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Archived Sex Stories

Tripple Time


Warning: This story contains the explicit description of a threesome
between two sixteen-year-old girls and a guy of seventeen. This story is completely consensual, and almost a bit tame for me, but it had
to be written!:)

It is slightly embellished from the actual events, and the names have
been changed to protect the guilty.

If you can think of a reason not to read it, then don't. If you can't,
then long live free speech!;)

PS: I really appreciate feed back in regards to my work as I thrive on
attention and the more good feed-back I get, the faster I'll write
more stories... Basically, it's Celeste's "Blow Job Principle". But in
my case, it's more like "cunnilingus"!;)
Stories By Amy K. (
"Triple Time"(mff, teen, inc)

It was a Saturday late December during the Christmas holidays,
and this time it was my turn to visit my cousin in the little town she
lived in. Of course this meant that we were given ample opportunity to
stir up the usual trouble that we both had come to know and love. We
were sweet sixteen by this time, and I had come a long way from being
the shy little girl I had once been. I had even taken my cousin's
suggestion and had started shaving my pussy, which drove poor Samantha
just crazy. It seemed that she was developing quite a fetish for such
things, and the fact that it added to my already "sweet and innocent
look" made certain that my cousin rarely kept her hands off of me. Not
that I was complaining or anything!

It was also the year that Samantha was dating Kevin. He was a
handsome enough guy, with sandy brown hair and delicious blue eyes
that always seemed to be smiling. He was a good match for my cousin at
the time, both of them were on the track team at school, and were
always in friendly competition with each other.

My cousin had been teasing poor Kevin for a bit before I met him,
not letting him go too far with her no matter how badly they both
wanted to. Instead, they would occasionally arrange to meet each other
in the woods by their school during lunch or spares. Both would claim
to be going on practice runs, but they'd only be running into each
other's arms somewhere just off the path. They'd then make out for
extended periods of time before heading back in different directions,
and both with an excuse for their exhaustion.

Samantha even went down on him a few times in the woods by the
river, but for the three or so months that they had been dating, my
cousin had refused to take the extra step with Kevin. This, of course,
was merely part of one of my favorite cousin's cunning and kinky
plans. Neither of us had been with a guy as yet, and in retrospect I
kind of regret that I waited quite so long. But Samantha and I always
done things together it seemed. And this time was to be no exception,
which was good, for I had admittedly been feeling just a little bit
jealous of their relationship...

I had arrived the previous night, and the two of us had stayed up
most of the evening catching up. This had mostly involved quietly
taking advantage of the fact that our parents saw no problem with us
sharing a bed. This of course meant that after we had become
"reacquainted" after our short time apart we were able discuss
Samantha's plans for "having" Kevin. At first I thought she was a
little crazy, but I liked the idea, and I consented to go along with
it the next day.


At about 1:30pm Saturday afternoon, both our parents had gone
into town to do last minute Christmas shopping before our usual family get together got underway for real in a day or two. This meant, of
course, that we both had siblings to attend to, but we had a plan. It
seemed that my elder brother had a way with those younger than him, in
a purely innocent way of course. So, after much cajoling, and near
bribery, we managed to convince Jacob to watch our sisters while
Samantha and I took a little walk.

Samantha made a quick phone call before hand to make sure that
Kevin's parents were away as well, and soon we both were snow shooing
our way across the deep "middle of nowhere" snow through the woods. It
was a pleasant enough walk, although it took us about forty-five
minutes before we reached our objective.

We came out of the woods on the far side of a field populated by
cattle. There was the usual farm paraphernalia, but the place we were
headed was the main house. I found that I couldn't help grinning in
anticipation of what was to come, and by the time we reached the front
door, I was sweating in my oversized winter garments.

Samantha glanced at me as she banged her snowshoes off against
the wooden porch and smiled. "Wait around the corner," she told me
with a wide grin, "I haven't told him about this yet."

I gave her a worried look. "Um, you mean you haven't told him I'm
here yet?" I asked, suddenly feeling cold standing out there in the open.

"Don't worry!" she laughed, "He'll like this idea. It's something
of a Christmas present for us. Well, for all three of us really."

I sighed heavily and leaned against the side of the house, just
out of sight as Kevin answered the door. I could hear them talk for a
few moments in hushed tones before the distinct sound of a passionate
kiss hit my ears.

With curiosity I peered around the corner and saw the two of them
holding each other as they kissed. It almost seemed strange to see my
cousin having to tilt her head up to kiss someone, seeing as I'd
always thought of her as being tall, but Kevin was tall for his age.
He was nearly six feet, and seemed to be in no hurry to stop growing,
but neither of them seemed to have a problem with that.

Finally, though, they broke their kiss after several long
moments. Kevin smiled down at Samantha as he ran his fingers through
her hair and replied somewhat nervously, "So, would you like to come
in now?"

My cousin smiled in her mischievous way. "Not quite yet," she
told him, and pushed Kevin inside the house before motioning for me to
come over, "First I have a little surprise for you."

I no longer felt the chill of the wind upon my face as I blushed
the entire way up onto Kevin's porch. "Oh!" I heard him exclaim, as I
stepped up next to Samantha, my head lowered shyly.

