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Archived Sex Stories

Trap of Desire


the trap of desire
by catspawvp

Desire wandered its domain like a cat. It had been frustrated since
Dream and Death kept messing up it's games. "There must be some way I
can get AT them. Some way to make them leave me alone."

Desire thought on this a long while, then she smiled as an idea started
to form.


If you asked anyone if Death liked what she did most would say yes.
She always tried to be compassionate to those she helps along the road
between life and death. Today wasn't to busy a day for her. It was sunny
and pleasent around the world and people weren't so malicious or
depressed. Oh yeah car accidents, robberies gone wrong and other things
still kept her busy, but not as busy as winter or long bouts of rain or
even halloween.

She decided to walk amoung people today to see how things were going.
She visited hospitals and car shops, churches and drive-in's, bowling
alleys and bars. It was at a bar she met a lady. Since she was there to
chat she decided to walk over and talk.

As it turned out the lady was a lesbian who had just been dumped by her
lover and was in the bar they used to come to when they dated. Death
nodded and listened as the lady taled about the good and bad they went
through. She really felt bad for her.

"I wish someone would just love me for who I am, not who they want me to

Death nodded. "What would you like in a lover Jackie?"

Jackie thought a moment then shrugged. "I don't know. Someone to listen
to me and be there with me at night. Someone who will be there in he
morning and kiss me before they leave for work."

Death thought a bit. She liked Jackie a lot and it had been centuries
since she had been with a lady for companionship. Maybe it was time to
treat herself.

She looked at Jackie. "Mind if I stay over tonight?"

Jackie was a little stunned. She liked this lady yeah, but she didn't
even know her name. ~Ah hell,~ Jackie thought,~ya only live once.~

Jackie and Death went back to her place. The apartment wasn't to bad.
Death had learned that Jackie was a cook in a fancy restaraunt so she
made decent money there. ~That's the problem~ Thought Death. ~I don't
get paid for my job.~

She looked around as Jackie went and changed for the night.

"Do you like it?"

Death turned to see the lovely lady in a red silk see-thru dress. A bit
startled Death was thankful she was by the couch since she shakingly sat
down on it.


Jackie grinned. She was 5'7 brunette with deep brown eyes and a figure
that a artist would give his talent to make.

Death looked at her. She was one of the most beutiful women she had seen
in Earth's existance.

Jackie sat next to her. She leaned over and let her hand roam through
Death's hair.

"So what's your name?"

Death almost panicked. She couldn't very well blurt out Death, she'd be
taken away. Think damnit girl THINK! What was my name last time I was

"Didi." Death blushed a bit.

Jackie grinned and lifted her face up. "Welcome home Didi."

Death relaxed herself as Jackie Kissed her. It was so delicate and
gentle. She felt herself get excited when Jackie started exploring her
body. Jackie leaned down and sucked on her breasts almost sending eath
to orgasm then. God it had been to long.

Death did manage to turn the tables on her and gave her a hickie that
would take a month to heal. Eventually the two made their way into
JAckies room where they lay down next to one another and found many ways
to get off into the night.


Death laid down with her new lover and fell asleep fullfilled for the
first time in almost 1000 years.

When she awoke she smelled cigarette smoke. Death looked over to see her
younger Sibling Desire.

Covering herself up she hissed at her. "What are YOU doing here?!"

Desire chuckled. "Am I not a creature of lust dear sister? I'm simply
admiring the aftermath of your little fling. Incidentally how was Jackie
for you? I found her a bit on the odd side myself."

Death started to boil with hate. "You didn't..."

Desire smirked."No...but I was here when you did. Lets just say I wont
tell the others your breaking the code by touching a mortal and you stay
out of my games."

Death frowned. She knew she had been setup, but she also knew that
Jackie was just another plaything to Desire, even though she meant a lot
more now to Death.

"Ok, until Jackie dies and comes to my Realm, I will stay out of your
affairs IF you keep mine quiet."

