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Trip to Slide Rock 2 mg tease mast



{m/g, Touchie feelies, exhibitionism. mast.)

By Typoman

Edited by

Do not repost this story without my header. Do not remove my name from
this story.


Larry Sanderson

My stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual encounters. Various
ages from adult to children may be described in sexual acts, either willing
or coerced. If you are not of legal age to read or adult material, close
this file. If you are offended, or even think that you might be offended
by reading material such as this then go find something else to read. By
continuing to read this material, you have agreed that you are of legal age
and material such as this is legal to have in your possession.

A word about fantasy: My stories are just that, a FANTASY! They might
contain a thread of an old childhood memory, or just be the brainchild of
my fertile imagination. If you like to read stories like mine then more
power to you! However, if you find yourself seriously contemplating
abusing an innocent minor, then go seek help. Our children are our future.
Don't start (or continue) the cycle of sexual abuse. Enough said, on with
the tale.

"Whoa Pam!" I said with a smile. "Looks like you got a bit of wear
going on to the back side of your cutoffs!"

Pam twisted her lithe young body in an attempt to see the extent of the
damage. Her fingers explored what her eyes couldn't see. "Is it really
all that bad Charlie? This is all I brought with me to swim in."

"Hang on and let me get a closer look."

I picked my way across the stream that ran between the two of us. Three
days earlier I had to give my mom a call from Payson to my best friend Dan
and I a ride back home. We had ridden our 10 speed bikes up on top of the
Mogollon (pronounced moogy-yon) rim and that was where I bent the rear rim
on my bike. The dreailer had caught in a spoke after a thrilling glide
from the top of the rim and by the time the two of us made it back to
Payson it was obvious that our bike trip was at an end. We had planned on
meeting Dan's family at slide rock on our bikes but instead we rode in
their station wagon from Mesa. It was one hell of a memorable trip. While
staying overnight in Show Low we met a girl that lived in a house close by.
I broke out the bottle of Erza Brooks whiskey that I had stolen from the
liquor closet at the restaurant that we both worked and the three of us got
shit faced. If it weren't for the girl's little brother making her go back
home Dan and I might have finally gotten our first piece of ass. Back in
1971 the towns up in the rim country were nothing but wide spots in the
road and the kids up there had nothing to do but to get drunk and fuck.

Dan and I were both 16 or there about and were going to start our junior
year in high school that fall. Pam was going to start sixth grade and
Melanie the fifth. As I stated in the first part of this story, Pam was a
very fun and outgoing girl. The two of us had been playing sexual cat and
mouse with each other for quite a while and for the most part I was the one
that chickened out and stopped.

Our two families had been next door neighbors ever since 1964 and Dan
and I were best friends. How can a basically honest teenage boy play
touchy feely with your best friend's little sister?

Hormones and an almost constant erection will make a boy do just about
anything at times. At one moment I stopped myself because I saw Pammy as
my surrogate little sister. But then other times....... Maybe it was
because Pam had sprouted the cutest little pair of titties and a butt to
die for. She had also gone through a growth spurt was taller too. When
Pam and Melanie were little squirts their hair was so blonde that it looked
almost white. In her one-piece swimsuit, the bulge from her vulva and
labia was just too enticing for me and my eyes had a bad habit of lingering
there for too long and too often.

How do I describe the sexual openness of the members of that family without making them sound like perverts? The three oldest brothers didn't
masturbate at all. Me and my two older brothers did it almost all the
time. They knew how we were and didn't hold it against us. You could tell
by the way they talked that it just wasn't something that they did. They
weren't denying the fact. As a matter of fact I can remember Tim telling
my older brother that he had the worst case of blue balls after a date and
he almost broke down and jacked off. Did Pam and Melanie diddle
themselves? I tend of doubt it. The way I look at it I think the oldest
brother Mark (who was a bit strange) never spanked his monkey so the
younger brother followed his example. Both Mark and Tim wanted to stay
virgins until they were married. My friend Dan wasn't so sure about the
staying virgin idea and ended up having sex before he was married. He did
marry the girl that he broke his cherry on. Tim waited until he was
married and Ned was such a ladies man that girls fell all over themselves
to get into bed with him. None of the members of their family did the
sexual exploration with each other like what happened between my brothers
and I. I never asked any of them about whether they did or not because I
just knew the very thought was insulting to them.

