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Trouble With Akiko The


The Trouble with Akiko (mc, nc, FF, FD)

By Aerosol Kid <>
Visit me at

The people and events in this story come from my brain, not the real
world. Regardless of what that tells you about my brain, it means
that I'm not writing about you, your mom, your friends, or your friends'
friends. So you can't sue me. Neener neener.

If you're under age in your territory (and you know what I mean), then
read something else.

Note: This is Part 2 of secret agent Akiko Masumi's second serial.
It follows "Akiko in the Afternoon." You don't need to read the first
serial to follow the second, but it helps. Thanks go out to numerous
people (you know who you are) for encouragement and comments. If it
weren't for them, you probably wouldn't be reading this ^_^

(c) 2001 Aerosol Kid

It was a fantabulous dream: I was on the stage of a huge amphitheater
in Osaka, just after dark, with thousands of kids in the audience. A
huge band backed me. I even had dancers! Glittery patterns traced my
face, arms and bare stomach. My costume was daring but also demure,
with all this icy lace and translucent, shimmering stuff. The butterfly
wings were almost over the top. My hair was dyed blond, just like Ayumi
Hamasaki (my J Pop flavor of the month). I was an idol goddess.

Now, I can carry a tune in a bucket, but in this dream I could really
go after it! I had range, I had power, and I had this great rasp in
my upper register. The songs were *so* good. I wanted to stay in
that dream forever, but something about the stage lighting started to
bug me.

A harsh blue spotlight tracked me as I sang. It was nearly beyond
visible blue and into the ultraviolet - you could call it ultrablue -
and it hurt my eyes from the inside out. All of a sudden I forgot the
words to the song I was singing, realizing I'd never known them in the
first place. Which is the kind of thinking that makes a person realize
they're dreaming, so I began to wake up. Behind my eyelids - my real
eyelids - the light was still out there, somewhere. I squeezed my eyes
shut against it as I roused myself further from the dream. Then panic
gripped me: the light was real and terribly familiar, and I was in some
kind of hospital bed.

"Please, Masumi-san! Try to relax!" someone was crying out in Japanese,
as gentle but firm hands kept me from leaping off the bed. I was
sitting up very straight, and apparently I had just screamed at the top
of my lungs. I blinked and looked around. A very pretty Japanese
woman, in a lab coat and eyeglasses, grasped my wrists. An alarmed,
sheepish looking Alex stood just behind her. Some other people I didn't
know hung further back in this weird little lab/hospital place. To my
relief, someone switched off the offending blue light.

As my heart continued to pound like a very stressed jackrabbit, I tried
a smile. "Hi. Sorry. Um, I thought I was somewhere else for a sec.
What's up?"

The doctor lady smiled back, because everybody in Tokyo knows "What's up?"
Alex moved a tad closer, but seemed afraid to step from behind the doctor.
"You don't remember?" he asked.

I looked down to see I was still wearing the same black outfit from
earlier, when Alex had picked me up at my hotel. Everything came back
to me. "Oh yeah. How long was I..."

"Couple of hours," supplied Alex. I could tell he felt real bad about

"Cortazar-san brought you in as soon as he discovered you with the doll,"
the doctor said in Japanese, with a most agreeable alto. She was
captivating, and her sleepy, crooked smile made my toes wiggle as she
explained, "We discovered that the doll was made to induce a subject
so she could be collected. We have simple methods here to counteract
such things."

I let her hold my gaze. "Where's here?"

"Marlin headquarters," Alex answered. And then, because the doctor and
I were still looking at each other, he switched to Japanese and said,
"This is Sato-san. She's the head of medical research. Which is a way
of saying that she puts operatives back together when they encounter
unpleasantness in the field. She also reverse engineers mind control
technologies for us."

"Thank you very much, I'm so pleased to meet you." I bowed, then swung
my legs over the side of the little hospital bay.

"Think nothing of it. I believe you'll be just fine now." She treated
me to another smile, bowed, then wandered off to talk to one of her

That's when Alex stopped fidgeting around and got very close to me.
"I'm so sorry about this, Akiko. I should never have taken you on
assignment before your orientation. I was impatient and I put the case
before your safety."

