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True Experiences Chap1


Videll Dais/New story
TRUE EXPERIENCES (MF, Rom, ped.) By Videll Dais

Chapter One: Kate

I want to start with young Kate not because she was my first - though
there were many 'firsts' during our relationship - but because she was such
an exquisite fuck and a very quick, eager learner. I was seventeen years
old when my long affair with Kate began purely by chance. Ray Secombe, an
old school friend, and I were enjoying a coffee in our local café when I
happened to mention that, after splitting from my girlfriend, I was at a
bit of a loose end. He told me about his girlfriend, Liz's, friend, a
nice, sweet young thing called Kate who, apparently, didn't have a
boyfriend and who - he was certain - I'd be well suited to. He gave me the
telephone number of the girl saying, "Why don't you give her a ring? Just
mention you know Liz. Ask her if she wants to go to the pictures. Kate
loves movies." Unsure, I pulled a face and asked, "How old is she?" "Just
turned sixteen, I think." "Bit young isn't she?" "God, don't be so fussy,"
Ray chided. "She's only a bit younger than you." In the end, I accepted
the phone number and agreed to call her later that afternoon.

I eventually got around to phoning Kate at four-o-clock. I explained
who I was and asked if she'd be interested in going to a movie later. She
sounded quite hesitant and shy at first, but eventually warmed to my voice
and after twenty minutes or so of idle chatter agreed to meet me at six
outside the Embassy. "How will I recognize you?" I asked. "I'll be
wearing a red coat," she said.

I met Kate at the duly appointed time and was immediately struck by how
young she looked. Ray had said she was sixteen, but she appeared to be no
older than twelve. However, any doubts I may have had were soon swept away
by her extremely pretty face, long blonde hair and nice curvy figure. She
had the most wonderful blue eyes and, despite her shyness, a good sense of
humour and quick winning smile. As Ray had guessed, Kate and I hit it off
almost right away and our date went very well. By the end of the evening
we were cuddling and, upon stealing a furtive kiss, I soon managed to
persuade her we should meet again. I grew very fond of Kate. We'd been
seeing each other for about three weeks when she sprang one of many
surprises on me. We were sitting cozily on the sofa in the front room of
my parent's house. It was cold outside and the only illumination came from
the coal fire. We were kissing and, though Kate seemed inexperienced, she
was a quick, eager learner, her lips soft and moist under mine, parting to
allow the intrusion of my tongue. We were whispering sweet nothings to
each other and I was tentatively fondling a firm, full breast outside her
blouse (which amazingly she raised no protest about). A long kiss ended
and we came up for air. "I've got a confession to make," she said
suddenly, her breathing ragged with excitement. "Oh?" I said. "About
what?" She was silent for a moment looking down at her hands folded in her
lap, fiddling with her handkerchief. "Liz told me you're under the
impression I'm sixteen, but I'm not." My arm around her shoulder, hugging
her close, I looked at her and asked the obvious, "How old are you then?"
"I'm scared to tell you," she said, so quietly I could hardly hear her.
"Why?" She looked at me and I saw tears glistening in her eyes. "Because
you will probably want to finish with me." "Don't be silly, Kate. Of
course I won't finish with you." "Promise?" "Ok, I promise." I said,
smiling, hugging her closer. After a long silent minute, she said, "I'm
actually only thirteen." I was shocked and for a while could think of
nothing adequate to say. I thought of child abusers. Thirteen! Jesus,
she was only a baby. I could have policemen knocking on my door, get
arrested at any moment; get locked up for sexual assault or something. A
thousand things rushed through my mind in confused haste, but the most
predominant emotion that overwhelmed all other worries was...lust! My cock
stood as straight and hard as a flagpole. Too late now, I thought, I'm
involved and in for the duration where ever that may take me. Kate put a
hand gently on my arm and, sounding as though she were about to cry, said,
"You won't want to see me anymore now will you?" My heart bursting with
emotion, I turned to face her, put both hands on either side of her sweet
face. "Kate," I said, earnestly, "I don't care how old you are. I'm very
fond of you and, if it's what you want, I would like us to stay together."
"Oh, David!" She threw her arms around my neck and, kissing me
passionately, said, "I think I love you."