"Done." Desire said and vanished in a puff of smoke.

Death clammered out of bed to get dressed and found a note from Jackie.


Hope you are still here when I get back. I feel like I've ben reborn.
I love you.


Death smiled and sat. She could find a job or something, lord knows
there is enough of her to do her job as Death and be here for Jackie to.

This could work. It'll take time, but she will make it work. For
Jackie's sake she will.

trap of desire pt. 2

by catspaw

Didi/Deathhad been living with Jackie a month now. She had gotten a job working at a clinic as a nurses aid. Desire had been watching their relationship and could help but snicker at how some of the chips fell.

One afternoon Desire decided to have fun with her sibling. Jackie had left for work and Didi was home for the afternoon, so Desire came in through the gallery Death had put up in her room.

Didi and Jackie had a 3 bedroom place. One was Jackie's opne was Didi's and the other was where they spent many pleasent nights together.
Didi and Jackie mostly used their rooms for when they were home alone. Death used hers to think and keep a eye on her realm. It seemed that there were still enough sdhadows of her to allow her to live this life. She on occasion visited Dream and talked. Not suprisingly he told her she's better off being out of a relationship. Even Destiny has warned her that she will be tested by this relationship. She sighed and sat in her room thinking about that. What happens when Jackie ages and dies like all mortals? Or what if she gets killed in a accident?

"A lot of thinking in a relationship isn't there sis."

Death loioked up to see her Sibling Desire. Desire had taken female form as she had been lately when talking to Death. Death was't shocked to see her there, of everyone she had been talking to Desire the most.

"Yeah it is. I wish I knew i would not miss her when she dies, but I miss her when she leaves for work. I know she'll be back, but it dosen't help any."

Desire lit a cigarette and nodded. "A lot of times sis that's the way it is. I could help you get through it easier if you want."

Death looked at Desire oddly. Desire had changed. She was wearing a silk nightgown and looking into the eyes of Death. Death started to feel warm. She had never allowed herself to be affected by Desire's gift. Since she was one of the 2 oldest of the 7 she could tune out the other 5's gifts if she wished to, for some reason he didn't.

As if readfing her thoughts Desire leaned over to her and whispered "its called lust my sweet sister. Now I've trapped you."

Death felt Desire's hand against her breast and didnt try to hide the moan. Desir was right, she was now Desire's plaything.

Desire looked at her new toy with a wicked grin. Death could feel her own Desire burning. She needed release and needed it soon.

Desire grins "Well I'm not going to be ble to help you if your dressed sis."

Death blushes and starts to take her tank top off. As her breasts come out from under the shirt Desire dives and starts licking her nipple. Death gasps and throws her shirt off falling back on the floor. Desire grins and licks around her nipples watching her sibling squirm.

"oh I'm going to have fun with you."

Death wimpers as Desire unsnaps her pants and pulls them and her panties off. Desire lets her nails trail along Death's thighs and follows it by tracing her tounge along Death's clit.

Death shivers. Desire gigles "Man i got you bad, but if I'm going to help you, you need to help me." Wtih that Desire positioned herself so she was in a 69 with her sibling. Death leaned up takingin the sweet smell of Desire. Desire leans down and caresses Death's thighs with her hand, while her tongue goes over her clit.

Death moans and sits up enough to bury her face in Desire's muff and starts licking away. Desire bites her lip and grins. "That's a we're getting somewhere."

Desire leans up and slides 3 fingers deep in Deaths cunt. Death pulls away to yell in pleasure as Desire fingers her sibling. Death sucks on a finger and hisses "let's see how you like it" Death pluges a finger deep in desires ass and the two finger each other for several minutes before climaxing.

Death rolls over on her stomach and hears a giggle. "if you think i'm passing up that your nuts." Death smiled expecting to to get desires tounge again. She didn't see Desire change to a man, and worse for her he was going for her ass.

Death felts Desires cock in her and gapsed. before she could struggle desire grabbed her and fell down, his cock going deep inside her.

