Oh, how those thoughts keep flooding back these days.
It was when he found out he hadn't got a virgin wife after all, that his
attitude changed instantly. After the first caresses of their marriage as
he slowly pushed inside her and found no barrier with which to
assuage his manhood, she had been used for sexual purposes only. No
more romance, no caresses, no love just thrust, thrust, squirt, squirt,
Would Jeremy be like that? He seemed so caring, so
understanding once he took on the role of protector but she knew that
this alone didn't mean he was interested in her sexually. Well, how
could he be? A woman of thirty-something with two teenage kids
hanging onto her skirts; what man in his position would be interested.
Yet the flowers, the clothes and the intimates too? Maybe he was. Was
he treating this dinner as a date with someone he's interested in or just
the finale of a little adventure into the role of protector? Maybe that
was all this was to be.
She studied herself closely and cupped her breasts,
gently massaging their firmness, stroking the nipples until they rose up
like hard little bullets. If he doesn't do something to me tonight, I'll
have to give myself a climax when I get home, she thought as she
smiled at her reflection. "Until bed then, my lovely lady," she
whispered to herself with a smile.
Then she began to dress. Oh, god, they're real silk, she
discovered as she slipped the panties up her legs and fitted them over
her hips. How beautiful it feels. The bra was a perfect fit. How could
he have known that? She giggled as she clipped the suspender belt
around her waist. She'd been a young teenager the last time she'd
worn one of these, panty hose and tights were so much more
convenient these days but suspenders felt far sexier. The stockings
were sheer, with the palest pink tinge and as she lifted the dress over
her head it all came together.
A long look into the mirror gave her even greater
satisfaction. A new woman looking back at her, the neckline of her
dress was cut very low, far lower than she would ever have purchased
for herself, and the part of her breasts that were covered were
contoured so well that anyone could make out the full line of their
shape. The waist clung to her body like a skin and then fell from her
hips as though it floated with her every move. Oh, how sexy it made
her feel. Could she ever wear this out in public? Would she ever wear
anything like this if it weren't for Jeremy? What would her children
think when they saw it?
Yes, they would surely see it for they knew something
different was happening tonight. She had heard the whispers between
the two siblings after her daughter's short visit and was certain they
would be around if only to appease their curiosity.
It was nearing eight o'clock and Sally knew she was
about to run the gauntlet of their remarks. What should she do when
he called? Wait inside or out on the front patio? It was so long since
she dated, oh, what to do? No, he would be the gallant gentleman; he
would come to the front door and knock. Yes she would wait inside.
Then the kids would see him. Oh, God, it isn't easy. They'll know I'm
off to get fucked. Fucked? Did I think that? she wondered in surprise.
She had never used that word in her life before. It was because she
wanted it, that's why. Yes she wanted someone to… No, she wanted
Jeremy to fuck her. Tonight. Where? In his car for all she cared.
Would he take her to his home? Oh, then Sam would probably be
right, I'll be there for breakfast.
No, he wouldn't even try, she told herself forcefully
and banged her fist into the bed. Damnit, why should she even expect
it to begin like that? He was just finishing off a small diversion in his
life and may even be looking for accolades from her for the way he
solved her problem so easily. Damn you, Sally Gordon, you're just all
sexed up, letting your imagination run riot. Just calm down and give
yourself some relief when you get home, she told her reflection
silently just as the doorbell rang.
"Mum, is that for you?" Samantha called and Sally
heard a suppressed giggle at the end.
She walked out into the lounge and both children were
standing in their doorways.
"Oh, shit," Wesley whispered loud enough for Sally to
hear. "Mom, you're…"
"You look beautiful, Mom," Sam finished the sentence
and raced to her mother with a peck on the cheek. "Is he nice?"
"I think so," Sally sighed as she opened the door.
"Hello, Jeremy," she said with a smile. "Would you
like to come in for a moment?"
"Hello, Sally. Why, yes, thank you, I would. Oh, you do
look beautiful," he added as he came through the door. Then he caught
sight of the twins. His cock stirred instantly at his first sight of
Samantha and he had to force himself to calm down. Don't show your
interest, fool, you've just met them, he told himself.
"If I do, it's all your doing. Thank you for the gift,
Jeremy, I never expected anything like this. You shouldn't have."
"Nonsense, I was pleased to do so, just something to
finish off a very exciting day."
"Well, Mom, aren't you going to introduce us," Wesley
in his usual brash manner piped up.
"Oh, yes, of course, Jeremy, I'd like you to meet my
children. Wesley and Samantha, Jeremy Saunders."
"How do you do, Wesley? Samantha?" He said
extending his hand to each of them in turn. He gave them the same
wide smile that melted any doubt in most people's minds when they
first met him. The children were most impressed, Sally noticed.
A few pleasantries and Jeremy suggested they should
be going.

Chapter Five
"They are lovely kids, Sally," Jeremy as he
closed the door behind them.
"Did you know they're twins?"
"Twins? Really? Yes, I guess they do look alike. What,
fifteen, sixteen?" He knew exactly how old they were, he even had
copies of their birth certificates.
"They look it, don't they? Actually they'll celebrate
their fourteenth birthdays in just a couple of weeks."
"They certainly look older. I guess they're a handful
these days."
"They can be. At the stage where they want their
freedom but mom won't give it to them just yet," she said with a little
"Yes, I suppose so, it's the schools, you know. They
actually teach the kids to question everything their parents say.
Sometimes a little discipline doesn't go astray."
"A father would have helped there but he hasn't been
around for a long time."
"Yes, that makes it harder," he said as he opened the
car door for her.
She felt like the original virgin on her first date, not
knowing what to say or do.
"Just relax and have a good time, Sally. I can see you're
all on edge. I don't bite, you know."
She glanced quickly at him and found that wonderful
smile looking straight at her.
"Oh… It's just that… Well, I haven't been out with a
man since… Since I was divorced. I feel…. Jeremy I just wanted to
say thank you for the beautiful flowers and these clothes. I just never
"Did it embarrass you? I mean what you found in the box?"
"They are so expensive…" she began but he cut in.
"I didn't physically choose the lingerie, Sally. Never
saw it in fact. Just asked the woman to choose and send it. I hope it
didn't embarrass you too much."
"Oh, that," she gushed too quickly. He surely noticed.
"I never thought… Oh they are beautiful, Jeremy. Thank you."
"I'm pleased you like my choice of dress. I did choose that."
"But the size? It fitted perfectly."
"So I noticed. Perhaps I am gifted in that area. I like
what I see, Sally. You look very beautiful and I am so pleased you
accepted my gift. Some women wouldn't, you know, suspecting
there's an ulterior motive, if you understand what I'm saying." He
looked at her for several seconds as he said that even though he was
She couldn't stop herself blushing. "I'm not that sort…
Oh, I didn't mean that, Jeremy."
"I accept your gracious thanks and we'll leave the
subject there. Now, I take it you haven't been to El Rico's before?"
"No, of course not. It's not the kind of place my ex-
husband ever thought of taking me and I've… Well, I haven't been
myself, no."
"I think you'll enjoy it. That's what I hope for anyway."
"I know I will," she replied still flustered. He was so
polished and she was but a humble secretary, how could she match his
conversation for the whole night?
"Are you interested in the outcome of this afternoon?"
"Oh, yes please. I saw the man bundled out of his office
by the policemen and he was actually whimpering like a baby."
"They weren't exactly policemen although Gamble
thought they were."
"Well, they were sort of working acquaintances of
mine. They have done similar things for me in the past and they did
exceedingly well today, I must say."
"Then he won't be charged? With crimes of something?"
"You won't be seeing your molester again but no, he
won't be facing court. You see these so called policemen convinced
him that the several complaints lodged against him didn't really want
to be witnesses in any court cases as long as he returned every last
item of pornography he had obtained from his victims. Did you see the
large box one of them carried out of his office?"
"Yes but I didn't know what it was. I thought it was just
his own office stuff or something."
"It was full of photographs and video tapes of his staff.
You were just one of them and they can thank you alone for retrieving
it. You can have the satisfaction of returning it yourself if you wish.
Even some of the girls who left the firm will have to be identified and
you have been with them for many years so you should know them all.
He made them do the most grotesque things, Sally."
"I know. Did they tell you about his secretary? The
men, I mean. He was beating her with his belt while she was stark
naked in his office when they broke through the door. She was panic
stricken because she expected the police to charge her for posing for
her photos. She told me just a little of what was in them."
"Can you tell me? I mean I don't want to embarrass you
but I'd like to know."
"Oh," she whispered and then looked out the window
as the passing traffic. "Oh, it is embarrassing, Jeremy. I've never
spoken to a man about things like she told me, ever. It was beyond
what I could imagine any woman doing." She felt her blushes deepen
until she thought she must surely be sweating, but when she brushed
her hand over her cleavage it felt quite cool.
"Opened your eyes a little, I suppose?"
"Well, yes, it did, I suppose. It was about incest," she
added with a gush of breath.
"I understand several of the women were made to do
similar. It's not your fault, you know, Sally. They did what they did
because it was the best thing for them in the circumstances. I wonder
how far you might have gone with his demands if he hadn't been
stopped. I mean you have two beautiful children." He held his breath
waiting for her explosion. Had he stepped over the mark too soon? Oh,
please answer, he was urging her silently.
"I… I know. I thought about it on the first day because
he showed me one photo of the woman and her son. They were… I'm
sorry, I can't tell you."
"I take it they were having sex together, a woman and a
young boy. Such things, Sally, don't shock me; after all it is my line of
business quite often. But I suspect you find it difficult to talk about
such illegal acts, don't you?"
Oh how she blushed. Of course it was difficult, no
impossible to talk of such things, even between her few friends let
alone a man she has known for just two days.
"I… Oh, you made me blush, Jeremy. It's awful. Yes, I
just couldn't talk about those things with you. I just couldn't, it's too
"Then if we are to become friends, and I do hope we
will, I will have to teach you how to overcome those difficulties. What
do you say about that, young lady?" He was smiling that smile again,
almost daring her not to object.
"I hope we become friends too, Jeremy," was her
response, and then she kept on blushing as she thought about what he
had said.
"I'm sorry, Sally, I'm a very mean person sometimes. I
shouldn't have embarrassed you. Now, we're here. I'll tell you the rest
of the story over dinner."

Instead of her taking his arm, he led her inside by the
elbow, but he did allow her to lead when they followed the maitre'd to
their table in very secluded corner. There was greenery all around and
they could hardly see another diner.
"Oh, it's so lovely, Jeremy. I never knew such places
existed. It seems we are all alone."
"Just the two of us, now we could write a song about
that, don't you think?"
"Oh, you are silly. No, that's not true, you are a
wonderful man," she said shyly, her eyes looking downward and her
face blushing yet again.
"You look so lovely just the way you are, Sally. I love a
woman who knows how to look demure and you are the very picture
of that."
"Are… Are you wooing me, Mr. Saunders?"
"I wouldn't have asked you to dinner if I didn't enjoy
your company, Mrs Gordon. I do hope I succeed."
She flashed him her brightest smile then looked down
shyly again. "Oh," she said in an almost whisper.
"Please let me order for you. You like white wine, I
would guess."
"Then I think a seafood dinner would be in order." He
clicked his fingers and two waiters came from nowhere. Sally was
amazed at the poise this man showed as he ordered without even
looking at the menu, asking questions from time to time and just
before they left with all his instructions he slipped something into the
hand of the headwaiter who bowed in gratitude.
"They know exactly how I like my food prepared and
I'm sure you will enjoy it too," he assured her.
"Oh, I know I will. You must come here often, Jeremy.
They seem to know you very well."
"It's my favourite in the whole city. You'll see why
shortly. Now, want to hear the rest of the saga of one Vincent
"Don't forget the Alphonse," she added with a little giggle.
When he was confronted by three burly officers of the
law in 'flagrante dilecto' and realised what they were doing there he
went to water immediately. Your recorded interview just a few
minutes ago and the papers they waved about in their hands purporting
to be Official Statements of Complaint by several of his past and
present staff, he lost any bravado he had and began blubbering like a
child. His face was covered with tears and snotty nose and drool
within a couple of minutes and he co-operated completely. Almost all
the photos and videos and even letters he made some women write
about their sex lives were stored in the locked cupboards behind his
Yes I thought that's where they would be. It's where…
Anyway that doesn't matter now. But I never heard about the letters.
He never made me do that."
He would have in time. Anyway the men weren't
satisfied and searched his office with a fine toothcomb, which brought
to light quite a number of illicit magazines about underage girls and
older men. They added those to the charges and told him they wanted
to search his house as well. You should have seen his face when that
was demanded. He pleaded not to do that because his wife would learn
about his activities and would divorce him."
Good," Sally said dryly but with a glint of pleasure in
her eyes. "I hope they did tell her."
"They not only told her when they pushed him inside
his own home but showed her some of the photos and magazines they
had already discovered. She apparently went ballistic, absolutely
freaked out, screaming at him and stating adamantly that she was
taking her three daughters and leaving him immediately. In fact she
calmed down and decided he was the one to go. The officers suggested
that was within their powers anyway and the man was a broken shell
of the bastard who interviewed you earlier."
"You heard everything he said to me?"
"So clearly I could have been in the room myself. You
led him along very nicely so that he actually convicted himself without
knowing it. Anyway, the wife showed them through his study where
more magazines and books were discovered. The men told him he was
a very naughty boy for not divulging them earlier then they made him
disclose all his passwords and one of them, a computer expert spent
several hours pouring through a hoard of pornographic and even more
illicit files he had collected, including almost all of the photos his staff
had provided him with of themselves that he had scanned into digital
pictures. We don't think he had sent any out over the Internet but it
was certainly his intention because there were programs set up to do
just that. Fortunately the files for pictures already sent were quite
empty so we suspect he was caught before he had the chance to spread
then through out the globe."
"Oh, my God. Imagine what I might have had to give
him if you hadn't come along. It makes me shudder just thinking about
"But it didn't happen and certainly won't now. You
have to put it behind you, Sally. Once tomorrow's over it's finished."
"Tomorrow? What will happen then?"
"I have everything we confiscated from Gamble in my
office and it's being catalogued right now. I need you to go through
every photo, video and correspondence and sort them under each
woman's name. We also have to identify many of the photos and you
are the best, no the only one to do it. You are the one person accepted
by several of the woman as one who knows of their particular plights
and I'm sure they wouldn't want anyone else putting names to photos
that in their eyes are absolute filth. You understand, surely," he
"Oh, it's so… It's like I would be spying on their
privacy but yes, I understand what you're saying. Do you think I
should ask each one first, Jeremy? I mean doing that without each
girl's approval doesn't seem right, somehow."
"I'll be with you as evidence you will be doing the right
thing for each woman. You have to, Sally. Imagine how they'd feel if
they had to face you beforehand with them knowing you will be seeing
things so intimate they would rather die than say yes. But if you don't,
someone else must and that would be worse for them, don't you think?
Besides, if you hand back every piece to each one as you explain,
don't you think the feeling of relief would be that much sweeter for
She sat very still for several minutes and neither said
another word. Then she agreed. "Yes, you are right of course. I'll do it.
At least it's the weekend and it could take a long while. I saw the size
of the box they removed. Is it really full?"
"Yes, and the videos will be time consuming too but
I'll be with you all the while."
"So you will see them too?"
"But there's no need for them to know that," he replied
quickly. "Once catalogued, there is record to hold against Gamble
wherever he goes from now on. The one thing I can do is have his
name listed on the known offenders national list so police everywhere
will know of his past indiscretions. He'll never be in the position
where he can demand anything of a woman in the future."
"I think that's the biggest relief of all. If he doesn't go
to prison now, there's still no way he can re-offend."
"And it's all because of you. If the police were brought
in, every woman on the list would have had to be witnesses against
him, stand up in the front of a packed court and explain in detail what
you did to appease him and have the worst of all the photos flashed up
on twenty of so screens around the court. I can guarantee that would
have been worse than anything they did to meet Gamble's demands,
especially once Gamble's lawyers started cross examining each of
"Yes. Oh, I wish the man would just fall over dead.
That would make us all relieved."
"You won't be seeing him again, so after tomorrow,
you have to promise me it will be erased from your mind. By the way,
I have your photos here. Do you want them back?"
"You have seen them?"
"I looked especially for them. They will not be included
in the catalogue."
"You saw me in my terrible underwear?"
"Yes," he said with a cheeky smile. "I don't think they
would have made the Centerfold of Penthouse."
"Oh, you…" she laughed, blushing. "Please burn them
for me. I trust you."
"Thank you, Sally."
She looked straight into his eyes for what seemed an
age, then asked shyly, "Jeremy Saunders, can I ask you something?"
"I'm all ears."
"I know this is a sort of date and one shouldn't kiss on a
first date but…"
"I never said that."
"What? About a date?"
"About kissing on a first date."
"Oh, but that's what all good girls are taught, isn't it?"
"So you are a good girl, are you? Oh, damn."
"I am a good girl indeed, kind Sir. But I just want to say
thank you for what you did today. Would you object to that?"
"As long as you don't object when I kiss you back."
"Oh… Oh, but you have nothing to thank me for and I
have so much to thank you for."
"Well what?"
"May I kiss you back on our first date?"
"Despite being a good girl, how can I refuse?" She
returned his smile. "But don't think you can take other liberties
because you can't."
"I remember a girl saying that to me in college and I
ended up losing my virginity that night."
"I'm a far better girl than she was then. So, are we both
agreed on what is allowed and what is not?"
"I think you have made your position very clear. Yes,
we are."
"Then if we could move our chairs a little closer I want
to thank you, my new found friend."
As she moved her lips near to his it suddenly struck her
that she had not kissed a man romantically for nearly fifteen years. Did
she still remember how? Why didn't she think about it for a while
before barging in like this? Oh, well, here goes.
His eyes followed hers until the last moment then she
closed her eyes and felt the soft wetness of his lips. She felt his breath
on her nose and found herself moving her lips against his, caressing
his lips as she felt him responding. It took her breath away. Her head
spun like a top. She was kissing a man, passionately. He was kissing
her back. He was responding to her approach. Neither touched the
other with any part of their bodies except their lips and they pressed
together, seeking more, breathing deeper, enjoying the intimacy.
Finally it was Sally that broke the kiss first. She was
desperately out of breath, her heart was beating so frantically her head
was swimming, she felt for the first time in all these years like the
nineteen year old youngster enjoying an illicit liaison with someone
other than her fiancée.
"Oh, Jeremy," she gushed, holding her hand against her
cleavage as she regained some kind of composure. "I was supposed to
thank you but you… Oh, thank you for kissing me. I had to say that,"
she explained before taking a deep swallow. "And now I want to say
specially, thank you for your protection. I will never forget what you
did for me today."
"I think you should drink some of your wine, dear lady.
You're all flustered. Did I have anything to do with that?" He asked
"You know damn well you did," she said holding her
glass toward him in salute. He clinked his glass against hers and they
drank, looking into each other's eyes.
"Do you believe in love at first sight?" He asked after a
long quiet.
"Did you love me in that bar then?"
"No, then I was being the white knight on his charger. I
knew you were in trouble. But at this moment, well, things are
happening between us, don't you think?"
Oh, damn this blushing, she told herself feeling even
the skin of her breasts turning crimson. She remained silent but never
broke eye contact. Her nod was almost imperceptible but he
acknowledged it. "My deepest wish is that it keeps growing," he
"Me too, Jeremy, oh, yes, I do too."
They ate a most wonderful meal but neither really
noticed. For most of the time, they held each other's hand and ate
single-handedly. His eyes never left her face and she seemed to be
floating well above the chair she was sitting on.
After they had finished eating, they began to talk of
themselves, answering simple questions, smiling at anything that
caught their fancy, sipping their wine, acknowledging no one but each
"Would you tell me about your life, Sally?"
"Oh, it isn't all that exciting. My childhood days I'd
rather forget," she said brushing that part of her life aside but he
picked that up and stored it for later. I graduated in History and
Language and wanted to teach but found myself going to Business
College and studying economics. I stopped work when I was married
and for a year or so until the twins came along I was stuck at home
being a servant to my husband. The romance virtually ended during
the honeymoon. It was almost as though once he had claimed his
husband's rights to my body, I wasn't good enough for him any more. I
wasn't aware of him ever cheating on me but there was never any
love. There had been before the marriage but it simply vanished, not
for the want of trying on my part. Then, I fell pregnant, not from
lovemaking, just one-way sex, his satisfaction alone, none for me. We
hardly made love, no, what I meant was he rarely made use of my
body after that. I was stuck at home looking after twins and trying to
keep all the household chores up to scratch yet got nothing but
criticism and verbal abuse for everything I tried to do. For a short
while I was the typical battered woman syndrome candidate, not that
he hit me much but he'd drink then come home and shout abuse at me
and the kids until life with him around became impossible. One day
while he was at work I moved into a woman's refuge, stored half of
our furniture and then divorced him. I was given total custody of the
kids because there were so many witnesses from the apartments we
lived in and from relatives that he had no chance at all. The court even
gave me full equity in the house, which is how I got the deposit for
where we live now. I heard he became a complete drunkard living on
the streets and haven't heard from him in several years. The children
were just six when we separated and suffered for the year it took to get
him off our backs then they started growing up happier than they
had ever been. Samantha is still quite shy even though she tries to
show bravado in some situations but Wesley is the confident member
of the family, always the smart aleck and he annoys Sam deliberately
to stir her whenever he can. I took the job with the company as
Economic advisor to the General Manager and enjoyed it immensely
until Gamble took over about four years ago. He made life intolerable
for all the staff but especially the women, always criticizing and
belittling even when work was done perfectly. It wasn't until he
propositioned me the very day you saw me in the bar that I had any
knowledge of him blackmailing most of the other girls for years. I
don't know how they coped for all that time, really, I don't. I guess
that's my life in a nutshell. Not very exciting at all, except right now;
right now I feel happier than I can ever remember."
He took her hand between both of his and caressed it
for several minutes, his eyes leaving hers for the very first time since
they kissed as he carefully watched what he was doing. Then he
looked back at her and smiled as though embarrassed himself and said
softly, "I'm glad you are happy, Sally, because that's the way I feel
Sally wanted the night to go on forever. This was about
the time she thought he might put his arm around her and try to feel her
more private places, like her tits. Would he? She wondered.
"But," he went on, now more at ease with himself, "It's
late and we both have a lot of work to do tomorrow. It's time to go
home, Mrs. Gordon."
"Oh," she moaned softly. Then agreed.

Chapter Six
She leaned against him as he drove less quickly that he
had earlier in the evening. Little was said but they relished each
other's presence. "You haven't told me about you, yet. Is there some
deep dark secrets you can't tell me?"
He looked sideways for a moment then returned his
eyes to the road. "Yes, I'm afraid there is," he said and waited for a
Her heart must have stopped. Oh, God, he's married,
she thought to herself. I'm just a fling.
"No, I not," he said simply.
"What?" She asked almost too loudly.
"I'm not married, Sally. Never have been. Isn't that
what you were thinking?"
"How…? How did you know?"
"What else could you be thinking? Sorry, I'm playing
with your emotions. I will tell you about my life one day soon, when
we're alone and there's nothing to do but think about each other. But
there is one thing I can't discuss, at least not yet. It's not all that bad,
in fact I don't think it's bad at all but you did ask so I told you. One
day you'll understand, I promise."
"Oh, now I'll never get to sleep thinking about it?"
"Then you've got a lot of subjects to consider because
I'm sure you'll never guess in a million years and I won't be telling
you until the time is right."
"You're a spy, aren't you? CIA? FBI? Not the KGB?
Oh, not that, Jeremy?"
"Ha, ha, ha, I can't tell you one way or the other. Sorry
I even mentioned it. Really. And guess what? Here's your home."
"Oh, it's not, is it?" She whined. "I don't want tonight
to end, it was just so wonderful."
He pulled to a stop and turned to her. "You made it so
wonderful. Thank you, Sally. Thank you for trusting me in the first
place because if you hadn't, we wouldn't be here like this now."
"No, we wouldn't would we?" She smiled happily. "Do
you want to kiss me good night on our first date?"
"If the lady allows me the privilege."
"She indeed does."
He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her
against him. His kiss was smooth and warm and so, so soft. She felt
like a little girl snuggled up in a warm mink coat, protected and loved.
She kissed him back and soon found herself fighting for breath once
again. Her hand stroked his cheek as she pulled apart. "Walk me to the
"Yes, Ma'am." He raced around to her door for her and
she alighted and took his arm in hers resting her head on his shoulder
as they walked up the path. "No boy was ever as romantic as this in
my entire life, Mr. Saunders," she crooned softly.
"No woman was ever as soft as you, Mrs Gordon," he
As they stood on the doorstep, she held her key towards
him and looked up into his eyes. "Please tell me this isn't the last time
we'll share together," she whispered.
He turned the key in the lock and as it opened slightly,
he kissed her lightly and promised it wouldn't be. "Goodnight, Sally,"
he said softly and walked back to his car. She went inside without
looking back, a warm glow of contentment flowing through every part
of her. Oh, thank goodness the kids are in bed, she thought with a
smile as she passed their doors.
As if by need, she stood in front of the mirror and
watched herself undress. Would he be satisfied with this? she
wondered. Why me? Why not some of those young ones who flaunt
their youthful charms? Why would a man like that want someone with
two teenage kids, twins at that? Oh, but she did enjoy herself tonight.
If only… The secret? What could it be if it wasn't about a wife? Oh,
my God, he's not gay? Oh, please don't let him be gay. Was he just
playing with a lonely woman's affections? Did he really hate women?
Not the way he kissed me, he didn't, she assured herself. Was he
impotent? He never allowed his body to press against her as she might
have expected when they kissed so passionately. There was no chance
to notice an erection but he was most definitely breathing hard just
like me, she realised.
Once naked, she watched her nipples rise up steel hard
as she brushed them with her fingers. Then the arousal urged her to go
further and she felt almost as though she were cheating on him as she
slipped between the sheets, still naked. She switched the light off and
laid still, feeling her nipples with her fingertips, feeling the urgency in
her loins, knowing what she was about to do. "I'm sorry, Jeremy, but
this is all your fault."
One hand slipped downward and she shivered as it
brushed against her skin and over the curly mat of hairs. It was always
the clit, she sighed as she wiggled her pussy lips apart and found the
hard little nub already waiting. It didn't take long for her breathing to
rise as her female arousal grew stronger. She rolled up several inches
of sheet and clasped it between her teeth to lessen the moaning sounds
she knew were soon to begin. Oh, Jeremy, how wonderful you make
me feel, she thought as her finger roved heavily over her clit, nearing
the verge of orgasm.
Then as she flicked the little nub to bring her over the
edge, the phone by her bed rang shrilly.
"Wha…? Oh, my God, it's the phone," she moaned,
spitting the sheet from between her lips. It took several seconds to
compose herself before she reached over and picked the receiver up.
"Yes, who is this?"
"I just wanted to hear your voice," his calm voice said
with a hint of laughter.
"Jeremy? Is it really you? Oh, how nice," she
acknowledged happily.
"What are you doing?"
"Doing…? Oh," she gasped feeling so stupid as the
thought of her masturbation lingered on her mind. "Oh, nothing. I was
just going to bed."
"Only now? But it's half past one. You have a lot of
work to do tomorrow."
"Then why are you still up?"
"Hmmm. Touche. I just wanted to tell you how
wonderful you made the evening for me, Sally. Really, you were
perfect company, and you looked so beautiful but I've already told you
"I don't mind hearing it again, Jeremy. But it was you
who made my night. I can't wait until we see each other again. Oh,
gosh, I sound like a love sick teenager," she confessed.
"That's how you made me feel, darling," he said as
though he had called her that often. "Did I tell you I'd pick you up in
the morning?"
"I think so. Jeremy?"
"Thank you for staying within the bounds of my rules
last night. I don't know what I may have done if you hadn't."
"I may not always obey them in the future, you know."
"Oh, but you must."
"Will you move the winning post sometimes, then?"
"Only to let me win," she giggled.
"If I knew you better I'd think you were telling me I
could bend them a little. Am I reading the signs correctly?"
"Mr. Saunders," she said with deliberate slowness,
"I've known you only two days and…"
"It's three now. It's after midnight."
"Don't change the subject. I've known you just two
days, you can't expect a girl to give her purity away so easily."
"But I have been good," he responded in a surprised voice.
"If all your girlfriends gave in so easily it wouldn't be
very much fun, I'm sure."
"If they gave in so easily it would be all the more fun,
for me at least."
"Jeremy, these conversations we've been having are far
too advanced for me just yet. I know I'm just as guilty for allowing
that but could we back off a little? I mean, let's be friends but let's
take it slowly for the time being. Does that sound too awful, Jeremy? I
really want to keep your friendship, oh, please believe that, but I'm not
ready to go further than we did this evening. I hope I haven't
disappointed you too much."
"I think you make me love you all the more, in a
brotherly sort of way," he added with a laugh.
"Then you're not too disappointed?"
"I understand what you are telling me," he agreed.
"And I'm not disappointed at all. It strengthens my feelings for you all
the more. Goodnight, fair princess. See you at eight o'clock." He blew
her a kiss and hung up before she could even answer.
"Oh, you didn't let me kiss you back," she said softly
as she laid the receiver down. But his acceptance of what she asked
made her feel much happier. She didn't even feel the need to continue
with her self-pleasuring. Instead she closed her eyes, thought of him
and the next thing she knew, Sam was calling her from the kitchen.
"Are you getting up, Mom? It's after seven."

"Good morning, Jeremy," she said with a warm smile
as she closed the door behind her and walked with him to the car. As
soon as they sat down he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.
"Why do you make me feel so happy these last couple
of days?" He asked with his usual warm smile.
"Because you were the Good Samaritan and it makes
you feel good," she suggested.
"We both know why," he corrected her. "Well, let's go
to work.

Chapter Seven
Sally was more than impressed when he took her to his
suite of offices. Beneath the sign that said Saunders and Saunders it
read, 'Jeremy R Saunders, Practicing Partner'.
It was in the best area of the commercial centre of town
and to say they were furnished in the height of luxury and good taste,
was an understatement.
Already a number of employees were moving about
with efficiency and the receptionist gave him a wide smile and said,
"Good Morning, Mr. Saunders."
"Any messages, Amanda?"
"Yes, several, sir, but I know you have crossed your
day off today so I've channeled most to other staff. There are just two
specifically for you."
He took them and glanced at both. "I'll look after them.
No, interruptions today, all day, please Amanda. We have much to get
"Yes, sir, I understand."
He led the way through double doors and held them
open for Sally to come through. "Oh, Jeremy, these are beautiful," she
said in amazement. "Your offices, they much have cost… Oh, I'm
being silly. Sorry, let's work. What should we do first?"
"First, we sort all the photos into separate heaps for
each woman. Then you can go through them and make sure none get
into the wrong piles. I'll help too," he added.
Sally worked quickly but noticed Jeremy took his time
with each photo, studying them carefully. More than studying them he
was actually taking delight in what he was seeing. She glanced at him
several times but said nothing, wishing to get the task of identifying
the owners over as soon as possible. She felt sick in her stomach at
what some depicted. How could they do these things, she asked herself
over and over again. Even Rosemary.
Many were just of her on her own in poses so blatantly
obscene that Sally shuddered, thinking not only of Rosemary in the act
of taking such filth but also of Gamble as he poured his eyes over her
exposed private parts. How could she lower herself to give him photos
like this? Why her legs were so far apart her pussy was stretched wide
open and she even had her fingers inside in many of them. And what
she did with her sister, oh it made her blush to think of them in their
room posing like this. Sally knew about the ways of lesbians, not from
personal experience but from what she had read and what she and her
school friends spoke about during their secret times together.
But this was the first time she had ever seen actual
evidence of women licking each other's pussies. "Oh," she gasped
aloud as she held up one of Rosemary and her sister, Rosemary laying
flat out on the bed, her sister kneeling over her face and Rosemary's
tongue could be seen actually poking inside her sister. "Oh, no, not
Rosemary," she said on the verge of tears.
"What is it, Sally?"
"Oh, nothing. Just one…"
"Show me."
"But you shouldn't, Jeremy. It's Rosemary, my friend."
He took the photo from her hand and Sally sat very still,
embarrassed at knowing what he was seeing, upset that he should want
to see her friend like that yet aroused. She could feel her vagina giving
up its juices and felt the feelings deeper inside growing stronger.
"My understanding is this is her sister. I guess you'd
call this sibling incest, wouldn't you?" He wasn't leering, just vitally
interested in the content of the photo as he handed it back.
"Wha…? Oh, Ye… I suppose so. Oh, Jeremy I have to
go to the toilet, where…?"
He pointed to a door off to the side and she quickly
went through the door. If she had sat for any longer she was sure her
juices would start to seep onto her skirt and then he would know the
way she was feeling.
After cleaning herself, amazed at the amount of fluids
she had wiped away, she gathered herself together and returned to her
"Is this job affecting you, Sally?"
"Affecting…? Oh, no, not really," she told him, her
face blazing crimson at the thought of him thinking she might be
sexually aroused.
"Oh, you look so beautiful like this," he chided her with
a friendly smile. "I don't know why is hasn't affected you. It has me,"
he admitted casually.
"You? Jeremy, do you mean…? I mean are you…? But
"I have an erection if that's what you're wondering.
And if I'm not way off the track I think you may have been seeping a
little yourself. Be honest, Sally, you were, weren't you?"
How could he ask such things? How did he know? Be
honest? Oh, how could she admit such things to this man? All she
could do was sit still, her eyes looking down at the desk, her throat so
choked with embarrassment she couldn't utter a sound and he sat
beside her, wanting her reply. Of course they aroused her but she could
simply not admit that to him. This man, the one she was growing to
love so deeply in such a short time, wanted to discuss sexuality and
she was simply not ready to do that. But he was pressing her to
"Sally? Are you all right?" His voice showed concern,
which broke the spell she seemed to be under.
"Oh, yes. Yes, I think so," she told him, her voice and
even her movements appearing flustered.
"You are aroused, aren't you?"
"Yes," she whispered finally, lifting a great load from
her fears.
"It's understandable. Many women become aroused
with erotica and every man does so you shouldn't be embarrassed
about it. I could see you were fighting your feelings for some time,
especially when you began to sort through your friend's photos. She is
very attractive and obviously loves her sister."
"It's just that I haven't felt the need to consider… to
consider sexual things for so long. Oh, Jeremy, I do feel so foolish but
I can't help it," she answered, on the verge of tears.
"I can see we have some very serious talking to do once
we've grown to trust each other. I may have to become your daddy and
teach you many things a father needs to," he told her, looking steadily
into her misty eyes.
"Teach me? Oh, but I know about se… Oh, you do
know how to embarrass me, Jeremy. I'm sorry. Maybe I do need
someone to open my eyes. I am an adult but sometimes I feel like a…"
"Like a what, Sally?"
"Oh, I was going to say, like a little girl, but that sounds
so silly."
"It's not silly at all and I do understand, really I do," he
said encouragingly. "All you've got to do is try to understand what the
big picture is all about. Look, I'll try to explain. Take this photo for
instance. You were shocked that two sisters posed together sucking
each other's vaginas. That's what they're doing, isn't it?"
"Yes," she whispered, her eyes cast downwards.
"So, ask yourself, were they doing this for Gamble's
sake or were they actually enjoying themselves? What do you think it
looks like?"
"I think… Well they really don't look unhappy," she
admitted. "If they were I think they'd show it more."
"That's exactly what I see. They may have been forced
into doing what he wanted in the early days of being blackmailed but
as they did things together and enjoyed each other's sexuality, I think
they fell in love, even though they're sisters. Could you imagine them
doing this just to please Gamble? Wouldn't they be far less erotic,
acting perfunctorily rather than obviously enjoying the situation?"
"Yes, I think so. It's just that at the same time, they
gave him the pictures."
"Has it ever occurred to you that they might actually
enjoy exhibiting themselves, even to a man such as him?"
"I couldn't," she stated.
"But what about after a year or so? You began
absolutely hating what he wanted from you and I could see from the
three you gave him that he got nothing like he wanted, I'm sure of
that. But why did you do it in the first place?"
"Because I had to keep my job and probably couldn't
have found another paying nearly as well. I was being blackmailed,
Jeremy," she added as though looking for sympathy.
"Of course you were and nobody could accuse you of
blindly giving into his wishes. But what about three months down the
track? You would have given him dozens of photos of you in many
revealing poses. So he's already seen everything you have to show and
he puts more demands on you. Spread your legs, suck your ti…, rather
your breasts, open your bottom crease more, push your finger in, be
more athletic in your postures; things like that. It wouldn't have hurt
your emotions anywhere as much as it did in the first place. So then he
demands a photo with your son. Then undressed then… and so on."
"Do you think that's what Rosemary did? Little by
"Until she reached the stage where it wasn't hateful any
more. Then she fell in love or her outlook on her body and her
sexuality, changed. It could have been many things but the more one
does something that they didn't wish to, the less it hurts. Just like the
dog that gets beaten by his master. But as time goes by, the beatings
become not so much punishment but more like the norm and he begins
to lick the hand that beats him, then he's all over the man with
affection once more. I believe Rosemary will continue to be involved
with her sister from now on. She's not married, is she?"
"Yes, but I'm not sure how close they are, she and her husband,
I mean."
"Then they have moved towards being lesbian lovers,
incestuous but that's not a concern, they just love each other. Maybe
one day they'll actually thank Gamble for making them become
involved in the first place."
"I guess," she admitted as she listened to his lawyer-
smooth ability to paint a logical picture to the jury, this time her alone.
"And one day I hope both you and I thank him for
bringing us together too," he added to see what her reaction might be.
She understood that first with her eyes then she looked up into his face
and said, "It's true. We would never have met without him. Oh, but it
all seems so wrong to give him credit, doesn't it?"
"No-one can alter what fate has in store. We met
because of circumstances but we met and I for one am very, very
happy about that."
"Oh, so am I, Jeremy," she said softly looking into his
Jerry could have said that there was little chance they
wouldn't have met because Mrs. Sally Gordon was the one earmarked
to become one of his followers. But this was not the time to bring that
up. Maybe never. Jerry knew he had this woman, whom he was
beginning to love more deeply than any woman he had known, in the
palm of his hand and in time she would succumb to any and all of his
wishes. For the first time in his life, he had found someone who would
fit the role of life partner and sex-slave to the Covenant, and she was
pleading to be his. It was very satisfying.
He pecked her lips with his and then turned back to the
photo. "So, what do you think? Has your friend given these photos
over because she was forced or because she was in love and anything
Gamble did was of little consequence, just a means to an end?"
"I think you're right, Jeremy. Neither she nor her sister
shows any distaste for their actions in any of the photos. Did you
notice they seem to all be packed in strict order of being taken? From
both girls entering the bedroom, then taking their clothes off and
beginning to make love?"
"Yes, he seemed to be very meticulous. It's the way all
his computer files are loaded also."
"Computer files? What are they?"
"From what we could make out, he has scanned every
photo he received into his computer and had already made up text and
bulk folders to start sending them out onto the Internet but hadn't
begun at the time he was cornered."
"Oh, no. Were mine like that too?"
"No, he had to get them home and scan them there.
Then he brought them back to his office where his wife wouldn't find
"Did you delete the files?"
"No, we took the computer," he said as a wry smile
came over his face. "I have replaced the hard drive and sent the
computer back to his wife. I suspect he won't have much use for it
now anyway."
"But that means you have copies of everything here?"
"But you're going to destroy the hard disk, aren't you?"
"What… What are you going to do with it, then?"
"Keep it for myself."
"But that's not… It's not fair on the girls. Don't you
think you should destroy it, Jeremy?" It was the first time she had any
doubt about his motives.
"What I.., I mean we, are going to do is make a separate
floppy disk of each woman's photos and give it back to each of them. I
won't lie to them when I say his hard drive has been reformatted
which I'm sure, you know means everything in the computer has been
wiped clean. Well, I did reformat it, so even that's the truth. It won't
hurt them if they don't know I have kept the original scans. Besides,
they interest me."
"Interest you? You mean you like…"
"One of the many things you will learn about me, Sally
is that among my sexual preferences is the fact that I am a voyeur. Do
you know what that means?"
She couldn't help but blush. Of course she did, from
way, way back, but she could never tell him of those days. "Oh,
Jeremy, you do say such things. You like to watch people doing…"
"Yes, I do. Does that shock you?"
"Shock? I'd never thought of you as a divia… Oh, I'm
sorry, I didn't mean that."
"A deviate? I can understand you thinking that but
really it's more natural that most sexual practices if you consider it.
Wouldn't you say every man is a voyeur in some form, some all the
time, some just when a beautiful girls walks past, and some who hide
behind bushes and spy into women's bedroom windows. Well I am not
one of those but I do enjoy watching others at play, so to speak. Even
you were aroused looking at Rosemary's photos and that's no more
than voyeurism in its simple form."
"So what you are saying is we are both voyeurs? And
it's all right to look as long as the other party isn't aware? Oh, Jeremy,
I don't know, it doesn't seem honest or something."
"Who does it hurt?"
"No one, I guess."
"I think you have a lot to teach me," she replied simply,
then looked into his face. "Oh, does that mean you'd like to watch
"Oh, I'd always like to watch you, my dear Sally.
Watch everything you do."
"I think I should be happy about that but remember our
conversation on the telephone last night?"
"The one early this morning? Yes and I have honoured
your wishes, haven't I?"
"Good, then let's get on with it. As soon as we've
sorted out each lot of photos I want us to log them off against the
computer files. I want a copy every one without exception."
"You are a dirty old man," she accused him with a
straight face and when he looked doubtfully at her, she couldn't help
but smile her acceptance of his decision to keep them.

