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Trisha's After School Workout



That's the only disclaimer you get. Read on at your own risk.

This story is inspired by the story "Helping Out Sis," by Drake. As they
say, "Imitation is the sincerest form of plagarism." If you like this story,
you'll like that one, seek it.

The characters herein are fictional. Any resemblence to real persons,
living, dead, or undead are purely coincidental.

This work is rated (m/f 1st teen semi-nc inc f-mast cun) by the A.S.S.
Writers Guild of America, West Delaware chapter (AW GAWD!)

m/f teenaged male initiating sex with a teenaged female
1st someone's first time
teen the lower case letters in m/f should have taken care of this
semi-nc semi-nonconsentual (reluctance followed by willing participation)
inc incest (so the aforementioned teenagers are brother and sister)
f-mast female masturbation (performed by the male, as opposed to f-solo)
oral tasty tongue treats
cun cunnilingus (the oral sex is upon a female, as opposed to fellatio)

That's the best description you're gonna get outside of actually reading it,
which, of course, I hold no responsibility for.

Permission granted to * provided everything between the "--" lines remains
unchanged, except for translations to alternate character sets for
convenience. I do my own spelling, punctuation, and grammar editing.

* = Do whatever you want with this.

Trisha's After School Workout (m/f 1st teen semi-nc inc f-mast oral cun)

by Forbidden Fruit

Trisha Lewis trudged up the stairs to her room where she unceremoniously
stripped off her high school cheerleader's uniform and collapsed onto her

"God, what a terrible practice. The cheerleading coach drove us like
anmials. I've never felt so aweful in my life. I just want to lay here and

Trisha never wore anything under her cheerleading uniform, not even a bra.
The uniform top was constructed like a sports bra and so she needed no bra
underneath. Similarly, the skirt had its own built in briefs, so she wore no
panties. So tired was Trisha that she didn't care that she was now laying
totally nude, face down on her bed with her ample teenaged breasts pressed
into the down comforter. She was tired, and now, for the first time in hours
she was comfortable. She began to drift off to sleep.

It was in this position that her younger brother found her a few minutes
later after hearing her plaintive monologue. She had neglected to close or
lock the door to her room after her less than triumphant return home from
practice, and now lay with her legs spread and her ass pointing toward the
hallway for anyone passing to see.

The Lewis family, while far from being prudes were at least modest, and
blatant nudity was hardly an everyday vision for 14 year old Tommy,
especially not in his own house. After finishing a couple of hours of boring
math and history home work, Tommy found himself with an urgent need to pee,
but being self driven academically, had surpressed the gradually mounting
need until his work was complete. By now, Tommy had developed a piss hard-on
that he desperately needed to quash.

Nudity was generally not displayed in the Lewis household, though family members in nothing but underwear was readily accepted. Tommy's piss hard-on
made a tent of the front of his briefs as he passed his 16 year old sister's
room on the way to the bathroom.

A sideways glance into her room became a double take as the vision of his
sister's tanned buttocks registered in Tommy's mind. Mezmerized by the site
of her two perfect globes of butt flesh, he couldn't help but be drawn to
the object of more than one of his classmates' desires. Not knowing if she
was awake or not, Tommy advanced cautiously, on the balls of his socked

"Trish? You awake?"

A groan grew out of Trisha's throat, growing into a grumble. "Go away,

"Do you have any idea what you look like like that?"

"I don't care, you little pervert. Get out of my room and let me sleep."

"Oh man, but a polaroid of this would fetch a pretty penny in gym class
tomorrow." Tommy really had no intention of photographing his naked
sister... okay, photography was not out of the question, but the
profiteering part would not be a part of Tommy's reality.

"You disgusting little weasel. If I could move a muscle in my body, I'd
strangle you for saying that." Trisha's arms were so tired and achy that it
pained her to just reach up, grab a pillow off the head of the bed, and throw
it at her horny, peeping brother. She did it none the less.

Tommy half-dodged, half-parried the half-hearted attack. "You really can't
move, sis?" Tommy asked, testing the limits of his sister's tolerance in
this golden opportunity. "Then I guess you wouldn't move to stop me if I
were to drop trou and start fisting my peter, like this..."