"now then let's see how you like men." Desire pumped inside her hard and death could feel Desire's manhood in her. Desire fucked hard listening to Deaths moans of pleasure. Desire decides its time to finish it's trap.

Desire slides his cock out of the exhasted Death and says "now time to complete my hold on you." Death wearily looks over as Desire slides into her cunt.

Desire knew she had orgasmed and took full advantage of her state. He punded away inside her and listened to her beg to let her come again. "oh you will" Desire traced a finger up her spine. When he reached the bas of her neck she felt ready to explode. Dessire grabed her hair and yanked back. That sent Death over the edge. Desire allowed himself to come with Death insuring his victory with her was complete.

After a couple of hours Death felt strong enough to get showered and dressed, though her t-shirt was a bit worse for wear. She saw Desire and asked why it had done this.

"because you are always trying to stop me from my games when you had never been a part of one." Desire started to fade "oh and sis? you might want to check to see if your pregnant, I know you will be."

Death collapsed as a laughing Desire faded away. She tried to call Desire back, but to no avail. She took the gallery down, not wantiong to talk and locked herself in her room was Jackie going to take this?

trap of Desire pt 3

Death had retreated to her realm wondering how she would handle being a parent. Of all the things she had rhought would happen in her existance, being a mom never even came into mind.

She needed to talk to someone who knew about Desire and how her Sibling worked.

She decided to visit Delerium. Since before her change she was Delight and, though it was never said, she and the rest of her family knew the two had something going on then.

Delerium was in her usuall of the wall mood, but managed to calm down long enough to show her elder sister to a table and offer her something to eat.
As Death told her what Desire had pulled she noticed Del becoming more calm, perhaps some memories of Delight taking over?

"It sounds like our sibling has the hots for you sis, though don't hold your breath on Desire ever admitting it." Del said.

"Did Desire ever act this way toward you though?"

Del laughed "oh yeah many times. remember i was, and still am at times Delight. Ad some people think the ultimate delight is sexual, so i needed a partner. Desire seemed the best since i could not only make them feel Delight, but Desire the feeling again with such a flame i couldn't make myself."

Death looked a bit shocked. Del laughed.

"come now sis you didn't think i was a virgin did you?" Death nodded.

"well let me see if I can shatter that idea"

In a blink Death found herself naked and tied up with Del next to her.

"you forget in her my wishes are paramount. what i want i get."

Del leaned down and licked the nipple of her sister as her fingers traced along Deaths belly toward her thighs. Death moaned and shudderd. Del had been tought well by their sibling. Del tourtured her breasts until her delicate hand found its way carefully up Deaths inner thigh to her cunt.

"time to play my game now."

Del slid her hand into Death's cunt and started fisting her sister. Death struggled against the bonds pleading with del to no avail. Del smiled as Death climaxed painfully. Del pulled out her hand and slipped a vibrator inside Death.

"Im going to clean up for a bit...have fun"

She left Death pleading as she turned the vibrator on high and walked off.

Death had never felt so much pain and pleasure at one time. her body convulsed and shoock with more orgasms both large and small than she could count.

She was about to pass out when Del came back.

"now you see what being with Desire is like" she whispered yanking the vibrator from her sister and carrying her limp body back to her realm.

trap of desire pt 4

Death woke up to find herself back in her realm. She was still naked and by now quite cold. She tried to stand and found that she was still tied in Del's bonds.

"having a little trouble?"

Death looked up to see Desire and Del looking down at her. the two were grinning as they sat next to the helpless Death.

"well Del it looks like we have a new toy to play with. Shall we see how it works?"

Del nodded and the two leaned over kissing Death and letting their hands carress her body.

Death didn't know how much she could take of this. Del had run her pretty ragged and now she had Desire as well. She felt them massage her breasts at their own touch and speed and felt flush as she started to get hot with lust.