There were way too many feelings welling up inside me for a girl to
properly deal with. I liked having Alex this close to me, but I wanted
to punch him in the box for taking me to that apartment in the first
place. I was still a little scared from waking up a minute ago thinking
I'd been captured; now I was deeply relieved to be safe. And although
I was scared of continuing with this assignment, I was tres embarrassed
about getting myself hypnotized in my first twenty minutes on the clock.
Of course, my momma taught me how to keep all this to myself. "Oh,
don't sweat it, Alex. How could you have known there would still be
something in that apartment?"

He nodded, slightly relieved. "I'm glad you feel that way, but I hope
you'll believe me when I say I'm not going to let it happen again."
He made a fist and waited for me to do the same, bopped mine with his
when I did. "I got your back."

"I can tell it's gonna be hard to stay mad at you," I predicted.

He grinned shyly. "Tell you what. When I'm done getting my ass chewed
out by the Director for recklessly endangering you, how about I take
you to dinner to make up for it?"

I felt bad that he was in trouble, but not too bad, if you know what I
mean. I wasn't so pissed at him that I was about to pass up a dinner
date, however. "'Kay," I said, swishing my legs coyly. Then I hopped
off the bed to walk him out of the infirmary. He made this goofy "I'll
call you" gesture as he slipped through the door, which made me laugh.


After yummy Dr. Sato looked me over once more, she sent me off to lunch.
I found the cantina, hooked up with a well-deserved cheeseburger and
snagged a seat. While I ate, folks began to approach me shyly, one
by one. By the time I was finished eating, I'd made some new friends.

Next was a lengthy meeting with Assistant Director Takizawa and Dr.
Sato, where I continued to dust off my Japanese. It was the usual
getting-to-know-you, welcome aboard stuff. I got an orientation, a pep
talk, a new ID badge and a shiny new sidearm. Some ritual apologizing
took place for Alex's actions that morning, and I made a show of being
a team player. *So my new partner fucked up right out of the gate, and
an evil Sailor Jupiter doll hypnotized me. No biggie!*

Once the I'm-sorry-no-no-*I'm*-sorry thing was over, the young, well-
heeled Assistant Director straightened his tie and yielded the floor
to Dr. Sato. "Masumi-san," she said, "I performed an initial scan
while you were in my lab. Without getting into the details, I
evaluated some things as quantitatively as possible. I looked at your
willpower, your resistance to mental assault, and their relationship to
your pleasure centers. These parameters may seem a little abstract to
you." She studied me carefully for a reaction.

"Uh huh..." I prompted, suddenly feeling uncomfortable.

Her eyes never left mine. "It is my estimation that your experiences on
the Min Sect mission three years ago impacted your resistance to outside
control, and forged a common and dangerous feedback loop between pleasure
and obedience."

I blushed brightly, but something about Dr. Sato made me drop my guard
a bit. "I think I know what you mean."

"Don't be embarrassed, Masumi-san. I have dealt with cases like yours
many times. One of my main projects is a rigorous program that builds
our operatives' resistance to mind control. We shall put you through
this program."

The idea of being resistant to evil Sailor Jupiter dolls and pervy
supervillains was extremely appealing to this blushing secret agent,
as she crossed her legs in the headquarters of the MC police. "Do

A.D. Takizawa spoke up. "It's relatively new, so it doesn't work
perfectly with all of our operatives. It involves four two-hour sessions,
once per day, followed by occasional reinforcement."

"When can I start?" I asked.

Takizawa smiled. "You may coordinate that with Dr. Sato. In the mean
time, however, I would like to limit your assignments. We'll keep you
away from situations where you might be vulnerable to mental attack, and
we'll pair you with either Alex Cortazar or Miyu Ohmori."

"I don't believe I've met her."

"Ah. Ohmori-san is our most successful test case in the Control
Resistance trials," Takizawa said with obvious pride. "She is also
our top operative."

I tried to stifle it, but I was jealous before even laying eyes on this
chick. *I* was used to being the top operative. Reminding myself that
I was on the bottom of the food chain here, I said, "Well, I can't wait
to meet her."

We exchanged a few more pleasantries, then Dr. Sato whisked me away to
make plans to treat my little mind control problem.