"Kevin," I head my cousin say, "Meet my cousin Amy."

"Hi," I said quietly, still trying to hide behind my hair as he
gave me a quick nervous smile from the doorway.

"I hope you don't mind us dropping by like this," continued
Samantha with a sly grin, "But I couldn't just leave her at home."

"But, I thought you said that... We were-" stammered Kevin
nervously. I could almost hear the disappointment in his voice.

"We are!" my cousin replied with a laugh, "I told you on the
phone that I wanted to make this special."

"Oh, I see," Kevin replied, his eyes going wide as Samantha
stepped forward and pushed him farther into the house with her body,
"Are you- Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"What?" teased Samantha, rubbing her body against his
suggestively as she stepped forward, "Don't you find her as
irresistibly cute as I do?"

"I-! Er! That is-!" stammered Kevin nervously, completely caught
off guard.

"Oh, I guess you can't really tell through all those clothes, now
can you?" Samantha inquired, sounding thoughtful, "Amy, darling,
please come in and make yourself a little more comfortable, okay?"

I nodded, and closed the door behind me as I entered the old house. I tried my best to maintain eye contact with Kevin as I
unzipped my jacket and hung it up before slowly bringing my sweater up
and over my head.

I could almost hear him gulp audibly as I struggled to get the
garment over my head, and Samantha chuckled as she slid her hand down
the front of her boyfriend's pants. "Oh, I see you approve!" she
commented with a grin as her hand found his dick.

Once again poor Kevin tried to explain himself but couldn't find
the words, and I looked over in time to see him blush. "Oh? How can
you tell, Sam?" I giggled as I struggled out of my boots.

My cousin turned to me with a grin. "Mmm, why don't you come over
here and see for yourself, little girl," Samantha said invitingly,
"Because I'm getting dreadfully overheated, and I need to shed some of
these clothes."

"Um, I don't know about this!" Kevin replied as my cousin slipped
her hand out of his pants.

"Don't worry," soothed Samantha, as she began removing her coat,
"Amy's very gentle."

"That's, not what I meant," began Kevin, shaking a little as I
tried to appear confident while walking towards him.

"Don't worry," I assured him, even as I felt myself almost
continually blushing, "I don't bite... Unless you ask me too..."

Kevin stared down at me nervously, as I boldly took his belt
buckle in my hand and pulled him a little closer before slowly sliding
my fingers forward and down to front of his pants. I glanced up and
saw Kevin toss his head back as he gasped and shuddered in
anticipation eventhough my fingers had barely brushed the head of his
dick through his boxers.

"Don't be so shy, Amy," teased my cousin, taking my hand and
pushing it farther in, "You do want to give Kevin a good impression,
don't you?"

"I-! I don't think it can get much better," he stammered as my
small nimble fingers slipped under his waistband to take just the
head of his cock carefully in hand.

I gasped as I felt the texture of his skin. Having never touched
a man's dick before I was a little startled, and more than a little
nervous, but as always, dear Samantha was there to bolster my

"Mmm, I think he likes it, Amy," she commented, walking up behind
me and putting her arms around my waist.

I could only nod as Kevin looked down at where my hand had
disappeared inside his pants. I tilted my head to one side and giggled
a little as Samantha gave my neck a few soft kisses while I slowly
moved my fingers down the length of her boyfriend's hardening dick. The sensation sending chills through both Kevin and I as I took hold of it carefully.

"Now... Now what?" I inquired in a nervous whisper to my cousin, as
Kevin stood almost frozen in my grasp.

Samantha chuckled and reached forward, pushing me a little closer
to her boyfriend as she began unbuttoning his pants. "This is crazy,"
muttered Kevin, shaking a little, and seeming uncertain as to what
was expected of him.

"I don't hear you complaining, though," my cousin replied
teasing, and yanked down his zipper.

"Goodness no!" he laughed as his pants were forcibly dropped to
the floor, before Samantha took hold of the waistband of his boxer

"Good!" she said with a grin, and turned to place her mouth close
to my ear. "Get ready," she told me, and bent down to pull Kevin's
shorts off.

I gasped out loud as his dick was revealed to me, and I couldn't
help pulling my hand back in shock. "Ah!" exclaimed Kevin, suddenly
feeling horribly "needy" as his dick lost my soft touch, "Please don't
stop now!"

My cousin laughed a little and replaced my hand with her own.
"Don't worry, dear," she assured him with a sly grin as she began to
gently stroke his cock, "Amy's just new at this, and a little shy. I'm
sure she'll get the hand of this soon."

I gulped as Samantha took my hand and placed in around Kevin's
dick as she let go of it. "Just let me guide your hand," she whispered
into my ear, and gave me a soft kiss as she began coaxing my hand up
and down the length of Kevin's cock.

I nodded, and stared almost entranced by the sight of my hand
under Samantha's slowly stroking a guy's dick. "He likes it if you
squeeze a little harder," Samantha told me, and squeezed my fingers a
little tighter, causing Kevin to grit his teeth as he panted softly.

"This feels so naughty!" I commented, blushing as I risked a
glance up at Kevin's face, and saw that he seemed to concentrating
completely on what we were doing to him.