Del broke this habit first as she licked her way down to one of Deaths nipples and started flickering her tounge over it. Death moaned as she felt 3 hands now on one breast and Del's other hand making it's well known way to her crotch.

Desire grinned at Dels wandering hand and stopped it. "thats my department for now." Del looked with a small pout, untill she saw desire part Deaths weary legs and start licking her abused crotch.

Death started panting as she tried to get free of her bonds. She coulnd't understand why she had remained tied. This was her realm and she couldn't get untied, or didn't she want to get untied?

She started struggle more as del switched nipple on her. gently massaging the already tender one and licking the fresh one. Desire saw this as a opening to slide a finger deep into her. Death gasped and tried to buck her way free.

"looks like we have a horse to break in." With that they stopped and rolled death on her stomach. her crotch was embarrasingly sticking up and her two captors took no time working on it.

at first they booth went for her cunt. Death could feel their tounges flickering, gliding and probing everywhere. It was all she could do just to stiffle moaning since she stopped denying her enjoyment. When desire sensed this he slid his shaft into her. Del had slid under to keep her braced and resume licking her breasts. Death was trapped and she knew it.

She yelllled for hem to slow down but that just made Del gigle as she started sucking hard on Deaths tender flesh. Desire pulled out of Deaths cunt and when she though her ass was next she heard Del whimper.

Desire started making love to Del as he had done to death earlier. Death could feel Dels body jerk with every thrust Desire made. Death was panting now and wimpering wishing someone would make love to her as she felt Delt bite down on her breast and shake in orgasm.

Desire grinned and pulled out of Del. "feeling better?" Del nodded. she got up on her knees and they both looked at Death. Before she could breathe Desires shaft was in her ass and Del was eating her out. Death screamed out and trieed to get away. Desire thrusted hard and deep as del massaged and fingered her sibling licking up every bit of juice she could.

Death orgasmed and tried to use the viloent shaking of her body to break free of her ropes. Del noticed this and in a thought the ropes were gone. Death collapsed. Desire slid out of her and the two sat back waiting for her to recover. Death had fallen into the trap of Desire and now the fun would begin.

Death came to after some time had passed to see the two grinning at her.

"enjoying yourself?" Desire asked.

"Why are you two doing this?"

"Well gee, it couldn't be because your lil miss stuck up, couldnt get laid with a false dick could it? you need to lighten up. we felt if your were free of some inhabitions you may actually be bearable to be around."

Death was enraged. she had been used and abused and impregnated just so she would be a little more fun?!

while she was raving she saw Del conjured up a trackman with handcuffs on it. Del and Desire grinned to the puzzlement of Death.

They walked over to a wary but still weak Death. Desire held Death still while Del inserted a couple of motion eggs ((they massage the inner walls of a womens cunt when she walks causing orgasm)) inside death and then handcuffed her to the machine.

Death wasn't stupid she wasn't going to walk with those eggs in her. Del had planned on that though and pushed a button. To Death's dismay the track started moving and like it or not she had to walk to keep from falling. She could Feel the eggs massaging her walls and started to pant a bit.

"you know sis,"Desire said to Del "i dont think she's motivated enough. Tell ya what sis...if you can run that machine into the ground well let ya join in."

Del turned up the speed on the machine and Del and the now Female Desire got into a 69 in a way Death could see every move they made. she started to run to try and beat the machine. she could feel the orgasms build and fire inside her again and again with her only with getting inbetween Desire and Del.

She could smell the smoke of the trackbelt burning as she saw Del come and bury her face into the ruthless Desires crotch. As she heard it snap and break Desire came and all three collapsed.

Desire and Del took Death of the Device and removed the eggs. They left her
there to think.

Death moped around her realm for a while recovering from the assult from Del and Desire. She thought of the new life inside her and decided to try telling Jackie what had happened.

After a shower and making her way back to what we percieve as reality she found that Jackie had left and taken some of her stuff with her.

She had left a note to Death...