I guess the best way to describe Pamela is to say that once she
discovered that she had this brand new pussy, she wanted to see how the
darn thing worked. No she wasn't a junior slut in the making, but she both
liked and trusted me so whatever I wanted to do was perfectly okay as far
as she was concerned. Through some unspoken word Pam knew that I wouldn't
even try fuck her.

So there I was jumping from rock to rock so that I could see just how
badly worn the seat of her britches had gotten from sliding down the
smoothly eroded granite at Slide Rock.

Pam giggled and turned her butt towards me invitingly. "What do you
think Charlie?"

Now there was an opening that I just couldn't let pass. While my eyes
beheld two little patches of pink butt flesh in the middle of the larger
holes in the butt of her cutoffs, Pam's words echoed in my brain. She
could have asked me "How bad is it Charlie?" but she didn't.

I said, "Well I like the color of your panties Pam if that's what you
want to know. I like the two other little holes too."

Pam reached behind her and felt each of the holes with her fingers.
"They don't seem so tiny to me! If mom sees me like this she'll make me
get out of the water for sure!"

I smiled at her. "Those aren't the ones I'm talking about. Here I'll
show you what I mean."

I couldn't have asked for a better situation. Like a dumass, my red haired and fair skinned best friend Dan had gotten sunburned when he went
without a tee shirt and was nowhere around. The only other family member
around was Pam's little sister Melanie and she was at the bottom of the
slide area. I knew that she wouldn't say anything anyway if she saw me
doing what I was planning to do. If that were the case she would have said
something when I had lifted up the back of Pam's tee shirt and unclasped
the back of her bra a month or so ago.

There were plenty of other people around but they were strangers and
they didn't count. Pam was watching as I took a finger and headed towards
her butt. I went slow enough to give her time to stop me, but she didn't.
I brushed my finger across her panties, going right across the small finger
sized hole where her flesh was exposed.

Pammy sucked in her breath as her body straightened in reaction to the
feeling of my flesh upon hers.

"OH!" she said as her hands moved to cover her naked flesh upon their
own volition. "God Charlie! Why didn't you tell me that my butt was
hanging out for the whole world to see!"

"I thought that's what I just did Pammy. Besides, your butt's too cute
to hang out."

"Charlie!" Pam put her hands on her hips and gave me a half-worried but
encouraging smile. "It's everyone else that I don't want seeing my butt!
Not you!"

PING! I might have been very young and inexperienced, but there was no
way to misinterpret what my best friend's little sister had just said to
me. Our eyes met and locked for a moment before Pam's face took on a
delightful shade of crimson. I could see that she realized that she had
gone just a little bit farther than she had planned on. There was a very
pregnant pause between the two of us and after a moment she nervously tried
to cover her exposed derriere. I had been enjoying looking at how her
smallish nubbins filled out the bikini top that she was wearing for most of
the afternoon, but my chivalry came through.

"Here Pammy. This oughta do the trick." I said as I pulled off my tee

I turned my shirt right side out and held it out by the bottom, hoping
that she would allow me to help her put it on. Pam gave me one of her
winning smiles and took a step towards me. The gleam in her eyes combined
with her smile and told me that she not only knew what was in my mind. She
also approved of the idea. Pammy held her arms out in front of her so that
I could thread them through the armholes. When that was done she reached
for the sky and I pulled my tee shirt over her body. After we got her head
through the neck hole I held my breath and made my move.

"There you go Pammy. Now nobody's gonna be scope'in you out okay?"

As soon as I finished my last sentence, I slid my hands her sides. My
fingers curled innocently around her back, but my thumbs were spread out.
As my hands slipped downward my thumbs moved over the soft roundness of the
sides of her breasts. When I stopped, my fingers were lightly curled over
the tops of her butt cheeks. Pam responded by pressing her body against
mine. Her flat belly was pressing against the bulge from my erection. We
looked into each other's eyes once again.

Pam's eyes were begging me to bend down and kiss her, but the disparity
of the height between the two of us made me falter. If only she would have
been an inch or two taller I could have mustered up the courage to do it.
After all, she deserved a kiss for allowing my hands to roam over her

"Oh GROSS you guys!" Melanie piped up from the opposite bank. "What if
Mom or Dad sees you two doing that!"