He pushed the front of his briefs down to about mid-thigh, grabbed his
still raging piss hard-on in his right hand, and began stroking it up and

"Be very careful how you proceed, little brother, for tomorrow I will regain
the use of my arms, and I know where you sleep. So, don't be thinking you
can get away with just any ol' indiscretion."

"Was that an offer to masturbate me tomorrow, sis? Great. It's a deal." Tommy

"That was an offer to choke more than just your chicken, you little
degenerate, and stop jacking off in my room!"

Realizing that if he didn't stop, he'd either piss on the floor or cum on
his naked sister, not four feet away on her bed, Tommy stopped jacking his
cock and put it away. "Okay, Trish. I gotta go take care of something, but
I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere. Uh, I mean, don't move a muscle."
Tommy snickered at his pun at his sister's expense as he left to take care
of relieving himself.

As always when he had to pee this badly, Tommy felt like he stood over the
toilet for hours as he emptied his bladder. Finally, the flow abated and the
last drops of piss were shaken from the end of tommy's admirable, if not
stupendous 5" cock. Surprisingly, Tommy didn't lose his piss hard-on like he
expected to, but rather retained the ridigity of a bamboo pole.

Drying the tip with some toilet paper, Tommy put it away and went back to
his sister's room. Though obviously capable of getting up to close and lock
the door in his absence, she had done nothing but lay there. Actually, Tommy
thought to himself, I think maybe her legs are spread just a little bit
farther apart.

"Ah. I feel much better. Now, where were we?"

"Plotting my revenge if you do anything."

"Oh, sis, sis, sis. incest is best. Put your brother to the test."

"My legs are so cramped and my knots have knots. If you touch me, I'll
scream. If not in defense, then in pain."

"Hey, I have the cure for that. Didn't you know that the best way for a
woman to alleviate pain from cramps is to have sex?"

"That's menstral cramps you moron. I do not have menstral cramps. I had my
period on Saturday. This is Wednesday."

Defensively, Tommy put up, "Oh... yeah..., like I knew that. Like I track
your menstral cycle."

"Get out Tommy. Now."

"I don't know," Tommy said removing his still raging prick from its
tent-like confinement. "I still think a little meaningless, mechanistic sex
could do the both of us a lot of good." Able to focus entirely on pleasure,
instead of the need to pee now, Tommy jacked his cock slowly, but with

"Tommy, if I have to tell you one mor-" Trisha gasped as a seering knife of
pain seemed to slit the back of her left leg from her ankle to her butt.
"Ah! Ak! Ungh! Tommy, come here. Help me. My leg!"

Tommy had no idea what was going on until he saw his sister's left leg bend
radically at the knee so that the toes of her left foot were pointed skyward
and she started trying in vain to reach around and force her calf back down.

Forgetting his pleasure in the wake of his sister's pain, Tommy rushed to
the bedside and grabbed his sister's ankle in his left hand and the back of
her thigh just above the knee with his right and began to gently extend her
leg and apply pressure to the muscle group that had cramped.

"Ah. Ah. That's better. That's good." Trish panted as the pain began to
subside and her leg straightened out.

"Where's the cramp, Trish? Here?" Tommy asked placing his thumb in the
middle of the offending group.

"Yeah. Right there."

Tommy immediately began to concentrate a deep muscle massage on the
indicated area and soon his sister was back to her immobile self. Tommy's
warm hands continued to manipulate Trisha's even warmer thigh, moving up and
down the inner and outer parts of the back of Trisha's upper left leg when he
realized that his earlier ministrations upon himself had evoked a small
amount of semen to be emitted onto his right hand and was now being smeared
onto his sister's thigh.

"Uh, sis. I don't know how to tell you this, but you've got some of my
seminal fluid all over your leg now."

"Huh? Wha-? Oh, I just don't care, as long as you keep doing what you're
doing right now."