"Well, then I guess I'll just have to punish you, little girl,"
chuckled Samantha as she moved my hand up and down Kevin's length a
little faster.

I could then feel his hard dick seem to heat up beneath my hand.
It almost seemed to move on its own in response to my touch, and I
found myself getting wet as I saw how much I was turning Kevin on.

"Oh?" I inquired with a giggle, "And just how are you going to do

"You'll see!" my cousin promised, and jerked my hand away just as
Kevin's breathing became more irregular.

"Oh! No fair!" he cried, opening his eyes and giving Samantha an
imploring look, "You-! You had me so close!"

"I know," my cousin said with a smile, "But I want to prolong the
experience. Now, why don't you show us into the living room. Oh, and
leave your pants here, Kev. You won't be needing them!"

He smiled and shook his head, obviously still getting used to
Samantha's way of doing things. "Okay," he said as he pulled his feet
out of his pant legs, "So long as you girls intend on finishing what
you started!"

"Always," assured Samantha, leading me after him into the living

Once there, Kevin turned to us expectantly, but Samantha merely
smiled, and placed her hand upon his chest. "Sit down, you," she told
him as she pushed him towards a chair, "There's something you have to
see first."

Kevin sighed, and sat down in the chair next to the warmth of the
fireplace. "Any time you're ready," he replied with a bit of a grin to
hide his nervousness and frustration.

"You have him trained so well," I giggled as Samantha sauntered
over to me and put her arms over my shoulders lazily.

"Just the way I like them," she replied with a grin, and leaned
down to kiss me.

I tilted my head upward to meet her lips, and sighed contentedly
as we touched. Samantha then moved her arms and I could feel her hands
move over my breasts as I reached out to hold her.

Somewhere on the edge of my distracted senses I could hear Kevin
gasp as he watched us. Samantha opened her eyes a little and turned us
to the side so that he could get a better view as she pulled back just
a bit so that her tongue could be clearly seen running across my lips
before sliding its way back between them. At the same time my cousin's
hands were busily untucking my shirt before moving up across my stomach.

Meanwhile, I could feel chills running through me as Kevin looked
on. I had never been with Samantha with someone else was watching before,
but it only made me more excited. With only a little hesitation I
broke our kiss in order to move my lips to Samantha's neck where I
began kissing my way up to her earlobe, causing her to moan softly as
she unhooked my bra and held my breasts almost fondly.

"Mm, I think he want's to see more," my cousin moaned softly as I
gave her ear a gentle nibble.

"Okay," I whispered back, noticing the way that Kevin's dick
stood straight up, hard as ever as he dug his fingers into the arms of
the chair.

Samantha brought her hands back down and began lifting my shirt off. I reluctantly let go of her and raised my arms in the air as I
turned my back to Kevin. "Ooh, I think you'd like this!" teased my
cousin as she admired my bared chest, causing her boyfriend to shuffle
a bit in his seat.

"It's not nice to tease, Sam," I replied jokingly, and threw my
long blond hair over my shoulders so that she had an unobstructed

"Oh, I'm sooo sorry," she replied, and bent her knees, before taking
hold of my waste in both hands and giving each of my little pink
nipples a long teasing lick.

"Mmm, oh you!" I giggled leaning back and holding Samantha's head
in my hands as she gave my right nipple a careful squeeze between her

My cousin only chuckled as she listened to Kevin's reaction for
several moments before turning us to one side again. I turned to face
him and smiled seductively, watching the way his eyes widened as his
dick bobbed somewhat. The poor guy seemed to be on the verge of
cumming even without touching himself, and I could tell that he was
barely controlling his natural urge to masturbate.

Samantha saw this as well, and grinned as she began kissing her
way down between my breasts and over my flat stomach where she
teasingly gave my pussy a deep kiss through my blue jeans. I looked
down and watched her unbutton them before taking my zipper down with
her teeth as she looked up at me mischievously.

By the time she got around to pulling my pants down around my
ankles, I could see pre-cum glistening on the end of Kevin's dick.
Samantha chuckled as she noticed this as well, and began running her
parted lips up one of my calves as she maintained eye contact with her
boyfriend. Once she reached my knees, my cousin gave each of them a
passionate kiss, causing me to stagger a little as I stood.

"Careful!" I cautioned Samantha my fingers in her hair for more than
just support, as she began kissing my inner thighs in an alternating
pattern, and causing my body to shake at the feeling it sent through
me, "I-! I don't think I can do this standing up!"

"Too bad," she murmured, giving my thigh a gentle nibble, "I told
you you'd be punished!"

Upon hearing her words Kevin almost cried out and had to grab
hold of his dick tightly as he found our performance to be just a
little too much for him. "Don't you dare cum!" ordered Samantha
sternly, turning to him with a gleam in her eyes.

"I won't! I won't!" he gasped, shaking all over as I caught my

"But I expect you to!" my cousin told me as she went back to
kissing her way towards my damp pussy.

"But I'll collapse!" I giggled as she ran her tongue the rest of
the way to my labia and tasted the moisture she found there.

"Mmm... You taste sooo good," Samantha moaned and slid her tongue
inside of me as far as it would go.

"I-! OH! SAM!" I shrieked, bending my knees, and leaning on her
shoulders for support, "I-! I can't! I can't do this-!"