By 1500 hours, I was starting to get bored. The earliest that Dr. Sato
could start treating me was the next day, so it'd be a week before I was
fully active. Until then, I'd need a babysitter out in the field. And
while it was reassuring that someone would be looking out for me, it was
also demeaning. It's not like I was a rookie! Everyone at Marlin
headquarters seemed real busy, so I wandered over to my new office and
checked mail on my brand new laptop.

I was thinking of heading back to the hotel to grab a nap when I heard
Alex down the hall. He sounded excited, so I stuck my head out my door
and asked, "*¿Qué pasa?*"

He beamed at me. "We found her! Hinano Sakurai, the missing kid we were
looking for this morning! Looks like she escaped. She's still in some
kind of trance, so they're bringing her to the infirmary."

Don't ask me why, but a warning flag went up just then. "How'd she
turn up?"

Alex was already hurrying down the hall, so I scrambled after him.
He started to talk as fast as he was walking. "We stationed someone
outside her building, and this afternoon she turned up in a daze,
trying to work the front door."

"She just came back home, huh?"

"Yes! How lucky is that?"

"A little too lucky, you ask me."

He moved out of the way as some other operatives passed between us in
the hall. "You're saying she was sent back by whoever abducted her,
for us to find."

"Give the man a plastic donkey."

"Okay," he considered. "Okay. You may be on to something. I'll tell
Dr. Sato to consider Miss Sakurai a potential threat."

"Sounds like a plan."

He stopped then, and put his hand on my shoulder. "So, in light of the
Assistant Director's orders, maybe you shouldn't go down to see her."

I raised my eyebrows at him. "News travels fast here, huh?" He tried
hard not to look as awkward as he felt, so I patted his arm. "Thanks,
but I'll be fine. I may be of some use to you, and to the kid."

He nodded, and we continued walking. "All right. But do me a favor and
stay in the observation room, just in case."

Hinano rested on a big bed in a white room with an arched ceiling. She
wore a little white hospital slip that just barely defended her modesty,
the poor thing. She was a skinny little pixie with dyed purple hair and
outrageous, plaid fingernails. These splashes of color stood out against
her white surroundings, making me smile. I was safe behind some thick,
one-way windows in an observation room above and behind the bed. Dr.
Sato and some cute technician girls swirled around Hinano, while Alex
looked on from a corner.

Our little abductee stared at the ceiling with limpid eyes as the elegant
doctor fussed with two transparent panels. They were attached to flexible
arms that reminded me of bendable soda straws, and Dr. Sato twisted them
into the path of Hinano's sightless gaze. "Sakurai-san, please focus on
these monitors," she directed gently. When they suddenly blazed with
colorful patterns, I realized that the panels were transparent LCD screens.
Colorful light danced across Hinano's features, and her stare widened
slightly. Also, I could hear a hum - a very deep oscillation - that
seemed to melt her into the bed. I snatched my gaze away from the
monitors, glad to be insulated from Dr. Sato's toys.

I noticed that all the Marlin staff were now wearing protective
headphones, and I couldn't really hear what anyone was saying over
that hum, even though it wasn't that bad in the observation room. I
could see Hinano's mouth working as her hips squirmed against the sheets.
It must have been loud as fuck in there. Dr. Sato clipped a little
microphone to Hinano's slip and waved to me. I opened a blinking
channel on my intercom board, which gave me the kid's mic feed sans
the hum.

"No..." Hinano whispered over the speakers. "Please. Not. Again."
She gasped in a way that only little Japanese girls can; a noise that
could have meant a lot of different things in different contexts. I
winced and moved my hands away from my lap.

I could tell from her posture that the fight had left her. Dr. Sato
stroked her forehead and murmured things into her ear that I couldn't
hear. The poor kid had broken awfully quick.

"May I..." Hinano asked. I couldn't make out all of what she said.
The Doctor nodded, and she hiked up her slip and greedily began to play
with herself. Alex turned beet red and fled the room. I was having a
different reaction, evidently. A groan escaped my lips, and I found my
hands on my thighs, inching upward. I sat on them, fiercely determined
not to frig myself in the workplace. I knew Dr. Sato was trying to help
this girl, but this scene reminded me too much of watching Max and Keeley
as they were each psychosexually assaulted during the Min Sect case.