Chapter Eight
Lunch was brought in and afterwards they sat beside the
computer and matched every one of the photos with the digital images.
The files were already named with each woman's name so it wasn't
difficult, just time consuming. Then Sally came to a set she had not
seen before. Someone she didn't recognize. They were of a woman
possibly in her mid-thirties with a girl no more than ten or eleven,
breastless and hairless. In the first few the girl was obviously reluctant
as the woman was trying to remove her clothes with little success but
then they were both naked and the girl seemed more relaxed. They
were acting in all respects like lesbian lovers, perhaps, most likely in
fact, Sally thought, a mother and daughter.
"I don't know this woman," Sally said while she
concentrated on the photos as they were compared with the images on
the screen.
"Just a minute," he said and clicked back to the file
names. "It says, Meredith Kelly."
"Oh, Jeremy," she said with a shocked voice. "She left
the company not long after Gamble arrived. I never really knew her
but I remember we were all shocked when we heard she had
committed suicide. Oh, he made her do it, didn't he?"
"No-one ever knows what makes people do that but I
guess it would be the most probable cause by far. It's too much of a
coincidence otherwise."
"The girl, she must be her daughter. Gamble made a
mother have sex with her own daughter."
"Just remember, Sally, they both liked what they were
doing. See."
Indeed they weren't unhappy except for the first few.
"Do you think he would have made me…?"
"I think it would have passed his mind. What do you
think of having to do that? To Samantha?"
"How could you even ask such…? Anyway, no way
would she ever let me do it, no matter what the price."
"You did it and that was for money. Don't you think
Samantha might reconsider when she found herself out on the streets,
penniless, having lost everything she had grown to love, clothes,
prestige, school friends. And then she is given the chance to recoup all
she had lost, what would she do then? How would you feel having to
make love to your daughter, her softness, her kisses, her tongue? Think
about it, Sally."
"Oh, I can't," she whispered but he knew she was
thinking how easy it would have been to have her own daughter in
such a position. Yes, Samantha may very well have agreed if for
nothing else but to save face with her friends.
"She would have agreed, I'd say," he answered for her.
"Yes," she agreed almost soundlessly.
"Think about that, Sally," he suggested as he continued
running through the files.
Sally found herself becoming less and less upset
looking at naked women and children in sexual situations, it soon
became just a job rather than a moral issue. Even when they came to
one of the younger office girls touching the family dog in ways girls
never should, it worried her not at all. Eventually it was over and they
carefully packed the photos in separate envelopes with each woman's
name on it.
"Now for the video tapes," Jerry said and pulled a tv
unit nearer his desk. "Do you want a rest from it for a while, baby?"
"No, I'd just like to get it over with."
The first one was of Gambles secretary and soon
became obvious that it was taken in his office. The girl came and
stood with her back to the camera while Gamble chastised her for
some wrongdoing then at his instruction she began to strip her clothes
off and hand each item to him. When she was completely naked which
included even taking the gold studs out of her ear lobes, she laid
herself across his desk. He actually smiled into the camera as he
removed his belt and began to thrash her mercilessly. Every stroke
cracked loudly through the speakers and her squeals of pain echoed
around Jeremy's office. "Do you think you should turn the sound
down a little, Jeremy? It's very loud."
"My staff are used to similar sounds coming from this
office, it's O.K."
"You do this too?" She asked with surprise.
"What? Beat my staff in here? No, you donkey, I view
movies of my clients being beaten or whatever. It's evidence."
"Oh," she acknowledged felling silly.
Her bottom cheeks were bright red with several welts
showing early stages of purple bruises along the sides of the strokes.
Her screams were pitiful yet she made no move to flee. When he
finally finished, he slumped into his chair and she came around the
desk and sucked his cock into her mouth. After his ejaculation, which
she must have swallowed, she sat up on her haunches and said simple,
"Thank you, Vincent." Then she dressed and left. Finally Gamble
walked to the camera and switched it off.
"Phew," Jerry sighed then turned the film on fast
forward until the tape ran out. "Don't want to miss any bit tacked on
the end. You never know with creeps like this."
"Jeremy, did that make you…? You know…?"
"Aroused, you mean?"
"I… I wondered about your dark secret. I thought it
might have been something about impotency," she said blushing but
smiling with bravado at her intrusion into his privacy.
"Impotence? Oh, my God. Want me to demonstrate?"
"No," she squealed and stood up quickly. "I've got to
go again." She rushed into his bathroom so she didn't have to face him
for a few moments.

They viewed each of the seven videos, knowing each
was aroused from time to time, Jerry breathing hard and fast more
often than Sally but each became aware of the other's emotions as
each scene passed. Most women had recorded masturbation sessions
while laying on beds or a settee while facing front on to the camera
and Jerry commented several times on techniques.
"I must ask you what your preferred method is,
sometime," he said with just the hint of a smile.
"Jeremy," she gasped, obviously embarrassed at such
"Well I know you women all do it from time to time.
I've just never gone into how or when. We'll talk about it sometime,
"Voyeur," she called him, playfully.
"Well I know you enjoyed watching just a much as I
did. Admit it."
"All right, yes, sometimes I did but not as often as you.
You looked like a little boy looking at playboy for the first time."
Then she added wryly, "If you're so non-impotent, it's a wonder you
didn't do it in your pants, especially when Joan Ramsay had her…
You know."
"Just label each one and put it with their envelopes of
photos," he directed her. "Just the letters to go, I guess. I think it
would be good if you read them out, there's only three and it might be
more realistic hearing it spoken by a woman."
"So you can get off again, I suppose."
"Madam, I have yet to get off so mind your own business."
"Oh, there we go again, talking in innuendoes when I
wanted us to calm the relationship down. I have myself to blame."
"No, you have one Vincent Alphonse Gamble to
blame," he corrected her.
"He has a lot to answer for."
"He has already answered; it will affect him for the rest
of his life," Jerry reassured her as he handed her several pages of typed
"Do you really want me to read them out, Jeremy?
Can't we just read each one to ourselves?"
"Read, woman. I want to watch you blush."
"Oh, I know I do so easily. Have you read them already?"
"Hmmm, a little," he murmured.
"Well, I claim the right to stop if they become too embarrassing."
She took the first one of three pages and sat back in her chair.
"This one's from Rosemary and it's dated nearly a year
ago. Oh, she mustn't know I've seen this," she gasped then began to

Dear, Mr. Gamble,

You want me to write the story of how I lost my
virginity and it's very difficult to divulge something so
intimate; far worse than having to take the photos of my sister
and me together and give them to you. But as you've promised
to stop making me do things after this, I have decided to tell
you exactly how it happened. Please keep your promise.

I have had only two boyfriends in my life whom
I've let have sex with me and each one thought they had been
the first. I am not ashamed of letting them think as much
because it would have hurt them more if they knew the real
truth. I guess I'm fortunate to be able to use my pelvic muscles
so well that I was so tight when they first entered me and I
allowed their first entrance each time during my periods so
they were convinced they had each taken my virginity.

The fact is I was raped by one of my
schoolteachers while in grade school when I was just
eleven years old.

My parents sent me to the maths teacher for
tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday nights because I was
doing poorly in that subject. He was very strict and often used
a strap on my hands when I didn't understand as quickly as he
wanted. He would send notes home to my parents about my
laziness and they too would discipline me but usually not with
corporal punishment. He knew very well I was learning well
with his help and it seemed to me he was being malicious when
he said such untruths about me.

A few months into the tutoring, I'd overlooked
one of the questions he had set for homework and he berated me
for a long time as I stood in front of him. I felt terrible. But
when he said he would spank me as punishment, I couldn't
believe him. His hour long tutoring sessions were held in his
study at home and his wife or children, well they were
teenagers, were under instructions never to interrupt because
he was being paid for the hours work and an hour I would get
every time.

I was so young I couldn't object when he
ordered me over his knees and when I was in place with my
hands and feet balancing on the floor, he lifted my skirt and
then gave me ten hard spanks on my bottom. After the first two
or three it began to hurt and I was soon crying out for him to
stop and by the time he finished I was sobbing uncontrollably
from the burning hurt he had produced.

Then he lectured me for nearly ten minutes,
shaking his finger at me and threatening that next time it
would be on the bare bottom. I knew he wouldn't do that
because it just wasn't done. However when the next session
was due I decided to wear slacks instead of a dress so he
couldn't lift my skirt up. That made him very angry indeed and
as soon as we were in his study he began to rant and rave
about me being disobedient. I was in tears from his tirade
especially when he said he intended to punish me again before
I went home because I had tried to go against his wishes. He
never told me I couldn't wear slacks and I was sure he just
used it as an excuse. So the whole of that session I was on
tenterhooks, wondering what he would do. He spoke to me very
harshly through the whole half hour or so then pushed his
chair back and told me to stand up.

I was so frightened I was already crying and
told him I needed to go to the bathroom but he wouldn't let me.
I was desperate to pee but he just laughed and told me if I peed
on him while he was punishing me he would use a cane on my
bottom. I felt very frightened but when he directed me to
remove my clothes I became panic stricken. I objected then
pleaded then sank to the floor on my knees but every time I
said anything he kept increasing the number of strokes my
beating would last. Six, then eight then ten; I didn't know what
to do but then he walked to a cupboard and took a cane from
it, a long whippy one with a curl on the handle just like old
fashion English masters used. Then I knew I was in trouble and
forced myself to be more rational.

Well?" he asked once I'd quietened down. He
ust sat and watched me with a smirk on his face.

I had no choice and began to unbutton my
blouse and slip my slacks down. I still had on a singlet, my
breasts were no more than pimples where my nipples were and
so hadn't worn a bra yet, and white cotton panties. He just
looked and pointed the cane towards me so I slipped the singlet
over my head and as he continued to sit and stare, lowered my
panties to the floor. Oh, it felt so humiliating standing there
naked before him. His eyes looked everywhere, all over my
nakedness. It was awful.

Then he made me lay across his desk with my
hands gripping the edge on the other side and my feet on the
ground But that didn't suit him and he placed a cushion on the
edge of the desk to make my bottom stand up higher. Then he
made me stretch my legs apart as far as I could until I was
standing on tiptoes.

"Stay very still and don't you dare move, you
naughty girl," he said very harshly, expecting the cane to hit
me immediately. But it didn't. I heard some shuffling sounds
and then felt his hand on my bottom. "Don't dare move," he
said again when his fingers pressed between my legs. It was
the first time anyone had touched my special place and it was
absolutely humiliating.

After some time touching me and stroking his
fingers up and down my girl's slit he pressed himself against
me and I realised his body was as naked as mine.

"This is your punishment for being so
disobedient, young lady and I knew the thing pressing between
my legs was his penis. We had lots of Sex-ed classes and I
knew he was trying to have sex with me.

"No," I cried out in terror but it only made him
madder and one of his hands covered my mouth and the other
held me tightly around my chest. He forced his thing between
my pussy lips and I knew he was going to rape me. I couldn't
do anything for he was so strong.

There was so much pressure inside my pussy
and then he grunted and gave a mighty lunge that pushed my
feet right off the floor and the cruelest pain erupted deep
inside. I couldn't scream that he was hurting because his hand
was crushing my mouth shut. Oh, the pain was extreme, the
worst I'd ever felt but he never stopped pushing and shoving
himself in further. I might have just been eleven but I knew
what rape meant and that's what he did, taking my virginity
without a moment's remorse.

Finally his body shuddered violently and a
gurgling sound rose loudly from his mouth then I felt his penis
jerking sperm inside my pussy. He leaned heavily over me for
some time until he gave a great sigh and pulled away. I felt
something seeping out and run down my legs but when I looked
down and saw all the blood, I screamed.

"Shut up, you stupid little bitch," he said. I'll
never forget those words or the way he said them; it was so
callous. He just threw me a handkerchief and told me to clean
myself up. He asked if I got periods yet and when I said no, he
seemed happy and told me to use my panties as a pad to soak
up the bleeding. He made me hurry to get dressed then literally
pushed me out the door as his wife called him into dinner. I
was warned not to say anything to anybody or he'd have me
committed to a reform school. I was so inexperienced I thought
he could do anything so I went home and told nobody.

I can't describe it in any more detail, Mr.
Gamble but I promise this is the truth. Please now, will you
keep your promise and leave my sister and me alone.

Rosemary Burgess

Sally sat quite still after she finished reading and when
Jerry had said nothing after several minutes, she looked across to him.
He was laying back in the chair, his eyes closed and his hand covering
his groin.
"Jeremy?" She said softly.
"I'm awake. Just trying to calm down. How do you feel?"
"A little sickened, I guess. Sorry for her and sorry for
me, oh I don't know. It's just like that teacher was another Gamble,
don't you think?"
"Probably no difference. No compassion at all. It's one
thing to hold sway over someone but to be so callous, well I suppose
that's what rape is all about."
"Oh, look, Jeremy. This next letter is from her too. Oh,
the poor girl, he didn't keep his promise."
"Not when she's still giving him photos," he reminded her.
"Listen. I'll read it to you. It's tragic."

Dear Mr. Gamble,

Please forgive me for presuming you would not
require further matters from me. You know I am desperate to
keep my position with the Company and after speaking with my
sister, we will agree to your demand without further resistance.

I apologise profusely for refusing to agree to
your request and so does my sister. We understand the position
we are in and know the only way to remain with you is to
perform for you.

We will do this whenever you wish.

With my heartfelt thanks for being so patient
with a useless girl,

Yours sincerely

Rosemary Burgess

Sally felt tears slowly rolling down her cheeks. "I never
knew he made her do something like that," she told Jerry. "What do
you think he wanted them to do?"
"I'd say exactly what they did on the video tape.
Maybe they even gave him sex as well but whatever it was, he was
never going to let them off the hook. That's what a blackmailer is like.
He gives them no way to get out without running the gauntlet of
exposure for what he is holding over them. I would say many women
are in the same position right as we speak."
"It's terrible, despicable," was all she could say.
"Do you want to read the other letters, Darling," he
asked compassionately.
"I don't think so. Let's just give them back and forget them."
"I think that's the right thing. There's no need for
Rosemary to know. We will just destroy the letters, tape and photos of
Meredith Kelly," he told her. Little did Sally know that he had already
copied every letter and in fact the ones Sally had handled were the
copies. Jerry had retained the originals. The same for the videos, but
Sally would eventually learn that all was not as it seemed with this
man she was quickly falling in love with.

Chapter Nine
Once everything had been packed away in his safe,
ready for her to take into the office the next day and privately return
them to each girl, Jerry asked if she would like to come home to his
place for dinner.
"To your place? Oh, Jerry, I'm not sure… We decided
to take things slowly, remember?"
"You don't have anything to worry about that way, my
dear girl. I would have to tell you soon anyway so now's as good a
time as any. Sally you have to know, I live with another man at my
Her throat constricted and her head spun. "Ano…
Another man? Lives with you? Oh, Jeremy, why didn't you tell me?
You led me to believe… I thought you and I were…" Then she looked
steadily at him and smiled. "You're having me on, right? He's your
father isn't he? Or a brother?"
"No, Sally, he's no relation but we have a special
relationship, if you know what I mean. I'm sorry, have I upset you or
"You can't be… Not you, Jeremy, you just couldn't be
like that."
"When you meet James I know you'll understand more
fully. I couldn't live without his company, now. We've been together
for so long."
"How could you? How could you lead me along for so
long and…"
"We've only known each other for three days," he said
with a whimsical smile.
"You… Oh, you… You bastard," she cried out with all
the hurt that was racing through her mind. "You're no different to
"Sally, calm down, please. I just know once you meet
him you'll like him just as much as I do. Please, at least come and
meet him. Please? I don't want us to break up but I had to tell you
about him."
"And what will he think of me? Competition?"
"Competition? No, of course not. He will regard you
just as he does me, I promise."
"No, I don't want to meet him."
"Please, Sally, do this for me and if you wish, I'll have
you driven home immediately. Please," he pleaded with a cross
between a smile and sorrow.
"You ask too much of me, Jeremy. Too much. But if
you want I will come just to learn what you see in him, then I want to
go home and forget you."
"Oh, that's all I ask," he said appearing more assured.

They said little on the short drive to his apartment,
Sally deeply shocked at learning of his sexual preference after such
closeness that had developed between them and she felt let down as
never before.
As expected the apartment was in the best area and as
he drove into the underground car park, she saw the whole complex
was protected by security guards.
On the way up in the lift she felt herself wanting to
vomit and gasped, "I… I don't think I can do this, please take me
"We're there," he said with a comforting smile. "I'll get
you some iced water, it will help. Come on, don't hate me so much,
"I don't… I suppose I do. You've let me down, Jeremy,
and I thought we were becoming so close." The emotion of it all
moved her close to tears but she refused to give him the satisfaction.
He opened the door and ushered her in. She went
unwillingly and made sure he knew her reluctance. Then his partner
came from another room straight towards them. He wasn't smiling as
she expected Jeremy's lover would but rather held a stiff upper lip as it
"Good evening, Sir, Madam," he added when he saw
Sally. "Are you in for dinner tonight?"
"Yes, James if you would be so kind," Jerry said, then
looked across to Sally. "James this is Mrs, Gordon. Sally, meet James,
my butler."
After the introductions, James disappeared into another room.
"Butler? James is your butler. Is this the man you told
me about?"
"Of course, who else did you expect?"
"But… But you said… Oh, Oh, I hate you, Jeremy
Saunders. You're despicable," she cried out but felt exhilarated as the
weight of the world was lifted off her shoulders in that instant.
Jerry laughed loudly with happiness. "Now what was it
you were saying, my dear woman?" He was unable to stop himself
from giggling every time he looked into her eyes.
"You… You did this on purpose," she accused him. "You're a fiend,
that's what you are?"
"Is everything all right, Sir?" James asked as he stood
behind Sally, having entered so silently she hadn't heard him.
"Oh," she gasped, then as soon as she looked at Jeremy,
she went into a fit of giggling she just couldn't control. "Oh, I'm…
I'm so… I'm sorry," she blustered as she tried to regain her
"It's all right, James. I think the lady has had a little too
much to drink, that's all," Jerry stated seriously.
"Should I make up a room, Sir?"
"That would be a good…"
"No, Sally cut in. No, I'll sleep at home thank you."
"Spoil sport," Jerry whispered under his breath.
"Then dinner is served, Sir. Would you come this way please,
After the first course was served and James left them
alone, she looked over the table at him and said, "I hate you, Jeremy
"Ah, but I see something else in those big blue eyes, my
darling. Now what could it be I am seeing?"
"I think you're living on wishful thoughts if you ever
thought I would sleep here tonight, that's what. After what you put me
through tonight I'm not sure what I can trust about you and what I
can't." She used a firm voice but her eyes did not carry the same
firmness, they were smiling with happiness. He wasn't gay after all.
How could I ever have thought he was? She asked herself several
"I'm sorry, Sally. I've done it a few times and it works
wonderfully. Why is it that if a man lives with another, he is gay?"
"Because he usually is, I guess."
"In a woman's eye, but not in men's."
"Bullshit," she mouthed to him soundlessly with a self-
centered smile, then aloud, "I think you're a sadist."
"I may be many things but a sadist I am not," he
"Then what are you?"
"I'm a man who seriously wants to win a certain young
lady's affections, I guess."
"Oh, yes? How? By giving her a heart attack?"
"Oh, I nearly gave YOU a heart attack, yes, but the
woman I wish to win says…"
"Jeremy," she screamed loudly, utterly frustrated.
"I'm sorry, Sally. I'll be good from now on. I promise
I'll take you home un-molested as long as you promise to snuggle up
in front of the fire and talk to me after dinner."
"You sound like a doubtful college freshman."
"That's about the level I am right at this moment. It's
been so long since I dated."
"I love your honesty, Sally," he told her.

She had sipped a little wine, enough to make her
mellow but definitely not happy.
"Tell me about your marriage, Sally?"
"I have," she said as she snuggled her face into his
chest. They watched the flames leap up the chimney and luxuriated in
the closeness they felt.
"You have learned something about me today, it's that I
am a voyeur. I like details."
"You mean you want me to tell you about our sex life
together? That's very personal, Jeremy," she said shyly.
"Were you a virgin when you married him?"
He felt her whole body stiffen the moment he asked.
She remained silent.
"Sally?" He pressed.
She let out a big sigh and he felt her stiffness relax.
"No," she said softly.
"Did he take it? Your virginity?"
Again, a long silence but finally, "No."
"Did he know?"
"Not until we went to bed."
"You mean on your wedding night?"
"Yes. When he realised I hadn't kept my maidenhead
especially for him, he went bananas. He almost hit me on the marriage
bed. I think you might call it rape. It certainly wasn't love."
"So when you said it was a loveless marriage, that was
when it started?"
"Yes, I guess so. He never showed any love after he
found out. I could have strung him a tale about horse riding or
something but the way he acted, ranting and accusing me of everything
from winning my degree by screwing around to pleasing the whole
basketball team the night they won the championship, I didn't even
bother. He never once asked me for an explanation, just accused. So I
didn't give him the satisfaction of even lying to him."
"Did you like sex?"
"Well, I liked the way we made out before the
wedding," she said then gasped at her audacity. "Oh, not all the way,
or he would have known earlier, but we were pretty passionate every
moment we could be together."
"I want to know everything."
"I… It's hard for me, Jeremy," she told him softly, not
daring to look up unto his eyes. He was stroking her back softly and
she felt her love flow out to him but to tell of her past sexual activities
so early into their romance.
"It's like everything, the sooner you start, the sooner
it's finished."
"I met him when he was playing basketball for the
college we both attended. He was handsome, athletic and I thought the
sun shone only when he was with me. I guess we did all the sorts of
things kids did when they were eighteen or so, couldn't get enough of
each other's company, he wanted to touch me up whenever we were
alone, I tried to beat him off…"
"Just like now," he interrupted.
"If you want to hear all the juicy bits of my life you'd
better let me tell it, Mr. Saunders. Don't start making wisecracks about
my sex life."
"There was no chance of ever finding privacy at my
house, they were always watching me especially when he came
around. But his parents were involved in a lot of things and were out to
meetings once or twice a week so we made use of their house every
time they left. He always wanted more than I was prepared to give. If I
stroked him…, his cock if you want all the details, and it was only
over his jeans, he'd try to get my hand inside them. If he was holding
me he'd play little games that let his hand slide over my titties or in
between two of the buttons on my blouse and if I never stopped him he
would soon be trying to get his whole hand inside. Or, and this was
one of his favourites, he would slip his hand under my skirt and start to
tickle my leg, getting higher and higher all the time. The way he did it
made me go all gooey and he would go higher until I was moaning. It
made me feel so, well so aroused if you must know, that he usually got
all the way up and was cupping my pussy before I realised it and had
to slap his hand away, things like that. Is that what you like to hear?
Oh, yes, I see it is," she giggled into his chest when she saw the tent in
his trousers.
"Yes, I try to picture it in my mind as you tell it. It's
good, keep going."
"What's to tell? He never got past stroking my panties.
Sometimes when he was particularly caring and romantic I would let
him undo my blouse and even push my bra up so he could kiss my…,
my breasts. He loved that of course," she added shyly.
"Lucky bastard."
"Well he was a bastard, that's for sure."
"Did he ever make you cum?"
"No, he never got so far as touching his targeted area.
He hated not being able to especially once we were engaged. After that
he thought my body was his to do what he liked with but I soon put
him straight. I refused to go out with him for over a week, the day after
we were engaged. His parents were running around trying to patch
whatever was the problem for neither of us would tell them what was
wrong, but once he agreed to behave himself we started going out
"Is that all? Nothing filthy happened between you?"
"Not until we were married. Then I got raped quite a
lot," she said simply.
"How can you get raped in marriage?"
She looked at him strangely for several moments then
said, "I thought you would know, Jeremy. I mean a woman isn't strong
enough to stop a man when he's all aroused and wants to do…"
"When he wants to sodomise me against my will, or
have me fellate him. That was the worst because he'd make me do it
and just as he was about to cum, he'd pull out and spray me with his
semen. I don't know how many lots of clothes I had to wash because
of that. And if he didn't do that, he always made me swallow his juice.
It made me sick because I had no love for him at all. But he took great
delight in belittling me like that."
"Most men want to see their wives swallow, Sally."
"And most wives love their husbands. I'm sure I could
have if I did."
"Touche," he agreed.
"Do you?"
"Do I what?"
"Want to use your wife's mouth to deposit your stuff?"
"And your girlfriends?"
"Those too." He smiled down at her face but she
couldn't see. "Is that why you pleaded with Gamble not to make you
suck him?"
"I would have vomited having to do that with someone
I loathed."
"But if you loved the man…?"
"Then I would do absolutely anything he wished," she
said softly and clung to him, feeling herself blush even when she
wasn't looking into his eyes.
"Sally, if I don't take you home right now, we'll both
regret it tomorrow. Our relationship is growing so beautifully, I don't
want to do anything that might put it at risk. Do you mind?"
"Oh, Jeremy…" she sighed and sat up. "I think… Yes, I
think you should," she finally agreed, hating to part from him.
It was good because she was on the verge of asking him
that as a voyeur, had he ever watched anyone having sex. It would
have sounded coarse.
As they walked up the path, hand in hand, she looked at
him and said, "Jeremy, I haven't forgiven you for what you did to me
tonight. About James."
"Oh, that," he laughed. "I had you, didn't I?"
"That's why I hate you."
"And I hate you too," he replied quickly.
"What did I do?"
"You gave me an erection and did nothing about it."
"Oh, that. Well I won't say I'm sorry but I'm pleased I can
make it jump like it does." Then she giggled too.
"I think my feelings for you, my dear woman…"
"My feelings for you are growing deeper by the day."
With that he swung her wrist around and kissed her fully on the lips.
"Good Night, my darling," he said, turned and quickly returned to his
car before she could say a word.
As she went inside she felt so elated.

Chapter Ten
He picked her up the next morning and drove her to her
office, helping her to carry the box of photos and videos up to her
"Will you be all right? I mean with the women?"
"Yes, I'm sure they will feel a load lifted off their
shoulders rather than hate me because I may have seen what's in
"There's nothing wrong with a little white lie in
circumstances like this, Sally. No need to tell them you've seen
everything, just enough to identify who owns each set. As far as they
are concerned you had no need to see any of the videos and you
watched while Meredith Kelly's stuff was destroyed. Tell them that, it
will legitimize the other things you tell them."
"Yes, I will do that. Thank you for everything, Jeremy.
There is no way I can thank you enough," she said and kissed him
lightly on the lips.
"Yes there is but you've vetoed that."
"For the moment."
"Oh, do I hear a small door opening?"
"What? Where?" She looked around her room with surprise.
"To your charms, my dear."
"Oh, you… Men," she stated and eased him out the
door. "I have work to do."

As soon as Rosemary walked through the main doors,
Sally beckoned her over.
"I have something for you, Rosemary."
"What is it?"
She handed her friend a large sealed envelope. "From
the police who took Gamble away. They said you could do what you
wish with it."
"What is it?" She asked again.
"You can open it here if you wish. I'll leave you in private."
"What? Private, why?"
"Open it and see," she said as she walked out and
closed the door behind her.

It was nearly an hour later that a red-eyed face peeked
through her door and motioned for her to return.
"Do you know what was in here, Sally?"
"I have an idea, not the details."
"You've not seen…?"
"I saw two or three just to identify who each girl was,
that's all. I promise I won't tell anyone, Rosemary."
"I… Oh, Sally, I never thought we would ever get out
of Gamble's clutches. When I think of the things he made us do… Oh,
it was awful. Thank you for what you did. I still don't know how but
you stopped him in his tracks. The CEO came around yesterday and
said Gamble wouldn't be returning to work with the Company in any
capacity and there were so many girls who reacted one way or another
I just knew he was doing things to some of the others too."
"You saw his Secretary when the police arrived?"
"Yes, we all did. She hasn't come back to work since
then. Was it very bad for you, Sally? With him, I mean."
"No, in fact it was the very first day but I knew I would
have to do what he wanted. I'm just so fortunate I met Jeremy…"
"Jeremy? Who's he?"
"Oh, someone I met and he put the police onto him
straight away. Gamble's been kicked out of his home, you know. When his
wife found out she went berserk and gave him his marching orders,"
Sally told her. "He went on a drinking binge yesterday and ended up in
a mental asylum."
"So he won't be going to jail, then? I won't have to testify?"
"He's in his own jail right now, out of his mind. There
won't be a court case."
"Oh, thank goodness. And thank you, Sally."
"I'm glad it's all over. Ring your sister, Rosemary. Tell
her straight away."
"Oh, you knew that?"
"He told the police who she was. I saw her in one of the photos."
"We were made to perform lesbian incest. Doesn't that
make you feel sick?"
"It's over, Rosemary."

Sally spent the whole day speaking to the several girls
who had supplied photos to Gamble. Every one was overcome with
relief and thanked her profusely. Not one was concerned she had seen
some of their secrets and finally she knew she had to visit his secretary
to return the last of the envelopes. Hers was the largest by far.
When she telephoned the woman she was at first
reluctant to see Sally at all, her embarrassment of being seen naked in
such circumstances was too much to bear but finally she reluctantly
agreed, not realising she was about to be given all the incriminating
evidence she had passed to her boss over several years.
Sally knocked and could hear footsteps. The door
opened a crack and Josie's face looked out. "May I come in, Josie?"
"I really don't want to talk with anyone," the stricken
woman said stifling a sob.
"I have something for you, Josie. It may help," she said
trying to reassure her.
"Just for a minute then. I don't feel very well."
As she got inside she quickly said, "Josie, he won't ever
be coming back. In fact he's been committed to an insane asylum."
"What? Mr. Gamble? Oh, no, not Mr. Gamble?" She
cried out, not in hate but with concern.
"He won't be around to treat you unkindly any more,
Josie," Sally repeated, surprised at the woman's reaction.
She sat for a long while in silence and Sally wondered
if she was going to say anything more. Finally she said softly. "You
don't understand, Sally. You couldn't. You see, we were lovers."
"Lovers? But…? But I saw him beating you."
"He did it because I wanted him to."
"No," Sally gasped in shock. "You don't mean it, surely."
"I'm sorry, Sally, I shouldn't have told you. I know you
could never understand after what you saw. That's why I can't go back
to that office to work."
"You mean you let him beat you because you loved him?"
"How long have you been doing that?"
"Since the 19th September four years ago. I'll never
forget the day he agreed to whip me naked."
"You don't have to talk about it, Josie."
"Oh, maybe it will help me to get over him."
"Josie, did he make you do it? I mean make you
undress and let him beat you?"
"It was me who first suggested it to him, Sally. Do you
understand now? I like to be treated that way. It's the only way I
can…" She stopped in mid-sentence and began to blush furiously. "It's
so embarrassing. Sorry," she said turning her face away.
"Do you want me to go, Josie? Or I can stay and keep
you company if you like."
"If I don't frighten you, I'd appreciate the company.
What's this anyway?"
"It's the stuff the police confiscated; photos and videos.
I've given all the other girls, theirs back already."
"Other girls, what do you mean?"
"ou…? You don't know…? You don't, do you?"
"Know what? What on earth are you talking about?"
"Josie, he was blackmailing most of the girls in the
office. To keep their jobs they had to do things for him, mostly take
intimate photographs and videos of themselves doing sex things.
Wasn't that what he was doing to you too?"
"Oh, no, I came to him, he never asked me to undress, I
had to beg him to hurt me. But the others, I didn't know…," she said
as her voice trailed off.
"Is that when he took photos, Josie?"
"Yes, he said he wanted them as momentos. He usually
took videos of the beatings he gave me and we would watch them after
it was over. He told me he loved me and wanted to marry me but his
wife wouldn't agree to a divorce. Oh, I feel so stupid, Sally."
"You needn't be. I don't understand how you can enjoy
being beaten especially the way I saw but I certainly don't think any
worse of you. At least you can destroy these things now. The police
thought it would be best if each woman took care of that themselves."
"Oh, I won't destroy it. I… Well, I guess I still have
feelings for him. Do you think I'm crazy too, Sally?"
"No, but you may have been infatuated. It might be best
if you try to forget him, you know."
"Then I wouldn't be able to… Well it was the only way
I could…," she mumbled then gave a heavy sigh. "Well, it is the only
way I can become aroused. That's why I needed him. I didn't much
enjoy the sex things he demanded but when he strapped me I had
orgasms. Every time. You're the only person I've ever told this to, not
even he knew about that part of my needs. When he called home for
his sex sessions he never once gave me pleasure. Strange, isn't it? He
used me for sex hundreds of times, he'd call in on his way home and
play out little scenes that I had to have ready for him, usually dressing
up in costumes and he'd discharge then leave before I even had a
chance to get up and see him out. I never became aroused even once."
"How often did he…? Did he call?"
"Oh, several times a week, usually. It's why I don't
have hair on my… Well you saw, didn't you?"
"Hair? No…"
"I guess I did rush out. He wanted me to remove all the
hair from my pussy, said it was unsanitary having to push through it so
he sent me to a beautician who removed it permanently. It's also why I
left work early all the time, to get home and change into whatever he
wanted to fu… to fuck me in. It was always the same, I wore whatever
he chose and had to be laying on the bed ready for when he arrived. He
just had sex and left, usually within five minutes. It was so sordid but
for that I gained in other ways. Maybe I am crazy, I don't know," she
said with a wry smile.
"It will be my secret forever, Josie. I promise."
"Yes I know I can trust you, more than anyone. I hope I
haven't upset you talking about my…," she sighed again and stopped.
"Everyone has things they want to keep secret, I
"The awful thing is that now I have no way to… You know."
"Have you thought of seeing a psychologist? Or a Psychiatrist?"
"How could I talk to a man about things like this?"
"Look, why don't you stop worrying about sex things
for a while? Come back to work, the girls don't know the real reason
why you let him beat you. As far as they are concerned you are just
another one of his victims, like they were. Come back to work and let
things settle down. I'll be there to talk to if you want and your secret
will never be divulged."
The woman smiled in thought. "You are a good person,
Sally. Thank you for what you've done. I think it is best to take some
time to think things through. Yes I will come back tomorrow."
Sally gave her a hug then left feeling strangely satisfied.

Chapter Eleven
For several weeks Jeremy and Sally continued their
relationship, always speaking about their needs with innuendo and
smiles but never moving beyond cuddling up close and kissing.
Flowers were delivered to her home every day and gifts usually of very
intimate lingerie, arrived often. Her children became used to seeing
him around and both liked his easygoing manner. He laughed and
joked with them but never tried to come any closer.
Then one evening, as he delivered her home from yet
another dinner, he sat in the car and faced her.
"Sally, I have some things to say to you and you may
need time to think them over," he said seriously.
Oh, God he's going to propose, she told herself and
took a deep breath. Stay calm, stupid woman, she told herself.
"Yes, Jeremy, what is it? Is something wrong?"
"Very much the opposite, but we've been seeing each
other for several weeks and if our relationship is to go further there are
some things I need to talk about. Could we go away for the weekend?
No, don't say anything just yet. We'll be chaperoned, James will be
there too, so I'm not trying to take you away for a dirty weekend. Was
that what you were thinking?"
"Jeremy, how could you think that?" She asked in
feigned shock. "Well, yes it did cross my mind, but just for a
"This weekend?"
"Oh, tomorrow? I guess s. I'd have to sort out the children."
"They'd love a weekend to themselves, they'll have a ball."
"That's what I'm afraid of. But yes I think they will be
O.K. Yes, I'd like that, Jeremy but I must say you've got me
wondering what else we can talk about," she said coyly.
They now kissed passionately whenever he brought her
home and this was no exception.
"Oh, I love your kisses, my dear," she said softly. The
first time she called him her dear.

The next evening he picked her up at six o'clock and
they travelled for nearly two hours into the mountains.
"Isn't James coming?"
"He is already there, never fear, my little virgin."
"I am not and you know it," she said deliberately.
"You are to me."
"Oh, that is so nice to hear, Jeremy. Thank you," she
said whimsically.
"I hope you feel the same way about me?" It was a
question rather than a statement.
"Oh, you have been the perfect gentleman, of course I
think of you as a virgin," she told him then added, "Even if you have
laid a thousand other women."
"Ouch," he groaned. "If it's any comfort, there's just
one more I wish to do that with."
Sally remained silent for a long while after that and
Jerry glanced at her several times but made no further comment. Then
she asked, "Jeremy what do you want to talk about? I mean you said
that you wanted to talk about something."
He was silent for just a moment and then without taking
his eyes off the road began to speak.
"Sally, I told you I've never been married and that's the
truth and you've probably been wondering why. No, don't speak, let
me finish," he cut in when he saw her about to interrupt. "It's not
because I'm gay as you now understand, I'm sure," he said with a little
smirk. "
"The fact is I've been looking but have never found the
woman who could share my wants and needs. Many have tried and the
times have been enjoyable, very enjoyable mostly, but no one has
come along that I could feel happy to share the rest of my life with. If I
sound pompous or something like that, I apologise but that's how I
feel. I've felt that way until I came to know you, Sally. You have
something that no other woman has shown and if that is so, then I
want to do all I can to make our relationship complete."
"Jeremy, I…"
"Please, Sally, not yet. There'll be plenty of time but let
me tell you what I'd like to happen this weekend, to set the scene as it
were. Before I could ask you to join me in that journey, there are many
things you have to understand about needs; my needs and wishes and
my wants and even demands. I want to be completely honest and open
with you and I promise much of what I tell you will shock you more
than surprise or excite you. But I promise you this, you are the only
person I've felt comfortable to go this far with, to let my heart and
mind open up to someone else's scrutiny. Then after you have heard it
all, you will have much to think about before we could even consider
progressing further. It probably sounds all so mysterious and I suppose
it is, but I don't want to go further until we settle ourselves in to the
cabin and let James look after us for the weekend. Then we can talk
into the wee small hours and if what you hear is too much to accept
then you have the opportunity of walking away without being hurt too
badly. Does all that make sense, Sally?"
"Phew, I don't know. You know I like being with you
and while I've never told you as much, I love you Jeremy. I really
mean that, I love you very much."
"But you haven't met the real me, Sally. Not until you
hear what I have to say."
"Being a voyeur doesn't bother me, Jeremy."
"That's just a small part of me and when you know me
better you might not love the greater part of me at all, so just be
patient, my dear and we'll see how you feel by the end of the
"Oh, you are so frustrating, Jeremy Saunders, Didn't
you hear me, I love you, I love you."
"And if you can still say that at the end of the weekend
I'll be the happiest man in the world. Now just settle down and take a
nap, there's still a way to go." After that little was said until they
turned into a gravel driveway and the crunch of the tires woke Sally
She sat up and looked around but all she could see was
James walking towards them with the glow of light shining through a
front door.