Since begining his medical rescue of his sister, Tommy realized that his
briefs had fallen the rest of the way to the floor and were now around his
ankles. He kicked them off, leaving himself naked but for a pair of white
ankle socks and his sister naked but for the comforter she lay on. 'Which
hardly counted,' Tommy thought to himself. His dick had gone slightly flacid
since he began massaging his sister, but the realization that both he and
this gorgeous hunk of woman-child were naked, that he was in very direct
physical contact with same, AND that she wanted him to continue had it
immediately back at full mast.

Emboldened, Tommy asked, "How about I do the other leg?"


He finished his moulding of Trisha's left thigh and transitioned to her
right. Up and down he worked kneading his sister's right thigh and calf. A
deep, satisfied sigh emanated from Trisha's throat.

Up until now, Tommy'd been standing at the foot of his sister's bed, bending
over to reach her as she sprawled across it. His raging hard-on was
dribbling seminal fluid onto the comforter, when what he wanted it to be
doing was rubbing back and forth across Trisha's labia. He wanted to just
jump up on the bed, between his sister's legs, and jam it between her lips.
But he was patient enough not to make such a move that would earn the
undying ire of his sister. He had to be smarter than that.

"How about your back?" He asked finally.

Another contented sigh.

"I'll have to climb up on... on your... bed."

Another sigh.

'Go for it!' His mind screamed. One knee at a time he lifted himself up,
between Trisha's legs, careful to spread them apart just enough to
accomodate him in a squatting position, but pulling her legs together so as
not to seem to be deliberately trying to thrust his dick between them. He
nestled her knees just to the outside of his knees, and her calves, his
calves. His prick was just inches from his sister's warm, moist cunt.

Again, he placed his hands on his sister's tense body. he pressed his palms
into her lower back and began to knead the muscles he found there. Trisha
was quite fit, one of the more energetic cheerleaders on her squad, so her
muscle tone was quite high, and Tommy found it hard going trying to do a
credible job of applying massage while actually trying to fuck her. As he
leaned forward to lay his hands on her lower back, his ramrod straight dick
nearly touched Trisha's tasty snatch.

No, not yet, too soon to try that. Tommy instead moved lower, bring his
hands to the tops of the fleshy globes of Trisha's hips. In the summer time,
the family's privacy screened back yard allowed ample opportunity to sun
bathe naked, and on occasion, Trisha'd taken advantage of that when the rest
of the family was out. As a result, her butt was well tanned as well as well
toned and had no tan lines what-so-ever. These Tommy began to knead in the
same fashion as he had kneaded her calves and thighes.

He slowed for a moment to try to detect any sense of resistence to his new
course of action from the subject of his immediate desire. None was to be
found, so he continued his ministrations upon her buttocks. Firmly
manipulating them with his fingers, not quite hard enough to pinch. He'd
trade off one buttock for the other, concentrating both hands on his task.
He'd push her cheeks together and then, with much anticipation, push them
apart again, all the while focusing his attention on how his manipulations
affected her labia.

Finally, he saw what to him was the brass ring. A small droplet of moisture,
Trisha's vaginal lubricant, was seen to trickle out from between her lips.
She was getting just as turned on by this as he was... okay, maybe not just
as turned on, but turned on, none-the-less. Time to take it to the next

Tommy knew he'd been flowing with a pretty steady stream of seminal
lubricant of his own. Currently, he felt a trickle of it flowing back down
the bottom side of his prick as it jutted up from his pelvis toward his
sister's ass. She didn't seem to mind earlier when she'd been told she now
had some of his spend rubbed into her skin, so Tommy figured he'd try it
again, on purpose.

He made a ring around his prick with his right index finger and thumb and
skined it up his cock to remove as much semen as possible. In doing so, he
pumped even more than what was clinging to the outside of it out from within
his urethra. The fluid coated his finger and began to run off as he quickly
divided the fluid between his two hands and then replaced them back on
Trisha's butt.

In the conditioend air of the bedroom, Trisha's skin had become depleted of
any surface moisture or persperation since removing her cheer leader's
uniform, and so Tommy's massage had done little more than push and pull on
the skin at hand. Now, with a generous amount of surface lubication he was
able to knead his sister's butt flesh in long, langorious rubs.