Fortunately for me I had just decided to go ahead and give Pam a kiss
before her little sister interrupted us. I had begun to bend my head down
and Pam had raised up on her toes when we were interrupted.

As I straightened up Pam said, "Go away Mel! Nobody asked your opinion

Pam never took her eyes off mine when she told off her little sister.
She was silently asking me to give it another try, but I had lost my nerve.
When Melanie said, "Oh yeah? I just bet mom will have a cow when I tell
her what you and Charlie's been doing!" I tore my eyes away from Pammy and
d cold shiver ran up my spine when I saw Melanie standing defiantly with
her hands on her hips across the stream from us. I could see my best
friend Dan kicking the shit out of me and I wouldn't be able to raise a
hand to defend myself out of guilt. Out of the corner of my vision I saw
Pam turn her head towards her little sister. The look that Melanie
received made her bravado wilt. Pam had also pulled her body away from
mine, but that was long after I jerked my hands away from the curves of her
butt. My heart began to settle back into its normal rhythm after I
realized that Melanie was only bluffing.

Pammy grabbed my hand. "C'mon you guys let's go slide some more!"

As soon as Pam had got me moving she let go of my hand. As I followed
her down into the cold water a wave of relief flooded my brain. I realized
that if I had actually kissed my best friend's little sister, it could have
ruined the whole thing between Pam and I. One kiss could have easily meant
to her that we were now boy and girlfriends. I could have gotten a whole
lot more feels when the situation allowed, but there would have been
strings attached. I could just see Pam wanting to bring our new
relationship out into the open and that would have been disastrous for me.
I told myself that feeling up my best friend's six-year-old little sister wasn't nearly as bad as kissing her while I was doing it. There was no way
that I would intentionally hurt her feelings. I envisioned myself giving
her the brush off and knew that I would never do that to her. The three of
us made one last slide down the stream and then had to stop. The Mossy
rock, although quite smooth rubbed two raw spots on Pam's butt. Melanie
and I both got a look at the damage and told her that it wasn't all that
bad, but the holes in her panties had opened up considerably. When Melanie
saw the way I was looking she clicked her tongue and pulled Pam's tee shirt down and gave me a dirty look.

When the three of us made it back to their camp Melanie found a way to
let her mom know why Pam was wearing my shirt. Their mom didn't make a big
thing of it. She did try to make Pam change into a pair of pants but ended
up settling on having her change into one of her own tee shirts. My friend
Dan's back was as red as a lobster and it put him in a truly foul mood.
All he did was sit in the shade and look grumpy. He couldn't even put a
shirt on because it just made his back hurt even more. We cooked hot dogs
and sat down at a picnic table to eat and Pam ended up sitting across from

What Pam did next brought to mind how siblings love to irritate each
other, especially during long boring car rides. Melanie just loved to
repeat "Motel 666666666666!" She would repeat that little ditty until both
Dan and Pamela threatened to ring her scrawny little neck. Pam however was
far more inventive than her little sister. She was the queen of toe
tomfoolery. While both Melanie and Dan weren't looking Pam would reach out
with her toes and untie their shoelaces. Pam could even pick up a potato
chip between her toes and bring it to her mouth and eat it. That little
trick was good for grossing everybody out, even her mother.

Now don't get too excited folks. I know what you're thinking! Although
Pam's toe tomfoolery is the honest truth, most of this story is just a
figment of my imagination. I could have her jacking me off with her feet
at the picnic table, but remember she's just a little innocent 6 year old girl. What kind of author would I be if all of a sudden I went beyond what
could have realistically happened? I hope you like my more realistic
approach. To tell the truth Pam's legs weren't long enough to reach that
far anyway, so there!

As I was trying to eat my hit dog slowly, knowing that there wasn't all
that much to go around I felt something bump against my leg. I immediately
looked across the table at Pam's dead pan expression. Knowing that she was
an expert at keeping a straight face I just ignored her.