* * *

A week later, on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon, we were in the park. I
was stretched out on the grass. Kate was kneeling beside me, laughing,
throwing a ball back and forth to her younger sister, Erica, a cute little
ten-year old with a sweet innocent face and a mess of blonde curls.
Without thinking, I lazily reached up and began caressing Kate's rounded
bottom. She was wearing a skirt that came down to her knees and, because
of the angle and the way she was kneeling; I knew her sister couldn't see
what I was doing. Kate made no protest as I continued to fondle her bottom
and caress the backs of her bare legs. Indeed, she gave no sign or
indication whatsoever that I may be touching her inappropriately.
Emboldened, I slid my hand up under her skirt and cupped my palm between
her legs. The bulge of her sex felt hot in my hand and my cock immediately
swelled within the tight confines of my trousers. Gently, through the damp
crotch of her panties, I traced the soft indentation of her pussy lips with
my finger. When she continued to giggle and throw the ball to her sister as though nothing was happening, my excitement doubled. Now's the time, I
thought, to push forward my advances, take advantage of Kate's innocence
and complacence. Without hesitation, I eased aside her panties and a
second later was fingering her warm, wet cunt. My heart was pounding and I
was stunned that I was actually getting away with touching this beautiful
creature so intimately in front of her little sister and, perhaps more so,
that she was actually enjoying it. I felt Kate's bare thighs tremble,
heard her voice falter, but somehow she continued to innocently play ball
with her sister. At one point, Erica came over and stood right in front of
Kate, and was chatting away as my crafty fingertips gently rubbed the oily
nub of Kate's clit. I discovered she had hardly any hair on her smooth
mound and her cunt lips were plump, soft, and peeled apart at the slightest
pressure from my probing digits. She was so unbelievably wet and I could
easily slide my index finger right up into her cloying tight sheath. After
about ten minutes of finger fucking, Kate suddenly leant forwards on her
hands and pushed her bottom against my hand. "Oh, Erica," she gasped,
"Can't you play on your own for a while." She told me much later that that
was the moment I had first made her cum. The fact that Erica had been
standing so close and talking to her at the same time without knowing what
was going on just made the whole experience that much more exciting for
her. I didn't mention that her sweet sister had had the same effect on me.

* * *

In the warmer weather we did much of our courting on a bench in a
discreet corner of the recreation ground near where Kate lived. It was a
country village so there weren't many people about and street lighting was
fairly minimal so, once it was dark, we felt fairly safe from prying eyes.
On school nights, she had to be in by ten-thirty pm. Her parents were
pretty strict so we had to be careful that she wasn't late. After the
Sunday afternoon incident, it wasn't too long before I managed to seduce
Kate into doing pretty much what I wanted. I would ask her to wear light
clothing so her beautiful thirteen-year old body was easily accessible to
my eager lips and wandering hands. She liked sex, was compliant and keen
to experiment, never once refusing or protesting about anything I wanted to
do to her. It was usual for me to slip my hands under her blouse or T
shirt and remove her bra, freeing her lovely firm breasts, each tipped with
a long, sensitive and, it seemed, constantly erect nipple, upon which I
would avidly feast, fondling, sucking and licking each cherry tip for an
age, a pleasure I could never tire of.

Kate became ever more horny with each trick I pulled. I would make her
remove her panties so she was bare naked beneath her skirt or dress, then
tell her to sit well forward on the bench and spread her legs wide. She
would willingly do my bidding, sitting there, eyes lidded, mouth slack,
looking wildly wanton and totally open to my questing fingers. I would
stroke her smooth thighs, her soft cunt and even finger her tight little
anus until she shuddered to orgasm once, twice, sometimes three and four
times, her slick juices soaking my hand and fingers. I taught her how to
hold my cock in her small hands, showed her how I liked her to rub it, how
to wank me off slowly and surely to orgasm. Before long her fumbling
nervous grasp gave way to a smooth expert touch that instantly excited me
and could make me cum in minutes. Kate was fascinated by my cock and would
watch intently while I came, spurting my hot creamy load over her busy
fingers. We were lying side by side on the grass the first time I asked
her to put my cock in her mouth. She was a little reticent, but I gently
coaxed her. "Come on now, darling. There's nothing to be afraid of."