Trisha barely stirred as she'd felt the warm fluid deposited on her
backside. She'd only paused a moment to analyze whether or not her little
brother was actually applying his dick to her skin. Gauging that he wasn't,
she went back to her gradually deepening stupor. Even so, her resistence was
slowly ebbing and soon she wouldn't care even if it were his penis she felt
rubbing across her skin, especially when she was feeling such a warm
sensation from deep within her body, especially her pelvis.

Rubbing his clear semen into her buttocks had been an even greater thrill
than he'd imagined, and as it appeared to be completely spent into her skin,
Tommy noticed the size of the wet spot that had been forming under his dick
head. He then noticed the only slightly smaller wet spot forming under his

"I'm going to move up to your shoulders now."


This was the big step. In order to reach up to Trisha's shoulder blades, his
dick couldn't help but rub into Trisha's warm, wet cunt. As wet and slick as
both children's genitalia was, Tommy was mentally calculating the
probability that he could possibly penetrate her hands-off without her even
being aware of the penetration.

The Lewis children were hardly in the habit of discussing their personal
lives amongst themselves, but when you live with someone in an atmosphere
devoid of repression, some topics of discussion that wouldn't normally come
up do come up. Tommy was aware of an incident a few years ago when Trisha
first entered puberty.

After her mother taught her how to use a tampon, she began to get curious
around the contour and shape of her innermost place. When her period allowed
her free reign of her vagina without worry of tampons or discharge, she
experimented with other foreign objects. First fingers, then anything
roughly cylindrical. Handles off impliments. She found a specific set of
her father's screw drivers particularly handy, a fact which really floored
her when she learned of one synonym for intercourse, screwing. She was
always careful to clean her masturbatory tools, so as not to be found out,
and was always careful in her explorations to prevent any injury as she
tried new things. Eventually, she settled into a routine of using a set of
magic markers with tightly held, rounded caps to masturbate herself.
Eventually branching out to other writing impliments. Always, she'd stopped
at the point where she'd felt a pressure on her hymen.

One day, she carefully inserted a recently sharpened pencil, blunted by a
few lines of writing. While waiting for the familiar pressure on her hymen,
she suddenly felt a very slight prick, like a pinch on her skin. The pain
was almost nonexistent, and she continued to insert the pencil, very slowly.
Eventually, she realized that the pencil was in much farther than it should
be. She slowly removed it from her pussy and saw that there was a very
slight trace of blood on it. Terrified that she'd stabbed herself, she went
to the bathroom and inserted a tampon in hopes to stave the bleeding.

For several frightful moments, the scared little girl lay on her bed
watching the cord of the tampon sticking out of her quaking pussy, expecting
any moment now to see a trickle of blood roll out and then she'd know she'd
have no choice but to go to her parents, tell them what she'd been doing, and
tell them what she had done so that they could take her to the hospital, so
she wouldn't bleed to death and die.

When, after several minutes had passed and she didn't feel anything
different about her vagina, she slowly pulled the tampon from her cunt and
saw, much to her relief only a small blot of blood on the inner tip of it,
she knew she'd found yet another frontier to explore. She'd peirced her
hymen, and now she could explore even further up her cunt. She retrieved her
favourite marker and inserted it into her waiting vagina and soon it had
vanished completely into her quivering snatch.

Years of masturbation with other phallus-like objects had completely
obliterated all remaining vestages of her hymen. Tommy knew he could easily
slip right up in her to the hilt of his stiff prick. Lifting himself up
from where he'd been sitting on his feet, Tommy leaned forward to reach
between Trisha's shoulder blades to do more massaging, all the while, trying
to carefully aim his cock to the most direct contact with his sister's cunt as he could manage from his vantage point. Holding his hips back until he
first touched the skin of her back, Tommy let his hips follow him forward
until he felt Trisha's warm skin touch his glans.