Pam already had one up on me by making me look at her and she knew it.
Her little victory made her grow bolder. Her boldness drew her into my
little trap. I endured her swinging and bumping feet until I knew I could
trap one of them between my legs and that's precisely what I did. Pam gave
out a little squeal of surprise when I clamped her foot between my shins.
She jerked her foot out of my grasp and banged her knee on the underside
the picnic table.

The commotion got everyone's attention and Pamela was busted. I was the
innocent victim and Pam got a stern look from her mother. Being a guest, I
didn't into trouble for sticking my tongue out at her either. She had to
be sly about sticking her tongue out at me in reply.

It wasn't long before Pamela began teasing me with her feet once again,
but this time her attack was different. Pam no longer just bumped my
shins, she touched them. The game had changed so I varied my response in
return. The first thing that I did was to stretch my legs out in front of
me. That seemed to give Pam a pleasant surprise. She touched me
tentatively a couple of times and quickly retreated expecting me to do
something. When she finally placed her foot lightly on my lower thigh and
kept it there I made my move. Before when I had clamped her foot between
my shins and surprised her, the play wasn't sexual. When she began
touching me instead of bumping, my cock began to strain painfully against
the fold in the front of my cutoffs. While readjusting my woody into a
more comfortable position I began nurturing the perverse thoughts that came
to mind. Pamela was never a prick tease on purpose. Her actions were more
overt whenever she made them.

What I did was take my pointer finger and just touched the side of
Pamela's foot. She immediately withdrew and gave me a slightly puzzled
look. I just raised my eyebrows in return while placing a forkful of
potato salad in my mouth with my free hand. After about a minute her foot
once again came to rest upon the top of my lower thigh. When I glanced at
her she averted her eyes and continued eating.

How do teenage and younger kids learn the art of non-verbal
communication? The answer is by trial and error. What came flooding into
my mind right then was that Pammy realized that I wanted to turn her
innocent little teasing game into something more. That "something more"
was that I wanted to do a little bit of sexual exploration and she had
decided that it was okay with her. At the time I didn't ponder on the
how's and why's, the actual mechanics of going about it. I stumbled along
blindly knowing that the girl that I was attempting to "Go farther" with
was kind and open to say the least.

Knowing what Pamela was expecting my touch I felt somewhat confident.
My hardon and hormones had pushed my insecurities into the background. I
reached down and gently grasped her ankle. Pam's leg gave a little nervous
twitch but stayed in place. A voice in the back of my head warned me to
stay away from ticklish spots so I avoided the curving side that marked her
instep. I worked my way upward after cupping the back of her leg just
above the Achilles heel. The limit of my reach was Pam's knee joint, but I
made good use of my hands on that small expanse of female flesh, kneading
her calf muscle with tender fingers.

The game soon became repetitious and I was racking my brain trying to
think of something different to do when I felt Pam's other foot on my other
leg. Pam was trying to look busy eating. Her head was facing her plate of
food and she was moving her potato salad around her plate with her fork.
She quickly glanced up at me and smiled but kept her head lowered.

Fortunately for me I had finished eating. Melanie was carrying on an
animated conversation with her mom. My conscience screamed at me not to do
it. The move was just too bold, but I had to give it a try. I gently laid
my hands over the tops of Pam's feet, waited a few seconds then began to
spread my legs apart.

I'm sure that you the reader can figure out that Pam had to either allow
her legs to open up along with mine, or resist. I felt a slight
reluctance, but it didn't last long. To be sure, I closed then opened my
legs once again. With my heart beating in my chest I hooked the toe of my
left sneaker into the back of my right sneaker and pulled my foot out. Pam
gave me a shocked look then glanced at the others around us. Her feet came
together bringing my legs back closed. The way her feet and my legs were
joined Pam could easily tell that I had taken off one of my shoes. She
also knew where I hoped to place my bare foot and was taken aback. My
heart fell and I gave her feet a small apologetic squeeze then removed my
hands. My conscience was doing its best "I told you so!" too. Pam removed
her feet and looked around the table guiltily.

As I was in the middle of telling myself that I was a complete asshole,
I felt a slightly sharp nudge on my shin. I hadn't dared look Pam in the
eye from the guilt that I felt, but the nudge made me glance towards her.
Pam gave me a knowing smile and gave my leg one last nudge. Somewhere in
the back of my head Pam's thought drifted through. She said, "You've got
such a nasty mind Charlie Woodson! I can't let you do something like that!
Not with my whole family sitting next to us you goon!" The thought was even
in Pamela's voice.