My pleas for mercy only turned my cousin on, though. She moaned
deep in her throat and grabbed hold of my ass cheeks so she could
both hold me in place and me bring closer as she sucked hard against
my wet pussy.

"Oh! This is just way too much!" Kevin exclaimed, and I caught a
glimpse of him practically jumping out of his chair.

"I-! Agree!" I laughed between gasps, and leaned forward, trying
desperately to reduce the amount of contact between my cousin's
tongue and my tender pussy.

"Too bad!" Samantha chuckled, grabbing my thighs, and spreading
my legs farther apart as Kevin came up behind her so that he could
frantically unbutton her pants.

She didn't seem to mind much, though, merely pausing to move her
face up a little so that she could run her tongue in slow
circles around my clit. I was forced to grit my teeth, whimpering a
little as I tried to hold back as Kevin yanked Samantha's pants down,
revealing the fact that she had neglected to wear any panties.

"Mmm! I like this!" chuckled Kevin, taking a moment to admire my
cousin's firm round ass before kneeling down and spreading her legs
wide apart so that he could bury his tongue into her waiting pussy
from behind.

"Oh! Ah-! No fair!" she exclaimed, causing us both to laugh a

I then took advantage of her distraction to lay down on the floor
so that my cousin would have to kneel on her hands and knees in order
to taste me further. Fortunately, she did so, and cried out excitedly
as her rear was lifted up for Kevin's easier access as she went back
to tonguing my clit.

I smiled as I got comfortable on the thickly carpeted hardwood floor,
and spread my legs wide apart as I held my cousin's head in place by
taking hold of her long hair. "You can't always be in charge, Sam!" I
laughed and gasped as she pushed her middle finger against my asshole
as her index finger moved about just between my swollen pussy lips.

"Mm, that's right," murmured Kevin, giving my cousin's labia
several long slow licks, tasting her before spreading her apart with
his fingers and stabbing her with his tongue.

"Ooh! Ahh-! Oh, ya!" she gasped, almost unable to continue her
work on me. Yet somehow she found the strength to continue, and I was soon
squirming under her touch as she took moisture from my pussy and
rubbed it into my tight little asshole before pushing her middle
finger forward.

"Ah! Oh, Sam!" I exclaimed, arching my back as her probing finger
managed to push just its tip inside of me, "I-! Oh, just don't stop-!"

But I doubt that my cousin heard me, or noticed the look of pain
and ecstasy that crossed my face as I pushed back on her long finger,
desperately trying to take it all inside my asshole. Samantha seemed
to be quite distracted as Kevin stood upon his knees and held the head
of his cock against her pussy.

My cousin held still for a moment, and looked up at me a little
nervously as he rubbed the head of his dick against her wet labia. I
smiled back at her and held her free hand as she wriggled the end of
her finger inside ass.

"Ready?" Kevin inquired, as the room became surprisingly quiet
except for our ragged breathing.

"Yes," Samantha replied quietly, and gave my clit a gentle kiss
before Kevin began to slide his length inside of her from behind.

I watched with interest as Samantha's face contorted a little as
a man penetrated her for the first time. She closed her eyes tightly
and seemed to be on the verge of crying out, but there was a smile
upon her pretty face as Kevin's dick pushed its way deeper and deeper
inside of her. All the while her inner walls clung tightly against him
as her pussy lubricated his way.

"Oh... oh, yes..." Samantha sighed as she finally felt Kevin's balls
touch her thighs.

Kevin, meanwhile, leaned forward and let out the breath he'd been
holding, before hugging Samantha as best he could. "Wow..." he muttered,
leaning forward to give her a kiss between her shoulder blades.

I reached over and wiped the sweat from Samantha's face as she
squeezed my hand. "You okay?" I inquired quietly.

"Ya, no problem," my cousin told me, "I just need a moment."

"Whenever you're ready," Kevin told her, seeming to concentrate
on not cumming right then and there.

Samantha nodded and closed her eyes. "Okay," she told him, "Continue."

Kevin took a deep breath, pulling back before pushing forward once again, sending the first inch of his cock back into Samantha's waiting pussy.
They both gasped at the same time, and I could feel my cousin's body quivering with excitement as Kevin once again held position for several moments before moving again.

This time, he moved slowly backwards and forwards, carefully and
gingerly sliding in and out of his girlfriend's pussy. Each time Kevin
pushed forward, though, he slid himself a little deeper inside of
Samantha, causing her to shiver each time he penetrated a little

I smiled appreciatively up at her, as my cousin's breathing
became a slow, steady pant as she was fucked from behind. "How is it?"
I inquired, touching her cheek lovingly.

"Gr-Great... Ooh! Oh, Amy," she moaned softly, "I wish you could
feel this!"

"Only if you're sure you want to share," I replied mischievously
as she kissed my fingers.

"You, Mmm! You were. So why shouldn't- Oh, ya... right there! I
be?" Samantha inquired, smiling almost contentedly before leaning down
to lovingly caress my clit with the tip of her tongue.

"Sounds very intriguing," I giggled, leaning back and stretching
out as the familiar sensation spread out from my clit to fill my
entire body with desire.