They were soon settled in and sat down to a lavish meal
James had ready for them. There was light banter and Sally felt
instantly at home in this rather large cabin that was built for comfort
rather that to impress. A large open fire was burning and it's warmth
filled the room.
"Come on, my little pumpkin," Jerry said as he led her
to the couch in front of the fire.
"Do we start talking now?" She asked hopefully.
"As soon as you give me a kiss."
"That's a pleasure," she said then when they parted,
added, "Well?"
"Well," he mimicked as he sat down beside her.
"Firstly, I want a promise that you will hear me out, no matter how
badly you may think of me when you hear what I have to say. Do I get
that promise?"
"Yes, sir, I promise I will be quiet no matter what."
"And no questions until I say so?"
"No questions."
"Good, then I want nothing but you total
concentration," he said as he laid his head back against the back of the
sofa. "Sally, we've been together for nearly two months and I think
we like to be in each other's company more than anything else. No,
don't speak, remember what you promised," he said holding up his
hand when she tried to agree. "But what you have seen of me so far is
not all that I am. There are more sides that I have purposely held in
check until I got to know and understand you better. I think, no, I
know that time has now arrived. You may have wondered why I have
never married and I want to tell you. For the whole of my life I have
been looking for a partner who could accept my needs and desires with
happiness and understanding, who could abide by the things you are
about to learn of, on the basis that if it is my wish, she would
uncompromisingly accept and agree to participate in because of her
love for me without reservation. That will seem an enormous
challenge, Sally because I have never met any woman yet with whom I
felt comfortable enough to explain my special needs of a lifelong
Sally had looked into his face the whole time he spoke
and while she had some difficulty in understanding just where his
explanation was going, was saying to herself, 'Oh, god, he's going to
propose to me'.
"This may sound like the beginning of a proposal," he
continued and she took a deep breath and sat upright. "I guess it is but
it's not a marriage proposal, Sally, not yet," he added when he saw the
disappointment show.
"But I do have a proposal and it's this. For the first time
in my life I am about to tell you of all the dark yearnings and needs I
have as a man, as a husband and after hearing all I have to tell you,
you will need to take one of two choices. The first is to simply pack
your bags and I will have James drive you home. Or alternatively, once
you've listened, you choose to consider all the consequences of
agreeing to my needs and spend the next four weeks experiencing
some of those needs. If you choose the second option and you are with
me after that period, I would very much wish to ask for your hand in
"Oh, Jeremy," she gasped but was cut off from saying
anything more.
"No, you must listen, Sally. Consider this for a
moment; if it has taken me this long before I could speak to a woman
about the things I would expect of my future wife, they might be more
than you are prepared to give. Please keep that in the back of your
mind as I try to explain." He looked sideways into her eyes and was
overjoyed to see she was smiling at him not in doubt or suspicion but
with what appeared to be genuine understanding and love. Yes, he was
sure she loved him just as he loved her, but she could never know she
had been chosen for this role after many, many women had been
checked out by the members of the Convent and rejected. One day he
would explain that but not now.
"Sally, my dear Sally, I know this is the new
Millennium and women have been liberated from being under the
control of man for a long time but I am different. If you were to
become my wife I can assure you, liberation may not be part of your
life. I require my wife to live by the three 'O's'. Just like the three 'R's
for school children, you would have to live with me in openness,
honesty and obedience in every way."
"Ha, ha. Honesty is spelt with an 'H', Jeremy," she
"Just like arithmetic is spelled with an 'A'," he
reminded her with a smile.
She laid her head back against the sofa and motioned
him to proceed.
"If you became my partner you would be absolutely
open with me in all things, keeping no secrets, holding no thought
back from me, letting me into the innermost crevices of your mind,
telling me without even prompting, everything you think or imagine or
remember. You will never keep anything to yourself, ever. You have
to think about that for a long time, Sally, to understand what it means.
I also expect absolute honesty from you no matter what the situation.
Sally I could not stand even the slightest degree dishonesty, whether
it's a little white lie that wouldn't hurt anyone or just some little thing
that might embarrass you if you told the absolute truth. Then there's
the big one. Sally, do you think you could obey me in every way, no
matter what I required of you? This is far more than simple obedience
and as I explain my needs more deeply, you will understand the
situations you could be faced with. There will be many things I may
require that will cause you the greatest of humiliations, be it in front of
just me, or your children or even in front of total strangers. There are
many situations which give me the greatest joy to watch someone obey
my demands that cause them intense embarrassment."
He remained silent for several minutes, not looking at
her, just staring at the fire.
Sally's mind was spinning. What on earth could he be
getting at? Of course I intend to be honest and open with my husband,
if he does ever ask me. Obey? Of course I can obey him but the way he
said it made her wonder what he really meant.
"Can I ask something?"
"Yes, I suppose this is a good time for that but I have
much more to tell you. What do you want to ask?"
"Are you a devotee of some way-out Eastern Religion
where the woman is kept in the back room, never to be a true partner
in everything?"
"Oh, you will be an integral part of my life, our lives,"
he added.
"Then it sounds as though I might become a sex slave
to your male desires."
"Not in the sense of those Eastern Countries where
women live in a harem and can never leave. No, you would have all
the right of any woman to walk away from the marriage and take your
children with you at any time. You would not be a slave in that way.
But I assure you your life would indeed become sexual while you stay.
The difference is that I would also require your mind and emotions as
"But I could object to your demands?"
"You could but that would be the end of our marriage.
That is why I am proposing a month to experience some of demands I
will make on you and the children."
"The children? Sam and Wes? You want them to obey you too?"
"Most definitely. I intend that our family will be closer,
more loving than any family you have ever encountered, it will take a
little time but that is my goal."
"Oh," she sighed, still not understanding what he was
really meaning.
"I am more than a voyeur, Sally. Do you know what the
term B&D means?"
"You mean bondage stuff?"
"And discipline. I'm not totally ignorant of men's
desires, Jeremy."
"Good because you will find that is a large part of my
needs with a greater accent on discipline. There are some things I have
no desire to indulge in, one being male homosexuality, matters of scat
and the use of single digit children. No, don't dare ask, just wait until
your time comes. Sadism and masochism have a low priority but there
are times when you would be required to serve me in that way. My
needs in that regard would not reach the depths of bodily damage or
the spilling of blood but there are times when I feel the need to use my
partner for my own satisfaction rather than hers."
He looked across at her for the first time and saw the
doubts written all over her face. "You made me a promise not to
interrupt before I'd finished and so far you haven't but I want to give
you the chance right now, Sally, to leave if you feel that way. I will
drive you home and we'll say no more about it. Think about it and if
you are still seated here when I get back, I'll continue. Otherwise, I'll
understand and take you home."
"No, Jeremy, please go on. It's just the thoughts racing
through my mind, the things you've said; well, they do bring more
questions than answers so I need to hear you out."
"Well, thank you. There are two things I require of my
wife beyond anything. One is her total devotion to me, absolute
acceptance and complete loyalty. She can expect to be disciplined
harshly if after she gives her vows, she refuses to carry out my wishes,
no matter what I ask of you. Even a moment's hesitation, a doubt that
she has to think about before carrying out my wish, could earn her
severe punishment."
He looked into her eyes again. "Want to go home?"
She shook her head but remained silent.
"Can you be obedient to that extent, Sally? Obedient to
things that you probably couldn't imagine in a thousand years but
when commanded, would obey simply because I was the one who
commanded it? Think about that for a moment. No, don't answer, just
think about it for there's more I must tell you. I would expect my wife
in all ways to remain demure and shy. It gives me the greatest pleasure
to see you blush with embarrassment and as I said, you would be
subjected to numerous humiliations, often in front of others. I can see
you are becoming more and more doubtful. Let me say just this, in
carrying out my demands you would earn my undying love for you and
you alone. I love no other and never have, Sally. I want you to believe
that. I can see in you, the epitome of my wife, my one and only love.
Whatever you are subjected to, no matter who sees, is just between
you and me. Whoever else witnesses, means nothing to me, it is my
way of enjoying your humiliation before others. Now I think it's time
for a breather. Shall I take you home or will we have some supper and
"Can I ask another question?"
"You said something earlier about male homosexuality.
What about female homosexuality?"
"It would be required."
"You mean, me? With someone else?"
"Whomever I choose at the time."
"For you to watch?"
"Oh…," she sighed doubtfully. "Does that mean that
you would humiliate me with others present like that?"
"If I so chose at the time."
"I… I've never been with a woman, Jeremy."
"That's good."
"Oh, despite what you've said, I can't help but love
you, you know that, I hope. But I just can't imagine what it would be
like to have sex with another woman in front of you."
"Or in front of others?"
"Men have earned their reputation. Why do I love them,
or rather just one of them, so much?"
"Because I'm cute?"
"I don't think you'd be cute sitting back watching me
suck another woman's tits with you watching while you stroke your
huge hardon."
"So you're still considering then? Want to ask
something else?"
"I'm too frightened to. What do you mean by the term,
punishment? You wouldn't beat me, would you? I had so much of that
from my ex-husband, I'm not sure I could stand it again."
"The difference is that my punishments would be given
in love, for my benefit for sure and for you, pain, but it wouldn't be
with fists, Sally. Hands on bottoms or lots of implements but never the
wife beating kind of punishment. But to make you endure my fists? I
would never do it, and that's my solemn promise to you. However how
or when or where the punishments are administered would be my
decision. I can tell you that spanking a young lady's bared bottom is
one of life's greatest pleasures."
"Spanking? You'd want to spank me? Hard? Surely not
hard, Jeremy?"
"My darling girl, I told you I would be honest in these
discussions. When I spank you, not if but when, it would be as hard as
I could lay it on and for as long as I could. I would want to hear your
squeals of protestation ringing around the room and tears flowing into
a pool on the floor. After all, it would be punishment, not hansy-pansy
spankies. Well, most of the time, anyway. And I would take pleasure
in allowing your children to watch as well."
"No," she gasped. "You wouldn't do that, would you?
How could I be their mother after that happened?"
"Because I would have explained to them beforehand
and required them to attend."
"The children. You would actually make them watch?"
"They would be under the exact same rules as you, my
dear. We would become a family so close no secrets were held by
"You want them to obey you too?"
"In every way."
"They wouldn't."
"They would, I'm sure."
"They can think for themselves now, Jeremy. They're
fourteen years old and wouldn't obey you the way you want me to."
"Yes they would. You just have to know how to
encourage them to do that, Sally. Having a father figure around after
so long will do no end of good for them. Besides they need to be
taught about themselves, about puberty…"
"Puberty? You'd talk about sex to them?"
"They have to be taught properly, Sally. What have you
done in that way? Told them about the birds and the bees?"
"Well, no but… Well, the school teaches those things."
"That's not good enough but I will do just that and their
teaching will be very thorough. If I'm not mistaken they will both want
"They do need a father, I know that but I can't imagine
them obeying everything you say. They're at the age where they want
to buck the system every chance they get."
"I will teach them to obey me in every way, just as I
want you to and if they disobey they'll be punished too," he stated
"In every way? Jeremy, you don't mean…? Do you
want to humiliate them too? Oh, my god, do you want to have sex with
them, Jeremy?"
"I told you, single digit children are not on my agenda
but once they reach ten, then there's no reason why they shouldn't be
taught about growing up. Once they menstruate or ejaculate they're
quite mature enough to enjoy the thrills their bodies produce. Yes,
their teaching will involve sexual practices but with love, not forced.
Obedience is not force and being made to understand that adults know
better than they do is learning much of life's mysteries, don't you
"Do you want to have sex with Sam and Wesley?"
"No," he stated firmly. "You will have sex with Wesley."
She closed her eyes tightly and held her hands over her
face for several minutes, not moving a muscle. He could feel her
tenseness and knew he had reached the crossroads. If she runs, he will
never see her again but if she stays to hear more he would have her. He
took a deep breath and said, "Is this where you tell me you want to go
home, Sally?"
Her hands fell into her lap and she gazed into the fire.
"It would be incest," she said slowly. "Me and Wesley."
"So would Sam and me, under the law anyway."
"I don't think Wesley's even seen a naked woman let
alone his own mother spreading her legs and allowing him to…"
"Allowing him to enjoy her body?"
"I've never thought of him as a sexual object, not until now."
"And I felt a tingle deep inside. The thought aroused
me, Jeremy. Oh, how I hate to admit that."
"It's natural and if you're really honest with yourself,
you have thought of him having sex as he grows up and that thrills you
too. But let's not dwell on them just now. The first thing I would
require of you is to destroy every pair of pantyhose and tights you own
for they are an abomination. From the beginning you will wear
stockings and suspenders and never slacks and trousers, for a woman
should make herself accessible at all times. I would also require you to
remove all body hair, everything from your neck down and part of your
hygiene will be to make sure it never adorns you again. Hair is
unsanitary and vulgar, especially on women's bodies and a hair-free
vulva is a delight to behold."
"Oh, I've never shaved myself down there," she gasped.
"You won't be shaving, that's not the way, it makes
whiskers. Your hair will be removed with wax or cremes so when it
grows again it will at least be soft if you are to be used before you
have time to remove it again."
"You are a naughty man, Jeremy Saunders but you
make me feel wonderfully sexy just thinking about it. It's just…."
"Just what, my dear woman?" He was sure he had won
her around even if she still had doubts.
"Well, the children. I can't imagine them allowing you
to touch them sexually. As their mother, it should be my responsibility
to protect them from that."
"Oh, damn you," she sighed and looked away. "Despite
all the things you've said, and many people would think you're a
pervert, …"
"Do you?"
"Me? I… I… I think you are too but there's a
difference and it makes me feel terrible. I can accept what you want to
do to me, I even think I'd like to be dominated, to be ordered to do
things most women would absolutely refuse, but when I think of you
forcing Sam to let you… Well, it makes my pussy tingle. Damn you
again, Jeremy Saunders," she stated adamantly. He smiled to himself.
She's hooked.
"One of the first things I'll require you to do is
supervise the removal of their pubic hair just like your own," he
added. "They have to be taught that no hair is sanitary and for their
own good. It's really because it arouses me no end to imagine a young
girl with breasts and a hairless pussy."
"I can't even imagine talking Wes and Sam into that,
for goodness sake. They've never shown themselves naked to me,
ever. Sam even covers herself when she's wearing underwear if I
come into her room, she's so self-conscious about her privacy. And
Wesley, well I've never seen him in the nude since he was four or five.
Despite their outward bravado they're both very shy kids, really."
"That's the way I want them to stay, it makes them all
the more self-conscious when they have to unveil themselves." He
remained silent for several minutes then asked, "Will you do it for me,
"You know I want to," she said with the emphasis on
the 'I', "But the kids? How can a mother just barge in and say strip off
kids, I'm going to remove your genital fluff?"
"Sounds very sexy to me," he said with a knowing smile.
She remained silent for another long pause then looked
up at him and asked, "Jeremy, do you want to take Sam's virginity?
Please tell me that's not the reason you befriended me."
God, she's close to the mark, he thought to himself but
maintained his composure before she noticed any reaction. "I never
knew about Samantha until I visited your home the first time. By then
I think I had already made up my mind that you just might be the one
I've been searching for all these years. So there was no way I chased
you because of Sam. Please believe that, Sally."
"I… I think so and yet there has been this little niggle
deep inside somehow. Oh, Jeremy we are being honest with each other
aren't we?"
"I am, Sally, so let me continue to be. For the whole of
my adult life I have had the urge to make love to young girls, very
young, innocent girls. Does that make you cringe?"
"Pedophilia is criminal and in these times, probably the
most hated of all crimes. I think that's why I am so surprised your
needs lie in that direction. Have you ever…? Have you?"
"Yes, four."
"Four? Four young girls? How old were they?" Sally
asked almost unable to speak.
"The youngest was eleven when I first had her, the
oldest fourteen," he said quietly. "Is that enough to make you want to
"It's just that Samantha falls right into that age group.
Oh, it's hard to imagine my daughter giving herself to anyone, let
alone her potential stepfather. The other girls, how long ago was it? Do
their parents know?"
"I will tell you all about them during the weekend,
Sally, I promise but right now we have to talk about Sam and Wesley.
I said single digit girls were not part of my life, that is, girls under ten
and they always will be but once they reach the age where they can
think for themselves, they need good teaching about the facts of life.
Each one of those four girls was taught everything about sex by both
their parents and myself and they grew up wanting to experience every
aspect they were taught. They come from two families and their
parents and I, helped them gain that experience and now they are so
close to their parents, to each other and to me, that they will never ever
break away from those family ties. I want Sam and Wesley to grow up
in the same way, to love you and their new father in every way. You
will be part of that teaching process too. Once they come to accept
their role within the family, both you and I would teach them the art of
love and sex, every aspect in fine detail and you would make love to
both your children. In time they would become lovers themselves. I
may guide Wesley but not have sex with him, that would be your task,
or pleasure."
"Wesley. Little Wesley, having sex with his mother, it's
"But if I'm not mistaken, not out of the question?"
"Can I answer that later, Jeremy?"
"Of course. So I take it you don't wish me to take you
home early then?"
"I can come to terms with what you suggest better by
being with you than being on my own. You talked about a months trial or
"A taste of what being married to me might be like. No
sex but most other things. Are you game?"
"No but I think I'm going to take up your proposal anyway."
"Right now?"
"Are you wearing pantyhose?"
"Then take them off."
"I'll go to my bedroom…"
"Right here."
"You mean…? In front of you?"
She couldn't stop the blush that warmed her cheeks.
"All right," she sighed and stood up, facing him. She removed her
shoes then slipped her hands into the waistband of her tights, allowing
him to see well up her skirt for the first time. "Enjoy the view?"
"Of course but it will be better when you discard that
abomination to men."
"They really are very practical, Jeremy."
"They're a brick wall to good sex," he responded.
"Yes, sir," she saluted, holding the offending garment
high in the air then threw it into the fire. "All done."
"Good, now it's time for a bath. James," he called to
his butler.
"Yes, Sir," the man asked almost immediately. Sally
wondered if he had been eavesdropping.
"Prepare Madam's bath, please James."
"Not too hot, James," Sally added.
"Yes, Madam." Then he left.
"I can't imagine what it's like to have a butler," she
said as she watched him leave the room.
"Once you've tried one, you wouldn't ever give him
up," Jerry said with a smile.
Sally snuggled against her man. "I think I'm going to
like this month, Jeremy. Will you be very cruel to me?"
"Only time will tell."
"I think you'll be very kind for the whole month so I'll
agree to marry you them as soon as I'm your wife you'll become a monster."
"I told you I'd be honest and I will. What you
experience in this next month is what you can expect for the rest of
your life."
"When I'm old and grey you'll have a harem of young
girls fucking you silly, I know about men."
"Do you now? I'll be fucking young girls much sooner
than that. How long do you think it will be before Samantha is laying
on her back for me?"
"Oh, you're a cruel man and a pervert. Do I
get to watch?"
"Most definitely. You'll be the one who cleans her up
afterwards. With your mouth."
"Ahumm," James coughed lightly. "Madam's bath is
prepared sir."
"Thank you, James. Take Madam and bathe her please…."
"What? Never! I can do that myself, thank you very
much," Sally stated firmly as she began to rise.
"And James, you have permission to spank if she objects."
"Yes, Sir. Madam? Will you follow me please?" He
had already begun to leave.
"Do as your told," was all he said, dismissing her
objection and looking back into the fire.
"If you don't go this instant and do whatever James
tells you, I'll strip you naked and spank you in front of him with your
legs wide apart. Now just obey, woman."
"Oh," she gasped, bewildered at his severe response.
She looked first towards the receding back of the butler and then to
her love but received no encouragement. Obey! That's the way he
wants it and that gives him his thrills. He was humiliating her from the
very first moment he was given the green light. And she was about to
expose herself first to his butler even before her own lover got to see
her that way. Oh, he is a cruel bastard. Then she felt the tremblings
deep inside her pussy and knew she was lubricating.
"Damn," she said just loud enough for Jerry to hear,
then took off after James.

Chapter Twelve
"In here, Madam. Let me help you undress."
"I can do it, you can go now, James. Thank you."
"I am going to bathe you, Madam. Please stand still."
He reached out and undid the top button of her blouse.
"No, you can't do that. I will, after you leave."
"Madam, if you don't stop objecting, I will do as the
Master says and spank you. Please stand still."
Tears flowed. How could she let him undress her so
easily and yet…? It's all part of her humiliation and he's not even here
to watch. He just knows what's happening. How many other girls has
he done this to?
"How many other woman have you undressed for him, James?"
"I am unable to tell you, Madam." His fingers worked
precisely and her blouse was soon pulled out of her skirt. He undid the
cuffs and slipped it off her shoulders as though he'd done the same
thing a hundred times. Then he unclipped her bra and slipped it down
her arms seemingly without even looking at what was exposed before
him. Sally blushed furiously and crossed her arms over her naked
breasts, cupping each with her hands.
He knelt and unzipped her skirt and held her hand as
she stepped out of it then without any apology slipped his fingers in
the waistband of her panties and pulled them straight down. She stood
before this stranger totally naked, wishing she could be sucked down
the plughole as he methodically folded each garment.
"Please step in, Madam," he directed, taking no notice
of her nudity. As she felt the warm water on her ankles she glanced at
his groin as she sat down and was amazed to find no sign of an
"I'm very embarrassed at having you do this," she
whimpered, brushing away a tear from her eyes. "I can wash myself.
Please let me do that, James."
"That's my duty, Madam," he said simply as he took
the soap and lathered his hands. He's going to use his hands, she told
herself. Not a washer but his hands, Oh… It's awful.
He gently soaped her back all the way down to the
waterline then her arms, gliding his soapy hands over every inch of her
tingling skin. Then he carefully washed her face and neck before re-
soaping his hands. She didn't have to be told where the next area
would be. His hands brushed over her nipples, already hard as buttons
from the thoughts running through her head. Then he cupped both
breasts together and took considerably longer to soap that small area
than he did for the whole of her back. She couldn't stop the moan that
came from her throat the same second she flinched as he actually
caressed both nipples with his fingertips before rinsing the soap away.
He showed no emotion whatsoever.
"I apologise for intruding, Madam, but I need to wash
between your legs. Please stand up and part them." He was holding
the bar of soap, soaping his hands again. Sally's face was red as
beetroot at the humiliating situation that had developed but she
obeyed. She stood up facing Jeremy's butler and spread her legs about
two feet apart. James knelt and began with her legs at the water line,
slowly working his way upwards, as his hands caressed each leg, first
one side then the other until ultimately the edge of one hand touched
her vulva and she actually jumped. James looked up into her face and
at the same time cupped her pussy. He held her gaze for what seemed
like minutes but in fact it was just a few seconds but enough to make
her legs begin to tremble. Then he began to soap the whole area with
the one hand, allowing his middle finger to trace along her slit many
times before he washed the soap away. What shocked her more than
anything was his next move. One hand remained soapy and his other
separated the folds of her sex and he actually inserted a finger inside,
pushing in and out several times, probably only up to his first knuckle
but to Sally it was a worse intrusion than when Mr. Gamble forced her
to take the photos.
"Please turn around."
She did as she was told. Yes, sir, three bags full sir, she
thought to herself as she felt his hands cupping her bottom cheeks.
Admittedly he was very gentle and she was beginning to enjoy herself
until his fingers wandered along the crease. Slippery fingers that
pressed against her rear hole and visions of her ex-husband's forays
into that area flooded back. She hated the memories but they soon
faded when he inserted a finger what seemed like all the way in.
"No," she gasped, pulling away.
"Madam, if you don't let me finish I will be forced to
discipline you. Do you want that?"
"No, James. I'm sorry."
His finger re-entered and soaped the inside of her tube
as deep as he could then rinsed his finger and pushed back inside
several times before he was satisfied her anus was clean. He held out
his hand to steady her as she stepped from the bath then took the
softest towel she had ever felt and patted her dry all over.
The bathroom seemed as large as many homes had but
this cabin even sported a massage table on one side of the room.
"Please lay on your back, madam."
"On my back? But you'll…"
"Madam…" He re-stated firmly.
"Oh, shit," she said as she capitulated.
She felt like a laboratory rat, no choice but do what the
good doctor wanted. Bastard, he was enjoying this. But instead of
beginning to massage her front, more likely just her tits, she thought,
he brought a tray with jars and what looked like medical
"What are you going to do?" She asked doubtfully.
"Just what the Master asked. Please keep still or I will
have to strap you down. Understand?"
He first combed her pubic hair away from the opening
of her vagina then from one of the jars, scooped a large amount of a
clear green substance, very thick like hot toffee. But it was quite cold
when he laid it on her Mount of Venus and began to spread it over her
pussy hair. He took particular care around the edges of her vagina,
carefully brushing away any hair that protruded onto her vulva then
after a long look at his handiwork, laid a sheet of paper over the whole
area. Sally saw that the paper clung to the thin layer of green and
James patted the whole area to ensure the paper had completely
adhered to the glutinous substance. "Just a few minutes until your
body heats up," he said and began cleaning up the bath.
An understanding of what he was doing began to form
in her mind but she felt sleepy after such a busy workday and then this
overpowering evening that she didn't see him return to her side.
Suddenly she let out a scream of pain or shock or surprise, she didn't
know which and tried to sit up but James held her chest down firmly.
"What have you done to me?" She gasped after she
regained some sort of calm.
"I've just removed your pubic hair, Madam, as Mr.
Jeremy directed me to. The task is not yet complete. Please lay
still." His voice never changed from the calm assured monotone he
always used. He had her naked before him but there was nothing
sexual in his actions; he was just doing a job. She raised her face and
groaned when she saw her nude vulva below the now prominent
Mount. Her slit was gaping widely at the man standing over her yet she
felt no fear, just embarrassment at her predicament. Jeremy must be
laughing himself silly she thought.
He spread her legs wide apart and began spread the
same sticky substance over the lighter hairs than ran down each side of
her vulva and around her anus. She gasped when he peeled paper off a
small round Band-Aid and carefully placed it over her anal entrance
then realised it was to protect the tender flesh of that membrane.
When he ripped the paper away this time she was ready
for the sudden rush of pain but it hurt much less, the hairs less dense
and finer. He spent over an hour working over the whole of her body
until he finally said, "I have finished, Madam. Would you care to view
yourself in the mirror?"
It was quite a shock. She felt smooth all over but the
sight of her naked vagina with the labia protruding made her gasp then
cover herself with her hand. James showed no reaction and after
giving her a few moments more said, "Would Madam please refresh
her hair and I will dress her." But before he began to dress her he
dabbed perfume in the valley between her breasts, on the tip of each
nipple, on her mons just above her clit and down the crease of her
bottom. It was a very delicate scent that was very pleasing to her.
Then he held up a nightdress and signaled for her to
raise her arms. The soft garment fell down as softly as a feather and
she could hardly feel it as it wafted around her body. She looked in the
mirror and was pleased that it wasn't transparent.
"I need a robe, James."
"This is all, Madam"
"Then I'll wear my panties," she said, reaching over for them.
"You cannot wear soiled clothing when you join Mr.
Jeremy, Madam. Oh, that would never do."
"You mean I have to walk out like this?"
"At least you are covered, Madam. This time," he
added without raising a smile.
"Hmm, I see," she said and began to leave. Something
stopped her at the door and she looked back. "What will you do with
the hair you've removed?"
"I'll wash it and give it to Mr. Jeremy, Madam."
"Oh," was all she could say.
Sally felt nervous as she walked back to Jeremy. What
will he say? What will he do? Will he take me like this, all clean and
polished with nice perfume and a light nightgown that he could rip
apart without any trouble? Am I to be raped to appease his tastes?
She hesitated then entered. He hadn't seemed to have
moved at all and he never looked around until she resumed her place
beside him.
"Are you happy now?" She asked sarcastically.
"Come here, little chicken," he smiled at her and held
out his hand. She took it and snuggled up to him. The arm around her,
stroked up and down her side, soothingly. "Well?" He asked.
"Well what?"
"Are you mad at me?"
"I was but it's gone. I still hate you. Your butler's felt
me up and saw me naked even before you have. I wanted you to be
the first man to see me naked since I divorced my so-called husband
seven years ago."
"I like to anticipate nice things like that. Tell me how
you felt while you stood there as James stripped you naked."
"It was embarrassing. I couldn't believe I just stood and
let him do it. Then I realised it was just one of your tests so I took a
deep breath and blushed. That's the only reason I stayed, because you
were getting some kind of enjoyment knowing I was being
"Very good, my dear. I do enjoy the knowing."
"I have to make allowances for the voyeur in you."
"Did you object when he fingered you?"
"I wept. Silently."
"Oh, very good," he said, looking pleased with himself.
"Why didn't you come and watch? Isn't that what you
like best, to watch?"
"No I like to spank bare bottoms best until they're bright
red and the tears flow. Shall I do that now?"
"I didn't think you had to ask. Don't big brave men just
do it?"
"I did watch," he said quietly.
"You…? When? What did you see?"
"How could you? The door was closed."
He lifted a tv remote, flicked a button and there she
was in all her glory. They both watched the tape in silence until the
part where James had ripped the first patch off her mons and then
asked, "Seen enough?" She had to admit she had.
"So now you know what I look like. Any comments?"
"I'll have your tits enlarged four sizes. Can't fuck little
things like that," he said with a smile.
"Will you make me?"
"Day after Canada becomes the 52nd. State."
"Oh, you are… I never know when to believe you,
Jeremy. Did you get hard? When you saw what James did to me?
Made me all naked down there?"
"Did you masturbate?"
"Why not?"
"Because I want you to do it for me."
"Now. I have a great need."
"Are we married yet?"
"Then we can't have sex."
"I thought I gave the orders around here."
"You will, once we're married."
"What about this month of practice? How can you
know what I will ask you to do if we don't start now? Suck my cock,
bitch," he said matter of factly.
"No, but I'll cuddle up to you and talk dirty while you
masturbate if you like."
"You just want to see how big my cock is."
"I have wondered," she mused.
"If we can't play doctors and nurses I guess we'd better
just talk. The three "O's", remember?"
"Yes, Master."
"One thing I must say about your little adventure
tonight. I thought it may have been the last straw and you would burst
back in to me and demand your ride home. "
"I almost did at first, when he began to undo my
"It won't be the last time I give you to others, Sally. I'd
like a little more humility and embarrassment, something most men
like when they are forcing a female to do things they don't want to
"Men are thorough bastards."
"But they're loveable too."
"Hmm, well, having got your feminist thoughts out into
the open it's time to move on. I have had a feeling for some time that
you haven't been entirely honest with me, woman. There is something
you have not been truthful about. Care to come clean?"
He could feel her whole body tense up.
"What do you mean?"
"You know I demand total honesty and now I'm sure
you are keeping secrets from me. Tell me what it is, Sally. I have to
"I… I can't, Jeremy. It's too hurtful. Yes, there is
something I haven't told you but please don't make me."
"That's not the way it works. I want you to tell me
important things like what you are holding back from me now, without
having to even ask. But you're refusing to obey my instruction. If we
were married I would punish you immediately I knew you weren't
being honest. You'll tell me anyway in time, do it now and get it off
your chest."
She held her arm around his chest and snuggled her
face tightly against his chest.
Then in a small voice she began. "I'm sorry but I lied to
you, Jeremy. I haven't told a single person about it, not even when I
was married, it is so painful to remember. I didn't lose my virginity at
college like I told you," she confessed and pressed herself harder
against him, waiting for his reaction.
"Will you tell me the truth this time?"
"Yes." Then she was silent again.
"Do I have to wring it out of you?"

Chapter Thirteen
"I was eleven when it began. My parents were
quite poor and we lived in a small house with two bedrooms so
I had to share a room with my older brother. He was four years
older than me. Everything was fine until about the time I got
my first period then I became very self-conscious and
screamed at my brother every time he came near me. I was
paranoid about him ever seeing me wearing a pad or bleeding
or even seeing my new titties and he began to tease me
something dreadful. He knew about girl's things and delighted
in saying dirty things then sniggering. It got so bad that Mum
began to complain to Dad about all the squabbles I was having
and Dad, who usually came home half drunk most nights took
my brother's side and began to threaten me with all sorts of
punishments if I didn't calm down and live peacefully with
him. That made my brother all the worse. If I shouted at him he
knew I was in for a hiding so he teased me all the more and
began to pull things out of my drawers, like knickers and my
pads, personal things and leave them on my bed to find when I
got home from school. It had gone on for months and not long
after I turned twelve it got to the stage that I couldn't take it
any longer and slapped him hard across the cheek one night. It
was so loud both mom and Dad heard the ruckus from
downstairs and came up to investigate. My brother was rolling
around on his bed as though I'd half killed him; me, 12 years
old and him sixteen.

"Well, Dad got so mad he went red in the face
and grabbed my arm and flung me towards the door. "Go to
our room, girl, and wait for me. You'll be sorry for this, you
selfish little brat." I tried to explain but he wouldn't listen and

I ran to their bedroom bawling my eyes out. I knew I was in for
it and it wasn't my fault at all."

"That's how it goes sometimes. You're going to learn
that from me because I won't be fair with you or the children
sometimes, that's the beauty of wielding power over someone. What
happened then?" He asked.

"I can't remember how long I waited but it was
a long while. I wondered if Dad had forgotten but he hadn't.

Both he and mom came in and closed the door behind them.

"Well, what do you have to say to us then?" He asked gruffly
but it wasn't a time to explain anything. He was still furious
and I knew I was in for it.

"Take your clothes off," he told me and mom
never objected even a little. I had just started to grow breasts
and hair on my pussy and was extremely conscious of my
privacy. Dad had certainly never seen me undressed, even in
underwear since I was quite small and to be told to strip like
that with mom looking on was just too much. But she took
Dad's side and said simply, "Do what your father says, Sal."

It was awful. I can remember everything, so
clearly. I still had my school uniform on and it felt as though I
was in the Principal's Office and being told to strip by him. It
was just unthinkable and it seemed as though the man ordering
me about wasn't my father at all but someone else.

"No, I can't," I cried out but Dad calmly
walked to me and said quietly, "If you don't hurry up I'll bring
Robbie in to watch too."

It was threat enough to move even the most
stubborn of girls so I removed my blouse and skirt then looked
across at mom for understanding.

"You're going to be strapped on your bare
bottom, Sal, so take everything off and make it quick," she told
me. "What you did to your brother was unforgivable and we
have decided that it is time you learned more than just how to
behave. After your punishment we going to teach you the
things a girl has to know about growing up. Isn't that so,

"You'd better believe it, kid. We have a whole
weekend and by the time it's over you will know exactly where
your place is in this household. Now if you don't hurry up, I'll
strip those things off you myself."

I didn't have a clue what they were talking
about but it soon became much clearer."

"I think I'm going to like this story," he said as he
wriggled his body to ease the roaring erection he was sporting.
"At the time, it wasn't funny, Jeremy. But I can feel the
effect it has on you," she told him with a smirk.

"I was absolutely devastated by the time my
panties were around my ankles and tried to cover my privates
up with my hands but Mom, my own mother, gave me a hard
swat on the bottom and reminded me I was being punished and
had no right to be modest. Then Dad put me over his knee and
spanked me so hard I thought I was going to faint. The pain
was so bad I couldn't even cry and found it hard to breathe at
all. I don't remember how long he beat my poor bottom but the
next morning it was blue with bruises and they took nearly two
weeks to go away completely.

The weirdest thing was that when he finally
stopped, I just laid over his knees for a long time and he began
stroking my bottom cheeks, not hard but softly. It didn't make
the stinging go away but it told me he cared even when he
punished me. It wasn't long before I learned that wasn't really
the case though.

When he finally told me to stand up I saw mom
laying on the bed and she had taken all her clothes off too. She
was naked. It was the first time I'd ever seen her like that.

She told me to lay down beside her and rubbed
some kind of creme over my very red bottom then without any
embarrassment told me they were going to show me what
having sex with a man was all about. She held me down on the
bed when I tried to wriggle away from her because I thought
she meant Dad was going to do it to me. But he stood up and
took his clothes off right in front of me, not even turning away
when he took his boxer shorts down. I couldn't believe how big
his thing way."

"It's called a cock," Jerry said with a smirk.
"I know that now, dearest but at twelve I had no
idea about it's name or what it looked like. Do you want me to

"It looked the most grotesque thing I'd ever
seen, it was in full erection, the head shiny and purple and it
was dribbling on the bedspread. He grabbed Mom's tits,
squeezed them hard because she cried out, then he growled, 'lift
your arse up, you lazy tart,' or something like that. I just
remember it sounded very crude, then he pushed his thing into
Mom and she gasped and moaned with tiny little sounds. He
seemed to me to go entirely mad, pushing himself in and out of
her cunny, that's what I called mine then, and growling out
swear words all the time. I realised mom was enjoying it
because her moans were getting louder and she was shaking
her head back and forth on the pillow. I was so scared I just
laid there as still as I could on the bouncing bed but when he
began to shake all over I shrieked and jumped off the bed. He
calmed down soon after that and rolled over onto his back, his
thing now much smaller and all wet.

Mom laid still for a long time then took my hand
and wiped it over her cunny. 'That's what makes babies; it's
called sperm. Your father injected it into me when he came,'
she told me. 'When he came from where?' I remember asking.

Then she tried to explain what an orgasm was but I must have
been very dumb because she got upset with me and made me
lay over on my sore bottom. 'If you're so dumb I'll have to
show you," she told me and began to masturbate me in front of

I'll never forget that moment with her fingers
stroking my pussy and Dad leaning up on his elbows to watch.
pretty soon I began to feel the early stages of sexual arousal for
the first time and Dad began to finger my titties. I objected but
was told good and proper to shut up and enjoy it. It was no
enjoyment, let me tell you. I was so embarrassed especially
when Dad started licking my nipples.

Then my mind was taken over with what mom
was doing to my pussy. I'll remember that first orgasm forever.

She was rubbing my clit so fast and as the climax got closer
she began to whisper how much I was going to enjoy it and
that girls should do it to themselves all the time because it
made their titties grow. I had no way of knowing that was just
her private little joke. The feelings were sensational but I was
so scared. I had no idea sex could be so wonderful and thought
I was going to die or something. I was jerking all over the bed
and mom had to chase after my pussy but Dad soon put a stop
to that because he knelt between my legs and just as the climax
peaked he raped me while mom held my shoulders down. I
went from the most wonderful exciting feeling of my life to the
most incredible pain I had ever felt in a matter of seconds. My
climax hadn't even finished when he broke through my hymen
and kept thrusting like a raging bull until he ejaculated.

Mom screamed at him something about giving
me a baby and that was enough to freak me out and I fainted.

The next thing I remember was waking up in the bath with
Mom giving me what I now know was a douche, squirting
water inside my pussy time and time again. Then I saw the pink
tinge on the water and was sure I was going to die. "I'm
bleeding," I screamed out loudly and mom slapped me hard
across the face, telling me to be quiet and settle down because
this happened to every girl and I had to let her finish.

The next day she took me off to the doctors
explaining to him how I had let a boy from school deflower me
and I was here for a check-up and a prescription for The Pill. I
had been coached about not saying what really happened the
previous night under pain of being committed to a mental
asylum where the male nurses raped all the women every day.
How was I to know she was stringing me a bunch of lies.

The Doctor told her my deflowering must have
been carried out very thoughtfully for there was no sign of any
damage at all. He wrote the prescription and warned me about
letting any more boys enjoy my pleasures, that's exactly what
he said and right in front of Mom, reminding me about Syphilis
and other diseases. We went straight to the pharmacy and got
the pills. I had to take one as soon as we got back in the car
and after that there was a daily family ritual of "Sal takes her
Pill" at the breakfast table. It always sent my brother into fits
of laughter which mom and Dad just smiled about. I don't
really know if he knew Dad was raping me nearly every night
but at that age I thought he did and that's why the Pill taking
ritual was so embarrassing to me.

Once I had been taking The Pill for a month
Dad began having sex with me several times a week. I slept in
their bed with them every night, 'because Robbie needs a room
to himself,' Dad explained, and he used me whenever he felt
like it. mom never objected and helped him whenever I got
stroppy. I guess he fucked her once a week and I think she
came most times but when he was using me, she usually frigged
herself and had an orgasm at about the same time as he

At first I hated it but never once thought of
exposing them to the police or anything. I was just a kid and
there was always the threat of being committed to a mental
asylum if I did.

Even when Robbie went to college and his room
wasn't being used for months at a time, I still had to sleep with
them. mom just occasionally made me service her but it was
usually Dad who used me. It continued right up to the day I
turned eighteen, then I packed my bags and left, having found
a job in another town. I left them a short note warning them I
would report them to the Child Sexual Abuse Team if they ever
tried to contact me again. I've never heard from them since
and never want to."

"There, Jeremy, that's my one big secret. You're the
only one who knows about it and I never want to talk about it again."
She snuggled tightly against him again and remained silent, waiting
for his reaction.
He lifted her face towards his and kissed her gently on
the lips. "You shouldn't ever feel guilty about it, Sally. Many young
girls go through similar experiences, maybe not as blatant as yours,
and they almost never talk about it to anyone. I'll tell you about the
two families whose girls I have led through their growth to
womanhood and at first they went through all the same kinds of
horrors and hates. The whole secret is in the way they come to
understand about sex in a loving way with adults convincing them there
is nothing wrong with sex of any kind if there is reciprocal love on
both sides. Sam and Wesley will go through the same kinds of feelings
but they can be taught to enjoy the moments they share with others and
they will become quite insatiable once they overcome the guilt they go
through initially. You have a major role in that when we begin their
"It frightens me, Jeremy. What if it is so traumatic they
do run to the police? We'll both go to jail."
"They won't and you know it, don't you?" He added
with a smile.
"I think so," she replied with a heavy sigh.
"Of course you know it; it's just a little difficult to
imagine it happening right now but when we begin you won't want to
leave them alone and I will demand you don't anyway."
"Are you going to tell me about the others?"
"Tomorrow. It's late and we have just two days left so
we need some sleep. From this moment, you will wear no clothes to
bed and only lingerie during tomorrow, nothing else. Is your period
"Oh, Jeremy… My period? Oh," she gasped in surprise.
"You do have them still, I take it?"
"It's just so… well it is embarrassing having to answer
such personal questions."
"Tomorrow you'll receive your first spanking by my
hand. It will hurt very much and there will be no getting out of it. Then
maybe you'll answer me without any of this silly embarrassment
"No, I'm sorry, Jeremy, I'll tell you," she gasped
quickly. "I don't want a spanking."
"To bed, young lady and no masturbating."
"Yes, Sir," she whispered as she leaned over to kiss him
goodnight. He took her arm and held her close, his hand for the first
time cupping a breast and gently massaging it.
"I'll dream of that squeeze all night," he told her as he
helped her up and walked her to her room. She was a little
disappointed because she thought in the back of her mind that he
might just make love to her this weekend but that now seemed highly
unlikely. After all the weekend had been on the basis of no sex but
she was sure he might try. Her breast still tingled from his touch as she
closed the door on his smiling face. "Goodnight, my darling," she
whispered just before it closed fully.
As she lifted the thin nightdress over her head and
slipped naked, under the blankets she thought of her twins at home
totally innocent of what was about to become their darkest nightmare.
Was she so infatuated with this man she would offer them as a
sacrifice to gain for herself a husband and a new life of sexual
excesses? Every time her thoughts turned that way the answer was
always and emphatic "Yes". Has she been brainwashed? Has she been
set up by this man who she never knew until three months or so ago?
Is his only purpose in marrying her, to get access to the twins? Will he
do all the things he's promised? Will he be gentle with the kids or will
he force them into sexual encounters before they have been prepared?
Every time, in her warped state of mind, her answer was on the
positive side of the ledger.
The twins would find themselves being required to
satisfy his and her own lusts but in return they would be taught
properly about all matters sexual and they will be given the best of
everything. She was fairly certain Jeremy would indulge their worldly
wants in any way they desired. The few dollars he'd need to spend in
bribery would be nothing to him yet make the kids feel like
Imagine having Wesley between her thighs. Imagine
her sucking his prick until he exploded in her mouth. Imagine
Samantha and Wesley going at it hammer and tongs while she watched
and encouraged them. Imagine having Sam's soft mouth soothing her
now hairless slit. Imagine.
The next thing she remembered was waking up to
James' voice. "Good morning, Madam," he said as he opened the
curtains. "The Master awaits your company. Please shower and join
him on the terrace as soon as you can." He stood by the door waiting
for her to move.
Oh, hell, she thought. I'm naked. Oh, well, so what? It
looks like he'll be getting more eyes full of me than my future
husband. As she walked past him towards the bathroom she asked,
"Do you like what you see, James?" He made no reply.