After eating our lunch the four of us hung around the campsite while
Dan's parents "Took a nap" in their camping trailer. When I tried to joke
with Dan about his parents "Doing it" he just gave me a dirty look and
refused to answer me. My joke didn't register with Melanie at all, but
Pammy's eyes got big. She kept looking towards the back of their 25 foot
trailer where the bed was. When she got up and tried to get closer to the
trailer Dan told her stay away from there using a tone that betrayed his
surly mood. We couldn't do anymore swimming because of Pam's holy cutoffs
so we were basically stuck there with nothing much to do.

I drug out my pocketknife and picked up the nearest stick then began
whittling away at it. Dan decided to follow my lead and do some whittling
too. After a while the sun had moved and the picnic table was no longer in
the shade. Dan retreated to the shade of a large pine tree that was about
thirty yards away from where the rest of us were. With her older brother out of the way Pammy became interested in what I was doing.

"Whatcha carving Charlie?"

Of course Pamela knew what I was carving. I had only three things that
I liked to carve, and that depended on the shape of the wood that I started
with. If the wood were a short piece of 2x4, I would make a boat out of
it. If it were a little smaller, I would make a canoe. If the wood were
just a stick, I would turn it into a wooden hunting knife. This piece
being a stick was destined to become a hunting knife.

"Whaddya think I'm making Pammy?" I said with a trace of irritation in
my voice.

Pam shrugged her shoulders. "How come you're always making knives and
stuff? You oughta try something else!"

"It's not all that easy Pam. What else can you make out of a stick

"What about a boy or a girl figure? That'd be cool if you made one of
those huh?"

I displayed my handiwork to her. "Its kind of late for that now don't
you think?"

Pam gave me her sad eyed look. "I seen a stick that'd make a really
cool boy. Want me to go and get it for you?"

In all her innocence Pam certainly knew how to get what she wanted.
When she put her hand on my knee my resistance crumbled. Even though I
knew that her gesture was just an innocent one, I felt my cock begin to
respond. After she went scampering off I decided to try something to see
how she would react. Melanie had been preoccupied with playing in the pine
needles, but when her sister ran off she was right behind her in hot
pursuit. I got up from the bench seat and sat down on the top of the
picnic table then reached up through the leg hole of my cutoffs and snaked
the head of my half-erect dick out of my underwear. The legs of my cutoffs
were more than long enough to cover my cock even as it became fully erect.

Like an idiot, I hadn't planned on getting a full-blown woody. I
figured that the constricted confines of my cutoffs would only allow my
dick to expand so much before it would stop. I immediately began having
second thoughts about my idea. My years of terror that someone at school
would see that I had sprung a boner came into play. Pamela had noticed my
erection bulges on several occasions and had even come into "accidental"
contact with it on more than one occasion. She or any other girl for that
matter had actually "seen" it. The time when she pulled the front of my
trunks open to stuff the tiger in your tank sponge inside was another
matter. Pam had taken me by surprise when she did that little trick. I
guess it all boiled down to the fact that I hadn't "shown" it to her back

Now I was stuck. The only way that I could get my cock back into my
underwear was to go to the outhouse and pull my cutoffs down to do it. I
realized that the way things were right then that my boner would be just
too obvious if I stood up to go to the john. By then it was too late
because both Pam and Melanie were coming back.

When Pam got closer, she smiled and hid the piece of wood that she had
found behind her back. I clamped my legs together, but that did me little
good because my dick was trying its best to reach the 45 degree angle that
it liked to stand at when erect. To make the best of the situation I
nonchalantly placed my hand over the blatantly obvious "flashlight" looking
protrusion at the top of my cutoff pants leg. When Pamela sat down on the
bench seat she brought her hand from behind her back and showed me the
piece of wood.

"See Charlie! You can make a doll or something out of it, right?"

