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Trip to the Fantasy Jar

Keywords: MMF, wife, rom
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: A Trip to the Fantasy Jar

A Trip to the Fantasy Jar
1993 2000 Knave of Hearts

We had been getting more and more adventuresome with our sex
life, especially as a release from daily stress. It was relaxing
and satisfying to know that, even if it was for only one evening
a week, we could step outside ourselves and be wild. We made up
this thing we called the "Fantasy Jar," an old pickle jar we
stuffed with slips of paper. On each slip, each of us had written
a fantasy. We had agreed that each Thursday we would draw a
fantasy to act out that Saturday night.

It had been a trying week and I was looking forward to the
weekend's "trip from the jar." It was my turn so I drew the
folded slip of paper from the jar. Written in your handwriting
was "Two men at the same time."

I must have shown my intrigue because you immediately started
asking me what the slip had had written on it. I must have a
sadistic streak in me 'cause I wouldn't tell you. I just sneered
and said, "You'll get what you asked for."

That Saturday I brought a friend home for dinner. It gave me a
thrill to see you so worked up. You couldn't figure out whether
Chet was part of the fantasy or just here for dinner. Your
question got answered during dinner when the conversation turned
to sex.

Chet said that the thing he prized most was a woman that could
suck dick. I told him that my wife was the best cock sucker in
town. Your blush seemed to cover your entire body, but no place
was as red as your ears. I rose from the table and , taking you
by the hand, led everyone into the living room.

I invited Chet to sit on the couch and stood behind you in the
center of the room. Unzipping your dress, I let it fall to the
floor. You tried to cover yourself but I held your hands behind
your back. Chet's eyes almost fell out of his head.

"Take a good look Chet. She's going to prove to you that she's
the best piece in this town."

I steered you over to the couch and sat you between Chet and me.
Placing your hand on my cock, I looked into your eyes. Your hand
squeezed my cock. You wanted to try this.

"Now suck his cock."

I tried using my best tough guy voice, but it wasn't necessary.
You had already leaned over and taken his turgid prick. Gently
kneading his balls, you ran your tongue over the tip of his cock.
Licking it like a Tootsie-Pop, you had Chet hard real quick.

I wasn't going to let you off easy, however. As you plied your
way with our friend's dick, I leaned over and started paying
attention to your lovely and rapidly swelling pussy. I couldn't
tell what was turning you on: me eating your pussy in front of
another man; or you sucking another man's cock in front of me. It
didn't matter, though, it wasn't long before your hips started
moving in time with my tongue.

It was time to shift gears. I didn't want you coming too early.
Keeping my thumb on your clit, I looked up at Chet. He was
sitting on the couch arm, eyes closed and jaw slack, really
enjoying what your mouth was doing to his balls.

"Hey Chet. If you think her mouth is hot, come on down here and
try her pussy!"

"You mean it?" I'd only mentioned a blowjob when we were setting
this up, but this was too good to be missed.

"Sure man. Fuck her. I need a little bit of that sweet mouth."

You seemed a bit disoriented, all you wanted was for me to keep
up that delicious teasing of your clit. I didn't have to say a
thing. Chet slid down in to the couch and I moved up to the couch
arm, positioning myself so that your mouth was within reach of my

Chet's cock had no problem sliding into the molten depths of your
pussy, but he was a the wrong angle to do much more. And you
wanted to be fucked! Your hips kept bucking against his, begging
for his cock to drive deep inside you.

Seeing your need, he rolled you onto all fours, gently placing
the tip of his cock against the gate of your pussy. Your hips
pressed back towards him, urging him to thrust deeper into your
hot, waiting twat. He obliged, running the length of his dick in
and out of your pussy.

Your excitement mounted, you tried to keep my cock in your mouth
and his in your pussy but couldn't. He kept slipping out of you
as your body moved erratically against his. Finally you slid away
from Chet, straddling my body with yours. You placed my cock into
your pussy and, sighing, slid my rigid pole into your molten

You wanted to come. But I wasn't through with your fantasy.
Grabbing your ass, I held you down, impaling you on my cock.
Spreading your ass cheeks, I made Chet an unspoken invitation.
You felt the tip of his cock press lightly against your asshole.
You moaned softly.

On a normal night you wouldn't have considered this, but this
wasn't a normal night. Chet pressed again, giving you time to
relax. You were so slick with your own spooge that his cock slid
into your tight asshole. Slowly, carefully, we both worked our
cocks into your depths.

You had never imagined being this full or that it would feel this
good. The tight friction between the two stiff cocks, separated
only by a thin wall of flesh. Chet had finally worked his entire
cock into your nether hole, I pushed my dick into its hilt. We
paused to let you savor the feeling.

You placed your head on my shoulder. "Make me come," you

Reaching back, you tickled Chet's balls with your nails as he
started rhythmically plunging his cock into you. As he drew his
prick out, I pushed mine in. It was only a short while before
your started to come, jerking your hips and trying to press your
thighs together.

Chet was at the point of release as well. Putting his weight
behind his last thrust, he pumped his come deep inside your ass.
You rewarded him with a deep, guttural groan. Feeling your
orgasm, my cock released its flood of jism into your pussy. I
held you tightly, feeling your body quiver with your powerful
orgasm. With what strength he had left, Chet pulled himself off
the couch and made for the bathroom to cleanup.

I rolled you over as gently as I could. Kissing you lightly on
the forehead, I whispered, "See. I told you that you were the

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