"How are you doing?" Dr. Sato asked me from the other room.

"Peachy," I chirped, biting my lip.

"I know it's difficult for you Masumi-san, but please stay and observe."

"Are you gonna let her keep doing that?" I wondered/pleaded. Hinano was
busy whipping herself into a lather.

Dr. Sato gave me the sleepy smile. "It's good for her. It's helping us
to break her conditioning."

Hinano chose that moment to punctuate the good Doctor's words with an
orgasmic squeal that set my teeth on edge. If I had been in that room
with her then, it would've taken all those technicians to keep me off
of her. I groaned again, leapt from my seat and began to pace.

The hum subsided a bit, and Dr. Sato began to question her patient.
"Can you tell me who gave you the doll?"

Hinano's fingers slowed their rhythm; lovingly darted around the
stickiness on her thighs. "It's... hard to remember."

"I know. Don't force it. Watch the patterns, and it will come to you.
Relax, Sakurai-san."

"Hmmmmm," Hinano commented. Her fingers slowed even more, then slid up
her torso to pluck at her little breasts. "Patterns."

"That's right. Watch them, and remember who gave you the doll."

"It was my new friend. A girl. European."


"She gave it to me as a present." Her fingers returned to her sex.

Cringing in anticipation of Hinano's next peak, I grabbed my purse and
started digging for my smokes.

"All right," the Doctor encouraged. "What else?"

"She told me she loved me."

"That's sweet. What did she look like?"

"Wait... I remember!" Hinano murmured excitedly. "She had short blond
hair and... she was British."

There was a *plop* in the observation room. I had just dropped my purse
onto the floor and my mouth was hanging open. Dr. Sato turned to face
the one-way windows. "Is this significant?"

"Her name," I hissed. "See if you can get her name." *British...
blond hair...*

The good doc resumed her work, murmuring and stroking, as the patterns
and swirling images undid the locks in Hinano's head. But this mysterious
blond abductor had taken great pains to mask her identity. Hinano hadn't
been kidnapped for long, so her programming was basic: a skeletal
framework for the more elaborate subroutines of fealty that were to come
later. It was impressive to watch Sato-san deftly dismantle this
framework and make Hinano a normal girl again. Eventually, she seemed
poised to remember. And it only took five more orgasms.

I put out my fifth cigarette in the ashtray as I listened. Hinano was
sitting up now, rubbing her purple hair and frowning. "I can feel it
right on the tip of my tongue, but she told me to forget it..."

"That's fine, Sakurai-san," Dr. Sato soothed. "You're almost there.
You're free to remember it now."

I was hoping the poor kid would remember soon, because I had to know if
my intuition was on the money. Also, I needed to get back to my hotel
room and change my underwear.

"McKenna!" Hinano yelled in triumph, clapping her hands. "Siobhan


I was still reeling over the new developments on the elevator ride up to
my hotel room. How had my sweet little Siobhan gone from being a British
schoolteacher to a mindfucked assassin, then to tear-assing around Tokyo,
luring young women into slavery? One or more of those things had to be
false. What could my last assignment possibly have to do with this one?
And why had Siobhan's employers sent Hinano back to us? I didn't have
all the answers, but I was pretty sure I was being fucked with.

It took another long bath and some more scotch to properly relax after
watching Hinano's deprogramming, if you know what I mean. I felt *lots*
better afterward, and I was able to focus on more important stuff, like
what I was going to wear that evening.

Alex and I had decided to work through dinner. He was going to finish
briefing me on our case, and I was supposed to tell him everything I knew
about Siobhan. But I didn't expect that to take all night, and I couldn't
suss out Alex's intentions beyond that, so I dressed optimistically in
terms of what *I* was hoping might happen. I slipped into a stylish
green cocktail dress (backless, with lots of dainty straps), then put up
my hair, leaving some teasing wisps. Not too slutty, not too prim and
proper, right in the pocket. A smidge of makeup and I was ready to accept
some worshipful stares from Alex.