Chapter Fourteen
She felt very self-conscious as she walked through onto
the terrace in her bra, panties, suspenders and stockings all made from
soft silk, making her feel very sexy indeed. She wore high heels and
thought she looked magnificent. She hoped Jeremy would too.
"I always knew your figure would look good in silk,"
he smiled as he stood up and took her hands. "Good morning, Sally.
Did you sleep well?"
"Once I stopped thinking about you feeling up my
daughter and got rid of the guilts I slept like a log. I think James
enjoyed seeing me in the raw again but that damned man never got an
erection this time either. I think there's something wrong with him, or
else he's gay. Is he?"
"Ha, ha, you can ask him if you like."
"No," she squealed. "I couldn't do that."
"Then stop thinking about him and have something to
eat." He sat and watched her with much interest as she ate a small
breakfast then said, "Your breasts are just perfectly hand-sized, I can
still feel the imprint on my hand from last night."
"I can still feel your hand on my breast from last night"
she replied almost shyly.
"This morning I will feel the imprint of your bottom on
my hand," he responded.
"This morning I will feel your hand, full stop," she replied.
"Afterwards you will do something for me but I won't
tell you what until afterwards."
"I like playing games and if you're the supervisor, I
imagine it will be sexy, for you at least."
"Of course."
"I should have become a lesbian then I wouldn't have
the problems of appeasing man's gross appetites."
"But you would miss the cock."
"I haven't missed it for seven years," she stated then
added, "And then you came along and I can hardly hold myself
together wishing you would make love to me."
"Isn't anticipation great? You anticipate your first sex
in seven years then it's all over in seconds."
"It had better not be, mister."
"I hope it won't be either… But then your body does
have major effects on my, well shall we say, on my ability to hold off
until you are pleasured."
"O, god you make me wet, Jeremy. I don't care what
you want to do with me once we're married. Can't you take me now? I
need you so much."
"Stand and slip your panties down to your ankles but
don't take them off," he said carefully, every word enunciated clearly.
"But, James…?"
"He may watch. James, please remain and be the
witness to Madam's first punishment."
"No, No, I didn't mean it, Jeremy. Please don't do
that," she pleaded, her face full of fright.
"Madam, if you don't do exactly as you've been told in
the next five seconds I will give you to James for the rest of the day,"
Jerry said in a threatening voice.
"Oh," she gasped and immediately slipped her panties
down around her ankles. She had the desperate urge to cover herself
with her hands but dared not. She was feeling the demands of her
future husband for the first time and it was very scary. When he spoke
she knew he was used to being obeyed. Give me to James for the rest
of the day? He wouldn't, of course but then she had no wish to test his
She stood before him, blushing deeply, her head bowed
for she couldn't bear to look into his eyes and she found herself biting
her bottom lip like a naughty girl caught doing something
dreadful. It was more than embarrassment, she was being humiliated
and she knew deep down he was enjoying it immensely.
He sat watching her, seeing her hairless slit for the first
time, taking in her every curve and from where he sat she could see his
erection tenting in his trousers.
"James did a splendid job with the hair removal. You
will allow him to inspect you every morning to see when it needs
tending again. No, no objections, my pretty. You should consider
yourself lucky so far. James has had every woman friend I have
brought home for the evening at least once. It used to be the first
punishment I dealt out to each one to see their reaction but I've
changed my mind about that little ritual since you came along.
However he does have to be satisfied, it is one of the side benefits that
goes with his job so I will have to devise another way to reward him
from now on. So, if you decide to object too much you will be given to
him, wife or no wife. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Sir," she added feeling quite ridiculous.
"Ahh, you are beginning to understand. Good. Now,
please part your legs wider, as far as your panties allow. Hands behind
your neck."
She knew her slit was open because the coolness on her
wet passage was very distinct.
"Turn and show yourself to James."
She shuffled around hating every moment of her
humiliation. She was wide open and he was looking directly at her
pussy and yes, dammit, he still had no erection.
"I believe you have a question to ask James?"
She glanced around at him. "Question? No I don't think
so, Sir."
"Yes you do. You asked me about James' sexual
preferences. Well, here he is now, ask him yourself."
"Me? No, I… I don't need to," she said in a half
whisper wishing James would simply disappear.
"Madam, don't tempt me. He may have been the first to
see you undressed and he may be the first to taste your treasure unless
you sort out your priorities."
She felt a tear fall down her cheek and knew she was
close to breaking down altogether. How could she ask him such a
thing? But she knew the answer. Please Jeremy, that's all that is
"James are…? Are you a homosexual?"
"A homosexual?" he asked with all the aplomb of a
man hurt to the quick. "I'll have you know, Madam, I have never
touched another man in my life nor have I ever had the urge to do so."
Sally blushed on top of her blush, her face felt so hot
and she just knew she must have been crimson. "Oh, I'm sorry," she
said with a tremble to her voice.
"Well, having sorted that out it's time; over my knees
please, naughty girl. Quickly."
She had to shuffle around then across to him, holding
her panties taut against her ankles so they wouldn't slip off and was
sure her pussy lips were wobbling from side to side with each step she
took. She hoped her labia hadn't become extended as it did when she
was aroused because it would have made her approach more
embarrassing than ever.
He brushed his fingertips along the line of her sex
crease then pulled her down so she lost her balance and slumped over
his knees. Her fingers barely touched the floor on one side and her toes
on the other so balancing was a major effort. There was no way she
could reach up to protect her soon to be bruised bottom and with her
legs widely splayed, James had a perfect view right into the apex
which must be gaping wide especially for his pleasure.
Jerry never moved for several minutes, letting the
nervous woman suffer in silence waiting for the first spank to land.
Then she felt his hands begin to lightly stroke her bottom cheeks. It
was nice regardless of James standing, watching. "I have some rules
you must never forget, Sally. Remember them well for I won't repeat
then unless I have to punish you for forgetting them. You must shower
after every punishment is over. As well, after every sexual encounter
no matter whether it involves penetration or not and every morning
before breakfast and evening immediately after dinner. Then after
each shower you will spread a small amount of lubricant to your pussy
lips and your anus so you'll be ready to offer sexual gratification
without fear of having a dry cunt to present to your lover. Repeat the
rules please."
"I must shower…," she began and was pleased she
could remember all he had said.
"Good girl, you have just won yourself a reprieve of
five strokes for being so exact. As soon as you've showered after this,
enter those rules in your Rule Book with the others on your Laptop.
So," he continued as he spread her bottom crease with one hand and
ran his fingers of the other along the entire length, "That makes a total
of twenty spankings with my hand. You may cry out or scream as
loudly as you wish but never, repeat, never try to protect that portion
of your anatomy being punished and never try to remove yourself from
my knees. More rules to enter, remember that."
"Yes, Sir," she acknowledged.
The first landed directly on the middle of one cheek
and immediately another fell on the other side. She flinched with each
stroke for the first four or five, determined not to cry out but the hurt
was growing by the second and she couldn't hold back any longer.
After a few ouch's her whole bottom was burning with fire and she
began to plead for mercy.
"Jeremy, no, please… ouch… please stop, I can…
ooowh, I can't bear any more," she squealed then continued, "Darling
no more, I'll be… aargh, ohm stop, please… arghhh, pl…," she
continued, her bottom swaying from side to side as his hand shared the
globes equally. He never let up and gave no sign he even heard her
cries for help.
She had no idea of how many times he had spanked her
but thought it must have been at least fifty and he was still going.
Tears were streaming down her face uncontrollably and the burning
pain was quite unbearable. Just when she knew she was about to die
his hand came to rest on the hottest most burning part of her backside.
"Be quiet," he demanded, "or you'll get another twenty
five. Lucky you earned the five reprieve smacks isn't it? Can you
imagine what it would be like to receive fifty all at once? Or if instead
of my hand I used a riding crop? Sally, can you imagine how that
would feel?
"Nooo," she moaned, still in mortal agony from just twenty
with his hand.
His hand slid down her bottom crease and cupped her
vulva. "You're wet, Sally, You really enjoyed this, didn't you. It got
you aroused."
"Nooo," she gasped but knew he was probably right.
All sorts of messages were being transmitted from her pussy to her
brain and she knew it wouldn't take much to bring her right over the
edge into a massive orgasm.
"I say yes," he repeated. "Are you aroused? Did you get
off by being spanked? Truth and nothing more," he reminded her.
"Yesss, dammit, yesss," she hissed through her teeth
hating the fact that James knew it all.
His finger lightly brushed over her clit, making her gasp
inwardly. Then he helped her stand up. "You are indeed leaking
woman," he smiled with satisfaction. "Few women are aroused to that
extent," he said, wiping up a line of her fluids flowing down her leg,
with his hand. She blushed yet again and couldn't believe he could
make her do that so easily.
"One more task then your punishment is over for today.
Go and take your shower then while you are still naked go to James'
room. After your performance he is in desperate need of servicing…"
She gasped loudly and looked around towards him but
James had already disappeared.
"Do not knock, just go in and pleasure him until he
climaxes. You can use just your hands but if you have to, use your
mouth and your breasts. And the whole time you are stroking him you
must apologise to him for thinking he was gay. Clean him up then
clean yourself again. Understood?"
"Yes, Sir," she whimpered, knowing full well to object
would mean another round of punishments. Oh, how could she cope
with a life like this, day in and day out?
"You're doing much better than I had expected, Sally.
When you come back all cleaned up, be naked still. We are going for a
"A stroll…? Oh, Yes, Sir," she replied almost bowing
to her lord and master.

Chapter Fifteen
As she approached the door she wondered whether
James was expecting her or not. It was slightly ajar so that eased her
He was naked laying on his bed as though asleep but in
full erection with pre-cum lubrication drooling down from the tip. At
least he was aroused by her attendance this time she thought as she sat
gently on the bed. He never moved, his arms spread out on each side
and he was facing her but with his eyes still closed.
"James, I want to apologise for thinking you might have
been a homosexual. Please forgive me," she said as she took his penis
in her hand and spread the fluid over the head of his cock. He flinched
then sighed deeply. She began to work her hand up and down and it
was obvious he wouldn't last very long at all. His movements were
exactly the same as her ex-husband, jerking every time her fingers
encompassed the head, groaning as she ran her hand back towards the
base. She was talking all the time, trying to change the words in each
sentence but there was only so many ways she could say sorry for
thinking he was queer. As his whole body gave a giant lurch he
erupted with a mighty spurt that shot right up his body and beyond his
face. It was the same with her husband, one huge splat then a lot of
little ones. She held her hand still for the next two then slowly worked
on him again letting the sperm shoot out freely until all he could
manage was some dribbles that ran down her fingers.
Sally was very pleased she didn't have to give him oral
pleasure. She came prepared with a towel and washer and as soon as
his ejaculations had ceased she began to wipe the goo off his body,
starting with his face and chest then the pool that had formed in the
hollow of his stomach and over the pubic hair.
She looked down on him but all she could picture was
her son laying there, content in the afterglow of having his mother
masturbate him to a climax. James looked exactly like a sleeping
innocent that she couldn't help but lean down and kiss him on the
cheek. "Thank you for being so easy to please, James," she whispered
as she left.

It must have been more than half an hour since she left
Jeremy and she found him waiting patiently, also naked. The first time
she had seen him undressed.
"Task completed?"
"Yes, Sir," she replied in her most humble small voice.
"Good, you can tell me about it later. Let's walk."
"Won't people see us?"
"It's a nudist camp. I hired it out for the weekend."
"Oh, shit, are you that wealthy?"
"Oh, I have sway in some areas," he said casually.
She smiled then said, "I like your cock, Jeremy."
"I like all of you. Can you imagine the feeling when
cock and cunt meet?"
"I'm, uhm, anticipating it," she said with a little giggle.
He put his arm around her waist and she reciprocated as
they took a small track through some woods. The air was cool but not
"Thank you for allowing me…," he began but was cut
off as she broke in.
"Jeremy, it's I who should be saying thank you. You've
opened up a whole new world and somehow I think we were meant to
be. You come along and save me in just one day from a fate worse
than death. Then I seem to be what you have been looking for all your
life and I have the very things you desire so much, two young virgin
teenagers who can be trained in your way, our ways as it happens, and
you have the expertise and backing to make anything you wish to
happen just the way you want it to. Don't you think there's something
grand in store for us, Jeremy? It's as though it were planned by
someone and it sends shivers up and down my spine."
He ran his hand up and down her spine and cupped her
still red bottom. Then he turned her towards him and held her firmly in
his arms, kissing her deeply. "I love you very much, Sally. More than I
could ever hope for. I've sexed many women but you are special, you
have understanding and forgiveness and acceptance and sexuality like
I've never seen in any other woman. Many of my conquests opened
their legs because of my money, nothing else but you have given
yourself and all you hold precious over to me without any strings. No
woman has ever come close to what you have offered. I couldn't bear
to lose you now and yet you have much to learn, many dark secrets
that may change your mind."
"Will you continue to love me no matter what? Will
you protect me always?"
"Forever, even when I am being cruel, I will protect
you, Sally."
"That's all I ask and in return, my darling, I will obey
you in every way until the day I die." She clasped her arms around his
neck and pulled his face down onto hers. They kissed passionately for
an eternity.
Their fingers entwined as they continued on their walk.
"Sally I want to tell you about the group I lead, the two
families I've mentioned briefly."
"With the young girls you've ravaged?" She asked impishly.
"The very same. We've been together for nearly five
years now," he began and both concentrated on his story as they
walked, Sally never interrupting, he remembering things as he spoke
and adding them in.

"I had been close friends with Ben and Izador
for several years. We were all professionals in our various
fields, Ben is a Cosmetic Surgeon, very sought after, I might
add and Izador is a, or rather was a Minister of Religion until
he came to me to defend certain charges against him. I'd
helped Ben out on a couple of occasions too and we became
the best of buddies. I knew they had families but the friendship
was just we three buddies, I suppose you'd call it.

We'd go on fishing trips and hunting but never
really involved their families. Then one day they came to me
demanding I do something about their wives. I thought they'd
decided to get divorces or something but the fact of the matter
was their wives had been carrying on a lesbian affair with
each other for over two years. One of the men came home and
caught them in the act and they owned up with all sorts of
promises and apologies to their husbands.

It's probably too long a story to go into all the
details but the outcome was that after several meetings with
each woman I had them agree to exchange husbands for a
week as compensation for their errant ways. I'll never forget
the look on the men's faces when I told them of the
compromise. They looked at each other with rather dark faces
then one of them smiled and the other returned it and they
hugged each other. We did it away from their children, sitters
were brought in and the parents went off on a holiday, the
wives swapping cars on the outskirts of the city.

By all accounts they came back like lovesick
teenagers and I was invited to a dinner held especially for me
as a thank you for working out their difficulties. During the
dinner they decided to form a gathering as they called it and
all four voted for me to be their leader. Apparently they
thought my negotiating was so good I could come up with
other ideas to keep their lives interesting but that was left to
me. That evening the two guys left early, each kissing me on
the cheek saying to enjoy myself as they left. I can remember
looking around bewildered as they walked out arm in arm and
then I looked back at the two wives when I heard then

'The boys decided you need to be properly
compensated for all your good work and we are the
compensation,' one of them said. Then they led me up to their
room. They were both beautiful well formed with nice small
breasts just the way I like, like yours, baby, and they gave me
carte blanche with their bodies, I could do anything and they
would do anything I liked for as long as I liked.

He looked across to Sally to see her reaction but her
smile told him everything was well with her so he continued.

I knew I'd never keep up with these two for very
long, lust was in their eyes and my virility was only so strong
so I had them do their now famous lesbian scene, they do it
often to get the men going after they've worn them out. I tell
you it was one of the sexiest performances I'd ever seen and
had no doubt they had practiced it many, many times. You'll
get to see it before too long and if they don't get you involved,

I'll give you a day of your choice. Anyway, suffice to say they
fucked me silly until well into the following afternoon. I have
no idea how many times but I was worn out by the time we
decided to check out.

A week later I called a meeting and put several
suggestions to them. Firstly that we meet as a group of five,
once a month for sexual pleasure, that each one has to
pleasure their partner to orgasm before moving on to the next,
that male homosexuality and scat are banned but anything else
was allowed and the partner has to accommodate the wishes of
the other. A kitty of several thousand dollars was put together
so the girls could stock up on any clothing they wanted, which
was very well accepted by them let me say. And soon those
Saturday nights were the focal point of our month. Having
three men to service two women worked out very well and gave
one of us a chance to recuperate before the next onslaught by
the women. They took the greatest delight in making us climax
quickly to wear us out so they could make love themselves.
Watching them at it made us all the more randy so we
remained one big happy group.

We usually went to a hotel somewhere taking
two suites together so as not to concern house security but
occasionally we stayed at home, one of their places. Their kids
were sent to bed early much to their disgust with dire threats if
they so much as opened their eyes after they were tucked in.

All was well for a year or so until one night at Ben's House,
their eldest daughter, Bethany, she would have been about
thirteen then, was caught looking through the keyhole at us. I
don't know what made Faith, Ben's wife, check it out but she
crept to the door and pulled it open and Bethany actually fell
into the room.

It caused great consternation, let me tell you.
Here we were, her parents with three other adults all starkers
and all up each other and in comes this teenager with a look of
horror all over her face. For a moment it was as if time had
stood still then there was a general rush to cover ourselves and
Bethany tried to high-tail it out but her father recovered first
and shushed everybody down.

He spoke harshly to the young girl, accusing
her of disloyalty and dishonesty and perversion and everything
he could think of. She was in tears before he finished the first
sentence but when he finally told her she would be punished
severely for her deeds, she absolutely went to water, slumping
down on the floor, her whole body wracked with deep sobbing,
pleading with her father and professing how terrible she was.

He did a job on her that would have made me proud if I'd used
it on a prosecution witness. He turned our sins into innocence
and her own curiosity into a cardinal charge.
Of course, our frolicking was over for that night
but in the mail two days later I was dismayed to receive a
letter of apology in the girl's own hand, saying what a dreadful
sin she had perpetrated, that she knew she had done wrong and
invited me to her Punishment Night the following Saturday, to
make right all the trouble she had caused. With her letter was
a covering note from her mother no less, asking me to sit in
judgement of the girl when she faced both sets of parents, that I
was to find her guilty on all counts and her punishment was to
be held that very night. She said that I could sentence her in
any way I liked, that sexual matters including nudity were not
ruled out and that afterwards she and her husband wanted me
to lead her into the ways of the group.

I can see you smiling still, baby, which is a good sign so
I'll continue.

We five had dinner at their home and the girl
wasn't to be seen, in fact nothing was mentioned over dinner at
all even though we were all rearing to go. Faith drew out the
dinner until almost midnight then with a smile said, 'Well
Judge and Members of the jury, shall we get this case under

What they had done was incredible. They had a
courtroom set up in the lounge room with the judge sitting high
up, the jury to one side and the witness box right in the middle
facing the judge. Three took their seats in the jury box while
Faith went to bring in the prisoner. I took my seat as Judge
and put on the black robe that gave me all the authority I

The poor girl must have been crying all day for
her eyes were red and wet. She was wearing a light cotton
nightdress and I could see she had bra and panties on
underneath. I think it was the same attire she wore on the night
she was caught. She looked as though the fear of God had been
put into her, her eyes were wide open looking from person to
person but mostly at her mother and me sitting high up above

I began the case by telling her that as there
were no prosecutor or defender here the members of the Jury
would be asking questions and I would too if necessary. In a
very deep serious voice I cautioned her to answer every
question absolutely honestly and if she didn't her punishment
would be all the greater. 'Did she understand?' 'Oh, yes, your
worship, I do. I'm very sorry, sir.' I tell you, Sally, I nearly
came in my pants, it was so good.

'Read the charges,' I said and her mother stood
and read out:

'That on Saturday last the accused, Bethany
Fellows, did disobey her parents and left her room after being
specifically told to go to sleep. That she then eavesdropped at
her parent's bedroom door then spied on them in a malicious
and unladylike way as they carried out personal intimacies
with friends. That in so doing she stole privacy from each
person being spied on with no regard for their feelings, for the
personal and sexual satisfaction of herself alone. She is
accused of sexual perversion.'

'Very serious indeed. How do you plead, prisoner?'

'Please your worship, I didn't mean…'

'Do you plead guilty or innocent,' I repeated gravely.

'Oh, guilty, Sir,' she said in a trembling
voice then wept.

"Guilty it is. Then we shall have to
question you to ascertain just how grave your offences are. The
jury may commence to question the prisoner.'

Her mother asked her if she were a
virgin and the poor girl went into hysterics. I had to warn her
of any more outbursts would not be tolerated after she
quietened down. 'Answer the question, prisoner,' I reminded

'Yes, Sir, I am.'

'You are what?'

'I'm a virgin, Sir.'

'Do you have your period at this time?' Her father asked.

She looked aghast at the question
obviously never thinking such things would be asked. Her
mother held a finger up and the girl shook her head.

'Answer the question,' I told her.

'No, not now, Daddy.'

"When is it next due?' This time Franzescha asked, Izador's wife.

She was blushing so wonderfully, my
cock was hard as a rock.

'In two weeks, Mrs. Borack.'

'You say you are a virgin but have you
let boys touch your new titties or feel you up under your skirt?'
This by Izador. I nearly burst into laughter, the dirty old man.

'Oh, never, Sir. No, I never have, I
promise,' she cried out indignantly, squirming in her chair.

'But you touch yourself, don't you?' her father asked.

'Daddy, how can you…?'

'Answer, young lady or the full force of
this court will be brought down on your head,' I warned her

'Yes, Sir, I do. But just sometimes.'

'When was the last time?' I asked.

'Oh,' she gasped. It was… It was last Saturday.'

'Before or after you spied on us?'

'Uhm...,' she began then took a deep breath. 'It
was while I was watching, please, Sir. I'm very sorry.'

'Did you have an orgasm?'

'An org…? I don't understand what that means,' the girl said.

'Did you feel like your whole body was
exploding with pleasure?' Her mother prompted.

'No, I don't think so.'

'Have you ever touched yourself and had that
kind of feeling?'

'No, it just feels nice. Relaxing,' she admitted,
blushing deeply at the intimate reply.

'Don't you talk to your friends at school about
orgasms? Or about sex?'

She hesitated for several seconds then looked at
the questioner and admitted she did sometimes. Then she was
asked to describe those conversations, which made her blush
all the more deeply, and I could see she was going through
incredible turmoil. Tears were flowing and she was sobbing
softly but no one came to her rescue.

'Answer your accusers, prisoner,' I prompted
her. 'When and to whom did you speak and what was it about?'

'Oh, this makes me feel terrible,' she cried out
in despair but saw me watching her fiercely and thought better
of it. 'It was with my friend, Mary Brownlees. She was telling
me about watching her brother in the bathroom while he was
doing things to his…Oh, please don't make me say any more,'
she pleaded.

'Answer, girl.'

'It was about how he touched his, uhm, his penis.'

'Well? Go on.'

'She said he does it all the time and doesn't
even care if she sees him. She said he rubs it with his hand
until he shoots off. I didn't understand what she meant but I
was too frightened to ask any more questions. She said it was
so gross but all boys did it.'

'What else do you talk about with Mary?'

'Oh, about…,' she began then sighed deeply.

'About what her parents do in the bedroom. She said they make
lots of noise and sometimes she peeks in at them when they're
doing it.'

'Doing what?'

'Uhm,' she coughed. 'Sex things.'

'Girl if I have to keep prompting you any more
I'll put you over the judges knee right away, now explain
yourself clearly.'

'I'm sorry, Sir, it's just that it's so embarrassing
talking like this. Mary said she watches her parents when they
have sex and how her dad hurts her mom when he does it
because she always cries out and moans and all that.'

'Is that why you spied on your parents room last
Saturday? Because of what Mary told you?'

'I heard noises and when I saw the light under
the door I peeked in. I didn't mean to spy but after what Mary
told me I couldn't help it," she pleaded her case.

'And what did you see? We want only the truth,
prisoner, you're in enough trouble already, don't make it any
worse for you.'

'Yes, Sir, I promise I will but it's so
embarrassing. I saw Daddy with Mrs Borack, she was sucking
his… Oh, it's terrible,' she whimpered pleading to her mother
with her eyes.

'It's best you tell us everything, Bethany,' her
mother advised.

'Oh,' she moaned with a heavy sigh. 'She was
sucking Daddy's penis in her mouth and he was squeezing
her… her titties, really hard. And you, Your Worship, were
laying all over Mummy and you were kissing.'

'Do you think it's right that you should be
spying on people who are doing private things together,
friends who are just showing their love for each other? Well?'
I asked.

'No, Sir," she wailed.

'When you saw they were doing private things
why didn't you just go back to bed where young girls should be
in any case? How long were you watching, prisoner?'
I liked the way she flinched every time I called
her, prisoner. She said she didn't know how long but it was
quite a while in her words and she was very sorry for
continuing to watch and wouldn't ever do it again.

I told her what she did was the very worst
liberty a daughter could take against her parents and their
friends and that her crimes were such that I would have to
consider carefully her punishment. She was sent back to her
room for I needed to consult with her parents again just how
far they were prepared to allow the punishment to go. Saying
sex could enter in was not sufficient for if I chose things they
were not happy with, the whole group might fall apart.

'Well, members of the jury, how far do we take
this young delinquent's punishment? Faith and Ben both
indicated to me that some sexual activity may be in order but I
need to know just what that means. Have either of you two
used her in any way, sexually yet?'

They both chorused, 'No,' together but Faith
added, 'but she's now a teenager and it's time she learnt the
real facts of life. We have both agreed she ought to be brought
into our group and I'm sure the rest of you would appreciate
the chance to taste such innocence, if that's the wish of you
all,' she added a little sarcastically.

'As a Minister of the Faith I agree it is essential
for young ones to learn early in life from those who will care
for them so they won't be led along wicked pathways,' Izador
stated piously.

'Oh, you dirty old man,' his wife piped up. 'You
just want to get your hands up another young skirt, I know,'
she said with a smile and leaned over and kissed him on the

'So all four are in agreement?'

They all agreed and I added my approval too.

'Then I take it you, Izador and Franzescha, are
stating that your children are to be brought into the fold as

This made them both look at me in surprise. 'All
I am asking is to clear the air. If you are prepared to use Ben
and Faith's children for your pleasure you can't very well
protect yours from such a fate, isn't that so?'

I was very pleased with myself just then for the
thought had only hit me after they so willingly agreed to accept
Bethany into our little web.

'Oh, we have never thought about doing that,'
Franzescha stated looking at her husband for some sort of
lead. Izador sighed and made a decision. 'You're right, of
course and our girls are growing up quickly. However I think
there should be an age limit placed on them before they are
required to offer themselves. I mean our three are only eleven,
ten and nine. There's far more chance of kids that young
blabbing something at the wrong time that could fall back on
us all.'

'That's right,' Faith agreed. "But our Aimee is
only ten and she's quite mature. Maybe we should look at
something else than just age.'

'What about using menses as the benchmark?
Once a girl has her first menses she becomes ready.' This was
my idea.

'That's better. I like that,' Faith said.

'What about the boy then?'

'He's ready when he has his first ejaculation,'
Faith piped up with a snigger.

'How will we know that,' Franzescha asked seriously.

'You'll have to suck him off every month until
he shoots his load," Faith said, doubling up with laughter.

'Very funny, my dear,' Franzescha said
sarcastically. 'No, I believe the best thing to do is to bring
Christopher in the same time Le-Anne is inducted. boys are
always less mature and the extra year will give him a chance
to catch up. Does Aimee have her periods yet?'

'Not yet but I'm sure it won't be long, she
complains of stomach aches quite regularly these days.'
While I sat and listened a new thought struck
me. Who should get to deflower the girls? The fair thing would
be for each man to take his turn but I was greedy so I decided
to test the waters so to speak.

'We have made some momentous decisions here
tonight, my sex-crazed friends and I wish to endorse your
decisions. We have many happy times ahead, and as your
leader I have to set some ground rules. The first one is how to
handle each child's progress to womanhood, or manhood in
Christopher's case. Now Bethany's deflowering will definitely
not take place tonight, she has to be put on The Pill before that
happens so I propose tonight we use for fun by humiliating her
as much as we can. I've never done that to a young pubescent
before and even her parents, I'm sure, will enjoy touching their
eldest daughter up in any way they choose, if I'm not mistaken.
Unless they already practice such things?'

Faith immediately refuted my inference but
looked positively ravenous and Ben was stroking himself at the
thought. They both concurred.

'Secondly, as your leader I choose to guide
each girl through her induction into the group over a month-
long series of private lessons. At the end of that she will be
brought to her first meeting where she will be deflowered in
front of all members. I claim that right as leader," I stated

'Oh, damnation,' Izador chimed in. 'I was
hoping I would get my two for myself,' he wailed. I saw Ben
looked disappointed too so I had to convince them further.

'I can see both Izador and Ben are disappointed
at that decision but there's several reasons not to let the father
have first rites. The girls will be highly nervous and probably
still quite unsure of allowing us access to her charms. I'll have
had time to build ties between us during the lessons, making
me far more acceptable than their parents whose presence will
make them more embarrassed than ever. Secondly, I claim the
title of Most Virile and Longest Lasting, am I not right, ladies?

The girls deserve their first time to be the best.'

'I'll say,' Faith agreed with a smile. 'You're a
double zinger for me anyway.'

'What's that mean?' Izador asked.

'It means, darling, he gives me two orgasms
before he shoots off himself.'

'Ha, ha, for me too,' Franzescha confirmed.

"Are you boasting, darling?" Sally asked,
breaking into his story for the first time. "Is that really true?"
"I think so," he said proudly.
"Oh, god, I am a lucky bitch." Then she remained silent again.

Chapter Sixteen
The men reluctantly agreed. Before we brought
little Bethany back to face her sentence we decided to give our
group a name.

'Form a circle by holding your arms around
your partner's waist. We are going to make a covenant
together,' I told them then they repeated word for word what I
spoke. 'We hereby covenant with each other to uphold the
wishes of the majority, to protect the secrets we share no
matter what the situation, to accept each other's wishes
without objection, to never refuse another's desires and to love
each other beyond any love woman has for man.'

It gave each of us an incredible feeling of unity
and we hugged one another for several minutes, even the guys
did if a little reticent but at least we didn't go and kiss each
other like the women did.

Then as a final gesture I declared that
henceforth we shall be known as "The Covenant". They
clapped the decision and I knew I was entrenched as their
leader for as long as I wished.

We resumed our places and Faith brought
Bethany back to face the Judges decision. I made her kneel
with her head bowed for several minutes before I spoke.

"Oh, Sally, she looked so beautiful, kneeling
before us."

'In considering all the aspects of this case I
have decided you are indeed guilty of all the charges made
against you. There is no excuse for someone as mature as you,
a young woman, to intrude on other people's privacy as you
did and because of that your sentence will be severe.'
She gasped at that, absolute shock on her face
as she looked up at me.

'Bow your head, woman,' I growled and she
instantly obeyed. 'I have decided that your naughty ways
would never be corrected in just one punishment so have
decided several sessions will be required. Do I have your
assurance that you will abide by decisions in every way, no
matter how harsh they may seem to you? Well?'

'Ye… Yes, Sir, I promise I will be good.'

'We shall see. Just be warned that you will not
enjoy what lies in store for you in any way but you are honour-
bound to obey every demand made of you. Is that understood?'

'Yes, Sir," she whimpered, crying silently now.

'And one more thing, young woman, object in
any way to what you will encounter, refuse to obey at any time
and you will rue the day, I promise. Are we understood?'

'Yes, Sir. Oh please, Sir, please don't hurt me
too much,' she whimpered.

'That is our decision not yours. Bethany
Fellows, you have been found guilty of grave sexual crimes
and are sentenced to be removed from here to a place where
the execution…'

'No,' she screamed. 'You can't kill me,'
she cried out in horror as she slumped to the floor.

I held my hand up for her mother not to
comfort her as I continued. '…where the execution of
punishments will begin immediately. Court is dismissed. We
will retire to the livingroom forthwith,' I declared, cracking a
wooden mallet onto the desk.

Faith went to her daughter's side but
instead of giving comfort she spoke quite tersely. 'Get up
Bethany and take your punishment like a woman. Stop that
sniffling this minute or I'll punish your bottom right here and

'Mummy, I don't want to be…'

A loud crack sounded and the girl shouted,

'Ouch,' as she began to rub her behind. She was left in no
doubt about her fate.

A few adjustments were made to the furniture so
we sat in a circle of armchairs and settees with Bethany again
kneeling in the centre, most concerned at her predicament. I
held a jockey's whip which looked positively lethal and she
was reminded that this would fall on her tenderest parts if she
decided not to obey.

'Tonight, you will receive a spanking from each
of us as a preliminary and then as you embarrassed us so
much, you too will be made to do certain things that will
embarrass you. You have no reason to refuse, is that not so?'

'Yes, Mr. Saunders," she agreed.

She was sent to Franzescha's side and put over
her knee where four spanks were administered as hard as she
could. Then she had to progress to each one who also gave her
four hard wacks. Izador took great delight when she cried out
for the first time and after that she screamed then a few strokes
later sank into a delirium of sobbing. Her bottom was hot to
touch when she laid over my knees. She still wore her
nightdress, panties and bra but they were soon to be discarded.

I too landed my four spanks and made her return to each
spanker, thank them for her spanking and kiss them with an
adult kiss. She knew what I meant but had probably never got
past watching those kinds of kisses on television.

Faith helped her greatly, swamping her
daughter's mouth with her own and kissing passionately. Her
father did the same, enjoying this new intimacy with his
daughter. So did the others; so did I. She was breathing
heavily as I stood her up on her feet.

'Please remove your panties, Bethany and hand them to me.'

Her eyes shot up into mine and her face was
aghast. I stared back at her and tapped the whip in my hand.
She blushed and slipped them down. Ben and Izador got an eye
full as she was bending over but I knew my time was coming.
She couldn't look into my face this time but handed the
garment over, blushing furiously. I purposefully looked at the
crotch and saw it was well stained. She had been lubricating
for quite sometime.

'Now please go to your mother, raise your
nightdress and tell her she may look at your pussy. Keep your
legs wide apart, Bethany. You will remain still no matter what
happens until she tells you to move to the next person. Do it
now, Bethany,' I said firmly.

She actually cried out a loud, 'No,' and swept
her eyes around the room seeking protection from someone,
anyone, but none came.

I've never seen anyone blush as deeply as she
did then, standing in front of her mother, others looking on
while she lifted her nightdress for all to see, and worst of all,
her feet wide apart. Her mother patted her legs wider. 'You'll
have to do exactly what you're told, Bethany, or you'll feel the
whip on your bottom. My, you are pretty down there, darling.
Such a nice little bush of hair and I can see the lips poking out.
Why haven't you shown me before, darling? It's so beautiful.
No, don't look away, look into my eyes, baby, I want you to do
that, understand?'

The girl nodded.

'Now remain quite still please,' Faith, told her
as she reached out and cupped her daughter's vulva. It was
incredible to watch their faces, the girl and her mother, one
being molested, the other molesting, humiliation versus
excitement. 'Lick my finger, Bethany,' she was told as her
mother forced her wet finger between the girl's lips. 'Now visit
your Daddy.'

'Daddy…?' the girl whispered as she stood in
front of him. 'Please look at my pussy.'

"I tell you, Sally, Ben nearly shot his load. So did I, it was so sexy.

'Are you truly my virgin girl, Bethany?'

'Yes, Daddy.'

'Open wide, pet. Let Daddy feel.'

"Oh, Daddy, you shouldn't,' she wailed but
made no any effort to stop him.

He penetrated the young vulva with his finger
and we could all see his hand moving in and out, poking to the
limit of her barrier. 'Ben, be careful,' Faith whispered at one
stage. 'That's enough for now, baby, give the others a go.'

He withdrew and purposefully sucked his finger
clean in front of his blushing daughter. 'We will do this again,
soon, little one. It is good for you, you know.'

`He told her to visit Aunt Franzescha and she
repeated her invitation. Franzescha took the child onto her
knees and hugged her tightly, kissing her deeply. I think she
used her tongue for the youngster pulled her nose at one time,
probably shocked at feeling another's tongue fighting for
entrance. She gently pulled the short hairs until the girl winced
then kissed her again and patted her bottom. We will have lots
of time to play with your beautiful pussy, little one. Go and
visit Uncle Izador.'

Bethany hated every moment of her torture, it
wasn't because they were hurting her, but the hurt inside felt
devastating. And now Uncle Izador bent forward and pulled
her towards him, clasping his hands around her still sore
bottom. 'Let Uncle kiss that sweet fanny,' he sighed as he
leaned over and poked his tongue into the virgin crease. He
held her so tightly she couldn't stop him from the vile task. At
least she thought it was vile. How could anyone lick a girl's
pussy, she must have been thinking.

When she stood in front of me I said, 'Bethany I
want you to remove your nightdress and your bra please. Right
now.' She seemed almost in a daze as she conformed. Naked
she was as I reached out and touched a thirteen year old's
small titties for the first time. It was to change my whole
thinking about young girls. I loved it, making her stand still
while I ran my hands over the little peaks and watched the
tears flowing down her cheeks from embarrassment. She had
no choice but to allow me full access and in front of so may
others, her parents included.

'Do you think you understand a little of what we
felt when we found you spying on out private affairs,

'Yes, Sir, I do now. I'm truly sorry.'

'Of course you are, but I think it's mostly that
you're sorry for getting caught rather than for what you
actually did, isn't that the truth?'

'Yes, Sir, I'm sorry.'

I held my finger level with her pussy and told
her to stroke herself on it. She wiggled herself forward and
eventually made contact but her co-ordination wasn't that
good and she gained little stimulation. I patted her pussy and
sent her to show her mother. By the time she had done the
rounds again she looked sheepish and bewildered, perhaps she
found the touching stimulating, I'm not sure but she was a very
compliant young lady by then. It was well after one o'clock in
the morning by now and she was probably quite tired but I
wanted one more humiliation to end the day, make my
followers happy and give the youngster something to

'Bethany, please lay out on the floor between us
and spread your legs as wide as you can. Show your pussy to
everyone, open it with your fingers. Good girl, does it feel nice,
showing everyone like that?'

'It feels awful, Sir, Oh, please let me go,' she
pleaded. It was wonderful. I made her pull her heels into her
bottom so she was quite exposed to everyone's view. 'Daddy,
you can have the privilege of giving your daughter her first
orgasm. Use just your fingers.'

'Oh, thank you, my leader,' he responded with
glee in his eyes. He took no time to kneel between her legs and
gently kissed her pussy, then made her flinch when his tongue
wet her clit. Then he began to masturbate the youngster. We
were all aroused when almost as soon as he started she began
to moan and twist her head about but she made no move to
stop him. She was obviously already well aroused and her clit
must have been aching for release because she came within a
minute of him beginning. As her legs straightened and her
whole body quivered from the climax he continued his
pleasuring and before she had a chance to calm herself down,
she was in the throes of a second climax within thirty seconds
of the first. She was screeching so loudly, Faith was concerned
their other daughter might be woken up and come to
investigate. I indicated to Ben that he had to stop and let her
rest. We were all with her in spirit, happy for her pleasure and
wanting to know how she enjoyed it.

'It was terrible, Sir. I thought I was going to
die,' she bemoaned.

'But you had an orgasm; had you experienced
anything like that before, Bethany?'

'Nothing like that, Sir, no never.'

'But you enjoyed the experience?'

"I was ashamed, Sir."

'But did you like it?'

'You said you would punish me if I enjoyed any
part of my punishment.'

'I will punish you more if you don't tell the truth.'

'It was…it was wonderful. I never thought
anything could feel so good. Please don't punish me, Sir, I
couldn't help but enjoy that.'

'Then you'd better go and thank him, don't you think?'

After she had done so I gave her instructions for
the coming week. 'For the rest of this week, Bethany, you will
not wear any underwear at all, no matter where you go and
you will not wear any night clothes to bed.'

"But, Sir, I have to go to school,' she reminded me.

"Not even to school. You'll just have to be extra
careful no one sees up your skirt, won't you? On Tuesday,
Wednesday and Friday evenings after you have finished your
homework, your mother will deliver you to my house where
you will receive further punishment and instructions that all
young girls should know about but most don't. As from today,
you will obey each of us in every way, there are no exceptions
and I suspect on Monday and Thursday nights your parents
may have special things for you to do. You will of course obey
them completely. Now, apologise to each one of us for what
you did, kiss them goodnight then run up to bed.'

She completed that task rather quickly and even
ran from the room as she had been instructed.

'So what about us, leader?' Izador asked.

'They've got the girl all day and you have for three nights, we
have no-one.'

'You've got a son and two daughters who need
to be eased into your way of thinking. I'm sure you can report
some progress when we meet in a week's time. Hmmm?'

'If you don't stop, Jerry, he'll be making a nasty
mess of himself,' Franzescha complained. 'Innocence is his
greatest desire but for the last few years he has been starved of
that. Now he has the chance to taste it again. We'll think of
something,' she added, patting her husband's bottom.
We all agreed it had been the best night of all
and left for home.

"Jeremy, can we find a nice shady spot to sit down for a
moment," Sally asked as he finished that segment of the story. It was a
beautiful walk and there were plenty of places to rest. "I don't want to
rest, I want you to make love to me, please," she pleaded. "I am so
aroused, like never before. Please let's do it now instead of waiting."
"So, my little cutie-pie wants to fuck? Oh, you naughty
girl. Use your finger, I'll watch."
"Nooo, make love to me, Jeremy. Look we're naked
and I'm willing, what's holding you back? If you want, just use my
body for your own pleasure but please do it now.'
"You're too eager, madam. I should spank you instead.
We said no sex and we meant it. Perhaps James can satisfy you this
evening while I watch. How about it, Sally?"
"No, damn you, I want you, your cock inside me, now. I
want to come twice like your other conquests. Besides, you can't let
James have me like that, not yet at least. I haven't had a man for so
long I feel like a virgin again and I want you to be the one to make me
a whole woman once more."
"Hmm, I'll take that under consideration."
"Make love to me, Jeremy," she moaned
"No," he laughed at her. "Just masturbate and you'll
feel better."
"It's not the same. Pleeease, Jeremy," she pleaded one
last time, rolling onto her back with her legs wide open. "I need you so
"So, be patient. Maybe I just want to make you aroused
then let you down with a thud, that might very well please me. Starve
the lady of sex while I enjoy myself with young girls. Would you
"No," she admitted and gave up her quest for relief.

Chapter Seventeen
I looked forward to her visit on Wednesday
night more than anything in my life. Here I was being offered a
thirteen year old to do with as I wished, knowing she would
fully comply, what's more. When the doorbell rang I had to
force myself to calm down.

'I am here, Sir,' she said quietly as she walked
past me into my private world. Her mother had dressed her in
no more than a dressing gown, which she removed without me
saying a word. Underneath she wore underclothes, very
tasteful sexy underwear, a small bra and panty set together
with matching suspender and stockings. Everything was in pink
and she looked absolutely gorgeous.

'Have you behaved yourself, Bethany?'

'Yes, Sir. I have been a good girl.'

'Tell me about last night,' I said, eager to hear
what they had put her through.

'Last night? Oh, it was terrible, Sir. They made
me…' she began then burst into tears.

I was becoming a little tired of her hysterics and
told her that would be the last time she failed to answer my
questions. The next time she would be severely beaten.

'They made me… I had to go to bed with them
and I was naked because…'

'Yes, yes, I know I told you not to wear anything
to bed. Get on with it, girl.'

'Mommy made me kiss Daddy's… Daddy's uhm,
penis. It was big and swollen and I thought he had a disease or
something. It was leaking too.'


"So I kissed it with my mouth on the tip where it
was all wet. Some stuck to my lips and mommy made me lick it
off. Then I had to lick Mommy's pussy for such a long time and
she showed me where she liked it best, right on that little
pimple. I got scared when she started moaning and crying out
but Daddy made me keep doing it. My mouth got very tired but
she had an organ just like me the other night.'

'An organ, eh? So you're becoming an expert
pussy licker. But do I detect you didn't like doing it, Bethany?'

'I felt terrible. I always feel terrible doing sex things.'

'Did anything else happen?'

'Then Daddy made me cuddle into him with my
back and he kept whispering things to me. He said I was doing
very well and if I continued to be good I might earn my
reprieve from punishment in a month or so. He stroked my
bosoms for a while and mommy touched my… She stroked my
clitty, she called it, to make me feel nice again. I didn't have
another organ like last time but it felt nice. I think Daddy had
one because he bucked all over the place but he also peed on
me because he made my back all wet. mommy sent me to bed
then and told me I couldn't wash his pee off until morning.'

'That's what we're going to talk about tonight,
Bethany. But first you deserve some more punishment.' I then
slipped her panties down her legs and undid her bra and took
it off. 'Do you feel punished at having to show your private
places to me?'

'Yes,' she admitted and was again on the verge of tears.

'If you are very good and do everything I tell
you, I will give you another orgasm before you go home. O.K.?
It's called an orgasm. An organ is what your Daddy has
between his legs.'

'Yes,' she whispered.

'I know you don't like this, Bethany but men
want to touch girl's private places and you have to get used to
it. Every girl has to, no matter what they say or what their
mother's tell them, girls are made to give men pleasure and
men like to put their hands up girl's skirts and inside their
blouses. Has anyone ever done that to you?'

'Only last Saturday night, Sir.'

'You must never stop any of the five of us from
feeling you up, Bethany. Even after your punishments are over,
you are old enough to give men pleasure and give ladies
pleasure too, just like you gave your mom pleasure last night.
But you will never let anyone else without first asking one of us
for permission. Understood?'

