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Turnaround is Fair Play


Turnaround is Fair Play (F/m, toys)

Chapter 1

I love sucking cock, especially my boyfriends. When he's hard,
his dick is 10" long. I have trouble wrapping my fingers around
it. Me, I'm a thirtyish female with dirty blond hair that just
falls over my shoulders. I'm not a bottle blond and my trimmed
pussy can prove it. As for the rest of me, I a little over 5'
tall 108 lbs. My friends tell me that my face has never left the
teens but the rest of me sure has. I wear a size 34C bra size but
on my little frame I look bigger. My waist is only 22" and I can
(and do) turn heads with my jean covered ass.

To me, cocksucking is an art. Some of my friends say they do it
because men expect it but their hearts aren't in it. I love
feeling a hard cock push thru my mouth and down my throat. Then
there are the juices. I like nothing better than my man shoot his
seed into my mouth. I get a warm glow in my belly after
swallowing all he has to offer. Don't get me wrong, I love
fucking too.

But this story is about assholes. Not my asshole but my
boyfriends. I never really thought about anal sex before. When I
was younger, I tried it but I needed to rub my clit to get off so
I haven't been enthusiastic about it until now.

I was sucking on my boyfriend's cock which as I mentioned is one
of my favorite pastimes. My lips touched his belly as I sucked down his rod. I cupped his ball sack in my hands and my finger
tickled his asshole. His hips bucked, forcing himself deeper down
my throat. Curious, I did it again and the same result happened.

Now I was intrigued. Sliding ever so slowly off his cock, I
kissed my way down to his asshole, taking the time to bath is
hairy balls with my tongue. Spreading his cheeks, I touched his
hole with my tongue not knowing what to expect. The taste was
pungent but not unpleasant. Being a little more daring, I licked
his hole. He moaned and raised his legs to his chest allowing me
better access. By now I had gotten use to the taste and was
lapping at the whole area.

"Ya, baby, rim me, rim my asshole" he moaned from above. As I
licked, the hairs around his hole matted against his thighs and I
had better access. I wondered if this was similar to licking a
girl's pussy, which I had never done but had read many erotic

By now, he was stroking his own cock and mumbling something about
sticking my tongue in his asshole. So I did! I stuck my tongue as
far into his ass as I could. The pungent taste got stronger but
it didn't turn me off. I kept pushing my tongue in as far I could
and the removing it. I imaged my tongue was a cock as I
repeatedly stabbed into him.

He was really jerking himself off and could tell that he was
going to cum soon . I didn't want him to come anywhere else
except my mouth so I kissed and licked by way back to his cock.
Taking just the mushroom head into my mouth, I stroked him
slowing. Occasionally, I would suck him all the way down my
throat then go back to stroking.

My finger again found his asshole and started tickling. And
again, his hips bucked filling my mouth and throat with cockmeat.
Without thinking, I drove my finger into his asshole, causing him
to release a great moan and shooting his seed into my mouth. I
greedily gulped down this nector, my finger still embedded in his

He finally went soft and I crawled up and lay my head on his
shoulder. I asked him if he liked my finger in his ass. He just
kissed me. We lay there talking about men and their assholes. He
said that some men find it very erotic for a woman to play with
their assholes and some didn't. It all depended on the man. As we
talked, I stroked this limp cock, hoping to put some life into it
and he would fuck me. Instead, he rolled me over and dived into
my pussy eating me like there was no tomorrow, focusing on my

Within seconds I was in heat. I grabbed his head and forced my
pelvis into his face.

As with all my orgasms, a dam burst and I came. I started
shaking, my limbs were uncontrollable; the pressure exploding in
my head. His mouth attached itself to my clit and sucked as hard
as he could. I spasmed a few more time and fell back on the bed.

Chapter 2

Ever since that incident, I have been obsessed with his asshole.
We never fucked anymore because I would start fingerfucking him
as I sucked him and he would cum after only a few strokes. He
would eat me to orgasms but it want the same and it took him
forever to get hard enough to fuck me. By the time he was ready I
was fast asleep.

When he wasn't around I would masturbate to fantasies of having a
cock and fucking him in the ass. My orgasms were so powerful that
if I was in the shower I had to grab on or I would have fallen.