I went down to wait for him in the lobby, and when he came through the
revolving door I swallowed hard. I've never been much for tuxedos, but
my man wore this one very well. When he saw me, he smiled the smile of
a man who knows he looks fabulous, but isn't too hung up on it. He took
my elbow with practiced ease, and we headed out to his car. "Did you
wait long?" he inquired, somewhat formally. It was like he'd assumed
this whole other persona.

"Oh no," I assured. "So where are we going?"

"It's a surprise." His eyes glinted as he opened my door for me.

I made an agreeable noise and slid into the passenger seat, but something
was a little off. Even if Alex and I were partners, this was the first
date I'd been on in quite a while where I had not yet been told - to put
it bluntly - how completely fuckable I looked. I shrugged inwardly and
decided to ignore my diva-sized ego, for the time being.

Alex continued the small talk as he eased the car into traffic. "Since
this is sort of your homecoming, we should probably go for *Unagi* or
some such, but I figured since you're a San Fran gal and I'm a L. A.
boy, we might do something else."

Now that my bubble was burst by Alex's underwhelming response to the way
I looked, I sort of retreated to my tomboy mode. "Whatever's fine,
dude. I'm really hungry."

He laughed easily, and his Continental Gentleman shtick evaporated.
"Right on, I hear you, dude." He sighed happily. "When I first came
to Japan I loved being away from other Americans, but it's great to be
able to talk to one after being abroad for so long."

"Oh totally," I agreed, putting my hand on his arm. "My dad still makes
a face when I say 'dude' around him."

"Once," said Alex as he switched lanes, "I made the mistake of employing
the word 'gnarly' in front of the Director. I tried to explain what it
meant for fifteen minutes, while he just blinked at me."

"I get that a lot from the higher-ups, the blinking."

Then there was a silence, exactly like the one Mia Wallace describes in
*Pulp Fiction* during dinner with Vince Vega. I was trying to think of
something witty way to say along those lines, when Alex rescued the
conversation. "Akiko, you'll have to excuse me if I'm acting weird.
I'm nervous."

"And what do you have to be nervous about, dude?"

He smiled. "For starters, there's our misadventure this morning, which
I'm hoping hasn't got us started on the wrong foot."

I boxed him lightly on his leg. "Let's wait 'til we put down the second
foot before we decide if the first one was wrong."

"You're too kind," he said, actually meaning it.

"And why else are you nervous?" I prompted, getting great satisfaction
from seeing him squirm in the driver's seat.

"I'm not so much nervous as intimidated."

"By my delicateness?"

He winced. I'm a little too good at these games. He swallowed and
said, "You look absolutely amazing."

*Ahh...That's what I was holding out for...* "Thanks, Alex." For all
my diva confidence, I still blushed. Good thing it was dark in that car.
"You look pretty dashing yourself."

"Thank you. But isn't this weird?"

"Huh?" I asked. And he made a little gesture with his index finger, sort
of flitting between him and myself a few times. I understood instantly
that he was talking about us being partners who were now officially on
a date, and the fact that we were already thinking about knocking boots.
"Okay yeah," I admitted. "This is weird."

He nodded, a little glum. I was compelled to grab his arm and add
"...but nice weird."

Alex remained silent.

"Hey you know what?" I asked.

"What's that?"

"I'll bet you'll feel a lot less intimidated after we get a couple of
drinks in you."

His pensiveness turned to laughter. "I heard *that*, dude."


We ended up at an elaborate Southwestern place, which made me very
happy. All the weird vibes between Alex and me were long gone by the
end of dinner. We stuck to our plan and talked shop, but that was all
taken care of before the second course came. By then we were getting
to the end of our bottle of wine, and conversation flowed easily, if a
little tangential. It was that hyper free association that happens when
two people like each other and are excited by this knowledge. So when
Alex excused himself for a moment, I realized we'd been talking about
at least four different things in addition to my favorite records from
the eighth grade.

I busied myself by picking at my plate, or checking myself out in a
mirror across the room. My cheeks were flushed from the wine, but I
was still looking tight. Our waiter swung by to check on us. I was
starting to wonder if Alex had gotten lost when my new cell phone rang,
so I fished it out of my purse and extended the flashing Badtz Maru
antenna. On the LCD screen, Big Mouth Hamster Jinpachi waved merrily.
I cleared my throat. "*Moshi moshi.*"

"It's wonderful to hear your voice again, Akiko." The reply was in
English, the voice female.