It felt like heaven to the horny teenager. Even the slight ammount of
pressure he dared apply had what seemed like pints, quarts, gallons of
seminal lubricant gush out of the end of his dick onto her skin. In
actuality, it was only a few drops from the end of Tommy's urethra, and he'd
managed to hit her frenum, the patch of skin between the bottom of the labia
and her anus. Continuing his manipulations of her lower shoulders, the
farthest up he could reach without finding a place for his cock first, Tommy
backed up and tried again to find a place to sheath his sword between his
sister's legs.

Several more times, he bumped his sister's frenum, a couple of times, almost
swinging the tip up to glide over her asshole. 'No. Don't want to go there.
Especially not first,' he thought to himself. Anal sex was not what he
wanted, and he knew from health class that there were germs on the anus that,
if he got them on his dick and then put them into Trisha's pussy, would make
her sick.

Finally, he backed up one more time, lowered his hips, and moved up to rub
Trisha's shoulders and felt the tip of his prick connect with the lower
edges of her labia. In his excitement and inexperience, Tommy Lewis still
managed to miss sinking his 5" long cock into his sister's pussy, but he did
manage to slot his young member between the, by now, well lubricated lips of
Trisha's blood engorged labia. Their mutual lubrication mixed well and as
Tommy moved forward, he completely coated both his penis and her labia with
it. His glans rubbed against her distended clitoris and Trisha jumped
slightly, as if startled.

Her langour interrupted, Trisha Lewis asked her brother, "You're not trying
to fuck my pussy, are you, little brother?"

"Oh no, not at all. I'm just trying to reach up high enough to massage your
shoulders," he lied through clenched teeth.

"Just because I've already had my period this month does not mean that it's
100% safe to have unprotected sex. There's an outside chance I could still
get pregnant"

'What? She's not worried so much about having sex with me, as she is getting
pregnant by me,' Tommy thought. Indeed, the flood of fluid into Trisha's
lovebox that was still seeping out all over her brother's cock belied her
repeated warnings. "I- I'll be careful. I'll just leave my dick where it is
and get up to where I can give you a proper massage."

"Mmm hmm."

Tommy pressed forward a little further, sliding his dick between the
distended lips of his sister's cunt and over her engorged clitoris. He felt
her tense up some more, but only began to work his hands over her shoulders
all the more. This made him rock back and forth over her naked form at an
ever increasing frequency, causing his dick to slide in their mutual
libricant in ever longer strokes, providing even more stimulation to
Trisha's clit.

Eventually, after much stimulation and to the greater or lesser surprise of
both of them, Tommy's strokes brought him back far enough for his glans to
slip into the opening of Trisha's vagina. On the next downward stroke, Tommy
drove his rock hard cock into her pussy and they both felt the pop as it
drove past the ring of muscle in her hot lovebox.

For a moment, Tommy stopped, both because of the surprise and because he was
afraid he was about to cum, and he wanted this beatific moment to last

"Oh God, Tommy, don't stop now. I'm flowing like Niagra falls, I'm so hot. I
feel so good. Don't stop now. Finish what you've started."

The last vestiges of pretense were obliterated and Tommy reached for
Trisha's hips and quickly drove himself completely within her gripping fuck
tunnel, revelling in her warmth and wetness. He knew he was close, but some
tiny part of his lust clouded mind new he had to strive to bring her off
as well.

He reached back up his sister's hot body, only this time, he reached out to
the sides of her rib cage and found the sides of Trisha's breasts to knead
something worth kneading, as far as the lust-filled boy was concerned. With
Trisha still laying on her tits, it wasn't possible for Tommy to get his
hands all the way under her to grope her properly, but the rubbing he was
doing to the sides of her breast mounds was still causing Trisha's pert
teenaged nipples to rub ever so slightly on the textured fabric of her

Tommy began to piston his sloppily lubed member in and out of his sister's
hot snatch as only a teenaged boy can. Faster and faster, his hips moved,
all the while their wet, incestuous union was making sloppy, wet noises.
Trisha angled her hips up to meet her brother's strokes and to increase the
pressure on her clit with every stroke Tommy made.