Samantha only moaned a little in response before almost crying
out in ecstasy as she felt Kevin's balls touch her thighs. I looked up
and felt her squeeze my hand tighter as Kevin's thrusting increased in

My cousin managed to open her eyes and smiled down at me as she
was pushed back and forth. "You bet!" she exclaimed, her long wavy
red hair falling across her face, "Oh, I just love this!"

"I can tell," I giggled, feeling a little jealous. Not only
because Kevin was monopolizing my cousin, but because Samantha was
neglecting my enjoyment as her boyfriend pushed her closer and closer
to cumming.

Finally, though, I could see the look that always crosses
Samantha's face just before she cums. A look of almost total
concentration, then joy as she finally lets go and accepts loosing
control for just a little while.

"Ahh! Yesss!" she hissed before screaming out in her ecstasy as she
leaned back, standing on her knees.

Kevin responded by taking her free hand as she pulled away from
me and leaned into him. I could only there lay alone before them as
Kevin put his arms around my cousin and held her from behind. I
watched as he covered her firm, roundish breasts in both hands,
squeezing her nipples tightly, just the way Samantha liked it,
causing her to gasp as her body shuddered all the more.

"You're so good," I heard Kevin whisper in her ear before giving
it a gentle nibble, causing her to giggle a little as he slowly
brought her back down.

"Mmm, thank you," Samantha moaned far too contentedly for my

"No problem," replied Kevin, exhaling loudly as he slid his dick
out of Samantha's wet pussy, "But I seem to recall someone else who
was looking for her turn."

My cousin, who was back upon her hands and knees again, glanced
over her shoulder at him and smiled. "My, aren't we the insatiable
one?" she said in her most sultry voice before turning to me, "So, do
you want to try for a while little girl?"

I gave her my most hungry grin, as I got onto my hands and knees
to face her. "Of course," I told her confidently, eventhough my heart
was beating a mile a minute, and gave her a deep passionate kiss.

My tongue probed past her lips, as I neglected to wait for her
response, and playfully ran it across her teeth. Samantha sighed
softly into my mouth and reached out to touch me, but I shuffled back
just in time. Leaving her looking into my eyes and panting in her
continued excitement.

"Tease," my cousin replied jokingly with a grin, as she licked
her lips.

"Only to heighten your excitement, my dear," I told her, and
began crawling forward once again.

She smiled as stood and I sauntered right past her, making
certain that my swaying hips touched her shoulder as I passed. I then
smiled up at Kevin as he stood on knees before me. I made eye contact
for a moment before casting my gaze across his reasonably muscled
chest down to his waiting cock.

My eyes widened as I watched it for a moment. It stood straight
out almost proudly, still glistening with my cousin's pussy juices and
dripping pre-cum from its end. I could hear Kevin trying not to
breathe to heavily as his eyes were locked on me, waiting to see what
I do.

He didn't have long to wait, though, as I glanced over my shoulder
at Sam and grinned broadly, hoping to make her just the slightest bit
jealous. I then turned back to Kevin's stiff cock and leaned down a
little so that I could touch the tip of my tongue to his balls.

The guy almost came right there, as I heard him exclaim loudly
and almost fall back. I merely giggled, tasting Kevin's sweat against
his skin as I slowly ran my tongue up to the base of his cock. I
glanced up and managed to make eye contact as I finally tasted my
cousin's juices.

I moaned softly and closed my eyes a little as the flavor brought
back many pleasant memories. Kevin merely shook his head slowly,
almost disbelieving that this could actually be happening to him as I
ran the flat of my tongue slowly along the side of his cock, greedily
lapping up the moisture.

"This is just too much!" I heard Kevin moan, and felt his hands on
either side of my head, taking careful handfuls of my hair.

I sighed happily as I reached up to take hold of the base of his
shaft, the sensation of him holding my head in place as I went down on
him evoking a similar feeling to the one I always got when Samantha
did it. I looked up and smiled, giggling girlishly as I licked the
underside of his cock from its base to its head before giving a bit of
a funny look when I tasted the slightly salty flavor of Kevin's pre-

He shook his head and chuckled quietly as I experimentally
touched the tip of my tongue to the end of his cock, flicking the
little hole I found and tasting the mixture of bodily fluids that I

"Please..." I heard Kevin whisper imploringly as I noticed just how
badly I was teasing him.

"Pull a little harder," I told him with a giggle, and moaned
contentedly as he took more of my hair in his grip, pulling at it as I
placed the head of his cock against my lips.

I paused for a moment, feeling his pulse beneath my fingers as I
held his cock in my hand. Savoring the feeling of both being in
control, and of being controlled via Kevin's firm grip upon my hair,
before pushing my lips closer, and sucking hard as his long hard cock
entered my waiting mouth.

Kevin gaped loudly again and slouched forward with a wide grin,
trying desperately to catch his breath. "Ho-! Hold on!" he pleaded.

I obediently stopped drawing his dick into my mouth, but
maintained the suction as I looked up at him expectantly. Kevin's eyes
were closed tightly for a few long moments, as I felt his cock pulse
inside my mouth.

"O-Okay," he said finally with a nod, but I remained still,
looking up at him expectantly, my blue-green eyes full of mischief.