'Yes, Sir," she agreed, wide-eyed.

My hands were roaming over her breasts and
pussy and I began to force a finger tightly against her bottom
hole. She squirmed about and I slapped her bottom real hard.

'If you're going to be naughty I'd better bring
the whip out,' I threatened. 'Men also like to put their fingers
up here and one day soon you will have to allow that, no
matter how much you hate it.'

'But it hurts, Sir.'

'Men care little for what girl's feel so you just
have to accept it, do you understand? You were made to
please men, nothing else matters and that's what you must
understand. Repeat after me:

'My body was made for men to fuck and women
to suck and I must let them do it whenever they wish.'

'Do you understand what that means, Bethany?'

'Oh, it's so embarrassing talking like this. I
think it means I have to let men push their penis in my pussy
and let girls suck my pussy. I've never thought I'd have to let
anyone do that. My teachers tell us we should keep ourselves
pure and not have sex at all. Not until we get married anyway.'

'And you must abide by what they tell you. You
must never let anyone know what you do when you are with
your parents and their friends. They would never understand
and you would certainly be sent to a correction home if they
ever found out you were enjoying the pleasures of sex with us.
But if your Daddy or any of our group want to have sex with
you, you have to give it to them just the way they want to do it,
no matter how humiliating it is to you. It is your partner's
pleasure that you have to think of, not your own. But when you
give them pleasure, they will return it to you. Promise me you
will always agree to that, Bethany'

'Do I really have to give them sex? I'm only
thirteen," she whimpered.

'Good heavens, girl, in some countries girls of
eleven are already having babies. We won't let that happen to
you because you're taking The Pill, aren't you?'

'But mommy said that was to make my… Oh,
this is terrible," she said softly.

'To make your what, Bethany? Tell me.'

'It's so personal, private,' she said blushing furiously.

'Well me, Bethany,' I said more forcefully.

'Oh, dear,' she whined again then gave in.

'Mommy says The Pill is to make my periods regular.'

'Of course it is because we need to know just
when you have your periods so we can plan which females are
available for sex. But it also stops you having babies. So you
must never forget to take your Pill every day at the same time.'

'Yes, mommy told me that. She makes sure I
take it every night when I go to bed.'

'Good girl. You see thirteen year olds who have
periods can have babies just as easily as grown-ups. That
makes you the same as adults but you still have to learn about
sex, about what pleases men the most and what pleases other
women. Have you ever thought of kissing another girl,

'Oh, how did you know?' She cried with shame.

'I know many things, tell me about it.'

'I've never told anyone, not even Mommy. Oh it
was after the teacher discussed what the word lesbian means.
We were all shocked to learn some women have sex with other
women and after school that day I went to Mary Brownless's
house and we talked about it. She asked me if I wanted to try
doing it to each other and I didn't want to but she was so
disappointed that I finally agreed. All we did was kiss each
other; it was like practicing to kiss boys with the back of your
hand but it sent us into fits of laughter. Then we did it again
and she squeezed my pussy with her hand. I was so shocked I
ran all the way home. We never talked about that afternoon

'Is that the only time?'

'Oh, yes, I've never done it again.'

'When you get home tonight I want you to tell
your parents exactly what you told me. You must never keep
secrets from us again. I will ask them when I see them again so
make sure you don't forget.'

'Yes, Sir, I will.'

'How did you feel going to school without underwear?'

'Please can I wear panties tomorrow? It was so
terrible. I was scared the wind would blow my skirt up and
everyone would see. I couldn't play with my friends because
they were playing Softball and running around. I told them I
was feeling sick.'

'It's just another part of your punishment. No
underwear for the whole week. Just remember why you are
being punished, Bethany.'

'Yes, Sir.'

'Good. You must remember from now on, only
good girls are allowed special treats. Now, turn around and
bend over and touch your toes.'

As I patted her legs wider apart I could see her
pussy lips opening too. Her labia are quite plump and it was
the most beautiful soft coral pink inside. I steadied her balance
with one hand and began to trace my finger along the lines of
her lips with the other.

She didn't like it at all, asking me to stop, that it
wasn't right that she had to let me touch her like that. I let her
go on for a while then gave her a sharp slap on her taut
backside. She screeched out, stood up straight and swore at me.

'Shit, don't do that,' she said and then
immediately returned to her former position and said over and
over, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.' It was classic
master/servant stuff and it made me feel so good.

'I should put you over my knee and use the
whip, young lady but I know it's your first time with me and
you're nervous so I forgive you this time but not again. Now
listen carefully. I can do whatever I want with you and you
have no choice but to obey me. In a moment you are going to
do sex things to give me pleasure, things you've never even
thought were possible probably but you will do exactly what I
tell you. You will look happy and pleased you are being
allowed to make me feel nice and if I don't see that joy in your
eyes I will give you a dozen strokes of the whip on your bare
bottom, then we'll start again. If I have to do it a second time it
will be your new little titties that will suffer so be very aware of
what I want to see.'

As I spoke I went back to circling her pussy lips
with my finger. She was very wet, seeping in fact and I knew
she was enjoying it and I hadn't touched her clitty at all.

'Are you enjoying this now, little one?'

'Am I allowed to enjoy it, Sir?'

'Yes, that's why I was doing it.'

'I like what you're doing,' she admitted. 'Please
don't stop.'

'Be a good girl and I will give you another
orgasm but you have to please me first,' I said, putting her
bottom. 'I want you completely naked. No, right in front of me.
You don't go to the ladies room to undress in privacy. Females
have no privacy privileges in this house.'

She blushed beautifully and gave me a
wonderful smile. 'I want you to see everything, Sir, but I do
need to go to the toilet.'

'What do you need to do?'

'I need to pee, Sir. I need to pee very urgently.'

'Ah, easily solved, just wait one moment' I said
and went into another room. She gasped loudly when she saw
me carrying a large Goldfish bowl with a small red goldfish
swimming about. 'You may do wee-wees in here while I watch.'

'But… Sir, there's a fish swimming around. It might die.'

'Ah, but it will die happy knowing it's looked up
the pussy of a beautiful young girl,' I told her seriously.

She stared at me in shocked disbelief for several
seconds then the urgency in her bladder took over and she
squatted over the bowl. She was no doubt highly embarrassed
because she blushed beautifully but kept her eyes closed
tightly. She released a strong stream of yellow into the bowl
and the fish went quite wild at first, swimming from side to
side, hitting the glass and flashing back the other way. By the
time she had finished the water had a yellow hue and the little
fish was swimming on the surface gasping for air. It died that

"Murderer," Sally stated then was silent again.

She looked around for tissues. 'I need to wipe myself.'

'Stand up and bend over again,' I told her.

As she did so I held her hips steady and licked
the damp residue away. She gasped at the first touch but
allowed me to continue without objecting.

'Men like to do many things to girls, Bethany.
For some, what I have just done is considered a great
privilege. You may thank me now.'

I let her rise and she was still blushing. 'Th…
Thank you sir.'

'What for?'

'For wiping my pussy.'

'My pleasure, little one. Now, your naked body
has made me feel very aroused so there's things a girl has to
do to make me calm again. Can you guess what they might be,

'No,' she whispered, dreading what was to come.

'Come with me, baby,' I said and walked into
my bedroom. She stood stock still at the door when she saw the
bed. She knew what was next, or she thought she did.

'Come on, do as you're told, Bethany.'

'Sir, please don't… Please I don't want to lose
my virginity. I'm too young,' she pleaded.

'You have to give it to someone, Bethany. Are
you saying I'm not good enough to be given that privilege?' It
was a fantastic game and my cock was hard as a rock.

'No… Oh, I didn't mean that… It will hurt me, I
know it will… My teacher said… I'm frightened, Sir.' She
slowly walked towards me, tears forming.

'Do you know how to give your virginity away, Bethany?'

'How to…? I… No, I don't think so,' she stammered.

'Then how do you know it hurts?'

'I read a book once…'

'What did it say?'

'Something about when he broke her hymen,
that's what my virginity is called,' she explained, 'she
screamed out in pain. It must hurt.'

'Of course it hurts, that's because you're a
woman. Women are made to hurt because they ate the apple
and God punished them forever. So they have a hymen that
gets broken when they have their first fuck and when they have
babies that hurts too. You're a woman and you have to be hurt
because you ate the apple.'

'But I didn't.'

'Were you naughty the other night?'


'See. All girls are naughty and need to be
spanked often to teach them to be good. Did you see my penis
the other night?'

'Yes,' she whispered, blushing again.

'I am going to show you again, Bethany, up
close this time,' I told her as I began to undress. 'Remember
what I said about being happy to have sex with me?'

I didn't have to remind her any further as an
artificial smile spread across her face. She was trying very
hard but she was very frightened.

When I had removed everything except my
shorts I made her stand directly in front of me then took her
hand and traced the ridge of my cock with her fingers. 'Do you
think this will fit inside your pussy, Bethany?'

'Nooo,' she gasped, pulling her hand away.

'Touch it, Bethany. Touch a man's cock and see
how nice it feels.'

A real struggle was going on in her mind. She
hated what was happening, or at least she was very frightened
but weighed up against a whipping the cock won. She ran a
hand along it's length, so soft it bucked of it's own accord and
a wet spot was forming near the tip. She saw that too.

'You're touching a man's cock, did you ever
think you'd be doing that tonight?'

'No,' she whispered keeping her eyes on the bulge.

'Put your hand inside.'

She gasped, looking up into my face. Did she
hear right, I could see her asking herself.

'Go on.'

'You mean inside… There?' She pointed
furtively at my cock.

'Where else? Of course in there.'

She didn't know what to do, put her hand up the
leg of the shorts or down the waistband and finally chose the
waist. It felt so fresh, this small hand feeling into unknown

'It won't bite, you know,' I told her.

She was standing close to me now, having half
her arm down the front of my waistband. 'What do you feel?'

'It's all hard, Sir. And I think it's wet.'

'Like your Daddy's was?'

'I suppose so.'

'Stroke your hand along it, Bethany.'

Her face was red as beetroot but she did as she
was told.

'I think it's time to show you how to give me
your virginity, Bethany,' I said after enjoying the experience
for some time.

'No, please don't, Sir.'

'Remove my shorts,' I told her.

She just stared at my manhood, unable to move,
her eyes entranced as my pride and joy poked it's drooling
head towards her face.

'Is Daddy's as big as this, Bethany?'

'I don't think so,' she gulped.

'Do you realise it goes all the way inside you?'

'All the…? It couldn't. Not that,' she cried out
in surprise.

'All the way and girls love the feeling it gives
them. Every girl on this earth loves big hard cocks.'

'But it will kill me,' she whimpered.

'I don't remember reading in the Newspapers
about girls being killed by big cocks. Motorcars and busses but
not big cocks. Lay on the bed the way you did the other night,'
I said. She was crying openly now.

I leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips.

'Now you know how you must lay when a man wants to fuck
you. There are lots of other ways but this is very popular,' I
explained as I laid down beside her and tickled her open pussy.

'Remember how your Daddy had an orgasm last night?'


'And then he peed over your back?'


'It wasn't pee, Bethany. It was what men
discharge when they have orgasms. Do you know what sperm is?'

'Yes, it's what makes babies.'

'That's what your Daddy shot out when he had
his orgasm. It's white and looks a bit like cream. Have you
ever seen pictures of it?'

'Pictures? Of sperm? No, never.'

'You won't need pictures tonight because you're
going to give me an orgasm. You will see it shooting out of this
fellow and then you will clean it all up,' I informed her. She
looked at me with questioning wide eyes.

I reached into the bedside drawer and handed
her a tube of K-Y Jelly. 'Rub some of this on both hands, it will
make them all slippery, then I want you to begin stroking my
cock. Just slowly and make sure each hand runs all the way up
and down. It's like fucking but with your hands instead of your

She began very tentatively but soon warmed to
her task and I laid still with my eyes closed. I would let go as
soon as I could this first time and teach her how to pace her
movements in another lesson.

It felt like sheer heaven itself. Here was a
pubescent thirteen year old kneeling beside me rubbing my
dong with all the enthusiasm of youth. Soon she lost all
inhibitions and her hands were working just beautifully. When
the first surge arrived I felt my whole body shudder and
watched to see her reaction. She jumped with fright and lost
her grip so my cock flew into the air and sperm splattered all
over her arm and leg. She shrieked and dived off the bed so my
ejaculations swamped both my stomach and the bedcovers. I
could do nothing about her absence until the spasms eased
then I laid still for a few moments to catch my breath. When I
called her back I saw a small face lift up over the foot of the
bed to see what was happening. It was indeed a sight.

She was trying to wipe the sperm off herself
with difficulty, moaning about not wanting to have a baby,
almost in a panic. I laughed, caught her up in my arms and
wiped my juices all over her. She squealed all the louder and
fought to get away but I held her until she became still.

'You are taking The Pill so you won't have a
baby. Anyhow sperm has to get inside your pussy before any
baby begins to grow there.'

I continued to hold her tightly and carried her
into the bathroom where I ran a bath and lowered her in. Then
I got in and sat behind her so I could massage her beautiful
little tits. She calmed down and even enjoyed what I was doing
to her. I turned her face towards me and kissed her gently and
was pleased to see she never tried to pull away.

'You are lovely,' I told her.

'Thank you,' she whispered.

'You helped make a mess of my bed.'

'I'm sorry, I didn't know what to do.'

'You're so innocent.'

'I don't know anything,' she said as tears formed.

'I want you to love me, Bethany.'

'I do,' she whispered sincerely.

'It's time for your orgasm.'

'I don't deserve it.'

'One of the rules I have when I teach young
girls about their bodies is that the last thing they do before
going home is to have an orgasm. I want them to know the joys
their body can give them. So despite what I said about only
getting an orgasm if you're very good, you will be pleasured
after every lesson.'

'Oh, thank you,' she said blushing beautifully.

I lifted her out of the bath and dried us both off
then carried her back to the bed, minus the cover. As she laid
down she opened her legs and presented herself as she did
when her father masturbated her. How could I disappoint her
by making her take a different pose? I laid along side her, used
the K-Y and began to stroke her clitty. She is a very lucky girl,
that one. Her arousal times are very quick indeed and she soon
began to thresh about as I zeroed in on her little nub. Just as
she began to shiver I slowed and began to speak.

'Would you like to know what's going to happen
to you, Bethany?'

She bit her lower lip and nodded, trying to
maintain the arousal my fingers had produced but she had
calmed down considerably and her eyes pleaded for release.

'You will have lessons for four weeks with me
and every Saturday everyone will meet at your home where
you will show just what you have learned. On the last
Saturday, you will become a full woman, I have been chosen to
have sex with you for the very first time then you will make
love to every one of us. You will be a busy girl that night. After
that you will become a full member of our group and you will
help teach the other children as they grow up and join us.'

I waited for the explosion to erupt but she laid
still, listening, considering all I had told her.

'Will you take my virginity, Uncle Jeremy?'

'No, you will give it to me.'

'Oh, that's good. I'd like that. You doing it for
me, I mean. I love you,' she added hesitantly.

'You have to love each one of us, you can't have

'Will my sister have to have sex with us too?'

'As soon as she has her first period.'

'At least I won't have to keep it a secret from
her for long then,' she said simply.

'Can you imagine what it would be like to suck
your little sister's pussy, Bethany?'

'She'd hate it.'

'Like you thought you would.'

'Yes,' she said with a little giggle. 'When she
feels an orgasm she'll do anything for another one.'

'Just like you?'


'Good, because tomorrow your main lesson will
be how to suck a man's cock until he has his orgasm.'
Her wide eyes were incredible. 'Men don't do
that,' she stated authoritatively.

'But girls do, suck their cocks.'

'But all the goo stuff…?'

'Goes into your mouth.'

'You're joking, aren't you?" She asked seriously.

'You'll find out tomorrow. Meanwhile just think
about it and you can't ask your parents, O.K.?'


I then brought her to orgasm and like her
Daddy, kept rubbing until she exploded a second time. After it
was over she clung to me with her arms around my neck and
kept whispering, 'Thank you, Uncle Jeremy. Thank you.'

Chapter Eighteen
They came to a splitting of the track and rested on a
wooden bench.
"Does she still like getting fucked?" Sally asked.
"She's still a shy girl but after a few minutes seems to
loose all her fears and joins in with all the others. Most of the kids are
still very shy about sex in front of the adults and we usually give them
some time to play between themselves. But she still professes her love
for me and sucks cock with the best of them. She puts on quite a show
with her sister too, you'll love that."
"She'll hate me because I'll be seen as her enemy,
stealing her true love from under her nose."
"If she does, she'll be beaten, we don't condone
jealousy at all. They know very well what the punishment for that is.
We tend to spank all the kids sometime during each meeting. It keeps
them on their toes and they know they get loved straight afterwards but
I think it's Izador's three who cop the worst. He, well both of them
really, take great joy in hurting their kids, whipped pussies and penis's
and titties and it's usually in front of everyone. Then they have to
pleasure their parents rather than the other way around. Still they are
always well behaved so I guess it works. I suspect Izador and
Franzescha have some sort of dungeon in their basement and play
games with the kids down there. They're great looking kids and they
all fuck as good as any of the adults. I think they get lots of practice
between meetings."
"I'm trying to imagine my two being subjected to such
treatment. You will treat them well, won't you, Jeremy?"
"Do you have to ask?"
"Good. They will be subject to the same treatment as
all the others, first lessons then deflowerment then sex for all and I
guarantee they'll come up for more every time. Once I begin their
lessons they will be sleeping in the same bed too."
"Sam and Wesley, sleeping together?"
"And with us when we feel like some spice."
"You're an evil man, Jeremy Saunders but I love every
inch of you."
"All eleven inches?"
"Elev…? You are not. Right now it's about two," she
said looking down into his lap.
"One of life's little mysteries, Sally. When I'm ready,
then you'll know."
"If you won't fuck me will you please masturbate me
over the edge? I'm so horny."
"You do it."
"It's not the same."
"We're not married."
"When we get home, Sally, I mean your own home, I
want you to do something, one of those obedience things."
"I want you to show more of yourself, especially to
Wesley. Blouses that open out when you lean over, legs apart when
you watch tv so he can peek, door open when you are in the shower,
things like that. Let him get excited about his Mom's secrets. He's not
to know it's on purpose but I want to know his reactions. A see
through nightie on hot nights, you know."
"You want me to flash him."
"But as if it's an accident. If I'm not mistaken he'll be
as interested as any boy of his age, probably get a hardon."
"Yes, Master, I will obey. And it makes me all the more
"Imagine what a good fuck you'll be on your wedding
"I'll never last."
"You'll have to, all the guests want to fuck you then too."
"We will wed with The Covenant and you'll be the
sacrifice along with Sam and Wes."
"Oh, shit. I'll be fucked silly."
"Isn't that what you want?"
"You know I do, you bastard." She leaned over and
kissed him passionately. "Sleep with me tonight, Jeremy. Let's have
our wedding night together, just the two of us."
"Ask once more and you're James' slave for the night."
"You're an uncaring bastard. I'd like to kick you in the balls."
He couldn't stop himself from laughing out loud.
"You're priceless, Sally. Talk to me like that after we're married and
I'll tie you to a stake and whip your tits off."
"I don't care, if it makes you happy. I'll love you no
matter what."
"Even when I kick you into Wesley's bed and keep
Samantha for my sex needs?"
"You would, wouldn't you?"
"If a woman can't satisfy a man she is little use. But
I'm sure Wesley could use you. "
"You'll make sure he does."
"I've been thinking about them," he said looking out at
the panorama before them. "You don't need to remove their pubic hair
straight away. I want to see Samantha the way she is now, to
photograph her as she is in her early pubescence. We'll remove the
hair together, I think that would humiliate her more than just you
would, don't you think?"
"Yes," she said, thinking how her daughter would cope
with such humiliation. "I can see the thought excites you." His cock
had sprouted firmly.
"It does."
"When will you begin?"
"Do you know when her period is due? I don't want her
in rags the first time she is stripped."
"Oh, are you going to strip her the first day?"
"Oh, no, I think it may take a little time. It might take
three or maybe four sessions before she's ready. You'll be there for the
"I will? Oh, my, I wonder how she will react."
"Very nervous I hope. Wes will be easier."
"I'm not sure how Sam's periods go, I never ask and
she never says anything. I just fill her drawer with pads from time to
time when she's at school and the subject is never discussed."
"Then you need to ask her. I want to know when she's
due, how long they last, how regular and does she get cramps."
"All that? Oh, my," Sally sighed.
"I will be, doing that."
"Would it help if you had her checked out, medically?
She'll answer a doctor's questions more easily than she will yours.
Besides, I want the three of you to have thorough medicals before you
join The Covenant."
"Yes, that's a good idea. Sam will be better with a doctor."
"I'll arrange it with Ben. He'll get first peek at the
"Merchandise? Is that what we are?"
"But very precious merchandise. They don't know
about you or the kids yet. They'll cream their pants when they see you
"And then I guess they'll cream me?"
"A hundred times over. You will have orgasms coming
out of your ears."
"Oh, my," she said wistfully. It was becoming her
standard phrase for the excitement that had built up in her innermost
As they returned on the path they had already come
they held hands and he continued his story.

Our next few meetings went on along similar
lines, Bethany was humiliated as much as I could make her and
she gained her orgasms at the end of each session for being a
good girl. Two of the weekly meetings were just marvelous and
I made Bethany show the others what she had learned during
her lessons. She sucked the men's cocks and brought the
women to orgasm each night and they were all thrilled. She
still hated having fingers poked into her vulva or behind so we
all took great delight in doing that.

One day I received a phone call from Faith.

'It's arrived, Master.'

The women had become used to calling me that
as a term of endearment.

'What has?'

'Aimee's period. She has it right now.'


'So you can induct her as well. We want you to.
I'll send her along with Bethany.'

'No, wait until she's over it. I don't want red
rags all over the place.' That made her laugh.

So a week later when the doorbell rang there
was little Aimee, frightened as a church mouse, holding her
sister's hand. They were both in their dressing gowns, the way
Bethany always arrived for she was now always naked
underneath. I was aching to see how Aimee was dressed.

'Welcome, Aimee, I'm pleased you have finally
called on me,' I said with a warm smile. She returned a
hesitant smile.

'Has your mommy told you why you're here?'

'I… I think so, Mr. Saunders.'

'And what did she say?' I asked patiently.

'I have to learn about sex, Sir.'

'She was supposed to come yesterday but
refused so Daddy took all her clothes off and spanked her until
she agreed,' Bethany told him with much glee.

'Why didn't you want to come, Aimee?'

The youngster blushed and looked at her sister.

'Because… Uhm, it was because Beth said you make her
undress and then you touch her, I mean her privates.'

'And what is wrong with that?'

'I don't want… It's embarrassing,' she said her
eyes looking downwards.

'You don't want to learn about being a grown
up lady then?'

'Grown… I… It's just that…Oh, I don't know,'
she admitted in a small voice.

'Do you know what it means to have sex, Aimee?'

Her eyes shot up into mine and she blushed just
as well as Bethany ever did. 'Uhm… I… No,' she admitted.

'Do you know what boys want to do to girls? Do
you know how to stop them? Do you know what men do when
they have sex with a girl? Well. Aimee?'

'No,' she moaned in her wonderfully embarrassed soft voice.

'I am going to teach you just as I have done
with Bethany. You have liked your lessons haven't you,

'Oh, yes, I have. Sometimes very much,' she
agreed with a twinkle in her eye.

'Why is a girl so different from a boy, Aimee?'

'Different? I don't know.'

'Tell her, Bethany.'

It was incredible. Bethany told her word for
word what I had taught her the first night. "My body was made
for men to fuck and women to suck and I must let them do it
whenever they wish."

I watched the younger girl who blushed a deep
red as she listened to her sister's pornographic statement on
females. She was indeed shaken.

'Do you know what that means, Aimee?'

'N… No, Mr. Saunders.'

'Do you know what it means to fuck?'

She couldn't answer. She knew all right but it
was just too much for the ten year old to come out and say it.

'Tell her, Bethany.'

This time Bethany looked shocked. Should she
talk about fucking in front of her sister? What would her sister
tell her parents? What would her sister think of her?

'I think you'd better remove your robe and show
her how a girl prepares herself to be fucked. Then she'll know
what we are talking about.'

'Me? You mean to lay…?'

'Exactly, just the way you've been taught.'

'She's never seen me like this," she told him,
running her hand down her robe to remind him she was quite
naked underneath and hoping for a reprieve.

'She's your sister, what's wrong with seeing you
naked? Do it now, please,' I said more forcefully. She relented
of course and I was pleased to see the horror on Aimee's face
when she saw her sister was naked beneath the robe.

Bethany laid on the floor, spread her legs wide
apart with her heels pulled back into her bottom, then opened
her pussy lips with her fingers. She closed her eyes so she
wouldn't have to look into Aimee's eyes.

'That's how girls have to be when they are
going to be fucked, Aimee. Isn't it beautiful, the way Bethany is
offering herself? Any man would be very pleased to see their
partner waiting like that, don't you think?'

'Uh, I… I don't… Uhm, why does she have to do that?'

'Why, Bethany?'

'Because girls are made to be fucked, Sir, and
they have to let men do what they want.'

'Good girl, Bethany. You see, Aimee, Bethany
knows many things about men, don't you, Bethany?'


'Now young lady, why don't you remove your
robe as well and practice getting ready to be fucked?'

'Me? Oh, no I don't think so,' she declined.

'When you visit me, Aimee, you do exactly as I
ask or I will spank you, do you understand? Your parents wish
their daughters to be taught how to be good girls as they grow
up and that means doing as they are told every time. I won't
remind you again.'

'But I have noth… I'm not wearing anything… I
mean under my gown.'

'Neither was Bethany.'

'Yes, but…'

'Now, Aimee,' I said brusquely.

'I don't want to,' she whimpered and began
crying softly, sniffing as her nose began to run.

'Come on, Aim, it's only me. Mr. Saunders has
seen me like this every lesson so it won't hurt you,' Bethany
told her sister encouragingly.

Finally, the naked ten year old stood before me,
breastless and hairless, hands covering her pussy but
ineffectively for I could easily see the crease. She was
beautiful, shorter than Bethany because of her age but with all
the curves of a youngster approaching puberty. Her nipples
were solid round bumps, much darker than her skin, and quite
pointed. Her waist curved inwards more pronounced than
Bethany's and she had a most beautiful bottom, smooth and
round and untouched.

I had to sit down, my legs were beginning to
tremble with excitement. I beckoned the youngster to stand in
front of me and held my arms out to hold her hips. Her skin
was so smooth and as I turned her slightly the shadows of her
pussy crease changed shape. I had to force myself from
reaching out to stroke that so prominent slit. It looked so firm
and inviting.

'Are you a virgin, Aimee?'

She looked so shocked she couldn't speak but
she continued to blush beautifully. 'I will have to check for
myself,' I warned her.

All she could do was nod her head several times
and look anywhere but into my eyes.

'You have such soft skin, little one,' I told her
with a smile.

'Mommy rubs me with body lotion,' she confided.

'You must continue that, it makes you so
beautiful.' She smiled then for the first time. 'Maybe you and
Bethany can rub lotion into each other?'

'Oh. Well…' she stammered.

'Now, let's see you make yourself ready to be
fucked, Aimee. You never know when someone will want to
have sex with you, do you?'

'I don't want to get pregnant,' she said softly.

'Of course you don't that's why your mother
has been giving you The Pill, isn't it?'

'I suppose so.'

'Has she told you that many new things will
begin to happen to you in the next few weeks? I know you had
your first period last week, what did you think when that

More blushes. She screwed her fingers in her
hands and wanted to be anywhere but where she was right
then. 'Well?'

'Uhm, I can't… I… Oh, Mr. Saunders I can't
tell you,' she whispered.

'But you must.'

'It was scary. mommy told me it would happen
sometime but when I woke up and saw all the blood on the
sheets I screamed out for her. She cleaned me and gave me a
thing to wear.'

'How did it feel wearing the pad?'

'Terrible. I couldn't walk properly.'

'But you soon learned to?'


'O.K., now on your back and show me what you
have learned tonight.'

It was the last thing she wanted but she obeyed,
hating it when I reminded her to spread her pussy lips open.

'And then the man will kneel between your legs
and push his cock inside you right here,' I told her, pressing
my finger against her opening. She gasped, let her pussy go
and tried to jump up.

'Don't you dare, young lady,' I warned her
severely. 'When I am teaching you something you remain still
and concentrate on everything I say, understand?'

'But you touched me… Down there,' she
sobbed, now quite upset.

'Is that not why girls were made? For men to
touch them?'

'I… I…,' then she gave up and laid back.

'Open,' I reminded her then returned my finger
to her pink pussy and tickled her for some time. 'Does that feel

'No,' she cried.

'Be truthful.'

'I hate… it.'

'That's not what I asked. Do you like the feeling?'

'Tell him the truth, Aim,' her sister suggested.

There were daggers flying into Bethany's eyes
for a few moments then she capitulated and nodded her head.


'That's better. I'd hate to have to spank you on
your first visit.'

Chapter Nineteen
As they approached the house he finished the
story abruptly.

"Anyway, The girls were finally inducted into The
Covenant and are now used by every member, adults,
boys and girls, quite regularly. The females are
swapped around the households between meetings and
the men, in this case, just Izador but soon me as
well, get to control who their sons fuck and how often."

He stopped and looked down for a few seconds. "There is something
I want to discuss with you after dinner, Sally. It's something
that's been running through my mind for several days and I think
it would be good for us, you and me, and the twins, I mean."
"So you're going to keep me guessing until then?"
"My prerogative, poor little slave."
"I know I'm heading that way, and I think I'll enjoy
being your slave, my darling. For seven years I've been starved of sex
and had to make all the decisions. Now you come along and I find I'm
to be given to a dozen others for as much sex as they want and I won't
have any decisions to make because you'll do all that for me. Maybe
I've died and gone to heaven."
"Sometimes it may seem like hell but if you behave
yourself there will definitely be more heaven than hell."
"Oh, goody," she laughed happily.

They both showered and returned to their favourite
place before the log fire and caressed each other for a long passionate
session. Sally was amazed at his self control for she could feel his
erection pressing against her as they kissed yet he never once tried to
feel her up even over her nightgown which she thought was very sexy
and inviting.
They finally parted both aroused, and breathing heavily.
"I love you deeply, Jeremy," she whispered as she
gazed up into his eyes.
"And I love you too, future Mrs Jeremy Saunders."
"Make me Mrs Saunders right now, please, Jeremy,"
she pleaded. "Make love to me."
"When we are married and not before. Which,
coincidentally, is what I want to talk to you about. Up to now I have
not taken the wives until the wedding nights for each family as they
entered The Covenant. It has been my prerogative to fuck each female
first as soon as they are married into the membership but I want to do
something different for us. After all it is my family that I am offering
the rest of them isn't it?"
"Yes, Master," she giggled.
"So what we're going to do, no choice, my decision you
"Yes, Sir," she saluted with a smile.
"…is to have Izador marry us with the children as
witnesses, before your induction into The Covenant."
"Oh, that will be wonderful, Jeremy, but is Izador able
to perform weddings? Are minors allowed to witness a marriage?"
"Oh he has all the right approvals and who's to know
fourteen year olds have signed?"
"They'd love to be involved, I know it," Sally said
He began to explain what he intended and the more he
explained, the wider her eyes became, the deeper her blushes. He
finished by saying he would explain to the children himself, inviting
them to be part of the ceremony and the date was set for one week's
Once she had heard how their wedding would be
conducted she couldn't stop thinking about what she faced but knew if
she wanted to keep Jeremy happy she had no choice but to agree.
Anyway, she told herself it just means the twins would come to know
their future a lot sooner than she had expected. Wesley of course
would play along, would accept the conditions Jeremy planned but she
couldn't see how Sam would ever agree to participate in something
like that. Still it was in Jeremy's hands now, and she was but a pawn
in the little games he was preparing. She couldn't stop herself blushing
every time she thought about what was to come.

They arrived home after dinner on Sunday night and
Sally was relieved to find both twins at home, Wes watching tv and
Sam, as usual in her room reading. She called them both into the living
room where she stood before them a wide smile on her face, holding
Jeremy's hand.
"Oh, my god," Sam gasped when she saw the look on
her mother's face.
"What?" Wes asked in all his innocence.
"Sam and Wes, we have some news to tell you," Sally
said a little too loud with a little too much niceness. She waited for a
few seconds for some reaction and when none came, Jeremy told
them, "Wesley and Samantha, your mother and I are going to be
Immediately Wesley responded. "Married? Oh that's
great," he said with a wide smile and looked across at his sister. "Sis?"
Samantha sat very still, her face lowered and she
seemed to be holding back tears. She didn't seem to hear Wes's
comment and she seemed very much put out with the so-called news.
"Sam?" Her mother asked, disappointed that both her
children weren't jumping over the moon with joy for her. Sam
suddenly jumped up and ran into her room, slamming the door after
Jeremy restrained Sally from following and whispered,
"Give her a little time baby then I'll go and speak with her." Then he
looked at Wes and said, "I pleased that at least someone is happy for
us, Wes."
"Oh, she's just a girl, Mr. Saunders. They always cry,
you know."
"Do they? I never realised you were an authority on
girls, Wes."
"Nah, but that's just what they do, go off and bawl their
eyes out then they get over it. She'll be all right, I know she will," the
youngster replied seriously. "So, when are yer gettin hitched?' He
asked nonchalantly.
"Next Saturday, here in the house and we would like
you and Samantha to be our witnesses if that's all right with you."
"You mean like the best man and all that?"
"Exactly but you won't have to make a speech or
anything, just sign the Marriage Certificate to say you witnessed the
wedding. It will be a great day, I'm sure. We don't have time to go
away on a honeymoon so we've decided to have our wedding night
here as well. We have already arranged the parson to perform the
ceremony and organise the evening and we thought it would be nice
for just the four of us to be together. What do you think?"
"Oh, neato. Can I drink beer?"
"How old are you?"
"Uhm, sixteen," he said, blushing as soon as the lie left
his lips.
"Wes," his mother warned him.
"Yeah, well I'm really fourteen but I'd like to taste
beer," he admitted sheepishly.
"What do you think, Mother? Should we let our boy
break the law?"
"Well, maybe just this once," she said with a smile.
"Yeah," he shouted, punching the air.
"Wes, let's go to your room and have a man to man
talk, OK?"
"All right," the youngster agreed and leapt out of his
chair. He was fired up with excitement.
Wes sat on his bed and Jeremy pulled a chair across
and sat backwards, leaning his arms on the back of the chair and
looked into the youngster's eyes.
"Wes, you will probably find a lot of differences having
me around after so long without a Daddy, what do you think?"
"Oh, maybe but I miss not having a father like my
friends," he said shyly.
"I want to be a real father to you and Samantha, Wes
but there will be some rules imposed that you might not like."
"Rules? What kind of rules?"
"Oh, for instance, honesty, absolute honesty in
everything and openness. That means no secrets between anyone of us,
but most of all I expect you and Sam to be obedient in every way.
What your mother or I ask or tell you to do will be obeyed without
objection. We are the adults and I expect you to obey us in every way,
no matter what it might be. Do you think you can agree to that, Wes?"
"I… I suppose so," he said hesitantly, then, as a thought
came to him, he asked, "What kind of things do you mean?"
"Whatever we decide to want you to do, it matters only
that you obey without objecting."
"Well that's what we do for Mum now anyway."
"Sure it is. I guess the only difference will be that
instead of your mother just shouting at you telling you you're a
naughty boy, I'll punish you," Jerry said bluntly.
"Punish me? How? I'm fourteen now, you know. What
would you do?"
"I'd punish you befitting to your disobedience but I am
very serious, Wes, be a good boy and we will get along just fine.
Disobey and you will soon learn that I mean what I say."
"Shit," the boy swore at the floor.
"For instance if we ever hear you swearing from now
on, I will spank you."
"Spank me? You will actually spank me? Mum doesn't
do that."
"She will from now on because I will give her
permission to, and I am a great supporter of your mother. Oh, and
another thing, from now on I want you to call her Mummy. You're her
little boy and you will respect her as your own dear Mummy.
"But it makes me sound such a baby, Mr. Saunders.
Why can't I call her Mum like I always have?"
"Simply my young boy, because I say you can't. Just
think of it like this, if you call her Mummy you'll earn good boy points
but if I ever hear 'Mum' just once it means a punishment in some
form, and you won't like it. You choose, Wes."
"Yes, Sir."
"Oh, by the way you can call me Dad if that helps. In a
week's time I'll be your father anyway."
"You mean it? I can call you Dad? It's been so long,"
the youngster said in wonderment, almost to himself
"Now tell me about yourself. Got a girlfriend?"
"Uh? No, I guess not."
"Wish you did?"
"Suppose so but…"
"But they make you choke up when you try to talk with them?"
"Yeah, I guess so."
"Ever seen one naked?"
"W-h-a-t?" He asked in a long drawn out and surprised voice.
"Just wondered if you've ever seen a naked girl, that's
all." He was pleased to see the boy turn a vivid red.
"N… No," he mumbled, more embarrassed than he
could ever remember.
"Like to?"
"Uh? Y… Yeah, I suppose."
"What about Samantha?"
"Sam…? You mean naked? Noooo," he said in a whisper.
"Thought not. Just between you and me, Wes, one of
the things I'll be insisting upon very soon is that none of the four of us
have any secrets from each other. None at all. Do you understand what
I'm saying?"
"You mean about obeying you and Mum… I mean, Mummy?"
"I mean there is no reason at all for any of us to keep
secrets from any of our family. If Sam wants to cover herself from
anyone looking at her, for instance in the bathroom, she is keeping
secrets and that will definitely not be allowed. Now what do you
suppose I mean by that?"
The boy thought seriously for a moment then looked up
at Jerry. "You mean she has to show herself to me? Naked?"
"It will take a while for her to understand that, I
"You bet it will," the boy interrupted.
"…But she will learn it's best to co-operate, to obey.
Of course, it's reciprocal. What she has to conform to, so do you and
your mother and I for that matter."
"You mean I have to let her see me too?" He asked then
turning a deeper red than before added, "And Mum…, I mean
Mummy? She will see me in the nuddie?"
"As naked as the day you were born."
"Will we become nudists then? I mean walk around the
house without wearing anything?"
"If you want."
"Hot damn. Oh, you're joking aren't you? Dad? You'd
kill me if I saw Mummy without any clothes."
"I guess only time will tell. Now, I want to buy you
something, a present, something you'd really like, to celebrate our
marriage. Tell me what you'd like the most. No cars yet, you're only
"Anything…? Oh, gee, I don't know… Yes I do, a
computer and internet access."
"Have that at school do you? The internet?"
"Yeah, it's great."
"With Net Nanny attached, I suppose."
"Year, that's right. We're not allowed to look at sex things."
"What if I were to give you full access here in your own
room? Would you like that? Nothing banned."
He looked up into his future stepfather's eyes trying to
work out what the catch was. "You… You mean it, Dad? You'd let
me look at anything?"
"If that's what you want. One major condition though.
You must never, repeat, never tell anyone about what happens in the
privacy of this house. What happens within this family is forever
private and secret except between ourselves. That means not even
hinting to your friends about seeing naked females, your sister or your
mother for instance or about your unlimited access. Promise me,
"Sure I promise that, Dad. I'd be a fool to, wouldn't I?"
"Know what the consequences would be?"
"You mean a spanking?"
"Far worse than that, Wes. It would mean the arrest of
your mother and me and you two would go to government institutions
where you'd have no freedom at all, where you can be mis-treated by
sadists and perverts to their hearts content. And you'd have no say
whatsoever until you turn eighteen. Know what some men do to kids
like you?"
"I've read the papers, Dad. They're poofters and queers."
"But do you know what they would do to you?"
"I… I… Uhm, sex things, I guess."
"Like what?"
Wes squirmed around on the bed and opened his hands
indicating he had no idea at all.
"Imagine being held down by a man three times your
size, your clothes stripped away and then feel their big cock pushing
up you backside. It's called anal rape but imagine how you'd feel. No
one would listen to any complaint from a kid and when they've done it
once they'll be back pretty soon to do it again. You'll begin to live in
fear never knowing when you have to shove your bum in the air for
them and it won't be long before your sucking their cocks off
whenever it pleases them. Can you imagine that, Wes?"
"Oh, shit, I'd die, Dad," the boy whimpered.
"It's what you'd face if anyone ever learned of the way
we will be living once I marry your mother, Wes. We'll be a happy
and contented family enjoying each other's company and love but the
authorities would never see it that way. If they knew you and your
sister were required to appear naked before us all, or found we
allowed you to surf the net for all the pornography you can handle,
that's the outcome. Into a home and then wait to be raped by some big
black bastard who you couldn't ever stop."
"I promise I'd never tell anyone, Dad," the youngster
said seriously.
"Of course, there's nothing wrong with pornography as
long as it's kept private. It's what couples do every night behind their
closed doors so what's the problem with some people taking photos of
their little games for showing to others. Besides it will teach you a
million times faster about sex than trying to read books, don't you
think? Sex is the most pleasurable pastime and it is your Mother's and
my job to teach both you and Sam all there is to know."
"Gee," the boy gasped as he realised what Jerry had said.
"So a new computer and the Internet? Is that it?"
"Will it cost too much?"
"Money won't be a problem any more, Wes, I promise.
Here, let's shake on it. I have to go and talk to Sam now. Try to make
her understand too."
"Are you going to tell her about being naked, too?" He
asked incredulously.
"Sure. Just don't mention anything to her until you are
shown your sister in all her glory, OK? Then she'll know and you can
talk to her about it. Never seen her naked, is that it?"
"She'd scream the house down if I had," the boy told him.
I guess you'll be hoping it happens soon then?"
Wes blushed and lowered his eyes. "I guess so," he
admitted and felt his cock stiffen.
"Every woman is good to look at naked and I'm sure
you'll jerk off thinking about her a lot from now on,"
Wes couldn't believe how casual his soon-to-be
stepfather spoke about Sam's nudity and now about him jerking off.
No one knew he did that, not even his best friends. He had no answer.
"Well, I guess it is all a bit much to take in all at once,
Wes. But sex is good, never be ashamed or embarrassed about it, boy.
Leave that to the girls."
"OK Dad," he responded with a sly smile then as Jerry
was opening the door added, "Dad, thanks."
"Sure, son."
Son? It gave Wesley a deep warm feeling.

