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Turnaround is Fair play 2


Turnaround is Fair Play 2 (F/m toys)

(Author’s note: this is fiction and may or may not be inspired by real

I was sitting in a bar when a handsome guy named Jason started hitting
on me. After a few minutes, I could feel my nipples get hard and my cunt getting wet. Was this the guy? I was still looking for someone to take my
rubber cock up jis ass. All the men I’d met since my last boyfriend just
wanted to fuck me but weren’t interested in me fucking them. I blew them
all off. I had decided that they had to let me fuck them if they wanted to
fuck me. As expected there were no takers.

My gut told me he was the one and I prayed he wasn’t gay. The
conversation turned to sex and assholes. I mentioned that I was going thru
a phase of being obsessed with men’s assholes. As I said this, I noticed
that his pants tented. He said he too had a fascination of men’s asses.
My spirits sank. He was gay, I just knew it. I was ready to blow him off
when he mentioned that he was bisexual and loved both cocks and cunts. My
mind immediately ran through all the possibilities and my pussy got even

I moved closer to him and told him how I loved to suck cock; how a rod
felt down my throat and the how I sometimes came as I swallowed the man juice. I was breathing heavily and so was he. He responded in kind
telling me how he loved to suck man meat. My hand stroked him thru his
pants as he spoke. My panties were soaked and sticking to my body.

All of a sudden, he pulled me off my chair and led me to the men’s room.
Dragging me into a stall, he stripped my pants down to my knees as he
pulled out his cock. I wanted him so bad. Pulling aside my panties, he
thrust his cock up my ass. I howled with pain. I was so hot that I needed
to be fucked even if it was in the ass. He reached around me and tweaked a
nipple with one hand and stroked my clit with the other. I was out of my
mind with lust. I took hold of his hand rubbing my cunt and helped his
stroke me faster. The pain in my ass had ceased and pure heat filled my
body. I was getting off on being assfucked. As he fucked me, I pushed my
hips back against him to get more of him in me as possible. He just
responded by fucking me harder.

All too soon I came. My body quivered and my knees got weak. He had to
hold me up or I would have fallen. My asshole spasmed around his cock and
shot his load into my guts. Pushing off me, I fell to my knees and sucked the rest of his seed out of his pulsing cock. He grabbed my head and
fucked my mouth as he squirted the rest of his juices straight into my
belly. When he got soft, I jumped up and kissed him, pushing some of his
fluid back into his mouth. He greedily accepted it and I knew I was going
to take him home and fuck him.

As we left the stall, we got a big round of applause from all the guys.
I blushed and even got a few propositions. We left the bar and headed
straight to my house. I made him comfortable with a beer and told him I
would be right back.

By the time I got to the bedroom, I was naked. My asscheeks squished
from the come dripping from my ass. Using my fingers, I wiped it off and
lapped it down my throat adding it the bellyfull I got earlier. My cunt was dripping and my nipples were rock hard as I slipped on my panty-dildo
combination. As the inside dildo entered me I had a mini orgasm. My knees
got weak and I had to hold on until it passed. Pulling a baby doll top
from my draw, I put it on. I unbuttoned all the buttons except the top one
which held my tits in place and at the same time showing off my flat
stomach and navel. Looking in the mirror I knew I was hot. The baby doll
showed off my cleavage and breasts. I was a man’s wet dream only I had a
cock between my legs

Sneaking back to the living room, I purred, “Wanna Fuck?” as I stroked
my cock. Jason choked on his beer, spilling it into his lap. Swaying
towards him, I noticed that he wasn’t looking at my tits but at my cock.

“You’re all wet, you better take those pants off” I cooed, pulling to
his feet. This time I stripped him, pulling his pants and underwear
completely. Bending him over, I thurst into his ass. He moaned and I
fucked him harder.

Once again the feeling of power and control overwhelmed me. I loved it.
Here was a hot stud bent over, taking my dildo cock like a girl. He was at
my mercy. Grabbing his hips, I pounded into him. He alternated between
moaning and whimpering. Pulling him erect by his hair, my hands grabbed a
nipple and his cock.

“How does it feel to be fucked by a girl.” I cooed, “Do you feel
powerful now that my girl cock is fucking in and out of you?

He just moaned. I could feel him start to cum and I punched his
dickhead. He groaned, his orgasm subsiding

“I’m in control and you’re my bitch! Do you like being my bitch?”

“Oh, yes! Fuck me with your girl cock” he cried.

Pulling out of him, I forced him to the floor on his back. Pulling up
his legs, I rammed my cock into him with all my might. I felt even more
powerful now that I could look at him as I fucked him. His eyes were
closed and he was panting. He was jacking himself off as fast as he could.
I fucked him as hard as I could, pulling my cock almost out of him and
slamming back in. His hips rose to meet my thrusts. Finally his body
tensed and I let go of his feet and cupped my hands under his cock to catch
his seed. He was beating his meat as fast as he could when he shot his
load into my hands which I immediately moved to his mouth.

“Open your mouth” He did and I poured his own seed in. He gulped it
down like a thirsty sailor. I fucked in and out of him a few more times
and pulled out. Surprisingly, he jumped up and my phony cock in his mouth
and deep throated it. I stroked his hair as he cleaned it. I felt so
powerful. I had tamed this stud and he was sucking on my phony cock. I
came like never before.

I took him to my bed where he made love to me like no other man. He
teased me to the brink so many times that I couldn’t stand it anymore and
stuck two fingers up his ass which caused him and me to cum.

As we fell asleep, he told me that he was going to show me how two men fucked and that I could have a “piece” if I wanted.

I can’t wait!!!!!

Andi Harding Comments appreciated:


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