"Guide her!" I heard Samantha gasp, and I turned my gaze in time
to see her, sitting in the chair that Kevin had occupied. Her long
athletics were spread wide apart, with one on each of the arms of the
chair as she frantically fingered herself.

"Mmf-!" I tried to exclaim, but found it difficult with a mouth
full of dick. Especially since Kevin was pulling my head forward,
sliding more of himself inside of me.

I sighed a little, and renewed my almost rhythmic sucking,
copying the motions that Samantha occasionally made when she cleaned
her juices off my nimble fingers. The technique seemed to work quite
well, as I felt Kevin pull my hair a little harder, making me moan

"Ohh, I should have thought of this sooner!" I heard Samantha
groan happily as she watched my small mouth take a good portion of her
boyfriend's cock.

"Uh, huh!" agreed Kevin, trying not to cum right away.

I could only giggle a little, and playfully run my tongue across
his cock as it penetrated my mouth and I could feel a little more of
his pre-cum tickling the back of my throat. I quickly swallowed,
though, and tried not to gag as the peculiar taste of his cock filled
my senses.

Infact, I barely noticed as Samantha crept up behind me and
spread my legs apart before giving my pussy a long lick. I squirmed a
little and let out an exited moan, slowly stroking the portion of
Kevin's cock that I wasn't experienced enough to let safely go into
my mouth.

Samantha paid me no heed, and continued mercilessly licking at my
pussy, carefully avoiding my more sensitive areas. "Mmm! Mmf-!" I
mumbled and moaned, rotating my hips in an attempt to make my cousin
lick me properly.

But she continued teasing my pussy, making it wet, as my aching
clit hardened. "Just keep sucking, little girl!" teased my cousin,
sliding her middle finger deep inside of me, and twisting it around
several times.

The sensation sent chills through me, and I whimpered pitifully,
trying to sound cute helpless. Unfortunately, only Kevin really
responded, forcing him to forcefully pull his cock out and stand there
shaking for several moments as my cousin drew out her wet finger.

"Ya, I think you're just about ready," Samantha replied
teasingly, "But I'd better make sure!"

"Ahh! I-! Ohh ya-!!!" I cried as I felt Samantha push her middle
finger against my tight little asshole.

I had to quickly grab hold of Kevin's strong legs for support as
I glanced backwards in time to see Samantha's face as she shoved her
finger inside of me past the first knuckle.

"Oh! Oh, Sam! More! Please!" I begged, loving the completely
nasty sensation of anal penetration.

"Are you sure it doesn't hurt too much, little girl?" she teased,
carefully twisting her wet finger around inside of me.

"Ohh! I don't care!" I exclaimed, eventhough it did hurt just a
little, "I like it! It's great! Please, Sam! Please give it to me!"

My cousin grinned broadly, and gave my small ass a playful slap
with her free hand. "You're such a bad girl!" she laughed as my body

"Mmm! Yes, but I like it!" I told her, gasping for breath as my
body ached for release.

"I don't know," continued Samantha with a sly grin, "I think
naughty little girls like you need to be punished! Not played

"Then punish me!" I screamed, causing Kevin to practically fall
over backwards.

"Your-! Oh, fuck! You're really NOT helping!" he laughed as he
held his dick.

Samantha glanced up at him for a second and smirked to hide her
sudden astonishment. Experimentally, she whacked my ass a little
harder, soliciting a little cry from me. But it was an exclamation
of joy more than pain.

"You like it?!" she replied, trying not to laugh.

"Yesss!" I managed to let out as I pushed my ass closer to her,
and farther into the air as I felt my pussy begin to contract a

"Okay..." Samantha continued a little curiously, and smacked again.

This time I definitely felt my body react. I felt like I was
close to cumming, but needed just a little bit more to push me over
the edge. My cousin chuckled and shoved her middle finger farther into
my tightness as she hit me harder across the ass, making my skin a
little read.

"Oooh! Ohh! Ya! Oh, ya, Sam! More!" I gasped as I began cumming,
only this time, it was different. It felt so good having her long
digit wriggling around inside of me in such a strange place, as well
as having her punish my poor little bottom.

Samantha almost laughed as she gave my ass cheek a firm squeeze
as I practically screamed my head off in response to my orgasm. I
thrashed about for what felt like an eternity, no longer caring how
silly I looked clutching at the white carpet with my little fingers, and
screaming like some kind of animal just because my cousin was spanking
me while she finger fucked my asshole. It felt so good to finally have
a chance to let go. We had made love so many times, yet there had
always been parents close by, yet Kevin's parents wouldn't be back for
another few hours, leaving me to finally completely let go.

Somewhere along the line I partially blacked out, and found
myself lying on the floor panting. Most of my body felt fairly numb
from the exertion, but I soon noticed the fact that Samantha was
holding me against her as I came down.

"That... Was great!" I panted, kissing her face all over.

She smiled and rolled over on her back so that I lay atop of her.
"I'll try to remember that trick in the future," she promised, and
kissed me upon the lips before motioning to Kevin, "But I think
there's one more thing you're missing out on."

I sighed contentedly and nodded, resting my head against her
chest as she hooked her legs around mine and spread our legs wide
apart. "Are you sure you have the energy after all that?" inquired
Kevin, sitting on his knees just behind us.