Chapter Twenty
Jerry tapped on her door and waited several seconds
before calling out her name.
"Samantha, may I come in?"
"What? Go away."
"Samantha, I'm going to open your door and come in. I
need to talk with you."
He heard some scuffling and gave her time to do
whatever she wanted to hide from him. He smiled, wondering whether
she was hiding underwear or getting dressed.
Then he slowly turned the handle and pushed the door
slightly open, not intruding but said softly. "Let me talk with you,
Samantha. We need to talk."
After several seconds of silence she replied in a soft
voice, "All right."
Jerry entered and closed the door behind him. She was
sitting on the edge of her bed and her eyes were red from crying. "I
know you're upset, Samantha and I want to talk to you about it. I don't
want you to be unhappy, Samantha. Oh, can I call you Sam? It would
be so much easier."
"I suppose."
"I love your mother, Sam."
It only sent the youngster into another bout of sobbing,
which took a while to subside. She wiped the tears away with her
handkerchief and sniffed several times.
"Will you tell me why you're so unhappy, Sam? I'd
really like to know," he said softly. "Please tell me."
"Your not my father," she finally mumbled.
"But I'd like to take his place, Sam, really I would. Do
you miss him that much? It's been a long time since he left isn't it?"
"I hated him," she half mumbled and cried at the same
time. "He hurt Mum and I was glad when she divorced him."
"Then you aren't upset because I'll be taking his place
She looked at him for the first time, tears still welling
"Why didn't Mum tell me first," the youngster blurted
out almost fiercely, seemingly blaming Jerry for it all.
"But we did, Sam. We've told no one else. Just you and Wes."
"But you got married before you talked to us."
"We aren't married yet, Sam. We would never do that
without you being there. In fact I've just spoken to Wes and want to
ask you the same thing; will you come with Wes to our wedding and
be the two witnesses we need? There will be just the four of us, and
the Minister. No one else is invited. Please say you will, Sam, your
mother so wants you to be happy for us. We both want us to become a
happy and loving family, not like it was when your real father was
with you."
"He was never a father," she stated bitterly.
"I promise I won't be like him, Sam. And I don't want
to intrude into a family that doesn't want me but your mother and I
love each other so much and I do want you to learn to love me too."
"You promise you won't get drunk and beat us, Mum
and me and Wes?"
"Is that what he did, your real father?"
"Yes," she whispered and tears flowed again.
"Come here baby," he said holding out his arms to
cradle her in.
Jerry was overjoyed when she suddenly stood and
actually rushed unto his arms, clinging to him, her face pressed against
his chest and her body wracked with deep sobs. He held her tightly to
him, running his hands over her back, feeling her juvenile bra strap
with the resulting twitch of his cock as he did so. Neither made a sound and
after several minutes he felt her relax and step back from their
"Can we sit down on your bed and talk, Sam?"
She sniffed, nodded her head and led him to the side of
her bed. She felt very self-conscious sitting here in the closed room
with her new stepfather. There was an air of intimacy she had never
felt before and it both daunted and excited her at the same time.
"You're nervous, I can tell," Jerry said with a smile,
trying to break the ice.
"Ye… I… I suppose I am," she stammered feeling
quite embarrassed.
"I don't mind, you know. It isn't easy for anyone to talk
to their new father for the first time. I want to learn to love you,
Sam, just as I love your mother. I want our family, well, I guess my
new family, to be the happiest and close family that ever lived. Do you
think that's possible?"
She hadn't lifted her eyes from the floor since she sat
down beside him and still felt slightly uncomfortable but his self-
assurance and warmth began to ease her doubts.
"Will Mum still love me?" She finally asked not
answering his question.
"Is that what's worrying you, Sam? If you mother loves
me now, how can she love you too?"
The youngster began to weep silently again, wiping her
eyes with the now very wet handkerchief. "I'm being stupid, I know,"
she excused herself.
"I don't think you've ever been stupid, Sam. You're a
very beautiful young lady who is facing changes in her life right now
that all seem too hard to come to terms with. Is that how you feel?"
"I think so," she agreed, happy that he seemed to
understand her feelings.
"Are you happy for your mother, Sam?"
"Look," she said firmly as some of her confidence
returned. "We were a happy family before you came along," she told
him with purpose leaving her real meaning for him to grasp himself.
"I'm sure you were," Jerry agreed, knowing just how to
change her attitude. "But what about your mother? She had been
working six days a week just to scrape enough money together to pay
the mortgage, feed you all and give you the education and all those
extras that you and Wes demanded. I'm not blaming you, Sam, or
Wesley, because your mother did it out of love for you both. But think
about her life. Very few friends, no one she could share intimate things
with, no one to fulfill her sexually and no money to spend on those little
luxuries women like so much. She shared all that between you and Wes."
"I… I… Never knew… Oh, I never thought… Oh, …"
And the tears flowed again.
"I'm not telling you this to make you feel ashamed,
Sam. Your mother never complained once because she loves you so
much she wanted to do those things for you. Look, I'll tell you this,
I've paid off the mortgage, your mother doesn't know so please don't
tell her because I want to surprise her with the clear deeds to the
property on our wedding day. She doesn't have to go back to work
now because I'll become the breadwinner as a man should."
"Are you rich? I mean, you're a lawyer, they're rich,
aren't they?"
"Some are. I'll earn enough to keep you living in the
manner you're accustomed to," he said with a smile, looking at
She glanced at him and saw the happy smile that told
her he was joking with her.
"Yes, all right, I can provide whatever you need, young
lady but don't tell anyone. The revenue people would just love to hear
that. You don't work for the Revenue Bureau do you?"
"No," she sniggered.
"Phew, that's a relief," he said dramatically which
made her laugh for the first time.
"Sam, some things will change in the family as I
become part of it."
"What things?"
"Well for one thing I will be head of the house, not
your mother. It's a man's role and because you haven't had a man
about the house for so long you may find it difficult to accept my
decisions instead of your mother's. What do you think about that?"
She thought for a time, brushing her toes across the
carpet, not really sure what to say. "I suppose… I suppose I can
understand that… uhm, what do I call you?"
"Your mother calls me Jeremy but I would be very
honoured if you would call me, Daddy."
"Daddy? It sounds so… so juvenile."
"Well one thing I want you to do is call your mother,
Mummy from now on. It just sounds so much more loving than Mum.
I've already asked Wes to do the same, you know."
"You have? What did he say?"
"Oh, he was happy to agree."
"He did?" She asked in surprise.
"He was happy to when I explained. I did tell him he
could call me Dad but I would very much like my new daughter to call
me Daddy. Would you do that from now on?"
"What about when my friends come around? Do I still
have to do that then?"
"If you didn't, you'd be using double standards, Sam.
Can you understand that?"
"But they'll think me a child…"
"Is it better to carry double standards just because
someone might laugh at you? In fact you will find many girls do that
but where is the honesty? If you can call us Mummy and Daddy to our
faces why can't you do it in front of your friends too? They'll soon get
used to it you know and I might add, they'll respect you more for
being honest. Just tell them you like calling us by those more loving
names. Will you do that for me, Sam?"
"Y… Yes, I suppose," she agreed hesitantly.
"Sam, I told Wes there are some things I expect of you
both, I call them the three 'O's'."
"What is that?"
"I expect you to be totally open with me and your
mother. Than means no secrets, none at all. It means you keep nothing
from us at all. You'll discuss anything at all with us, things that you
may have thought private or personal, things that you think might be
embarrassing, nothing is to be taboo between us, Can you understand
what I mean by that, Sam?"
"I… I'm not sure, uhm… Uhm, Daddy," she said nervously.
"Oh, that's wonderful, sweetheart," he said, holding her
face between his hands and kissing her on the forehead. "Thank you,"
he beamed at her and she smiled self-consciously. "You're still not
sure what I mean by Openness?"
"Well, no, I guess not."
"Then let me ask you this; name something that you
would never talk to your mother about, something private and
He saw the blush rising across her face and she began
to wriggle and it stirred his loins no end. She was indeed embarrassed.
"Well, uhm, I don't…"
"Want me to make a suggestion?"
"Uhm, I suppose…"
"I'm going to ask you two things, Sam and I want you
to be entirely open with me. Will you do that please?"
More hesitation and shuffling then she agreed.
"Are you a virgin, Sam?"
Her eyes shot up into his face and he saw her face turn
crimson. Her mouth opened but no sound came out.
"Sam?" He had no intention of letting her off the hook.
"It's embarrassing," she whimpered.
"What I want you to understand, Sam, is that nothing
should embarrass you between members of your own family. Just tell
me then all the concern you have falls away immediately. Well?"
"Y… Yes," she whispered.
"What? You are a virgin or you agree the concerns will fall away?"
"No, I'm a virgin… Daddy."
He turned and wrapped his arms around her and held
her for more than a minute.
"Thank you, little one. Thank you for trusting me and
being open. It wasn't so bad was it?"
"It was… It was awful," she whispered but he noticed
she didn't burst into tears again.
"One day, Sam, I want to have a long talk to you about
virginity. It's so precious that you must protect it fiercely until the
right man comes along."
"Oh," she gasped at the thought of such a discussion.
"One more thing I want you to tell me about is your periods."
"My per… Oh, I can't," she gasped in shock.
"I want you to be open with your new daddy, Sam.
Please," he added encouragingly.
Her face was blushing crimson red, which stirred him
no end, and she found it difficult to say anything. Finally she gulped
and with a small broken voice asked, "What do you want to know?"
"Everything. Why don't you start from the beginning
and keep nothing back. That's what openness means, Sam. It only
hurts in your mind, nowhere else. Once you learn to be open with your
parents you'll find life much more easy to cope with."
"I feel as though I'm going to faint, Daddy," she gasped
but he knew she wouldn't. "Must we do this?"
"Indeed we must, young lady. And it must be right
now," he added a little more forcefully. "Don't forget every girl in the
world has periods so it isn't such a big secret really, is it?"
"I… I guess not. I… I… It started when I'd just turned
eleven years old and I have it every month. Is that what you want?"
"Oh," she sighed and took a deep breath. "My last one
finished just two days ago and the next one is due exactly three weeks
time. It always lasts for five days so with two days since it finished
there's three weeks to go." She looked up at him hoping it was over.
"What do you use?"
"Mum buys… Mummy buys me Kotex pads," she said
with more blushing.
"Do you feel sick when they arrive?"
"Only sometimes. Mum… Mummy gives me some Asprin then."
"What do you do with the used pads? Sam?"
She blushed deeply again if that were possible. "I, uhm,
I put them in special bags and they go into the garbage."
"I guess it's hard to keep it secret from Wesley, then?"
"Oh, I'd hate it if he ever…"
"He will, you know. Otherwise you wouldn't be open
with him, would you?"
Sam couldn't believe what she heard. She gasped and
looked at him hoping she had misheard him but the look on his face
told her she hadn't. "Daddy, I couldn't, I just couldn't tell Wes I was
having my period. I would die."
"Have you died talking to me about it?"
"That's different?"
"Because you're not Wesley."
"I don't want this family to grow up with secrets from
each other, Sam. Just as he will learn to be open so must you. It is for
all of us not just you. I want you to understand that please."
"But it's so… It's private," she pleaded.
"Even your mother will not keep her periods from you
from now on, Sam, and once you learn to act that way yourself you'll
find so much more freedom. Anyway, let me tell you this and I don't
want you to let me down. When you begin your next period I want you
to announce that fact quite clearly to us during dinner that evening.
Then it's all out in the open and everyone knows what you're going
through and will have sympathy for you when you don't feel so well.
In fact your mother's period is due at the end of next week so she will
be the first to announce such an event. Once that's over it will become
The look on her face was a cross between disbelief and
indignation and Jerry knew he was going to have many arousing
moments making her do things she hated.
"Promise what?" She asked.
"That you won't let me down," he said bluntly.
She hesitated then looked at Jerry and asked, "Will Wes
have to hear me too?"
"Of course. He's part of your family. Why shouldn't he be
"I don't want to do it, Daddy."
"Then I'm going to be blunt with you, Sam, because
you will learn that you have to obey your parents. Now while I'm not
your real Daddy, I will take on that role when I marry your mother in
just a weeks time. From then on, both your mother and I expect you
and Wes to obey us in every way, no matter what. I won't have you
questioning our authority."
"That's not fair," she said defiantly.
"In fact it's very fair and it will lead to a family unit
that becomes the most loving family you could ever meet. I'm not
trying to become some sort or ogre, Sam, but I do intend to lead us all
towards a goal of happiness and closeness that I know will excite you
more than you could ever imagine right now. But Sam, to achieve that,
there has to be one leader pointing the way, not four individuals all
going their own way. I know it isn't easy being told how to do even the
simplest things but it is the only way to learn and at times that learning
will be difficult. You will be punished…"
"Punished? What does that mean?"
"Exactly what it is meant to mean. You will be
penalized for small wrongs and you will be more harshly punished for
bigger wrong doings, which I must tell you includes refusing to obey.
That, in fact, is the second part of the '3 O's' I mentioned when we
began talking. First there's openness then comes obedience. I and your
mother will require absolute obedience from now on, no ifs and buts,
no hesitation, just immediate obedience."
"It's not fair," she pouted.
"I wonder if you will still be saying that in three months
time, Sam," Jerry said with a far off look. "I can see four people
loving each other so much that they never want to be apart. Even you
and Wesley will love each other so much that there will never be a
thought of fighting as you do now… No, I know how it is with young
people," he interrupted her attempt to object. "They want to be top dog
and so take great delight in putting their siblings down whenever they
can. That will cease in this household, Sam. Wes knows it and now so
do you."
"Yes, Sir," she said, her head bowed. Then she looked
up at him and asked, "How will you punish me?"
"Do you really want to know?"
"Of course."
"It will begin with groundings and missing dinner."
"Oh, shit, Mum does that already."
"Not very successful then, I guess," he quipped. "Then
the next level is a good spanking, on the bottom."
"You wouldn't," she dared him but suddenly lost her
courage. "Would you?"
"A good spanking is what every young girl needs from
time to time but if she continues to disobey it will move to a bare
bottom spanking, panties around your ankles." He stopped
purposefully to see her reaction. A look of horror crossed her face at
the thought of ever having to face that. "Mum would never do that,"
she stated presumptuously.
"But I would."
"You? On my bare bottom? Never."
"Most definitely. In fact Friday will be set aside to take
each of you to task for your misdemeanors of the week. When any of
the three of you…"
"Three of us? Who?"
"You, Wes and your mother of course."
"You'd spank Mum too? I don't believe it."
"She knows. One of the conditions of our marriage, in
fact. I will become the head of this house in every way but she will be
right there beside me."
"And I suppose Wes and I walk a pace behind like the
"Ah, good one, Sam. Yes very good, I like that," he said
with a laugh. "No you'll be beside us too and you'll be holding our
"So you can't spank me?"
"That's quite metaphoric, Sam, but keep in mind, my
hand will always be prepared."
"So, what happens if you spank me on the bare and
then I'm still not good enough for you?"
"Do you know what a tawse is, Sam?"
"A tors? No."
"It's spelled t-a-w-s-e and comes from England where
they had very strict school rules in earlier days. It's a thick leather
strap about 2 inches wide with a cut right down the centre. Hurts like
the devil, so I'm told. I have several."
"You'd use that? That's torture."
"That's discipline. I also have several wonderful
jockey's whips and if it progresses beyond that I'm sure I can find
ways to hold you quite secure while they are laid on your bare body
until you admit you have been very naughty."
"I'll try to be good, Daddy," she said quietly, not
wishing to upset him in any way and yet frightened at the implications
of his threats.
"I know you will, baby. And I promise you times will
be good for us all but I'm sure there will be reasons for punishments
even if you try your very best, no one ever succeeds all the time," he
warned her without threatening in any way. "Sam, there is one thing I
have to tell you that is very important, not just for you but for all of
"What is it, Daddy?" She was feeling quite happy to
call him Daddy now it somehow gave her a comforting feeling. He
was beginning to fill a void and although she couldn't put her finger
on exactly how his presence made her feel that way, she was sure it
was for the good.
"It's very important that you never speak to anyone
about what we do as a family, Sam. There will always be people who
won't agree with all the things we will do together and it would only
take one person to complain, even if they didn't understand what we
were doing, for the authorities could come and jail your mother and I
and put you and Wes into a home. I don't have to tell you what that
would be like. Once a child comes under their care they'll never
escape and live a life of drudgery and unhappiness until at least they
turn eighteen, maybe even longer. There's countless stories of workers
in those places using the children for their own personal pleasure, girls
become constantly raped and made to perform vile things for both men
and women and Wesley would find himself used just as much by
perverts. Do you know what certain kinds of men do to young boys,
"I've heard about pedophiles but I'm not sure…"
"Some men lust to rape young boy's bottoms,
and where better to find young boys than to work in places where the
kids are literally at their mercy. girls are abused just the same way,
there's no love just older men and women's lust. They're not nice
places and no one would listen to a kid if they ever complained; their
abuse would just become worse. Could you ever imagine living under
that sort of authority, knowing it was you that put yourself and Wes
there and sent your parents to prison for a very long time?"
Sam watched Jerry with a horrified look as he detailed
the results of speaking to people about their new lifestyle. She had no
idea what Jerry had in store for her but the thought of what might
happen if she did speak out would be something that remained with
her for many years after this discussion. "But I wouldn't tell anyone,
Daddy. I promise I wouldn't."
"We will be doing many very pleasurable things
together, Sam and I know you will soon learn how wonderful a real
loving family can be for each member, but you have to be on your guard
never to even hint what we do together, not even to your best friends."
"What kind of things will we do, Daddy?"
"Oh, there's no need to go into that just now, you will
soon learn, baby, just let things take their course," he encouraged her
with a smile then went on. "Now there are some things we can get
under way right away. Do you wear pantyhose or tights?"
"Oh yes, sometimes."
"From now on, they are banned for all members of this
house. Please bring them and put them in a heap on the floor."
"That's something you'll have to learn, Sam. When I
ask you to do anything, I don't expect to be questioned about it. If I
want you to know why, I'll tell you. In this case, I will explain.
They are an abomination to womanhood, they stop access to the very
centre of a woman's core and besides they are unhygienic. From now
on if you need to wear stockings, you will do so with a garter belt."
"But at school…?"
"What about school?"
"When I change for sport, others will see me. They'll
laugh. Anyway if we're caught in anything but school tights we get
"Then you may keep your school pantyhose but bring
all the rest. From now on, the moment you step inside our front door
before you do anything you'll remove the offensive garment.
"Yes, Daddy," she agreed, realising his demands were law.
"What other underwear do you have to wear to school?"
"Oh," she blushed.
"Sam, remember what you agreed about openness?"
"Yes, Sir," she agreed softly as the blush rose on her
cheeks. "Uhm, we have to wear white cotton panties and bra, that's
all. For sport we have a sports bra." She felt dreadful explaining such
intimacies to a man she didn't know very well and yet the way he
asked seemed so innocent.
"I don't think you need to wear a bra at all," he told
her. "Your little boobies look just lovely, Sam. What size do you wear?"
"Uhm, 30b," she said immediately then blushed furiously.
"Don't ever be ashamed about your breasts, little one.
They are just charming. Now, from now on I do not want to ever see
you wearing slacks so you can put any you have on the pile too."
She looked up into his face but on seeing his
seriousness she went straightaway and dumped the several pairs she
owned, onto the floor.
"Now let's look at your sleepwear. No more pajamas
except for baby dolls. Put the rest onto the heap."
"All of them? That's all I ever wear to bed, Daddy."
"You have no nightdresses?"
"Oh, some but I never wear any of them."
"From now on you will. Get the jamies."
Her shoulders slumped but she obeyed.
"Now your bras and panties, I want to see them."
"But… But, Daddy…?"
"Stop being coy, Sam. Just bring them and lay them out
on the bed. I'll decide which ones you can keep."
"But they're all good," she told him seriously.
"But I'm sure I won't like many of them and that's
important, don't you think?"
"But you'll never see them," she complained.
"When you have no secrets of course I'll see them and
when I do I want to take pleasure in seeing them. Those I don't like
won't give me pleasure."
She had no idea what he meant but this wasn't the time
to argue. She would complain to her mother later.
When she laid them out she soon saw only the smallest
and those that were transparent were left for her, all the others were
"What about the ones you're wearing now?"
"The ones I'm…? Oh, they're just normal," she said
"Let me see."
"Wha…? You mean…?"
"Sam what have we been talking about for the last
hour? For goodness sake, just lift your skirt and show me."
It was the most embarrassing moment she could ever
remember. Not even her mother had seen her in her underwear let
alone a man.
"I… I don't… I can't, Daddy."
"That will be marked against you, Sam. Please don't let
me have to ask a second time. I am your father after all, for goodness
sake. Why do you call me Daddy if I'm not."
He had a way with words that left her with no answer.
With an ever-reddening face she slowly raised her skirt
until just the leg of her panties were visible.
"All the way Sam, then turn around so I can see them
Oh, it was awful. She could hardly catch her breath her
heart was beating so fast. But she knew she had no choice. With a
deep breath, she closed her eyes and lifted the hem of her skirt above
her waist then slowly pirouetted until she faced him again. Before she
opened her eyes she felt his hands fumbling with the buttons on her
blouse and jumped back.
"Just stand still, Sam, It's no more than you've just
showed me," he said beckoning her back towards him with his fingers.
Then he continued to undo several buttons and parted her blouse to
look at her bra. Jerry wasn't actually looking at her underwear rather
the plumpness of her small breasts that filled the bra. Oh, yes, he
thought. My first cupping of these will send me into bliss, he thought
as he closed the garment and allowed her to do the buttons up.
"Please put these with the ones on the floor, Sam."
"What now? With you here?"
"No, you can do it later. Now let's sit down and I'll tell
you why I want these garments sent to the Charity shop. Sam, despite
what you've been taught at school, women were created to give
pleasure to men, they are not simply here to do what they like
themselves. men like to see women in clothes that arouse their curiosity. A
beautiful girl dressed in dowdy clothes does little for a man's thoughts
of her but if she is clothed in garments that show off her attributes
with class and style men will stop and stare, wondering what she's
like, what is she wearing under that dress, what does she look like
beneath her underwear. That is how I want you and your mother to
dress, not for those peasants out there who drool over any classy
woman who comes along but for me. I want you to dress for me and
me alone. When you wear sexy underwear and beautiful clothes I want
to wonder about you. You will dress to please me, to arouse me and to
attract me to you. Do you understand why I've thrown out all those
clothes now?"
"You mean about sex, Daddy? Do you think about sex
when you see me? And Mum… I mean Mummy?"
"Of course I do, sweetheart. When my women are
dressed beautifully they not only look beautiful but they feel beautiful.
Never wear slacks, baby. It takes away all the mystique. If a man
wants sex, in his mind of course, slacks say to him, this woman gives
me no access to her treasures and that is not what I want to think when
I look at you or your mother. Now I know you've been thinking it's
wrong to throw away all these clothes but I've given your mother a
credit card and I have one for you too. Here," he said, handing her a
gold Amex card with her name on it. I had to tell them you were
sixteen but you won't tell anyone will you?"
"Uh? Oh, no of course not," she said her mind in turmoil.
"I want you to stop home from school tomorrow and go
on a spending spree with your mother. Go to all the expensive shops
and buy until you drop. I've told your mother you are to buy arms full
of sexy underwear and sleepwear and I want lots of dresses that button
up the front and skirts and blouses. Lots of short skirts too. Be sexy to
feel sexy, little one."
"Oh," she gasped at his straightforward words. "You
mean I can buy whatever I want. How much. Two hundred dollars, is
that too much?"
"How about five thousand dollars apiece. Do you think
you can look beautiful after that?"
"Five thou…? Oh, Daddy, thank you," she squealed as
she lunged herself against him and hugged him tightly. "Do you really
mean that much?"
"With one condition."
He saw here questioning look.
"I want you and your mother to model some of the
nighties and underwear for me tomorrow night."
"In my underwear? Oh," she sighed. "That will make
me feel terrible."
"But I will enjoy it."
She looked at him seriously then smiled. "Could you
please not let Wes see us, at least for this time? I know you think he
shouldn't be kept out of our secrets but this would be so embarrassing
for him to see me without proper clothes on."
"Just this once I agree. So it's a deal?"
"Yes," she said, spat on her hand and held it out for
him to do the same then shake. Instead he took her hand in his, kissed
then licked the spit from her palm then took it and shook.
"See you in your panties then," he laughed as he rose to
leave. "Oh, there's just one more thing, Sam. After the modeling your
mother will be doing something that I want you to accept without any
objections. You might find it a little embarrassing but it will only be
between the three of us and I want you to obey completely. Don't ask,
just promise."
"Yes," she said shyly, wondering just what it could be.
She stayed awake long into the night thinking of all that
had happened today. About the strange things her new Daddy had
spoken of, the unknown things, the words he used, sexy, she had to
look sexy for him. Oh, it made her blush even in the dark. Her hand
laid against her breast and she began stroking a nipple through her
nightie. It was nice, yes nighties are O.K., she decided. Then
something suddenly ran through her mind; nighties like skirts and
dresses can be easily pushed up a girl's body to give anyone access to
her pussy. No pantyhose, no slacks…? Surely Daddy wouldn't want to
do that? Touch me? With his hands? No… But her thoughts returned
to his words, women are made to give pleasure to men. And he
actually told her to buy lots of sexy underwear. Isn't that what he said?
He wanted her to look sexy so she would feel sexy. Oh, it was all too
much to think about then the matter of five thousand dollars to spend
made her smile. It was the last thing she remembered before drifting
off to a deep sleep.

Chapter Twenty One
Sally and Samantha arrived home late in the afternoon,
worn out and feeling highly elated. For Sam it was a revelation,
walking into shops she would never have thought of because they were
so expensive. She had no idea how many changes of clothes she had
gone through during the day but was sure it was at least a hundred. Her
mother guided her in what to wear to look smart and she too even used
the phrase, "Oh, that does look sexy on you, darling," several times.
Sam wasn't sure about some of the clothes her mother
made her choose, skirts that flared out yet were so short that she was
sure her panties would show, tank tops that were no more than a strip
of material across her chest and some so loose they almost fell off her
shoulders and down her body. She was made to choose two blouses
that were so transparent they were thinner than stockings and some
blouses were very tight, especially across her bosoms. She was very
pleased with the summer dresses, at least four she remembered that
buttoned right down the front and felt light as a feather. Some of those
were tight across her chest too but flared out from the waist. She also
bought, at her mother's insistence, a pair of shorts that were so loose
around her hips yet were cut high so that little more than a string of
material covered her pussy and the legs were so wide she was sure her
whole body would could fit through one leg hole.
But it was the lingerie shops that really shocked the
young girl. They had looked in several shops but her mother decided
nothing was good enough. Finally they entered a store that Sam had
never noticed before, mostly because there was no window displays at
all, just blackened glass with the name 'Essentials' in gold lettering.
Her mother spoke to a woman behind a reception desk
and they were shown to a smallish room and introduced to another
woman, perhaps her mother's age.
"We need to restock all out frillies, my dear," her
mother said with a smile and added, "And my daughter has just
become a teenager and I promised her she could buy whatever she
wants today. So can you please show us a selection?" She waved her
Goldcard in front of the sales girl who immediately became very
helpful indeed.
Soon, panty and bra sets were spread across the
benches and her mother began to choose. At first Sam thought her
mother was buying for herself because most of the sets she chose to try
on were see through, or small or downright obscene, she thought. Who
would ever wear panties that had a slit right along the line of her
crotch, or bras that never actually covered the nipples? But when the
sales girl informed them the room was for their private use and they
could fit the garments without having to go into a fitting room, her
mother instructed Sam to remove her clothes.
"What, me? You mean right here? But…" she
whispered, "She's still here."
"She's always here, silly. She has to fit them to make
sure they are the right size. She's seen all sorts of women naked so you
won't be any great exception. Off with everything, it's the only way."
When she hesitated further, Sam was surprised when
her mother reminded her that this stubbornness would be remembered
on Friday. She then realised that her mother knew exactly what her
soon to be father had warned her about Fridays. So she stripped and
hated every moment until the woman looked at her and said softly,
"Don't worry, dear. The first time is always the worst. I have a lot of
teenagers who shop here and feel just like you do now, embarrassed at
being naked in front of me. I've seen so many naked bodies here yours
won't worry me in the least.
After that Sam just accepted her situation and allowed
her mother to slip bras and panties on and off at will. She had no idea
how many sets were bought for her for her mother was fitting at the
same time and quite a pile was put aside as chosen.
Then came suspenders and of all things, French
knickers that she had read about but never seen before. The silk felt
very sexy against her cool skin. Body stockings and camisoles and
teddies were added to the pile, then came the nightgowns that made
Sam gasp with pleasure. Most were very thin or had thin straps and
lots of cleavage even with her small boobies. A couple hugged her
body all the way to the floor but most were diaphanous and she could
see even her secret places through them, in the fitting mirrors.
Several times her mother bought the same style for
herself saying, "We'll be twins, darling." By the end of the day she had
no idea how much they spent between them but she was dead tired. On
the way home her mother was mostly silent but one comment sank in
with a jolt.
"You ought to take a nap when we get home, baby.
After all, we have to model some of our purchases for Daddy tonight,
don't we?"
Oh, that. She'd completely forgotten that promise. So
she did what she was told and slipped beneath the covers until supper
was ready.

When she sat at the table she glanced at her Daddy but
he gave no indication of either their shopping foray or what he was
expecting after dinner. Wesley looked on innocently and for all the
world, nothing strange was evident at all. It surprised and intrigued her
and made her wonder whether he had been teasing her when he
demanded a modeling of her new clothes.
However, when dinner was over her daddy gave the
first indication that something indeed was to happen this evening
when he said, "Wesley, I want you to go to your room straight away
and remain there until morning. Under no circumstances are you to
enter the living area this evening, no matter how urgent you may think
it is. I have some important matters to attend to and you are not to
interrupt in any way. Do not even open your door once you go inside. I
suggest you visit the bathroom now because you won't have the
chance after that."
"What's going on?" Wes asked with surprise. "Does
Sam have to do the same?"
"You were told to do something and I expect you to
obey, not ask questions, young man," he retorted severely. "I will
record your misdemeanor for Friday, Wesley."
"I… I didn't mean… I'm sorry, Dad," he stammered
and immediately left the room.
Sam looked on; open eyed at the way her Daddy spoke
to her brother for she had not heard Wes spoken to like that, ever. And
then it dawned on her that Wes was not invited to her showing tonight
and she breathed a sigh of relief, feeling much more comfortable now.
But that was soon shattered when her mother announced, "Daddy,
would you like to seat yourself in the living room. It's show time."
Daddy never said a word or even looked in Sam's
direction. He just left with no sign of excitement at all. Sam thought it
was all so very decent, but those thoughts would soon be dispelled.

Sally then led her daughter to the main bedroom where
Sam saw some of her new clothes laid out on the bed.
"You have to give your new daddy a very good show
tonight, Samantha. After all, he allowed you to spend so much money
to look pretty and I want you to assure him you want to look pretty
especially for him."
Sam wasn't listening very well for what
was laid out on the bed took almost her entire attention. The first item
was OK she thought, one of the long summer dresses that came down
below her knees but the rest… They were the most revealing of all the
things she had purchased, or rather her mother had purchased because
Sam herself had very little say in what was finally chosen. When she
tried to object about some of the things, she was actually threatened
with penalties if she made any fuss in front of the shop girls. So here
before her eyes were all the clothes that would allow her new daddy to
see her almost naked.
"Mum…?" She asked, her eyes still on the offending
items. "Mummy, I'm not going to let Daddy see me in these, am I?"
"You most certainly are, my dear," Sally said firmly.
"But it will show my boobies to him. And look at this,
he will see all my… you know." She held up a g-string that was
completely transparent and hardly bigger than a dollar coin.
"Now you listen to me, Sam. Jeremy, your new daddy,
is a good man. He hasn't once tried to force himself on me in all the
times we have been alone, even when we were naked together…"
"Naked," the youngster cried out in surprise. "You
were nak…?"
"I'm a grown woman who hasn't had the pleasures of a
man making love to me for more than seven years, Sam. When you get a little
older you'll know what I mean once you learn how wonderful sex is.
But try as I might, Jeremy has refused all my advances until we are
married. He is going to be your Daddy, Sam and I expect you to show
him the honour and gratitude he deserves. I will expect you never to
cover yourself up from his gaze if he wants to look at you. Never, do
you hear?" She said in a definitely threatening tone. "Well?"
Sam didn't know what to say. To agree meant showing
herself completely, to refuse she knew, meant a spanking at the very
least. "But Mum, look at these," she said picking up the crotchless
panties. "They're rude. They'll open up when I put them on and he'll
see my… you know."
"It's called a vagina, Samantha. There's nothing wrong
in talking about a pussy. Anyway, so what if he does see your pussy? He's
your father and he has rights, you know."
Sam knew this was going to be the worst night of her
life. The only good thing was that Wes wasn't here to see her also.
Her mother went on, "Of course if you continue to be
so stubborn I can bring Wesley in to watch as well. Would that make
you more comfortable?"
"Noooo," the young girl cried out. More comfortable?
She thought, how would he being here make me more comfortable?
"Then do as I tell you. Put these on first and then the
dress." She indicated a soft pale pink bra and French knicker set made
of pure silk. At least these are OK and the dress covers everything,
Sam told herself as she began to dress. Then she realised her mother
wasn't changing into any of her new clothes.
"Mum, aren't you going to show Daddy your new clothes?"
"I'm going to supervise you baby but I am going to
wear a little something so he stays interested in me still after seeing
your beautiful young body," she said and Sam saw her take a see-
through negligee and slip it on. Sam gasped for it was the first time
she had really seen her mother in anything revealing although in the
last few days she was aware of catching glimpses down her mother's
blouses or up her skirt. That wasn't like her mother either and she
knew Wes was getting just as much peeking too. But here stood her
mother in a black lacy thing that showed every line and curve and
crevice of her body. Sam had to admit that her mother did look
beautiful even if she was over the hill at thirty-five. To Sam that was
simply ancient but when she stood tall in this exposed way, Sam had
to admit her mother was very attractive.
"Aren't you going to wear anything under that, Mum? I
mean he will see you almost naked."
"Darling, I told you, he's already seen me quite naked. Like it?"
"You look beautiful, Mum," the young girl said,
blushing. She had never complimented her mother like that, nor had
she stood so close to her in this state of dress.
"Thank you, sweetheart," she said than added, "By the
way, baby, it's Mummy, remember. I'm afraid that will go onto your
record for Friday."
Sam looked stunned but never replied.
"Then let's go and interest your new daddy in woman
flesh," she said taking her daughter's elbow and walking her into the
living room. Sam noticed the lights had been dimmed but one hidden
spotlight shone down from the ceiling to a spot in front of
where her daddy was sitting.
Jerry sat in his favourite chair, his back to them as they
entered and Sally made a grand entrance by singing, "Da, da," as they
stood in front of him.
He looked from one to the other, scrutinizing,
considering. It made Sam so nervous she could feel her knees
wobbling and had to concentrate fully on standing still.
"So this is my new harem," he stated as though to
himself. "Oh, I do like what I see," he said to them for the first time
and smiled warmly at each of the women.
"We are here, my soon to be husband, to show our
gratitude for the clothes you bought us today. There were so many that
we could never model them in one evening so Sam has agreed to show
you just a few garments she chose for herself. We are so thankful for
your generosity, aren't we, Sam?"
"Yes, thank you, Daddy," the youngster said, smiling
"So Daddy," Sally went on, "this is one of several
summer dresses you will see Sam wearing. Notice how it floats around
her young body, soft as a feather and yet shows her small breasts
prominently." Sam gasped as her mother stroked her hand softly over
one of Sam's breasts as she was describing the garment.
"Yes, very pretty," Daddy agreed as he looked directly
at Sam's bosoms. At least that's what the youngster thought.
Her mother went on, "Beneath this Sam is wearing pure
silk. She told me it feels like a feather brushing against her nakedness.
Show your Daddy, Samantha."
Sam's gaze jerked from the carpet, which she had been
focusing on while her father looked on, to her mother when she heard
those words.
"Show…?" She stammered. "What, Mum? What do you mean?"
"Lift your dress and show Daddy how soft your panties are."
"You mean…?" She gasped, feeling the blush grow hotter.
"Unless you'd prefer Daddy to lift the skirt himself."
"Wha…? Uh, no," she stammered, trying to overcome
the shock. "Uhm, will I lift my frock up to let Daddy see underneath?"
"Exactly. Be quick about it, we can't stay up all night."
Sam tried to turn her back on her father but Sally
wasn't having any of that. "Never cover yourself from Daddy, Sam. He
is your Daddy and you should be pleased, excited even, to let him see
your secrets. Remember about not keeping secrets?"
"Yes, Mum… I mean, Mummy," the youngster sighed
and leaned own to take hold of the hem of her frock. Oh how terrible it
felt as the hem slowly rose up her legs. She knew her face must have
been red as a beetroot for she could feel the heat reaching far down
over her chest. She couldn't look her Daddy in the eyes; that was just
too much so she looked to the floor, trying desperately to stop the tears
that were welling up in her eyes. She could feel the coolness of the air
on her thighs and had to clasp the frock a second time to keep it rising.
When she felt the edge brush against her pussy mound she stopped and
stood still as a mouse.
"Higher, dear. Give Daddy a good look at your panties.
Good, girl," Sally added when her daughter complied. "Now turn
around slowly and lift the back too, so Daddy can see clearly." Oh, it
was just too much and they all heard the one lone sob that left the
youngster's lips. Sally saw the tears flow down her daughter's cheeks
and was ecstatic that Jeremy should witness the child's humiliation on
the first night of many she was about to endure.
Sally felt concern for her daughter but countered that by
telling herself that Jeremy was the family's salvation both from a
financial point and from a family aspect. That Jeremy wanted to
dominate the whole three, she knew and was quite comfortable having
a man who could lead them. That he also demanded sexual
gratification through humiliation and bondage of both women and
through humiliation of the boy although not through direct sexual
contact, she agreed for that was why he chose her, she was quite sure
of that now. How did he know she had such beautiful and pubescent
children when he first approached her, she had often asked herself and
decided it was simply coincidence? After all, what man in his position
would chase a woman of her age when he could have every flighty
young thing he desired. But he chose to woo her well before he knew
she had children, teenagers at that.
She wasn't stupid and accepted the fact that unless she
gave Sam and Wes to him with her blessing he wouldn't have stayed.
Why then hadn't he simply fucked her the first chance he had? Why
had he held off? His opportunities were there well before he met the
kids. Another matter that returned to her time and time again was the
unknown entrance into The Covenant that he had spoken to her about
several times. She along with Sam were to become the wives of every
member of that group including the boys while Wes would be a
husband to every female including his own mother and sister.
The questions were of such depth that she never found
the answers she needed and was unsure whether to broach the subject
with him or not. As it was, she remained silent, waiting.
She saw Sam finish her pirouette for her father and let
her dress fall back into place.
"Very nice, Samantha," he told the youngster, which
only helped her blush all the more. It was absolutely horrid having to
expose herself like that yet to pacify her mother, she gave a nervous
little smile in acknowledgement.
"Oh, you still have to see her bra, Daddy," Sally said
happily and began to undo the buttons at the top of the long summer
"Mummy, what are you doing?" Sam gasped and tried
to pull away but Sally had a firm hold on the girl's bodice. "Be still,
darling. Smile and show Daddy you're happy for Mummy to undress
"No, no," the youngster begged, bending forward to try
and stop her humiliation.
"Ten spanks," Sally said softly as she fought her
daughter's fingers.
"Oh," Sam gasped and became still.
She suffered her fate in silence and soon felt the dress
slip down her arms and off altogether. She stood before her Daddy
in French knickers and a small bra, desperately wanting to shield
herself from his intense gaze but knowing she would never be allowed.
Her arms fell to her sides and she didn't know where else to look but
down at the carpet.
"Look at Daddy and smile, darling," her mother
directed as she lifted Sam's chin upward.
"See your little girl, Daddy. Do you like what you see?"
Sally asked hopefully.
"Oh, indeed. You're very beautiful, Samantha, you will
make such a beautiful bride," he said, his gaze moving from her
boobies to her crotch. He then smiled and added, "Can you see why
girls should wear French knickers more often, Sam?"
Sam looked down but couldn't understand what he
meant. She looked up at him just as she felt her mother's hand slide
down her stomach then under the leg band of the very loose knickers.
"Now can you understand, Sam?" Her mother asked.
"Uhm," the youngster mumbled. "I suppose so… So
men can touch girls easily."
"Very good dear," her Daddy said, clapping his hands
lightly. "So you will wear them for me often?"
"Yes," Sam said with a soft squeak.
Her mother led her out of the room, patting her bottom
gently all the way back to the bedroom. "Quickly, off with those, dear.
Don't want Daddy to lose interest. Can't be too long away." This time
it was a lace black teddy that showed not only her nipples but also the
small amount of hair that had begun to grow around her pussy.
"Mum… Mummy, please don't make me do this," she
pleaded but was shocked when she received a sharp slap to her almost
naked bottom.
"You are going to do whatever you're told to do
tonight, Samantha, no matter what it is, remember that and don't let
me hear any more silly objections." With that she pushed her daughter
firmly towards the waiting man once more.
"Oh, yes," Jerry sighed as she stood before him and
spun around after her twirled his hand for her to do so. "Yes, a good
choice, Sam," he said. "Now stand still for a moment." He leaned
down and brought out a camera from the side of his chair.
"Oh, you can't," Sam cried out and for the first time,
covered her breasts with her hands.
Jerry lowered the camera and looked at her,
questioningly. He never said a word and she soon lost her nerve and
lowered her hands. "Smile, baby," her mother demanded just before
Jerry pressed the shutter.
To be paraded like this was terrible but to have the
evidence kept on film was far worse.
Next she was given a small transparent bra and the even
smaller g-string. Her mother stood her in front of the mirror and with a
smile said, "This will make him happy, Sam. Oh, look you can see
everything, he will be pleased."
Sam dared not object for she had already received her
one warning. She found herself simply accepting the situation. After
all, he had already seen everything she had always covered from
everyone's gaze until now so what did it matter if her saw her wearing
just another outfit that showed no more that he had already seen?
"Will he take any more photos, Mummy?" she asked
plaintively as they began to return to his scrutiny.
"I think he's only just begun, baby," she whispered as
they entered once again.
This time, after he gazed up at her for several minutes
he had her pose in several ways, always showing off her parted legs
and little bosoms. She couldn't stop blushing and felt she might faint if
she didn't leave immediately. She actually ran from the room,
followed by her frowning mother.
"Don't do that again, Sam. I will tell you when you can
leave. Now show Daddy the night dress and slip these panties on.
You'll have to lift the nightie for him to see these," she said as she
held the panties open for her to step in. They were the crotchless ones
that she hated so much. "When you do, give him a knowing smile,
baby. Make him want to see more."
"More of what? He's seen everything already."
"You have to let him know you are compliant, baby.
Smile at him and let him know you will keep your promise to do
whatever he wants."
"What more can he do?" She whimpered. "He's already
made me get undressed for him and posed while he took filthy
"Keep him happy, baby," she reminded her daughter
with a tap on the bottom.
She knew he liked the nightie for his eyes showed it. He
took several photos then her mother told her to show Daddy what was
underneath. Reluctantly she abided by her fate and soon was posing in
all sorts of suggestive poses, always with her legs apart and the crotch
gaping open.