I had to do something about my obsession with his asshole and my
fantasies. I surfed the web until I found a site selling dildos.
I decided whether he wanted to or not I was going to fuck him
with a strap on. I took me about a dozen sites until I found the
one I was looking for. While I fucked him, I wanted to pleasure
myself. Why should he have all the fun.

The dildo I bought was actually two dildoes attached to a
harness. Outwardly, it looked like your basic 8' dildo but on the
inside there was a smaller dildo which would fit into my cunt and
at the same time stimulate my clit. Straps held it in place. I
had it next day fedxed!

It arrived the next day and I tired it on. Getting naked, I
slipped the small dildo into me and strapped it on. I moaned as
it slipped in and I got wetter than ever. Moving to the mirror, I
couldn't help but laugh because I looked so funny with a set of
tits and a cock.

I strutted in front of the mirror, doing these muscle poses that
men do. I felt powerful . there was only one problem, the
harness. Putting a hole in a pair of panties, I slipped the dildo
so that it looked more natural.

I pretended that I was a guy and stroked the phony cock as if I
was masturbating. But I was maturbating. The nib on the dildo in
my cunt kept hitting my clit so that as I stroked the outside
cock, the inside cock was getting me off. I stroked the rubber
dick faster and faster which caused the nib to rub me. An orgasm
shot thru me and collaspsed to the floor, my body quivering. I
kept stroking which provoked mini orgasms. I was drained. I just
wish that the rubber dick had an orgasm too.

Over the next few days, I practiced putting on the dildo
contraption to the point where I could do it in seconds and in
the dark. All these sessions ended with me writhing on the floor
as orgasms shot thru me.

I was ready!

Chapter 3

My boyfriend was taking me out for a night on the town and knew
we would end up in bed. My plan was to push him onto the bed with
his ass hanging off the edge and within reach of my cock. I also
put some lube and a camera nearby.

Everything went as planned and I had in position as I greedily
sucked him down my throat. As I sucked him, I put my harness on
and almost came when the nib hit my clit.

I was hornier than ever. Putting lube on the rubber pole, I moved
my lips to his asshole and lapped the whole area. As usual, he
pulled his legs up to his chest to allow me access.

Within seconds, I had shoved my cock up his ass to the hilt. He
screamed and screamed. I was afraid that I injured him and
started to pull out but between screams he moaned. Taking that as
a good sign, I started fucking in and out of him. Sometimes the
cock would come completely out and I had trouble finding his
hole. His screams turned to moans and I fucked him has hard as I

I felt so weird and wonderful. Weird, in the sense that, the
movements of my hips were so foreign. I was always the one on the
receiving end. I felt spastic. My fucking motion was jerky an

But it was so wonderful too. I felt so powerful. Here was my man,
submitting to my cock plunging in and out of his ass. I was in
control and I loved it! When I was sucking him he was as hard as
a rock. Now his cock had shriveled up and looked like it was
retreating into his body. All I could think about was the power.
I control the situation just because I had a cock. I was filled
with lust, not to mention the nib hitting my clit every time I
fucked him. Leaning over him, the power trip intensified. I told
him to pinch my nipples and he complied. This made me even
crazier with lust. My hips seem to get their act together and I
was fucking him like it was the most natural thing in the world.
The pressure in my cunt was building and I was fucking him faster
and harder. He just seemed to be a hole for my cock fit into. He
wasn't a person, but a fucktoy. I wanted to get off so I pounded
into him. Each time the nib hit my clit with more force until I
finally couldn't stand it anymore and came.

It was the most powerful orgasm I ever had. My body quivered and
shook. I had not control over my limbs. My cock was still in him
and he just lay there whimpering. How long the orgasm lasted I
don't know but I collapsed on him and lay there, breathing

I must have dozed off because when I woke up, he was gone and I
was still wearing my harness. Looking around, I noticed that his
things were gone. I stroked myself to another orgasm reliving the
fucking I had given him.

Epilogue: I haven't seen my ex-boyfriend in months but have heard
that he is now gay and takes it up the ass as often as he can.
Me, I searching for another guy who likes his asshole played with
as my cock is getting dusty in my drawer.

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