"That's nice." I crossed my legs. "Who's this?"

"That's right, we really didn't get the chance to speak before, did we?"

"Guess not. Look, can we skip to the part where you tell me why you
called? I'm in the middle of dinner."

"Certainly, my sweet." The accent suddenly shifted from neutral
Midwestern Yoo-nited States to posh Brit. "Look out the window, please."

My blood froze even before I turned to the windows at the front of the
dining room. There on the sidewalk stood the blond girl I had fought
two days earlier in London, looking like she was heading out to clubs.
The spikes in her hair stood out defiantly, and her leopard skin mini
was a thing to behold. She waved primly, green eyes locked to mine.

"What are you doing in Tokyo, Siobhan?" I asked, getting up from my chair.

"You'll know soon enough." Outside, Siobhan folded up her phone, turned
away from me with a tantalizing flip of her skirt, and started down the
sidewalk. I raced to the exit in as dignified a manner as possible in my
tight dress, drawing curious looks from other diners and staff. By the
time I reached the street, she was long gone.

"What is it?" Alex had materialized at my elbow.

"It was her! Our primary fucking suspect. She called me from outside
the restaurant."

"She had your number?" Alex was dumbfounded. "Akiko, *I* don't even have
your new cell number yet!"

So my little blond beauty was back in my life. And she was definitely not
an innocent civilian.


Alex flipped out after Siobhan's appearance at the restaurant. He thought
I had been targeted as the next victim of this Organization we knew so
little about, and he insisted that I check out of my hotel and spend the
night at Marlin headquarters. He put me in a cozy little suite on the
Closed Quarters floor, rubbed my head affectionately and bid me goodnight.
I was disappointed. I mean, I was sure we'd be doing the nasty by that
time, but Siobhan's cameo had thrown cold water all over our first date.
Alex was back to being my concerned partner, and that was that. I didn't
even get a kiss!

The next day, we had a meeting with A.D. Takizawa, who agreed with
Alex's take on things. I spent the rest of the day moping around
headquarters, grounded, with the only break coming from my first
treatment in Dr. Sato's lab. It was kind of boring, really, like
lying in a tanning bed. No really, it was *exactly* like lying in a
tanning bed. I felt no sensation whatsoever as these unobtrusive
lavender lights played over my body. Dr. Sato wasn't even around.
In a way, I'd been hoping for a little of what Hinano had gotten the
day before, just between you and me.

Around 1800 hours, I was hanging out in my office, wondering if I was
going to have to stay the night again, when there was a knock at my
open door. I looked up to see the most stunning Japanese girl. "May
I come in?" she asked quietly.

Did I mention she was stunning? It's very rare that a woman intimidates
me. I can be turned on, yeah, moved to lecherous grinning, yeah, but not
awestruck. She was average height (which means she was a head taller
than me), dressed very smartly in black, the same way my taste runs.
She had a light perm; these lovely locks that were half-pulled behind
her head with some spilling down onto her shoulders. And a lovely heart-
shaped face with an expressive bow of a mouth, shaded in this divine,
smoky plum. Her expression seemed to always be one of inquiry.

"Masumi-san? *Shitsurei shimasu*." She inclined her head, eyes politely
at the floor. When she broke eye contact I came to my senses.

"Sorry! Long, boring day. Please come in." I hopped up and moved my
crap out of the other chair, and she perched herself on it noiselessly.

"Yes, about that. I'm sorry, but we think our adversary has bad
intentions toward you, and we want to protect you until you're ready."
She looked so sad in her apology that I felt guilty for being my usual
flip self.

"Oh no! I understand." I held out my hand and said, "I'm Akiko
Masumi, from GIA Main Branch," because she hadn't introduced herself yet.

"Ohmori Miyu. *Hajimemashite*," she said, taking my hand between thumb
and forefinger.

So this was the famous Miyu! "Thanks for coming to meet me. I've heard
a lot about you."