"No," I admitted, "But I've come to far to stop now, and it'd be
wrong of me not to let you cum too! Just be gentle."

Kevin nodded, and I felt a deep sense of happy contentment as
Samantha held me tightly against her. Down between my legs, I felt
Kevin shuffle closer. His slightly hairy legs brushing against my soft
and shaven ones and caused me to giggle a little as he arranged

After a moment or two of awkward shuffling, I could feel his dick
pressed firmly against my swollen pussy lips. I nodded slowly, knowing
that he was kind enough to await my signal, and gasped as just the
head of his cock pushed its way inside of me, and stopped.

I held Sam for comfort and support as Kevin then began slowly and
gently fucking me with just the head of his cock. I winced a little as
he stretched my tight pussy a bit, but my unusual amount of
lubrication made it surprising easy so long as he took his time.

Later in life I was to hear one's initial penetration described
as "a hot knife through butter". I think that it was a fairly apt
description, except that to say it was a knife would imply "cutting".
In this case, it was almost as though Kevin's cock where pushing in,
and becoming part of me.

I let out a long sigh, and quickly sucked in air as I felt him
push himself farther into me with every stroke. Samantha smiled and
kissed me on the forehead as she massaged my back. "I think she likes
it," she replied wistfully, truly enjoying watching her little cousin
being penetrated by her boyfriend.

Kevin only smiled and nodded a little, trying not break his
concentration, lest he cum too soon. I could now feel his lower body
pressing close to me as he tried to push all of his cock into my
tight, grasping pussy. He reached down and squeezed my ass cheeks with
both hands, and I moaned happily. I raised my butt a little higher,
and moved my hips slightly so that I could feel his deeply buried cock
press against my inner walls in ways that it normally wouldn't.

"Is she good?" inquired Samantha teasingly, watching Kevin's very
approving reactions to my movements.

"Yes..." he whispered quietly with a nod, as he remained perfectly
still, just letting me control the moment.

I giggled a little as I glanced up at him, and saw his
expression. "He's the one who's good!" I told my cousin, and suddenly
gasped as I felt Kevin's body tense up. The warmth emanating from his
dick to fill my young pussy, suddenly becoming hot. I could feel
Kevin's dick pulsing and throbbing inside me, and I could see the
sudden panic cross his face.

"Oh!" I heard Samantha exclaim, and I cried out a little
mournfully as Kevin deprived me of his cock in one quick motion.

But in the end, it was for the best. Kevin pulled out just as his
cock shot his hot sticky load all the way from its head to hit
Samantha in the face. She immediately started laughing uncontrollably
as I exclaimed in surprise when I felt something quite warm and wet
splash down against my butt, and began to dribble between my ass

"Oh come here, you!" laughed Samantha, waving Kevin over as his
spattered cum ran across her cheek.

Kevin hid his expression as he blushed and obediently came over
to kneel beside us. Samantha smiled and took hold of his dick, before
drawing him closer by it and squeezing the rest of his cum out onto
her face with several long strokes as I watched.

"That's just-! Just nasty!" I giggled, trying to hide my own
blushing as I watched with interest as a bit more of Kevin's cum spurted from the end of his cock to cover my cousin's pretty face.

"There's no sense wasting it!" she laughed, and took it into her
mouth, moaning contentedly as she sucked the rest of Kevin's hot cum from him.

"Mmm... Thank you," he moaned as she withdrew it and turned to me.

"I'm glad you liked it," replied Samantha, grinning at me
mischievously, "But now I think it's time for a certain little girl to
clean up her mess!"

"Oh?" I inquired innocently, looking into her deep green eyes
with amusement.

"Oh, ya!" laughed Samantha and took me by the hair, "Now lick,
little girl! And make sure to share!"

I giggled happily, truly enjoying both the reaction we were
getting out of Kevin, and the naughtiness of what we were doing. As
Samantha guided me, I extended my tongue and began slowly licking up
her boyfriend's sticky mess. It was strange flavor at first, but I
found that it was better to take it in with the tip of my tongue. Not
only for the aesthetic reason, but also because it made contact with
different taste buds.

Kevin exhaled loudly as he watched the scene, and had to sit down
properly as I ran the tip of my tongue from Samantha's chin, to her
ear, all the while lapping up his white gooey cum. I then smiled as I
held in my mouth, and giggled as I stuck my tongue out at Samantha.

She smiled, and took my tongue into her mouth before sucking it
clean of Kevin's cum. I pulled back a little, and felt my tongue slip
between her soft lips before lapping up what was left. I then gave my
cousin a proper kiss, and sighed contentedly as we shared her
boyfriend's cum.

"If I could come again, you two would make me do it right now!" I
heard Kevin mutter, and we both laughed, "But it's getting close to
four o'clock, I'm afraid. I hate to say it, but you two should really
get going."

Samantha reluctantly nodded, and we both struggled to feet. I had
to lean against my cousin for a little while, though, as I felt a
sudden vertigo, and my pussy felt a little achy, but satisfied.

"Thanks for having us over," Samantha replied, and gave Kevin a

"Thanks for letting me have you!" he laughed, and fetched our
clothes for us.