What Pam had brought me was a three-forked piece of branch from a pine
tree. After I glanced at what Pam was holding, I looked into her eyes and
immediately saw the mischief there. I'm sure my readers wouldn't be too
confused if I told you that unless the third fork of the wood was
completely cut off, I could only make a male doll out of it. Judging by
the look in Pammy's eyes I'm sure that she had came to the same conclusion

"Pam's so disgusting!" Melanie broke in. "She wants you to make a boy doll out of it." Melanie put her finger on the smaller broken off fork.
"She said this could be his boner!"

Pam let out a flabbergasted gasp and slapped her sister's hand away.
"Uh Uh! You're such a liar you little twerp!"

Having done her damage Melanie ran off giggling. I had somehow
forgotten about my own dilemma during the exchange between the two girls and was turning the branch in my hands to see what I could make of it. My
forgetfulness only lasted a second or two but I realized that I was stuck.
My first reaction was to drop the piece of wood and slap my hand over the
trouser snake trying to sneak out from my pants leg. Doing that however
would have done nothing but draw attention to the situation. I decided to
just play it cool so I picked up my pocket knife and began stripping off
the bark.

It didn't take long for Pam's silence to become apparent. In my heart I
already knew why she was so quiet, but I just had to risk a look. I
quickly glanced up from my work and saw where her eyes were riveted. A
cold chill ran up my spine momentarily but it seemed all was not lost. The
look on her face wasn't disgust or fear, it was interest.

Don't get me wrong though, I was still plenty embarrassed about someone
seeing my boner. It took quite a bit of effort for me to keep my body from
reacting the way that it wanted to, but I managed. When Pam took a quick
glance to my face to see if I had noticed where she was looking I had just
began again at stripping the bark off from the wood. I looked around and
saw that Melanie was bugging her brother, apparently trying to get him to
carve something for her like I was doing for Pamela. As I looked back
towards Pam she saw my movement and momentarily looked me in the eyes. She
quickly averted her eyes from mine. A look of embarrassment and guilt
spread over her face, especially after looking up my cutoffs as she cast
her gaze to the ground. I felt even worse than she did because it was my
idea in the first place.

You might think how the two of us felt is a bit strange, especially
after reading stories from other authors. Sometimes adults tend to forget
how mysterious and frightening the world of sex can be for the uninitiated.
Both Pam and I were definitely among the uninitiated. I'm sure that she
had seen both her brothers in the nude, but my sister was a lot older than
I was, and I had never seen her undressed. I had managed in my short life
to see and feel a couple of pussies, but that was when I was only 6 years
old. I guess it's like wanting something really bad like your own horse.
The day your parents take you to a riding stable and you realize that you
have to climb on top of the beast and ride it, it scares the shit out of

That is until you're actually in the saddle and realize that horses
aren't flesh eaters like an alligator or a tiger. In my case, once I got
the hang of it everything was great. The stable hand told me that horses
can tell if you are scared of them and that you just need to let them know
who's the boss. Actually the poor horse that I got to ride was too old to
have any spunk left, but that's beside the point isn't it?

Pam knew that I was embarrassed and that made her ashamed to be caught
looking up my pants leg. Situations like that have a way of flip flopping
too and that's what happened to us. I was expecting Pam to either scream
and run away, or even worse to point and laugh. As we sat there for a
moment in utter silence, I realized that neither of my worst fears was
about to happen.

It wasn't a conscious decision that I made to reach down and give my
boner a nonchalant scratch through the material of my shorts, but that's
what happened. By the time that Pamela's eyes traveled from the ground to
my scratching fingers then to my face, I had enough time to compose myself.
I answered her puzzled expression with a halfhearted smile. Pam averted
her eyes for a second then she snuck another quick peek up my shorts.

I couldn't believe what had just happened. My best friend's little
sister had seen the head of my boner and didn't freak out. Call it stupid
but I thought the last thing that a girl wanted to see was a guys woody. I
equated boners with fucking and I guess I thought that if a girl saw one
she would figure that she was going to get raped or something. A quick
thought ran through my mind that my guardian angel must have made me
scratch my dick so that I would appear confident when I was actually scared
shitless. My smile was my own doing, but I thought I was being apologetic.
Maybe my angel added a little something to that too. Anyway, my ego had
just been given a big boost.

Feeling like a new man, I began once again whittling on the forked

"How long do you want me to make this Pam?" I asked, placing the blade
of my knife against the middle fork of the branch.