"Oh," she laughed, nodding. "The Assistant Director likes to brag about
me, but I'm just part of a team." Sure, her modesty was partly breeding
and good manners, but I instantly liked her more, just the same. "I have
good news. I need a partner for recon tonight, and you've been cleared to
accompany me." She said this as if she were my big sister, sneaking me
out of the house to a party.

"Get out!" I exclaimed in English, which puzzled Miyu greatly. She
straightened as if to stand up and leave. "Sorry, American expression.
It means I'm excited."

She cocked her head, as if filing this fascinating tidbit away for
future use. "That's interesting. Tonight we will be on a stakeout.
I will practice my English with you, and perhaps you can teach me more
American expressions?"

I opened my new cell phone to show her. "Okay, if you can teach me how
Momo the E-mail Bear works."


Any other night, I'd bitch about stakeout detail. But tonight I was away
from Marlin headquarters, down in Shibuya, smoking cigarettes and shooting
the shit with Miyu. We were getting on like gangbusters.

"Thanks for sharing," she ventured in English. "Don't have a cow."

I wiped my nose, which was running because I'd been laughing for, like,
an hour now. "Where did you hear those?"

"*The Simpsons*," she announced proudly. "I am a very large fan."

We were here to monitor comings and goings at a trendy nightclub. In
her statement, Hinano Sakurai said that she and her friends came here
all the time. One night Siobhan showed up, hanging around Hinano's
clique for a while before focusing on her. And we know what went down
after that. If this club was a cruising spot for my pretty blond nemesis,
we were determined to find out.

Our nondescript Toyota SUV was parked a discreet distance away from the
club's entrance. It was a fat ride, with tinted windows and everything.
We weren't supposed to leave the vehicle, but just to be thorough we were
decked out for a night on the town. We'd had a blast shopping for these
outfits before dinner. Our skirts were mere suggestions, our thigh length
boots were raucous remarks, and our too-small tank tops were bold
invitations. Her top was powder blue with black piping; mine was pink
framed by white. We were covered in glitter, decals, bracelets and
bright makeup. Our hair was teased into haphazard ponytails and loaded
with barrettes.

"Look at that boy!" Miyu cried, pointing. I tried to figure out which
of the colorful kids on the sidewalk she meant. This part of town was
basically a circus at this hour, and there was enough fashion sense on
this block to fuel half the Takarajimasha fashion mags. I decided she
was panting after a lanky guy with chin-length, dyed red hair. He was
dressed like a Ramone.

"Him?" I wrinkled up my nose. "Sorry, but bad boys just don't impress

Miyu was smitten. "I dated a guitarist once," she murmured, tracking
the boy outside with hungry eyes.

"Don't get me started on musicians," I told her, reaching over to turn
up the Mai Kuraki song on the radio.

"Don't get me started," she repeated. "I like that one. What kind of
boys do you like?"

"Well..." I wasn't sure I wanted to get into that, because my
preferences were split between the sexes, which made Miyu fair game.
"They have to be confident," I decided.

"Ah," she said knowingly. "Like our Alex."

My eyes widened. "*You* are terrible," I said, swatting her on the arm.
"What makes you think I like him?"

She leaned over to me from the driver's seat conspiratorially. "He
likes you. He said you were... 'firecracker.'" I looked out the
window because I didn't want Miyu to see my stupid grin. She didn't
have to. She made a satisfied noise. "Yes. You should go out with Alex."

"Let's change the subject," I pleaded. "Tell me more about this
guitarist." As I turned to look at Miyu, I had a terrible feeling.
She was looking nowhere in particular out the front window, while her
fingers searched inside her blue vinyl purse for something. "M-Miyu?"

She pulled her hands from her purse and placed something on the dash.
It was a small Chococat figurine. My hand plopped into my lap as her
head lolled to the side. "Nooooo," I heard myself moan. It was the
same feeling as yesterday, with the Sailor Scout doll, pinning me to my
seat with waves of unyielding, invisible pressure. But I'd been through
one of Dr. Sato's resistance sessions. Why was this stupid cat toy
putting me under even faster than yesterday? And wasn't Miyu supposed
to be immune?