Finally, Trisha felt a feeling warmer and wetter than any she'd ever felt in
her many masturbation sessions. Tommy's dick was unloading a massive amount
of cum into her milking snatch. Trisha's orgasm was a fraction of a second
behind her brother's. She felt her pussy involuntarily contracting around
Tommy's 5" dick that now felt like it was 5" in diameter. Grunting, Trish
now started bucking her ass back into her looming, ejaculating sibling,
trying to swallow it whole with her lips as they rhythmicly sucked and
stroked Tommy's intruding cock. For Tommy's part, all he saw was a brilliant
white light. He nearly passed out.

Tommy collapsed onto his sister's naked form, still feeling her cunt milking
his cock for all it was worth. Trisha felt her abdominal muscles contracting
and relaxing as her orgasm peaked, and Tommy's dick remained in place,
embedded in her well fucked cunt. Trisha felt much better, just like Tommy
had promised. Maybe sex was good for more than just menstral cramps. As the
breathing of both youngsters came back under control, the two incestuous
siblings remained locked in their warm embrace, joined in their most
intimate of unions.

Trisha began to feel herself out, like a crash victim making sure all of her
limbs were still there. Surprisingly, almost all of the soreness, cramping
and tension from her earlier workout were almost entirely gone and only a
vague ache remained.

"Tommy, do not tell me you've fallen asleep on top."

"Uh... no. I'm just drained. That was so much better than jacking myself
off. It was beautiful."

"I liked it too, but you need to start supporting your own weight. You're
suffocating me."

"Oh, sorry. You want me to pull out too?"

"No. Just stay there. I wanna to try something."

With her little brother's dick still mostly rigid in her tight love tunnel,
Trisha concentrated on some of the most feminine of muscle groups. In her
still ebbing afterglow, but due mostly to her inexperience, she was only
slightly able voluntarily contract her vaginal muscles around her brother's

Tommy felt his big sister's cunt contract and relax around his prick. At
first, he felt it only slightly erotic, but then his softening dick reacted
of its own will, and soon it was again a bamboo rod penetrating Trisha's

Trisha continued to concentrate on flexing her vagina when she suddenly felt
her captive brother engorge yet again. It was a very satisfying sensation.
She smiled at the success of her first experiment with this technique.
Perhaps it was the numbed sensation of the afterglow, but it felt like he'd
inflated even larger than he had been earlier.

"Wow. What is that, sis?"

"They're called Kegel exercises. A friend of mine at school taught me about
them, but I never had a chance to try them out till now. I don't think i did
them right. She said when done well, the guy's supposed to feel like you're
milking his cock with your pussy, and you're supposed to be able to bring
him off a second time just by doing this."

She continued to concentrate on her Kegels and Tommy felt like his dick had
turned into titanium. He'd never felt his dick harder than his sister was
making it right now.

"Well, done right or not, I like them. You don't really feel like you're
milking my cock, but it's still pleasureable. Not as pleasureable as this,

Tommy started pistoning his still rigid prick in and out of his sister's
pulsating snatch.

"Oh yeah. That is better. I guess I just need more practice. Right now,
though, I think it's time to pull out and get cleaned up before our parents find us like this."


Tommy began pulling his engorged cock from his big sis' pussy when he
suddenly felt some resistence to his retreat. Trisha let out a small grunt.

"Oh, Tommy. Stop. Wait. Something's wrong."

"I felt it too. Let go of my cock. I can't pull it out like this."

"I'm trying. Try to pull out again."

Tommy tried again and met even harder resistence. Something in his sister's
hot, wet cunt was gripping his prick, not allowing it to come out.

"I think we're in trouble, sis. I can't get my cock out of you."

"Stop trying. It hurts. What is it? What's wrong?"

"I don't know. I'm getting scared."

"I think your dick's just too big and hard. Your head is locked into my
pussy. How do you get your dick to deflate?"

"I don't. Getting an erection is easy. I have no idea how to force my cock
to go down."

"Oh great. We're stuck like this till your dick goes flacid."