"Oh, you!" my cousin laughed as she grabbed her stuff.

"Hey!" said Kevin with a shrug, "It's true!"

I laughed as my cousin gave him a fake dirty look and I struggled
into my pants.

"Be careful!" she warned jokingly, "Or next time it'll be you I spank!"

"Ya right!" he laughed, "We'll see who puts who over whose knee!"

Samantha smiled and shook her head before throwing on her shirt.
"Well, we'll see," she promised, "But, we aren't supposed to be here,
so we should go. Just about ready, Amy dear?"

I nodded, and staggered over to the back door where my coat and
boots awaited me. "I'll meet you outside," I told her, and gave the
two a few last moments together as I struggled to get my snowshoes
back on over my boots.


A few minutes later, Samantha came out of the house. She avoided
my gaze as she sat down on the wooden steps to don her snowshoes
without a word. "Sam?" I inquired with concern, "What's up?"

She glanced up at me and blushed. My cousin then grabbed my arm,
and stood up before hurriedly ushering me back across the field and
into the woods. Once there, surrounded by the dormant trees and cool
crisp winter air, Samantha turned to me.

She seemed to be blushing a little as she reached out and took me
in her arms. "I have something to tell you," she whispered just loud
enough for me to hear through my earmuffs.

"Oh?" I inquired, leaning against her, and enjoying the
comforting feeling of my cousin's embrace.

"Ya," she giggled, hiding her face against my shoulder before
looking me straight in the eye, "Um... Kevin's Mom. She, uh, wasn't out
with his dad today."

"Oh?!" I inquired, suddenly going even paler than usual as I felt
my pulse race.

Samantha nodded with a smile. "She was upstairs," she admitted,
"But don't worry. She won't tell. Apparently, Kevin's mom still does
it with her sister!"

"No way!" I laughed, suddenly feeling a little bit relieved.

"And, apparently she didn't mind us being over like we were," my
cousin continued, "It's Kevin's dad who's the real prude. But, our
secret's safe."

"That's great, Sam," I replied, "But I feel so... strange. I mean,
there was someone listening to us the entire time! I mean, gee! And
hey, how do you know Kevin's mom WAS upstairs? Did she come down?"

Samantha shook her head. "No," she answered, leaning in closer,
"But after you left, Kevin confessed to it. Apparently when I called
and told him I had a surprise for him, his mom overheard and decided
not to go out. Apparently she has a fetish or something. Anyways, he
didn't want his mom to know that we knew. He probably wouldn't have
confessed if you'd have stayed."

"Why? Afraid I'd over react?" I giggled.

"You?" laughed Samantha, "Never!"

I smiled broadly and surrendered to her kiss as we stood there in
the woods for several long minutes just holding each other. Finally,
though, we parted lips and Samantha glanced over at the sun.

"It'll be dark soon," she replied.

"Good," I commented levelly, "'Cause I'm afraid of the dark!"

Samantha smiled and took my hand. "Then I'll have to hold you,"
she told me.

"I'm so glad your parents let us share a bed," I said with
contented sigh, and kissed her on the cheek.

My cousin nodded, and glanced down at the ground. "Um, Amy," she
said quietly, "There's something else that I have to tell you..."

There was silence between us for a few moments before Samantha
looked back at me. "Then do," I said reassuringly, "You know that
you can tell me literally anything."

"Amy, it's a lot of fun to hang around with Kevin and all but..."
my cousin paused to sniffle and wipe tears from her eyes.

I gave Samantha a shocked and worried look. I'd only see her cry
twice. She had always been the strong one, and anything that could
bring my dear cousin to tears had to be serious. "What is it?" I
whispered, holding her close once again.

"Amy, there's something I've wanted to tell you for over a year
now," my cousin continued as her tears began to overcome her, "Amy,
I...I love you."

"I love you too," I told Samantha, squeezing her tightly.

"No, I mean... I'm IN love with you!" she cried, burying her face
in my shoulder and sobbing out loud.

I paused for a moment, feeling my heart cry out to her. I stood
silently for what I was sure for too long as I searched my feelings. I
wasn't sure what to say, but I'd always been taught to be honest.

"Sam," I said nervously, "I... I don't completely know how I feel.
I-I don't have anything to compare my feelings too. But if this deep
respect that I have for you, and this need I have to make you happy
means that I love you, than so be it. I'll admit also, that when we're
apart, I feel incomplete. And when I saw you with Kevin I was jealous...
So, maybe. Maybe I do love you too..."

"Then that's good enough," she told me, feeling a little better,
"For it's all that I ask."

We were both crying by this point, as we held each other, but
somehow we both felt as though we had over come some kind of barrier
in our relationship. Sam seemed happier knowing that I wasn't scared
off by her feelings, and I was happier knowing that it was okay to
have those same feelings, because I now knew that they'd be

I pulled away slightly, and smiled at Samantha. "Ready to go
home?" I inquired.

She only nodded, and took my hand before we made our slow way
back to her parent's farm...


Written by Amy K. (
Copyright 1998, although permission for re-posting and archiving is granted so
long as everyone who wants to read this has free and equal access to it. Anyone
wanting a copy of all my stories, feel free to ask. I'm easy- Er, I mean, nice
enough to share!;)


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