Pam gave me a long look then said, "Make it like when it's all big and
sticking out okay?"

I knew better than to look in her direction. I just replied, "Okay but
it's supposed to be pointing up when it's like that. Not downwards."

"But that's not what...."

Pam realized what she was saying and stopped in mid sentence. She had
been giving my cock a long look, but she cast her eyes away and her cheeks
became flushed with embarrassment. I was beginning to really enjoy
watching her eyes as they kept darting to my dick. It was a real boost for
my ego, which in turn made me a lot braver than ever before.

"Well..." I paused to think of a good way to broach the subject. "Take
it from someone who knows." I turned the stick upside down and pointed to
the part in question. "That's kinda how they stick out. Um......Mine's
kinda trapped right now."

There! I laid it all out so she would know that it was okay by me if
she wanted to talk about what she had been stealing peeks at. Pamela bit
her lower lip and quickly turned her head away from me. After a few
seconds she seemed to make up her mind and turned her head back around to
look me in the eyes. I don't know whether I turned red or not, but I could
feel my confidence begin to crumble under her scrutiny. It couldn't have
been more than a second or two before I had to break eye contact and look

Out of my peripheral vision I saw Pam's head move slightly. My mind's
voice told me "That's what she was waiting for. She didn't want you
looking at her while she was looking at your cock!" My slightly flagging
erection sprang back to life and slithered upwards enough for her to notice
the movement. I had to do something to keep from getting the jitters so I
picked my knife back up and began to whittle once again. Before long the
two of us were conversing like we usually did. Pam became more comfortable
with the situation and surprised me by putting her hand on the top of my
leg right above my trouser snake. She surprised me even more when she slid
her hand down and gave my boner a gentle squeeze. I guess her curiosity
got the best of her.

Yeah, I watched her hand move over to the elongated bulge along the
inside of my shorts. It sent a surge of energy that ran from my brain down
my spine. It almost shot right out the end of my dick as come, and that
was only when I realized what the might be doing. It was both fortunate
and agonizing for me that Pam took her time in getting to her destination
or I could have very easily goobered up her blouse and arm with a load of
teenage spunk.

I know that there just aren't that many girls out there who would just
reach out and grab a guy's whanger without first being persuaded to do it.
Of course there are many stories out there that seem to suggest the
opposite. It's kind of funny now that I think back on it. Think of the
usual scenario in a darkened movie theater where the boy pretends to
stretch then nonchalantly puts his arm around his date. Once that little
feat is accomplished without getting rebuffed he slowly inches his way
downwards until his fingers are ever so lightly resting on the soft swell
of flesh that is his target. Even the most inexperienced boy knows better
than to "Let his fingers do the walking" like the yellow page commercials.
All that would do is to call attention to what his intentions are. It's a
kind of learn as you go game where one party is pretending that she doesn't
notice what's going on, and the other is both wondering and hoping that she
both knows and doesn't know what he's doing. If the girl actually knows
that one of her breasts are about to be felt up then everything's cool
because she hasn't stopped him. If she really don't know, well there might
very well be hell to pay when he reaches his objective. There are
subtleties at work that neither person probably realizes that first time,
like it's not a good idea to be obvious about getting to the objective.
After all, a girl has her values and doesn't want her name to circulate
around school that someone saw Bobby Buttmunch copping a feel off her booby
at the movies.

That's why I'll always cherish those memories of young Pamela. She just
wasn't your conventional girl. She was as nice and innocent as could be,
but she could also be bold when she set her mind to do something. Like I
told you before, Pam put her hand on my leg. She left it in place until
she summoned up enough courage to go on from there. I in the meanwhile
took the girl's role and pretended not to notice. I also did my best to
keep myself from blowing the whole deal by giving her a blast of something
that she hadn't planned on.

Pam said, "Hey you could make this bump a belly button. It's in about
the right spot."

In the process, she lifted her hand off my leg to point out what she
meant then brought her back down and placed it a lot higher on my leg.

"Yeah!" I replied with a slight tremble in my voice. "It'd be an outie
instead on an innie though."

"That's okay." Pam said, twisting her dick feeling hand palm up for a
moment then letting it go back into position. Outie's are cool too."