"Hey," Tommy said in a frightened, defensive voice, "You're the one who's
using her cunt to grip my cock so I can't pull out."

"It's not me, Tommy. I'm not using my cunt muscles now. Remember when you
slipped into me the first time? Remember that pop? There's a ring of muscles
at the opening of my pussy. That's what's holding you in, and I can't
control that muscle by will. You're head is just too big to go back out
through it. You have to concentrate now and become flacid."

"I told you. I can't."

"Well, when you got erections before, how'd you get rid of them?"

"Well, if they were meaningless, meaning they happened of their own accord,
I usually ignored them and they went away."

"And when you were actually horny?"

"I have to masturbate them away," Tommy admitted timidly.

"Great. How do we masturbate your erection away when you're stuck in my

The answer flashed across Tommy's face. "I think you just answered your own
question, sis."

Tommy began pistoning his raging member in and out of his sister's snatch,
careful not to try to pull out too far and run up against Trisha's vaginal

"What are you doing?"

"Fucking you. What does it feel like I'm trying to do?"

"You already did that. You're doing it again? My friends who have boyfriends
say it takes them a long time to get their boyfriends to fuck them again."

"I'm 14. I'm always ready to fuck."

With even more focus than before, Tommy fucked his big sister's pussy like a
boy possessed. Even faster than when he masturbated, he soon felt that
familiar rise in his balls as his orgasm neared.

Soon, the lust filled teenager was pumping his spewing cock in his sister's
cum filled cunt.

"Ugh! Ugh! That should do the job."

His second orgasm was not as intense as his first, his dick having been
numbed by the intensity of the experience. Still, a new load of slick,
greasy teenaged semen now flooded around his dick embedded in his sister's
moist pussy.


"Is your cock shrinking yet?"

"Ah. I think so. I can't be sure. I can't feel it."

"I can. I think it is. Try to pull out now."

Tentatively, Tommy pulled back as inch after inch of his prick, all shiny
and wet from their mutual spend, could be seen coming out of Trisha's cunt.
When about an inch was left inside, the both felt the familiar resistence,
only it wasn't quite as intense as it had been. Trisha's labia were still
very distended around her brother's hard, retreating prick, and every move
to extract it seemed to pull her lips along with his dick. Finally, an
audible pop was heard and Tommy's cock came free of Trisha's sexual grasp
and her labia relaxed back into place between her legs.

"Ugh," both sighed in unison.

Trisha's vagina hung open, as if hungrily wanting to be filled again. A
steady trickle of vaginal and seminal fluid began pouring out of her cunt and flowing onto the bed spread. Tommy's dick, too, was covered by a mixture
of their mutual spend which was now flowing off of the tip to drip down.

"We'd better get cleaned up. I'll go get a warm wash cloth."

Tommy rose and left Trisha's room to go back to the bathroom, where he
retrieved a wash cloth from the linen closet and ran it under warm water
from the faucet. First, he used it to wipe the remnants of their exertions
from his own cock, rinsed it out and then cleaned up the rest of his crotch.
Charging it with warm water again, he wrung it out and then went back to his
sister's room, his still painfully swollen cock bouncing lewdly in front of

He went to his sister, yet laying face down on you bed, her legs now spread
widely, and a steady stream of white fluid leaking from her slit, which hung
open with her legs spread so far apart. He placed the wash cloth on her
pussy mound and rubbed the warm wetness all over her intimate places.
Folding it over, he used it again to wipe up the last of the fluid seeping
from her. Folded again, he wiped the wet spot directly under her flowing

Back to the bathroom to rinse and recharge the wash cloth, and then back to
Trisha to wet and rub the evidence of their exchange on her comforter. Then,
with the cloth still warm and wet, he again rubbed her pussy mound again,
this time for no real reason, other than her pleasure.

Rubbing the warm, rough cloth over Trisha's clitoris, he evoked from her,
"Oh, that feels good."

"Well, we and the bed spread are all cleaned up. Why don't you turn over and
I'll be able to, uh, 'clean' you better."