The automatic locks popped up, and, squinting, I made out a diminutive
shape standing in front of the SUV, her keyless remote pointed right at
us. The driver side door opened, and fresh air wafted over me, causing
me to break out in goose bumps. Siobhan stepped carefully inside, over
Miyu, to perch between the seats. She pulled a small black cylinder out
of her sleeve and pressed it to Miyu's neck. I heard a faint hum, heard
the agent who was supposed to be protecting me groan and faint. *Oh god
this can't be happening...*

"There's a good girl, Miyu," Siobhan purred. "I want you to rest for
me, because we're taking a little trip soon." When she was satisfied
that Marlin's top operative was sleeping like a baby, she straddled me,
sleek and predatory. I was looking into those impossibly gorgeous green
eyes again. This time they weren't empty, and I didn't like what filled
them. "It's so good to see you again, Akiko." She pulled another
cylinder from her sleeve. "I have a different treat for you. I don't
want you to sleep. Yet."

I felt cold metal on my chest, over my heart. Before I could fully
register the prickling that spread through my torso and immediately
raised my nipples against my top, Siobhan slipped her tongue into my
mouth. The two sensations melded together and seemed *right* somehow,
as the prickling traveled down to where Siobhan's small, muscular ass
rested. I made a noise into her mouth, which made her press into me

"Yes, you've been waiting so long to feel like this again, haven't
you?" she asked, brushing strands of hair from my forehead. "Weak.
Helpless. Willing."

The words filled my head like I was reading them on the screen in the
front row of a movie theater. My panic and fear were squashed down
deep, to make room for my thoughts about the hot tongue that danced
around my lips. The scented breath.

"How do you feel, my love?" Siobhan whispered into my ear, tugging on
a lobe with her lips.

*That mouth...* "Weak. Helpless. Willing," I responded. She sucked
on my ear then, and my eyes fluttered back in my head as I tried to
grip her thighs with hands that seemed to belong to someone else.

"I'm pleased to hear it," she whispered. "I'm not permitted to take you
with me tonight, but I'm allowed to spend some time with you before I
go." She leaned back and ripped open the halter-jacket she was wearing.
"Let's make the most of it."

Her tits were in my face then, and I eagerly commenced my worship of
them. It was so much better than I'd imagined in my fantasies, finally
having the real live goddess with me. "Don't be gentle!" she ordered,
so I nibbled at her engorged nipples until she groaned and ground her
hips into mine. She was methodical and precise in her lovemaking, and
I was perfectly content to perform each task she gave me, one at a time.
It seemed like I had my face buried in her bust for hours. I loved it
so much I didn't want to ever stop.

She stepped off of me abruptly, and I cried out, shivering with the
loss of her heat, even though she hadn't taken off so much of a stitch
of my clothes. Then I saw that she was wiggling out of her halter.
Stepping out of her skirt. She wasn't wearing any underwear, and she
shaved herself. She watched me stare at her groin, winked, wiggled a
finger at me. Then she disappeared into the back of the SUV.

I followed, and somehow, I found myself kneeling between her legs, and
my mouth connected with her hot, wet, bare sex. She kicked the wall
when I jammed my tongue into her slit. That's when I sensed the SUV
rocking furiously as Siobhan twitched her hips, fucking my face with
complete abandon. I jerked away from her, remembering poor Miyu
slumped in the driver seat up front, and Alex, and Hinano, and
*what the fuck was I doing?*

Then the metal cylinder, pressed onto my back. Fingernails along my
spine. Hands on my ass. The taste of girl in my mouth, and a knee in
my crotch. Grinding and tonguing and sweating and fucking and *Oh yes!*
I came, and gasped on a hard little clit and she came and squeezed my
ass real hard and I came again and slurped, making her cum again and I
have no idea how long we recycled our orgasms like that...

I felt her pose me just so in the passenger seat, smoothing out my skirt,
dabbing at my face with a tissue. Felt something cold on my shoulder as
I slid down in the seat, my soaked panties bunching up uncomfortably.

"I'll be borrowing your new friend for a few hours, but you'll both wake
up in the morning with no memory of this. Kali has big plans for both
of you." She kissed my forehead.

I heard the driver side door open, then shut as the dizziness raced up
to swallow my awareness whole.


To Be Continued

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