I can still bring back both the visual and physical memory of Pam's hand
turning upwards then back down and the tips of her fingers lightly coming
to rest right against the side of my crank. I had an almost perfect view
of the whole scene with only my hands and carving in the way. The touch of
her fingertips was so light that I could barely feel them through the blue
jean material of my cutoffs, but it was exquisite. Now the energy that had
stopped in my rock hard cock turned into a pleasure pulse that returned to
its source in my brain leaving tingles all the way up my spine in the

"I'm glad I don't have an outie. What about you Charlie?"

Pam's question made me tear my eyes off from where her hand was and look
into hers. I read her thoughts through her expression. She was asking me
to not look at her hand, but into her eyes because it was the only way that
she would be brave enough to do what she wanted.

"I (squawk).." I cleared my throat. I like your belly button just the
way it is. I mean...Uh..."

Pam's thumb rested against the top of my cock and her fingers pressed
lightly into the underside. My cock throbbed in response to her touch.

"You'd look great.... Um with an outie too...I think, but... innie's
look better actually."

Pamela broke eye contact and boldly looked up my cot off pants leg. The
head was only about an inch or so away from peaking out. I was beginning
to get that feeling in my cock and my raging hormones demanded that I do
something about it immediately. I fought against my impulses for as long
as I could, but her fingertips were walking and pressing their way towards
the most sensitive place. I set the carving and knife down on the table
top, reached down and pulled my pants leg up as far as it would go.

Pam pulled her hand away when I pulled the leg of my cutoffs up, but she
left it resting on the top of my leg. When she looked up at me her
expression told me that I had gone farther than she was comfortable with.

"I'm sorry Pam, but..."I said in a pleading voice. "It gets to a point

I reached for the exposed end of my cock and milked out a large drop of
pre-cum. The head was an angry purplish color that glistened as I spread
the slick viscous fluid over it. A low soft moan escaped my lips. I was
so very close to the point of no return.

Pamela resisted for a moment when I grasped her hand. She knew what I
wanted her to do and was just a little afraid. When she looked into my
eyes she knew how miserable I felt. My misery wasn't from guilt, I was way
beyond that. It was from being aroused for so long without relief.

I felt her against relax the tension in her arm and I steered her hand
to my flesh. Pam watched in silence as I guided her fingers into motion.
The feeling of her pre-cum slickened fingers rubbing across the sensitive
underside of my cock was like nothing that I had ever experienced before.
My muscles went rigid and a moan escaped my lips, then the rockets went
off. I clamped my hand over hers and emptied my loins with a quick
succession of blasts.

I released Pam's hand when I realized that she had been trying to get
away from me. As she jerked her hand free I saw a huge goober of my spunk drop to the bench seat and flatten out. Pam jumped up from the seat and
stepped backwards then looked at the mess that I had deposited on her hand.
She shook off what she could then turned and walked towards the river.
After about twenty yards her steps quickened then she broke into a run and
disappeared. Both Dan and Melanie looked up when they saw their sister leaving the campsite. Dan shrugged and went back to his carving but
Melanie got up and went after her big sister.

It hit me all of a sudden how much of a risk that I just had taken. If
Dan or Melanie would have come up on us during those last few minutes, all
hell would have broken loose. I got up off the tabletop and wiped up the
spot of splooge as best I could with my foot. While my back was turned I
reached into my cutoffs and readjusted my cock then sat back down. I
imagined Pam telling her little sister all about what I had made her do,
then Melanie telling the rest of her family. I could see my whole world
coming crashing down on my shoulders.

I was shook out of my thoughts by the closing of the trailer door.
Dan's parents had awoken from their nap and were ready to head back home.
Pam avoided me when she and her sister came back. Melanie acted like
normal, which lifted a tremendous burden off my shoulders.

Dan's back was too sunburned to sit in the back seat so Melanie and Pam
sat with me so he could lie down in the back. After we were on the road
for about a half-hour darkness fell and Melanie went to sleep. I whispered
another apology to Pam and she smiled at me then leaned against me and
drifted off to sleep herself after I put my arm around her.

I would have been such a total bastard if I felt up her cute little
titties while she was asleep. Well sometimes a guy's gotta do what he's
gotta do doesn't he?

The End.


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