Trisha did just that, straining against the remainder of her fatigue to turn
herself onto her back. She repositioned herself so that her head was laying
on her pillow and she could look down between her breasts to finally look
her brother-lover in the face. She left her legs spread lewdly, waiting for
Tommy to finish 'cleaning' her labia.

Tommy was able to point his dick far enough south to be able to lay down on
his stomach now on his big sister's bed. Tommy lay, for the most part, in
the wet spot he'd just cleaned up. It was slightly cool to the touch in the
conditioned air, but not uncomfortable. Tommy prostrated himself before
Trisha's cunt like a supplicant praying before an altar. He looked up and
brought the wash cloth back to the object of his worship and continued
rubbing Trisha's seeping love hole.

Tommy soon extended his right middle finger and gently inserted it into the
sloppy interior or his sister's cunt. Twisting and flexing it, he made
Trisha begin to buck her hips.

"Mmmm, that's even better than when I use my own fingers."

"You showed me something you learned at school. This is something I
overheard some of the older boys talking about."

He twisted his hand so that his palm faced up, and then with his finger
inserted to the hilt, he flexed it in a 'Come here.' gesture, rubbing the
tip of his finger slickly against the interior of Trisha's cunt.

"Unh. Oh."

Tommy continued his one digit massage of Trisha's most intimate place,
increasing the pressure applied.

"Oh, Tommy. Stop. It feel like I have to pee."

"No, wait. That's normal. It'll pass. And soon you'll cum like you've never
come before."

"Oh, it really feels like I have to pee."

"Ignore it."

Tommy decreased his pressure but increased frequency as he made his 'Come
here.' gesture on the front wall of his sister's cunt.

"Oh, oh, I feel something happening. Ugh. It feels good. Keep going."

Tommy's finger was moving so fast it was making sloppy suction noises in the
drenched interior of Trisha's pussy. Trisha felt a pressure forming in the
base of her crotch and building up into her chest. Then a sudden wave of
intense pleasure welled up from where Tommy's finger touched her. A gush of
fresh vaginal fluid spilled out of her onto her little brother's hand. Tommy
put the wash cloth under her to catch as much as possible. Trisha bucked up
and down on Tommy's finger, her head thrashing back and forth of its own
accord, until she passed out and fell asleep.

Tommy pulled his finger out of her pussy and drew out as much of her spend
as he could, even going back in for more, before wiping the drenched wash
cloth over her labia. Laying the cloth aside, he dreew his face closer to
his big sister's sodden cunt and inhaled deeply the aroma of her exertions.
Then, he tried something he'd thought of many times, but never had the
courage to try. He reached out with his tongue and bathed her lips with as
much of the surface of his tongue as he could.

He licked up one side of her pussy and then the other side. Then her
clitoris. She stirred awake again at this stimulation. He then lapped at the
entrance to her vagina, so recently filled with his own member. He tasted
primarily her own juices, but could still detect a slight sense of his own
spend. He learned that taste months earlier in his own masturbation sessions.

"Oh, Tommy. That was so great. I've never felt anything like that in my
life. What was that?"

"Ur geh sot."


"Your g-spot."

"Oh. So that's a g-spot. I'd heard of them, but could never find my own, no
matter how much I tried. You can do that to me any time you want."

"I'm not done wth you this time," Tommy responded, continuing with his
sibling's tongue bath.

He then sealed his lips around the opening to Trisha's vagina and applied a
slight bit of suction, literally sucking the last of her excess lubrication
from her. A couple of more cursory licks to clean off his sister's lightly
furred muff and he gave her two kisses, one right on her clit and the other
much higher, on the mouth.

"I'll let you go now sis, to sleep."

"Hmmm," sighed Trisha as she slouched down into her pillows and closed her

Tommy returned to his room, closing both of their doors behind him. He lay
down on his own bed in much the position he'd left Trisha in. Both siblings
settled down to sleep the sleep of the contented.

Trisha, in her near dream state, thought to herself, 'This is a workout
regimen I could stick with.'

"Hi, I'm Buck Melanoma, Moley Russell's wort." -- John Candy, _Uncle Buck_


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