~I dont know where you are or what happened between us but I have a emergency at home. Maybe when I come back you'll be here and we can talk.~

Death sat down feeling out to her other selves. The "emergency" was that her grandma was on her deathbed, though she gussed know one knew that since she wouldnt die for another day or so.

She got up and cleaned around the apartment before she found that there wasnt much for a human to do.

It was then that she decided to watch a video. Jackie had a small stash in the cabinet under the TV, so Death pulled one out and popped it in.

If she wouldnt have been sitting down, she would've fallen down. She saw Desire making love to her. She wanted to eject the tape but found herself turned on by it. As the tape progressed she found herself not only feeling massaging her brests through her t-shirt, but one of her hands had slipped its way down into her jeans. She moaned almost in time with herself on the tv as she masturbated to the "home movie" she didnt know exsisted. As she climaxed the tape returned to normal. She crashed hard being snapped from fantasy to reality.

Ejecting the tape and putting it back she went and decided to take a bath as she had made a mess of herself again.

She had just gotten relaxed when she felt hands on the back of her shoulders.

"MMMM....welcome back Jackie"

"I'm afraid it ain't Jackie hon..."

Death sat straight up almost slipping in the tub. Desire was behind her naked as a newborn.

"How did you like our video?"

Death blushed and HMPHED sitting with ber back to Desire. This only provoced Desire more.

"Come now sis. You know I don't give up."

Desire moved it's hand across Death's chest massaging her nipples gently. Death moaned and it was then that she felt someone else around. She stood up to see Del, the young lady had her lips clamped on Deaths clit and was sucking on it like as sucker.

"We win."

Desire knelt down and stuck a finger in Deaths nethers as Del probed and sucked her cunt. The two tormentors kept Death at bay long enough to be unaware that not only was Jackie home but on her way to the bathroom. When she walked in on the trio she started to get hysterical before Desire walked over to her.

"Come now...dont mind us...we're family."

Jackie looked into Desire's eyes and melted as Deathed looked dreamily on feeling Del's tounge work her over.

Desire stripped Jackie gradually of her clothing, reassuring and turning her on subtly.

"now that the niceities are over...time for play"

Del moved like a cat. She grabbed Death as Desire grabbed Jackie. They tied to two chest to chest so they were face to face.

Then they moved them to the bed.

It was there that Desire truely won. They threw the two down so Jackie was on top. Desire assmued male form and Del started suckling his cock as her masturbated Jackie all the time telling her how he was going to make her his. Death and Jackie both begged to be let go even though Death knew it was no use, and when Desire's cock was hard, despite protest he penetrated Jackie.

Jackie yelled and cried trying to get Desire to stop as Death shouted at her sibling, but the conflict only seemed to fuel Desire more. Death's shouts to Desire were interupted when Del started fondling her again. Despite her attempts to maintain composure she started moaning. Jackie looked at her lover helplessly, begging her to snap out of it as Desire raped her.

As Death's orgasms built she started to squirm and in doing so made Jackie's ordeal even worse since now Desire was foreced to penetrate at odd angles. Jackie came hard and loud and painfully...Desire decided they had been through enough for now, from them anyway.

Desire locked the front door and unplugged the phone.

"Since you like humans so much sister it's time to die as one."

She gagged both Jackie and Death. Untieing them only long enough to tie them back up the same way to the bed. Desire then plugged two butterfly vibrators into the wall.

Clamping them securly to the women, she smilled as she turned them on.

"See you back home."

Del and Desire dissapeared to painiced muffles from the women as they're bodies shuddered and ached from the orgasms they were feeling.

Two days later a 911 was called in from Jackie's mom. She had gone home to get some clothes and hand't been seen since and they couldn't reach her.

When thee police reached the locked door they noticed a note.


I have tken a trip to try and deal with whats happening with grandma...will be back soon.


Case closed.

The police left. In the apartment two bodies quivered, the only life evident was from a occasional spasm of extasy.


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