Chapter Twenty Two
Several more changes, all producing the same results,
lots of compliments from Daddy then a photo session. She couldn't
remember how many photos he'd taken but he had changed the film several
Finally just one garment remained, soft pink nightdress
that hugged her bosoms and from her waist seemed to just float around
her body. It felt so soft as the silk ran smoothly across her bare skin
and she thought this was her favourite purchase she had made today.
The thinnest of shoulder straps held the garment up and the bodice
was cut deeply so what little cleavage she had, was prominent. Despite
the tightness of the garment around her chest, it seemed to accentuate
her small breasts like no other dress she owned. And this one was just
for sleeping in.
Sam felt happy as she entered because not only did she
love the nightie but also it was the last of her display. Soon it would be
over. But this time, Daddy didn't use the camera he had used so far.
This time he followed her into the room with a video camera. She was
to be a movie star. At least this nightie wasn't transparent as most of
what she wore tonight was and that helped her to remain calm.
"Final display for tonight, Daddy. Do you like our little girl?"
"I think our little girl is delicious, my dear. She will
indeed be a beautiful bride, don't you think?"
"Oh, yes, she will, Jeremy. Did you notice how well
behaved she was? Hardly objected at all. That was because she was so
grateful for your gift to her and she wants to obey you so very much."
"And obey you too, my dear, I hope," he asked with a
smirk for Sam couldn't see their by-play, the way she was facing. "Go
and stand closer to Daddy, baby," her mother then told her.
Now all he had to do was reach out and he could touch
her, touch her boobies… her… "Oh," she sighed aloud
"Sam, listen to me. Whatever happens next you are to
remain perfectly still. Understand? It is an order, you have no choice."
"Yes, Mummy," she agreed reluctantly, unsure of what
was in store.
"Good girl. The time has come to be completely open
with your Daddy, Sam." Her mother said as she slipped one of the thin
strings off her shoulder. Sam gasped silently when she saw the other
string fall down her arm too.
"Let it fall down, baby," her mother told her. "Release
the strings from your arms and let it fall all the way down. Do it now,
Sam," her mother said softly into her ear. Sam knew exactly what that
meant. Here she was no more than arms length away from her new daddy
and she had to let the only garment she wore fall to the floor.
Daddy was busy taping her discomfort but of course he
saw everything through the viewfinder. As she allowed the soft silk
slowly fall down her body he was filming everything. He concentrated
on her breasts as they were exposed then followed the trail downwards
until he had the camera just inches from her pussy. He was actually
filming her naked pussy from just inches away. Oh, how could he do
that so blatantly? she thought. Then she felt the soft material trail
down her legs and fall to the floor. She stood completely naked in
front of her Mummy and Daddy. She, fourteen years old with breasts
and hair on her pussy had to stand perfectly still while they stared at
her nakedness and recorded everything on the video. Oh, it shouldn't
be allowed, she bemoaned to herself.
Indeed it wasn't allowed and Samantha knew it quite well from her
sex ed. classes. parents were not allowed to molest their children
sexually but she had given her word never to speak to anyone about
what Daddy did to her and now it dawned, he was going to do sex
things with her, that's why he made her promise. Daddy wanted to
have sex with her. Oh, my god, she thought, he's going to fuck me,
what can I do to stop him? Nothing she whimpered to herself. She was
going to have to let him because she promised. Did Mummy know?
Yes, she knew because she was helping Daddy get all worked up. Her
own mother was making her daughter have sex with Daddy.
"Say hello to your new Daddy, Sam." Her mother told her.
"He… Hello, Daddy."
"Hello, Sam. You look quite different to when I spoke
with you last night." He sat back in his chair and gazed on the most
heavenly young naked body he had ever seen. She outshone the five
youngsters already in The Covenant by many points. Her golden hair
covered her neck and shoulders and a cheeky round face looked across
at him. She had a beautiful innocence about her that few girls could
ever boast, with a perky little nose that seemed to give her a
permanent mischievous smile. Her eyes were sky blue and Jerry hoped
she wouldn't lose that intensity as she grew older. Her skin, oh her
skin, he sighed to himself. There were no tan marks for she had a
wholly creamy white skin that simply glowed with vitality, her little
breasts topped with pure coral pink nipples. She looked cool and
unused. And those breasts, just breastlets really but they protruded in
two small cones, firm and perky. There wasn't a blemish on her skin,
no moles, no scratches or scars or even freckles, just a glowing
luminescent cream with pink tips. Her waist had already begun to
cinch inwards to complement her hips that were showing the signs of
womanhood. Womanhood, oh, yes he could see that, a pronounced
mound with a clearly defined slit with it's clitoris hood
just poking through, topped with a small covering of fine golden hairs
that had not yet begun to curl. It looked like a little beard above her
vagina. She had a child's legs but there was no fat evident on her
thighs at all and the makings of beautiful legs would begin to show in
a year or so. Here before him stood his next conquest and his cock was
rock hard with anticipation. All this ran through his mind in seconds
and it took him some time to realise she had responded to his
"I'm not wearing anything now, Daddy."
"Ah, ha, that's it. I knew there was something
different. I can see your titties today, can't I?"
"Yes," she whispered, still embarrassed beyond her imagination.
"You will never refuse me, Samantha," he said quietly.
"Yes, Sir."
"No matter what I require you to do."
"No, Sir."
"I will marry your mother but you will be my bride too."
Her eyes shot between her mother and him, not
knowing what to say. Then inspiration.
"I am only fourteen years old."
He smiled at that. "Do you have periods?"
"Yes, Sir."
"Then you are old enough to have a baby, isn't that true?"
"To have a baby you have to let a man have sex with
you, isn't that true?"
"Yes." Her face was burning with embarrassment and
she simply stood stock still, her hands behind her back, eyes on the
"So being fourteen isn't too young to have sex then?"
"N… No, I don't suppose so."
"Then you will lay in my bed for me?"
"Yes." What else could she say? He had bamboozelled
her with words.
"Then you will be my bride too."
"Yes, Sir. When do I have to do it?" Her face was one
of shock yet resignation and he thrilled to her acceptance of what she
had no control over.
"Whenever I need to use you."
"Oh," she whispered almost to herself.
"You will also be a bride to others as well, Samantha,
when I desire it."
"To others?" She asked and the moment the words took
meaning she gasped involuntarily. "You mean…? I have to…?"
"I mean you have to do whatever I care to make you do,
no matter how hurtful or distasteful or humiliating. You will be
punished, sometimes even when you haven't done anything wrong at
all just because it pleases me, and those punishments will hurt you
very much. I am not a cruel man but I am a harsh disciplinarian.
You have already given your word to obey, haven't you, child?"
"Yes, Sir."
"Touch her, Jeremy. Touch your daughter's little titties."
Sam flinched at the though then remained still, her legs
beginning to ache at not being allowed to move.
"I will touch these many times, Samantha and you will
grow to love my touch," he said as he reached out and flicked a nipple.
Then he cupped both small mounds and caressed the nipples with the
palms of his hands. "Ah, they are so firm yet soft at the same time. Do
you like them being touched, Sam?"
"Yes," she whimpered and he could feel tremors
running through her body as nerves took over.
"And down here. Have you touched yourself here,
Samantha?" He asked, cupping her vulva in one hand. She definitely
jumped at this.
"Ugh," she sighed when he kept his hand in place,
gently massaging but not intruding.
"I… It… It's so embarrassing, Sir."
"Then just tell us. Do you masturbate when you go to
bed at night?"
"Oh," she gasped again when she heard the big M
word. "I'm sorry, Daddy," she whimpered. "It's just that I never
thought anyone would know. I did it, twice."
"Twice, eh," he responded with surprise as he looked
up at Sally. "When was that?"
"When you came to take Mummy out the first two
times," she admitted and broke down in tears.
"Hey, what's the big deal, all women do it, you ask
your mother."
"Wha…? Ask Mummy? About touch…?"
"Yes. Ask her how often she does it, right now."
Sam looked up at her mother, still sobbing.
"What, baby?"
"Uhm, how many times have you?"
"Have I what?"
"What Daddy said."
"What did he say?"
"Oh," she gasped and sobbed louder. "How many times
have you… Touched yourself?"
"Every day. How can I not help touching myself? What
do you really mean?"
"I mean touch your pussy. Rub it," she said with red
blotches running right down below her neckline.
"We girls call it frigging, baby and I do it often, a few
times each week."
"You do?" She asked wide-eyed.
"Sure. I haven't had a man to make me feel good so I
do it myself. Nothing wrong with that, baby. But just keep it between
ourselves. I'd hate Jeremy to hear I masturbate a lot. He might get the
wrong idea about me."
Sam looked up at her serious face then a smile broke
out. "Oh, you're joshing, aren't you? He heard every word you said."
"He likes to watch me doing it, Sam."
"Oh," the youngster gasped at the blatant statement.
Her mother had never spoken like this before.
"Did you enjoy it, little one?" Jerry asked.
The question brought the youngster back to reality.
"Oh, I guess so. It felt nice and sent me to sleep. I was real excited
when Mummy started going out on dates again. She hadn't done that
since Dad left. My real Dad, I mean."
"I am your real Daddy now, Sam."
"Yes, but…"
"There was no real Daddy before I met your mother. He
was never a real Dad to you was he? Did he ever love you? Did he
ever spend time with you? Was he caring, was he gentle, did he ever
help you through difficulties?"
"No, he was hardly ever around except to hit Mummy
from time to time."
"So the only thing he ever did was to fuck your mother
until you grew in her stomach then he didn't give a shit for you after
that, isn't that so?"
"Then how can you call him your real father?"
"I… I can't," she admitted.
"On the other hand I am your real father," he stated
with the accent on the 'am'. "I will tell you what to do, when to do it,
how to do it, I will solve your concerns and problems, I will discipline
you when you need it, I won't become a drunk, I will make you happy,
I will protect you from danger, I will never leave you hungry, I will
dress you in fashionable clothes, I will teach you about sex, I will
teach you how to enjoy sex, I will teach you how to use your body to
give both you and others more pleasure than any of your friends will
ever know. There, doesn't that sound like a real father to you,
"Oh, yes, Daddy, it really, does," she cried out and
slumped to her knees from emotional exhaustion. Her body began to
shudder and she held onto each of his knees to steady herself. "Oh, I'm
sorry," she sobbed, "I couldn't help it, truly I couldn't."
"I know, baby, I know. Maybe it's time to rest a while
but first I want to tell you this. You must protect your virginity if
necessary with your life for that is to be your gift to me, do you
understand, Samantha?"
She looked downwards, trying to refocus her addled
brain, trying to confirm that what she had just heard was what he had
just said. He was going to take her virginity. Her own father, and she
had just turned fourteen. She finally focused her eyes on his face and
asked simply, "Me?"
"Commit yourself, Samantha."
"You mean to keep myself pure for you? Y… Ye…
Yes, I do, Daddy. You said I must do as I'm told and I will."
"Good girl, I knew you would. Now, no more
masturbating, you just might push your finger inside and break the
membrane and that's my privilege. Understand?"
"Good, then your Mummy has something she needs to do."
"Yes, come here, baby, lay on the carpet on your back
and open your knees widely. No, this way so you're facing Daddy. Let
him see. I'll be back in a second."
Sam felt the blush running across her face again. She
had given her body away yet it was still embarrassing to show her
secrets like this. And Daddy had the video camera out again and was
taping her exposure. Oh, how would she ever get used to doing things
like this?
"What are you going to do, Mummy," she asked when
Sally returned.
"Know all that hair on your pussy you seem so proud
about? It's coming off."
"What?" The youngster cried out. Sam had begun to
grow a few hairs down there when she turned twelve and since then
enough had emerged to form a little goatee beard above her pussy but
not enough yet to hide the slit. However she was as proud as punch of
that little bit of fur. And what would her friends at school say when
they saw it gone for she had bragged about it incessantly and even
proudly showed it off to her closest friends when showering after
sports sessions. "Why?"
"Because it's unhealthy," Jerry spoke up. "None of my
women are allowed pubic hair and neither are the boys. We will just
remove it for the time being but when you join with them, it will be
permanently removed. Saves having to get done every week, Sam."
"Women? What women, Daddy?" It was the first time
he had mentioned others.
"You ask too many questions, little one," her mother
told her. "Shush. You will be told when the time is right. Now open
wide," she said, pushing her legs so far apart Sam could feel the air on
her moist pussy lips. She looked up and saw her Daddy was taping her
exposure again.
Sally spread some hair removal gel over the small area
of pubic hair, spread the waxed paper over that and waited two
minutes. Then without giving the youngster any warning, ripped the
strip off so fast the hurt only came after it was all over.
"Ouch," Sam cried out loudly, sitting up and rubbing
herself. "Dam, that hurt, Mum," she said with clenched teeth. "What
did you do that for?"
"Take a look," her mother told her, nodding down
between her still wide spread legs.
"Oh, my god, they've all gone. I'm naked as a child again."
Jerry chuckled as he lowered the video camera. "That's
another reason to lose the hairs - it makes you look much younger.
About eleven I'd say, now."
"Has it stopped hurting?" He mother asked.
"Yeah, I guess so," she said begrudgingly, a fact not
missed by Jerry. This young lady has a shock in store on Friday, he
chuckled to himself.
"There are two things you have to do each day from
now on, baby. Things you must never miss so listen carefully," her
mother said.
"Yes, Mummy?"
"Firstly, you must take one of these every night from
now on, no exceptions, and you must never miss even once. It's
important, Sam."
"What are they?"
"They'll stop you getting pregnant."
"Pregnant?" She screeched. "How can I get pregnant?"
"By allowing men to have sex with you, silly girl."
"But I don't, Mummy, I'm still a virgin," she said then
blushed furiously as she glanced across at her Daddy. "Oh," was all
she could say when the reality of growing up dawned on her.
"Yes, but it won't be long before you know a man,
baby," Sally informed her daughter. "And I promise you'll love it."
Sam just blushed. How could she respond to that
"Now, secondly," her mother went on, "You must rub
moisturizing cream all over your body every day. It helps to keep your
body as smooth as a baby's bottom and men will love you for that
when they feel how soft you are."
Thus saying, Sally poured a liberal amount onto her
hands, rubbed them together then began to smooth the cool creme over
her daughter's legs then her body. After just seconds, Sam began to
feel absolutely marvelous, the soothing effect almost sending her to
sleep. When her mother rubbed over her little breasts Sam couldn't
help but shiver and again when the cream was rubbed across her
pussy, it felt wonderful.
Turning over, she felt hands massaging her bottom
cheeks for the first time and delighted in the glow that she began to
feel somewhere deep inside. This was something to look forward to
each night, she told herself happily. But what about those men,
Mummy talked about? Deep down she knew there were many more
surprises in store for her yet.

Chapter Twenty Three
The next morning, nothing was said about the events of
the previous night and Sam felt a little let down. Of course Wes was
eating breakfast with them too so nothing much could have been said
anyway, she told herself so she remained silent too.
"Have a good night, Sam?" Wes asked which made her
jump with shock.
"What? What do you mean?"
"I know you and Mummy and Dad talked about
something last night. What was it?"
"Wes," Jerry interrupted. "Mind your own business."
The boy paled noticeably and mumbled a sorry then ate
his breakfast in silence.
Sam was intrigued by the interplay between the two
males in her family. Something was going on but she didn't know
what. Then it soon became clearer.
"Wes," Jerry began. "I want you home immediately
from school tonight and all assignments are to be completed by
supper. You are to shower and meet your mother and I in the living
room in your PJ's at exactly eight o'clock. Is that clear?"
"Yes, Dad," the boy acknowledged, giving his sister a glance.
Ah, ha, Sam thought, it's your turn tonight, Wesley. I
wonder what they'll do to you because I don't think they've bought
you any clothes like I have. Then she giggled as she pictured her
brother in a pink nightie letting it slip down his body. Oh, gross, she
"What's the matter," Wes asked, looking at her
uncertainly. "Why are you laughing?"
"Laughing? Oh, it was nothing. I was thinking about
one of my friends at school, she spilled ink all over her blazer and
swore but a teacher heard her and she got detention. That's all."
"Oh, yeah," he sneered in disbelief but Sam didn't take
up the challenge.
"And, Sam," Daddy went on. "I want you to stay in
your room after supper until I visit you. It may be quite late."
"Yes, Daddy," she agreed.

Wes knew something different was going to happen
that evening but he had no idea what. He was hoping he would see
Sam doing something, like getting undressed or getting whacked but
she was banned like he was last night so those hopes were quickly
dashed. Anyway, whatever it was he was looking forward to it. His
homework was completed by suppertime so he had finished his first
task as instructed. A new pair of pajamas were laid out on his bed,
they were green and blacked striped and looked shiny so he supposed
he was required to wear those after his shower.
As soon as dinner was over he excused himself and
raced to the shower.

The house was dead quiet when he walked from his
room towards the living room, the new pajamas soft texture almost
tickling his skin as he moved. They felt really great against his skin.
As he opened the door he thought the room was in
darkness but saw just one spotlight, lighting the whole room. He could
barely pick out his parents as they sat quietly in their armchairs.
"Dad? Mummy?"
"Come in, Wesley," his father called. "Stand here,
under the light."
"Like your new jamies, Wes?" His mother asked.
"Oh, yeah, they're OK."
"Is that all, young man? Just OK?" His father asked a
little harshly.
"Oh, sorry, yes they're real nice. Thanks, Mummy and Dad"
"We thought you would like them, Wes," his mother
told him. "Well, Wesley, you're growing up and there comes a time
when parents need to explain certain things to you. Personal things,
you understand."
"Personal things? You mean…?"
"Uhm…" He sighed and felt himself blushing. "Uhm,
you know, like what we learn in Sex-ed."
"Yes, well we think you need to know more things than
your school teaches. But first, I want your truthful… You remember
your Daddy's instructions about the three O's, Wes? Openness,
honesty and obedience?"
"Yes, of course, Mummy."
"Good then I can expect your complete honesty now, can't I?
"Yes, Mummy."
"I understand you have been peeking at me, Wes."
"Peeking? What do you mean, Mummy?"
"That is the last chance you get to be completely open
and honest with us, Wes. Have you been peeking at your mother, down
her blouses and up her skirts?" This time his new father was asking
him quite firmly.
"Uh, I… I…" He stammered, knowing somehow they
had seen him even though he thought he had been so careful.
"I'm sorry, Daddy. I didn't mean anything, honest."
"You don't apologise to me, young man. It's your
mother's body you violated, not mine."
"I… I'm sorry, Mummy."
"I'm not sure I can accept that apology, Wesley," she
told him in a hurt voice. "What did you see?"
""Uh? Oh, nothing, honest, Mummy."
"I don't believe you, Wesley," his mother said. "You
really do want to be punished, don't you?'
"No, I don't Mummy. Please don't do that to me."
"I think it's past that, Wesley. Friday may be a very bad
day for you, my boy. Now be really honest and tell me what you saw."
The boy blushed furiously. He had been caught out and
now he was facing the consequences. "It was… I just saw down your
blouse, Mummy. I'm sorry. I won't do it again, I promise."
"Damn it all, Wesley, what did you see? I want to hear
it from your lips," she told him fiercely.
"Uhm, just some of your… Uhm, your…your front, Mummy."
"Exactly what?"
The boy gulped. He was being forced to answer things
he desperately didn't want to say. "It was just some skin, you know,
uhm between your… Your front, your chest."
"You looked at my breasts is that what you mean?"
"Uhm, yes, I suppose so. I'm sorry, Mummy. I know it
wasn't right but I couldn't help it."
"What did you do then?"
"Then? What do you mean?"
"Did you go to your room and jerk off? Thinking about
what you saw?"
Wes nearly collapsed with fright. How did they know
he did that? What could he say? They seemed to know when he was
lying and he did exactly what she asked. He saw her tits and then went
into his room, locked the door and jerked off furiously.
"You'd better tell everything, Wes," his new Daddy
warned him.
Wes remained quiet for a long pause and then said
simply, "Yes." His head was bowed and he began to whimper.
"So you did violate my body. You thought of me as no
better than a slut and went and did your dirty little thing in your room.
I'm very disappointed in you, Wesley. Didn't you promise your father
that you would be completely open with your family? Open and honest
and obedient, wasn't that your promise?"
"Yes, Mummy."
"Yet when you wanted to appease your sexual desires
you sneaked off to your room, locked the door and did it on your own.
What should you have done, young man?"
His head jerked up as he looked at his mother. What did
she mean by that? he thought. "I… I guess I shouldn't have looked
down your blouse, Mummy."
"No," she said with a raised voice. "What you should
have done was come and ask permission to masturbate then you could
have taken your pleasure without breaking your promise. Isn't that
what you should have done, Wesley?" Sally could feel her arousal
growing by the second as she humiliated her son. It gave her the
greatest feeling of power she had known and she wanted more of it.
The boy was absolutely flabbergasted. She was telling
him jerking off was Ok as long as he asked permission first. He
couldn't believe it.
"I thought you'd punish me if you knew I did that."
"If you did what?"
"You know, do it to myself."
"Do what, Wesley?"
"Uhm, jerking off." There he had said it.
"Oh, little baby, I'm far more disappointed that you
haven't been open with us. Wes, masturbation is what every boy does
during his life. Most men too," she added, glancing over at Jerry who
wriggled a little uncomfortably in his chair. "There's nothing wrong
with masturbating, it's natural. We girls do it too, you know."
"You do? But… But how can you?" He asked, doubting
if he and she were talking about the same thing.
"The same way every girl does, of course."
"But you don't have a… A thing… You know."
"And you boys don't have a clitoris. That's what we
use. Know what it is?"
"N… No."
"I thought so. We'll teach you, have no fear about that.
Now, let me look at you, you're growing up, just turned fourteen, a
teenager no less. Have you started to grow hair yet?" She asked, then
added, "Under your arms?"
The boy blushed. Sure he had hair there but he really
thought she meant around his cock. God, how could he tell his own
mother that he had hairs around his cock; that would be gross.
"Uhm, yeah, a bit, I suppose."
"I thought you would. And pubic hair? Is that showing yet?"
Oh, damn it, he bemoaned silently. She does want to know.
"Uhm," he began, brushing his nose from sheer
nervousness. "Yeah, there's some," he admitted.
"Take your PJ top off and let me see."
He glanced across at his daddy who sat perfectly still,
watching him. "Now?"
"Of course, silly. I want to see how my… How our boy
has grown up. Just slip it off and lift your arms, Wes, I want to see
how much you've matured."
Self-consciously he stepped closer to his mother as he
removed the top then raised his arms. Why did he feel so embarrassed
at showing his mother his underarm hair? It was nothing yet it made
him feel like a little boy again.
"Put your hands behind your head, dear," she said.
"And leave them there, please." This only made him feel more
vulnerable. She lifted her hand and stroked his armpit, scrutinizing
him carefully. "You have much more than I expected. You're
becoming a man after all, baby," she told him with a warm smile,
which made him feel much better.
"Stay as you are, Wes. I don't want you to move at all,
"Yes, Mummy," he said feeling like a little boy again,
having to call her by that name.
Then horror, she took the cords of his pajama pants and
pulled. Immediately the silken garment fell to the floor. Wes flinched,
half bent over and moaned as he realised he was now standing naked
in front of his mother.
"Remain still, Wesley," she warned him then began to
inspect her son for the first time in many years. "My, you have grown
up, Wesley," she said with admiration.
His teenage cock was quite soft, no doubt due to the
humiliating position he found himself in. He was intact, of course
Sally knew that, she maintained that a sheath that the male has is a
wonderful masturbating devise if the male wanted it to be and to make
him like a little Jew-boy was an injustice in her mind. The cock in its
soft state was nearly three inches long and less than an inch thick with
the front tip much thinner. It looked smooth and soft and she had to
force herself not to reach out and cup it in her hands. His balls hung
down prominently and all was on open view to her for the small
smattering of blond pubic hair gave no covering at all. His whole cock
and testicles were smooth as a baby, the only hair a little patch above
his cock.
"Turn around, Wes."
The boy began to lower his hands but his mother tut-
tutted and he resumed his pose, hesitantly turning because his feet
were still in his pajama pants. She reached out and held his hips lightly
to stop him continuing the turn.
"Now bend over, as far as you can."
A hesitation then he bent until his back was 90 degrees
to his legs. It opened the crack of his bottom and she could just see the
pucker of his anus, his balls and cock drooping outwards from his
stomach now. Sally licked her lips and glanced across at Jerry. Their
eyes met and she gave him a little smile before returning to her son's
posterior. It was a nice firm arse, one she knew she would be
massaging before long.
"All right, darling, turn and face me again."
"Can I pull my jamies up, Mummy?"
"You may certainly not. I haven't finished my
inspection yet, Wesley."
By now his arms were aching something awful and he
had to tell her. "It's my arms, Mummy, they're so sore."
"Oh, I see, well you can put them behind your back but
they must remain there, with your hands clasped together." He
lowered his arms and sighed.
"So this is the naughty thing you touch after you look at
your mother's titties, is it?"
The boy blushed but couldn't find a single word to say
in reply.
"Well? Answer me, Wesley."
"Y… Yes, Mummy."
"What do you do?"
His eyes jerked wide open, not believing she could ask
such a thing. But she did and he had to explain. It was the most
humiliating thing he had ever been made to do.
"Well," he began, his eyes anywhere except on his
parent's faces, "I guess I just take my pants off, lay down on my bed
and begin."
"I want to know exactly everything, Wesley. Then I'll
decide what I have to do," she said in a threatening voice.
"Please don't punish me, Mummy. I can't help doing it,
I just have to," he pleaded.
"Daddy, record a further refusal from Wesley. He's
going to be a very sore boy after Friday." He heard his father sigh in
"I'll be good," he called out in fright. "I'll tell you.
When I lay on my bed I stroke my… my uhm, penis until it gets hard
then I put my hand around it and move it up and down until I… You
"No, I don't, Wesley."
"Until I shoot off," he added quickly.
"What do you shoot off?"
"My dick, it squirts spunk out."
"And what do you do with it?"
"I… I wipe it up with tissues and flush them down the toilet."
"I see. And you like doing this thing to your penis?"
"Yes, Mummy, but it's embarrassing talking to you about it."
"Why is that, dear?"
"Well… Because you're a woman, I guess."
"And what difference does that make?"
"I don't know," the boy whined.
"Hmm. Is this what you do, Wesley?" She took his soft
penis in her hand and began to massage it, gently squeezing and
pulling it taught but not enough to hurt him. "Well?"
"Ahhh, yesss," he moaned as the feelings instantly
made his cock swell.
"I don't see anything wrong with this, Wesley, certainly
nothing you couldn't talk to your mother about," she said seriously as
she maintained her expert manipulation of his now hard cock. "Oh,
my, it is getting big, Wesley. You look like a real man, you do, at
least your cock does. Does it feel nice?" She asked as he began to
moan softly, his head swaying from side to side.
"Yesss," he groaned, his body beginning to jerk uncontrollably.
"Maybe Sam could do this for you, Wes?"
"Ughhh, Ohhh," he moaned, the mere suggestion
sending him over the edge and he began to orgasm with great spurts of
sperm hitting his mother on the chest and arms. She made no move to
escape the torrents but kept softly stroking his cock until she felt the
stream slow then stop. The boy had kept his hands behind his back the
whole time but was struggling to stay standing. She allowed him to
drop to his knees on the carpet, still holding his now soft cock.
"You'll need more than tissues to clean this mess up,
Wes," she said with a little giggle. The boy opened his eyes and saw
the streams of white spread right across his mother's nightdress and
even one trail that had hit her on the side of the face.
"I'm sorry, Mummy, truly I am. I couldn't help it; it
always does that. When it starts I can't stop it." All he could see ahead
was a massive beating for being so filthy in front of his mother.
"I'm glad to hear it, Wes. Means you're a real man after
all. Was it the thought of Sam stroking your cock that made you shoot
"I… I think so. You didn't mean it though, I know
that," he told her seriously.
"Well, good boys, ones who do exactly what they're
told, do get rewards you know."
"What?" His eyes were wide open, disbelieving his
"Do you dream of Sam stroking you, Wes?"
"Do I…? Oh, I…"
"Tell me, baby," she said, wiping the last of his
discharge from his cock. She had done nothing about her own mess.
"I know I shouldn't but sometimes I do. It just comes
into my head."
"Maybe one day it won't be a dream."
His cock had become stiff again and he was
embarrassed but knew he shouldn't try to cover himself up from his
mother's gaze. She was looking straight at his dick and smiling. How
could he respond to a statement like that?
"You mean she will do it…?" He asked in a scratchy voice.
"If you're a very good boy, very good, mind you, then
she might be made to pleasure you, Wesley."
He couldn't help himself as his hand gripped his rock
hard cock and began to masturbate in front of his parents.
"You should use condoms, Wes, it catches all the mess.
I'll buy some for you."
That was when he realised what he was doing and he
quickly flung his hands away. His mother laughed and he blushed.

Chapter Twenty Four
After witnessing Wesley's introduction to family
sex, Jerry decided it was time to show Sam a little of what was in store
for her after he married her mother. He left mother and son to
complete their discussions and walked to Sam's room. Without
knocking he opened the door and entered.
"Huh…? Oh… Daddy," she gasped at the intrusion. "I
didn't hear you knock," she added still shocked that he hadn't waited
for her to offer him entrance to her privacy.
"I didn't," he told her with a smile. "A father shouldn't
have to knock to enter his daughter's bedroom, surely?"
"No, but…" she began and felt herself blushing. "But I
might have been getting dressed… for bed," she added feeling silly
with herself.
"It hasn't taken you long to forget what you promised,
Samantha. Where is the openness and honesty in all of that?"
Her mind went back to last night when she heard of the
three 'O's' for the first time. What could she say? How could she tell
this new man in their lives that she wanted privacy in her own room?
"But in my room, Daddy? I thought I would have
privacy in here," she tried to explain.
"No matter where you are, Samantha," he reminded
her, raising his eyebrows in admonition.
"Yes, Sir," she accepted.
"I see you're still in your school uniform, Samantha.
Are you wearing the complete uniform, nothing out of regulations?"
She blushed again. "I… I don't have the tights on,
Daddy, just like you made me promise. I really do take them off as
soon as I come inside."
"Oh, good girl, you do make me pleased. Now, young
lady, come and stand here," he said as he sat on her bed and indicated
for her to stand between his legs. He looked up into her eyes and told
her, "I've come to give you your body rub-down with moisturizer
tonight, Sam," he said and began to undo the buttons on her blouse.
"Just stand still, please." How could she refuse, she thought to herself
as she flinched away from his fingers for that split second.
"It's all right, Daddy, I can do it," she suggested but she
knew she had no chance of changing his mind.
"Samantha," he reminded her firmly. "Do what you're told."
The young girl almost withered before his gaze. "Yes,
Sir," she replied softly and began blushing all over again as more
buttons were undone.
"Do you know, Sam, I've never had the privilege of
undressing a schoolgirl before. It is very moving for me," he told her
in all seriousness. "Almost like unveiling a new bride on her wedding
night. Do you feel like that, Sam?"
Was he teasing her, she wondered and felt only like an
embarrassed child made to undress in front of the whole class? She
had no idea what a bride felt like. "I… I don't know, Daddy."
"Soon your mother will know what it feels like to stand
naked before her husband and offer her body to him for his pleasure.
Can you imagine the joy that will give her, Sam?"
"I… I…," she stuttered, unable to think of anything to
say for he had undone all the buttons and was removing her blouse
altogether. She stood before him in her skirt and white, very plain
cotton bra.
"Well, Sam? Have you thought what it must be like for
a girl to pledge herself to a man and give him sex? It's a very natural
thing to do, you know."
"Ye… Yes, I suppose. I haven't thought…"
"You've never thought about having sex, Sam? Is that
what you're saying?"
Oh, how embarrassed she felt. He was making her say
things she just didn't want to talk about, it was private, secret, her
thoughts were her own special secrets yet he wanted her to tell him
what she thought about sex. Sex? How could she do this?
"Answer me, Sam. I don't like it when you are not open
with me. Now tell me what you think, Sam." It wasn't only the words
he wanted to hear but as he spoke he had unzipped her skirt and
motioned for her to step out of it as it fell to the floor. She was now in
just bra and white cotton panties.
"Sam, you know this has earned you some punishments
on Friday night," he stated as he looked up into her face.
"Oh," she gasped. "I'm sorry, Daddy, I didn't mean to
annoy you. It's just that I've never…"
"Never what?"
"Never had to answer questions like yours. About uhm,
about sex and stuff."
"And you've never had a man undress you before either?"
"Yes, that too." She felt herself on the verge of tears.
"You must never be ashamed of sex or your own
nudity, Sam. We, your mother and I have spoken about your shyness
and we are going to teach you everything you need to know about sex,
you as well as Wes. After that you will understand how wonderful sex
is and it won't be embarrassing to you at all, even in front of others."
"Others? But I won't be…?"
"You may be, who knows?"
"I don't want to, Daddy," she whimpered.
"We will teach you everything, Sam and you will love
sex more than anything in the whole world. It is your right and we
have that obligation. It's a pity all parents were not as understanding of
young people's needs as we will be. Now why don't you slip your
panties and bra off for me?"
She began to turn away but he made her face him
which was all the worse. Thoughts were running through her mind so
fast she thought she was going to faint, it was so terrible. Which
first? Panties? Then he would see her pussy. Bra? Then he would see
her boobies. Oh, it was so terrible and yet she knew she had no choice.
Trying desperately not to look at him, she reached
behind and unclipped the bra then held it against her chest. Please
don't make me, she was willing his mind but she knew very well that
wasn't going to work. So she slipped the garment along her arms and
stood showing her small breastlets to him. He had seen them before
but nowhere so intimately as right now. She wondered if being raped
was anything like this because she felt so degraded having to show
herself this way.
Her mind was in a daze with a million things running
through all at once but the worst was the loss of privacy she was
suffering and she was sure this wasn't the last time she would be made
to undress for him. Why did Mummy want to marry him, she asked
herself a hundred times but knew that the inevitable was soon to
happen no matter what she thought.
Coming back to earth she heard his voice somewhere
deep in the recess of her mind saying, "Sam? Sam remove your
panties too. No more delays."
Like a robot she did as she was told and stood with her
hands clasped together in front of her nakedness until a sharp slap on
her backside reminded her there was to be no covering un in his
presence from now on.
"So, Samantha, you're naked in front of me while
we're alone, how does that make you feel?"
"I… I…," she began to mumble, close to tears but
forcing herself not to cry. "I feel terrible, Daddy. It's so embarrassing."
"I'm very pleased to hear that, Sam. That's how young
ladies should feel in this situation. But you'll soon learn that your body
was made to please men when they look at you. Always be
embarrassed, my child. It makes men enjoy it all the more."
"Yes, Daddy," she replied, hating the thoughts he was
putting into her head. She wanted to ask him what he really meant by
that but was frightened that she would hate what she might hear.
"Well, I guess we'd better make a start then," he said
rubbing body lotion between his hands. Turn around and let me do
your back first, dear."
"No… I mean Mummy can do it, Daddy."
"So can Daddy."
"But what?"
"When I turn around you'll be touching my… You'll be
touching me."
"Oh, indeed I will, the first of many times."
It felt strange, she thought. His hands glided over her
back and soon over her bottom cheeks and all the way down to her feet
and back again. It was nice, even though she was naked and his hand
returned to her bottom cheeks often until finally a finger slipped into
her bottom crease and began to smooth lotion along the entire length
from her lower back all the way to the very edge of her pussy. Her new
stepfather was so close to touching her secret girl's place that it sent a
shiver down her back. She desperately wanted to sit down or at least
lay on the bed but she was too scared to ask.
"It feels nice, doesn't it, Samantha?"
It certainly did but she could only nod her head.
"That's because your bottom is one of a girl's
erogenous zones, especially here," he said and pressed a little harder
against her bottom hole. Then he began to stroke that filthy place all
the more as though he were teasing her, daring her to object. She
didn't out of sheer willpower but had to agree silently it did feel nice
despite the disgusting place it was.
"You will give this place to many men in your lifetime,
Sam. You will pleasure them with this place and they will love you for
the privilege."
"What?" She gasped, half turning to face him. "There?
But it's my… my bottom hole, where I… it's so dirty."
"You wash it, don't you?"
"Yes but…"
"But what?" All the time they were sparing with words
he stroked her and she realised there must be something to what he
said. But how could men ever want to touch her there? It was OK she
thought that her new daddy did it but others? Why would they want to
do it when she had boobies and a pussy that she knew boys wanted to
touch? But her bottom? Surely not.
"But it's so filthy," she whispered in reply.
"It's so clean I could kiss it with my lips and enjoy the
task immensely," he told her with a lilt of laughter.
She didn't want him to do that and remained silent until
he finally swiveled her hips and she was facing him. Her little boobies
and her bare pussy was there for him to look at for as long as he
wanted to. Oh, how demeaning it felt having to let him look at her like
this. But she knew she was already in big trouble for Friday Night so
there was no way she could object any more. Those three 'O's' were
becoming very difficult to meet.
"I like my girls to be bare down here," he said as he
looked up into her eyes and brushed her recently denuded pussy with
the backs of his fingers. "What do you think, Sam?"
She blushed furiously; she couldn't help it. "I… It
makes me embarrassed," she finally replied, "Especially at school. I
saw one of my friends look strangely at me when we changed for
sports practice today. I knew she saw it all gone but she didn't say
"If she asks, why don't you simply tell her you read it
was unhygienic and decided to take it off?"
"Then she might tell everyone and they'd all laugh at me."
"So? Get it over and done with then get on with your
life. But, Sam, you must never tell anyone we, your parents, did it, you
understand that, don't you?"
"Yes," she whispered. "I… I think I will wait until
someone says something before I tell them anything."
"Please yourself. Does the girl who saw you have any hair there?"
"Oh, she has lots and it's all black," the youngster
gushed then blushed again. "Oh," she gasped, realising what she had said.
"Ha, ha, I just love the innocence of youth. Now let's
get this over and done with, shall we," he went on, pulling her down
onto his knees. "I can do it easier when you're sitting down he said,
squeezing body lotion onto just his right hand.
Soon both her small breasts were covered with the
white creamy liquid and he began to massage it into her chest and
tummy. Soon she felt herself relaxing back against his left arm, which
was holding her firmly, as the soothing effect of his hands became
more evident.
"Oh," she gasped in a whisper.
"Then just enjoy it, Sam."
But his hands became more intimate, squeezing each
breast in turn, flicking the little nipples, which made her jerk in
response, and finally his fingers moved downwards.
"Daddy," she gasped as her whole body stiffened. "Not
there, you can't."
"I can do anything, Sam, and you will not stop me, will you?"
"No," she whimpered knowing she had lost yet again.
He could do exactly what he wanted to her and she had to let him.
He wet his finger with more lotion and began to stroke
it along the crease of her pussy. Her own Daddy was stroking her
secret place just like that.
"This is Daddy's most precious possession," he told her
in a low voice. "This and what is inside here," he added by pressing
his finger between her outer lips. "Your virginity is so precious you
must promise me you will never do anything that could ever take it
away until I give you permission, Sam. We have already talked about
that, haven't we?"
"Yes, Daddy."
"Do you promise? Promise you will never ever let
anyone touch you here except with my permission? Promise me, Sam.
Promise me that, right now."
The youngster found her face hot with the deep blush
that just kept spreading. She felt so humiliated, his finger still stroking,
he seeking such intimate assurances.
"Yes, Daddy, I promise I will never let anyone touch
me there." There, it was said, she had promised.
"Good girl, I knew you would obey me. One day soon,
you will give your virginity up but only when I think you're ready to
accept my manhood to complete the task. I told you it would be me,
didn't I? I will be the one to make you into a whole woman and I
promise you it will be the most special man in the world."
"Yes, Daddy?" She whispered almost silently, images
spreading through her mind.
Then with a few more strokes he sat her up and said,
"There, all done for tonight. Sleep well, Sam."
"Daddy," she called as he was going through the door.
"Daddy, thank you," she said simply.
"You're a good girl, Sam." Then he was gone.
Despite her thinking otherwise, she slept like a baby
right through the night.

Chapter Twenty Five
Friday morning came and went as though nothing
special was due to happen. Dinnertime was the same and both twins
thought similar things but kept it to themselves. Maybe they wouldn't
get punished for their small indiscretions after all. Even when their
mother began packing up the dishes then left the room for a short time,
there seemed nothing out of the ordinary. But when she came back all
their fears returned.
"Sam and Wes, off and have showers, put on what I
have laid out on your beds and nothing else then come into the living
room at exactly eight o'clock. You are not to speak to each other at all
from this moment. Sam, you have first shower. Off you both go and be
quick about it, you don't have much time to get ready."
Their hearts beat faster and Sam took a deep breath as
though agreeing to the inevitable and with a quick glance at each other
left the room.
Sally smiled at Jerry and said, "Your dreams are about
to begin, my future husband. You won't be too severe tonight, will
"No," he smiled back. "Just a taste of what they face in
the future. But then, you will be spanking Wes anyway and I want him
done first."
"With my hand or something else?"
"You choose but I want him crying by the time you
finish and I want Sam to get a flash of his cock at sometime during the
"They're going to hate it."
"Yes, I'm sure they will. I hope they'll always hate it,
that gives the spanker far more satisfaction that a docile spankee, don't
you think?"
"I don't know. I've never spanked him before."
"Want to bet he gets a hardon?"
"No, I think you'd win. I've heard what spanking does
to men at the hands of a woman."
"You must tell me sometime," he smiled.
"Oh, it wouldn't be as exciting as having Sam over your
knees with her bare tooshie just begging to be punished."
"Let me do all the talking, you just punish him."
"I'd like to bet you'll get a hardon, though."
"You know it's already hard, don't you?"
"I suspect it's been hard all day in anticipation."
"You're not far wrong."
"Let me ease the need after the kids go to bed, Jeremy, please?"
"Not until the wedding night, Sally. Then you won't be
able to stop me."
"I hate to think how much cream has built up inside
you, baby," she whispered and gave him a sly smile.
They held hands as they walked into the living room to
await the twin's arrival.