Holding my rigid cock in her hand, she looked up at me all wide-eyed and
innocent. "What do I have to do?" "Just kiss the end, give it a little
lick first," I said, breathlessly, knowing all the while she was on the
brink of doing what I wanted. "Then open your mouth and roll your lips
over it. When the end is in your mouth just suck gently, like you would
suck a lollipop. Mind your teeth, though. It's very sensitive. It gives
me such wonderful pleasure, sweetness. You'll soon get used to it." "Ok.
I'll do it for you. But you mustn't look while I'm doing it. I like to
give you pleasure, make you feel good, but I'd be too embarrassed to have
you see me actually sucking your thing." "Call it 'cock' darling," I said.
"It sounds sexy when you say cock instead of 'thing'. Oh, and if you don't
want me to look while you suck it I won't." "Promise?" "Yes. I promise -
if you say cock." "All right," Kate said, smiling up at me. "Hide your
eyes. I'm going to suck your... cock." I placed my arm across my eyes,
but left a small gap through which to watch my darling Kate learn the
delicate art of cock sucking. "Ok, my eyes are hidden," I lied. "You can
begin when you feel like it." Kate held my cock upright in her left hand
and stared at it for a long time, studying the fat rounded head and veined
stem as though it were some strange thing she'd never seen before. She
gently eased the foreskin back baring the domed helmet. After what seemed
like forever, she bent her head, parted her lips and began exploring the
pulsing head of my cock with small tentative kisses and quick nervous
lickings, her tongue pink, wet and tickling. At each soft touch from
tongue or lips, my cock would twitch and throb with impatient need. A
moment later I groaned as her soft lips engulfed the head with moist
warmth. "Oh yes, sweetness... That's right. Now... suck it gently." Her
face a study in deep concentration, taking a little more of my cock into
her mouth, getting used to it, Kate did as I asked and slowly sucked. I
watched her eyelids flutter and her cheeks bulge slightly as she worked her
lips wetly over my cock head. God, it felt exquisite. I raised my hips in
an effort to get more of my bursting erection into her lovely warm, sucking mouth. After a minute or two she paused, looked up at me. With her hand
still gently pumping, she said, "I hope you're not looking." "No, darling.
I'm not looking. Please... Don't stop. Keep doing what you were doing."
"Was I doing it right?" "Yes, my sweet; almost perfect. A little more
practice and I reckon you'll be an expert in no time." Kate smiled
knowingly and, more confident now, again lowered her head and took me into
her mouth. Putting every tireless effort into it, she closed her eyes and
proceeded to slide her lips deliciously over my tingling, achingly hard
cock, her tongue flicking around and over the knob end while getting as
much of the length into her throat as was possible. It felt fantastic.
"That's it, darling. Make it feel good. Make me cum. A little deeper if
you can... Yes! Oh yes... That feels wonderful." I felt the familiar
tingling in my tight balls. The pressure was rapidly building and knew it
wouldn't be long before I shot my load. I wondered if I should tell her,
decided against it and, in readiness, moved my free hand slowly from where
it had been toying with the crack of her arse to the back of her head. I
caressed her ears and silky soft hair, moving my hips in time with her
gentle deep sucking. I drew in a gasping breath as the moment was upon me.
My heart pounded as I watched Kate take my cock far into her mouth. I
pressed the back of her head closer as it swelled and began pulsing hot,
thick cum. "D-Don't stop...keep sucking! Ye-esss! swallow it
darling...Swallow it!" Kate swallowed, gurgled, and swallowed some more,
groaning quietly as an overspill of cum dribbled from the corners of her
mouth. "Was that all right?" she asked, licking her rosy lips and looking
thoroughly debauched. "Superb sweetheart," I said. I pulled her down
beside me, raised her skirt and bunched it around her waist. She was
without panties and I cupped my palm over the smooth rise of her mound. I
pressed a finger along the soft cleft between her puffy cunt lips. She was
quite wet. I leaned over her. "Open your legs wide, dearest. I'm going
to do something nice for you now." A minute later, Kate gasped loudly. Her
belly quivered as my lips and tongue fastened over her clit. She loved the
tongue and, holding her legs up and back, I got it as deep as possible into
her tight little slit, licking the pink fleshy lips from her swollen clit
to the neat pucker of her arsehole and back again. She groaned and
writhed, the smooth swell of her belly heaving, her firm thighs locking my
head in place until she cried out and spasmed into orgasm. My cock had
hardened again. I lowered her legs and pushed them wide apart as I kissed
my way up from her cunt, over her belly to her breasts. Taking a rigid
nipple between my lips I sucked tenderly on the rosy nub whilst moving my
hips forward until the head of my cock nestled against the wet pout of her
gaping sex. So far we had not actually fucked. I thought now was the
ideal time for my virgin love to surrender her girlhood to womanhood. As I
squeezed each soft, full breast and sucked each of her nipples into my
mouth, I felt her belly writhing against mine. Her animated movements
caused my cock to nudge the soft puffy lips of her cunt. I moved it up and
down the slick lips until I felt the knob end lodge in the softest wettest
niche ever. Gently, I thrust my hips forward and I felt her cunt lips part
and engulf the throbbing head. "Ooh! Be gentle," Kate said. "I will, my
love, I will. Just relax. Let my cock into you." I held my breath as
another gentle shove took me into her another inch. I eased out to the
rim, moved my cock around a bit, then eased it back in. A second later and
I was fully sheathed, gripped by the soft, wet walls of her tight young cunt. Even though Kate had sucked me off fifteen minutes earlier, my cock
was as hard and throbbing as ever. I began to slide it in and out of her
slippery clinging cunt in long, deep strokes, fucking her in a steady,
relaxed rhythm, sucking on each erect bud of her nipples all the while.
Kate closed her eyes and moaned. It felt wonderful, absolutely delicious,
as Kate wriggled her arse and heaved her soft belly up to meet each thrust
like a seasoned whore rather than the shy, inexperienced, young virgin she
had been up to a second earlier. Eager to again shoot my cream, I
increased the pace of my thrusts. When I felt the familiar tingle, the
surge of fire in my veins, I gripped her legs behind each knee and pushed
them up and apart to get in her as deeply as possible. I groaned and let
it all go. God, I must have spurted at least a pint of cum into her
freshly deflowered quim. That's what it felt like anyway.


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