Sam couldn't believe what she found on her bed. One
of her baby doll pajamas the one that was almost sheer see through
and without the panties. She gasped aloud and looked everywhere for
the panties. Surely Mummy had dropped them somewhere, she told
herself. But there was nothing else. She knew what she would see
when she held the soft garment up to the light but she did it anyway
and sure enough she could see right through as clear as day. Well
Daddy had seen her naked but Wesley would see everything too when
she came out in this. Oh, how could Mummy make her do this, she
whined silently as she hurried to the bathroom for her shower.

Wesley waited in the hallway until Sam vacated the
bathroom, took his shower and returned to his bedroom. When he
looked for the clothes he was to wear he went pale. Surely she didn't
mean to leave these things, he told himself. Where are my clothes?
These are Sam's and for gosh sakes, he could see right through them.
They're Sam's panties, not mine. He looked everywhere just as Sam
did but all that had been left out was Sam's Baby Doll pajama panties.
Wes wasn't to know between them they wore the full set but it
wouldn't be long before he discovered that.
Almost crying with humiliation, Wes slipped the
completely see-through panties up his legs and struggled to get his
penis under the waistband for they were so small but finally he did so.
A glance at his watch told him time was up and after a quick comb of
his hair he left his room just as Sam came through her door. They
stopped and stared at each other and Sam exclaimed, "Oh, shit," when
she saw her brother wearing her panties.
At the same moment she covered her breasts with her
hands for Wes was staring directly at the exposed mounds. As if a gun
had fired, Sam made a beeline to the living room so Wes couldn't see
her any longer. Wes followed.
"Welcome, Samantha and Wesley," Jerry said the
moment they arrived. "You may stand before us please and I do not
want to hear one word from either of you. Hands behind your back,
Samantha," he added quickly seeing Sam still holding her hands over
her breasts. He smiled inwardly at the action because her vulva was
clearly visible.
He went on. "We will meet every Friday evening to
consider your transgressions for the week and deliver punishments
where we consider it necessary. The worse your disobedience, the
greater the punishments, greater too, the humiliation. I hope you both
feel humiliated standing there as you are, almost naked, but if you dare
think this is as bad as it gets you'd better think again. No, Wesley, you
may not speak," he told the boy when he tried to put his hand in the air
to gain Jerry's attention.
"You both may think us unfair to parade you before
each other in the state you're in but there is another reason for that, not
simply to humiliate you and I will tell you what that is right now. Very
soon your mother and I will begin to teach you everything there is to
learn about the joy of sex, about your own sexuality and about the
sexuality of your partners. We will leave nothing out and it will be far
more detailed and practical than any class you have ever taken at
school. Along with that is our wish for you both to grow up loving
each other like no brother and sister. You will learn to adore each
other in much greater depth than normal siblings, so much that you
will never have a harsh word to say about each other, but simply love
whatever the other does. To carry out that task properly you too will
have no secrets from each other, absolutely none, just as we expect of
you both. So to achieve that, nudity between yourselves will be
common yet never embarrassing."
As he spoke he watched the two youngsters faces as the
truth dawned on each of them. It was incredible to see the disbelief
growing, especially in Sam's mind as his words became clearer. Did
he mean we were going to have sex together, he could imagine her
mind asking. Wes was wondering if all his dreams were about to come
true by the doubtful look of anticipation. Oh, it was incredible the
power he had over them, and over Sally for that matter.
"But more about that later. Right now we need to
discuss more important things like disobedience."
That changed their looks immediately to something near fear.
"Wesley, I have noticed several, no many instances of
questioning, refusal and many hesitations when you were told to do
things. Do you have anything else to add, my dear?" He asked Sally.
"No, at least he hasn't been cheeky or surly but he
definitely challenged many of the things he was asked to do."
"I agree. Wesley, it is my decision that tonight you will
be spanked for your misdeeds, and I hope you realise that what we told
you right at the beginning was exactly what is required of you.
Openness, honesty and obedience, instantly, regardless of what it
means to you personally. No, don't you dare speak or I will double the
penalty. Now slip your girl's panties down and lay over your mother's
knees. Now, Wesley," he snapped when the boy hesitated.
The youngster moved quickly, pushing the panties
down to his ankles and stepping out of then, his face deep red from the
shame of nudity in front of his sister. He looked anywhere except in
her direction. Then he moved to his mother's side, his cock already
hardening quite against his wishes.
"This is your first lesson, Wesley. I hope we don't need
to punish you any further but I would be very surprised if we didn't,"
she said consolingly. Then she pulled him down so his toes were
resting on the floor on one side and his fingers on the other. It was
even worse when his mother made him spread his legs apart and he
was sure Sam could see his cock and balls. In fact she had an excellent
view of his balls but his now almost erect cock was flattened against
his mother's thighs.
He felt her hand caress his bottom, actually squeezing
the cheeks and slipping the edge of her hand into his crease before she
lifted it away. Then for a few seconds that seemed like an hour to the
youngster she waited. When the first smack landed squarely on the
middle of both cheeks he shrieked more with fright that from pain for
it took a moment for the hurt to begin. But rise it did. It really hurt and
he cried out to that effect but by then two more had landed, one on
each cheek. By then a burning sensation began to grow deep inside his
body and he began to sob, screeching with each new smack, then
moaning as the hurt grew worse and worse. Tears flowed and Sally
was becoming quite upset herself as she glanced across to Jerry after
each spank landed. Please tell me to stop, she pleaded with her eyes.
At twelve, Jerry held up his hand and said, "Enough, let the
boy up."
As Sally helped her son to stand Sam let out a gasp of
shock for Wesley's cock was at full erection and showed no sign of
"Yes, Samantha, that is what his cock looks like. No,
look at it, Samantha, don't look away. There are no secrets between
you and Wesley. Wesley, stand before your sister and hold your cock
up for her to see."
The boy looked aghast at his new father but almost
immediately did as he was told. Oh, the humiliation was terrible. How
could he do this? To let his sister see his cock and while it's hard at
that. It wasn't right but then how could he argue? His face was a
combination of wet tears and red blushes. Samantha felt little better
for she didn't want to look at the monstrous thing her brother held in
his hand yet that's what she was told to do, To look at Wes's thing,
which was nothing but obscene.
"Now, Samantha, you too haven't been exactly the
perfect young lady this week. Like Wes, you haven't achieved a clear
record within the three 'O's' rule either. Many times you have
questioned my judgements and I suspect your mother's too. Sally do
you confirm that as well?"
"Yes, she hasn't obeyed instantly and often I had to
explain myself to her. That's just plain disobedience. But maybe she
hasn't been quite so bad as Wesley."
"I agree with that. But she still requires a similar
punishment. Wesley received an even dozen so I thing Samantha
deserves ten spanks, what do you think?"
"Yes, I agree with that, Jeremy."
"Good. Then let the punishment begin. Samantha,
remove the garment, please."
"The whole thing…?" Then she realised what she had
done, questioned again, and immediately divested herself of the small
amount of covering she wore to stand before her brother completely
"Have you ever seen your sister naked before, Wesley?"
"N… No, Dad," he stammered, his eyes roaming
over her secrets and his cock standing upright without even having to
hold it at all.
"Girls are pretty, with their breasts and sweetest
little pussy, don't you think, Wesley?" His father asked.
"Y… Yes, Sir."
"Maybe we can convince her to show you her pussy
more closely after her punishment." Both things; the reference to
displaying her self more and the fact she was about to be punished
made the girl gasp in shock.
"Over my knee, please, Samantha."
"Please… Please don't hurt me, Daddy. I'll be a good
girl from now on."
"Of course you will, and it's twelve spanks now. You
were told not to speak."
He too massaged the girl's bottom and crease and when
he pressed her legs apart, Wesley had a clear view of her vulva and her
bottom hole. Sam knew he did as well and she blushed all the more.
The moment the first spank connected, Sam began to
cry loudly, screaming with each new one and howling pitifully when
the pain began to grow. Jerry landed much harder spanks than Sally
did to Wes so on the count of eight he stopped. All was dead silence
for several moments and as Sam laid still waiting for the next to land
she could feel her father's cock pressing up against her stomach. It felt
like a log of wood, so large and hard it seemed and she wanted to
remove herself away from the obscenity but she dared not.
Finally Jerry told her why he had lessened her spanking
and allowed her to stand. She couldn't stop herself from glancing
down at his erection as she stood and her eyes caught Jerry's as she did
so. He smiled and she blushed.
"Do you think you've learned a lesson tonight, Samantha?"
"Yes, Daddy. I promise I'll be a good girl from now on."
"I'm happy to hear that, Sam, but only time will prove
that, won't it? Instant obedience or next Friday the Punishment will be
much worse."
"Yes, Sir."
"Good, now do you think you could show Wesley what
I promised him?"
She looked at him, slightly stunned but as he hadn't
actually told her to do anything felt safe to ask. "What do you mean,
"I want you to show Wesley how pretty a girl's pussy looks."
Now she had been given a task, vile but a task
nevertheless and she had to obey. Hoping she could get away with just
letting him look, she turned to face her brother and stood still. Wesley,
not wanting to miss anything knelt in front of her to get a better look
but when he heard his father tell Sam to open herself he nearly came
on the spot.
Before his eyes her hands opened her pussy slit wide
apart and he saw the deep coral pink inside, the glistening flesh wet
from her secretions and smelt the musky odor that came to him.
Sam closed her eyes as she stood showing herself off so
obscenely, hoping the time would end, hating her brother, hating her
father, hating her mother for making her do this.
"One day soon, Wesley you might be allowed to
explore her secrets with your fingers."
"Noooo," Sam gasped at the thought.
"You may do it now, Wes, just lightly but you may
touch her pussy. Remain very still, Samantha. It is a punishment."
Then she felt his fingers stroking the edges of her labia,
so gently and soft that a shiver went right up her spine but deep down
she hated it.
"That's enough, son. There will be other times. I think
it's time for bed for you two but before you go I want to see you give
each other a loving hug and a kiss and tell each other you love them."
Would the humiliation ever go away, Sam asked herself
as Wesley slipped against her body, and actually hugged her? There
they stood naked and clasped together, his chest pressing against her
breasts, his cock pressing perilously close to her pussy. Then he pulled
his face back and said, "I love you Sam, thanks for showing me."
Oh, how humiliating. Was she expected to say the
same? Yes, of course she was. Their lips came together and they
kissed chastely until she broke and said she loved him and thanked
him for showing her his thing. That's what she called it and she
blushed when she saw him smile at her description.
"It's called a cock, Sam," he said with a further smile.
"Well, I think that was a very good start to our new
family. Well done everyone. It's bedtime for you children now. Off
you go and no masturbating either one of you, understand?"
"Yes, Dad."
"Oh," Sam gasped then agreed as well.
She wished she could die.

Chapter Twenty Six
The following day was the wedding day. Jerry, who still
lived at his flat, came around early and the morning was spent
preparing things. It was then that the twins learned the only guests
were to be themselves and the minister whom Jerry had arranged.
Sally prepared a wedding feast for five and the rest of the afternoon
was spent enjoying each other's company. Sam thought this had been
the best time she had had in her life. The terrors of the previous night
had vanished as she joined in their frivolities and Jerry was very good
at telling jokes, usually at his own expense. They played board games
and listened to music, not what the twins would have chosen but for
the first time both had sat and actually listened to classical music. And
both had enjoyed the experience.
Jerry explained the significance of being witnesses at
the wedding and they were all comfortable with what was to happen
because except for the minister, there was only themselves present so
there was no reason to be terrified of doing something wrong.
At five o'clock the doorbell rang and Jerry let in a
middle-aged man wearing clerical robes and a wide smile.
He was introduced to Sally and the twins as father
Borack, who made a huge fuss about Sally and how beautiful she
looked. Sally knew this was one of the men she would soon be
offering her body to, a Covenant member and when he whispered as
much to her out of earshot of the children she smiled and said simply,
"I look forward to the pleasure, my Father."
"Maybe today?" He asked slyly.
"Oh, you men are all naughty. Behave yourself before
my soon to be husband kicks your sorry butt."
He laughed loudly.
Sally went to change in her bedroom and Jerry retired
to Wesley's room leaving the twins alone with the Father. It was a
strange feeling for both the twins for they had very little to do with
religion before this.
"Well, my dears, come and tell me about yourselves,"
he said motioning for them to sit on the settee in front of him.
"Now, young man, what is your name and how old are you?"
"I'm fourteen and I'm Wesley but most kids at school
call me Wes."
"And a fine strapping boy you are. Do you have any
"No, not really. I have friends who are girls but they're
not my girlfriends."
"Yes, I understand. Now what is your name, young lady?"
"I'm Samantha but I'm usually called Sam. I'm
fourteen too. We're twins, you know but I'm the oldest."
"Twins? Really? I didn't know that. You're very pretty.
I suppose you have lots of boyfriends?"
"No, none. Daddy says I have to be careful about boys
at my age."
"Yes, very wise too. I hope you know why you have to
be careful?"
"Oh, yes, so I won't lose my… Oh," she gasped as soon
as she realised what she was about to say. "I mean it's because I have
to stay pure." She couldn't stop herself from blushing at saying
something so embarrassing.
"Purity is more important than anything else, Samantha,
you must always remember that and be guided by your father. He's the
one who knows best."
"Yes, Sir," she agreed.
"Oh, you are indeed very pretty, Samantha. Very pretty indeed."
It wasn't what he said but the way he said it that made
her feel uncomfortable but soon her father returned dressed in a black
tie and tuxedo. He bowed deeply and they all applauded.
"Where's my bride?" He asked eagerly.
"I suspect she's asking the same about you," the father
said and placed the three of them for the ceremony. Jerry and Wes
stood on one side of the father and Sam was sent to tell her mother all
was ready.
"Mummy?" She asked tentatively as she opened the door.
"Come in, darling. I'm ready," Sally said with a smile.
She looked absolutely beautiful, in a cream dress that probably
showed too much cleavage, Sam thought but nevertheless her mother
looked absolutely beautiful.
"Oh, Mummy, you look very pretty."
"Thank you dear. Think Daddy will like it?"
"He'd better."
"Well shall we go and get married?"
"That's what we're here for, you not me, I mean."
"I'm glad. I thought you might want to take my new
husband away from me for a moment."
"Oh, you're silly, Mummy," Sam said gleefully as she
kissed her mother's cheek.
"Want to walk me down the aisle?"
"You mean me?"
"Who else?"
"Sure, my privilege," she said with a voice more years
old that she really was.
Sam opened the door and announced the arrival of the
bride then took her mother's arm and they walked the few steps to
their place in front of the Priest.
After giving his bride a quick peck on the cheek, Jerry
stood up straight and faced the Priest too.
"We are here to perform the marriage of Jeremy and
Sally. Does anyone here present object to such a union? There was
dead silence until Sam giggled.
"Be quiet," her mother whispered.
"Do you take this woman, Sally, as your wife and do
you promise to protect her until the day you die or until you wish to
discard her?"
"I do."
Sam couldn't believe the words of his promise but of
course how could she object.
Then to Sally he asked, "Do you take this man, Jeremy,
for your husband? Do you promise to love him with utmost devotion?
Do you promise to obey him in every way, regardless of his demands?
Do you promise to provide him with sexual gratification in any way he
desires, no matter when, where, how or why he desires such attention?
Do you promise to remain faithful to him until you die or until he
discards you? Do you promise all these things?"
"I do," Sally answered without hesitation.
By now Sam was furious at the humiliations her mother
had to agree to whereas Jerry only agreed to protect her until he
discarded her. What kind of one-sided wedding vows were these?
Surely her mother couldn't agree to such nonsense? Yet she clearly
"And now to the children of this marriage, do you
pledge yourselves to your father and mother in absolute openness,
honesty and obedience in all things and in all ways, no matter what is
demanded of you?"
Oh, shit, her father has worded up the Priest, hasn't he?
She had to agree.
"I do," the two chorused together.
"Then I have pleasure in giving to you, Jeremy
Saunders, the body and heart of these three people to do with as you
demand. And my word is spoken," the priest stated unequivocally.
"You may kiss the bride."
Jerry needed no further enticement. He took his wife in
his arms and kissed her ravenously, so deeply it took even Sam's
breath away. She had never seen a man kiss anyone like that before
and wondered if that was the way they kissed when they were away
from the twins. Sam yearned to be kissed just like that in her dreams a
hundred times and now it was happening right in front of her.
"Oh, my," Sally gasped finally as the two parted. "Oh,
Jeremy my love, if that is what this insignificant woman can expect
from now on, I'm the luckiest girl in the world."
"Just part of the bargain," he told her seriously. "I have
much to offer you, darling."
"I have much to give. Now, Daddy, why don't you give
your new daughter a welcoming kiss as well? I'm going to give my big
boy one, too."
She pulled Wes into her arms and kissed him, as she
had never done before, she kissed him with her lips and her tongue and
at last the lad had to break the contact because he was gasping for
breath. "I… I couldn't breath, Mummy," he explained, feeling foolish.
"Then it's time for another," she replied and they
kissed as lovers not as mother and son should. When they parted she
asked, "Do you like the way I kiss you now, Wesley?"
"Yes… Yes, I think so," he replied, blushing deeply.
Then he saw something similar happening to his sister.
Jerry was giving Sam a similar kiss, his lips wide apart,
crushing the young girl's lips to his, his tongue intruding as far as he
could reach into her mouth, fighting her own tongue whenever he
made contact. "That's the only way you are to kiss me from now on,
Sam, understand?"
"Yes, Daddy," she replied, still gasping for breath. Oh,
his kiss was thrilling, a little voice kept telling her.
"Better go and kiss your Mummy too, young lady."
"Come to Mummy, darling," her mother said, holding
out her arms and clasping the young girl in a warm loving hug. Then
she too kissed her daughter as her new husband had just done, a wet
French kiss that sent shivers of emotion running up and down the girl's
backbone. "I want these kinds of kisses from now on too, Sam. Is that
all right with you?"
"I love them, Mummy," she whispered shyly.
"I think it's my turn to kiss the blushing bride," the
Father said as soon as Sam had stepped back. Both children watched
as he took their mother in his arms and kissed her even more
passionately than Jerry had just done. The kiss lingered on for ages
and Sally made no move to stop him. The twins looked on in shock as
the father's hand actually squeezed their mother's breast but again she
allowed him to continue.
When his hand grasped her bottom and pressed her
crotch against his, Jerry stepped in and with a laugh said, "Come,
Father, I have the privilege of tasting her honey-pot first, surely?"
"Oh, sure, Master. She is very beautiful. Firm and
luscious. We are lucky people."
"Indeed," Jerry agreed. The twins thought he was
meaning he was a lucky Priest to be given such liberties but to Jerry
and Sally, they knew exactly what was meant. Sally would soon be the
Priest's just as much as she was Jerry's.
"So, let's celebrate," Sally told them and they moved to
the Dining room where a lavish feast awaited. All manner of seafood,
cold cuts, exotic dishes and fresh fruit greeted them. Wine was passed
around to all, the children included and they were soon a laughing
happy boisterous family, the centre of which, sat Sally and Jerry, who
couldn't keep their hands off each other.
"Now do you want me, my husband?" She asked with a
giggle. She didn't care that all in the room knew exactly what she
"I want to fuck my wife and I will very soon," he
replied with a devilish grin.
"Thank goodness. At last," she sighed and held one of
his hands tightly against her crotch.
"Father, I think it's time to make me ready," she said shyly.
"Ah, my final task, come my child."
He took her hand and they left together.
Sam looked at her father quizzically. "Where are they going?"
"To ready her for the wedding night. The consummation."
"Here? Tonight?"
"Of course."
"But… But I thought you'd go on a honeymoon."
"Maybe we will, one day, but I have commitments at
work and we have you two to consider. So we decided to stay at home
with you. Is that all right, Sam?"
"Yes, but… You'll be doing it… I mean you know, right here?"
"We'll be having sex here, sure. Is that what you meant?"
"Yes, I guess so."
"It's all right, you know. parents have sex in their room
all the time. It's natural."
"I… I guess we can keep our doors closed," Sam said
"You don't have to do that, Sam. All parents try to be
quiet when lovemaking at home. Anyway, tonight won't be a problem
because you and Wes are our witnesses."
"Witnesses? Yes, we were at your wedding, what do
you mean though?"
"Oh, you are witnesses to our consummation as well.
Can't have one of us going around saying the marriage wasn't ever
"You mean…? You mean you want us to watch you…?
When you do it?"
"Of course and who better than our own children.
Besides it can be your first lesson, the ones we're going to teach you
about sex."
"But we can't watch you, Daddy, it's private," the
young girl said in her naiveté.
"Actually, we insist, Samantha," he told her bluntly.
"The father will be present as well so there will never be a question of
consummation in this marriage."
"Father will be there too? Oh, I never realised…" she
began then choked on her words.
"The bride is ready for her husband," the father
announced then returned to the bedroom.
"Come," Jerry, said ushering the twins into the
bedchamber. The lights were dimmed but Sally seemed to be in the
centre of a spotlight as she laid along the middle of the bed. Her
wedding dress had been removed but she still wore something. Sam
had to concentrate because her mind was flooded with many thoughts
but she soon realised her mother was as open as any woman could be.
She wore a crisp white Basque that held her breasts firmly but left then
quite exposed, and held up white silk stockings but there were no
panties so her pussy was also on view. A pussy just like Sam's with all
the hair removed.
Sally was ready for her husband's immediate use, her
legs widely spread and her pussy lips open and glistening. Sam was
sure something had been rubbed into her pussy to make it look so wet
and she wondered just what the father had been doing in here alone
with her mother.
Wesley stood gaping at the sight. Never had he
imagined his mother in such a lurid pose, her sex open and oozing, he
"Come, my husband, make love to me. After all this
time, after all my pleading yet you held firm, now is the time for your
release. Come to me, my dear husband," she almost chanted as she
stretched her open arms eagerly towards him.
The twins watched their father slowly undress in front
of them, they were standing at the foot of the bed, their father to one
side looking hungrily at his new wife, the father standing on the other
side near the bed-head, looking down on the near naked woman.
Jerry showed no sign of embarrassment at all as he shed
his clothes and Sam gasped silently when he removed his boxer shorts
to reveal a monstrous penis curving upwards, far larger than Wesley's
was last night. She watched as her father took the deep purple head
and began to massage it until the surface was glistening just like her
mother's vulva then he knelt between her knees and lowered his cock
until it touched the entrance of the woman's vagina.
Both Sam and Wes from their vantage point looked
directly between their father's spread legs, watching the tip of his
penis push inwards then slowly bury itself deeper and deeper until
with a moan from their mother, he was fully inserted inside her pussy,
the whole ten inches for that is what Sam decided it's length was, deep
inside their mother's pussy.
"Oh, Jeremy, I never believed a man could make me
feel so good. Oh, my, you're so big," she moaned and gave a happy
little giggle as she clasped her heels into his back and pulled his face
down to hers in a lover's kiss. "Fuck me, lover," they heard their
mother moan.
Then he did. Slowly withdrawing then thrusting deeply
making the woman gurgle each time he re-entered. Slowly at first but
soon pistoning in furiously so a ring of foam began to form around the
base of his cock, their mother crying out with what Sam at first
thought was pain but soon became obvious as passion. Sally made no
intelligible words bur cried in ever-louder cries and moans of passion
as his thrusting aroused her very soul. They were witnessing sex
between their parents, something they could never have expected in all
their imaginations.
It seemed to go on and on, by now their mother was
shrieking with every inward thrust, urging Jerry harder and faster and
Jerry began to growl like a cornered dog, deep guttural sounds that
frightened Sam at first until she realised it was his way, probably all
men's way of approaching the final outcome of sex. She had been told
about male ejaculation briefly but never of the passions that came with
Wes just gaped in astonishment but Sam became quite
aroused, the feeling deep inside her pussy, a tickle that she couldn't
"Oh," she moaned softly and Wes looked at her in
surprise. "Sam?" He asked.
"Shhh," she whispered back, watching her parents intently.
She instinctively knew her father was about to
ejaculate. His groans were so loud he was deafening and his jerking
body, that's how the teacher described it, was obvious.
Her mother's body began to shiver then went stiff and a
long loud wailing groan filled the room just before her father climaxed
himself. It all looked so logical to the youngster. They had mated and
he was in the process of pouring his sperm inside her womb. That's
how it had been described. None of the noise and action but she knew.
And she and Wes saw it all. The man's pumping, the long stem of his
cock ripping in and out of their mother's genitals all so clear to them
as they stood stock still at the foot of the bed looking directly between
both parent's wide spread legs. It was as if they were meant to see, she
Then he slumped onto their mother's body and laid
very still for several minutes, both parents gasping for air from their
Sam didn't know what to do. The father remained
totally still, watching the adults, not looking up at the twins as they too
stood very still. The air seemed so thick, steamy almost and the twins
were too frightened to do anything. They weren't even sure if their
parents were in fact all right. Maybe they both had heart attacks, Sam
thought but decided all they needed was time to recover. How long
would that take? She wondered.
Finally Jerry rolled off his new wife and laid beside her
on his back.
"Best sex I've ever had, Sally," he sighed as he leaned
back to kiss one of her nipples.
"Me too," she whispered and reached down to take his
softening cock in her hand. That it was slippery with their juices
mattered not, that her children watched, mattered not. She was simply
satisfied with the world.
"Sam go and get a washer and clean your mother up,
there's a good girl," her Daddy instructed. Sam could see the flood of
white ooze dribbling from her vagina, yet despite never having seen
sperm before, even in a picture, she knew what it was.
"Will I…? Will I get a baby if I touch it?"
"No," her father sighed then smiled at her. "Do it,
baby," he said gently.
And she did. Softly, carefully, she wiped the slime
away, catching more as it oozed out until no more came. It took nearly
fifteen minutes.

Chapter Twenty Seven
After a while Sally called Sam and Wes to her side of
the bed. "Saw a lot tonight, didn't you?"
They both nodded without speaking.
"We wanted you to share our first night together, and
we wanted to show you how wonderful making love to someone you
love, is. Your Daddy is a wonderful lover, believe me, he's a perfect
tutor for you young people. Now, kiss us goodnight and off to bed.
You've had a big day."
Neither parent was capable of giving them the kind of
kiss they had earlier in the day. They were loving kisses, soft and
gentle and a soft stroking of the children's faces then they left. Sam
could think of nothing to say to her brother so they silently retired to
their separate rooms. It seemed like an anticlimax for both, being sent
to their rooms alone, but despite all the excitement of the day they
were soon sound asleep.
They never heard the father leave a little later. Nor did
they hear several more climaxes coming from their parent's room
during the night.

Sam wasn't sure what to do when she woke the next
morning. The scenes of last night flooded back and the memories of
seeing a man's cock thrusting into a woman was as clear as if she was
watching it again. The tingles deep inside arose again and she tried to
force herself from slipping her hand below the sheets to stroke her
pussy. That's what she wanted to do. Should she get up and take a
shower? Would she be waking her parents if she did? Would they
already be up? What did they have in store for her and Wes today?
And every other day from now on, also flowed through her thoughts.
Eventually she slipped out of bed and tiptoed to the
bathroom, making sure not to let the lock click as she locked the door.
She took a quick shower and dried herself then replaced her nightie
and began to sneak back to her room.
"Sam? Is that you?"
"Yes, Mummy," She responded.
"Come in here, dear."
Oh, shit, she whispered to herself.
"Good morning, darling," her mother said with a warm
smile. "Did you sleep well?"
"Yeah, sure," the girl said hesitantly.
"Come and kiss me good morning, darling," her mother
said, holding out a hand. Sam saw her new father snuggled against her
mother and suspected both were naked under the bedclothes. She
walked to her mother's side and leaned over to kiss her.
It was a wet open-mouthed kiss that they were
subjected to after the wedding ceremony.
"Hmm, you smell lovely, darling, have you just had a shower?"
"Why don't you join us, Sam?" Her new father suggested.
"Join you? What do you mean?"
"You know perfectly well what Daddy means. Hop into
bed with us. But you'll have to take your nightie off, we're already
naked," she added with a giggle.
"N… No, it's all right. I'll go and make breakfast,"
Sam mumbled as she stepped backwards.
Her mother gave a little laugh and let her go. "You'll
soon get used to being naked, Sam," she said with a smile.
Sam already suspected they were both doing this for her
Daddy's sake. He was the one who wanted to see her naked. He was
the one who was making her mother say and do these things. He
probably wanted to touch her too. Even have sex… Oh, they couldn't
do that, and the thought made her press her hands over her eyes.
She heard the shower going and soon both parents
joined her at the breakfast table. At least they were both wearing
robes. "Morning, Sam," her father said as he sat down beside her.
"You haven't kissed Daddy good morning, Sam," her
mother reminded her.
Reluctantly she leaned over to peck him on the cheek
but he pulled back and said, "Uh, ah, a proper kiss, remember?"
A proper kiss meant opening her mouth to let her father
stick his tongue inside. It felt awful but she obeyed. After a few
seconds of feeling him explore he pulled back and said, "You too,
Sam. I can't kiss you properly until I feel you doing the same to me."
"You mean… Oh," she cried out softly. Then moved
her face closer and waited until he pressed his mouth against hers. It
was very wet and when she felt his tongue slipping between her lips
she returned the gesture and felt their tongues stroking, fighting as
though it was a battle for supremacy, she thought.
"Very good, Sam, you're learning very well," he
encouraged her with a smile.
Her mother took her hand and said, "We've got such a
thrilling time ahead of us, Sam, and today's Sunday so we've got the
whole day to do things together, as a family."
"What kind of things?" The girl asked doubtfully.
"Well," she said, her eyes glancing towards her new
husband. "Daddy has some videos that he wants you and Wes to see,
we'll start looking at them today and there's lots of things we have to
teach you. It's so important, Sam, really it is. There are some exciting
things that will be happening to all of us very soon and you and Wes
need to be taught so many things beforehand."
"What sort of things, Mummy?" Sam was sure she
knew very well but she wanted to hear it actually said because her
parents had become very adept at saying things without giving any
details at all.
"You know what sort of things, don't you, darling?"
Her mother asked with a conspiratorial look in her eyes.
"I… I'm not sure."
"Yes, you are."
She was being challenged and she began to blush. She
didn't want to say it first. She was quite convinced it was all to do with
sex things and probably things within the family; it was incest. She
had been taught about incest and how it was such a crime and she
should tell her teachers if she was ever confronted with any of her
family wanting to touch her sexually, but she knew if it did happen she
could never report it. What her parents had told her from the outset
about being sent to an institution was enough to stop her divulging
anything to her teachers or the police.
But to actually say it first to her parents, to give away
her thoughts was more than she could bear, despite her promises to be
open and honest.
"You'll be punished for this next Friday, Sam. You
know very well we are going to teach you all about the joys of sex."
Before her mother could go on, Sam gasped at the
thought of more punishment and pleaded with them both. "I'm sorry,
truly I am. I didn't mean to be like that, Mummy. I know you both
want to teach me all about it… about sex. It's just that it's so difficult
to talk about it, Mummy. It's embarrassing."
"You will be punished, Sam, and it will be worse than
the last one. So you'd better learn to stay within the rules. What are
they, Sam?"
"The three 'O's', Mummy."
"At least you remember that much. Well, we can't
waste time, go and get your brother up then we can get on with your

They were all seated on the settee, a bit of a squeeze for
four but the parents soon sorted that problem out by having Sam
snuggle up in her father's arms and Wes was snuggled tightly against
his mother. Daddy, of course, held the remote and soon they saw the
face of a young girl on the television screen.

Hello, my name is Marie-Louise and I'm so
excited that I have been chosen to host this set of private
family videos.

Her face was cute and warm; a wide smile was
genuine and never seemed to leave her face. The twins warmed
to her immediately. Wes felt his cock stirring against his
mother's hip almost immediately
Then she went on:

These lessons have been prepared for young teenagers
like myself, yes if you want to know, I'm fourteen years
old but I've done lots of nice things with my body and
I gave my virginity to a very special person when I was
just eleven. It was so wonderful and I'll always
remember the experience as one of the most special times of
my life. So, because you're watching this it means you have
parents who care for you very much. It also means they are
sitting with you as you watch because that is one of the
important recommendations we make for viewing this series.

Your parents should be present with you so they too, learn or
at least are reminded of the beautiful things young people can
do to their bodies to make them feel happy.

Sex is the most incredible sensation humans
experience when it is done in the right ways and you will soon
learn that for yourselves.

Now I want to firstly talk to the girls who are
watching. If you have a brother with you, don't be
embarrassed; let him watch, for that way he learns to
understand a girl's feelings just as you will when you watch
the boys segments.

Young ladies, have you ever looked at your pussy?

"Oh, shit," Wes gasped.
"Be quiet," his mother told him as she hugged
him a little tighter.

You should, you know. Sit on your bed with a
mirror and take a good close look at the special part of your
body that will soon please you the most. I am going to talk to
you about personal masturbation, that special thing that you
can do to yourself when you don't have a partner to help you.
Some of you have already done this but many girls haven't
even heard about it.

With that she stretched herself out on the
carpet, pulling up her skirt to show she had no panties on and
was also devoid of hair just like Sam.
She went on, Most men prefer girls without hair
down here so I make sure mine is off all the time. Wouldn't
want to upset a man now, would I? So here is my pussy, girls
and boys. Yes, I don't mind if you look. Bet the boys have got
hardons now, she said with a giggle. I like boys with hardons
so go ahead, boys and dream of being alone with me.

"Oh, shit," Wes whispered and his mother gave him
another sharp hug to remind him to stay silent.
Sam was moved too and the way she was leaning
against her father she could feel his cock had got hard too. His hand
that was around her waist when they started, was now gently stroking
her bottom. At least he wasn't trying to stroke her pussy like the girl
had begun to do.

This is all you have to do, girls. Rub your finger
over this little hard knob, it's called your clitoris and before
you know it you'll have tingling feelings running up and down
your spine. Oooh, it does feel good. Go on, you do it, she said
directly into the camera.

Sam blushed at the thought.
"Go on, Sam, do as she says," her mother encouraged her.
"You mean now? Here?"
"Why not?"
"But…? Wesley…?"
"If you don't hurry up I have you doing it in the nude."
Wesley became instantly interested. He sat up and
watched as his sister's hand slipped under her skirt and he saw the
movements that were beyond his view. He loved the way his sister was
blushing, making quick little glances at him as she did her mother's
bidding and he wanted so much to be able to touch his sister just the
way she was touching herself. His cock was rock hard and he wanted
to jerk off from the thoughts he was having.

Oh, it feels so good, Marie-Louise moaned, her
head thrown back as she masturbated. I know I'm going to
come soon, she mused then opened her eyes and spoke into the
camera. Do you feel like that too? Do you think you might cum
soon? Oh, keep doing it. Make yourself cum and enjoy the
feelings sex can give you. Don't worry if someone is watching.
If it were your brother, he'd be jerking off if he was allowed to.

Sam was feeling sexier than she'd ever known, wanting
more and not knowing exactly what but what she was doing to herself
was the most important thing right at this moment. "Oh," she moaned,
copying Marie Louise. "Yes," she hissed between clenched teeth,
"Yes, I want to cum too. Oh, yes, I want to cum." Her hand was
moving fast under her skirt that had moved up her thighs as her
abandonment became greater until Wes was sure he could see her
pussy hairs. Little did he realise Sam had lost her hair just as he had,
but the thought made him all the more excited.
Finally Sam gasped, her body shivered then stiffened as
orgasm shook her very soul, more, much more than she had ever
experienced. She felt her father holding her more tightly, stroking his
hand over her back and bottom as she allowed the joys of the orgasm
to slowly ease. Then she cried, deep sobs of relief, when she realised
everyone in her family had watched as she masturbated herself all the
Her Daddy kissed her on the forehead then moistly on
her lips and she felt his hard cock pressing against the arm that had
fallen between his legs after she had climaxed.
Then their attention was drawn back to the screen.

Have you come yet? She gasped as her hand
moved furiously over her clit until she had an on-screen
orgasm with loud squeals and moans that far outdid Sam's

Oh, god that was good she moaned as she
looked directly into the camera after her body became still
again. Was your orgasm as good as mine? Oh, I love frigging
myself. I do it at least once every day and it keeps me healthy, I
just know it does. There's nothing wrong with making yourself
happy like this and you can do it whenever you feel like it. That
is, unless your parents have forbidden you to cum because
you've been a naughty girl.

If you have had your brother watching as well
he's probably busting to jerk off. Mine was watching while I
made myself happy and I'd like you to meet him. His name is

She motioned for him to show himself and they
saw a boy, obviously younger than Marie-Louise and obviously

Were you looking at me while I frigged myself, Christopher?


You're a naughty boy. I should tell Mummy and
Daddy - they'd spank you if they knew.

Please don't, he pleaded and it looked very real.

Did you jerk off?

I tried but…

But you don't know how, do you?


Then I'll show you. Take your clothes off.

All of them?

Just do what you're told, you silly boy, his sister

So they all watched as this pitiful example of boyhood
began to undress. Sally was pleased to see Wes wasn't very interested
in watching another boy undress but Sam definitely was, her eyes
glued to the screen as he slowly divested his clothes.

Lay on the floor, no on your back, stupid, the
exasperated girl instructed. She was now totally naked after
her masturbating experience but it didn't seem to worry her at

You can look at my titties, Christopher. It might
make your cock a bit harder, she giggled much to his
embarrassment. Then she looked at the screen and with a smile
said, 'Girls should learn how to dominate their brothers and
other boys. After all, we've got what they desire and if we give
it away properly we can make them do anything for the

Then she took his semi-hard cock in her hand
and began to slowly masturbate the boy, softly and gently, all
the while humming a tune that seemed to mesmerize Sam as
she watched. Wesley too became more interested.

Soon the boy was at full length, his cock
seeming too large for his smallish body as his sister continued
the gentle massage of his penis. Soon he was squirming on the
floor and began to moan with deep grunts.

I think I'll stop now, the girl said cruelly and at
the same instant the boy and Sam called out, No!

What will you do if I keep doing it, Christopher?

I'll… Anything. Anything you want.

You'll suck me?


For as long as I want?

Yes, he almost screamed out.

She then began to work faster, jerking his cock
hard each time her hand went up the stem until the boy was
arching his back with every pull of her hand, just his head and
heels touching the floor. It wasn't long before streams of sperm
flew into the air to land over both their bodies and in several
places on the carpet.

He had no sooner finished when the girl herself
laid over on her back, her legs splayed widely, obscenely,
facing the camera. Now you have to suck me until I cum twice,
she demanded. The boy was still trying to regain some form of
composure as his head began to kiss and lick her breasts but
she soon pushed him down to her crotch and he began to lick
her vulva, leaving wet glistening patches over the area.

By now the camera angle had changed to a
close-up shot of just his face and her vagina and Wes and Sam
could see his tongue wetting her slit and pressing inside from
time to time.

My clit, stupid, you know that's where you have
to lick. Do it.

Yes, Marie-Louise, he answered and went about
his task with more gusto. He had obviously been well trained
and had carried out this task before.

Marie-Louise then faced the camera and said
with a smile, well, girls, if you have a brother with you you'd
better start pleasing him. No time like the present. But make
sure he returns the favour.

The screen went blank.

"I guess the time's come, Sam," her mother
said, pushing Wes upright as she stood up.
"You mean…? To Wes?"
"Right now. Daddy wants a video of your first time, so
there's no time like the present."
"You mean Sam's going to jerk me off?" Wes asked dubiously.
"Does it make you excited?"
"I… I suppose so," he admitted and they could all see
the tent in his dressing gown.
"Undress, Sam. Stop being so bashful, he's seen
everything you've got already, for goodness sake. Just use this time to
learn about sex properly. We'll be here to guide you through."
By now, Jerry had the camera on a tripod and was
taping the girl's embarrassment as she began to remove the baby-doll
pajamas and her mother made sure she was facing the camera at the
appropriate times. Wes too, removed the robe to show his naked self
underneath. At his mother's direction he laid out on the large ottoman
and Sam knelt beside him.
She tentatively reached out her hand to take hold of his
cock for the first time, flinching at the first touch then grasping it
"You don't need to choke it, Sam," her mother
suggested, then instructed her to begin to move her hand up and down.
"You can cum when your ready, Wesley. Just enjoy what your sister is
doing for you."
He came almost immediately, spurting straight up in
the air to land back on his legs and stomach. Sam seemed to realise
she shouldn't let go and was amazed at the power that surged through
his cock with each spurt of spunk. She saw for the first time, the thick
globules of sperm that fell back over his body and her own hand and
arm and watched fascinated as they began to trickle downwards, like
thick glue, she thought.
Wes gave one final moaning gasp, the shuddering and
tenseness eased and he lay as though unconscious on the leather
"Mummy…?" Sam asked in a frightened voice.
"Let him rest for a moment, baby. You did very well at
your first attempt. I know he enjoyed it. What about you? How do you
"Me? Oh, O.K. I guess. It was… It was surprising, how
hard his thing got when he shot his stuff out… Oh, it was exciting,"
she had to admit.
"And now it is your turn to enjoy the feelings in your
body. Wes, you know what to do, I take it?"
"You mean…? You mean lick her… Her fanny?"
"I mean make love to your sister with your lips and
your tongue, young man."
"But she… She pees from there."
"And she's had a shower."
"Yuk," the boy said with distaste.
"You will regret that remark, Wesley, next Friday."
"Mummy, I can't… How can I lick her cunt, it's filthy."
"You really don't learn do you? You'll be a very sorry
boy, Wesley, believe me. Now are you going to give your sister the
same pleasure you watched on the video or will I begin your
punishment right now?"
"I… I will, Mummy, I'll be good." He was whimpering
now, both at the thought of having to lick his sister's wet fanny and the
thought of what he had just earned for himself next Friday night.
Sam replaced him on the ottoman, blushing furiously
when her mother opened her legs wide apart to give Wesley a close-up
view of her secrets. At the same time her Daddy was moving
around to record every detail of her exposure and that felt worse than
letting Wes see her like this. She felt the coolness between her legs
and was sure she was quite wet. Oh, it's so humiliating, she cried
silently to herself. But the alternative was another beating.
Then her mother actually pushed Wes's face into her
crotch. She flinched then felt the softness and a shiver went up her
Wes saw the glistening labia parted just inches from his
face and his cock grew hard instantly. The musky odour rose to his
nostrils and it was as though he had no mind of his own. His only
desire was to press his mouth to this coral pink flesh and ravage the
one person he had dreamed of so often. No one else knew of his
desires and yet now, here it was forced upon him. Forced, he queried
his mind incredulously. Oh, not forced; this is my dream come true, he
told himself as his lips met his sister's warmth.


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